so this is an oldddd mix

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I must say that I'm VERY uncomfortable seeing how Lucoa shoves her boobs into Shouta's face and hugs him despite his protests. Like, she literally wanted to seduce him... A child... Just because he is a boy doesn't make this any less creepy... But this is treated like some kind of joke: "he's a little boy who is easly flustered by big brested woman who ALMOST seems like she has hots for him, so funny, haha". Like, the heck...

I KNOW another aspect of the anime AND manga (though the anime kinda makes it worse because it happens a lot more in the anime from what I have read in the manga. I might be mixing it up a little though). The lucoa/shouta thing is getting REALLLYYY OLDDDD and I really hope that they drop the joke (they probably won’t). Lucoa isn’t a bad person and I wish she wasn’t used as a boob gag =_=. And I wish more of the scenes with lucoa and shouta was with lucoa being caring and kind with him…like idk, Lucoa helping the kid with his magic training or something.