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My review of The Final Problem

Disclaimer: For all you negative Nancies out there. You have created your own disappointment. None of the producers ever confirmed the ‘supposed’ gay relationship between Sherlock and John. By god, if anything they kept debunking it. Because this show is so much cleverer than that! Okay you can move on now.


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I’m gonna write a longer more detailed post about this later, but I’m just so upset at how they chose to explain Sherlock’s background. His upbringing is what makes him who he is, its what defines his character at the start of the series and the struggles he goes through to be a better person and grow from his past. 

The first three season gave us glimpses into what could have been a very emotional and realistic childhood where he was a young genius isolated from his peers and over shadowed by his more intelligent older brother. He struggled to make connections with others because he was so different, he developed an inferiority complex because his only significant relationship as a child was with Mycroft, who taught him how to be logical and analytical but discouraged him from seeking out friendships, probably due to his own experience dealing with other children. They could have gone into the teasing he faced, the lack of human connection, the voracious desire for something exciting and significant that led to his eventual drug addiction as an adult. That would have been painful. That would have been true to the story they had been building. That would have led to a meaningful emotional climax that actually furthers the arcs of all the characters involved. 

But instead they decided to throw all that away and introduce a psychotic sister (that the clearly hadn’t planned on at the start of the series) who is actually the real reason for everything wrong in Sherlocks life, the existence of which completely contradicts everything we’ve been told prior to this series. Bra-fucking-vo. 

Summary: Poe Dameron x reader based on Parachute by Cheryl

A/N: There is something about this song that after several listens that I love it. Watch the music video and imagine it’s you and Poe dancing. Ugh I think I got pregnant from the thought of dancing with him like that. I think this is gender neutral. I never look over my own work.

You don’t understand how the commander of the black squadron noticed you but he did. You are one of the droid mechanics on the base and BB-8 had never been brought to you so when Poe had stuttered his way through an invitation to dinner you were very confused. You accepted his invitation and one thing led to another which was you, sneaking out of his room early in the morning. You didn’t have to sneak out, you were both adults and it wasn’t against the rules. People knew you were dating so it’s not like you were hiding your relationship.

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I’m pissed at Sherlock as a show rn, but I loved so much about Mycroft in tfp. Like the only non-shitty part of it tbh

Like extreme emotions when the Holmes parents say Sherlock is the adult and you realize Mycroft has been sheltering them from all of Sherlock’s failings at the expense of his own relationship with them.

@hajinma hi! so as far as age of consent goes, those laws are put in place for minors to consent to sexual relations with other minors, not adults! here in the United States, in most states, Yurio and Otabek fall under a law known as the Statute of Limitations, which puts a 3-year maximum age difference for any relationship involving a minor, especially if there’s someone who is 18+ involved. However, just because this law exists, does not mean that I am morally comfortable with such a thing, given my own personal experiences. :)

Listen…,,..,.Hazel is too young for Frank


by reddit user Cymoril_Melnibone

I’m not an interesting man.

Or at least, I wasn’t before the accident.

‘Utterly average’ only begins to scrape the tip of the iceberg that is my mediocrity; barely encapsulating the mind-numbing boringness of my existence. At school, I flew under the radar, never quite failing, but never exceptional. My hobbies were mundane; a bit of football and a lot of computer gaming. I excelled at nothing but wasting time. I was uninterested in the interesting, and enamoured of the banal. World of Warcraft sucked away the last chances I had of bettering myself, leaving me an inadequately skilled and poorly prepared adult who couldn’t hack it at college.

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Things I Love About the Way They’re Handling Alex Coming Out:

  • she didn’t “always know”
  • she’s an established adult, rather than a teen or young adult in the socially acceptable ~identity searching~ phase
  • the story is apparently being managed by lgb+ people (!! apparently a gay man and a lesbian I think? so we’re in good hands)
  • the Coming Out story happened alongside/following the introduction of a character who was stable & at peace with her identity, so we got both!
  • a white lesbian is following in the footsteps of & taking cues & advice from a lesbian of colour
  • the central relationship around which this is built, and currently the only ‘viable’ one, is interracial
  • Alex experiences heteronormativity & possibly internalised homophobia, rather than existing in a world where both have miraculously disappeared
  • I find the heteronormativity part especially interesting, personally, because as someone who hasn’t faced a great deal of aggressive phobia personally in my life (other than through politics), it’s still a challenge 
  • Part of my interest in this was she didn’t express much if any direct concern or fear about what others might think, it was a very introspection-centric coming out story.
  • & even though she kinda knows it’ll all be okay and people will love her anyway and she’s relatively confident in herself, she’s still kinda scared and shy about it; it’s not one or the other and I found that really authentic to my experience

being gay is tough especially when it comes to relationships like??? straight people get to start so much earlier, and now im just starting to put myself out there at nineteen. i still have to go through my awkward dating phase and learn what it means to be in a relationship. a lot of gay ppl my age are going through the same thing, but we’re expected to be adults about it when we don’t know what the fuck we’re doing, which is why a lot of young gay people usually just end up having sexual relationships because that way we feel adult in our relationships and attraction when the truth is we are still just beginning and trying to figure things out for ourselves.

im a lesbian, and i know this, but because of there being so little representation of wlw (and when there is, half of the time it’s written by straight people who don’t know what they’re doing) I can’t imagine what a relationship with a woman is supposed to be like. I don’t know if how I feel attraction is genuine or a remnant of compulsory heterosexuality and heteronormativity. I don’t know if the relationship I’m imagining is healthy or a part of the heterosexual relationship dynamic that I’ve learned to know as the default. when you learn relationships are supposed to be one way, how else can you imagine them being??? when you’re a wlw who has never been in a relationship with another woman it’s hard to imagine having a girlfriend or a wife and when that happens it’s easy to doubt your attraction to women, and that’s scary.

dating when you’re gay is scary in more ways than being afraid to hold hands in public, it’s scary in being an adult going through this kind of stuff everyone else went through when they were 14. you feel so stuck behind and doubt yourself at every turn. straight people don’t get that.

trauma doesn’t often feel like trauma is ‘supposed’ to feel. it feels like indifferent detachment, watching from outside yourself because nothing can hurt you there. it feels normal, just how people interact, so why are you making a big deal about it?  it feels like a joke – just how kids play, just how adults tease, just how some relationships work.

you wake from nightmares five years later and still wonder if you made it all up.

trauma can look like bad behaviour. like the stubborn refusal to get better, to stop self-destructing. trauma is putting yourself in harm’s way because you don’t really mean it, or because it’s funny, or because you just want to feel something, or because you just want to stop feeling. it’s wanting to destroy and reassemble yourself into another person entirely, so your real life can begin. because this isn’t real. because really bad things don’t happen to people like you.

trauma is the constant feeling of being an impostor. it’s the drive to survive twinned with the impulse to make yourself more sick in more ways. to hurt yourself to prove how bad you feel, or to punish yourself for exaggerating. you want people to believe what you’ve been through, to tell you your feelings are real, that your memories really happened. but when people do take you seriously, you play it off as a joke, apologize for bringing the mood down.

you go on and on about how it wasn’t that bad. you seek permission to still love the ones who hurt you, because it’s the people closest to us who can hurt us most deeply.

you can feel like the people who hurt you are the only ones who really knew you. in low self esteem, you can mistake cruelty for honesty.

there will always be people who have been through worse. that doesn’t make what happened to you okay.

there will always be people who don’t believe you. that doesn’t mean you are lying.

at some point, you have to take yourself seriously. you have to make a life you can stand to live. it’s the only way to survive.

So I was making my way downtown, scrolling in the ks tag you know enjoying the shit storm; when I found a gem. A literal gem, this gem. 

Now I just wanted to idk let’s put it as break this post down to my best ability so here we go. (The cuts are in chronological order.)

Since the webtoon is called killing stalking and is in fact categorized as adult horror and psychological, I’m not making this up btw don’t worry it’s here:

I don’t really think anyone was expecting the world’s cutest webtoon about friends going on lunch dates. Violence was obviously going to be a theme here. Sorry to surprise you though!

Okay but let me ask, how is it that gay relationships are suddenly incapable of being unhealthy and abusive? I obviously get their point but anyone who would generalize gay relationships between men basing their opinion of off this depiction of it, surely isn’t mature enough to even understand the context of the entire webtoon! It’s obviously abusive since I've stated before, violence is in fact a greater theme in this webtoon. Both characters are mentally unstable and traumatized. Let me tell you these kids aren’t even in a relationship, this is kidnapping. Yoonbum, the person getting kidnapped has wanted to escape countless times. He does not want to be there. This is not a love story. I’m sure if you would have read more about it you’d have known too, It’s okay.

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puffyball13  asked:

I loved billdip for a long time but often other fans of gravity falls said mean and rude things about it and to those who ship it? As a fellow shipper, I ask for your wisdom to tell me why?

Hello sweetheart, I’m sorry for taking so long to reply you.

For your question, I pretty much don’t want to discuss about this publicly but I think it would be better if I say it out one more time. 

As much as I hate to admit this but BillDip is neither the most popular ship AND the most hated ship in this fandom, the reason can be summarized in one word: pedophilia - which stands for a relationship between an adult with a child. Others reasons is about abusive relationship or some sort.

If you ever want an advice from me, let me tell you one thing, that is certainly important to remember if you ever see someone harrassing the ship again: they are fictional characters. None of the thing we artists/authors draw/write are real, it’s just our own imaginations. 

Sure when I say this some of you might wonder: “Then it’s okay to ship pedophilia with fictional characters because it’s your imagination?”. If I answer this in my very opinion, I’m the kind who would like to build a proper relationship for the couple I like so I can avoid all the bad things happen to them, but if I answer this in the role of all BillDip shippers, I must say yes and no, cause we all people and we have weird tastes in something sometimes but that not mean we support/are that kind in real life, fiction and real life are really, really different, please remember. It’s like watching some Disney movie which make you wondering “How the heck can two characters fall in love in like one day?”, but yet you still ship them. Yeah, that’s pretty much it mate, fiction don’t happen in real life. 

So if someone don’t like the ship please just move on, this fandom is not about us shippers so don’t pull the rage to you by yourself just because you don’t like it or want people to stop shipping it, trust me, they won’t stop…

i really think people should know that that ‘Call Me by Your Name’ movie thats had headlines circling tumblr because its a gay romance film featuring Sufjan Stevens on the soundtrack is a ‘romance’ between a twenty-four year old man and a seventeen year old boy. no i dont care about consent laws in Italy or whatever the fuck (also the man is American so don’t hit me with that “Italian sensibilities” shit), a grown adult man seducing and having a sexual relationship with an adolescent is deeply fucked up. 

anyway i wanted people to know because i think a lot of people i follow wouldnt be putting this movie on my dash if they were aware of the gross age gap in the ‘romance’. 

If you’re a minor, I promise you there’s no good reason for someone significantly older than you to be interested in you romantically or sexually
-Even if their intentions seem pure. It’s not possible for them to have good intentions. They are an adult & they know what they’re doing is wrong.
-Even if they tell you “you’re so mature”. This is a common grooming tactic among pedophiles.
-Even if they give you examples of other people in happy relationships with huge age differences.
-Even if they say something along the lines of “our love is stronger than our age difference/age is just a number/I’ve never felt this way about anyone else/it doesn’t matter what people think”

No matter what, there’s no good reason for an adult to be in a relationship with a child. You deserve an un-abusive partner who is your own age who will understand you better & have much more in common with you.

Being Sirius daughter and Dating Remus' son would include

Being Sirius daughter and Dating Remus’ son would include

(so I guess you mean reader x Teddy right??)

  • It being so awkward at first.
  • Trying to keep your relationship a secret.
  • Sneaking around.
  • Until Harry walks in on you making out
  • And starts shouting “MY EYES”

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

  • James, Sirius and Remus all run up the stairs to see what all the shouting was about.
  • To find your legs still wrapped around Teddy’s waist and both of you still against the wall.
  • All three of the adults standing there with their mouths open.

Originally posted by peter-twerk

  • “What the fu- THATS MY DAUGHTER” Sirius would shout
  • “WITH MY BEST-FRIENDS SON” He would add
  • “THAT’S..” He would pause for a moment “.. Kind of great”
  • “What?” You and Teddy would say shocked.

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  • Everyone turning to look at Remus whose mouth is still hung open.
  • “Didn’t think you had it in you” He’d suddenly say causing everyone to laugh but teddy who blushed red.
  • “Thanks, dad..”

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  • Everyone going silent for a moment not knowing what to say.
  • Then Sirius would start listing a thousand rules.
  • “No kissing-”
  • “Are you Serious!?” You would roll your eyes.
  • “What have I told you about calling me by my first name”

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  • Sirius and Remus never leaving the two of you alone.
  • They would secretly follow you when you go on dates.
  • Or at least Sirius would
  • In dog form of course.

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I am not a piece of meat that a man gets to utilize for his pleasure. I’m an adult human being in a relationship with a man who treats me with love and respect. It hurts my heart that so many young people are so confortable enough using these phrases and objectifying women with such ease. I felt like speaking out about this one experience tonight because I know very well that most women know the sensation  of being spoken about in an uncomfortable way pubicly or taken advange of publicly by a man. We need to talk about these moments openly because they are harmful and they live on inside of us as shame. We need to share and be vocal when something makes us feel uncomfortable because if we don’t, it will just continue. We are not objects or prizes. We are QUEENS.

[!] Important

So listen up because this is really stinking important. I NEVER make these types of posts but this is 100% calls for it. THIS^^ not okay by any means what so ever. To put it in short, this author has decided to write a story in which Jimin is an Adult and Jungkook is a child. This author is normalizing and romanticizing an inappropriate relationship between an adult an a kid for goodness sake. Inserting Jimin’s inappropriate thoughts and closeness to Jungkook–it makes me sick. Not to mention this is straight up tagged Pedophilia and Child Abuse. Child abuse is an extremely serious topic not to be normalized or romanticized by any means, especially with so many children out there suffering from this kind of abuse. Now its turn into a fanfic for people’s enjoyment? This is disgusting. 

Not to mention that it brings the creeps out: 

Please guys, report this user/fic immediately because this just can’t happen. It can’t. You can report users at this link:

Update: Ao3, unfortunately, was made for this type of content. With that being said, reporting will not do anything. So this serves as a warning that this type of content is out there. I’m sorry, but no matter how many reports are sent in, nothing will happen. Just spread the awareness. 

Not to be dramatic but the relationship between Marlin and Dory in both Finding Nemo and Finding Dory is so pure why can’t we have more bonds between two adults of different genders in popular movies why can’t adults enjoy friendships this innocent and supportive why can’t we portray the development of platonic affection between adults instead of making them ‘childhood friends so we assume they have a bond even if you won’t see it lol" why can’t we have nice things

ASP’s comment that there wouldn’t be enough “conflict” in Jess and Rory being together is so baffling to me. Amy, do you even know your characters? Here is a helpful list, off the top of my head, of places where conflict AND a Literati relationship can coexist (gasp, shocker):

  • Jess being insecure that Rory is turning to him only because other things in her life aren’t going well
  • Rory being afraid Jess will leave her again
  • Being nervous and not talking and instead seeking advice in the adults in their lives (Rory consulting Lorelai? awkward and moving and a long time coming. Jess talking to Luke? are you kidding this would be amazing. Rory and Luke? better and better. Jess and Lorelai? holy shit television gold)
  • Them both having the bravery to give it another shot
  • Having to face the reasons their relationship didn’t work the first time (can you IMAGINE the quality angsty conversations??? jesus)
  • Discovering what’s the same and what’s different in their dynamic after all this time and how it might not instantly be all great or easy
  • Working through the logistics of an actual, adult relationship with someone they’ve known since they were teenagers
  • Literally anything having to do with more than a decade’s worth of fear, insecurity, lack of communication, growth, tension, and love. 

For fuck’s sake!!! I’m tired

The Signs as Senior Year Things

((we’re talking high school here))

Aries: getting drunk in a field on a Tuesday night

Taurus: being afraid of having to be an adult soon

Gemini: finally knowing everybody in the school

Cancer: still crying tbh

Leo: finally getting the lead in the school musical

Virgo: staying up until 3am writing an essay that’s due the next day

Libra: taking an AP art class and not regretting it

Scorpio: having some bomb sex for the first time 

Sagittarius: being so ready to leave your hometown

Capricorn: applying to colleges

Aquarius: ending a relationship bc college

Pisces: being sad about leaving friends/family for college/life