so this is all a joke to you

Tips For The Signs

aries: you need to relax and accept the fact that you won’t always be the best at everything. people will like you even if you mess up. also, life is not one giant competition - you don’t have to push every down to get to the top because that only leaves you alone in the end.

taurus: understand that losing a fight is okay. there is nothing wrong with wanting to get your opinion out there, but if you’re constantly shutting people down for the sake of winning then you’re going to end up hurting people. change the way you speak to others and people will learn to appreciate you more.

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all those jokes like “oh if gay people are immoral freaks am i only half of an immoral freak if i’m bi/pan??” are fucking terrible to begin with, but do y'all really know how bad it hurts to read someone really sit down and types up real, genuinely awful things people have said about your identity because they think it’s funny?

like you know calling yourself “half of an immoral degenerate” because you’re bi is so ugly like my mother begged me to give men a chance my whole family did because then i’d only half as fucked up and disgusting. like at least if i ended up with a man nobody would ever know how much of a degenerate i was.

i know its all just jokes since our community is all suffering but please think about how bad it fucking hurts to hear the words “gay people are degenerates” and seeing people rush to make Funny Jokes about things that are extremely fucking triggering (in the most literal sense of the word) to me as a lesbian survivor of homophobic abuse

“hahaha im only haaaalf a freak not full freak lol!” like people really feel that way about gay people vs. bi people. people really have sat down and said that shit to me like “you might be normal still just try dating men” lmao

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or even better: it's 2009 and Phil makes a super lame joke and dan says 'oh my god, you're such a nerd, I love you.' And then he turns bright red and covers his face with his hands and Phil laughs and bumps him lightly and is all jokey like 'so you love me, do ya? hey dan. hey dan. do you love anyone? me, perhaps?' and dans still so embarrassed and tells Phil to fuck off while almost laughing and Phil pulls dans hands away from his face and says 'I love you, dan' and kisses him and dan dies

i’m crying

the way they spoke to each other in 2009,,, that dialogue just fits so well,,,, i’m a mess,,,

EXO Reaction Masterlist Post

If links are messed up or missing let me know and I will fix them!

Let me tell you guys something. I made Sam on a technicality. A few friends said stuff about making spn blogs and I was feeling left out with my TWD OC. (which has a jarpad FC) and upon asking who I should make they mentioned Sam as a joke. At first I was like meh but rping with them meant so much more. SO I made Sam and here I am. THE RHYMER. Anyway I am honestly floored at how well he’s taken off and I am so glad I decided to make him. Everyone has been so great and welcoming and I couldn’t thank you guys enough for all of it. I made Sam just short of 2 weeks ago and I already have 200 followers? Where did you all come from? Why are you here? Regardless of anything ya’ll are stuck with my southern ass. Under the cut you’ll find everyone that has made my time here memorable and fun. You all mean so much to me so if your name is not on this list please don’t be discouraged. 

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Can you please work in that Vlads favorite food is nectarines!? My husband just read me a joke off a laughy taffy wrapper about a vampire's favorite food and I thought of you right away what with the punes and all.

He’s already quite fond of blood orange marmalade so sure, why not.

Okay so quick note this is my first stab at an x reader, be gentle please<3

First you’re told your fiance is dead, then you’re told your boss is dead, and finally you’re told neither bodies could be recovered and had gone missing. All of this coming from the resident doctor, Dr. Ziegler, the informality of it all shocked you but you had nothing to say, you thought it was a joke.  
“What the fuck do you mean the bodies have disappeared?! How do you lose Reyes and Morrison?! What the fuck Angela?” You could hear yourself shouting at the blonde, but your mind wasn’t processing your words, more like you were on autopilot. “(Y/n) please. Calm down, we’ll find them, we’ll find him. But uhm, we did find this.” Angela reached into her pocket and produced a small clear baggie, inside was a slightly burnt and tarnished ring. You took the bag from her and pulled the ring out, it finally hit you and hard, tears began to form in your eyes as you examined the engagement ring in your hands. “I’m sorry, I really am.” Angela turned and walked away from you, her heels echoing off of the hallway walls.

It had been years, you left Overwatch almost immediately after the fall of the Swiss HQ, with your skillset you could’ve been an assassin for hire, but opted for going underground and disappearing from that lifestyle. The blaring of the tv almost covered the sound of your phone going off, but not quite. “(l/n)” You answered, wondering who could be calling you at this time. “Overwatch has been recalled.” Lena’s voice came through the speaker of your phone, with wide eyes you sucked in a deep breath. “Pardon me?” “Overwatch has been recalled,(y/n), we need you back, we need all of us back.” Lena clarified. “No.” Was all you said before quickly hanging up.

“Come on, open the door love we need you!” Lena knocked on the front door to no avail. She shook her head at her companion whom simply frowned and shook her head, turning to walk away. “She isn’t coming back.” Angela sighed. “Lets go back to Gibraltar.” Her voice was solemn but she understood why you didn’t want to come back not after everything that happened. You peaked out of the window, moving the curtain to watch the two leave, squinting against the sun to watch their figures move to a car and drive away. You moved away from the door, the curtain falling back into place in your absence  

“So who’s the target?” Reaper asked looking at the empty file in his hands. He cocked an eyebrow, unseen by the sniper in front of him. “That is information you do not need. Get in, kill the target, get out. Easy for you, oui?” Widowmaker asked, slinging the dufflebag containing her rifle over her shoulder. Reaper growled quietly and nodded. “Fine lets do this then. I assume you’ll be covering the house while I do this.” Reaper already knew the answer so he didn’t wait for it as he collapsed into mist and disappeared. Widowmaker took a picture out of her pocket, the target. Widowmaker crumpled the image in her hand and went towards the helipad.  

“I’m in position.” Widowmaker spoke through her voice comms as she stared down the scope of her gun. “I’m going in.” Reaper responded, turning to mist to get under the crack of the door, he didn’t solidify again til he was in a for sure empty room, the kitchen. He examined the space he was in, bare white walls, mostly bare countertops, it was sad in his opinion. “Any sights on the target?” He whispered into his comm. “Upstairs bedroom.” Widowmaker responded, not having a clear sight to take her out, but being able to see the target. Reaper pulled his guns from his cloak and silently went towards the stairs, making his way upstairs quietly. Meanwhile you were upstairs, music humming in the background as you folded the laundry you had today. In all your training as a soldier you didn’t hear him until he had his arm around your neck. “What the fu-” You struggled against the man’s grip, managing to break free when you bit down on his arm. Pulling the gun from your holster you pointed it at his head.. Mask? His shotgun aimed for your face as well. “Reaper.” You almost choked on your words, you knew this day would come you were a former Blackwatch agent, one of those who got exposed during the fall, you expected this day to come, just not now not yet. Reaper’s breath got hitched in his throat, very familiar eyes bore into him. “(Y/n)?” He asked himself moreso than he asked you. “What the hell, Widowmaker?!” He yelled into his comm, his gun still pointed at your head. He had a deal with Talon, the only agent he wasn’t to kill was supposed to be you, you were supposed to be safe. “Reaper do it, you cannot let your emotions make you vulnerable.” Came the familiar French accent. Reaper ripped the comm out of his ear and threw it on the ground, his boot coming down on the small earpiece. “Mi vida..” Reaper dropped his gun shaking his head. You were confused, til you heard the Spanish dialect. “G-Gabriel?” You dropped your gun in surprise. “You died?!” You stared, wide eyed at the dark man in front of you. Reaper tore off his mask, uncaring if you saw the scars that lay underneath. “You were supposed to be safe.” He pulled you into his arms, burying his face in your neck. Sobs poured out of your body as your fists clenched the back of his cloak. “Please, Gabe, please don’t leave again.” You begged, the man sighed. “I have to, mi vida, I need to keep you safe. You need to leave this place, leave and find a new place to settle down, lay low.” He whispered into your ear, you just nodded your head. “Will I see you again?” You asked quietly. “I don’t know, but I’ll find you. I’ll keep you safe this time. I promise.”  Reaper let you go and stepped back, replacing the mask on his face. “Wait, before you go.” You pulled a ring off your thumb and handed it to him, it matched the ring currently residing on your ring finger. “You kept my engagement ring?” He asked, genuinely surprised. “Of course I did.” You nodded a small smile on your face. He took off his glove and put the ring where it rightfully belonged before slipping his glove back over it. “I love you, (y.n), now run.” Reaper tilted his head and disappeared in a cloud of mist. “I love you too, Gabriel.” You whispered to yourself, unsure if the man heard you.

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I had a dream that you updated SBIB only instead of adrien and Mari, it was alya and Mari and then they go out one night with adrien and Nino and then they find out all 4 of them are kinky as fuck and have a lot of fun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You joke but the amounts of platonic Ninette and Alyadrien in this next chapter are so egregious I started an overflow story to keep me from ending this story in Ot4 

life of a jin stan
  • when it’s only the preview photos and you’re already tearing up 
  • five seconds into awake and tears start to well up in your eyes
  • hearing him say a dad joke and then laughing so hard you tear up
  • watching him eat brings tears of joy to your eyes 
  • having really nice skin because all your tears moisturize your face daily
A-Z Prompts: Mikey

Requested by: @toriroxsox98

A-Z prompts for Mikey I, M, K, T


He’ll say it first, in fact that’ll probably be on your first date. He’ll have had such a huge crush on you for ages, and though he plays it off as harmless and all a big joke, he has seriously had a thing for you for, like, ever. So when you are sat next to him, on the couch in the lair with no one around, he can’t keep it in anymore. He’ll blurt it out, probably not at all in a romantic way, whatsoever, but you’ll smile, and laugh – and when you realise he actually means it, and this isn’t him being, well, him, you’ll say it back with just as big of a smile.


Mikey is incredibly nervous around this time of year. Though he has never said it to anyone, he hates Mating Season – like sincerely hates it – because it always means putting you at risk. He hates the animalistic feelings he gets when he thinks about you during these weeks, and he hates how much he wants you, despite knowing he shouldn’t do anything in case he hurts you. He has no self-control during this season, and no matter how much he does to distract himself, he always finds a way back to you. When he does show up at your apartment, he’s almost always quiet; he’ll hide himself in the corner, and try and convince you to stay back. This is shocking compared to his usual, bubbly personality, and at first it’ll be quite worrying to see him so nervous and scared. But after you assure him everything’s alright, he’ll let himself do what he has to do to get these thoughts out of his head, and get back to normal. Little does he know how utterly fantastic Mating Season can be with you around ;)


Mikey loves to see you dressed up. Be it in a dress or just in formal clothes, he adores it. It makes him feel like you two are in a normal relationship, even if only for a second, where he could take a girl who looks as beautiful as you, out somewhere like any normal, human guy.


It’s difficult to tease the King of teasing, but you’ve found your ways. The best you’ve found so far is, while Mikey’s mind is elsewhere, you taking and eating his food. He’ll be holding a slice of pizza, finishing a game on the X-box or talking to one of his brothers, and all you have to do is take it from him, and take a bite. Then he’s all yours. Something about watching his girl eat his pizza is incredibly enticing for Mikey, and he couldn’t love you more than he does in those moments of watching you steal his favourite food.


“Why are you giggling like that, Maximoff? This isn’t funny. I’m really nervous.” You admitted, running your hands through your locks. 

Pietro wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your forehead, lovingly. “You have nothing to worry about, dragoste. I’m sure my sister will love you. She’ll probably love you more than she does me.” In his thick Sokovian accent, he joked, attempting to lighten your mood. Although, it did bring a smile to your lips, you still were nervous.

“And we all know the answer as to why, isn’t that right Pietro?” Both, you and Pietro turn to the door. You moved away from Pietro’s arms as the famous hazle-eyed, Scarlett Witch, herself, smiled at her brother knowingly. While Pietro rolled his eyes, you extended your hand to grip Wanda’s. “So, you must be (Y/N). The girl my brother will not stop thinking about.”

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i love how i tell you that ur whole spiel about how "crytyping is ableist!!!" is racist, all considering the meme started bc of racist whites like u didnt want to hear abt how racist they were so they resorted to guilt-tripping us. you rlly thought u got me there by calling me ableist when dumb isnt ableist in the slightest. ur all "im white lmk if i do something wrong uwu!!" but when a nonwhite person tells u ur wrong, instead of asking how, u call them ableist. w o w

You know when you call out white people you can, I don’t know, actually address the problem instead of mocking their speech patterns and throwing ND and disabled folks under the bus.
I understand people can do this for manipulative purposes, but these jokes are hurting people.
Could someone non-white comment on this, please?

Opening up ( Jason Todd x Reader)

Prompt(s):”You hide it in jokes and sarcasm, but I can see how broken you are”
Plot:After constantly asking, Jason finally decides to open up to you.
Word count: 332
Pairing(s):Jason Todd x Reader
Warning(s):None just a little fluff
A/N:Okay so this is my third fanfic and I’m starting to get the hang of this. I know my work is still far from good but I’m still proud of myself for trying and I hope you all like it. Please do be too harsh if you don’t like it. Sorry this is short by the way.

“Urghh I feel like I’m dying.” you complained as you lifted up your body to do another sit up. You and Jason had been working out all morning and you were officially burnt out.

“Been there, done that.” Jason stated with a chuckle as he continued doing his set of push ups. You were use to Jason making jokes about the time he died, but each time you could see the pain and hurt flicker behind his eyes even if it was just for a split second.

You tried to talk to him about it, but each time you asked he’d change the topic. You thought it would be a good idea to try again. Well not a good idea, but you figured there would be no harm in trying.

“You hide it in a jokes and sarcasm, but I can see how broken you are,” You started. He immediately stopped mid push up and looked at you. You couldn’t recognize the look he was giving you so you decide to continue your statement.

“ If you ever want to talk about it Jay I’m here and I’ll always listen to you.” You finished. He was still in the same position, and you were starting to wonder on how could stay that way for so long.

Finally he stood up and walked towards you. He held his hand out for you to grab, which you took eagerly, and he pulled you up from your sitting position. You were completely confused on what he was doing when he grabbed your face gently and kissed you passionately.

After a moment he pulled away and leaned his head against yours.

“Thank you Y/N for caring about me and for being so persistent.” He said with a smile. He then pulled you into his chest for a hug and sighed. You could tell that you had broken down the wall that he built around him. He was finally going open to you and you couldn’t be more proud.

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POSITIVE ANON HERE! I'm sorry you're getting shit. Let's talk about Jikook's banter, and the way they're so giggly and cute and the stares and the looks and heart eyes and how they just ended us all in a matter of five minutes! PLEASE IM STILL SHOOK??? Also, that first message you got, it was me freaking out, haha. I love your blog a lot, Immy! 💜

It’s alright I think it’s all over ^-^. Yes banter!! Let’s go~ You know those cute relationships we write about and talk about all the time, the laughing and the teasing, joking around and just being cute? Well that’s jikook to a T. This staring thing has become a ~thing~ and I love it! I can’t stop thinking about it. Also, Welcome back then! LOL And thank you so much awww ♡


Cheers to another feast 🍻 ;) The last time I was this shook was the neck kiss day.


Jungkook knows he is a bunny too. He named the vlive with bunny emojis and omg that was the cutest thing ever. I have a link to a compilation of him making all those noises if you would like it! 

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Fic request: Minicat and H2oVanoss double date that goes way too wrong way too fast and Vanoss and Tyler stress about it because "We planned this out so well, what the fuck" and in the end mini and delirious dont even care, they're just happy to be here with their boys? Please and thank you!

I tried! I hope you like it! Here’s some H2OVanoss and Minicat

Word amount; 1970

Warnings! - sexual jokes and stuff, cursing

By the way I can’t write in third person to save my life..

Third person POV:

It was all going so well, but then it went so wrong. The day started like many others for Tyler and Evan; get out of bed, get breakfast, plan for date night with their partner. It was going to be perfect, until it happened.

Okay let’s go back to the beginning, to how this all started…

Evan’s POV:

Slowly I blink my eyes awake, feeling the warmth of the person beside me. My arms wrapped around the love of my life, my Delirious, as he cuddles into my chest. Smiling like an idiot I kiss his forehead, making him whine at the contact. Laughing quietly I unwrap my arms, gently trying to remove myself from Delirious as to not wake him up. It doesn’t go as smoothly as I would’ve hoped, he just whines and latches onto me tighter. Refusing to let go. I almost groan in frustration before I see the smile he’s trying to hide by burying his face into my chest. Smiling and laughing lightly I say “come on Del, I know you’re awake”

Whining and a tightening of arms is all the response I get. I sigh before smirking as a plan forms in my mind. Ever so slowly I place my head near Delirious’s neck, my hot breath causing a shiver to run through the man in my arms “wakey, wakey Del. If you don’t get up.. well..maybe I’ll just have to persuade you”

Then I bring my tongue down towards his neck, licking him slightly before sucking. A moan coming from his lips as he tries to push me away. I smirk as I bring my face back up, after I was finished that is, and was met by Delirious’s flushed expression. “Fuck you, Evan” he breaths out, pulling away from me and sitting up.

Taking a glance over what I caused, makes me laugh. Delirious’s face becoming more flushed and embarrassed as he covers himself with the blankets. “You might want to take care of your little problem” I say smirking, as I get up and walk towards the bathroom so I can finally get ready for today.

I hear a quiet voice call “Fucking hell.. Evan, come back~” I chuckle, ignoring my boyfriends plea and just close the bathroom door.

*pov change*
(A few hours later)
Tyler’s POV:

Mini and I were just finishing our late breakfast when my phone went off suddenly. I look apologetically towards Mini, but he just makes a shooing motion as be begins to pick up the plates.

Groaning I look at the caller ID and sigh before picking up “Yo, Evan! What’s up?” I say as I walk into another room.

“Shush..! Not so loud, Wildcat!” Evan hisses into the phone, I also hear a muffled “no, Del” and movement. Him most likely moving into a different room to escape from Delirious’s eavesdropping.

“Sooo?” I ask again stretching the word out.

“I was thinking, you know how Mini and Delirious talked before about a double date?” Evan starts

I hum in confirmation, remembering Mini complaining about never going on one before. “What about it?”

“Well.. I was thinking, why don’t we do it? Double date; you and Mini, Delirious and I. It would make them happy.” Evan said sounding hesitant, like this wasn’t something he really wanted to do.

After thinking about it, I nod to myself. It was a decent idea, not like we haven’t done similar things with each other. It was just never considered a double date by any of us. Realizing Evan couldn’t see me I quickly say “sounds good, where were you planing to go?”

“Uhh..” came the very intelligent reply.

Bringing a hand to my face I just leave it there for a few seconds “don’t fucking tell me you haven’t thought more about this..”

“Well..” Evan starts

“God fucking damn it, Evan”

“Hey! To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think you’d actually agree so I didn’t plan ahead!” Evan tries to defend.

“Not agree to something Mini’s been talking about for months now?” I ask sarcastically

“Shut up, Wildcat, and help me plan” Evan mutters.

Deciding this wasn’t the best conversation to have in the living room I move to my shared bedroom. Sitting on the bed I sigh and begin “well how about dinner? At like a stupidly fancy restaurant? I’m sure you and Delirious would love to dress up nice, you know just to take it off soon after”

I smirk as I hear Evan stutter and not be able to form a complete sentence. It being stupidly easy to cause the pair to become embarrassed, just hint at the bed room activities.

After minutes of listening to him being a stuttering mess I decide to speak again “or we could do something less fancy, like go to a movie and then a normal diner. Normal date night stuff.”

“No, we should do fancy.. I’d love to see Del take off- I mean..” I could just tell from the sound of his voice, Evan was blushing madly at letting that slip.

I laugh loudly, wheezing as I couldn’t breath properly. After calming down I say “okay Vanoss, I don’t actually need to know of your other activities with Delirious. Keep it to yourself”

“Fuck you..”

“Aw you wanna fuck me? How would Delirious feel about that?” I ask innocently

“What- that’s- god damn it Tyler! Fuck off!” Evan shouts

Which just causes another laughing fit “fine, fine” I say noticing Mini peak through the door

Him mouthing ‘who?’ with a confused look on his face. I mouth back ‘Vanoss’ while smirking, which just causes Mini to shake his head with a smile. Him leaving the room shortly after.

“Okay, Evan. We’ll go to that fancy dinner place. You get your wish to see Delirious all dressed up. Text me details. I have a plans with a certain guy in my house” I say

“Wear protection” Evan quickly says and ends the call.

I stare at the phone as I move it from my ear, a smirk making its way onto my face as I throw it onto the bed. No more distractions for now, I got things to do.

*pov change*
(hours later)
Delirious’s POV:

“Evan~ why are we dressed all fancy?” I ask as I look out the car window, seeing all the night lights fly by. Not recognizing the area.

“It’s a secret~” Evan responds teasingly “just be happy I’m not making you wear a blind fold”

A blush appears on my face at the mention of that, remembering things not needing to be remembered. I shift in my seat uncomfortable, turning to look at Vanoss as he drives. Seeing that annoying smirk on his face, he knows what he did, causes me to cross my arms and frown.

“Aw come on Del, don’t be like that” Evan says as he looks sideways at me.

I just turn away going back to watching the lights, ignoring the way his laugh causes butterflies to fill my stomach.

Soon later we pull up towards this really fancy looking building, parking in the front. Nervousness flows through my veins as I quickly turn my face to Evan. “Evan?” I ask

“It won’t be so bad, Del. Let’s go, there’s a surprise waiting” Evan says getting out of the car.

Sighing I quickly make my way out as well, latching onto Evan as we walk towards the intimidating building. My nerves only calming, my death grip loosening, as my eyes land on the booth we were walking to. Wildcat and Mini already sitting there waiting. Mini easily talking excitedly to Tyler, nearly bouncing in his seat.

“Tyler! Mini!” I greet while taking a seat, dragging Evan into the seat beside me.

“Delirious! Long time no see, finally decided to show yourself to someone other than Vanoss?” Mini asks jokingly with a smile

I laugh and nod “you and Tyler finally decide to take a break and join us for dinner?” I raise my eyebrow as Mini turns red and Tyler looks away.

I glance to my left at Evan and see him holding back his laughter, easily knowing what I hinted at.

“Delirious shut up, it’s not like you and Evan won’t be going at it tonight. Not with you dressed like that” Tyler says as he turns back to face us, a smirk on his face.

I quickly hid my face in the menu, hiding my growing blush, as Evan chokes on the water he was drinking. Mini just laughs, only calming down as the waiter comes towards our table.

“More water gentlemen?” the waiter asks politely holding a pitcher filled with water.

“Huh? Oh yes, thank you” Evan says handing him his glass.

I notice a strain in the waiters smile as he takes the glass from Evan’s hand. I tilt my head slightly confused as I watch him fill the glass to the top with water. It happened almost to fast for me to notice, the bastard tipping the glass ever so slightly so when he’d place it down it would fall. Water spilt everywhere, Evan making a sound of surprise as his clothes got soaked. “Oh I’m so sorry! Let me go get you a towel!” the bitch of a waiter said before rushing off.

I grabbed my napkin and handed it to Evan as he tried to dry his clothes even a slightest bit. Mini trying to stop the water from getting on him and everywhere else. Tyler just sat there wide eyed at what happened before getting mad. Angrily yelling at the waiter as he came back with towels. My own anger almost getting the better of me, but I focused on Evan. Him obviously being upset, thinking tonight somehow got ruined because of him. Not the fucker that actually caused this. After awhile a manager came over and apologized on behalf of the bastard, Mini having to calm Wildcat down when he didn’t seem finished yelling yet.

“Fuck that bitch!” Tyler yelled finally sitting down again.

“Tyler, you weren’t even the one to get drenched in water. Calm down.” Mini said to him before turning to Evan “you okay?”

Evan just sighed and nodded his head, giving up on getting completely dry.

“Hey, it fine Evan. It’s not your fault” I say taking hold of one of his hands, rubbing circles on it with my thumb trying to get him to relax.

“Fucking right it’s not. That bitch did that on purpose. Don’t even try to defend the fucker, Delirious saw it too” Tyler said as Mini started to say something but stopped looking at me for confirmation, I just nod.

“How about we go some place else? Cool off. A park sounds nice, right Delirious?” Mini asks looking pointedly at me.

I don’t even think about it as I nod “yeah! Let’s get out of this place! Let’s go take over the swing set!”

Which causes Evan to chuckle at my childishness, I smile happily as his mood brightens again. “Sure, Del. What do say Wildcat?” Evan asks turning to Tyler.

“Fine, whatever.” He answers, his arms crossed.

Mini just rolls his eyes as he gets up, pulling Tyler along with him “You know it’ll be fun. Still the only one that can complain is Evan and he seems cool with the idea”

Which was true, Evan was already out of his seat fixing his clothes a little better and offering me his arm. Causing me to laugh at his excitement to ditch this place as I take up his offer.

As Tyler looks at us a small smile appears and says “yeah it won’t be so bad. Let’s get going” him grabbing Mini’s hand and walking to the door. Me and Evan following right behind them.

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Aa idk if you said it for real or not so sorry if this is a bother! I have a lot of gems ocs but some of my favorites are green aventurine who is kinda the mom friend and canvansite whos always jumping around and making bad jokes and then obsidian whos very grumpy (shes the chuby,small but strong friend)and is bff w canavansite ;v;

it’s not a bother at all!! these are very cute dynamics aaaaaa

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Wait what's going on with this Kevin and Trump thing? I've been gone a day wow.

well the whole #phevin thing started because there is an old picture of phil where he looked like kevin jonas basically

then people started freaking out and sending those people hate because kevin jonas is apparently a trump supporter (there’s no real proof for that though)

so today my friend basically “defended” trump supporters simply because people can have different opinions, many people have family members that voted for him and you can’t just hate them for that. they probably don’t even fully support him, they’re just republicans (that’s what i think). so people in the phandom (especially young kids) hated and made fun of her for that, which is absolutely disgusting

so it was a joke from the start and people basically freaked out about someone saying that people can have their own opinions, wow, how mature of you all