so this is actually one of my favorite things to make ever

Yellow Diamond and Jasper

So what exactly is Jasper to Yellow Diamond? I would say that Jasper is her way of remembering Pink Diamond, a living memento of sorts that she can deny being for that specific purpose. Yellow has been hesitant to let her feelings about what happened to Pink show even to herself. When talking with Blue Diamond her real feelings take time to bleed out over the course of her song.

Going off this her deciding to take “our” Jasper makes sense. Jasper’s exceptional power provides Yellow with an excuse to have her around, both to the other Diamonds and more importantly to herself. Jasper’s own feeling regarding Earth would have helped Yellow see Jasper as a kindred spirit as well. Not that she would ever actually tell Jasper this, but it’s there.

Notably she is shown to be protective of Jasper. One of the first things she asks during Peridot’s call was where Jasper was, and the line does specify Jasper not just a nondescript word like escort. She doesn’t pres the matter, but Peridot gave her no reason to believe they were in danger. Further more she specifically sends the rubies to retrieve Jasper afterward, when Peridot’s behavior has called Jasper’s status into question.

I can picture Yellow, during a quiet moment, just sitting and staring at Jasper on some screen and thinking about Pink Diamond. She just silently sits there until her Pearl bring her out of her trance.

Give her a hug…. then run.

pink-sango  asked:

1,2,11,40,53 :~)

1. Oh good god. xD 

2. what would you name your future kids? Cherish Raelyn for a girl and Ryder Daniels for a boy.

11. are you listening to music right now? I’m not, actually. I’m probably gonna go to bed after I answer these lol. 

40. favorite memory.  Hm….this is a tough one. I’d had to say when I first met my very best friend in the whole wide world. She’s helped me in ways words simply cannot describe, made me more confident, brave, and I don’t know what I would ever do without her. My life would be vastly different, I think, if I hadn’t met her.

53. 5 things that make me happy. 

  • My friends and family! Omfg you have no idea how happy they make me and I just aahhh I love them so much <3 
  • My weird assholish cat Romeo. <3 I love him to pieces even if he is a pain in the ass.
  • Reading. I love escaping to another world and forgetting about all my adult problems for a while. 
  • Chocolate. XD
  • Horses!

Thanks for the ask, my love!

The fact that there are people out there in the universe that don’t know about the greatness that is Root and Shaw is just…. my heart is truly heavy for you.

They weren’t even planned and yet ended up being my favorite ship of all time (not just out of f/f ships but m/f ones also). I will never stop screaming about them.

They were so unique. Interracial, both neurodivergent and just special in every way. I honestly have never seen another ship like them and even outside of their relationship, they were both just such amazing characters. That’s probably my favorite thing about them. They were their own women with their own arcs and they never needed the other to make them interesting or to prop them up. I actually love the fact that we got to learn about them separately first before they ever fell for each other, made them becoming canon that much more rich tbh. They were individually intriguing characters and then together they were just a force.

Despite how they ended, they’ll always be one of the best femslash couples that graced TV and if you know about their amazingness then you are living life right.

Thank you for your time. This has been a PSA.

Okay honestly one of my favorite things about Ouran is Kyoya’s character development???

 He’s one of the most static characters; he’s calm, cool, collected, intelligent, and the obvious moral compass of the group,

 But as the season goes on you start to notice a few cracks…like, the kind where you see the real Kyoya poking through, begging for someone to let him out???

 As you learn his backstory you realize that while he’s the mother of the group, he’s actually the child of his family, which makes SO MUCH SENSE, 


 And I feel like that somehow corresponds with everything he does within the club, and why he’s so meticulous about everything, because maybe in his subconscious somewhere he thought to himself,

 "If my father were to ever catch me in this club, at least I would have something to show for it,“ which is why he’s so undeniably efficient with all that he controls.

 And the way he feels about Tamaki is absolutely PRECIOUS to see, because at first you feel like he thinks of Tamaki as a genuine moron, (which is how I felt really, I can’t really speak for everyone,) and then you get to the, “And so Kyoya Met Him!” episode.

Which is when you finally get to see how exactly their friendship began in the first place, the history behind our daddy and mommy of the Host Club. And you realize, “Hey, I wasn’t that far off. Kyoya DID think he was a moron, at one point.”

And while Kyoya still thinks Tamaki is an idiot, it’s more of a term of endearment at this point, rather than an insult. Because as weary as he is of Tamaki’s antics, when he thought he was gonna lose him, Kyoya absolutely lost it.

And that was A FREAKING PLEASURE to see because you realize NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES KYOYA CALLS HIM AN IDIOT, OR MORON, OR REFERS TO HIM AS A BURDEN, you know in your heart that that silly blonde prince means the world to Kyoya, and that is in fact his best friend. 

So throughout the season, obviously each character makes their own significant steps to becoming more individual, coming into themselves, but Kyoya’s developement is definitely one of my favorites.

I need to Talk About How Important that End Scene was...

All the things that Eve said to Flynn, I knew. It was the heart of the ship. That she accepted his flaws, making her his soulmate, and more fit for him than any romantic partner he had before. But it is so important to me that this was actually voiced on the show. No it’s not something that’s ok, she made that clear. But she acknowledged that he is never going to be able to change on a dime, that it is going to take him years to recover from the years of hurt and loneliness. And while the fact that he lies and leaves is not okay, the idea that he is still getting over those things is ok. And it’s not going to make her stop loving him, ever, because they love each other unconditionally. That is one of my favorite things about this show: They portray unconditional love beautifully. And it all came to a helm tonight.

I have realized this season more than ever what a beautifully complex character Flynn Carsen is. I have realized what led him to his flaws. He deserves so much love, and Eve gives him that love, and she gives it to him unconditionally. And that’s what makes it one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever encountered, even without many kisses or romantic moments. I am so proud of Evlynn tonight!

Happy Birthday Jung Hoseok

☆ In honor of the actual sun’s birthday, I thought I’d make a post compiling just a few of my favorite things about J-Hope 

1. He has a smile that could light up even the darkest corners of the earth.

2. His laugh is the most contagious thing ever.

3. He is undeniably adorable.

4. He also is aware of how hot he can be and knows how to use it.

5. JAWLINE. This boy’s jawline is so sharp it could cut diamonds. Look at how ethereal he looks

6. He is a freaking dancing machine. Seriously, he’s one of the most dedicated dancers I’ve ever seen. 

7. He cares for his other members.

8. His love for his family.

8. His absolute extra-ness, which also is what makes him so lovable. Seriously where does this boy get all his energy

9. He is passionate about what he does and he works so freaking hard.

10. His love for the ARMY.

(I think I’ll stop here or else I’d be here for days listing literally everything about him)

♥ A very happy birthday to our sunshine, our hope, Jung Hoseok. ♥

The ARMY loves you so much and I hope you have a wonderful birthday

sal-reblogs  asked:

Do you have any head canons?

I have literally written 2000 words on the mogami arc alone. If I posted every single one of my headcanons i’d kill everybody’s dash but here are some of my favorites:

-Autistic Mob!!!!

-Autistic Reigen!!!

-Autistic Tome!!!

-Ritsu is afraid of thunder (The sound reminds him of ???% explosion)

See also: Ritsu has seriously sensitive ears and he can hear lightbulbs going out, he can hear dog whistles, and literally a third of the reason why he doesn’t like Reigen is because Reigen has a plug in roach killer in his wall and it makes the most annoying ‘buzzing’ sound ever.


-Shou bribes Ritsu with candy to be his art model among other things

-Shou is very, v e r y touch deprived so he’s constantly trying to hug his friends

-Shou never realizes when he’s actually really fucking sick. He could vomit and still blame it on his allergies making him queasy.

-When Dimple was alive, alive he was a B-List actor who never made it truly big and he’s salty that he never got the recognition he deserved so thats what fueled the ‘i wanna be a god’ thing

See also: Reigen owns…every single one of his movies because thats Reigen’s favorite type of movie….Dimple will never e v e r tell Reigen that hes in all of them.

-Shou is afraid of the dark because bad things happen in the dark. (suprise attacks, bugs, ect…) and he sleeps with a nightlight

-REIGEN!!!! CAN!!!! SING!!!! (three separate links) and he wanted to become a singer when he grew up, but because children are awful little shits he stopped liking his own voice….buuuut….when Mob was getting sleepy on the way back from exorcisms Reigen would hum him a little lullaby so he could sleep easier!!!

-Shou has never ever been to school. Hes had some tutors before but He never got the chance to go to an actual school with actual people and sometimes he spies on Ritsu in his school because he’s kinda interested in the school life.

-Shou has no idea how to interact with kids his age. He talks about kids like hes an adult but really hes a kid too.

-Teru cannot dance. If he says he can hes lying. He can DDR but he c a n n o t d a n c e

-Mob still hangs out with that ghost fam!!!! Also the Saint hoshino girls!!!!

-Teruki never got the talk…..He accidentally saw an ecchi and was so traumatized he avoided girls for a month before he actually tried to figure out ‘wHA  T THE FUC K DID I JUST WATCH’

-Teruki’s favorite series is ____ Precure. He thinks magical girls are cute and he used to want to be one. (He also watched the magical boy anime)


-Shou never got taken to the fucking eye doctor and he needs glasses, and the first time he gets glasses hes like ‘oh… isn’t supposed to be all fuzzy?’

-Teru is a theatre gay™

-When asked what dances he knew Seri did the caramelldansen and asked if it was still relevant….Reigen lost 10 years off of his life because of that.

-Shou doesn’t eat food unless hes has either watched it being made, or made it himself. This behavior concerns Reigen. He’ll eat prepackaged foods but only if he himself buys them or Ritsu or somebody else he trusts gives it to him.

-During the Mogami arc Mob had to eat his food fast or risk it be taken away, and also He didn’t have food at home very often so he’d often be very hungry…This causes him to eat really fast in the real world. He’ll eat an entire plateful of food in less than 5 minutes because hes subconsciously afraid it might get taken away again…

-Seri and Shou have an odd relationship. Sho had a mild distaste for Seri because he was his father’s lapdog…but also Seri has patched him up and cared for him a great number of times….Their relationship improves tenfold once Seri leaves Shou’s father

-Shou hates being in his actual house because its too large and too empty to be a home. 

-Shou started art because it was like therapy.

-mob got into baking and cooking during the mogami arc because he felt like it was something he could do and profit from; however, mogami made sure none of it turned out great. it was always just half decent. but when he tries again out of the arc its actually really freaking good. it isn’t perfect. but its great and everybody who eats it is like ‘holy shit’ where’d you learn this but mob doesn’t know, because everything he’s ever made has been shit


-she’s impressed with muscles because she respects the hard work and determination behind gaining them. and everybody can get muscles right?That’s why she stopped caring about mob’s powers because it really was like impossible for other people to get it and so it grew boring to her-she doesn’t think just 'being great at something’ without the hard work behind being great is great at all idk

-She doesn’t like being forced into situations that’s why she’s so reluctant to be a dimple follower because 'what the fuck, who even is this guy. it’s just a tree. chill.

-hc that she thinks muscles are so cool that she actually decides to work out herself and she does judo 

#secretlyablackbelt jkjk

but she’s pretty good and she likes the productivity of working hard for a goal.

-Tsubomi wears shorts under her skirts.

-Tsubomi is super touchy feely with her friends and she’s always holding hands or leaning on them or hugging them and sometimes she even kisses them!

-somebody asks her out randomly and her response is 'why’ because she’s never even met the dude before


anonymous asked:

random question but do you have a FAVORITE gay-themed movie? and can you recommend some good ones? sorry i know it's a weird question

oh darling i’m a complete film geek so it’s not a weird question at all  :)

if i had to pick one favourite then it would definitely be Weekend. it’s so brutally honest, both in the way it’s shot and in it’s directing and acting. and also, when i was watching it for the first time (with headphones on) i had to hold a pillow in front of my face because i felt like i was watching two people through a key hole and i felt like i was intruding on their private life. if a film makes you feel like that then you know it’s good.

as for the recommendation bit i have to say that there are a lot of absolutely terrible LGBTQ films out there, full of clichés and “for-effect” plots. but here are some “gay themed” films that i would actually recommend watching:

and yes, i’ve intentionally picked films that involves younger people, since i think that speaks to tumblr more. and i would urge you not to be discouraged by the fact that ½ of these are not in english. i can tell you that if you’ve chosen not to watch films in the past just because they’re not in english then you’ve missed out on a glorious slice of life, trust me.


but, i’m getting ahead of myself. ahem. let’s take a look at a little gif that’s been floating around the internet recently, one of my favorites, actually.

That whole “favorite” thing was sarcasm. Don’t know if I communicated that directly.

I fucking despise this gif. It’s so god damn simple. The fucking head shape has to morph like 3x to transition to each character. It’s literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen try and validate the similarities in today’s cartoons, because it’s a BASIC FUCKING HEADSHAPE. THAT MOST CHARACTERS HAVE. Yet somehow, it’s kind of a centerpiece to this anti-CalArts sentiment that’s spreading. So uh, let’s break it down, shall we?


The Amazing World of Gumball was created by Ben Bocquelet, who didn’t go to CalArts because he lives in the UK, fuck you. Like, i’m not even gonna make an argument for this.

also have you seen the fucking plethora of creative designs on this show in a fucking multitude of mediums? why is this even in this gif

Steven Universe

Steven Universe was created by Rebecca Sugar, who went to the School of Visual Arts in New York, fuck you.

also, uh remember the fucking pilot?

oh man so simplistic and generic

wOW tHe FuCK?? ? they A L L  LOok the SAme


jesus okay, how about the 3 shows from this gif actually made by CalArts grads, Gravity Falls, Clarence, and SvTFOE.

you ever considered that CalArts grads (or art student grads in general) don’t just come out the school tassel to the left, directly to the studio, and sit down at a table and draw for nine months until the show is born, with the show looking exactly the same way as the first sketch? ever considered that studios, simplify design for appeal or due to constraints? That maybe some studios have a style that no matter the initial design the creator has to adhere to? That maybe some execs MAKE the creators draw in a way that’s similar to other shows, in order to bring in an audience?

also have you considered the plethora of cartoons that exist not spearheaded by calarts alums? cause there’s a lot.

TL;DR stop demonizing CalArts (and its alums). It did nothing to you. It was sitting across the schoolyard minding it’s own business and you threw a dodgeball at it’s head. Now apologize or you can go stand on the wall for 5 more minutes.

One of my favorite scenes from that fic a lot of us love, “To Be Well”.

It’s never getting out of my head and never will because seeing big scary monster men getting proper therapy and doing cute things like this make life a lot better. 

(I’m gonna end up going on a little rant here, so I’ll keep it under the cut)

Keep reading

Have some random Haikyuu!! headcanons out of nowhere! i don’t even know what I’m doing anymore tbh, like, I’m literally spending my free time writing Haikyuu!! hcs when I should be writing an essay. (this anime will be the end of me)

  • Bokuto’s favorite movie is Alvin and the chipmunks, but he can never watch it on his own without crying, so the other members of Fukurodani have to watch it with him
  • When I say the rest of Fukurodani I mean Akaashi because everyone else makes up excuses on why they can’t go
  • Iwaizumi probably can’t drink at all, he’s a total lightweight and is definitely a clingy drunk. Oikawa doesn’t mind though, actually he thinks it’s the funniest most adorable thing ever (he also takes a lot of pictures, but Iwa-chan doesn’t need to know that)
  • Fukunaga is the best at throwing Halloween parties, they’re always super detailed and just overall great. No one really know it’s him who plans them tho, not even the rest of the volleyball team
  • Terushima likes to go ghost hunting with the rest of Johzenji even though none of them ever want to go. Imagine one day Terushima trying to convince Daishou to go on a date with him and Daishou says yes, but instead of taking him on a date Teru takes him to an abandoned house in the middle of the night
  • Asahi has nearly blinded himself by spraying deodorant into his eye. He thought he was for real gonna die and started crying and breaking down, until Daichi and Suga finally decided to bring him to the hospital
  • Kuroo likes to eat nutela straight from the jar, he’ll just dip his spoon in and take a giant glop of it. One time Yaku slapped the spoon out of his hand and what did Kuroo do? He stuck his hand in the jar is what he did (Yaku has never been more disappointed with his children) 
  • Futakuchi once got so tired of waiting for his video to load that, in a fit of rage and frustration, he smashed the laptop on the ground then threw it out an open window. The worst part is that it wasn’t even his laptop, it was Aone’s
  • Yaku usually never misses school, so when he doesn’t show up for a week rumors start going around that he died, and some people actually believe it especially Lev. Everyone freaks out when he comes back the following week. (he went on some rich person vacation w/ his family and didn’t bother telling anyone) 
  • Hanamaki once tried to convince a drunk Matsukawa to wear a dress, it worked and thus Drag Queen Matsun was born. Matsun saw the pictures the next day and instead of getting angry he’s like “damn I look good~”
  • Hanamaki breathes a heavy sigh of relief,and he agrees, Matsun looks amazing
  • Kuroo is also a drag queen and a pretty good one too. It all started when Kenma asked him to wear a dress which then escalated to Yaku doing his makeup, Kai doing his hair, and Yamamoto and Fukunaga 
  • The captains dress up in drag and have a competition, no one wins because they all end up cheating and Oikawa sabotages Kuroo (who he had an alliance with) by pushing him off the stage durring his dance number
  • Matsun was the judge

Zexal Month - Day 1 - Favorite Character

I wasn’t expecting to love Yuma as much as I do now. I was actually very much dreading watching Zexal because of him, after finishing 5ds and all, but he is now the reason I love Zexal so much… A lot of my favorite characters are usually my favorites for some sentimental reason, but I truly mean it when I say that Yuma made my life so much better, and his kattobingu continues to inspire me, as corny as that may sound… 

He’s one of the most loving characters ever, constantly a beacon for others and always trying his hardest. His spirit and hope will always hold a special place in my heart c:

free rper tip: i once was in a group rp where all characters were singers. one day they had a studio session, and we all had to send in a para of how it went. in my para i wrote in my character struggling with some of the notes, and him having to shift some things. when the admin got back to me they were all “no one ever actually made their character do bad in the studio”, and mind you: i didn’t make him do bad, i just didn’t make him do perfect.

so the tip is: your character is not flawless. your character is capable of error.

even in their field of work, something they have done their whole life, something they are an expert in, even a spencer reid kind of type is capable of making mistakes. don’t make your character perfect and flawless, because no actual person is. singers like patti lupone still take singing lessons, your favorite actor probably still takes acting lessons, your favorite artist still has to have an eraser nearby when drawing.

and for the admins: don’t tell a player that they made their character “do bad” unless it’s explictly bad. don’t tell a player that they made their character fuck up unless they explictly fucked up. don’t be a dick about your members’ characters.

anonymous asked:

I love following you because all through high school I never really did things for fun but watching you get excited over shows and books and places makes me want to find the same joy in my life again. I recently finished the x files which I LOVED and I actually just picked up a copy of streetcar to read :) so yeah thanks for inspiring me lol i love your blog it's such a nice happy place

omg this is one of my favorite messages ever wtf. i Love loving things and i hope you’ve found stuff you love to love just as much!!! i’m :’) 

wellreadfan  asked:

So this is kind of Embarrassing (even for me), but yesterday when you reblogged the post about various sex toys, my mind went to Spoils. I know that dildos have existed in some form for a long while, and I imagine they would exist in Spoils verse. The idea of Ben getting a hold of one somehow (perhaps before actually sleeping with George), and debating whether or not to use it amused me. Of course, after they were intimate, I'm sure George would enjoy watching his husband with one.

My favorite thing ever is like… Ben’s oath of chastity is interpersonal(if that even makes sense)I’d love the idea of George bringing him a dildo, long after they’re intimate, starting to coo and coddle like “I know this is strange and new, dearest–” and Ben’s response is

“Uh? No? This isn’t even the biggest dildo I’ve used?”

And George just kind of blanches like “what kind of depraved monk WERE YOU?”


Steve Companion Piece

Captain America Ever After AU because I’m Stucky trash and I woke up with this idea and just…had to make it happen especially with all this hydracap bullshit today. This is one of my all time favorite movie scenes, not gonna lie, and it’s just SUCH a Steve thing to do. Pretty sure Danielle is just him under cover in a dress.

So, yes, have some Buck and Steve as Prince Henry and Danielle on me X’D (spent friggin 7 hours on this??? what is life even…)

Side note, Sebastian Stan has THE HARDEST FACE IN THE WORLD to draw. No joke :/ I have so much respect for people that can draw him and actually have him look like himself. I am halfway happy with ONE of my drawings of him in this damn comic >__>

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Can you give me some fanfic recs for turn and hamilton? I don't really care what ship it is I just want to read something good :)

There are obviously more that I would recommend but I didn’t add them on here so if you want to check them out you can click here! (I’ll probably make an actual fic rec masterlist thing)

** – my favorite 


  • Jusqu'à Demain (Lams) -  Everyday John Laurens wakes up, and everyday it is the 28th of June, 1778. 
  • Where We Are, Where We Started (HamWash) -  Alex wasn’t prepared for the unimaginable – but then again, no one ever is. In the blink of an eye, he becomes a single father of two. He’s just picking up the pieces when George Washington walks into his life.
  • **Sons Of Libertea (Lams) - A kid from the West Indies moves to New York City to study law. A pre-law student becomes a barista to pay the bills. A barista fights for his friends, makes his own family, falls in love a little, and gets in way over his head.And there’s a million drinks he hasn’t made, but just you wait.
  • **The Story of Tonight (LafLau) - John Laurens said ‘no,’ and Martha didn’t listen. They have sex anyway.He said ‘no’ again, and Alex didn’t listen. Alex outs him to his father anyway.He didn’t say 'no’ the third time. Instead, he paid cash and took the drugs, because they helped him sleep.He doesn’t say 'no’ any time after that. He doesn’t think it matters. No one listens when he says 'no.'At the start of second semester of Freshman year, John Laurens meets a boy named Lafayette. Lafayette dares him to say 'no’.It starts out of spite. It starts out of loss.But it doesn’t matter, because when John says 'no’ to Lafayette, Lafayette listens.It’s nice to be listened to.
  • **In Pursuit of Happiness (Lams) -  Squabble (v.) - to quarrel noisily over a trivial matter. "Alexander and John squabbled over who should get the last box of Cool Markers in the store.“
  • Angelica’s Revelation (Hamgelica) -  She never wore her wedding band when she went out with her sisters. She alway told Eliza and Peggy it was because she didn’t want it to be stolen, but in truth, she couldn’t bear thinking of her husband when she was looking at other men in ways a married woman never should.
  • **who’s gonna ride the devil’s train tonight? (Jamilton) -  Alex Hamilton has been warned all his life about going down to the train tracks in the middle of the night. 
  • Revolutionary Fuckboys (Lams/The lafayettes) -  Completely irreverent college AU. Lafayette is an overly-enthusiastic exchange student constantly vidchatting his girlfriend back in France; Laurens plays football except for when he’s benched for getting too aggressive or injuring himself on the field; Hamilton, of course, is young, scrappy, and hungry, and he left the Virgin Islands on a full scholarship–not that the real details behind any of their lives come out until after many, many jokes about dicks and some poorly-advised life choices.

I just recently got back into the turn fandom so I don’t have as many recs right now. 

  • **239 Years Just To Get To You  (Tallster) - “This is awful.”“You said that already. Sackett, what’s happening? This is crazier than usual.”“Time travel.” He points frantically at the man. “Him. Travel. He traveled. From the past. Or I guess, theoretically, from the future but looking at him I’d say that past. Revolution, maybe. I don’t know. I’ll have to do some research.”
  • **For Here Is Rest (BenWash) -  After a devastating personal loss, Benjamin Tallmadge retreats from the life he knew in Connecticut. Seeking solace, he finds himself in rural Virginia fixing up a small house with only the company of the surrounding woods and his reclusive widower landlord, George Washington.
  • **Spoils of War -  Prince Benjamin Tallmadge lived a peaceful life. Free of the pressure of inheriting the throne, he prepared himself for a life of religious servitude. But when his father scorns a neighboring King, Benjamin must give up his freedom and wed the tyrant King Washington to ensure peace between their two kingdoms. Alone in a new kingdom, far from his family, Ben contemplates if anyone could learn to love such a bitter, cruel man.

The gayest thing that I’ve ever done while identifying as straight (that I can remember) was once several years ago I really really wanted to be friends with this one girl. I thought she was so pretty, funny, smart and just amazing so of course I wanted to be her friend, right? One thing in particular that I remember was the time she tweeted song lyrics and followed it up with something like “if you know these lyrics and this band then we can be friends”. I, wanting to be her best friend, found out the band and spent like an hour listening to song after song to trying to not only find the lyrics she was referring to but to find the perfect lyrics that I could post that would make me seem cool and like I knew everything about this band. After I tweeted the lyrics (not directly at her just posting them so she wouldn’t think that I wanted to be her that much) she actually saw my tweet and favorited it and I was so so happy. So after doing something so incredibly straight you can imagine my surprise when a few months later my brother said I had a crush on her…

Fun facts about Khimaera!

-Unlike most of my mains ever, he’s actually very emotive and allows himself to feel things very deeply.  You won’t see it for the first half of the story or so because around Cross he’s nothing but simmeringly furious all the time, but he’s got a nice wide range of emotions and won’t generally hesitate to express them.

-His right leg is prosthetic from the knee down.

-He’s adept with various bladed weapons and possesses six throwing knives and a set of three swords (one personal favorite, one backup, one small and ceremonial).

-His religion/spiritual code specifies no piercings or tattoos, but in order to get any decent work in the city you have to wear at least one tag in your ear with your employer’s mark, and he’s here to make money so he tries hard to stay connected to his culture in other ways.

Island of Exiles by Erica Cameron Series Secrets!


“What is your favorite quote from the book/series?”

There are actually lots of quotes from ISLAND OF EXILES that I love—I make quote art for a lot of them and put it on my website. The below are some of my favorites.

Attraction is instinct, but action is a choice.

As he disappears into the mountains with the others, all I can think is, Come back alive, you madman, I’m not done with you yet.

All we can ever be is our own.

“What is the core thing in your book? The one thing you would never in a million years have given up no matter how much money someone paid you?”

So much about ISLAND OF EXILES—the whole series, honestly—has changed since my original concept that it’s hard to say. I guess the answer would be in the things that stayed the same, the quiet center of the universe keeping the rest of it stable. I wouldn’t change the setting, the harsh desert island and the city carved out of a mesa. I wouldn’t change Khya, Tessen, Yorri, or Sanii, the four people at the heart of the story. It wasn’t part of the original version of the book, but I also wouldn’t change the gender and sexuality dynamics of Itagami. All of that is definitely here to stay.

“Did anything happen in your series that surprised you, that you didn’t plan?”

Of all the books I’ve written, I think The Ryogan Chronicles have surprised me least. The intricacy of the world and the story took a lot more planning than I’m used to. Most of the twists and turns in ISLAND OF EXILES and the rest of the series are carefully planned and not too surprising. There is one moment in SEA OF STRANGERS, though, that I hadn’t expected. I’ll have to let you wait and see what it is for yourself. ;)

“Any advice for writers currently working on a series?”

Keep track of the details. One of the hardest things about a series is story continuity in plot, characters, setting, and background. All of these threads have to be woven through every book, and while the pattern won’t be the same in every book—that’s the last thing anyone wants—the transition between one piece of the pattern and the next does need to be consistent. That consistent flow is one of the hardest things about a series. Well, that and making book two of a trilogy not suck.

“If your series wasn’t written for YA, how would it be different?”

Not much, honestly. The themes, characters, and the story itself aren’t altered much by the age of the characters. I think people who don’t read YA get a skewed perspective of what a book for teens is and “should be.” Writing this book for a young adult audience means the characters are teenagers and… And nothing. The characters being teenagers and in the process of finding their place in the world are all that makes it YA, and honestly, the second half of that isn’t restricted to teens. I know plenty of adults who are still in the midst of the “finding their place” process and lots of adult novels that tackle this question. Very few of the themes or elements of ISLAND OF EXILES are young-adult-only.

“If you could pull one thing from your series world to have in real life, what would it be?

Magic. I’ve been fascinated by the concept of magic even though it appeared in a slightly different incarnation each time. Whatever the “how” of the magic, it always brings as much delight and wonder as it does trouble and destruction. That’s definitely true of magic on Shiara. 

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