so this is about as productive as I can get

Maybe there are people out there who can’t relate. I suspect there are. Some people surely grow up steady and solid, and when they make mistakes, they deal with them in a healthy, productive way. They get knocked down, but they get up again! You’re never gonna keep them down! But for many people—for this writer, at least—“You Stupid Bitch” will ring almost terrifyingly true. And just when it seems it couldn’t get more wonderful and awful, the singalong chorus starts. If you can find a better way to capture the kind of self-loathing that’s so deep that it includes room for loathing the self-loathing than a woman encouraging her audience to sing about what a stupid bitch she is because she deserves it, I’ll send you a nickel. […] Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has always felt deeply personal without ever straying into self-indulgence. It wears both its cynicism and its heart on its sleeve. Bloom (and co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna) have made something really remarkable. No one gets a free pass, but it’s far from unfeeling. It can only have been made by people who’ve been through (and probably, from time to time, still fight through) the shit, and know how hard it can be, and how awful it can make you, and how dark and funny it can be, all at once. Honestly, it’s the television equivalent of the kind of friend you want when things get really bad—full of hard truths and kind words and jokes that might not get you out of that hole, but at least help fill it with laughter.
It’s brilliant, dammit. What did we do to deserve it?
—  Allison Shoemaker summing up why we all should be crazy about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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What do you do when you find out you accidentally ate an animal product? I always get super depressed and I feel like I'm failing myself. I know you need to move on but it's so hard :( I think something I just ate was coated in egg or something and I'm so sad

Heyy, it’s important to remember that veganism is a lot about intention. You didn’t intend to eat something with egg and it was a mistake so you can’t beat yourself up about it. If that happens to me I just move on and don’t eat that thing again, or maybe check labels a bit better. Don’t worry about it it happens to a lot of us!

Hey there, Remorseful Radio Host! 

-You know, I actually don’t know very many radio hosts! You should contact me again. I think we would make great friends!

Don’t you worry, Remorseful! As long as it’s just standard StrexCorp initiation memory loss, your friend should be just dandy. Strex did us a favour by taking away our memories! We were so embarrassing back then, being a grouch and a half about everything. 

I’m just so grateful. Thanks to Strex, I can hardly remember anything!

I can hardly remember anything at all.

But! If your friend’s memory loss isn’t Strex-induced, and is hindering their productive potential, you should help them recover them ASAP!

Perhaps you could show them pictures of their past self. Or get them to dig up the time capsule they buried just behind their apartment, all those years ago. Or, you know, give them a gentle nudge by playfully bashing their head with a brick. 

Well! I’m sure you’ll make the right choice. With such a caring friend as you, I’m sure your ‘old friend’ is in good hands!

Until next time, Remorseful. Until next time.

30 day productivity & self-improvement challenge

It’s usually difficult to achieve goals by myself with no support or just any stuff shared with other people. It’s a bit like it doesn’t matter if no one knows about it (it’s obviously not true, but that’s the way my brain works), so i’ve come up with this 30-day challenge.

General rules:

  1. At least one productive task per day
  2. Stick to your healthy meal plan (max 1 cheat meal per week)
  3. Work out 5 days a week
  4. Be consequent!!

Daily tasks: (i’d love to see your posts! you can tag them #floxrist)

Day 1: Practise a skill for at least 30min

Day 2: Get all postponed work done

Day 3: Compliment at least one person

Day 4: Write slower and practise your handwriting

Day 5: Don’t complain at all

Day 6: Watch a good film

Day 7: Start a new book or finish the one that you’re reading at the moment

Day 8: Write at least 2 journal pages

Day 9: Try a new recipe

Day 10: Draw something

Day 11: Collect important facts about your best friends (something that makes them stand out!) and write them down

Day 12: Learn a few phrases in a new language

Day 13: Try vegetarianism/veganism

Day 14: Learn a new English word

Day 15: Throw out/donate to charity one thing you don’t need

Day 16: Go out for a coffee/tea

Day 17: Listen to a Mozart piece

Day 18: A list of what you like about your personality and/or appearance

Day 19: Meet/talk to someone new

Day 20: Go or arrange a visit to the cinema/theatre

Day 21: A list of goals to achieve

Day 22: A list of what you’ve achieved this year

Day 23: Face one of your fears. Write it down, describe/analyse, understand what you’re scared of and overcome it

Day 24: Drink 8 glasses of water (e.g. one every 2 hours)

Day 25: Walk somewhere instead of driving/bus/taxi

Day 26: Do the ‘Morning Pages’ exercise (explanation is here)

Day 27: Go to bed before 10pm

Day 28: Learn about philosophy (video #1 Aristotle and video #2 The Buddha)

Day 29: Arrange a cooking-together meeting with a friend

Day 30: Beauty day! Have a relaxing bath, a face mask, moisturize your skin and feel beautiful

Exam Preparation

So it’s exam week for a lot of us and I thought I would make a post on what I’m doing and what I think is super helpful to do before exams that aren't just studying.

The day before your first exam

  • Wake up nice and early- Get a head start on your day, I find it really helps me be productive all day if I’ve gotten up early and had a good breakfast and coffee of course. 
  • Pick out some comfortable clothes- For however many days of exams you have, make sure you set out some super comfy clothes so you don’t have to worry about it the day of exams. Also, I would recommend layers in case the exam room is hot or cold.
  • Make sure you have a watch- So you can manage your time during exams just in case there isn’t one in the room.
  • Pack a bag with everything you’ll need- Pencils, a ruler, erasers, a water bottle, pretty much any supplies you’ll need.
  • Pack or plan whatever meals you need- I really like not having to worry about what I’m eating and being able to focus on what I need to remember.
  • Go to bed early!- This is very important, cramming late at night is always a bad idea. If you absolutely must get in some last minute studying do it in the morning. Make sure you get a solid 6-8 hours.

The day of your exam

  • Get up early- I can’t stress this enough, don’t sleep in! If you get up early you give yourself enough time to properly wake up and be functioning at your peak for the exam.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast- Also very important, your brain needs food to operate properly. I would recommend something hearty that will really fill you up, my personal favourite is oatmeal with lots of berries and almond milk. some other ideas are…
      • Yogurt with granola and fruit
      • Toast and peanut butter
      • A berry smoothie, it’s full of antioxidants and bonus if you add protein powder fo an extra boost
      • Scrambled eggs, skip on the cheese and oil, I find anything greasy makes me feel sort of bogged down and sluggish.
      • A hearty cereal. Probably not fruit loops 
      • A bread of sort with lots of fruit. Like half a bagel with a fruit of your choice.
  • Drink coffee if that’s something you do- But make sure you won’t crash later in the day. Maybe bring some iced tea to drink with your lunch.
  • Eat a healthy lunch- I really like to bring a salad with nuts and I’ve been really enjoying crackers and hummus with it. Some other ideas are…
      • A whole wheat wrap of your choice
      • Quinoa salad! It’s great to keep you going
      • A sandwich with lots of veggies
  • Bring some relaxing music- Exams are stressful and music can be really calming.
  • Remember that a bad grade isn’t the end of the world and just do the best that you can.

Good luck on all of your exams! You can do this!


how to have a productive day of downtime

so the semester has started and you’re probably studying for or getting ready to take your first round of exams- or they’ve just past. you’re ready to take a day off from the books and the problems and mymathlab. but you’re not ready to just waste an entire day. what is there to do when you want to be productive but.. not productive?

here’s what i do on my productive off days!

  • clean out your email. i’m really awful about consistently checking and cleaning out my email accounts, especially since i have 3 and most of the emails i get are junk or ads from stores i have rewards accounts with. the only time i open an email on my phone or on my computer is when it’s fro a professor or a school announcement. so, as you can assume, i usually accumulate hundreds of unread junk emails pretty frequently. i use my off days to clean up my inboxes to declutter my digital life. additionally, use this time to respond to or write any emails you’ve been putting off.
  • clean out your backpack. you’re going to see a trend with this post, lol. i tend to let clutter build up in weird places throughout the week so i tend to do a lot of housekeeping when i want to be productive but take a break from actual academia. put papers where they belong in your binder or accordion folder. throw out trash that’s accumulated. round up any stray pens, pencils or highlighters and put them in your pencil pouch (or at least a pocket in your backpack that you can get to easily). having a clean backpack can help you feel more put together, less crowded and, personally, it helps me get motivated.
  • clean out your desk. this can be a big undertaking depending on how often you go through your desk and how much stuff it can hold. i go through my desk probably once a week on a surface-level and through the drawers to reorganize about once a month. i just like knowing exactly what is in my desk and knowing it’s not a disaster zone. again, this helps me feel refreshed and ready to pick work back up in a day or two.
  • make a list of upcoming big assignments. every month i get a large sticky note and keep a list of assignments that are due during the month and put it up on the corkboard at my desk. this way i can look up and see what i should be focusing on next during my academic free time. if i have some spare free time during the week i usually make outlines for upcoming essays, for example.
  • tidy up your room. i am a sleepy girl and also a busy girl, so sometimes i don’t keep my room as neat as i’d like to. life gets in the way, or depression flares up, or i get bad anxiety that keeps me from doing anything but stare off into space. when i have some time, i like to tidy up my room, even if it’s a few hours before bed. i make my bed, pick up clothes and put them in my hamper, put up any clean clothes i have sitting around from a load of laundry and put anything that ‘s out of place back into it’s place. i tend to feel more relaxed and more put together when my space is neat and cozy.
  • clean out your fridge/freezer/pantry. if you have the energy to do this every few weeks, do it. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve procrastinated cleaning up the food in my apartment only to come across something terrifying. obviously this is really only applicable to people who are responsible for their own food. even if you don’t have an apartment, go through the food in your dorm. trust me.
  • clean up your computer. your technology can get overwhelmed, just like you. it’s a good thing every once in a while to go through your computer’s folders and organize your recent downloads, clear our your recycle bin, defrag your computer and go through and uninstall programs you don’t use anymore or don’t know how they got there in the first place. now, after a relaxing weekend, you and your computer will be ready to tackle the next week’s tasks.
  • set up a queue. this is really, really optional and specific to people who like to have their blogs posting consistent content but don’t get online every day. what i do personally is scroll my dash on mobile every night and morning during the week and like posts that i want to put in my queue. when i have free time, i clean out my likes and set up my queue. it’s a nice system, especially when my weekdays get busy and i end up having to coldturkey social media for several days at a time.

these are just some things i like to do on my off days or when i have some downtime and also some energy. hope this is useful!

- KL

yes it sucks that we won’t get new Doctor Who until Christmas but 

there is always more Doctor Who

this is a great time to look back for more content to get you through the hiatus, given that there is so much:

  • haven’t watched any of the delight that is Classic Who? this would be a good time to start and you can do so here! (and if you’re unsure of how to go about doing so because you’re daunted by the size or something, feel free to message me because I have recommendations on how to ease into it)
  • tried Classic Who but couldn’t get past the low production values? or finished Classic Who? try the audios, where you get the Classic doctors but can create all the visuals in your imagination while still getting all the voices and the sound affects as they should be (these are great for doing things like housework or long bus rides)
  • more of a reader? there’s always the Eighth Doctor adventures novels which will keep you busy for quite a while and trust me you need more Eight in your life because he is a precious darling and you will love him very quickly (but watch the 1996 movie first to get more of a feel for him) 

one does not simply run out of Doctor Who


Here’s A Simple Reason I Love NYX Go-To Palette in Wanderlust

It’s affordable, and I don’t feel like any of the products were stuff they put there just to fill up a palette. Most of the items (except maybe the blush shade) are things that I might consider buying if they were sold alone. The highlighter, the contour shade, all those beautiful shadows…. 

For those of you asking about what to check out if you’re new to makeup, THIS is one of those things newbies should definitely have a look at because you can get so many different neutral eye looks with this, and it also has face products so you don’t need to search for good ones separately. And kits (where you like and can use most of the products) are always better value than buying individuals separately.

And NYX has relaunched under L’oreal in Singapore if you haven’t heard, so we finally will get our hands on a bigger range and new products at the same time as all folks in the US. (It used to be 6 months before we saw anything new.)

Just for reference because some readers on Dayre were asking about the contour shade and whether it was a better bronzer or contour color. My answer is it’s both. It’s a great color. Very close to Too Faced Chocolate Soleil, but slightly deeper maybe. Not too orange to contour with and not too ashy to bronze with.

The Go-To palettes cost around SG$30 and are available at select Sephora stores.

strongerthanwethinkweare asked:

Before this gets misinterpreted I don't mean this in an "You owe us the answer" kinda way. Okay so you've repeatedly said that you can't tell us about your new job, or even when you can begin to share, much like with leaving Les Mis (and I totally 100% get that it's out of your hands) I was just wondering why it was kept so private? Why couldn't you tell people you were to leave Les Mis? Is there are specific reason the industry holds so much secrecy about this type of thing? Xxx

It’s never an actors decision when or how it gets announced what they’re next moves are. It’s always up to the production team/directors/whoever calls the shots on a project. 

Sometimes it’s to do with wanting to announce on a certain date because it just makes the most sense. Sometimes it’s to do with not wanting to announce until they’ve got a full cast list. Sometimes we don’t get told why and we simply just have to wait for the go ahead! 

As nice as it is to let people know what you’re up to, I never mind waiting as it’s all part of the business and I’ve done this part of the process many times before. It just seems that everyone else hates the waiting bit and I always feel so bad because it’s literally completely and utterly out of my hands! 


Today, in unecessary gendering...

Ok, so one of my favourite hilariously stupid products is back on the shelves. It clearly deserves to be mocked, but I’m alone in the house this evening, so it’s you lucky bunch who get to hear about the latest in incredibly insecure bathtime implements.

It’s made by Lynx (because of course it is), and it’s essentially one of those little sponge things made from netting. You know, like this:

That actually looks pretty cool, right? Like some kind of ethereal deep sea creature or something. You can almost picture it floating serenely through the depths, glowing gently. Anyway, Lynx says nah.

The first thing you’d notice about their product is that the little string handle thing was clearly deemed too wimpy by a test group of men with astoundingly tiny genitals. This thing’s got a sleek, menacing plastic grip modelled on something that James Bond would disarm with only seconds to spare. 

The second thing you’d notice is that the whole thing’s jet black. Presumably to give off the impression that you also use it to scrub down engine parts.

But the most notable feature of this overpriced sack of desperately nervous testosterone is the name. It’s called the manwasher. The fucking manwasher. Take a second to sit there and just think about how many people must have been involved in greenlighting that name.

Even by the impressive standards of unnecessarily gendered products, this thing is a hilarious mess, and its mere existence means no-one should ever pay Lynx for anything ever again, except for as a joke gift. Which to be fair, the manwasher would be excellent for.

(Edited since the original post came across as too angry and not enough tongue-in-cheek. My bad. That said, the manwasher’s still ridiculous.)


I’ve been video blogging for about five years, often on feminism and trans stuff and bisexual stuff.  But there’s only so much I can offer people from my own experience of bisexuality - so I’ve started a web series called Bisexual Banter.  The first episode, above, is about non-monogamy, and includes the perspectives of ten non-monogamous bi people from different backgrounds having a cheeky bit of banter!

The other 5 episodes of the first season are well underway.  I couldn’t have done any of this without the kickstarter funding, though if anyone can send more… travel is expensive!  All proceeds go to travel and production!  Here’s a donate link.

Other ways you can help out:

- Are you a bilingual bisexual?  Perhaps you could translate the episode subtitles?  Get in touch and I’ll send the subtitle file!

- Would you like to be interviewed?  I live near London, so the south of England is where most of the interviews take place.  But I record all info sent to me, in case next season gets a higher budget!  Apply here.
For season 1, the episodes most in need of more interviews are “Bi POC”, “Bi+Trans”, and “Bi Community”.

 - Musicians?  I’d like to feature a song from a bi musician for the closing titles of each episode.  Send me your songs!

- Share the episode!  The more attention we can get, the greater this can be! 

Thanks, everyone!  

anonymous asked:

so, everyone is thinking about jealous kara with the new assistant thingy? but, i've seen the comic strips of kara and siobhan all cozy with each other and what if it backfires and is cat that ends up being super jealous? like, 'really, i just added ANOTHER person enamoured with her?' and of course kara is completely oblivious ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hallelujah this would be hilarious. I love the fact that everybody is in love with Kara without her knowing. Siobhan at first tries to one up her, but then sees Kara’s hurt puppy face and oh no she’s cute. So then they team up together and while Cat sees more productivity than ever before she is also seeing the way Siobhan is with Kara. She overhears them talking about catching a drink after work and suddenly finds 10 more things for them to do so they can’t get that drink. Kara asks Siobhan if she wants to help her work on something together and suddenly Cat needs one of them to run all the across the city for something. Oh look they are having a movie night, she needs one of them to count the number of blue pens in the entire Catco building. Kara can’t figure out why even though they are being extra productive that Cat keeps becoming grumpier and grumpier. 

Siobhan is an incredibly musical person in the comics, and I headcanon Kara as being one as well, so I can imagine them doing some jam sessions. Well also Melissa can sing and Siobhan in the comics sings so they go to karaoke nights at bars and duet. And Cat finds out and internally combusts because this IS NOT HOW SHE IMAGINED THIS.

Cat hired Siobhan because she heard she was cutthroat how the hell did Kara soften her so freaking quick. And she figured if she hired another assistant it would help with how close Kara was getting to her, but now Kara is getting close to someone else and hold on one sec that was not what she wanted! 

Let’s talk about brainstorming

Brainstorming is something that is vital to writing a good story. It helps us develop our ideas, find plot holes and get’s us exited to start writing. Despite of it being so important many writers simply don’t know where and how to start developing an idea. So in this let’s talk I will address some issues which could help some of you get started. So here we go!

Research the subject beforehand

In order to have a productive brainstorming session you need to have done your research before you start. Otherwise you will run to the computer every five seconds instead of thinking about what you should be thinking about.

Have a place where you can map out your idea

To help keep things organised you need to have a place where you can visualize your ideas. The way you visualize it can be different for anyone: most people work with categorized documents on their computers, others have a sketch book where they write in every idea they have and some even go old school and make a spider diagram on their walls with strings and post-its. Everyone does this in their own way so I can’t tell you exactly how to do it but the point I am trying to make here is that you need a place where you can visualize your brainstorming subject, preferably in a quiet place where no one will bother you so you can focus.

One subject at a time

In order to be able to work out an idea you need to focus on one item at a time. So choose a topic when you get started and try to approach the item at hand from different perspectives. Sometimes you will get stuck on an item, this is something that happens to all of us at some point or another. When this happens it’s best to take a break and/or start brainstorming about a different subject. A great way to do this is timed brainstorming where you pick a certain amount of time to work on one subject, when that time passes you move on to a different subject and so on.

Start broad and get more specific as you go

This kind of speaks for itself. You have to tackle the big subjects first in order to be able to think about the little things. This literally applies to everything! For example you can’t think about what your main characters appearance and clothing before thinking about what culture he is from and which traits that culture has.

Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why?, and How?

Whether you are brainstorming about the big or the little things, each topic needs to address these questions in order for you to have a complete set of data to work with. So write these questions down before you start and go from there.

There is no such thing as a bad idea

Crazy ideas often turn out amazing once you thought about them enough so make a list of every idea you have about different subjects. Sometimes ideas will even come in handy somewhere where you first didn’t expect them to. For example a character you thought about for one scene but ended up scrapping because he didn’t fit in anymore might come in handy somewhere else. So don’t throw away an idea, write it down and maybe use it later.

Brainstorming is something personal and everyone does it in his or her own way so try to find yours. Developing an idea is one of the best moments in writing o take your time and just enjoy! I hope these tips can help some of you out there who were unsure on how to start writing. Good luck!

Next on the market, for MEN. Too manly for women. Women don’t even try to handle this shit with your delicate little lotion hands, they’ll fucking burn off into flames and then you’ll just have ugly skeleton hands and no man finds that attractive.

Manscara. Eyelash enhancing MAN product for MEN. Self conscious about your little lashes, bro????? Don’t worry MANSCARA has got you COVERED.

Again, I can not stress enough how this is strictly for MEN!!!!! If a woman even TRIED using this thick product, it would weigh down her lashes so much her delicate eyes would never open again!!!! You need MUSCLES ON YOUR EYE LIDS THAT CAN BENCHPRESS 300 (At LEAST) JUST TO WEAR OUR NEW FORMULA OF MANSCARA!!!! DUDES GET IT TODAY!

Guyliner and Dudestick sold separately.


Today has been super productive with regards to my student blog - managed to start and finish a post covering a 6 weeks long project. I have 3 other projects to write about but I wont be getting to those today. Hope you’re all having a great Thursday :) I’m going to get back to my economics notes tomorrow so that I can bring you guys some more quality *cough*aesthetic*cough* material. Lol

‘Without getting into the ally business,’ I said, 'I’d like to ask one question about the new communes [in China].’

Khrushchev’s response was possibly the most interesting part of the whole interview. He said, 'They are old-fashioned, they are reactionary. We tried it right after the Revolution. It just doesn’t work. That system is not nearly so good as the state farms and the collective farms. You know, Senator, what those communes are based on? They are based on that principle 'From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.’ You know that won’t work. You can’t get production without incentive.’

I could hardly believe that the leader of world communism was rejecting the core of Marxist theory. I said simply, 'That is rather capitalistic.’ Khrushchev replied, 'Call it what you will. It works.’

—  Hubert Humphrey on his December 1958 meeting with Khrushchev; Humphrey, Hubert H. The Education of a Public Man: My Life and Politics. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. 1991. pp. 146-147.
words to the types i know

disclaimer: I only know a limited pool of each type so take this with a pinch of salt

INTJ: oh my goodness. just omg you guys. I really respect how damn driven you are, you might not always do what you set out to do bUT YOU DONT GET FLUSTERED BY IT. You’re really easy to talk to because you have a way of not letting me dwell on my emotions and offer me a healthy and productive solution to my problems. You can plan effectively and it’s really cute when you start telling me about how you’re going to spend your time. You’re doers and I really respect you. But also when you let your guard down, you’re absolutely adorable and so lovable. Also your predictions are ALWAYS right and it really scares me so please stop saying that there’ll be a world war in ten years beCAUSE I LIKE BEING ALIVE QUITE A LOT THANKS. But honestly I could gush about INTJs all day.

ISFP: STOP DOODLING ON MY WORK. I love your unique view of the world and the way that you are frighteningly good at undetectable sarcasm. Also, the plots of your stories are SO INTRICATE, your attention to detail is absolutely pristine and I really admire it. It’s really cute when you go off on a crazy spiel telling me about the next plot you’ve worked out. Also, we have such a laugh together that we get very little done. People probably think we’re crazy, since we spend most of our time sat under the stairs giggling like idiots.

ENFP: you are really motivating. You are so, so hardworking, that it’s difficult not to be inspired just from a brief conversation with you. Honestly, I think we really do try to have a trivial conversation now and again, but somehow it always ends up being huge paragraphs about religion and existence and the future, and for that reason, I really enjoy talking to you; we have a lot to talk about and you are really accommodating of opinions (and me being really fickle and contradictory when I struggle to explain what I mean). Generally, you’re a really warm person and very easy to get along with.

INFP: for some of the INFPs I know, we have so much in common that it’s a little exhausting sometimes. We get along really well and have a fantastic time - and the same sense of humour - but when our views clash, we both get quite bullheaded. But you’re really cute as humans so I’ll let you off. For others, our mutual knowledge of the importance of alone time makes it so that our conversations are filled with excitement and meaningfulness, even if we do fall off the map a little too often.

INFJ: I really want you guys to like me. You have an intriguing and magnetic persona that makes me want to be close friends with you, but you sometimes seem difficult to get to know. I worry a lot that you don’t like me, but I find you compelling. You’re so intelligent in such an individual way that’s it’s impossible not to like you.

ISFJ: your stories are so well told. Honestly, no matter what we discuss, you have a relevant anecdote. You’re very caring and similarly to INFJs, I really want you to show that you like me. Your emotions are mysterious and though you may seem to wear your heart on your sleeve, I can’t figure out what you’re feeling and it’s something that draws me back a lot. I know we’re too loud and excited for you when you’re tired, and it’s very endearing. You have mum friend stereotypes to spare, and it’s lovely.

Hey, I thought this might be useful for some people out there looking for audio sources on spoken Japanese. 

This side provides links to various net radio streams (all free) with different topics and hosts. These are not professional broadcasts and some are just skype conversations you can listen to. So far I encountered people talking about music, cats, politics, religion, literature… all sorts of things. Some are one-time streamers others do this more often. 

I tend to “listen” to it while I do other things like playing games or doing something productive. Since I don’t get most of it (yet) it isn’t really distracting but still helps with language immersion. The important thing is that it is not pre-recorded, not rehearsed and comes with as many variations in style, speed and level of politeness as real life conversations do. 

It’s just a great way to prime the ears for the language. I hope it can be as useful to other people out there as it is to me.