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I totally agree with you my concern is that all her power will be stripped into making her suitable dating material for a love interest. She needs to get her bitch side under control for sure but don't take it all away and say "there now she's a good woman so she can be loved" the message is f&%$ed up in my opinion. The awesome thing about Alison is she inherently complicated and confusing not just to everyone else but herself too, to defeat A (from how they've set it up) you need Ali at 1000%

Basically what you’re saying and what I agree with is that her bitch-side should be channeled into something productive, rather than having her completely tamed. The message that only good, tamed women can be loved is complete bullshit and if the writers really follow this path, I’m giving them the side eye. It’s not at all a positive message and people should know that you can be strong and independent and someone will love you for you, just like someone would love any other person for being themselves. I don’t want the writers to take any of this away from Alison because these are the traits that make this character so complicated and interesting to all of us, the fact that she’s a puzzle for us - and herself - to try and solve along the journey. Ripping her off of everything that makes her who she is would be horrible.

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what's a good way to combat the occasional acne outbreak and blackheads? i get them on/around my nose and in between my eyebrows :(

incorporate salicylic acid into your skincare routine! it can be drying so maybe only use it when you know you’re about to break out

blackheads result when theres too much oil and dead skin cells trapped inside pores so try limiting the amount of heavy creamy products you apply to your face and do a clay mask once or twice a week. salicylic acid will also help control blackheads 


We need to get more people to sign up so this can happen! I got quite a few people who asked about it before. Let me know whats stopping you to see if i can help! Also, you don’t have to already be doing to crush to join us!

Here’s the website to sign up at;

Ben’s offering some pretty great things that come along with the workshop, don’t miss out on this opportunity! 

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i find you very physically attractive lol, especially when you have glasses on. like wow what do you do to get such nice skin??

In truth tho, I hate my glasses I can’t stand them my prescription is so strong I always feel so sick and dizzy after wearing them for a while.

The I will admit after cons I will usually wear them for a week straight because I am so damn sick of coloured contacts by the end of a weekend, lol.

As for my skin I definitely use a lot of various products from Shea Terra Organics, benefit, Ole Henrikson, and a few other trial products I get from Sephora. But honestly it’s not just about the products on your face that have to do with skin care. It’s also about what you eat, how you take care of yourself, your fitness levels, as well as your stress levels. All of this care combined is what helps you clear on your skin and promote your skin to being healthier as well.

Also we all have different skin so different types of care are going to effect people in extremely different ways, so it’s best to discover the type of skin you have to deal with to figure out how to care for it. The best example I can give you about a large difference in skin is that the more I sweat, the better my skin is. So being physically active constantly really helps clear up my face, it’s also a huge reason why I don’t get acne anywhere else on my body. But for a large amount of my friends, sweat actually has the opposite effect on them and sweating will clog up and block up their pores and such will create more acne for them.

It took me a lot of trial and error to get something that works. And a good thing to remember during the learning process is sometimes a skin care product won’t show us any visible changes until a least a month in of continued usage.

I hope this helps!! *adjusts megane*


The Creaseless Concealer Trick - How it Works, Why it Works, What Products To Use with it

The other day on Dayre, I did an “epic concealer post” going through almost my entire collection of concealers and someone asked a question about how to keep things "creasless”.

I don’t think it’s possible to keep concealer 100% creaseless. Most of us have natural folds and lines under our eyes that are there even when our eyes are closed, so it’s not possible to get a completely flat, line-free coverage in the first place. BUT - you can keep the lines to a minimum and prevent all the new ones from creeping up and making you look 10 years older.

There is a “damp Beautyblender” trick which some artists and vloggers have used on Youtube and I was curious to see if it worked with different sponges, concealers and powders cos we don’t all want to buy and use the same products, so I’ll share the step-by-step and what’s worked for me. (And I also found this trick works well for preventing creasing around your nasolabial lines, round your mouth, etc.)

I, in the past, have had my own struggles of not [being] so happy with where I am in life, which is strange and I think it goes to show… Maybe a lot of people don’t know this, but season three [of Supernatural], we were shooting an episode, and I went back to my trailer to get changed and just kind of broke down. A doctor came to set and talked to me for about 30 minutes or 45 minutes and said, ‘Jared, I think you’re clinically depressed. I think I should write you a note and we can shut down production for five days and then we can take it from there.
—  Jared Padalecki was 25 at the time and since then has worked with charities helping those battling depression.
Assigned Seating

I see a lot of people asking so I talked to my bestie, who has done production management for award shows in the past about the seating arrangements. As in why 1D is listed individually and other bands are just listed as groups? Here was her response: Two reasons.

Big time celebrity guests (like the Kardashians) and people that are nominated for big awards are going to be assigned seating. It’s mainly done so the camera crew can do dry runs before the show. It allows them to do a “dress rehearsal” without all the talent present. They have to know where certain people are to get their reactions on camera. 

The second reason being the group in question did not specify who was going, either from the group or entourage.

I did ask about people requesting certain seating arrangements. And her answer: “Is it common? No. Could their agent do so? Sure“


Family Vocab in Mandarin Chinese

Learning vocabulary for Mandarin is really hard for me, especially for something as difficult as this! I suggest using Memrise, you can make your own course just for family and chose the relatives you’ll use most often.

It’s hard to find a good resource for family vocab because there is so much conflicting information online. China is such a huge place and Mandarin is spoken by so many people that there is a lot of variation. If anyone sees a mistake that I’ve made, please add it to this post or message me and if there are a lot of mistakes I’ll make a revised version later on in the week. 

Thanks to Serena for the help today! Here are the links at the end: x  x

Feeling Low Energy And Tired All The Time? Try These 7 Helpful Tips.

The Mind Unleashed writes:

One thing that I’ve noticed over the years is that sometimes my habits have caused me to get into a low energy state.  For example, perhaps I’ve been feeling down in the dumps about something, so I’ll sit or lay down a lot, lower my rate of productivity and generally “space out.”  As a result, my energy slows and I’ve had a harder time pulling myself together.  When this has happened in the past, I’ve gotten into a state of feeling low energy and tired all of the time.

This low energy state can be hard to pull ourselves out of if we are unaware of how our actions contribute to our energy levels.  While we might feel compelled to sit or lay down, be quiet, and veg out, these actions actually compound the slowing of our energy, and cause us to feel even more tired and unproductive.

Now, I realize that when your energy is low, some of the things I am going to recommend will probably feel like the absolute last things that you will want to do.  So the trick is this, pick one thing from the list that feels like something you could do.  Do it, take a break, and then pick another thing off of the list. Slowly, but steadily, keep crossing items off of the list, taking breaks as needed.

The reason that you will want to start small is that energy moves by the principle of inertia. The slower energy is going, the harder it is to make it go fast. The faster energy is moving, the harder it is to slow it down.  So, the goal here is to gradually build up momentum, like those first few, slow pedals on the bike when you are just getting started and haven’t yet ramped up any speed.

Find the 7 tips here.

I genuinely believe that the reason mark deleted all the tweets on the rbm account wasn’t because someone told him to “fuck off.” Thats literally comparable to the government shutting down because they were angry- Mark is more mature than that. (Plus rbm is a business, apple doesn’t shut down and cry when people say their products suck.) We all know Mark is a super busy guy and maybe running the account and doing 100% of the media work was getting too challenging with the band growing so quickly. 

Same with Tyler, he’s a grown man who can handle himself against 5 people in the clique being jackasses. That’s not to say that Tyler read those jackass comments and didn’t feel upset about them, but I highly doubt he would go through and delete every tweet one by one because of something a few teenagers said. 

There’s a purpose to them coming to a clean slate, and I doubt them being upset and angry is it. 

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Why do asexuals get so much hate? To me asexuality is normal.

It’s because our society is so hyper-sexualized.  I can’t go one day without seeing some advertisement using sex to sell their product, or seeing people in tv show/movies talking about/having sex, or hearing a song on the radio about sex, or hearing people talking about sex.  People have become used to everything being about sex that when they meet someone who doesn’t need/want sex they just don’t understand.  And sadly, a lot of times when people can’t understand things, their confusion turns to anger and they go from not understanding to hating.

I agree with you, asexuality is normal!  I just hope that more people will start realizing that :)


Hey! I’m opening up some COMMISSION SLOTS!

  • I may not be willing to accept all commissions - as much as I’d love to, there’s some things I might not feel comfortable drawing (in case I leave out details, in case I don’t think I can sketch it) and I’d feel really bad if I turned in sloppy work.
  • I do not do NSFW
  • After I’ve discussed commission details with you, I’ll begin to work on your art. When its complete, I will send you a watermarked thumbnail of the image to let you preview the finished product. (if you’d feel more secure receiving WIP’s in-between, talk to me about it and we’ll work something out). At this point is when you pay me, and after payment is confirmed you will get the full image. If you prefer some other way of paying, we can discuss it.
  • Things are a little hectic with school right now, so I may not be able to get to you immediately, but I will be as prompt as possible and if you’re concerned that you’ve been left waiting too long please don’t hesitate to tell me.

Sample full views:

Sketches: 1 | 2 | 3

Flat colored: 1 | 2 | 3

Shaded: 1 | 2 | 3

You can find more of my art right here on my art blog

Thanks for reading, and if you have any other questions feel free to send me an ask!


22-05-15 //
As you can see yesterday was not very productive. On the upside I’m half way through my AS exams as of Wednesday! Another five to go after the holiday 😅

(oh man my desk is about as messy as the first entry of my bullet journal)

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Something that's starting to really piss me off about the fans getting upset with people criticizing AOU is that there's always this weird attitude I see people have about the filmmakers' intent. This infuriates me as a filmmaker myself (1/?)

Yep, we can go on and on about filmaker intent as much as we want but what really matters is the finished product, whatare the messages being sent. That fact that so many people independantly felt, for example, that Black Widow was saying she is a monster for being infertile shows there is a serious issue. Joss Whedon may not have “meant” to whitewash the twins, he may not have meant many things. But creator intention is only a small part of the project. 

This is the first Sunday in the past few weeks that I have felt the energy or desire to wear anything other than workout clothing.

In the past few weeks I’ve made it a point to start making more productive use of my time. I’ve been cleaning, cooking, reading, visiting friends and getting my work outs in. I can feel a big difference. Usually on the weekends after about 10 minutes of being home alone I would get sad and lonely but lately since I’m filling my time with doing stuff the down time has just been great to relax. Just in the past week I’ve felt a huge switch from the anxiety I was feeling so strongly on a day to day basis. My upcoming work week is a little busy but I told myself I wouldn’t stress over it all weekend. I just have to be confident I can get everything done that I need to (and also let it be okay if some things are left till next week).

I’m very much looking forward to seeing my family this weekend. Spending time with them is always so refreshing and fun. I always go to Texas and tell myself I love it so much I could move there in a second. That’s mostly due to my family but I also love that they live somewhere I enjoy so much. (Technically I’m like 1/5 Texas because I lived there for 5 years)

I’m just very happy today to have the sunshine and just feel more relaxed about things than I was last month.
I’m still taking it day by day but certainly appreciating the good days for all they’re worth.

Wrong Layer Song Project: ARTISTS NEEDED!!!

Hello everyone! As you all may of may not know, I released a preview of a short song that I recorded last week called Wrong Layer. The song is about the pain and anguish of drawing accidentally on the wrong layer of an art project. Being an artist myself, I can relate to this pain quite a bit, which is why I thought it funny to write a song about it.  

If you haven’t heard the song yet, then you can find it here!!!

So it has been my intention that all of these songs you’ve been hearing recently get put up onto Youtube. My brother is an excellent video editor, and he’s done much of my work in the past. He’ll be heading most of the video production on my videos from this day forward.

Upon handing him this track, he suggested an idea for a video that I just couldn’t refuse.

The idea is to get drawings from all sorts of artists to incorporate into the video. The fun thing about this is the pictures don’t even need to be fancy. They can be unfinished, silly, nonsensical, relating to the song topic; pretty much anything! 

So this is where YOU the artist comes in!

I’m asking artists from all walks of life to submit any drawings they’d like to be in this video! It can be of any style and the picture does not need to even be a complete product. It can be as silly as you want to make it. When you have something you’d like to submit it, simply drop a link into my submit box!

As with any project, there are a couple of guidelines I’d like for everyone to follow should you want to participate in this project. 

  • Whatever you submit must belong to you. You must own the rights to submit your piece. 
  • Submitting a picture is not an automatic guarantee that your picture will be used.
  • Any piece you submit must be PG13. I will not allow NSFW content in this video.
  • Do not manipulate other copyrighted material into your picture. (Vectors of other popular characters, ext)

Aside from those few things anything goes! And if you can’t contribute, then please spread the word! Reblog this post or tell any of your artsy friends about it! 

I want this to be a diverse and fun project, so lets have fun with this! 

Thanks for reading! 


So, a few people have asked if I have any more pictures of my bizarre living environment.  Since it is currently even more of a mess due to a certain someone establishing his own territory in it, these are all somewhat-old pictures, but are still otherwise accurate.

All of this was accumulated over many years.

Someone mentioned before that some of the things in my room look expensive, but actually, you’d be surprised at how little a lot of these things cost.

I worked at a Hobby Lobby several years ago, and they frequently mark down older product in the “Home Accents” department.  Items there just keep getting marked down further and further, so you can find a lot of really nice things for extremely low prices (for example, those matching black and white shadow boxes in the lower right images were only $1 apiece, while the pillow on the chair was about $4).  On top of this, I also received the usual employee discount (and I receive a weekly %40 off coupon in my email that anyone can sign up for), as well as the advantage of knowing when things were going on sale, and when they were due to be marked down.  I will also admit to hiding things I liked behind other things until I could buy them.  Plus, when you have unusual tastes like I do (I have…a LOT of dice/poker themed things that aren’t in any of these pictures, particularly because they’re intended to go on/around the bar area, which isn’t finished), you’ll find that the things you like end up staying on the shelves long enough to be marked down as much as %80+.  You’d also be surprised what you can make yourself (I made several drink coasters out of poker chips, upholstered a cable spool with black faux leather, and made numerous decorative pillows out of discounted fabric).  Also, don’t be afraid to buy display models or damaged goods:  If you point out the imperfections, you can get them at a greatly reduced price, and then fix them up yourself later.  My desk was a whopping $15, and I got a nice end table that I’m still in the process of patching, sanding, and repainting for about the same.

When it comes to other things, such as the wicker chair and the giant watch clock, those were found at thrift stores (Goodwill, I believe).  The watch clock used to be blue, but I painted it checkered.  The bookshelf that I also painted is just cheap masonite.  Still other things were passed down through my family (that wicker lamp we’ve had since well before I was born, and the painting next to it was painted by my great-great-aunt), or came from my mother’s friend Eleanor (the palmistry figure and the pyramids on my bookshelf were hers).

Ebay proved a marvelous place to find original theatrical posters for very low prices (the Motel Hell, Popcorn, French Return of the Living Dead, Street Trash, and German Dawn of the Dead posters I have are all originals, and were all under $10).  Others were cheap reprints (the Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare and Texas Chainsaw Massacre posters I have (not pictured here) were sold at the Halloween store I worked for, so I snapped them up as soon as they went on sale the day after Halloween, before the customers were let into the store).  Other posters (like the Coca-Cola and Rosie the Riveter ones) I got for half off at Hobby Lobby (their posters frequently go half off, actually).  Pretty much all my posters are in cheap plexiglass frames, particularly because they’re a lot safer (i.e., they won’t shatter to pieces if they happen to fall.  R.I.P., my Marilyn Monroe print that was under glass…).

The floor tiles are just industrial-grade black and white tiles laid down in a checkered pattern by my ex brother-in-law (very good at flooring).  I ripped out the ugly carpeting beforehand, and MAN did that feel cathartic.  Those weird signs you see here and there (”Bust Stop”, “Load Limit”, etc.) were obtained at a wholesale retail warehouse where my mom went to get generic shopping baskets back when she had her fabric store (they were only 25¢ each).  It’s the same place where I got that gold, glittery head, and an arm meant for displaying bracelets (which has since been painted white with black nails.  You can sort of see it a little bit on the right side of the image with the Rosie poster.  Ignore the mess on the vanity).  That Pac-man arcade machine panel was something I found tossed to the curb on my way home from elementary school (I now really wish I had picked up other pieces of it).  I re-discovered it years later, and just glued a bracket onto it so I could hang it (humorously, I saw the same panel nearly two decades later sold at a novelty import store for $25).  Both sides of the room had that same wood paneling, but my father painted the tiled side white, which really opened up the room a lot.

Basically, I just surround myself with assorted neat, ecclectic shit that I like, and alter things to match them (plus, having a fondness for basic black and white makes decorating fairly simple).  Unlike my sister (who felt compelled to paint her basement in Eddie Bauer “suede” paint, and whose children had Tommy Hillfiger car seats), I’ve learned how to decorate on a limited budget.

Korrasami: Venti Sized Crush

Thanks to jaggedviews I finally cracked a wrote a fanfic… Or the start of a fanfic, depending on… things… 

Okay, based on the Tumblr prompt: I’m a barista and you’re the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time so I misspell your name in increasingly creative ways every day AU. If you wanna read it on FFN x.


There she was again, last one in line in her fancy red and gray business suit. Talking on her cell phone, like Korra knew she’d continue to do even as she ordered her venti macchiato. She did the same thing every morning. Showed up in the middle of morning rush and refused to hang up whatever important business call she was on even while she ordered. It didn’t really slow the line that much, but it was so awkward interrupting serious talk about ‘product launch’s and ‘board meeting’s with ‘hi, what can I get for you?’

At first Korra stopped asking what the woman wanted and just stood there, waiting until she got a pause in conversation, put her hand over the phone, and whispered the order over the counter. It didn’t matter much that the woman gave an apologetic smile as she whispered. Or that she had flawless black hair and incredible green eyes. Or that her smile was both gorgeous and cute. Okay… she was hot. Really, really hot, and clearly successful. But rude. Hotness was no excuse for talking on the phone while you’re supposed to be ordering your coffee.

So Korra started messing around and purposefully misspelling her name. Asamee. Uhsami. Asamay. Samamy. She actually started looking forward to it, and spent all morning trying to come up with another clever name. So when the woman finally arrived at the back of the line, she actually got excited instead of being annoyed, because Korra was prepared. She was prepared enough that while the person at the head of the line pondered their order she grabbed a venti cup, prematurely writing Asami’s ‘macchiato’ with the name ‘Salami.’ She set the cup aside and took the order of the next handful of patrons, already so amused she was smiling.

But then as Asami reached the second place in line Korra heard her say, “got to go, see you in a bit,” and actually hung up the call. That’s not what was supposed to happen, because then Asami reached the front of the line and flashed that smile and it wasn’t apologetic this time. It was… crap. It was smug. “Morning,” and she glanced at Korra’s nametag as if she hadn’t been coming here for months and just been too oblivious to look at it sooner, “Korra.” It was so unexpected, such a deviation from the routine that Korra just blinked at her for a few seconds while one of Asami’s eyebrows steadily rose, waiting for a response. When Korra failed to spit the usual greeting Asami said, “I’ll take a venti macchiato please.”

She said please. Politely. Korra snapped back to it and reached not for the pre-arranged cup, but for a fresh one. She couldn’t possibly enact revenge. Not when Asami had hung up and had that coy smile like she knew Korra had been messing with her for weeks and why. And she said please. But just when Korra reached for a new cup Asami glanced down, catching a glimpse of the one she’d set aside.

“Isn’t that mine?” she asked, probably catching a glimpse of the ‘ami,’ and reached for the cup before Korra could snatch it. Asami pulled it close and spun it in her hand to see what was written, and as her brilliant green eyes ran back and forth over it Korra’s cheeks burned hotter and hotter. Asami wasn’t being rude now. It was Korra. Korra was being rude because she’d purposefully written a lunch meat instead of the customer’s actual name, and oh god Asami’s eyes read the name and then left the cup to meet Korra’s. “Well,” she said, setting the cup back on the counter and putting a hand on her hip, “You got the order right.”

“I’m so sorry,” Korra blurted. Her hand shot out to grab the cup and without looking she threw it backwards over her shoulder. She heard it land on the cluttered tea counter behind her and knock something down. She winced at the loud clutter that hit the floor, cheeks shading darker as she said, “That was unprofessional and stupid and-”

“Here,” interrupted one of the other baristas, and he set the cup Korra had thrown back on the counter with an indignant glare. “You dropped this.”

Asami laughed. Like, an actual giggle, and she wasn’t smug anymore but genuinely amused. She reached out to take the stupid offensive cup and pulled it to her, but then she stretched across the counter again to grab a fresh one and she took the pen right out of Korra’s hand. Korra was confused and embarrassed and so put off when Asami’s fingers brushed hers. She was flustered, legitimately blushing and flustered.

“I think Asamay was my favorite,” Asami said lightheartedly, scribbling on the fresh cup and then handing it back. She’d written her own order with her name spelled correctly. “But it’s getting increasingly hard to recognize when they call my name.” Korra set the cup aside for another barista to grab and make Asami’s drink, too embarrassed to say anything. “Not sure I’d have ever guessed who Salami was.”

“I’m sorry,” Korra said again, distractedly punching the order into the register while Asami started to scribble on the offensive cup. “It’s just you always come in earlier when it’s busy and you’re on the phone so I didn’t think you noticed and-” as she bumbled Asami finished writing and handed the pen back. “Thanks.” Korra couldn’t see what she’d written, the inked side of the cup was facing the opposite direction, and so she read off the register, “Four dollars and fifty cents.”

As Asami handed over her card her phone started ringing. Korra expected her to answer it, but Asami simply looked at the caller ID, glanced at her watch, and let out a soft sigh as she hit decline.

“You’re running late this morning?” Korra asked, returning the card and finally feeling the heat in her cheeks returning to normal.

“I almost didn’t come in for coffee,” Asami confirmed, and her lips curled into a teasing smile. “I didn’t want to miss out on your latest misspelling though.”

“I’m sorry,” Korra whined, but when Asami laughed at her she couldn’t help but chuckle. Asami was nothing like she would’ve expected. She was late but she wasn’t rushing anything, and she didn’t take herself seriously enough to be angry about Korra’s stupid revenge. “You keeping that as a souvenir?” Korra nodded toward the salami cup.

“Asami,” called one of the other baristas, holding up the venti macchiato.

“This is for you, actually,” Asami said, pushing the cup across the counter. She flashed a parting smile, saying as she went to retrieve her drink, “See you tomorrow, Korra.”

Korra watched as Asami grabbed her macchiato and hurried out the door. It wasn’t until she was gone that Korra picked up the cup to see what was different. At seeing the seven digits written beneath ‘Salami’ her cheeks flushed again. Her phone number. Weeks of purposefully misspelling Asami’s name had earned Korra her phone number? She hadn’t even considered the fact that her casual revenge might seem flirtatious, but if it did she definitely wasn’t complaining. She was so unexpectedly delighted she let out a quiet squeal and spun in a happy circle, blushing darker as she faced forward again to meet a bewildered customer.

“Hi,” Korra greeted the customer, distractedly hurrying to write the number down on a piece of receipt that she could shove into her pocket. “What can I get for you?”

It took everything Korra had to wait until the end of the day to put that number to use. When it came down to it, she really only had the patience to wait until the end of her shift. She’d hardly hung up her apron when she punched in Asami’s number and a text that said, ‘I’ve got a venti macchiato for Salami. When’s she free?’ It was only early afternoon, but maybe they could grab a coffee later tonight when Asami got off work…

Korra didn’t live far, so as she walked home she held her phone in her hand, waiting for a text back. It didn’t come, not the entire twenty-minute walk, and by the time Korra reached her apartment she was panicking. Stupid. She shouldn’t have purposefully misspelled Asami’s name again, in a text to her. So stupid. She got home and didn’t bother saying hi to Mako or Bolin and sank into the couch. She put the phone on the couch next to her and sulked while absentmindedly watching TV. So dumb.

It took an hour. A whole torturous hour during which Korra considered how stupid it was to sulk like this when she’d never even thought about a date with Asami. Then the phone vibrated next to her. It was in her hands and unlocked in the blink of an eye.

‘Sorry,’ the message read, ‘crazy busy at work. I don’t suppose you deliver?’

One of Korra’s eyebrows ascended to her hairline. Deliver? As in Asami was actually asking if Korra could come to her place of business with coffee… did that count as a date? She punched in her response, ‘I’m a dedicated barista who is willing to make an exception.’

It didn’t take nearly as long to get a reply this time, and a minute later Asami had texted back. ‘Future Industries, ask for Asami.’ Before Korra could reply a second message came in, ‘Make sure you’ve got a drink too. IOU, on me.’

Korra grinned, flying off the couch and heading for the front door. ‘See you soon.’

So a while back, there was a post circulating about having menstrual products that would appeal to young kids in bright colours and stuff, and that got me thinking. You see, you CAN get products that are ‘fun’.
Cloth pads and menstrual cups come in all types of prints and colours!
and even better, being reusable means you save money in the long run .

So yeah, I’m gonna make this post for young people wanting a fun or friendly product to use, and seeing as the new uni year is starting in a couple of months, also to people needing to save a bit of money!

for starters I’ll show you a small selection of cloth pads. You can get cloth pads in just about any size or material as many sellers will do custom orders at a small added cost!

Mama Cloth - Etsy -£5.48

CozyFolk - Etsy - £5.98

Starter set (8 pad bundle) - KiwiAndCocoPads - Etsy - £34.84

AngelPadz - EarthwiseGirls - £6.25

Precious Stars - £4.00

Now on to cups

Meluna - £11.00

Meluna is a german company, they’re pretty cheap, come in at least 8 sizes and a bunch of different colours as well as different stem types

LadyCup - €36.49

A european brand, comes in 2 sizes and 13 different colours. These are mostly sold in sets containing other items or multiple cups