so this is a thing that i am doing now

  • Slytherin: There's this really great show I think you should check out!
  • Ravenclaw: Okay, I will.
  • Slytherin: *three years later* Oh, did you like that show by the way?
  • Ravenclaw: Oh, I haven't started it yet.
  • Slytherin: Are you fucking kidding me?


Jamie knocked on her door early.  She was still in her robe, and a bit defensive. The bruise on her jaw long since faded since the last time he’d interviewed her. The house behind her, tidier.  Cleaner.  Key pieces of furniture missing, like the man’s recliner.  

“I’ve told you everything I know,” she stated.  

Jamie smiled.  “I understand, Ma’am, but perhaps ye could tell me one thing? Where did ye both eat before yer husband passed?”

“Where did we eat? That was months ago now.”  The woman thought for a moment.  “I don’t remember the name of the place.  It had a weird name.”

“Can ye remember where it was, exactly?”  Come on, Jamie thought.  Give me one thing so I can follow through on Claire’s information. 

“Around Covent Garden station.  Best I can do, Detective.  It’s just a little hole in the wall, you know?  Lots of shops, all with a central yard.”

Jamie thanked the woman, and left.  Covent Garden was a start.  When he talked to the girlfriend of the second victim he noticed the same defensive position.  And the same healing of bruises.  She’d narrowed it down further. He took out his phone to dial Claire and realized he didn’t have her number.  

He’d just have to pop round her place. 

They came up out of the tube station, and looked around.  

“Where the bloody hell do we start?”  Claire could never be a detective. She liked the orderliness of her morgue. Nowhere to hide in there. Plus, she knew where to start with a body.  “I mean. This place could be anywhere!”

“Up Long Acre to Neal’s Yard.  It’s somewhere up there.”  

They walked up the busy street.  No words exchanged between them.  

Anxiety gripped her.  She never knew what her reaction was going to be.  And they were never under her control.  

She scanned the shops hoping to catch a glimpse of it before it was upon her, so she could prepare.  The streets were cobbled, the buildings red brick, some with colourful fronts.  In any other circumstances she would enjoy poking around this area of London.  

Jamie sensed Claire’s nerves.  She jumped at every car horn, every rumble of a lorry.  When they turned off the main street and started down narrow cobble alleys she became more tense.  It was almost as if she thought the place they sought was alive to jump out at her.  

He resisted the urge to take her hand, or place an arm around her in comfort. He might do more damage.  He couldn’t imagine living like that, where your thoughts could assault you at any moment. Where a touch could render you helpless.  He felt a compassion for Claire that he hadn’t properly felt for anyone before.  As a police officer attachments were forbidden. You couldn’t be rational in a situation if you were invested in it.  Your gut always reacted before your brain.  So he set his pace to hers, and tried to stay in tune with her, without really looking at her.

Neal’s Yard was absolutely adorable. Colourful awnings.  Red, white and blue flags.  Brightly coloured cafes. She almost started to smile, then felt Jamie’s nudge.  She looked to where he pointed, felt a small swoon. He put out his arms to steady her without touching her, almost as if he were waiting for her to fall into them.  He was considerate.  Respectful.  And she liked that. 

Claire nodded, took a deep breath, and walked forward.  She paused, scanned the store front.  Noted everything.  She opened the door to the tiny bistro.   Immediately she staggered backwards in recoil, right into Jamie’s chest.

A cobalt blue floor.

Jamie didn’t dare use his hands.  As far as he could tell, that’s what triggered her visions.  Instead, he stepped up to Claire, placing his chest against her back like a wall.  Her head fit just under his chin.  

Dammit.  It would have to fit perfectly.  

He grabbed the door, opening it a bit wider.  “Ye can do this,” he whispered. “I’m right here.”

Claire nodded again.  They walked through the door.  It was exactly as she pictured it.  He had her sit at a small table while he perused the array of fresh lettuces and vegetables in the glass cases.  

“Can I help ye?”  

The voice was Scottish.  Highland, like his.  Her hair was a brighter red than his, and the eyes as green as the awning outside.  He smiled, and turned on the charm.

“Aye, ye can.”  He watched her eyes widen, and a smile cross her face.

“Where are ye from?” she asked, delighted.  

“Broch Morda.  Ye’d never find it, even with a map.  You?”

“Near Inverness.  What brought ye to London?”  She seemed friendly.  If he warmed her up maybe she’d talk.  

“Did ye no’ hear me say I’m from Broch Morda?  There’s maybe 20 folk live there.”  He yawned in exaggeration, and she laughed.  

“Weel, welcome to my little restaurant.  Are ye alone?”  She cocked her head to the side, waiting for his answer.

“No.  With my girl, over there.”  He gestured vaguely to Claire. “We’ve never been here so how do we go about ordering then?”

She smiled politely.  She quit flirting, but was still friendly.  She explained each and every possible combination of food.  Jamie nodded along then excused himself to talk to Claire.  

He managed to fold himself into the little white chair across from her.  “Ye okay, Claire?”

“Don’t speak to me like that!” Claire shouted.  

Jamie reared back.  What the hell?  He was about to speak when he caught Claire’s look.  Begging him to play along.  He realized her game.  God, she was so clever.  He stage whispered to her low and furious.  “Keep yer voice down.”

“No!  Why? Are you afraid these people will realize how you treat me? Hmm?”  

Jamie grabbed her wrist, and Claire twisted it, but didn’t try to break free. She leaned forward and whispered back, “Go up and order take away.  Doesn’t matter what just make sure you get a sample of everything. And salad dressings.  No drinks.  Be charming.”

He did as he was told.  The redhead was like ice now.  She put together the order.  Bagged it.  Took his money.  

He walked towards the door.  “Claire, come,” he said, as if calling a dog.  Claire stood and dragged her feet, head hung low.

“Grab my arm,” she whispered when they cleared the doorway.  So he did. They walked to the end of the yard, and turned the corner.  

“Keep it up,” she said, and they walked until they had to turn down the next little alley.

At the last minute, Claire turned, and looked back up the street.  

There she was.  

Watching.  Spying.  Until Claire left her field of vision.

“Co-ni-um.  Mac.  Mac-u…”  Jamie struggled with the Latin.

“Conium Maculatum.  Common name, Hemlock.  But that’s only in one of the salad dressings.”  

Heads bent together in the dimness of the morgue.  Dark and red curls swirled together as they poured over the toxicology report.  

Claire turned her head and found herself millimeters from the ocean depths of his eyes. His arm around the back of her chair.  His thigh butted up to hers. She pulled back.  “That would be what the first victim consumed. The second death was different. Poison, for sure, but that caused heart failure, which is the result of a different type of plant.”  

“Hemlock!”  Jamie was genuinely surprised.  “Holy shit.  I thought that was just the kind of stuff ye see in movies.”

Claire got up, and went over to one of the shelves by her desk.  She struggled with a large volume, and dropped it with great noise in front of Jamie.  

“What’s this?”  He eyed the tome speculatively.

“Just a hobby of mine.  Botany.  Medicinal botany, to be exact.”  Claire flipped to the section she wanted.  She showed it to Jamie.  “There’s quite a few that could case heart failure.  There has to be something else.”

She flipped a few pages in.  “Convallaria majalis would cause the same symptoms that the second man died of. ”


Claire laughed.  “Lily of the Valley.”

She felt excitement shimmy through her veins.  “I need to go back.”

Jamie was shaking his head before she finished speaking.  “Yer not a police officer.  Yer not trained for this.  I’ll find someone else.”  

“I can do it, Jamie.  I’ll just say that it wasn’t enough.  That you didn’t use enough.  That I need something stronger.”  She was warming to her idea. “You certainly can’t,” Claire reasoned.  “She would expect you to be dead.  At the very least she’ll be looking for your obituary.  I’m the one who needs to go back.”  Claire insisted.  “I need to go back and get another sample.”  

“You let a Medical Examiner go undercover with you?  What in hell were you thinking?”  

Chief Inspector John Grey was not impressed.  James Fraser was one of his best detectives, but he’d never been this unprofessional before.

“I was thinkin’ how to get in her pants, if I’m honest.”  Jamie shrugged.  “I mean, John, have ye seen her?  She’s -”

“Not my type,”  John interrupted.  He watched James smile at that.  

“I wanted to see her, so I used the opportunity to check out this place based on what the victims’ wife and girlfriend described.”   Jamie shrugged. “And now we need more samples. I canna go back, obviously.  So, she said she would.”

Chief Inspector Grey sat for a moment.  He thought through every possible scenario as if it were a chess game.  Every move, every mistake imaginable.  He had to admit, this was a good idea.  If they waited to build a portfolio for two other officers to go undercover, it would take weeks, risking the possibility of another death in the meantime.  

“Fine.  But I want to speak to her first,” John said.  And had to turn away from James’ brilliant smile.

When amber eyes met green, Claire almost bolted.  


It took everything she had to fight the wave the rolled through her brain and threatened to knock her off her feet.  This woman was a killer.  While her intentions were good, her methods were not.  Claire saw the flowers in the containers, and window boxes out front.  Every one of them poisonous. Poisonous vines.  The poisonous seeds of the flowers.  The poison of the leaves.  

In this quiet corner of London, Death was everywhere.

Claire knew Death well.  Personally.  Professionally.  

Green eyes flicked past her as she hesitated in the doorway.  She was looking for Jamie, Claire realized.  John said to face this head on.  Not to mince words or stay longer than she needed to.  He said to let innuendo take over, to say nothing that might be entrapment.  She approached the counter and said quietly, “I need a take out.”  

The green eyes roamed over her, probably looking for bruises.  Claire discretely moved her hair to cover her neck, and fussed with the scarf around her neck.  

She looked at Claire.  Nodded.  

She put the greens together silently, added proteins and extras.  “Does he like lemon?”

Claire shrugged.  She had to be careful.

The woman seemed to consider for a moment, then bent to her work choosing a squeeze bottle from behind the counter.  

Claire thought for a moment.  “Is that your name on the front?  How do you pronounce it?”

The green eyes flashed a suspicious look, then her brow cleared.  “Geillis.  And you?”

“Claire,” she responded.  She was nervous.  She could feel her smile tremble.  

The woman’s look softened as she snapped the lid on the take away.  Claire dug in her bag for her wallet.  Cash.  Jamie said cash only.  Her hands shook.

The red head placed the container in a bag and handed it over.  

“How much?”  Claire had to clear the lump in her throat.

“On the house,” Geillis said.  “Good luck.”

Yesterday I was issued my first-ever pair of Coaching Shorts along with my shirt and hat. I’m not actually coaching the summer team, but I am the official statistician and I guess they wanted me to feel included. I do feel special now.

Anyway, @do-over requested a picture and I’m here to oblige. Seems weird to tuck this t-shirtish thing in, but it seems weirder to leave it out, given the slightly more refined nature of the Coaching Shorts. I’m open to your suggestions on that. Honestly, it’d be easier to leave it untucked so I don’t have to suck it in all day.

And yes, there is a phone jack from 1974 in the middle of the floor-to-ceiling mirror in my bathroom, thanks for asking.

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Do you think Bendy would do that thing where a character shapes their ears (horns in this case) like a bull's horns when they're angry?

…Well, this is one of the weirder things I’ve drawn.  There’s probably a way to make this work better than how I drew it, but I’m still at work and am technically not supposed to be drawing this stuff right now. :V

I think Bendy’s horns work as they already are – they might be exaggerated for certain gags, but this particular one might not work so well for him.

Taking a Break

Hey friends.

As some of you know, the past few weeks have been a little too overwhelming. As much as I don’t really want to take a break from the blog for a few days, I feel like it’s for the best. 

Things in life just aren’t that great right now and I just need a fresh start. 

I just wanna take a small step away from my own personal pressure of wanting to post a story or 3 every single day. I just need some time to breathe and do nothing.

I’ll be on tumblr here and there to check messages, reblog pictures, and what not, so you’re still free to message me via IM or ask box. <3

Continue to tag me things. Reading your stuff will help me out lots.

If I am to guess when I’ll be back I’d probably say Tuesday; specifically after Episode Prompto comes out. Because, let’s face it. That episode is gonna kill me lol.

Just a few days. Long enough to give myself a good breather and process the things that have been happening in my personal life.

I hope to come back with a fresh start.

Might even change up my blog design just for the heck of it. 


Anyway, I love you guys. Thank you for your patience. I hope to come back with the motivation and confidence I’ve been lacking the past few weeks.

Much love <3



Is that…is that really you?

I can’t believe it. After such a long time that felt like hell, I finally get to see a light.

Yes, you do light up my world right now.

And your words…

Most people think I am all rude and dead inside, but I have feelings, you know, and the most intense feelings I have are for you, Harry.

I’m sorry if I sound weird, or cringe worthy, or…maybe stupid. But I am so happy right now.

I don’t care if this response is just a dream (which I’m getting ready to wake up from), because right now I just want to feel that sparkly thing going on in my heart.

And that smile you’re painting on my face.

I think we should meet up, talk, hell, talk about everything!!

I want to apologize and to tell you my reasons for my behavior towards you.

Please tell me when you’re free, so we can meet, wherever and whenever you’d like.

Thank you, Harry. Thank you.

Yours, Draco


[Part 3 of the letter. Part 1 is on my blog, part 2 is on @kawaiispiritsfangirling (also follow that precious adorable bean).]

A Court of Lost Things 12

 Ok guys this chapter will hurt you.  I am so sorry, just preparing you now.  One more chapter left! I might post my special edition ending my editor had me write.  I will have a new fanfic coming up soon! This one will be about a female illyrian name Carina. Thank you guys so much for the love and support! I am so happy to practice my writing here! So stay tuned! I hope to keep doing these fanfics!


        The tension between my dad and Calev had me gritting my teeth, especially when he forced Calev to sleep in the house of wind while I slept in the townhouse.  When I awoke the next morning to having no other body next to me made me want to punch someone.  I stalked down to the dining room where I hear the typical chatter and laughter and when I rounded the corner, I saw my mom and dad, Mor, Uncle Azriel, Aunt Elain, Uncle Cassian, and Aunt Nesta gathered around the table.  I felt a lot like Aunt Nesta as I stormed into my typical spot and sat down. Noting that Zarena and Alistair was absent made me want to clap my hands, hoping she finally got him in her bed.  I pouted my lips as I tore into a muffin and the room had gone silent as I brooded.

        “Sooo…did you have a good first night back?”  Mor asked me.  My sharp eyes found hers and she sipped her wine, avoiding eye contact.

        “Can’t you see she is a little pent up?  She didn’t get her release last night.” Uncle Cassian grins.  My dad snarls at him in such a manner that we all lean away from them.  Cassian’s eyes meet mine as he says, “I hear he saw your tattoos.  Did you let hi-” My dad launched himself at Uncle Cassian as my mom shouted at them. I jolt as I felt hands on my shoulders.

        “Go.  Before they start thinking straight.” Aunt Nesta whispers in my ear.  I look back at her and she winked at me as I grin.  Winnowing away, I appear at the edge of the house of wind before flapping my wings and landing on the terrace. But something doesn’t feel right as I walked into the place.


Not a sound as I walk into the house.  My hands tremble as I try to reach through the bond only to find he isn’t responding to my pleas.  As I get to the dining room, I find a blonde woman reclining at the head of the table with her feet up on the mahogany.  Hybern’s widow.  My Illyrian blades were instantly in my hands as I approached the female.  “Where is my mate?”  She only twitches her lips as she snaps her fingers.  There stands a disgusting creature with wings like my own but they are attached to reptilian-like faerie.  His clawed hands grip Calev’s throat as my eyes go wide.  I can’t move as his wide eyes meet mine.  The female stands and stalks toward me.  Her hands drag along my shoulders as she whispers in my ear.

        “I was planning on taking you away from your parents but then you came back.  So what was I to do?  Take away your mate, then leaving you a quivering mess.”  Her hands wrap around mine as I grip my blades.  “Let go.”  I do.  She chuckles and presses a kiss to my neck.  I quiver at her touch as Calev struggles against his captor.

        “Let him go.” I say in a low voice.  She only laughs before walking around me toward Calev.  “Don’t.” I say.  She pauses and looks back at me.

        “What will you do to spare him?”

        “Anything.” my voice cracks.  She grins and then taps my wing, causing me to wince.

        “How about those beautiful wings?”  Every nerve in my freezes and screams at me to say no.  My eyes move to Calev, who is straining to get to me.

        “Take them, just leave Calev alone.”

        “No!”  Calev’s screams echoes throughout the house.  The female snaps her fingers and two more of those reptile creatures appear.  One grabs me by the hair and the other holds my shoulders as it knocks me to the floor.  Another creature comes to hold Calev still as I feel a blade press against my left wing.  Tears slide down my face as I look at the marble floor.  I can’t look at my mate as I feel the blade start to cut.  That’s when the screams tear out of my throat. She doesn’t make it fast as she’s cutting my wing off.  I couldn’t breathe, if the monsters weren’t holding me I would have fallen.  My mouth opens in an ‘O’ as the ability to scream falls away from me.

        “Seren!”  Calev’s screams fill my head and I feel warmth touch my body and I look up to see Calev lit up but the monster seemed to be immune to his fire.  A fierce hurricane wind filled the house.

        “Knock him out!”  The warmth and wind falls away as a thump hits the ground.  I try to scream but I am so curled in on myself that I can’t get out a sound.  Another thump and my left wing fell to the ground.  As she starts to saw into the right, I pass out into the deep blackness that held a reprieve from the fiery pain.

        My eyes open slowly as I find myself alone in a pool of my own blood.  A whimper escapes me as I try to move only to find a large weight was gone from my back.  I reached over my shoulder for my wing.  It wasn’t there.  A loud keening noise comes from my throat.  Followed by a scream that echoes through Velaris.  I curl in on myself as I scream and rock on the ground.  Two pair of footsteps coming running toward me.  Tilting my chin up, I see a male and female through my tears coming tearing towards me.  The female stops and lets out a cry.  

        “Seren, oh no.” Zarena cries out.  Alistair reaches me first and puts his arms around me.  Then Zarena joins us and wraps her arms around me as well.  We all sit there in my blood for a long while before their scent hits me.

        “You mated.” my voice is hoarse from screaming.  Alistair just nods with tears streaming down his cheeks.  I can’t care enough to ask about anything as I collapse against them.  Eventually Alistair pulls away from me.

        “I will go get your parents from the illyrian camps.  Zarena, take Seren to the healer’s.”  Zarena holds onto me as she murmurs soft things into my ear to keep me calm as I start to shake.


        “Call to him.” Zarena says before winnowing us to the healers.


      Where are you?  His voice is loud in my head.  I pictured the healer’s place.  But I couldn’t hold the connection for much longer as the numbness spread and Zarena helps me into the first cot she sees.  My eyes close as soon as I hit the pillow.

written by me (Don’t hate me)

edited by the wonderful @crazy-fangirl16 (thank you for putting up with me) also has a cameo in here and possibly in the next fanfic with her mate 

thAT PrEviEw ???

I AM GOING THROUGH TOO MANY EMOTIONS, let’s talk about it lol

so first of all … how Iris says “oh, you can say girlfriend now” and then SHE TRIES TO KISS HIM ??? but then he’s like “what”

NOW … i really really really really hope that this look-back thing was true, bc the entire season BUILT UP to Cyrus being gay or even bi, so if Iris gonna come stomping up in that i’m gonna sign out

ALSO, the thing about Jandi happening at that club or whatever and Buffy being like AHH CYRUS WHAT DO U THINK and he’s like “…yay…” is the most subtle jealousy and i need that

and this BUFFY AND MARTY plot is so cute i’m actually here for that



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You live in Michigan??? Yooooooo I live in Ohio so I am aware of Michigan. Do you do the hand thing to tell people abouts where you live????? I hope so because I think that's really cute. Anyway my brother moved out to Michigan last year. He lives in Adrian now. Idk why you'd even care about any of this though lol

Yes we use the hand thing lol it’s pretty – handy (pun intended). And poor brother lol Michigan is pretty awful

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I can already tell how 2x14 will be going. Entire episode of Clary, Jace & Simon's drama bullshit, 5 second malec scene at the end of the episode that then fades into a 3 minute+ Jace & Clary makeout. Can we just skip to 2x15?

Anon, believe me, I could live without the damn love triangle crap either but I am glad that it will be finally ending now. That being said, I wouldn’t be so harsh without having watched the ep first. Yes, I am also not that excited for it but this has actually more to do that I am still not getting it why a lot of people are so hyped for the Seelie Queen and all. Like, as I said, I like C/lace but I am still pretty meh when thinking about that scene or meeting the Queen. At least there is no incest involved. AND the damn love triangle gets buried. Those are things to look forward to. Also, don’t worry, I don’t think you have fear any heavy C/lace making out scene (yet). Apart from the kiss, I am expecting the next eps all whining and being in denial and moping and all. lol

Besides, even though I expected this episode to be less filled with Malec, I actually thought there wouldn’t be any scenes at all, but there’s that still of Alec and Magnus shaking hands. And I don’t know about you, Anon, but I am fucking hollering! The head of the NY institute welcomes the High Warlock of Brooklyn to talk downworlder and shadowhunters business because the other downworlder leaders are there too. I am so excited for this and to see Alec being and acting as the born leader he always was supposed to be. And not getting distracted by his gorgeous boyfriend… I mean….

Also… Magnus’ jacket from 1x13 will make a comeback and I am already on the floor thinking about it because fml …. that jacket will kill me all over again.

[ Alright guys, I am doing like a massive clean in the inbox. There are still some questions I will keep but as of now, please refrain from the kissing and hugging. It is a tad bit tiresome to see only that in the inbox, let alone 30+ of the same thing. Plus on this blog, the cup bros are underage (being 16 and 13) and pretty much only think about fighting, food and pranks. So with that being said, please think about your questions wisely. Thanks! ]

Some Revelations and Realizations™ I’ve had the past few days working on my research project:

Anxiety and depression and being too hard on myself last year was such a bad idea. Now that I’m separating home life and my life from my work and I have a clear boundary (i.e. I stick to 9-5, Monday-Friday standard office hours as work hours and when I get home I shut off work) I have a much more improved ability to focus when I am at work.

Asking my supervisor questions when I’m stuck and updating her on my progress once I’ve completed whatever she’s tasked me to do has been SO GOOD. There are some things that take longer than others, but once I’ve completed everything she’s suggested and made notes on it and thought more about it, I’m eager for more work.

ALL I NEEDED WAS A CHANGE OF SCENERY. Working at the Observatory rather than at campus has done me so much good. I don’t feel hopeless and lonely and stuck (even though the office is quiet and I don’t talk much to anyone) like I do working at campus.

Having a female supervisor makes the world of difference. My male supervisor last year was nice too, but she takes me seriously. She understands that I’m a student and is so encouraging and it’s actually done more healing to my academic confidence in a week than a few months of therapy did. She lets me do stuff on my own and I’m trying out different ways of solving the tasks she’s given me without her holding my hand, but she gave me a solid foundation to start! So I feel confident and I don’t want to die from frustration when something doesn’t work! I just move on to the next thing and come back to it later!

I feel happy working. I feel happy even with the boring work. I’M MAKING PROGRESS AND I UNDERSTAND THE SCIENCE I’M DOING. The methods aren’t new, but the data is. In sha Allah, this work I’m doing could contribute to a paper.

I started a thing last night. Instead of re-doing my last drawing. which now that I look at it again I don’t hate as much as I thought I did lol, I decided to just move to something else I can include more of the gang in. Soooooo, I am doing what I call a ‘Chibi Toss’ with my DemonCrow! children for my Beast Within AU~

This is part of part one lol So far I’m happy how it’s going. I don’t think I draw the best chibis, I tend to change the way I draw them each time. 

Look at Tobs and Shou~


It’s been quite some time since I last wrote something on this blog. Lately, I have been so busy with my life but I am really enjoying everything that’s been happening. This post is to let you know that I still breathe and that I am finally at peace with myself most especially at times of my solitude. This is also a testimony that things really do get better.

i. I finally got back to school and I am very much busy yet so motivated. I have a long way to go but I know I’ll get there. I learned to not be so hard on myself. I’ve always been so patient, but now I am finally patient with myself as well. It feels so great to get back on track. 

ii. I don’t think people will ever understand how much violence it took to be this kind and gentle. Now, I am even kinder and more patient when dealing with others but I have also learned so many things like how to say no, how to refuse bullshit from people, how to stand up for myself, and how to live my life unapologetically. I can finally be so kind without letting people abuse me for it.

iii. I celebrated my 19th birthday last month (May 2 to be exact). My birthday wish was to have my life and all my shit together again (hahaha) and it actually came true. A few days after my birthday, I adopted a cat (yes that one in the photo). I named her Lexi. I went out alone one night at around midnight to buy some ice cream and coffee at a nearby convenience store and stayed there for a while. Lexi (who was just a random stray kitten to me then) popped out of nowhere and just approached me, played with me, and sat on me and beside me that night. I took her home. My mom hated me for it but oh well, I fell in love with Lexi. She’s my soulmate in cat form. Now I’m busier than ever because I’m taking care of my Koko (my dog), Lexi, plus my four little turtles. Proud mom right here.

iv. I didn’t think I could love again, but I fell for this amazing guy named Geir. He’s been taking such good care of me since day 1. Even though I am still in the midst of fixing myself and my life, he’s the reason why I am in a much better place right now. He was (and still is) so patient with me. He’s always trying to make sure that I’m alright. He never fails to make me feel so happy and loved. He taught me how to love myself and he helped me get my strength back. I can now do things that I couldn’t do before because of him. I am waaaaay too thankful to have Geir. My daily routine sounds boring (waking up, going to school, going home and sleeping) but God, it feels so great because I always get to see him, talk to him, and spend time with him. As mundane as my life sounds, he fills my days with wonder. It truly feels amazing to have someone love me and take care of me for a change. 

v. I still get anxiety attacks every now and then but not as bad as when I was still stuck in that dark place. I finally feel secure. I have Geir and I have my friends and family to take care of me. I am soooo soo thankful. I am finally happy. Genuinely happy. I now know that 1.) no matter how awful things get, problems are only temporary and we can all surpass them. 2.) There will always be people who truly love and care for us even though we don’t see them. Have faith in them. Talk to them. Stick with them. Let’s get rid of people who make us feel worse. And 3.), we have to be patient with ourselves. Let’s forgive ourselves for our mistakes and try to figure out how to become better. Let’s strive for growth. Live life unapologetically. xx

Oh my god. Tumblr has marked a whole bunch of my recent posts as NSFW and it’s all totally clean photography that happens to involve LGBTQ people or relationships. Very angry right now, as that is disgusting AND it’s some of my best work.

Like some of these posts aren’t even TAGGED as LGBTQ. But the people in them, doing totally harmless things, happen to be queer. So Tumblr @staff is stereotyping now? Just making their own assumptions? Why the absolute hell are you marking someone’s identity as NSFW so only a small portion of users will see it? You’re censoring our normal everyday lives now? I am so angry right now. One of the most important things I do as a queer photographer is represent marginalized people in my work and the Internet is the only way to promote my art because I don’t have the funds for gallery shows or advertising. The irony here is just unbelievable.

ID #35742

Name: Brenda
Age: 18
Country: United States

Hi! My name is Brenda and I am currently about to enter my first year of college where I am hoping to major in clinical psychology. While I do currently live in the U.S., I was born in El Salvador but came to live here with my family when I was two years old. My favorite things to do are writing, reading, drawing, and spending time with my dog(even if he might not like spending time with me). While not the most social person in the world, I do love to have a good conversation about practically anything. I realize that I am not going to have as many people to talk to now that high school has ended for me so this seems like a nice alternative other than complete isolation in my room.

Preferences: I am open to talking to anyone regardless of things such as race, age, religion or sexuality as long as your not a complete bigot.

my opinion on chapter 58 of ons

Guren: he’s just doing the same thing he did last time but on a greater scale, the human race was practically gone the last time when he only resurrected a few people. Now imagine him resurrecting all of humanity, there’s going to be another huge price to pay for that, Guren is a smart guy and I’m sure he’s planning another way to resurrect humanity, that’s why he’s working with so many people to try and find another way but if that method results in more destruction like last time than I am done. Besides now is not a good time for humanity to just come back. Everyone’s in the middle of war, there isn’t enough food or space for all of humanity there’s barely enough for the humans that are already alive. It really wouldn’t work either way.

Mika: I highly agree with him. Guren has given Mika no reason to trust him and I would’ve reacted the same way. I’m glad at least someone on the team is using their brain.

Yuu: I agree that Yuu’s actions are becoming increasingly fustrating but you have to understand family is really precious to Yuu. ‘Family’ is what he’s most dependent on, although I do also think that he needs to change because eventually he’ll have to make hard decisions and just accept that some people just don’t get along.

am to the point of needing a break of everything and rly happy me n my sis are going on a road trip with my grandpa so I can think and experience happy things and then I’m moving next week to an apartment and starting a new job (probably pick up a school job for more money/I’m not gonna rly be doing much at home tbh) and just wild imma be doing a lot of things by myself with barely help at all and don’t really have reliable help from anyone except for maybe my cousin and gotta say I care a lot about art and everything but I have very little care for art school now