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Smile/Silence in the Library parallels

(19) Ignis’ pick up lines.

Noctis: It was funny at first, but it’s getting out of hand, Gladio. You should probably stop walking around shirtless.
Gladio: Why? I’m fresh and comfy like this.
Prompto: I mean, not that I agree with Noct, but…it’s Altissia and people stare.
Gladio: There’s no shirt that’s worthy of my body.
Noctis: There’s none you like?
Gladio: None that looks greater on me than my body does on its own.
Ignis: …
Ignis: You know what do would look great on you, though?
Noctis: Ignis, no.
Ignis: Me.
Gladio: Ignis yes.

I’m going to sound like a typical teenage girl here buT my friend whose also my crush hugged me again today and she jjst yelped like “OW u hug so tight” and she just responded by squeezing me back AND U KNOW THOSE TYPES OF HUGS WHERE THE TALL ONE LIFTS THE SMALL ONE it was that I am still feeling so giddy and happy and stupidly smiley over it bye

out:// Making an update here to the way I’m doing stuff so if you write with me or plan to please pay heed to this.

I will be tagging memes & certain asks as ‘oneshot’. E.G ‘oneshot memes’ & ‘oneshot answers’. What this means is you’re getting a drabble and that’s that. I don’t want a new thread out of it. Exceptions can be made if you ask me. Anything under the oneshot tag is intended to be just that. A oneshot. Sometimes I don’t want to add onto my thread count and I want to kick back and do something light. You can send in more than one for a oneshot, but mind you I have the rights to not do them if they get too much!

This is for my personal comfortability. Thank you for your understanding. I’ll likely reblog this a few times to let people know about it.