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What did PewDiePie do? I'm so confused.

made some off-taste jokes. 

i’m not kidding, that’s all.

there weren’t even many and like over half of them were ironic.

and because the wall street journal is apparently full of yealous little twats who can’t stand that his daily viewership dwarfs the WSJ’s monthly viewership, so they took these out of context jokes to youtube, who cancelled their contract to make a youtubeRed series with him (which was, btw, just about finished), and sent the recordings to Disney, who cut ties with him.

it’s the old gamergate phenomenon where some butthurt moral busybody can write a shit piece on someone or send a mail to their employer and get them fired.

If you wanna know more i suggest you go to pewdiepie’s response video, Sargon’s response video’s (1, 2), and the stream with sargon, jontron, and various other big youtubers

-Mod Gemini

the thing is like. i can see how, for a person with absolutely zero knowledge of tangible threats that lgbt people face, zero critical thinking skills, and zero ability to perceive differences in different situations, how exclusionists sound “just like” terfs.

i mean it. i get how, on the most superficial of levels, someone with very little understanding of the lived realities of lgbt people might come to that initial conclusion.

but then they just stop. they say “wow, this language is almost identical!” and stop. they refuse to examine how sometimes the same words in different contexts make a HUGE difference. juvenile metaphors usually work for inclusionists so i’ll use one for an example:

let’s say there’s a new cartoon channel trying to figure out what cartoon shows to broadcast. most people working at the network are open to a bunch of different shows, but there’s a small group of people who point-blank refuse to accept any 3D cartoon shows, like jimmy neutron, because they aren’t REALLY cartoons. the rest of the people at the network are like “what the fuck, they’re definitely still cartoons you assholes, being 3D doesn’t suddenly stop them from being cartoons. you’re all fired, let’s broadcast those 3D cartoons.”

and then let’s say a live action puppet show team contacts the network and is like “hey will you broadcast our show?” and the network says “we’re sorry, but this network is only for shows that are cartoons. you know, animated in some fashion, not live-action. it just isn’t what this channel is for. you guys should start a new channel for live action, or for puppets, or both!”

and the puppet show team is like “well TECHNICALLY we’re live-action, but our show only has puppets, not people! so the viewers don’t REALLY see us as live action. in fact, puppet shows have been on cartoon channels since the dawn of television! let us on your channel.”

so in this metaphor, the cartoon channel is the lgbt community, the small group against 3D cartoons was terfs, and the live-action puppet show was cishet aces and aros. see the difference?

one small group of assholes were trying to exclude shows that WERE cartoons, just because they made up their own dumb definition of what a cartoon is and then tried to force it on everyone. they were fired. the other group WASN’T a cartoon show and still tried to force their way onto a channel they didn’t belong on.

would it make sense to suddenly see sesame street on cartoon network? no.

this got away from me tbh but my point is not all exclusion is the same, and some exclusion is literally necessary to preserve the safety of the group. twerfs try to exclude trans women bc they incorrectly see them as “not women” even though they are. our side of the ace discourse excludes cishet aces and aros because they are cishet and therefore our oppressors.


So YOI is just full of ingenious, subtle and entirely graceful dialogue. No scene is wasted and every conversation, however brief can explain so much with just a few lines. Iโ€™d like to take a moment to talk about one of the last scenes in episode 10 when Yurio and Victor are on the beach. In all honesty, I thought about this scene a lot and it took me a little while to really, truly understand what was going on here.

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You know why.

No, I don’t know why.


For @hvmaneyes

Vulcans 𝓃𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓇 bluff.

"Creative" Problem Solving

For context this is the same Party as “The ‘Little’ Helper”

We are in a dungeon full of puzzle based doors most of which between the whole party we figured out pretty easily. We get to what we assumed was the final door since the puzzle was the hardest one yet, and there was ritualistic chanting beyond the door. None of us can understand the riddle for this one so we all think about it. The DM describes a hole in the center of the door.

Me (halfling monk): *motions to our warlock who has a tendency to flash enemies mid-battle for intimidation* Put your dick in it.

Warlock: NO! I’m NOT going to put my dick in it.

Me: Well someone’s dick has to go in the hole. *i start to think then remember that earlier today my little monk pulled a “Castrated Dwarf Penis” out of Wong’s Bag of Dickery!*

Me: I’ve got it! *I pull the penis out of the bag and shove hastily through the hole. on the other side there is a groan of disgust and the chanting stops. in dwarvish the guard calls out:*

Guard: Vincent, is that you? What the hell happened?

Me (being the only one in the party that speaks dwarvish): OOOH, THE PAIN, OH MY

DM: roll a bluff check

Me: *rolls a 19*

Guard: h-hold on, the arch mage may be able to reattach it. j-just stay there. 

*they open the door and we try to draw the guard out, still being the only one who speaks dwarvish i roll another buff check to get him to come around the corner and get a 21.* o-OH MY GOD, THE PAIN, SO MUCH PAIN. *we draw him and out and kill him in the surprise turn before he gets a chance to attack or call for help*

afterwards: Well that’s one way to open an impossible puzzle door…

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I second that anon about the zine. I'm honestly so stoked for it! I love your art, and tony and eli give me meaning tbh.

Thank you all so much!! I don’t usually like to answer asks without a little doodle so here is a very very out of context doodle idea for another short comic idea I want to thumbnail and do.

prepping for werewolf night

Context; Okay, so we’re playing a Dungeonworlds game, where we have a rogue, a wizard, a ranger, and a cleric (me). Our rogue was sold out by this guy but agreed our rogue to go with the other thugs to find out what the thieves guild people wanted, telling us to meet him later. We decided to listen but he also told us to keep watch on the little rat that sold him out. So. I figured I’d pass the time interrogating this guy. (Note: I’m not really a charismatic type.)

Cleric (me): “Tell us what you know.”
Thug:“I mean, I would, but my boss would kill me.”
Me: “Who says your boss will find out.”
Thug: “You hear about the killing part? Not risking it. Your friend might fuck me up when he gets back but I know him, he won’t kill me.”
Me: “What about me?”
Thug: “Huh?”
Me: “You don’t know me. Maybe I’ll kill you. I’m an immediate threat right now, after all.”
*Rolls to intimidate but rolls low.*
Thug; “Look, I know you’re trying to be scary. But you’re a cleric. You’re not gonna hurt me.”

Me (OOC): “Shit! Can I cast a spell on myself to look dead and see if that helps?”
DM: “No, the situation has to physically change to warrant another roll.”
Me (OOC): “Is that so?”

Me: “Hey, [ranger], can I borrow your dagger?”
*Handed the dagger.*
Me (OOC) “Alright, I am going to go stab him in the shoulder.”
The DM looks at me and laughs a bit. “Alright.”

Thug: “HOLY FUCK. YOU JUST STABBED ME. Oh gods, that hurts.”
Me: “You want to doubt me? I am your immediate threat. I’m the one with the knife. I am the one who decides your fate. Not your boss, not [rogue], me.”
Thug: “But you’re a cleric! You can’t do that!”
Me: “I am a cleric of the god of death. So either, you tell me what I want to know and I heal your shoulder in exchange, or I kill you and force your spirit to be more compliant.”

I rolled really high and I’m pretty sure he was gonna piss himself if I rolled any higher. Needless to say, he was a lot more obedient after and he told us everything!


Okay… quick silly sketch of human!momma cq… I HAD TO. So that you can understand the context, we had a talk @alainaprana and I. We figured out that Deccy would not only wear Fresh’s old clothes for time to time, but dye his hair in pink as well X’D I might line and color it properly one day but for now it’s gonna stay a sketch ehehe. (Gosh that empty stare yo)

Art & Decans© @little-noko

Momma CQ© @alainaprana

Human!Fresh© @loverofpiggies

Eurus used Molly Hooper to get to Sherlock.

And she succeeded. Eurus got on his nerves. She broke him mentally at that point, which led him to take his anger out of Molly’s so-called-coffin (he smashed it with his bare hands). She also said that “You didn’t win, you lost. Look what you did to her. Look what you did to yourself. All those complicated little emotions, I lost count. Emotional context, Sherlock, it destroys you every time.

This means that Eurus saw Sherlock as an emotional person and that Molly was a weakness to him from Eurus’ POV. Eurus didn’t say anything spesifically about Molly’s emotions. She said “all those complicated little emotions”. She is directly telling Sherlock that he has emotions towards Molly and it complicates things (will also complicate things in the future).

That is absolutely what that scene meant in my opinion and I can say that: THIS SHIP HAS SAILED, THE THING I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR FOR 5-6 YEARS. I can finally find peace. Thank God.

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Trust in Your Instincts
  • Trust in Your Instincts
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Finally got this out at last! took a while to edit, video should be coming soon
Thanks to @surfacage for drawing and letting me dub this awesome comic! its so cool! i also did a little bit of off panel stuff to try give it a little more context, i hope everyone enjoys this dub ^^

Spark: KujiraShonen
Candela: @manicwednesdayvas
Rocket leader/Blanche:InThirteen


Zuko being unnecessarily violent. 

Note that Iroh stops Zuko when he can. Interestingly, in the example from “The Beach,” it’s not until Zuko pushes Ruon-Jian into the vase that Mai finally puts an end to things. This is likely due to Iroh having more experience dealing with Zuko’s temper. 

Furthermore, while Iroh gets Zuko to stop, it’s only Mai that explains to Zuko what problematic behaviors he is displaying:

Mai: Your temper is out of control. You blow up over every little thing. You’re so impatient and hotheaded and angry!

However, I should probably note that, while Zuko’s temperament is reduced by the time of the comics, this behavioral change is due more to the context of the events in the show v the comics, rather than Mai’s verbal reprimands and Iroh’s physical intervention. 

What we learned from season 4 of Sherlock:

1. Redbeard was not a dog

2. Mycroft is not smart

3. Sherrinford is not a brother, but an island

4. We all thought Mary was psycho - now meet Eurus

5. We all wish we could go back to season 1 and 2 where everyone was happy

6. Gatiss and Moffat get their inspiration from cheesy James Bond movies

7. Mycroft was really fat as a kid (we kind of knew that one already) 

8. There are 2 Holmes brothers and 1 sister - all with fucked up names

9.  What is context? So many question, very few answers

10.  Mary is the good guy (?)

11. Sherlock and John are a little gay, or… ? ParentLock?

12. Mrs. Hudson just became everybodys favorite. MVP!

13. Moriarty will always be perfection

14. We hated John, and now we kinda love him again

15. What the FUCK happened to the last episode? 

16. We found out how it feels to be betrayed and crushed. Everything is on fire. 

17. The Sherlock fandom is split into two: Yay and Nay

18. Sherlock has feelings, Mycroft has sexual feelings and John has lost his

19. Do we want another season or not? A still unanswered question

20. The Baker street boys (Backstreet Boys, anyone?) and *looks at smudged writing on hand* Rose

Let me speak to him.

A little bit of context, some friends and i are playing Dragon Age, i’m the DM and one of the players is an Orlesian warrior, his first campaign with this character. For the people who doesn’t know, Orlais is a country in Dragon Age, super glamurous and super French. So i send them to find a misterious man in a tavern who needs people for a job (not a topic at all) .After knocking out all of them one by one (due to violence, venom or just too much alcohol), they woke up in front of the misterious man and his bodyguards. The misterious man is an Orlesian Noble that wants to kill a Ferelden’s Teryn (a high class noble). If they kill the Teryn, the Orlesian noble will pay each one of them a ton of money. This is the conversation between the Noble and our Orlesian warrior.

Warrior: Let me speak with him in our native language, maybe i can convice him to lend us money to buy stuff

Everybody else: Ok, go ahead.

Warrior (In “Orlesian”): But if we are going to do this we will need proper equipment.

DM as Noble(In “Orlesian” too): Indeed.

Warrior: So, what about if you give us some of the money sooner so we can buy new weapons, armors and other stuff.

Noble: No my friend, i said i will pay you when the job is done.

Warrior: But this is an investment move, if our equipment is better, our chances to accomplish our mission are higher.

Noble: I know, but i don’t care.

Warrior: C'mon, you can trust me on this, we are sons of the same land, just give us 10 Golden coins to each one of us, it will worth it.

Noble: Listen to me, and listen carefully, i won’t give you no money, not even a copper coin, i don’t care about your possibilities, it is not a matter of higher or lower chances, i just don’t care, and if you don’t get out of here right now i will kill all of you and i’ll find other people to do the job, got it?

Warrior (in common language to the rest of the party): Well fellas, i think i convinced him! :D