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Rude Boy (1)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 2858

Warnings: Violence (some triggering scenes so please go away if this might make you uncomfortable). Lap dance.

Summary:  You go undercover with Bucky where you need to get a flashdrive from a HYDRA agent who frequents a men’s club. Your job is to give him a lap dance, get him knocked out, and steal the flash drive. Things don’t go as planned because someone gets a little jealous and decides to, quite literally, knock the agent out.

A/N: Because why not. So I had to put it in 2 parts again. If sexual harassment makes you uncomfortable, please go away. I don’t want to cause anyone any harm or pain. If you want to read the smut, it’s the next part.

Permanent Tag List:  @meganlane84 @mizzzpink @bringmetheemobands

Part 2

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That “Oh Crap I’m In Love With My Best Friend” Kind of Feeling

This is entirely self-indulgent and has no plot whatsoever. I just wanted an excuse to write Hunk and Lance going from oblivious to sucker punched by feelings in the span of a kiss. Hope you enjoy!

“Oh, what’s the matter, Lance?” Pidge croons, leaning in for a closer view of Lance’s miserable expression. “Your alien girlfriend dump you?”

“Shut up,” Lance grumbles into his arms.

“What happened?” Hunk asks from beside him, a warm hand already resting on Lance’s back.

Lance sighs and turns to look up at the two of them with a pout. “I thought we hit it off, but now she’s making out with that guy.”

Pidge and Hunk glance over. Sure enough, the tall pink alien who had been so attentive to Lance just moments ago is now pressed up against an orange alien who’d been nursing a glittery drink across the bar.

“Ooh…” Hunk pats Lance’s back. “Sorry, man.”

“It’s fine.” Lance lays his head back down on the bar. “Just leave me here to wallow.”

Pidge rolls her eyes and picks up her drink. “Okay, now this is just sad and boring.”

Hunk ignores her, lowering his voice to a more soothing tone as he answers Lance instead. “Why don’t we just head back to the ship? It’s pretty quiet in here anyway.”

Lance sits up, a burst of energy brightening his expression. “Or…” He looks back at the alien who’d rejected him, eyes narrowed. “I could find someone else and rub it in her face.”

“And we’re back to interesting,” Pidge murmurs, sipping her drink.

“Well, you’ve hit on everyone at the bar, and she was the only one who was interested,” Hunk reminds him with a small shrug. “Maybe it’s time to call it a night?”

Lance turns to face Hunk. “Hunk. You’re my best friend, right?”

“Of course,” Hunk answers automatically.

“You’d do anything for me?”

“Yeah, man.”

“Kiss me.”

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“The Language of Love”  Negan x Reader

Word Count: 2,225

Negan x Reader

Request: Can I request a Negan one? Where the reader grew up in France but moved to the US when she was young, but kept her French accent/French as her first language. And she gets taken as prisoner by Negan, but he treats her really well because he’s attracted to her. But one day he just pisses the reader off and she starts to cuss him out in French, and it turns Negan on a lot. And it leads to smut?

Warnings: Smut (oral receiving and giving, no actual penetration), swearing, language kink, I think Negan in general should just be a warning, dom! Negan

a/n: this was a request from someone who messaged me, and I told them I would do it, but I just wanted to point out that I do not speak French. This is all from google translate so I sincerely apologize if anything is not correct!

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Growing up in a country that you were not born in was not the easiest of tasks you have ever had to do. You were originally born in France in a small town just outside Paris, and you lived there until you were thirteen. You loved it there, and once your parents told you that you were moving to the United States (Georgia, in particular), you were not pleased.

You grew to enjoy living here, and everyone was nice to you. The only real problem was the language barrier. You knew minimal English at first, and your French accent was thick. Of course, the other students loved it, but it made it hard for them to understand you, especially when you only knew a few basic words.

As you got older, English became second nature to you, and you barely spoke French anymore. Especially now that it was the apocalypse, none of your French-speaking family was alive anymore, and no one in your group could speak it. You tended to keep that side of you separate from your life now. Life now was different, and you treated it that way. You wanted to put your old self behind and become someone who would survive out here, and dwelling on the past wouldn’t help that.

The only time that you ever spoke French was when you were mad. Oh, man, when you were mad, it came out without you being able to control.

Baisez-vous, je ne vous dis rien!” You spit at the man in front of you. He calls himself Negan, although you’re sure that can’t be his real name. You figure it’s probably a fake name, like what the Governor used. He’s attractive, you’ll admit. The way he carries himself, his beard, just in face in general… Damn. But he was not a good guy. You’ll never let his attractiveness get to you. “Éloigne-toi de moi!”

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real deal, dear

genre: husband!au

star of the show: NCT’s Taeyong

word count: 2,625 words

author’s note: happy birthday to the center of my universe, brightest star in the sky, diamond in the rough, cutest pupper and eternal loml Taeyong ❤️❤️💞💘💖💛💕💘💖💓

im ready to fucking fight anyone who doesnt think ty is husband material 

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opening line: “You’re by no means the perfect wife or even wife material, but Taeyong has never regretted the day your ring finger became adorned with the silver band that connected you and him in the name of holy matrimony.” 

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(Not so ) Secret Love - Rowelin Fanfic

Hi everyone! So, yes, I’m a Rowelin trash. This is a fanfic that was fun to write. It’s an AU where he’s her teacher at University and … well, just go on and read it. 
Smut/ Fluff/ Modern Setting AU/ Rowelin. AO3
Hope y’all enjoy it! 

“Professor Whitethorn?” I turned around but I already knew who called me long before I turned around to see those gorgeous turquoise eyes.

“Yes, Ms. Galathynius?” I said politely waving goodbye to some other student.

“I told you: call me Aelin.” She whispered. “We’re past the formalities by now. It’s been what? 6 months working together?” She crossed her arms, a brow raised and a playful smile on her lips.

“Fine Aelin, what can I do for you?” I asked gathering my material so I could go have lunch with my fellow professors.

“I finished gathering those data we needed for the final course assignment. So, I was wondering if we could meet later at your office or at my place so you can help me out…” She bit her lower lip and I felt my blood boil already.

Between her place and my office, the wisest choice was the office. We had met at her apartment before, but it was on a Sunday and her friends/ roommates were there as well, her cousin included. And during our meetings at my office, the door always stayed opened and was during lunch hours or when the university was crowded. But today I was going to be busy until around 6 pm and by then, most students and professors would be far gone.

But the office would still be the wisest choice. “We’ll meet at my office later.” I said and she smiled satisfied. “I have to work until 6, so maybe six thirty?” I asked and she nodded and turned around.

“I’ll bring pizza.” She said over her shoulder. Waving goodbye and I saw her leave, her hips swaying.


The professors’ room was crowded and I found my friends briefly; Fenrys waved his hand at me and I joined them.

“Hey bro! What took you so long?” He asked and the others nodded in a simple greeting.

“Aelin wants help with her paper. We were scheduling our meeting of tonight.” I said simply but could feel my friends gaze on me.

“We’re calling her Aelin now?” He teased. I rolled my eyes and started to eat. “Don’t get me wrong bro, she is gorgeous. And you know I like my share of young and pretty students. So if you’re banging her, good for you!” He raised a hand for a high five. I ignored him.

“We’re not banging Fenrys. I’m her adviser. That’s all.” I said never stopping my meal.

Lorcan snorted. “You’re totally into the bitch queen.” He pointed his fork to me.

“I’m not.” I said swallowing. “And don’t call her that.” A smile spread through his face.

“Sure. Say whatever you want to keep your mind sane.” He said before filling his mouth again. “But you have a thing for her.”

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “You are overreacting on this.”

“Fine. When and where will you two meet?” Fenrys asked. I was getting tired of this.

“Six thirty at my office.” Gavriel choked. Smiles spread through Lorcan and Fenrys’s faces. “What?” I asked genuinely intrigued.

Gavriel coughed. “The university will be barely opened by then.” He was trying not to smile.

“I finish my classes at six. It’s the only available time I have.” My voice was firm, but I would never let them know I knew that already and it made my heart speed up.

Of course she was gorgeous; she was incredible. Her golden hair and turquoise eyes had men all over campus crawling after her. Although she never showed up dating, she once told me she did date three guys in the past, but now she was single.

She had a tough childhood being an orphan and all that; at first, after her parents passed away, she went to live with Aedion – her cousin - and his mother, but she fell sick and died when Aelin was thirteen and she moved in with her aunt Maeve who literally locked her inside the house and beat the crap out of her when she tried to escape. Aedion who was five years older than her tried to take Aelin’s custody from Maeve, but he didn’t succeed. Only when Maeve died from age two years later, Aelin was able to move in with Aedion and inherited her parent’s fortune. Even through this shitty childhood the smile on her face never faded.

Of course he fantasied about them both on his office once, the way she would moan to his touch, the taste of her lips, the heat from her core… and she asked him something and he pretended nothing happened in his mind, although a wise smiled played along her delicious lips.  

“You can keep telling yourself that and keep on being the role model teacher or you can fuck that delicious girl and remember it for the rest of your life, even when you have gray hair on your head.” I looked at Fenrys pointedly. “Oh, that’s right, your hair is already gray.” He smiled teasing me.

“Just shut up Fenrys. Nothing is going to happen.” I said cutting him off. I just wanted to finish that subject and go back to my classes.

“Well, if you don’t want her, please, inform her that I’m willing to teach some love techniques if she feels inclined to.” He winked and went back to eat.

Lorcan was barking a laugh and Gavriel shaking his head with a grimace. I just sighed and went back to my food.


I was sit on my chair rubbing my temples in order to make that stupid headache go away when I heard the soft knock on the door and then she opened the door and her head showed up; her dazzling smile on her lips.

“Can I come in Rowan?” She asked and I liked the way my name sounded on her tongue. I told her to come in and she was using a short loose pink dress; the V cleavage was deep but not indecent. Was it fitting for this meeting? Probably not, but I liked the view.

“I brought pizza, like promised.” She smiled placing the pizza atop the table. “I thought you might be hungry, since you taught the whole day.” She opened the box and my stomach roared.

“Thanks Aelin.” I grabbed a piece and moaned on the taste of it. I felt her eyes on me the whole time and when I looked at her, her eyes held some sort of desire. It was gone in a blink. She started going through her stuff and got her laptop and we started to discuss the findings of her research.

While I ate, she spoke and took notes. At some point, Fenrys stopped by to say a nice and polite goodnight and seemed truly interested on her paper and discretely gave me a thumbs up in approval. I rolled my eyes at him and told him to get lost.

I was rubbing my temples again while she worked. I had my eyes closed because was getting hard to look at her. She looked so cute when focused and every time she bend over, I saw a little more than intended from her cleavage: her pink lacy bra. Or when she stretched she made such a delicious noise and her dressed got up slightly… my headache was now for a dozen different reasons and were all related to the student in front of me.

I stiffened when I felt her hands on my shoulders. “Aelin, what you’re doing?” I asked and looked at her over the shoulder. Was she trying to kill me? She had the audacity to shrug.

“You seemed to have a bad day and have a headache. Let me help. I’ve been told to be a great masseuse.” I started to say that wasn’t necessary but she dig her nails on my shoulders and the single movement sent pain and excitement down my body, especially to my cock. “Oh don’t be a baby!”

“Aelin, if someone sees this, people may misinterpreted and start talking…” I said and she stopped. She let go of my shoulders and I almost sighed in relief but then I saw her walk to the door and close it.

And turn the key. She faced me with a wicked smile on her lips.

“There. No one will see it now.” She returned to my shoulders and I couldn’t say no to her anymore. Looked like with the door, she also locked away my inhibitions.

I let myself enjoy her touch and for another second she let go of me and let a playlist play on her laptop.

“Just relax. Pretend you’re home, having some quality time with yourself.” She whispered and I let my muscles relax a little bit. “You work too much.” She said; her mouth almost on my ear and I felt a shiver down my spine.

I chuckled and her hands went for my neck and when her hands ran through my scalp, I let a small groan leave my throat.

“Yes, relax Rowan…” The sound of her sensual voice was relaxing me but also turning me on. I had to stop her, but I didn’t have the strength. Actually I didn’t want to.

She strode in front of me and sat on the table. I looked at her and her hands went back to my scalp and I closed my eyes, melting under her touch.

“Why are you sitting on my table?” I whispered. I was trying really hard to sound firm and annoyed, but I sounded like a grumpy child.

She giggled. “I wanted to see your face while doing it. Sounded like you were enjoying it.” Oh that girl was playing with fire and she was not afraid of getting burned. I smiled at her.

“You are, indeed, a great masseuse.” I admitted.

“It’s not the only thing I’m good at.” Her voice was sultry and what she was implying made my blood boil. I opened my eyes and found her biting her bottom lip; her eyes filled with desire.

“Is that so?” I asked and felt like an idiot. I did not know how to flirt! It’s been ages I had a woman on my bed.

She nodded and one of her hands slid to cup my cheek while the other went for my neck. Her eyes were on my lips. I felt something twitch in my stomach. She leaned forward and I froze.

“Aelin, stop.” She looked at me and I stood up, turning my back to her. This wasn’t right. No matter how much I wanted her. Or she wanted me.

“You can pretend you don’t want me Rowan, but I see the way you look at me.” I still didn’t turn back. “And I’m not doing this over some sort of fetish. I like you Rowan. Not professor Whitethorn.” I turned to her at that. She shrugged. “He’s kind of an ass.” Her eyes lit up again. She was still sitting on my desk, her feet bare on my chair.

“It still doesn’t make it right.” I said and she chuckled.

“If you met me in a bar, would have talked to me?” I nodded. She smiled. I was in trouble.

She stood up and paced slowly to me and took my hands and placed them at her hips. Her own hands were placed on my face and neck once again.

“Pretend we’re at the bar, Rowan. I’m not your student, I’m just a girl at the bar.” She lifted until she was on the tip of her toes, I could feel her breath on my lips. Her eyes full with concern. “If – if you don’t want this, just say the word and I’ll stop. I’ll pretend nothing happened and we’ll go back to the way we were.” She stopped and waited.

She knew about my deceased wife and she gave me the choice to do this or not. I did not need to think anymore. She showed me compassion in such deep and caring way that I knew what I wanted instantly.

I leaned forward and brushed my lisp on hers. I felt her smile and then she kissed me back. Her lips were warm, soft and delicate, tasting like cherry lip balm. She was perfect on my hands, on my body. I deepened the kiss and she moaned. I lost it.

She granted me access to her mouth and my tongue slid inside her mouth. She bit my lower lip pulling me hard. My hands roamed on her back, her ribs, her waist, her neck… she was perfect; her scent so good, her skin so warm. This girl was going to be the death of me.

Her hands went for the hem of my shirt and she slid her hands on my bare abs and then she went back to the shirt pulling it up. I helped take it off and I saw pure lust on her eyes when she looked at my naked torso. Her hands slid hungry on my skin and I pulled her back to the kiss, hungrier than before.

I went to kiss her neck, her jaw her earlobe and I felt her body press against mine and her nails dig on my skin.

“Rowan…” She said breathlessly and I went for her collarbone. But she was too small and I was bent and was starting to feel uncomfortable. I slid my hands on her backside and grabbed her thighs lifting her up to my waist and she gasped.

I placed her sitting on the table. She locked her legs on my waist pulling me closer and her dress went up, almost on her waist.

My hands slid the straps of her pink dress revealing her lacy pink bra that did wonders to her firm breasts. I took them on my hands and she watched me, a wicked smile on her lips.

“Do you intend to ogle the whole night?” She asked with a sultry voice. My hands started to move and I removed the lace and her breasts were revealed to me. I felt my knees give in for a second. The warmth or her skin and her pink peaked nipples drove me insane and I went for them.

With one hand I rubbed and massaged her breast and with the other I held us in place on the table, since her hands were on my hair and back. The moment my lips found her soft skin, her hard nipple, she arched her back and moaned loudly. Thank God for my hand holding us in place.

I teased her until she was panting and rubbing her hips over mine. I was so hard that I felt my brain melt with the need for her; my pants were killing me!

I leaned back from her and she gasped. I started to remove completely her dress and she worked on my pants, opening the buttons and pushing it down. I was left only on my boxers and she sobbed when she saw how hard I was. Her hand stroke over the fabric through the extension of my generous length.

Yes, I was aware that I had a very pleasant and desired cock, thank you very much.

I grinned when her eyes went wide and she bit her bottom lip in desire. My hand started to touch the fabric of her matching pink lacey panties and, mother above, she was drenched. She let go a quiet “hmmm” and made my cock ache and twitch.

When I was removing her panties she held my wrist and made me look at her. Her skin was flushed in red.

“Rowan, I – I…” She paused and placed her hand on my chest.

“What it is, Fireheart?” I asked gently placing a golden lock of her hair behind her ear. Somehow the nickname suited her. “If you want to stop, it’s okay…”

“God no.” She said laughing. “I – I want you so bad!” She was breathless again. Desire taking over her features. She stood up from the table, went for her bag and picked something inside it. A condom. She went back for the table and sit in front of me. It was so quick that it was almost like she never left.

“I want you too.” I assure her and with a smile I added “and you came prepared, huh?” She blushed and looked down.  She nodded and finally looked at me. I felt instantly on fire with the lust on her eyes, but she was still hiding something from me. “You can say whatever it is you’re thinking. You want me to take it slow?” I asked gently, placing kisses on her arms.

“Actually, no.” I faced her once more, my lips still on the skin of her arm. She had a playful smirk on her lips. “I actually want you to fuck me. Hard. Deep. Really fuck me.” I stopped my mouth from the kisses. Was she being serious about this? “Can you do that?” Her face showed no sign that she was joking.

“Aelin, I don’t think – I don’t know if this is a good idea.” I said simply. No one ever asked me that before. Although I always wanted to, I never actually allowed myself to set free entirely; for their sake, not my own. And I never thought of her being the one in need for a good fuck. I always pictured her as a kind and generous lover. But never kinky.

“Rowan I want you to let yourself free. I want the beast inside you that is urging you to come out, to be set free.” She was holding my shoulders strongly, like she was trying to make me understand. She really wanted this. “We can be gentle later; some other time. Right now, I want you to fuck me the way your eyes tell me you want to.”

And that broke the leash on my self-control.

I ripped away her panties so easily like it was a sheet of paper and the gasped in surprise, a grin on her lips. Her mouth found mine and it was a mess of teeth and tongues while I put my boxers down and set my penis out and I placed the condom on it. Oh sweet freedom!

Her hand grasped my chock and pumped it a few times while I pulled her towards me, her ass on the edge of the table. I removed her hand from around me and laid her down on her back on the table; I placed both of her ankles on my shoulders and looked at her gorgeous and perfect body in front of me, waiting for me.

I stroke her folds with the head of my cock and snarled in pleasure for how wet indeed she was. She arched her back at the touch.

Rowan…” She pleaded. I was done teasing.

I slid inside her slowly and I couldn’t help the groan the left my throat. She matched my groan with a long one from herself. It felt so right, so perfect!

“God, you’re perfect!” I threw my head back letting her body adapt and I allowed myself to enjoy the fitting of our bodies.

“God Rowan, move!” She demanded. I laughed and started to rock my hips against hers.

I thrusted deep and hard like my body ached to. The sound of our skin touching was better than whatever music was playing from her laptop.

“Rowan” She sobbed.

“Yes Fireheart?” My voice was hoarse with want.

“Let. Go.” She said between ragged breaths. “Fuck me like you mean it!” Her gaze was strong and demanding.

Although I was loving to see her face and the way her breasts moved up and down with every thrust, I knew how my body was claiming to take her; in which position my animalistic self wanted to fuck her.

I withdraw from her and she snarled at me, angry for going away. I let her legs down and pulled her from the table and turned her around.

Her hands were placed on the table and I stroke her scarred back and she glanced over her shoulders. The need in her eyes made me place my hands on her hips and I made her stay in the tip of her toes so her ass was in the perfect position for me to slide in. And I thrusted.

Her back arched and I saw her skin bristle with pleasure. I fisted her hair and started to move inside her.

Hard. Deep. Fast.

I pulled her hair and she moaned. Her hands grabbing the edge of the table so hard I could see the skin of her knuckles go white. She was moaning no-stop, sometimes the sounds were like words, sometimes like my name and others just noises of pleasure.

I slap the cheek of her ass and she winced and startle. “Like that, hmm?” I asked. I was never the talkative guy in bed. But somehow she let loose that side in me when she asked me to fuck her hard.

“Yes.” She gasped the answer; looking over her shoulder, she said “Again”.

I obliged. And she moaned again. I kept slapping until her skin was deep pink.

“Faster Rowan… please” I gave her what she asked, feeling my own pleasure rise. She was getting tighter around my cock and I knew she was close.

“Do you want to come for me, Aelin?” I asked and she nodded. I needed words. “Do you want to come for me Fireheart? Say it.”

“Yes - God, yes! ” Her voice was barely understandable. I pulled her up so her back was touching my chest and I let go from her hair and my hand went for her breast again while my mouth was on her ear, nipping it.

“You are so – exquisite!” I said, words coming from my mouth without thinking. Her hands went for my hair.

“Rowan please!” My hand went for her clit, rubbing it while I bit the crook of her neck. She groaned deeply. I could feel how tight she was. I needed her to come so I could too. I went for her ear again.

“Come for me.” I demanded. “Now”. She climaxed around me, her body shaking so hard that I had to let go of her clit to hold her hip.

I snarled and thrusted faster three more times and I came inside her; starts and thunder flashing on my body and blood. I leaned forward and her hands were placed on the table to hold us both.

I thrusted a few more times, leading us out from our pleasure and when I stopped she laughed hoarsely.

“God, this was – fuck!” She shook her head. I kissed her back and slid out from her. She let go of a noise of disappointment and was my turn to laugh. I sat on my chair and pulled her to my lap. I held her tightly against me.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Because I certainly did.” I said and kissed her forehead that hanged loose on my shoulder. Her body still shaking with pleasure. “I have to say was my first time like this.” I admitted.

“It’s hard to believe that though.” She cupped my cheek and kissed my neck. “You have no idea how long and in how many positions I imagined this.” She said gently.

“How long?” I asked pressing my cheek on her forehead.

“A year and a half.”

I looked at her; brows furrow. “I wasn’t your teacher until six months ago.” I pointed out and her cheeps turned deep red.

“I saw you with Professor Fenrys and since then I couldn’t stop thinking about you and how much I wanted you in my bed. Or yours.”

I laughed amused and kissed gently her lips.

“Speaking of beds, how about we move to mine?” I asked and her eyes lit up. She didn’t want to pressure me. She nodded and we stood up to dress up. I got rid of the condom and put my trousers and pants back on. When she spoke again, her back was turned to me, her voice low.

“But what about tomorrow? What if someone sees us getting here together? Won’t it cause you trouble?” She was worried but was also afraid that I just wanted casual sex like Fenrys. Silly girl. I was completely in love with her and she had no clue. I went I hugged her from behind, kissing her shoulder delicately before answering.

“We’ll get here early. No one besides Fenrys saw what you are wearing tonight and he will not say a word. Well, not to someone that may cause me problems.” I grimaced at how much he would torment me with this. “And we’ll keep it secret until you graduate. After that… we’ll figure it out then.”

She turned to me with a true smile on her lips. “So you intend to keep seeing me until I graduate?” She said tracing lines on my shoulder with her nail.

“Well, I do. Since I’m your teacher until then and also your advisor – outch!” I yelped when she pinched me. “Yes Fireheart, I do if you want to.” I smiled at her and kissed her briefly.

“I would like that very much.”

We got dressed and went to my place where we had a loving and gentle sex and fell asleep cuddled to one another.


What Rowan had no idea was that the next morning Aelin had to wear a sweater and one of his scarfs to hide the bite on her neck and some other hickeys on her body; Fenrys indeed teased the life out of him alongside with Gavriel and Lorcan.

Aelin graduated a few months later, her grades higher than any other student and he could not be any prouder. Their article was published on a very renowned journal and she got an offer on a master’s degree soon after that.

After she graduated, they officially announced their relationship. Rowan proposed to her two months later and she said yes.

She moved in with him and she left her apartment for her cousin Aedion that lived there with Lys and Elide.

They got married six months after they got engaged. They had their fights like every normal couple did, but they loved each other deeply, so the little fights were nothing compared to the joy of living together and waking up cuddled every morning.

And even though they had a lot of sex during all this time, none was hard and primal like that first time.

Teach Me How To Forget

Summary: 17 year old Daniel Howell is abused by his father and finds comfort in school, especially English class, where his teacher of 22 years old, seems to have much in common with him on famous literature, and connect on an emotional level. All is well at school, that is, until Dan notices his emotions for his teacher are far from innocent. What will happen to Dan when his father finds out about all of this?

Genre: Angst, Fluff, (Possible smut warning for later chapters) AU

Warnings/Triggers: Alcohol, Depression, Rape

Part 2 (x) Part 3 (x)  Part 4 (x)  Part 5 (x)

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You and I

Read Part One

A/N:  Everyone loved the first part so much, I’ve had a few requests for a part two.  The big confession.  I finished it off this morning, so here you go, my lovelies!  

Originally posted by bridget-malfoy-stilinski-hale


“Yeah, Cas?”

“I believe I’m in love with Dean.”  The confession hung in the air for what seemed like an eternity.  Sam’s gaze was fixed on Cas, whose eyes were cast downward toward his hands.  “I know now, given your description, that perhaps I have been for some time.”

“Cas?” Cas looked up, and Sam leaned forward, his elbows resting on his knees.  He clasped his hands together, and flashed an easy, comforting smile. “You need to tell him.”

With a deep inhale and heavy exhale, Cas shook his head.  “I understand enough to know that my feelings are not reciprocated, Sam.  It’s not my intention to cause unnecessary tension, I just–”

“Cas.”  Sam lowered his head, looking up at Cas with a grin.  “Tell him.  Just trust me on this.”  If there was one thing Sam knew better than anything on the planet, it was his brother.  Dean tried to hold up his mask; his tough exterior, but that mask had slipped; it had cracked a long time ago.  The lingering looks.  The lingering touches.  The way he fought with Cas so passionately, and lit up in Cas’s presence.  Sam knew.

The tell-tale whine of the heavy bunker door echoed through the cavernous library.  “I’m back.  I got grub!”

Sam smirked, clapping a hand to Cas’s shoulder.  “Good luck.”  He stood, meeting Dean in the war room to tap him out of bag-carrying duty.  Cas heard him whisper something to Dean before hurrying off to the kitchen.

“What’s the word, Cas?” Dean strode into the library with that patented Dean Winchester swagger, a charmingly smug grin on his beautifully freckled face as he shrugged out of his jacket.  He settled himself in Sam’s abandoned seat.  “Sam said you wanted to talk.”

Frowning, Cas avoided Dean’s gaze.  Perhaps it would be easier to not look him in the eye.  He always found himself getting lost in them; that vivid green that felt like staring endlessly into the beauty of a Monet.  “Could we speak somewhere privately?”

Dean was surprised, but to Cas’s delight, was easily amenable.  “Yeah.  C’mon.”  He led Cas to his room and closed the door after ushering the angel inside.  “What’s goin’ on, Cas?  You alright?  You in some kinda trouble?”  He crossed his arms.

Cas fidgeted with this jacket, forcing himself to avoid Dean’s pointed gaze.  “One could, perhaps, classify this as such,” he mumbled.


Exasperated, Cas huffed and finally looked up at Dean.  “I was speaking with Sam earlier…”

“And?  C’mon, man, this is like pulling teeth.  Just spill.” 

“I came to the conclusion that I am in love with you, Dean.” For the second time that day, Cas’s confession hung in the air, echoing through the room.  When Dean said nothing, Cas began to ramble, as if it would explain away his life-altering admission.  “I asked Sam what it felt like to be in love with someone, and everything he described… It accurately diagnosed what I feel for you.  With you.  He encouraged me to tell you.  He was adamant, in fact, though I understand my feelings won’t be reciprocated–”


“But I fear I’ve felt this way for some time.  Years, even.  When I found your soul, Dean, I… I’d never seen anything so beautiful.  And as I grew to know you, personally, face-to-face, I–”


“I knew my feelings toward you were different.  Others could see it, I would imagine.  But everything I did, it was always about you.  For you.  I suppose I see now that Hester was right–”


“I was lost the moment I laid my hand on you.  But I understand your preference for a female vessel–”


Cas raised his eyes, only then realizing how close Dean suddenly was.  He could count the individual freckles across the bridge of his nose and his cheeks.  “Dean, I–”

“Shut up, Cas.  Just… Shut the hell up.”  He gave no warning before gripping Cas’s face and pulling him into a kiss.  It was gentle and slow, like Dean was testing out the movement.

Cas let his arms slide around Dean slowly, his fingers gripping the material of Dean’s shirt.  And when they parted, he breathed in, running his tongue along his bottom lip.  He tasted Dean there: apple pie and whiskey; he had clearly made a stop on his grocery run.  “Dean, that was–”

“Look, I’m not good with feelings and words and all that crap.  Never have been.  Never will be.  But what you’re feelin’, Cas?  You and me… I reciprocate it, okay?  I reciprocate the hell out of it.  We’ll figure the rest out.  Like we always do.”

Cas could only smile then, and pull Dean in for another kiss, making a mental note to thank Sam later.  Much, much later.


Author’s Note: This is based off a request from my dear friend L! It’s where Y/N is a student in university studying for exams and Harry comes rescue her at the library. Something I’m going through right now, minus the Harry of course. I hope everyone in school right now is doing okay! I hope you all enjoy. Thanks so much for reading! Feedback is appreciated! x

If you could have been anywhere in the world at that moment, it would have been somewhere with Harry. Preferably in his arms, wrapped tight and solid with your head on his muscular chest. Especially in a quaint place like his hometown, where the two of you had spent the dog days of summer lazily with each other. Not doing much at all, yet enjoying every last second of it. The way your head would be sprawled across his stomach and his hands would lightly tangle in your hair as you stared at the stars. Well technically, you just looked at him. And well, he just looked at you. But like I said, you both stared at the stars.

But that was the summer. That was a few months ago. Now it was mid-October and you midterms were right around the corner. Just when you had felt like you had gotten into the swing of the new school year, the pressure and panic of those worth-more-than-half-your-grade examinations come at you with full force.

So, even though you wished you were somewhere with Harry, you were stuck at the library on your university’s campus, with nothing but the bookshelves to keep you company.

You were a good student, as hardworking and bright as they can get, but as the sun disappeared from the fall sky, so did your focus. And your energy. Your heavy lids threatened to close as they read over the material for what felt like the hundredth time. I think by now you fully understood the carbon cycle, but still, you didn’t want to risk getting complacent. But soon all the words began to morph into one, and it was as if every word that began with H said Harry. That boy was officially on your mind and in your heart.

See, the thing was, you also happened to be on Harry’s mind and in his heart. In fact, you were just about making his heart beat from outside of his chest. Where were you? Why weren’t you answering his calls or text messages? He knew you were studying and didn’t want to bother you, but as your loving boyfriend, he still took it upon himself to make sure you were motivated and doing okay. You hadn’t responded to the “hey,” the “you okay?” or the nerd emoji. And when you didn’t respond to that one, Harry knew something was up.

He paced around the main floor of his house, a thousand thoughts swarming through his mind. For one of the first times in his life, he wished he was in school. Maybe that way he’d be with you right now instead of worrying about where the heck you were. You had said you were going to the library, but from the few times Harry stepped foot onto the campus, he also knew that there was more than one. Oh God, Harry groaned, running his fingers through his short hair. You were supposed to be home with him right now, not at some library by yourself. You should have called him an hour ago, waiting to be picked up in front of the main administrative building. Screw it, Harry thought, he was going to look for you.

The drive to the university was not long, yet it seemed to drag on forever. Harry silently thanked the universe that the girl he had fallen in love with was a student at the local university. He didn’t know what he would have done if you were studying halfway across the world. Hell, he’d probably come get you, but on a plane.

Harry circled around the campus which was illuminated by a few streetlights and the moon. He passed two libraries, both large and not at all your taste. He knew you well enough to know that you liked to study in isolation. So when he passed the small library at the corner of the campus, he somehow knew that he had found the right building.

Hastily he pulled the key out of the ignition and made his way through the thick double doors. The old library was quaint and homey and timeless. If Harry wasn’t so preoccupied with making sure you were okay, he would have imagined pushing your body against the old oak bookcase and kissing the crap out of you.

But, wait.

Maybe that’s not such a bad idea after all. Because when he sees your body, hunched over the table with all your materials spread out, the only thing he wants to do is run up to you and swallow you whole.

Hands touch your shoulders and you nearly jump from your chair.

“Shh, Y/N, it’s me. Didn’t mean to startle ya,” Harry tells you.

You sigh and rub your eyes, thinking you are imaging your boyfriend standing right in front of you.

“Harry?” you ask. “What’re you doing here?”

“You didn’t answer any of my messages or calls. Was worried,” he says, looking deeply into your tired eyes. You nod, feeling slightly guilty for unintentionally ignoring him. He’s already started to pack up your things.

“Phone. I left it at home,” you explained sleepily.

Harry closed his eyes in light frustration. Had he known that, he never would have let you go without knowing how to get a hold of you.

“Are you mad?” you begin to cry.

“No, baby, I’m not mad at ya. I never could be. I love ya too much to be mad.” He’s rubbing his hands along your arms. You stifle a yawn.

“Come on, I’m taking ya home.”

You fall asleep in the car, and Harry carries you bridal style into his home. You’re barely coherent when he sets your body onto his bed and begins to remove your jacket. He has a t-shirt and sweatpants in his hands for you to change into, but that’s not enough to get you comfortable for bed.

“Wait, Harry,” you say suddenly. “My makeup, I need to take it off.”

Before you even finish the sentence Harry is knelt in front of you with a warm washcloth in his hands. He takes his time massaging the soft fabric over your face. The movements are slow and gentle, as if you are the most precious thing in the entire world.

“So beautiful,” Harry coos. “Just the way you are.”

Now it’s time for him to study. Study you. The way your full lips are heart shaped and slightly uneven, even though he thinks they’re perfect. The freckle under your left eye. The way your cheekbones cast shadows on your face. You’re beautiful, and Harry can’t believe you’re with him.

“What if I fail? Harry, what if I fail?” you ask him as soon as he finishes putting you in his clothes.

“You won’t baby, you got this.” You always seem to forget how you succeed at nearly everything you do.

“Yeah, I got this,” you whisper. Okay, now you’re seconds away from passing out.

Harry chuckles lightly. He believes in you. He knows you can do it. And no matter what happens, you have him.