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Yuzuru Hanyu: CoR Post-FP Interview and Press Con

//Video credit pino @ DM

(Unfortunately I was not able to cut just the interview, so bear with the full 23mins of this special, It has great footage anyway! I may sub the rest of it one day…)

Going into the season, this was a competition where you challenged your limits. What did you think about it?

I went in for the challenge but results-wise, I made mistakes so I think that was my own weakness.

You successfully landed your first 4Lz in competition that the world has been looking forward to, and it received positive GOE. How do you feel about it?

It wasn’t a perfect jump so I think it can be much better. Also, that I couldn’t include the loop jump that I’ve accumulated over the last season in neither the free skate nor the short is, after all, a pity. Well, of course there is the fact that I was concentrating on the lutz but I still think that I lack quite a bit of practice.

Well I’ve always been watching Hanyu, so let me say something optimistic. You may have had some failures today, but, you challenged it. All of that will become your strength in your fight towards the Olympics, that’s what I believe.

Yes that’s true. Well, I think all I can do is improve one step by one step so well, um…yes um, about the past… I have no intention to compare (this with it) so…In any case, I do feel like I have been giving everything I have, more than usual, so from here on out, I want to clear each (competition) one by one as I go into the second half of the season.

And so, (you said that) you yourself experienced Seimei in a new way, the program that only you, Hanyu, can skate. How was it?

No, there’s still a lot more, a lot more to it. Definitely, the content is nowhere near what I originally wanted to do so in that sense I do still feel a lot of regret, and that I still have a ways to go. From here on I would like to work harder as I go forward.

Um, please let me ask one more question. This Olympic season, everyone has expectations for this but I think the one who has the highest expectations is you yourself. How do you plan to continue fighting as you go on, looking at this result?

Yes, I am frustrated, and, well to be frank, there are both frustrations and rewards to be taken away from this. Well, I think that I still can grow even more from this point onward and if I can continue to work even more on these lessons in practice (it would be good).

It kind of looks like you are having a tough time but you said challenging things is fun, and I think that’s a wonderful thing.

Ah yes, it’s sports after all, so I want to continue to have fun whilst I skate.

I love Matsuoka’s interviews :)

====== (Sorry it’s so long, press con is short so I included it) ======

For today’s performance, I am satisfied with it, just a little. As expected, not being able to fully rotate the loop, or enter the combination jump properly…things like that added up one by one and resulted in this 3 point difference. Of course, I have my frustrations about the short and well…well, everything, everything needs more practice - that thought was renewed in me. And at the same time, um…in the end, in skating, every aspect is important so I felt (again) that doing every single aspect properly is really something important. -cut- Be it the mental element of it or the stamina required, I think this is a free program where stuff like that becomes extremely important so, as I improve each and every element, I would like to perfect this program.

Congrats Yuzu on finishing with the best first GP result you’ve achieved in awhile! (Japanese TV keeps emphasizing that he has not won his first GP in 2 years hahaha) Also, looking forward to Notte stellata again!

Growing Fame (1/??)

summary: A modern AU where the losers are semi-famous for different things, and when they all run into each other at a certain event, all of their fans go bat-shit crazy – wanting the seven to spend more time together. What they didn’t expect even more than that, though, was a well-known and mean journalist to write bad reviews on them all. Their growing fame could soon shrink, they quickly realized.
warnings: nothing, really; swearing.
pairings: not yet decided
a/n: I am excited for this, not gonna lie. To sum up the reasont that they’re famous: Most of the losers are YouTubers. Stan, Eddie, and Bill are this funny famous trio who used to be on Vine. Bev is a make up/FX artist. Mike is a singer on YouTube who’s slowly getting famous. Richie’s in a band. & Ben makes educational history vids with the occasional blog of him & Mike together bc they’re bffs. Hope you guys enjoy!! 

oh & this is like 2.4k words, so beware bc its a bit long.

CH 1 | CH 2 | CH 3

Day Off

Mike Hanlon laid on the couch in his apartment – head propped up by cushion, a guitar on his stomach, clothes mismatched from being lazy, and his golden retriever laying beside the couch while the black cat was curled between his feet. He strummed the guitar and hummed a tune of one of his songs with his eyes closed. He was simply relaxing, enjoying the time by himself with his two lovely pets. He could faintly hear his friend in the guest bedroom, an occasional yell being heard that made Mike halt his strumming for a short second before starting again. The dark skinned male had no idea what his friend was doing but he didn’t matter. He had a day off.

A day off from working his ass off to get his EP done for his fans – a surprise for them, actually. Mike was a singer/song writer on YouTube who had just recently been signed a record label deal for the next five years. He had been working on the EP before, but now it’s basically officially official that it will all happen. The work was tiresome, surprisingly. He stood in a studio all day, singing his heart out, and it was fun, don’t worry, but he just couldn’t help but feel that he needed everything for it to be perfect. Besides, he needed one more song plus the name for the EP and he had no idea what to do for those two things.

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Dear I‘m Alive Volunteers

Dear I’m Alive,

Can we talk for a minute about your presence at the Supernatural Seattle convention? When I first heard the idea of I’m Alive volunteers being at the convention, I was apprehensive. It was presented in the light that the volunteers would be gatekeepers to the cast members. I heard we weren’t allowed to cry or get upset before seeing cast members. If we did, we’d be ejected by volunteers until we got our act together. Looking back on it, I don’t know how that idea even was thought up. Safe to say, though, I was pensive.

My first photo op was with Rob and Rich. If I was nervous, the young lady a few spaces behind me was wrecked. She could not have been more than twelve years old and was shaking like a chihuahua. Ahead, I spotted a bright blue shirt and called out to the person wearing it.

“Hey, I’m Alive!” I yelled.

“I think her name is Elena,” the girl in front of me said.

“Hey, Elena!” I tried again.

This time, she heard me and immediately came to see what was going on.

I gestured to the anxious young woman near me and said “I think my young friend here is a little overwhelmed.”

Immediately, Elena sprang into action. She tossed an arm around the young lady’s shoulder and said “Hi! Are you excited? This is so cool! What pose are you thinking of doing?”

Just like that, they were off and running. I became focused on my own upcoming op, but could tell that the girl behind me became noticeably more steady having Elena to talk to.

On a personal level, I have anxiety and an irrational fear of Jared Padalecki. I went into my photo op with him with several friends. Their presence couldn’t calm me down. I kept trying to do grounding exercise, but I couldn’t focus. As such, I was getting more and more angry that I couldn’t get my act together. An I’m Alive volunteer came right up to me.

“How are you doing?” she asked.

I let loose a string of expletives that could make a Navy Seal blush. The volunteer took it all as a matter of course. As I rearranged my friends and encouraged (read: Shoved them) to go in front of me, my volunteer stuck to me like glue.

When I reached the front of the queue, she gently asked “Do you want to sit for a second until you’re ready?”

I nodded and stepped aside to let my friends get their pictures. As my final friend got her picture, I stepped forward and announced I was ready.

“Are you sure? You can still wait.” the volunteer offered.

“If I don’t f***ing do it now, I’m not doing it at all.” I replied.

“Okay!” she responded and we turned around…just in time to see my friend having her picture taken. Jared had a grip on her hair at the back of her head and was pushing her hair out of her face.

My volunteer chuckled and said “…awkward…”

I just barely survived my photo op and ran away like a scared child once it was over. At the end of the convention, though, my volunteer sought me out. She told me how proud she was of me that I made it through the op and fulfilled my personal promise to look Jared in the eyes.

All weekend long whenever anyone looked even a little uncomfortable, I saw a blue shirt headed their way ready to make it just a little bit easier. I’m Alive volunteers really reinforced the idea of “you are not alone.” They were kind, courteous, and respectful. They were a force of overwhelming love and support in a chaotic environment.

To anyone who is concerned about your emotions being managed and judged at the con by I’m Alive volunteers, please don’t worry. These volunteers know you’re struggling, but they see greatness inside of you. They know you can overcome what’s plaguing you in the moment and they’re there to help you. If you go to a con and you need someone to lean on, even for just a moment, look for the blue shirts. They have your back.

To all of the volunteers who came out to help us in Seattle, thank you so much. You are so loved and so valued. Thank you for being part of our family.

You’ve been dating your partner for six months. Tonight they’ve invited you to a work event, and as you step onto the red carpet, you realize it for the first time: you’re dating a celebrity. (x)

Even Oliver had to admit that, to his credit, Connor hadn’t exactly lied.

He turned the invitation over in his hands and frantically tried to think of something–anything– to say. His mind was going a mile a minute but his mouth couldn’t form words. 

“I know.” Connor put a hand on Oliver’s shoulder and leaned in. “I know it’s a big step. And a lot to ask but…I just thought that…” I just thought that wouldn’t be a that big of a deal. Why was Oliver so quiet? It was just the VMAs. 

Over the past few days, Connor had envisioned dozens of ways how Oliver would react to the invitation. In some he was ecstatic, screaming at the top of his lungs. In others he was so touched and overwhelmed he cried a bit. But in none of scenarios that had played out in Connor’s mind had Oliver acted as cold and quiet as he was now. 

He wished Oliver would just look at him. His boyfriend hadn’t taken his eyes off the gold embossed invitation since Connor had handed it over a few minutes ago. He’d known it was a big deal but he hadn’t thought it would be this much of a big deal. I mean, Oliver had to have known that at some point there would be something like this Connor would ask him to attend. 

“Listen, Ollie, you don’t have to–”

“You told me your name was Connor.”

Connor blinked. Twice. “What?”

Oliver slapped the invitation down, face up, and pushed away from the counter to pace the living room. Connor glanced down at the invite and frowned. It was addressed to Patrick Walsh but of course it was. Why would Oliver be upset about that? 

“My name is Connor,” he said, feeling dumb but not really understanding why. “Patrick is just a stage name.” Didn’t Oliver already know that? It seemed like everyone knew that. What the hell was happening?

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Meet Cute

Author: SaffreeLove

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: swearing, mention of thigh riding

Word Count: 906

Tagging @emilyevanston who is super awesome and gave me a great confidence boost that led to me actually publishing this and not leaving it on my drive for another few months.

You loved your local Comic Con. Four full days of letting your geek flag fly. Sitting in a huge conference hall with a thousand other fans dying over a new movie trailer or cast interviews.
Since you were a huge geek for Marvel and in particular the Winter Soldier, you were naturally rocking your Winter Soldier gear.

After an awesome day of panels and people watching you head back to your hotel. While waiting for the elevator to ascend from the lower lobby, you started checking your phone for tumblr and Instagram updates.

When the door opened, you stepped into the elevator, glancing up as you did. Somehow, your feet kept moving even though your breathing had come to a stuttering halt. With a small gasp, your head snapped forward to face the now closing doors. You stood there for about 20 seconds with the elevator not moving.

“Um, what floor did you need?”

Unable to speak in anything but squeaks, you leaned forward with a shaky hand to push the button for the 23rd floor. You could feel your heart attempting to beat its way out of your chest while a small tear threatened to leak out of the corner of your eye.

Sebastian Stan was standing in the elevator with you. Right there. Breathing the same air. And…….there was no way you were going to speak to him. This was something you had always promised yourself. This was his off time. He wasn’t working in this elevator. At a panel? Sure. At the meeting and greet? Of course. At the photo ops? Natch. But here on an elevator, when he’s likely heading back to his room after a long day of fan interactions? No fucking way. You were just going to have to hold on to your principles and cry later in your room about the amazing way he smelled. Oh shit, he really smelled good.

“Hey, are you okay?”

Yup, that’s it. Your mind couldn’t take it. It had cracked. You’re now hallucinating Seb talking to you.

“Hey, look. I’m pretty sure you know who I am. How about a picture? Or I could sign something? Would that make you feel better?”

Oh, and now you’ve died. That was the only explanation. Great. Your parents were going to be devastated. Your head turned slightly toward him. His whole body was angled at you with a look of sincere concern on his face. Holy shit. He had actually been talking to you. That hadn’t been your overactive imagination constructing some elaborate hallucination.

Finally coming to your senses, you shook your head and whispered, “No,” while your inner bitch cursed yourself out in three languages.

“Really? You sure? Cause I’m pretty sure that’s a Winter Soldier hoodie you’re wearing and I am, in fact, said Winter Soldier.”

Blushing, you shake your head again, take a steadying breath, and fully turn to look at him.

“You’re off the clock. I would never ask for that while you’re just going about trying to live your life. You are probably tired as shit after today and just want to fall into your hotel room. Not get accosted by overexcited fans.”

“Wow. I’ve never had anyone reject me quite like that before,” he said. Being so freaked out, you completely missed his smirk indicating he was teasing.

“What?!” you practically shouted. “Oh no, please don’t think I’m rejecting you! Believe me, I wouldn’t kick you outta bed for eating crackers. I mean, you’re you. You’re goofy and dorky and hot as fucking sin with those abs and chest and shoulders and thighs that are perfect for riding and face that just begs for kisses.”

You freeze when you realize what word vomit had just gushed out of your mouth. Even more heat flooded your face and neck.

“Ohmigod. I can’t believe I went there. I actually took it that direction. That’s not what you meant. Oh shit. Look, I’m just gonna be over here in the corner sinking into a shame spiral. Feel free to fully ignore me until we get to your floor, or any floor, if you need to escape the incredibly uncomfortable situation I’ve just created.”

Turning to the corner, you lightly thunk your head against the elevator wall. How could you have done this? The one person you had sworn to never make uncomfortable, you just accidentally insulted and then rambled about riding his thigh. Your chest ached when you realized that you were going to have to abandon your plan of going to his photo op tomorrow. No way could you show up there now. He obviously hates you and will be telling security to watch out for the crazy Winter Soldier fan.

Suddenly, you notice that Seb is laughing. You turn your head to look at him. He has the biggest grin on his face and maybe a touch of interest in his eyes.

“Are you doing anything right now? If not, wanna join me for some dinner?”


“Dinner. You hungry?”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, how about it?”

“But, I’m a fan. Shouldn’t you be worried about, I don’t know stalkers or something like that?”

“Well, judging from that little rant about me being off the clock I’d say you are probably that safest fan I could possibly be with, ever. So, dinner?”

“Umm, yes? How is that even a question?”

With that, the elevator doors opened you stepped out together.

Part 2

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i love your blog and we share pretty much all of the same fandoms, so i was wondering if you had any fic recs? for skam, the raven cycle, all for the game, black sails, the 100, shades of magic, harry potter, percy jackson, captive prince and shadowhunters, thank you.

oh my god, thank you??? you’re so lovely and polite, anon. i have TONS of fic recs for all of the above (except shades of magic and shadowhunters…i have one for both) so i like, apologise for the amount of fics you’re going to receive. you could check out my fic rec tag instead…there’s a lot in this list. i’m incapable of choosing between things, but i tried to narrow it down? i’m sure there are plenty of more amazing fics, but these are my absolute favourites. (IT’S A LOT.)

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Set after that QuiObiAni thing I wrote. Someone on AO3 requested a fight with Ventress and I thought that might be cool. :D

“Look at you, Kenobi,” Ventress said, her voice a mere hiss. “You’ve become so weak.”

Obi-Wan coughed, carefully hiding the blood left on his hand, and gripped his saber tightly. “And yet you’ve not yet beaten me,” he said lightly. “I’d say you’re insulting yourself just as much me, Ventress.”

Ventress sneered, her lips quirking up in a humorless smile. “Perhaps I am only playing with you before I kill you.” Swinging her sabers so that they cross over each other in an arch, she dashed towards Obi-Wan. Skipping backwards, Obi-Wan dodged her first swing and caught her second with his saber, the blue and red lights crackling as they clashed with each other. Using his greater upper body strength, Obi-Wan pushed her back and and darted backwards to dodge her third swing.

Despite antagonizing her, Obi-Wan was very much at the end of his rope. Ventress had landed some powerful blows against him and Obi-Wan could feel blood oozing down his back, soaking into his tunics. This was suppose to be a relatively simple mission. That’s what I get for assuming anything, he thought wryly.

Ventress strolled forward, insultingly casual. “Today you die, Master Jedi,” she said, bringing her sabers up over her head. As she did so, Obi-Wan jerked his hand forward, using the Force to throw her backwards. She screamed, equal parts surprise and rage, before getting back to her feet. She ran for him and brought both of her sabers down; Obi-Wan brought his up and to meet hers and it became a battle of wills.

“Give up, it’s over!” she hissed. Obi-Wan went to one knee, the strength of her two lightsabers overpowering his one. He could see the triumph in her eyes and he could only hope that his death would be quick and then-

She was off him, dangling in the air, her lightsabers falling to the ground as she struggled against an invisible grip. Obi-Wan blinked and looked past her to two tall figures walking closer.

Qui-Gon had one hand up, his face carefully blank although even from that distance Obi-Wan could see pleasure in his eyes as he slowly choked Ventress out. Beside him, Anakin smiled sharply.

“Wh…what are you doing?” Ventress gasped out. “You’re betraying-”

“No one,” Qui-Gon said. “We’ve not pledged allegiance to anyone, Ventress.”

Anakin’s drew his saber and fire it up. The red glow reflected in his Sith eyes and his smile widened. “In fact, we’re here to send a little message to your master.”

Ventress kicked her legs out frantically, before swinging one hand out to Force push Obi-Wan, sending him crashing against an outcropping of rocks. This unexpected move had Qui-Gon weakened Qui-Gon’s will and Ventress escaped his Force grip, quickly recovering to hope backwards, quick as a grasshopper, her sabers up in a defensive stance.

“Consider your message received,” she said hoarsely.

“Not quite,” Qui-Gon said, smiling. It wasn’t friendly. “You’ll die for this, Ventress.”

“Not this day,” she said, stepping backwards. She reached behind her back and threw a smoke bomb at them. When it cleared, she was gone.

Obi-Wan got to his feet, leaning against the rocks heavily. He wasn’t sure if his situation got better or worse, but as Anakin rushed over to him, he drew his lightsaber. “Stay back,” he said lightly.

“I just want to make sure you’re okay,” Anakin said, brow furrowing as his concern was replaced with anger.

“I’m sure I’ll be right as rain once I get back to the healers,” Obi-Wan said.

“That’s too far away,” Anakin said. “When we’re right here.”

The way he said we made Obi-Wan turn his attention to Qui-Gon, who’d managed to come so much closer than Obi-Wan wanted. “Get back,” Obi-Wan said, voice trembling a bit. From blood loss, he told himself, just from blood loss. Qui-Gon stepped even closer, apparently unconcerned about the lightsaber gripped in Obi-Wan’s trembling hand.

“Be reasonable, Obi-Wan,” Qui-Gon said, smiling softly. “We only want to help you.”

“That’s not the only thing you want,” Obi-Wan said and for a moment Qui-Gon’s expression shifted and he became a hungry thing, his smile widening and eyes narrowing. But it was just for a moment and he reached out and gently grasped Obi-Wan’s wrist, carefully powering down the saber. When he made to take it from him, though, Obi-Wan jerked backwards and his vision swam.

“Don’t take it,” he said and it was both a demand and a plea.

Anakin was suddenly by his side, one hand creeping across his back. “He’s losing a lot of blood, Master,” and the concern in his voice was so sincere that Obi-Wan couldn’t stop from leaning against him. Anakin took his weight and then some, lifting him up as if he weren’t a grown man, as if they didn’t weigh nearly the same amount.

Obi-Wan’s grip on his lightsaber loosened and Qui-Gon gently took the weapon from him, tucking it into his robes. “I’ll keep it safe for you,” he said, brushing Obi-Wan’s hair off his forehead. There was satisfaction plain on his face, a satisfaction that Anakin’s expression shared.

“Please…” Obi-Wan said but he wasn’t sure what he wanted to say. The darkness of the unconscious was calling to him and though he fought it, he still slumped backwards, head tilting back as he hung limply in Anakin’s arms.

TFA Upgrades AU

AU where Autobots naturally upgrade to become stronger, whereas warbuilds come online strong and top of their game.

Like say, when an Autobot first comes online, they are little more than soft protoform. In those first few seconds of sentience, they receive their first upgrades that allows them to perceive the world. Most importantly they gain armor– something that will protect their softer bodies; something they NEED to function.

After a while, when their processors have developed a bit more and they have actual personalities, they receive their second upgrade: a special skill. It comes almost seemingly at random, yet the bots say it feels just right. It is something UNIQUE to them, and everyone around them, and comes without prompting.

Finally– and few know this– Autobots can receive additional upgrades depending on WANTS and DESIRES. The number of these upgrades are technically limitless, but to gain them one must reach a meditative state, as well as have a frame/processor developed enough to make room for more functions. You must be in-tune with your frame and spark, ready to receive…

So imagine if Prowl and Optimus get to talking about this (cuz you KNOW Prowl would know about this sort of thing) and Optimus decides to give it a few shots at the base. Bumblebee and Bulkhead prove to be too distracting, so he never quite gets into his meditation. Fast forward to about a week later, Optimus is captured by the cons and is locked up in a cell. When Blitzwing finally leaves, he’s all alone… and he decides to give mediation another shot.

He pictures himself as strong as a warbuild, to be taken seriously and protect everyone he cares about; he visualizes himself flying, taking Sari for a flight and able to dodge even Megatron’s claws. How fun it would be– how HELPFUL he would be. Suddenly he is overcome by a bright light emanating from his spark chamber…

He feels… different. A good different. When he is able to reorient his senses, Lugnut is yelling at him, demanding answers. The con also left the door wide open in his haste to interrogate. Emitting what might have been a growl of irritation, Optimus decides to take his chances and test out this new feeling, bolting for the door. Lugnut of course attempts to stop him, but Optimus is able to push the con’s huge arm back and shove past him.

Breaking free, he encounters a stunned Blitzwing, who witnessed his newfound strength. Optimus does growl now.

“Out of my way!” That shakes Blitzwing out of his shocked state.

“Not a chance, little Autobot.” -whrr- “Why don’t you go back into your cell and play a game of ‘sit don’t speak’? Ehueheuhueh~”

“I don’t think so.”

“You want to go outside? Why, Rapunzel…” -whrr- “YOU THINK THIS IS A GAME!? I WILL *CRUSH* YOU, PUNY BOT!!” By this point Lugnut has shaken his surprise as well and is gearing up to charge into the fray. Optimus is able to battle them both– they are in a cave, so the cons have little advantage in their altmodes. He knocks Lugnut back with a fist to the faceplates and wrestles Blitzwing to the ground after kicking his pedes out from under him. Before they can regroup Optimus is sprinting towards the only light he can see, assuming it’s an exit.

It is an exit, however it’s thousands of feet in the air– they are on a fraggin cliff face by the sea! Optimus backs up from the edge. Okay, hand-to-hand combat is one thing, but this? Even if he did get the upgrade, it practically goes against nature! He’s a grounder, accustomed to something solid beneath him, this… this is just too much…

“Ooohoohoo, nowhere to run little Autobot ~!”

“Get back in your cell and our glorious leader, Lord Megatron–” Okay, Optimus really doesn’t need to hear anything else.

He can’t hesitate anymore. It’s now or never. Optimus takes a leap of faith; Blitzwing and Lugnut gasp.

The plunge is terrifying.

Optimus closes his optics and digs deep, trying to calm himself, trying to activate whatever new software is required to make this work. Finally, he feels his plating shift. Small propulsion units appear on his back, on his pedes, and servos. By instinct his face mask closes… and he is suddenly weightless.

He is clumsy still, but is able to maneuver himself in the direction of home. The cons are probably too shocked to follow. Optimus grins to himself– this is amazing! This is wild! This is– really, really really high up, holy Primus! Just has he takes a gulp his blue optics meet wide red ones.

It’s Megatron. Come back from… well whatever it was he does when he’s out. Optimus never really found out. In his shock he falters for a moment before panic takes him and he wills his frame to go faster, faster, he’s GOT to get out of there!!

When he finally reaches the mainland outside the city he touches down and exvents heavily from exhaustion. He’s never seen Megatron look like that in any of their encounters, or in the holovids he’s watched. It would seem he’s baited a beast. Oh, he is in SO much scrap the next time they battle…

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Scrolling through your blog after seeing your supercorp tweets has actually made me interested in season 7 of ouat having quit in season 5. The plot seems like it could be going back to its season 1 roots re the curse and their identities, and A&E have really impressed me by admitting their mistakes with the LGBT rep. I'm really surprised but I may be looking forward to it!

So I’m going to give you my season 7 pollyanna sales pitch:

I’ve now talked to Adam quite regularly on twitter and while twitter isn’t his best medium for communicating I believe that he’s got good intentions and recognizes and reads far more criticism of his work than people know.  He acknowledged to me between season 5 and season 6 that he regretted that the LGBT storyline was one episode, that it had been intended to be more, and he and then had a long exchange about the problem of getting your LGBT rep in side characters (he says that they were unable to book Meghan for more episodes).  He’s also said for a while that he wished that the show had more racial diversity.  When they had a chance to cast new characters they seem to be paying off on those lessons.  I completely understand if people don’t trust Once.  But I do think they are making a good faith effort to fix the the things they did wrong.

The change from “Book I” to “Book II” also essentially killed all the ships in one swing.  I don’t actually think this was an accident.  I believe they felt trapped in the stale ship based story dynamic and this is again their attempt to break out of it.  Will it work, who knows, maybe maybe not.

So a summary what is going on and how we go here:

Season 1-6 of Once are Book II.  The book ended with a big family dinner at the end of season 6 and everyone got their “happy beginning”.  The final than flash forwarded some large amount of years later to a little girl knocking on a door in Seattle and Andrew J. West answering the door as adult Henry.  The little girl is his daughter Lucy and she wants him to come with her because his family is in trouble.  Henry has … somehow lost belief.

We learned at Comic Con that Henry (with guest appearances in multiple episodes by Jared Gilmore playing 18-19 year old Henry) that he’s gone through all the storybooks he found and he’s not in any of them.  He wants to find his own story.  Thematically Regina also told Snow in season 6 that lives are made up of more than one story and that she wanted a new one that wasn’t dominated by the Evil Queen.  Henry goes realm hopping on a magical motorcycle to find his story and some time much later he crashes his bike into Cinderella’s carriage.  

How the fuck is Dania Ramirez playing Cinderella you might ask?  Well it’s not a recast.  Because there are more than one version of these stories there are more than one version of the person living them out.  Cinderella played by Jessy Schram still exists in Storybrooke.  This is a different Cinderella with a different story and we’ve now opened up the chance to meet different version of any story character we’ve ever met before.  So say… literary Frankenstein in addition to the black and white horror movie Frankenstein we’ve already met.  Something has gone wrong for Henry though and Regina, Hook and Rumple go to help him.  And they all mysteriously end up in a neighborhood in Seattle… with new identities.

The new cast and what we know of their character.  Dania Ramirez as Cinderella, she has a daughter named Lucy who is Henry’s daughter though we don’t know if that’s by adoption or biology.  Gabrielle Anwar is Lady Tremaine she is apparently a deeply unpleasant person but Anwar at comic con doesn’t think she has magic.  Both of them are regulars.  Mekia Cox is playing Princess Tiana who is apparently Cinderella’s roommate.  Adelaide Kane is playing the wicked stepsister Drusilla.  Rose Reynolds is playing another version of Alice in Wonderland.  All recurring.  They are currently filming ep 2, Jared has appeared in ep 1 and 2, JMo did her one and only guaranteed appearance in 2, and Emilie de Ravin is guest starring in episode 4.

Regular Cast women of color, Lana (Regina), Dania (Cinderella), Gabrielle (Tremaine), and Alison (Lucy Mills).

Anwar is 47, Lana is 40, Dania is 37, and Mekia is 35.  That’s how we get four women of color over 35 in the regular and recurring cast.

What your favorite Undertale Character says about you:

I wrote these out of my observations of people when I’d ask them their favorite character while I sold art at a local convention. Take them as you will.

Sans: You find humor in some of the strangest places and sometimes it’s just a show. You may harbor pain and frustration on the inside but you rarely convey your feelings externally. Instead of getting worked up, you remain calm. You’re not about appearances since you prefer to live out of need rather than want. You don’t need to be hailed in the limelight but that doesn’t stop people from being drawn to you.

Toriel: You have a kind heart. You are concerned for the well-being of others. When you see others suffer, you intervene but do so with as little confrontation as necessary. You light other people up with your warm smile. You prefer enjoying friends in smaller groups but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a silly side. You’re the kind of friend that others can confide in.

Papyrus: You long for the praise of those around you, but you do so because you wish to let others know that you care. You are easily excited and fascinated by the world around you. You may realize that not everyone will see things your way but you believe that everyone has potential to be good. You might invest too much trust at times, but, around the right people, you will be a valuable friend that can always be depended on.

Undyne: You are fierce in your conviction. When something burns in your heart, it sparks through your emotions. You are loyal but protective of your friends. You would see those you care about succeed even at the cost of your own happiness. Others admire your passion. You tend to stand out for your charisma and ability to take responsibility head on. You have the makings of a leader.

Alphys: You are tenderhearted and that is a good thing! You long to be friends with those around you but you may feel limited by your inadequacies. Despite this, you are still fascinated by people. You might have gone through hard times, times where you felt like you were taken for granted, or where you were used. Know that you are still every bit as wonderful as everyone else and that you bring joy to others even when you don’t always see it.

Mettaton: You have something to offer the world and it is your self-appointed duty to show everyone what you’ve got. Some might perceive you as superficial but internally, you have a desperate desire to bring people joy. Surprisingly, you are very concerned about what others think of you. You might be the one everyone says remains calm even in the times you’re actually not. Be careful of how you treat others as friends are as temporary as how you act towards them.

Napstablook: You are so much more than how you see yourself. You might have a tendency to self-deprecate and excuse your own needs in favor of others. Despite this, you have a sincerity that is rare among the world. You tend to be wary of others as you fear of their approval (or lack thereof). Don’t let this hinder you from being your true self. Everyone would benefit from knowing someone as kind and considerate as you.

Muffet: You have a unique sense of aesthetic that others can’t help but admire. Some may see you as a trendsetter but you simply see it as living life independent of others. You’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty to get work done. Some might be intimidated by you, but you don’t mind. What matters is that you know what you’re after and you’re not afraid to step forward and take action.

Asgore: Your compassion is both your greatest strength and weakness. You long to see your loved ones succeed but you offer yourself no such kindness when you make your own mistakes. If people look past your errors, they will see that you’re a treasure. It’s the sympathy that you show others and the willingness to press forward that makes you a powerful leader among a crowd.

W.D. Gaster: There is a mystery about you. You don’t tend to blend in with the rest of the crowd as many don’t truly know you. Even so, you bring something to the world that, even though others may never see it, can impact society in ways most have never dreamed of. You have gifts to share with the world. Don’t let others stop you in contributing something great…

Flowey: You can really drive a nail through people’s feelings whether you mean to or not. Despite this, there is something good in you, but you may deny this or simply ignore it. Admittedly, you are quite clever and quick with your words. You’re also loyal to a plan and will almost always see your goals through.

Asriel: You have a sweetness about you that others lack. Occasionally, this might lead you into trouble due to your desire to be helpful. You find validation in love and friendship. When the world turns away with a cold shoulder, it’s tough to forgive. You would rather see everyone getting along and hate confrontation.

Frisk: You are fascinated by the world that surrounds you. You might not seem like the most exciting apple in the barrel, but you’re very likable. You prefer to make choices at the moment they’re placed before you. Adventure is synonymous with your personality.

Chara: You might have some negative perceptions of humanity. Regardless, you have an insatiable curiosity with the workings of mankind. Don’t let it be your downfall. You too are very focused, DETERMINED even. You don’t let others stand in your way and will go through hell and back to see your plans are carried out.

Temmie: h0I



Two more chapters to go before it’s over!

Betaed by the inimitable, incredible Sarielle who was honestly the biggest reason this chapter exists. I can’t thank them enough.


Are any of you going to the Farewell to the Falls exhibition at Gallery Nucleus? I’m going on August 6th, and I don’t know if I’ll be going with any IRL friends, so I would love to meet up with any other GF fans there. PLEASE HMU.))

Summary: Thirty years ago, Stanley Pines made a deal. Now, in the wake of Bill’s defeat and his brother’s disappearance, Ford begins to unravel Stan’s dark secrets. Neverhuman AU by @notllorstel 

Gravity Falls, 1982

They sat quietly, arms around their knees, back against the wall, their mind completely blank. Out of the corner of their eyes, the television sprouted several spindly legs and began to lurch toward the door in slow, excruciating movements. They watched it go.

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Three years ago today, Peter Capaldi was announced as the Doctor. Little did I know just how much I’d come to love and adore Peter and his Doctor. I will admit, when he was first announced, my first reaction was equally joy and “eh.” I still wasn’t over the news of Matt leaving. I thought to myself “I don’t care if he looks older, he looks like he’ll be a nice guy.” I thought he was kind of attractive but like I said, I thought “eh.” 

Fats forward to today and boy have things changed. Peter has changed my life and brought me happiness that I never knew existed. I just about wake up every morning and open my computer, only to find myself smiling because of him. Now, I look at him and find him the most attractive man (and Doctor) ever. Because of him, I went to a con and put myself out there. Because of him, I started writing fanfiction. Because of him, I’ve made new friends on here. 

He is the kindest human and actor that I’ve ever met. He gives so much to us in return and understands us in a way other actors never will. I will never forget how he reached out for my hand and squeezed it after I blurted out that I love Twelve, as if he understood that the statement wasn’t simple and meant so much. I will never forget all the nights I watched series 8 on @bbcamerica, looking forward to seeing what his Doctor was bringing next. I’ll never forget watching BBC One on Saturday afternoons during my first semester of college to see what his Doctor had in store next for series 9. Now, I can’t wait to see what surprises are in store for his Doctor in series 10. 

Thank you Peter Capaldi and @doctorwho (for casting him.) Here’s to many years to come! 

starfi-re  asked:

idk if you still wanted to do the pjo prompts, but i'm bored as hell and want to read some as. god it was so hard to pick just one! but #2 plz?

this kind of got away from me and i landed up writing a lot… but here you go! percabeth soulmate au ft. jasiper & kind of stucky (at comic-con) :)

Percy was not exactly prepared for Comic-Con. For one thing, he’d been going for the past seven years – yeah, seven – and this had caused a little bit of carelessness when it came to putting on a costume since he’d almost given up the idea of ever finding his soulmate at one of the conventions.

Seriously. This is what happens when the words tattooed onto your wrist are Captain America.

As a kid, Percy had been one hundred percent sure that the blond comic character would one day show up on his doorstep. Percy would say What’s your name?, his soulmate would reply, and they’d skip off into the sunset – or something.

It didn’t help that once he discovered Captain America wasn’t actually real, he was determined to learn as much as he could about the superhero’s fictional life. This involved several trips to parts of Brooklyn, as well as walking around shady alleyways on the lookout for scrawny Steve Rogers impersonators.

No such luck. The bright idea of a comic convention had occurred to him when his friend Nico had mentioned something about Hogwarts and Marvel in the same sentence – if Nico could meet his Harry Potter obsessed soulmate at Comic-Con, why couldn’t Percy?

“Hey, you ready?” Jason, Percy’s favourite cousin, stuck his head around the door into Percy’s room. The pair of them shared an apartment and Jason was as enthusiastic at the prospect of Percy finding his soulmate as Percy himself was – probably because he had met his girlfriend Piper just a month before in a supermarket.

“Can’t find my Bucky arm,” Percy muttered whilst rummaging through his closet.

Jason stepped into the room, looking like he’d just come off the set for a Superman movie featuring a blond Clark Kent. Piper trailed behind him in a Wonder Woman costume.

“I swear you had it earlier?” Piper asked, “You tried it on for me like last week or something…”

Percy sighed and peered once more behind his cupboards before flopping forwards onto his bed. He looked upside-down at Piper and Jason before glancing at the floor –

“There it is!” A metal arm was glimmering under his bed, and he grabbed it, “Cool, I’m ready to go.”

As he left the room with Jason and Piper, he could only hope that there wouldn’t be as many Captain Americas this year as there were the year before.

“Welcome to Comic-Con. Can I see your ticket?”

Annabeth passed the girl at the entrance her ticket and smiled at her briefly before going into the convention. The benefit of going on a Friday was that it was a hell of a lot less packed than it was on Saturdays – at least, that was what all the online guides and reviews had said.

Annabeth had never been to a comic convention herself (she’d always been more of a book signings kind of girl) but Piper had insisted that this was the best time for her to meet Jason, her new-found soulmate.

As happy as Annabeth was for her best friend, she couldn’t help but be a little jealous that Piper had found someone literally made for her, whilst Annabeth was still waiting around for her soulmate to make an appearance.

She craned her neck above the gathering crowds, attempting to find a Wonder Woman that looked like Piper. Finally, she spotted her at a stall selling spring rolls – she thought it was maybe a little early to be eating them, but then again her stomach started to rumble at the smell – and weaved her way towards her.


Piper turned, her skirt swishing around her thighs, and beamed in Annabeth’s general direction, “There you are! This is Jason –“ She gestured to the blond Superman beside her. Piper had gone on and on and on about Jason’s piercing blue eyes, blond hair and the little scar on his upper lip for so long that now that Annabeth was finally meeting the guy, she felt like she’d known him for as long as Piper had.

Annabeth grinned, “Finally. I’ve heard so much about you, I think Piper already loves you more than me –“ She was cut off by an elbow to the waist, courtesy of her friend.

“Shut up,” Piper said, but she was smiling in spite of her blush. “This is Percy, Jason’s cousin.”

Annabeth’s attention swivelled to the man half-hidden behind Jason’s broad form. She had barely noticed he was there on account of the fact that he was shovelling spring rolls down his throat, but now that she looked at him properly, she recognised the metal arm he was wearing and the symbols attached to his shirt.

She didn’t say anything, but waved awkwardly instead – it’s not every day that an extremely attractive guy dresses up as your fictional best friend.

“What’s your name?” he mumbled through a mouthful of food.

“Captain America,” she said in a slow voice.

Percy swallowed, “No, I mean your actual name.”

“Oh,” she blushed, “Um, Annabeth.”

“Cool. I’m Bucky Barnes. Or Percy.”

He looked at her strangely for a moment, as if trying to place her, like he’d seen her before. Then, he blinked and smiled, “So, d’you guys want to look around?”

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Stay With Me

Do you remember about two months ago, when everything in the benrook tag was filled was angst and break ups, and injuries and stuff? Well I wanted to participate in that angst fest, but writer’s block wouldn’t let me.

A few days ago I decided to give this fic another chance and voila! Thank you to Lovewildmuttpuppy and Fillyrika for your encouragement and input.

Title: Stay with me.
Pairing: Benrook with a touch of gwevin.
Warnings: Extreme violence and character death.
Summary: Hostile aliens have started war with earth. Humans are being captured and enslaved. Homes destroyed. But it can all end. All with one public execution.

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Ok, you guys, i need to get this off my chest…

I’ve always had this feeling, and i don’t know why, that Sebastian isn’t very fond of Tom. (Like i said this is just me, i’m not trying to start rumors or anything. I love them both). But i feel like there’s this unspoken competitiveness between them. It’s mostly Sebastian. Tom’s oblivious i’m sure. (So far). But some of my Tumblr friends have noticed it too.


I only got more suspicious when Wizard World Con Philadelphia took place in June.

Until that point, Sebastian and Tom hadn’t met. But all we got, was this picture:

Because Thomas photobombed them.

The thing is… people at these events pay attention to every little detail and write about EVERYTHING that happens there on social media. How come no one ever said anything about Tom and Seb interacting? And if they had shaken hands, SOMEONE would’ve taken a picture. Obviously. So there hasn’t really been a proper introduction and i mean, isn’t that weird? 


Sebastian, accidentally walked into Tom’s autograph booth (This was before the picture above, i believe):

… and then this happened:

Hmm… ?

But that’s not it, he actually drew a mustache on Tom’s banner, AND if you look at the video, you can see him slightly glaring at Tom’s picture in the last second:

[ Video ] 

He makes a face right??? Like “Pff… this guy… whatever”. 

 (Did he also steal his water bottles btw? ahaha Sebastian, you punk.)

I don’t know. I’m intuitive but maybe i’m just seeing things. I know Sebastian would have no reason to dislike Tom because they haven’t even met nor worked together yet, but let’s be honest, sometimes we just… dislike ppl we don’t know. 

They will work together for Infinity war though, so i am so looking forward to that. 

In the meantime, i am having fun with this because let’s face it, this “competitiveness”, whatever you want to call it, is kinda hot.

*Let this be another reminder that this is all good fun and just a thought.*


callmegallifreya  asked:

Dipper goes to Alcor-con and enters the lookalike contest. He's about to be awarded the third place prize or going on for the skit bit or something when he gets summoned, and everyone thinks his "oh I'm being summoned excuse me" is part of his act until he actually disappears.

“Alright everybody, give it up for the Demon Twins!”

The audience breaks into a smattering of applause, and the two cosplayers wearing matching bright clothes and black contacts bowed as they stepped back into the line-up of fellow costumed convention-goers.

“Next up, we’ve got another pair of Twin Stars. Come on up here, you two!” The black-clothed judge gestured towards the two that were next in line, a man and woman smiling nervously as they stepped forward. The man looked to be in his early twenties with shaggy brown hair and wore a black suit and a small black top hat. The woman was of a similar age, with long straight brown hair, a short skirt, and a thick, lime green sweater.

“Now, tell me a little bit about yourselves.” The judge extended the microphone towards the two, and the sweater-wearing woman quickly took it out of his hands. The two exchanged a long glance before the woman began speaking.

“Well, it’s- it’s a funny story… we actually didn’t come to the con together, we just met the night before and figured our costumes matched perfectly and we signed up for this last minute and it all worked out really well, I think!” Her words came rapidly, each one that flitted by taking its place in a rhythm that was almost musical in its simplicity.

“I helped her with her costume.” His words were slower, darker, each one filling the room until it had to make way for the next.

“Right, right. He was great about that, really.”

The judge shook his head, laughing gently. “That’s great, but I was talking about your costumes. Tell us about your take on Alcor and Mizar.”

Once again, after a brief moment of hesitation, the woman was the first to speak. “I’m Mizar the Twin Star! I knit my own sweaters and make sure nobody messes with my buddy Alcor here!” She punctuated the statement by spinning around on one leg, a wide grin on her face as she twirled. A smattering of claps and cheers came from the audience as her motion stilled.

“And I…” The man gave a wide grin, revealing a set of pointed teeth that looked as real as his yellow-and-black eyes. “I am Alcor the Dreambender, the Forgotten One, and of course, the Twin Star. One of the world’s most powerful demons. Those who cross me- or my twin Mizar- will soon r̭̝͇̲ͬ̉ͨẽ͉͍̱̼̻̥̗̂̕g̷͓̦ͧ̈́r̠͙e̗͓͈͉̗̗͓t̰͔̱ͫͧ̌ ̨̙͒̆i̠̲̬ͪ̋̃͗̚ţ̈.” The last few words resonated with a dark echo. The cheers from the crowd were even louder this time.

The judge gave a nervous laugh as he took his microphone back. “Good job, you two! You’ve certainly got the voice down there, Alcor- and those contacts are just perfect! I have to ask- where did you get them?”

The man’s gaze turned towards the ground, his face flushing. “They’re… er… they’re custom-made.”

The judge gave a terse nod. “Well, their creator certainly did a wonderful job then! Now, before we move on to the next contestants, any last words from you two?”

The man burst into a sneeze, which had a high-pitched sound that didn’t seem to match up with his low voice.

The room erupted into laughter.

"Aww, does Alcor the Dreambender have a case of the sniffles?”

“I-” He sneezed again, the second sneeze just as small and cute as the first. “No! I, Alcor the Dreambender, do n̺͉̼͍̮͗̅̍ͯ̄̓͢ǫ̰ͩ͐̔t̘̖͘ get the sniffles!”

"Alright, alright if you say so.” The laughter began to die down. “Give a bow, you two! Mizar the Twin Star and Alcor the Sneezer!”

The Mizar cosplayer gave a bow as the room filled with both applause and laughter, but the other one remained in place, wide-eyed.

“Actually…” His words came faster than before. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, but I really have to answer this summons. Excuse me for a minute, everybody.”

“No worries there, Alcor my buddy! Do whatever you have to do!” the judge replied.

Mizar and Alcor turned to face one another.

The Mizar cosplayer put her hands on her hips. “But Alcor, you promised to stick around for me!”

He flashed her another fang-filled grin. “Actually, I didn’t. You said I could stay here while I was corporeal. You didn’t say I had to.”

“But… but we’re in the middle of the costume contest! That’s not fair!” The woman pouted and gave the man her best puppy-dog eyes.

“Demons aren’t fair.”

And then, in the blink of an eye, the man in the Alcor costume disappeared from the stage.

The room fell silent.

anonymous asked:

Yes I'm asking how that picture came into existence! Let me live vicariously through your experience, please and thank you!! :))))

okay so since y’all asked this is the story of how i met aidan turner

i’ve written this story three times in the last two days oHG MYGOD

so it was at the sydney supanova and i was with my dad and we got there really early like before the con began because we rEALLY wanted to see aidan and so yeah fast forward a few hours and i was standing around near the photobooth on my own (which is next to the place where all the celebs wait) and out of the corner of my eye i see david hasselhoff and i turn around and i see adam frickin brown and i was like “oh my god what” and then i saw jed brophy and then anD THEN FRIENDS i see aidan in profile and I WAS SO SHOCKED LIKE THIS???? IS???? THE???? MAN??? I SPENT THE LAST????? FEW MONTHS??? CRYING ABOUT????? and i wanted to fall over it was embarrassing and i was on my oWN i couldn’t hit my dad like “dad dad LOOK!”

anyway i lined up for the autographs and i couldn’t see him because eVERYONE was being all tall but my dad could see him and he sighed and said “isabella he’s there don’t worry he isn’t going anywhere” and then it was almost my turn and then i saw aidan stand up and walk over somewhere else and i was so stunned because i thought he was gonna leave because he WAS running behind and had to get to the photobooth but he didn’t he just took a pic with jed and adam and then he came back and it was my turn!!! and i said hi and he said hey! and i gave him this kili picture (kind of wished i went with mitchell??? but idk the lady said gET THE KILI ONE so i did) and he was like “isabella. lovely name” and i was like scoffing ha ha thank u mr turner sir my life and love (he said everyone had a lovely name i wasn’t special but oH WELL) and i told him i was trying so hard not to freak out and he was like “aw it’s okay! freak out” and he sHRIEKED and waved his hands around i wanted to die he is so duMB and then i asked for a hug (my dad told me to do it because otherwise i would’ve never done it and regretted it) and aidan was like “yeah of course!” and we hugged and he was wearing this horrible and thick like thermal-looking jacket (it was raining that day so) and i was like squished into it but anyway yeah we hugged and his arms are really strong and his biceps are gREAT for hugging i wanted to stay and snuggle for hours upon hours because he was almost like a mini-heater and he gave me a little squeeze and my cheek brushed his cheek so I FELT THE STUBBLE and it was absolutely amazing i wanna feel that stubble everywhere (what) and i accidentally felt his ear and it was little and freezing and rEALLY CUTE!!! and when we pulled away my dad was like “you know that hug was like a marriage contract right?” and i was so horrified i wanted a piano to fall on my head and swallow me whole and i was like “he’s only twice my age dad” and aidan licked his lips and smirked at me and he giggled (you know the ehehe one jfc) so yeah anyway he continued signing and he wrote kili under his signature and me being dumb i blurted out “why do you always write your character? it’s not like we don’t know who you are” and he was so defensive oh my god he was like “it makes me feel better!” he was like a whining child and i was like lol okay whatever and my dad said something like “it means he’s creative” and aidan just nodded furiously and grinned and then yeah that was the signing part:

(it was raining on the way back so a bit of his signature smudged :/)

and then later on i went to the photobooth and i didn’t know what i wanted to do now i think about it i kinda wished we did the mr and mrs june pose but oh well. anyway i went in and we said hey again and i asked if he could kiss my cheek and he was so up for it??? i mean he’s an actor he can feign his reactions but whatever like he was like yEAH sure!! as if kissing the cheek of a stumbling fifteen year old stranger wasn’t odd at ALL but yeah he like put his arm around my waist and he squeezed my hip and i was like oh and then he kissed my cheek (psa: his lips are wet and a bit warm and lovely i would love to kiss him for hOURS) and then THE LONGEST SIX SECONDS OF MY LIFE HAPPENED because the photographer was taking his sweet ass time taking the photo so aid and i were like “hmm” and i tried not to giggle because my pose was supposed to be like me going “eww” AND I TRIED TO STAY IN CHARACTER. but yeah then the dude took the photo and we said our goodbyes and it was wonderful i will never forget that day

i paid 70 bucks to meet hug and have aidan turner kiss me was it worth it friends yes i highly rec this


How am I supposed to explain to you, how much that last weekend means to me?! HOW?! Well… I’ll try my best. ;)

At the three days of the AnimagiC convention in my home country last weekend I got the chance to see, hear and finally meet my fave mangaka of all time, Nobuhiro Watsuki-sensei, and his lovely wife, Kaworu Kurosaki (author of some of the stories her husband’s drawn), not at least once but for SEVERAL times during the whole event! (You can see him and his wife left on the photo above. She was ALWAYS wearing kimonos! So beautiful! - At the right side you can see Shinichiro Watanabe, director of Cowboy Bebop etc.!!!) We also had the chance to see and hear the german voice actor of Kenshin, René Dawn-Claude. He’s such a handsome fella… And his voice when he’s screaming the attacks in japanese language… Well… *coughs* Let me say I love it… ;)

The first day we had the chance to attend a really well prepared and detailed panel about Watsuki-sensei and how he’s working as a mangaka. We saw photos of his actual working place! I didn’t know, for example, that he’s still working with ink and pencils. He said he dislikes all things digital - and that impressed me massively. Same here, actually ;). He’s still working “analog” and his works are brilliant nonetheless. Watsuki-sensei also is a big nerd like us! He’s got a huge cupboard with tons of figures in it (anime/games)! A usual working day is REALLY hard for him, we learned. He only gets four or five hours of sleep per day! I wouldn’t survive this…

And - of course - he told us EVERYTHING we ever wanted to know about Rurouni Kenshin. The Q&A surprised me again, because there were A LOT of very intelligent, interesting questions asked.

After that panel was the first signing. It was IMPOSSIBLE to see the full panel and to get in the line for an autograph IN TIME. But Watsuki-san was about to give another signing the following day. And so we managed to be there two hours beforehand to make sure, that we could meet him at least once. And OMG… It was so… so…

I don’t think I can really put into words, what it means to me to actual meet my fave japanese artist and to THANK him, for this wonderful and heartbreaking story of Himura Kenshin, to tell him, how much his story inspired me to write and to draw for myself. I was so happy that he decided to visit his fans here in Germany. And I REALLY TOLD HIM THIS! The interpreter translated my words immediately for Watsuki-sensei and his wife. And they were so happy, Watsuki-san bowed nonetheless and was smiling!

There was a little discussion about my request for a signature of him at my own fanart - since I was the only person out of hundreds of fans who had brought one with her exactly for that purpose. And the convention crew wasn’t so sure whether Watsuki-sensei would like to do such a thing or not. But then I asked him right away, when I stood in front of him. I said that it would be a great honour for me, if he would sign my drawing. At least: It was he himself and his Kenshin who inspired me to create it! The interpreter translated my words and OF COURSE and OMG it wasn’t a problem at all! Watsuki bowed (until his head nearly hit the table before him) and his wife was all going: “Omg! It is SO BEAUTIFUL! SO BEAUTIFUL!”  ………………………… I still can’t believe this…

They gave me the autographs and Watsuki-sensei himself verified my drawing and acknowledged it as RUROUNI KENSHIN by writing it - which made me proud beyond any words. (See photo above! :))) ) After this… I was a crying mess. I shed real tears of joy, guys, let me tell you.

I’m so HAPPY that we got the chance to meet him! So happy! I can’t describe it. I simply can’t.

The AnimagiC also gave us the opportunity to watch all three Kenshin-movies with Takeru Sato as Kenshin as a “Triple-Night” - and we really did it. We sat seven hours on the most uncomfortable chairs I’ve ever came across - but it was so worth it. I knew the movies already. But it was a complete different thing to watch them on a huge screen than at my labby. Takeru Sato… Once again he managed to knock me off my feet. He’s such a brilliant actor guys. Switching from the all smiling “Oro?!”-uttering cutie to the frightening, determined Hitokiri Battosai in an instand: Not a problem for Sato-san. It was overwhelming.

That whole weekend was so unique and unforgettable for us! I cannot be thankful enough for it. And now I’m looking forward to draw Kenshin. Again. Finally. I’ve drawn him many, many times in the years between 2003 and 2010. But now, with the face of Takeru Sato, I want to draw him again - i feel the URGE to draw him! At least once! I just have to. ;)

God, what an experience, what a damn good weekend! Thanks again to the everlasting Merlin to my Arthur, merlination, for travelling with me! Without her I wouldn’t have been able to survive all this. THX, bb! :D

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What about cute and flustered high school Coliver making out for the first time then? Imagine Oliver fumbling with his glasses and both of them blushing cutely So many feels sigh 😌 xoxo

This turned out way fluffier and longer than I intended. It’s not exactly what you asked for but it also kinda is(?). I hope you like it, anon dear, and thanks for the lovely prompt!!
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For as long as he could remember, Oliver had wanted to kiss Connor. At first they were eight and seven, kids playing in the sandbox, and Oliver first wanted to kiss Connor’s cheek when the younger boy shared his ice cream with Oliver. Then they were thirteen and fourteen, laughing as they chased each other down the street, and Oliver wanted to kiss Connor’s skinned elbow where he fell. And finally they were seventeen and sixteen and Connor, with a nervous smile so unlike him, asked Oliver if he’d like to go out with him on a date and Oliver had never wanted to kiss anyone more. 

Oliver agreed to the offer right away, color high in his cheeks and his grin splitting his face. He couldn’t stop his restless energy all day long, and some of his teachers threw him annoyed looks for it, while Wes and Laurel grinned along and teased him.

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I interrupt my semi-hiatus with a Cockles update (among other things)


Basically, if you’re going to a con, I highly suggest you go with someone??? Cause this time around I was by myself and while I still had fun, met people and got to hang around with Bunny and Kiriei for a little bit, it was still kind of lonely. :( SO yeah. But anyways…

I won’t bore you with all the con details, so here’s my personal highlights:

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