so this is a 'i'm looking forward to con' little my

EYYY IT’S CON TIME AGAIN!! i’ll be travling the 8-12th, and this time you can see me vending once again, along main bae @neven-ebrez!! i’ll have a BUNCH of stuff with me, like:

  • ALL God’n’Gabe volumes, posters, standees, AND BRAND NEW cinch bags, necklaces, AND EARRINGS!!
  • misc charms, including the x-mas sets!!

i can also sign things! covers with friends will be there, and i am more than happy to correct the credit myself 8D

and totally don’t be scared to ask for a little signage on g’n’g! promise i don’t bite, i just have large incisors

also, a little more misfortune has headed my way, and half of my phone screen is now dead, meaning i can’t access tumblr on my phone anymore! so i will be EXTRA slow to answering messages here. i can REPLY to tweets, but i can no longer answer DMs there, either–bummerville, USA

hoping my health holds up through the weekend! looking forward to seeing everyone!