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I ran into these Bravely Default / Second cosplayers on Friday of katsucon as Tiz!! They were super sweet and took photos together! Credit to the 707 that was with them,,, i never got their contact info orz ;; and let me know if the Magnolia has any social media! I don’t think she has a instagram so!

Ringabel / Edea- @somersetsews / Khint / Tiz / Magnolia

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The character donates his eyes to the girl he loves. He was the reason she lost sight in the first place. He made her hate him, but she loved him too much to stand the hate he had caused so she left him. He realised his sins,leaving an apology letter telling her to live her dreams and lied that he died due to a hole in his heart. Now he starts a new life. What could a blind guy do to start afresh? How does she figure out he's alive? Or does she just moves on? How could they both meet again?

Oh I love this! Make them meet again, that’d be so adorable! I need to try and contain my emotions a little more because I’m slightly freaking out. Okay I’m freaking out a fair bit. Instead of telling you what to write, I thought I’d drop you some prompts that you might incorporate to a certain part of shed a little light on a new perspective:

  • She woke up abruptly, to a silent house, yet again. Her hands trembled and she picked up the note he’d left for her, maybe for the hundredth time that day. This time she noticed something different, holding it and squinting at the scrawl. She flipped the paper over to find the note had been scrawled on the back of one of her atlas pages…
  • He left the black aviators on for the whole flight and jumped a little as he felt the presence of someone beside him. He was no where near use to this and all he really wanted was to go home and hold her for the rest of eternity. Wasn’t giving up your sight for the woman you loved, enough to prove that you wanted her?
  • She shook her head, trying to block out the voices of the nurses. “But he survived didn’t he? The operation I mean. Where is he?” Se was becoming desperate and she watched carefully as the doctors exchanged various glances before one step forward and looked at her with pity. She awaited the news that he was fine, that he was next door, that the were waiting for him to awaken, but no one said any of that. They all gave her a pitiful look and she frowned becoming frustrated…
  • It’d been 217 days since she’d awoken with the ability see. It was also 217 days since she’d seen him and that scared her. She’d written posts on websites and scrawled paint on walls, showcasing her grief. He wasn’t really dead, was he? She’d always expected him to turn up at her door once more, but it’d been 217 days and her hope was wearing thin, frayed around the edges.
  • The first few weeks were spent with his brother in the dingy flat that smelled of stale food and alcohol. He was still trying to work out the logistics of travelling and had asked if his brother would accompany him. He’d declined and that had left him a little angry. He’d always been there for his brother and yet when his sight was taken from him, his brother didn’t seem to don that a worthy enough excuse for his help…
  • He’d put their song on about nine notches too loud and his bedroom window was swung open, spilling the song out onto the streets of Paris. Little did he know that she’d been strolling that same street every night for the past month and tonight was no exception. She stopped dead in her tracks when she heard the song. Her body was frozen and she slowly turned and looked up to the window. A flitting shadow moved around the flat and her knees suddenly felt weak at hearing his soft baritone voice. That was- that was him…

Is that enough ideas? I got more if you need them! I think their could be various ways in which they re-met, due to their common interests etc. I love this idea and can’t wait to read the result! Good luck and lots of love from Yasmine xox

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Hello, Jessika! I found your Tumblr two days ago, and I am so impressed! Can you tell something about your experiences with William Heirens? I’m really interested in his case. Poor innocent man… Lots of love for you, your son, and Bobby, of course! <33

He was a really great guy. I knew him later on in his life and his health wasn’t very good as he had a lot of diabetes-related issues. He was almost blind and wheel-chair bound. A lot of the things he enjoyed doing throughout his life he eventually was unable to do, such as writing and painting. That made him rather sad at times, but he had hope that they would release him due to his medical issues because they couldn’t really take care of him at that point and what they could do cost them a lot of money, which of course they weren’t happy about. And of course over the course of the years it came to be known that he was probably innocent anyway, so we all kind of figured a “compassionate release” would take place, which is a prison release that sometimes happens with older folks who are not considered to be a danger to others. Unfortunately that never happened. But he was a really sweet and compassionate man, always putting others first, always remembering birthdays and sending birthday cards, even after he couldn’t write anymore. He had a friend in prison named Perry (there were a few others that helped him out too, but Perry was the constant) who would write on Bill’s behalf and keep me updated on everything. But as for Bill, he was one of a kind. He never let prison change who he was and I had nothing but positive experiences with him.

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Hi <3 upon reading one of your recent posts I'm wondering if there is any source to the conjecture that Paul may have had an affair with Tara Browne (if anyone, Bob Fraser is a more commonly considered a 'suspect' :) I do think John's jealousy and distress was caused by the fact that this circle of friends made Paul drift further away from him, which he might have felt as even worse than 'an affair'.. anyway I'd be interested to know what makes you think so. thanks for your reply!

To be honest, this is another one of those things that I believe but the only evidence I have is very vague. But I’ll try to explain why I think it’s possible that Paul and Tara had an affair!

By all accounts, Tara was very charismatic and attractive, some saying he “looked like he’d just fallen from the roof of the Sistine Chapel” (x). Nicholas Gormanston suspects that Paul would not have been oblivious to Tara’s beauty, either, saying “I think he would have been absolutely fascinated by Tara’s accent and his appearance.” (x) Tara was also very upper-class, which Paul has admitted he’s always been attracted to, “I’m not ashamed of it, I’m attracted by that. I think it’s a rich world, the world of Varsity, the Racquet Club sort of thing.” (Many Years From Now). Not to mention, Tara was very artsy and cultured and bohemian, as well as being a socialite, all things that Paul was very attracted to, especially in the mid 60s.

I think it might be possible Tara was bisexual, as well. He dated Amanda Lear, who was heavily rumored to be transsexual (not that dating someone who’s trans means that you’re bi, but of course the attitude was different in the 60s and dating a trans woman back then may indicate that he was not completely straight, no offense intended of course). The source here is questionable, but he may have dated Brian Jones, “Drugs with Paul McCartney, John Lennon and the Rolling Stones, Brian Jones was a boyfriend, all of that” (x), and Amanda Lear said, “In the meantime, [Tara] left for London, where he was living with Brian Jones while he tried to escape his divorce” (”Persistence of Memory” by Amanda Lear). In Mike McCartney’s book, ‘The Macs,’ he talks about being invited on a trip to Paris with Tara, “'Shall we share bedrooms?’ [Tara] asked. ‘Oops!’ I thought. We didn’t know each other that well, and here is a gay young titled gentleman asking me to go to bed with him.” Also in the book, Mike says that he and Tara went to “gay Paris nightclubs.” And there’s also this bit from Amanda Lear’s book, from a conversation with Salvador Dali, “’All girls have a bit of lesbian in them, just as all boys have a little of the homosexual. I bet your friend here likes boys, like all well-bred young Englishmen.’ Tara laughed nervously.”

They both seem very fond of each other. Paul called Tara “a very sensitive bloke” (Anthology), and Tara openly admired Paul in return, “David Vaughan met Paul through the Guinness heir Тага Browne, who offered to take him round to Paul’s and introduce him. ‘What’s he like as a person?’ asked David. 'He’s the most intelligent man I’ve ever met,’ Тага told him” (Many Years From Now). Also, Paul took Tara with him to Liverpool to meet his family, which indicates a pretty close relationship. And the fact that Paul chose Tara to first take acid with implies a lot of trust, and Paul comes off as someone who has a very hard time trusting people. Also, the fact that Tara secretly didn’t take acid during Paul’s first time shows that Tara was very protective of Paul and genuinely cared about him a lot, “he felt it was important for him to stay lucid just in case Paul had a bad trip” (x). 

I’ve talked about this before, but John’s intense dislike of Tara is definitely more than a little suspicious. You make a good point that John would have been hurt alone by Paul drifting away and spending more time with his ‘artsy’ friends. But, and this is just an impression, John’s hatred towards Tara seemed very focused, rather than it just being a general dislike for Paul’s London friends. He was directly cruel towards Tara in a way that he wasn’t really towards Paul’s other friends. “Paul was the only Beatle who showed up regularly at Tara and Nicki [Browne]’s place.[…] But John was still too class-conscious to ever warm to Tara, or even to let his guard down around him, according to Nicki” “John didn’t say much. He was quite aggressive. He was bloody angry. I don’t think he would have allowed himself to be impressed by someone like Tara” (x) And there are two songs, both from 1965, about Paul being with someone else. John was singing Run For Your Life, “Well I’d rather see you dead than to be with another man” “Catch you with another man, that’s the end” while Paul was singing “I don’t wanna say that I’ve been unhappy with you, but as from today well I’ve seen somebody that’s new. I ain’t no fool an I don’t take what I don’t want, for I have got another girl.” 

Of course, Paul and Tara may have just been good friends and I’m reading into nothing. But idk, I think it’s possible. And if they were just friends, then I don’t understand why Paul always seems very uncomfortable while talking about Tara. Because they were obviously very close, yet Paul is very reluctant to talk about him. 


lock yourself out // paulie’s and harry’s instagrams…

…from a time when they both scrolled a little too far down the other’s feed and got more than they were looking for: Paulie didn’t know that Harry’s laurels were covering the might as well… tattoo and Harry had never seen Paulie wearing denim shorts.

i had a very strange dream last night that. i spent a day in the sun and then the next morning i woke up with freckles all over the left side of my face like big fat freckles and i was so excited about them. and then i went to show everyone them and say look im beautiful now and everyone was repulsed and said you need to go to the doctor thats not normal for freckles to happen overnight like that and i said it’s a gift from God but then everyone made fun of me and wouldnt hang out with me anymore

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Last night’s sht show was unwatchable…and yet, I still managed to slog through it. Continuity issues nearly made my head explode: 1)Stefan, a puny human, whose hand had been stabbed by Kai earlier, managed to use what appeared to be the same hand to stab the devil. Right. 2) The blast from the devil dying popped Damon back into his body. Really? 3) Out of all the evil souls in hell, Katherine inherits the devil’s throne? Seriously?

There were so many contradictions! It was unbelievable and terrible.

Enzo asking Bonnie to forgive Stefan was the most ridiculous thing. He had to mansplain to her why she would be a better person for it. No! It’s the women who have to forgive. Notice that Stefan didn’t ask Alaric to forgive Kai for killing Jo? No forgiveness is for Bonnie only. (And Stefan only.) No. Nope. No.

Stefan was able to somehow move faster as a human than Damon? Even if Stefan was anticipating it. No. That doesn’t happen. Nope. No.

Damon needed help to carry Kai. Seriously? A 150+ year old vampire needed help carrying one guy? No. Nope. No way.

Damon died only to be brought back with his soul being blown back in a hot minute later? No. LOL. NO. He was dead. Don’t kill him if you don’t want him dead. That was the most ridiculous thing ever. They dragged out his decision and it meant nothing. Nope. No. Don’t bother. 

Kai tells Caroline that being in the Armory makes it hard for the twins to control the magic that surrounds them. Alaric’s great idea? To build a school right there. Way to screw your kids over, Dad of the Year. They have no idea what to do with them, neither are witches and they want to teach magic? Caroline’s never expressed an interest in teaching. Why did Caroline send the kids off if nothing has changed? The sirens are still kicking around, right? No. Dumb, dumb, dumb. 

Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining, TVD.

What an awful episode!

Katherine running Hell was the only thing that made sense to me. 

Her coming back for Stefan though makes no sense. The woman with the grand plan, who stayed out of Klaus’ clutches for centuries, is not a feckless woman to be lured by one dick. No! Nope. They made her powerful except when it comes to a man. Why TVD you’ve never, ever done that before! How exciting and novel. 

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The Principal and the Pauper: was that the first sign The Simpsons had jumped the shark, a daring bit of character development, or not the game changer either way that fans make it out to be?

First of all, at episode’s end, the judge looked directly into the “camera” and told us to never discuss it again under penalty of torture, so I don’t know why you’re doing this and dragging me into it :)

Seriously, though: I think suggesting “The Principal and the Pauper” marked the moment The Simpsons went from the greatest show ever made to something middling and generally watchable misunderstands what led to the latter. It’s not so much Big Twists landing flat (though that has certainly occurred) as it is gradual character decay. “Jerkass Homer” is why The Simpsons went downhill, as the careful balance that kept him semi-lovable or at least adorable fell apart. 

Me, I like the episode just fine, as I like any Skinner-centric episode; other than Burns, he’s my favorite non-Simpson in the show. Skinner has always been about sublimely silly on the surface–>terrible trauma and loneliness underneath–>loops back around to being silly, and “The Principal and the Pauper” is just the grandest possible stage for that. And ultimately, as the writers pointed out, the true subject of the episode is a community that can’t handle learning anything new about the people they think they know. In other words, the episode was about its critics. Of course, punching your audience on the face is always going to divide the room, but I think it’s done with enough love and humor to distinguish it from, say, Zack Snyder and David Goyer spending $400 million telling people who didn’t like Man of Steel to go fuck themselves. 

Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)


when will he stop

rape being used as a weapon of war is so heart wrenching. it was used during the partition of india, the french used it in algeria, serbians used it against bosnian women, it’s being used right now in syria and what’s so heart breaking is the fact that women choose to commit suicide because of the possibility of being raped. humanity never learns, we really have failed.


Balcony scene.

(Robin assured me this would be funny, so blame her if it’s a dud.)

Juliet: “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?”
Romeo: “Hey! I’m actually right here, under your balcony.”
Juliet: “Oh! Hey, cool, that’s… not actually what I was asking, though.”
Romeo: “But you said ‘wherefore am I’…?”
Juliet: “Well, 'wherefore’ actually means 'why’, so when I say, 'wherefore art though, Romeo?’ what I’m actually saying is 'why do you have to be a Montague?’ It’s a rhetorical question.”
Romeo: “It’s a what?”
Juliet: “…at least you’re pretty.”