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Stop bashing Kubo

I’ve noticed a lot of people bashing Kubo-sensei and the producers after the new episode, and that really upsets me. 

Kubo has been really freaking good to us so far, and I’m not going to let two words out of Yuuri’s mouth change my opinion on that. “End this” could mean literally anything. Maybe Yuuri’s gotten tired of the pressure that comes with professional skating and just wants to settle down for a few years. Maybe he and Victor are taking a small break and will eventually find their way back to each other in a 2nd season. Or maybe we’re all thinking too far into things, and we just need to calm down.

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Kubo-sensei has never actually done what we expected. She, never fulfills our expectations. No, she exceeds them. 

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All relationships have their ups and downs, their bad times and their good times. We initially praised YOI for portraying a heartfelt realistic LGBT+ relationship, and claimed that it would make history. So when Yuuri and Victor go through these ups and downs why are we suddenly freaking out? Small fights and anxiety are natural. At this point, we don’t even know what’s going on between the do. 

Long story short, we as a fandom need to quit taking things for granted, and we need to stop jumping to conclusions about Kubo and YOI.  After all, maybe the producers aren’t trying to break our hearts. Maybe we’re breaking them ourselves. 

In many ways I’m actually glad Emmett left hollyoaks because leaving when he did left him and stendan with such a perfect story arch. It was really tragic and beautiful and that ending left us wanting more and pining along with the characters, but it felt complete.

I sometimes wonder what it would have been like if he had stayed and honestly because it’s a soap opera it probably wouldn’t have been pretty for Stendan. Emmett is such a star so I’m sure he’d excel with anything he’d be given and knock it out of the park, but I bet they’d have had Brendan relapse and be hitting Ste again, they’d probably be going round and round breaking up and making up again just for the drama, and maybe there’d even be cheating or then not making it work at all. I wish we’d have gotten more time of them being together and supporting each other, but there’s a painful beauty to that ‘so close’ and 'what if’ aspect of their story.

So all in all even though they are my favorite and I would have loved more years of Stendan craziness, their story is so great as it is that I guess I feel like “be careful what you wish for”. If Emmett did come back I’d be over the moon and so hyped for it, but also kind of nervous that the writing might not do Brendan or Stendan justice.

Wow! I have come a long way on this blog in the four(?) years that I have ran it! I never thought that I would be as happy with my writing, or have a blog as successful as I do, and it really makes me happy and proud. And along with that, I have met some very lovely people that I want to personally thank and let know that I love their presence on my dash!

Even if you aren’t on this dash, whether that be because we don’t know eachother well enough yet/haven’t interacted too much/or are a personal blog that just hangs out from afar, I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart: Thank you for staying with me and making this such a wonderful experience. It would have been as fun as it has been without the love and support of all you guys!

The lovelies I will follow to the end of the earth are down beneath the cut~

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I just came out to my mum. 

I was shivering and stammering quite badly, oh my god. I didn’t want to make it so serious but damn it I was too nervous. 

Even though my mum tried to assure me it was a phase at first, she later on told me to not worry about it because it’s something I can’t control. I could feel that she was trying really hard not to hurt me in any way, and I really appreciate her for that. 

She was the first to come and hug me. I just- love her so much.