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Far over the Misty Mountains rise..

Happy Birthday, Selina! <3


Mystic Elite: Blanche
[Valor Ver]

This is the first time I’ve completed a proper artwork of actual Pokemon ((still learning the ropes ahhh please forgive my mistakes;; my Pokemon art looks weird)). I had so much fun doing this though! I’m glad because I had an excuse to make stuff super shiny hehe *v*

edit: repainted the vaporeon + some other details • thanks to those who gave their tips and suggestions! ♥


i finally felt motivated to hang all my haikyuu art up and here’s the result (no surprise most of it’s iwaoi)! i didn’t even realize how much i’d bought, but i feel beyond honored to be able to have pieces from so many unique and talented artists, and i thought i should share.

special thanks to the following people for continuing to be sources of inspiration and joy:

@yaboykeiji - mars… i will always be one of your biggest fans. your style and growth never cease to amaze me, and i really, REALLY wish you the best in anything you decide to do in the future. you’ve served as such an inspiration for me, and i’m just rooting for you in life in general. you’re wonderful and loved.

@kevinkevinson - you have by far one of my favorite blogs of all time. i share a lot of the same interests you do, so i enjoy pretty much everything you draw and talk about and reblog. your style just.. the freckles.. all the characters glow and having them surrounding me on my walls makes my day. also, i wish you the best with your run!!

@cousaten - your postcards are some of my favorite things i’ve ever purchased, and i definitely will be returning to buy more from you in the future. you’re so quick to produce such astounding art, and i love the more traditional route you take sometimes. all the iwaoi and daisuga makes my heart happy, so thank you!!!

@kittlekrattle - the iwaoi zine’s not pictured, but you should know that i ADORE it <3 you did a wonderful job organizing and getting them out in a timely manner, and the amount of effort you put into the project is evident and so so appreciated. your art is beautiful and smooth and makes the whole zine something really special!

@radio-silents - BECCA, you’re so brilliant and your style is that of actual comic books, it’s magnificent. i wish i could afford to buy every print in your store because those dissected bags and their headcanons are the best. i love that you’re into marvel and spideypool (bc.. me too, lol), and i will probably be following you and your art to my grave. you’re such a lovely person!

@eicinic - your art is some of the most distinct and breathtaking i’ve ever seen; in fact, i just ordered more from you a couple minutes ago, ahaha. it’s so atmospheric, and the style is just so recognizable, basically a brand. it’s going to be so neat to see what you’re able to produce next!

i can’t wait to continue following and supporting all of you in any way i can, and i hope you’re doing well!! thank you so much for sharing your abilities and allowing me to own and cherish your work.


@i-m-the-greatest-star SOBS THANK YOU??i dont deserve this kindness…i agree its just plain rude what they did :/ but thank you!!

@yasashii-umi omg thank u ;-;;;;;;; its alright!ill survive ur kind words help alot 

@sangwrong right??its not a hard concept to grasp……id prefer if ppl dont like my art they just ignore it ( thank u for being so kind)

Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned (Jacob Frye X Reader)

Hi Followers,
here is another one I finished. I don’t know what else I can say other than I hope you enjoy it.

Oh, yeah, it seems my stories are always the same with Kisses and such. Lol. I’m sorry for the boring fanfictions.

Title: Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned
Summary: Reader and Jacob are trying to eavesdrop on a group of Blighters.
Characters: Reader, Jacob Frye
Relationships: Jacob Frye x Reader
Warnings: None
Words: 2.293

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Say, Can I Tempt You? - by define_serenity

 (Seblaine Cruel Intentions AU)

Hunter makes a bet with Sebastian, his stepbrother, that he won’t be able to take Blaine’s virginity. If he loses, Hunter gets the Jaguar, if he wins, Sebastian gets Hunter.

furry boyfriends + bea and mae (tumblr made the quality bad so i apologize)

anonymous asked:

What if a strain swapped Saruhiko's personality with his personality twenty years down the line. what if in the future he's absolved of all trauma and actually smiles and accepts affection? Everyone's reactions?

I imagine everyone would probably be pretty happy once they realized what had happened, knowing that even though it may take some time eventually Fushimi’s going to heal and be a happier person than he is currently. Like especially say it happened pre-ROK and maybe it swaps Fushimi’s personalty but not his memories, so basically he’s not the sad grumpy mess of issues that he usually is but he also doesn’t know exactly why and he doesn’t have any knowledge of future events at all. At first the alphabet squad figure that maybe the Strain had some kind of personality altering power, like Fushimi was hit and when everyone crowded around him to see if he was okay he looked up and smiled at all of them, telling them not to worry because he’s fine. Fushimi continues to be pleasant the entire way back to headquarters, like he’s businesslike in discussing the pursuit of the Strain but he’s not snapping at anyone, when Doumyouji makes some random comment Fushimi rolls his eyes but there’s a fondness to his expression that none of them have ever seen before. Maybe at one point they spot some signs of the Strain and have to stop, Fushimi is left back at the vans because they’re still worried about his condition. As he’s waiting there he ends up almost running into Yata, who’s immediately on the defensive expecting Fushimi to start attacking him. Instead Fushimi greets him with a wide smile and starts just idly chatting with him and Yata is so confused, like suddenly out of nowhere Fushimi is acting as if nothing’s changed between them and they’re still friends and he has no idea why (he’s a little heartbroken when the alphabet squad shows back up and immediately drag Fushimi away from him, wondering if Homra’s trying to take advantage of Fushimi-san while he’s under the influence of a Strain power. Yata’s face falls noticeably as he’s like ‘Strain power, huh…’).

So they get back to headquarters and Fushimi’s still acting disconcertingly nice and friendly, like everyone starts writing up their reports and Fushimi doesn’t even complain about any of them. In fact rather than staying in the office for hours after everyone else has gone to sleep Fushimi comes along with the rest of them to eat dinner and then take a bath, he’s not super chatty but he’s clearly being a lot more friendly than normal and even when he doesn’t talk it’s less his usual sullen silence and more that he doesn’t have anything much to say. Hidaka’s probably really happy about it, like it’s almost as if Fushimi is really friends with all of them and seeing him smile and laugh with everyone else makes him almost wish this was the way things could be all the time. Once the power wears off of course Fushimi’s back to glaring at everyone and refusing to spend time with them, claiming that he’s busy and has better things to do than hang around idiots all day. Fuse mutters that maybe they should have that Strain hit Fushimi again and make him less of a jerk, which is when Munakata appears from nowhere behind them all and notes that the Gold clan has finished their analysis of this particular Strain’s power. He gets a mysterious smile on his face as he notes that the power switches one’s personality with whatever their personality will be in twenty years’ time. Everyone’s eyes just travel to Fushimi sitting there all alone at his desk typing and eating CalorieMate and coffee for dinner and while it’s almost hard to believe that in twenty years their Fushimi will become that open friendly person it’s also really encouraging, like Hidaka decides this is all the more reason to keep trying to be Fushimi’s friend because one day Fushimi will be in a position to accept that friendship.