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hi love bugs so i have decided to make a faves page because i thought it would be a v cute thing to do 🎨🌈


  • follow me if you want, -cloudysprout-
  • must reblog this post
  • be a nice person

higher chance

  • talk to me and be my friend, id love to get to know all of you lil cuties better 🌱🌿

what you win

  • a follow from me
  • a new friend who’ll always be there for you
  • a spot on my faves page
  • more followers

i will wait till this post get a decent amount of notes (hopefully!!) and ill be choosing around 20 blogs. start reblogging petals xx 🐝🌻☁️

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I get asked a lot about my favourite blogs so I have decided to make a favourites page to keep track of my favourite blogs.

I will have a bigger section of fashion/minimal blogs that are similar to me and I like to reblog from, but also other blog types so ANY BLOG STYLE IS WELCOME.


•be following me, noir-en-vogue
•reblog this at least once (the more the better your chance -max. 3 times)
•likes only to bookmark
•helps if you talk to me a little if we don’t do already


•a new tumblr friend
•me as a new follower if I don’t follow already
•lots of other followers as you will be featured on my blog to thousands of dashboards

Good luck :)  I will choose once this has a decent amount of notes xxx

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so ive decided to redo my faves tab, i think its a good time since i recently hit 5k so yeah keep reading if youre interested :-)

rules and stuff:

  • please be following me, oxyqn - its only fair and otherwise you will have a 0.00001% chance
  • reblog this post at least once, the more you reblog the higher your chance
  • for a better chance message me why you think you should be in my faves or tag a post with #oxyqn
  • i will probably pick the winners around the start of july but this post must get a decent amount of notes
  • blogs will most liktlu be pale/glow or glow or dark pale aha

winners/my faves will get:

  • random promos omg, group and individual
  • a new bestie aka me
  • a spot in my favs tab for at least 3 months
  • a bookmark to your archive so i will constantly queue off you
  • i promise you will gain!!!

this photo and edit is completely mine btw - so get reblogging guys :-)))

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heyy lovelies so i’m doing my first ever favourites page as i’ve reached a decent amount of followers now and i think its a really nice idea to have one.

♡ R U L E S ♡

  • mbf me ( you have a 0.0000745635% chance of getting chosen if you aren’t)
  • Must be either rosy, bubblegum or fashion related
  • Reblogs only, you can like to bookmark but i won’t check out any likes
  • I will be choosing around 100-150 fab blogs
  • Choosing on May 1st 2014 at 8 pm uk time ( this post must have a decent amount of notes)

♡ For a better chance

  • follow my band blog here
  • talk to me
  • reblog this loads of times

♡ P E R K S ♡

  • A spot on my faves page to be viewed by at least 50+ of my followers a day
  • Self Promos in my ask anytime or another promo if im feeling nice
  • A bestie/someone to talk to :)
  • A follow from me (if i wasn’t already)
  • html help if i can or advice at least. 

if you have any question’s just send me an ask! good luck, happy reblogging :) <3 

I would firstly like to apologise for the crappy artwork but woahhh it’s my first follow forever!

so the reason why I decided to make a follow forever is bc I hit 2.6k quite a while back and I wanted to celebrate it whoo


  • mbf meee
  • reblog this pls and you can like this if you would like to bookmark or whatever you want, its a free country
  • you must be a 5sos/band/1D/Teen wolf blog (basically any blog, I’m quite chilled out)
  • this must reach 30 notes+ bc if it doesn’t I will be upset 

what you will get in return

  • a spot on my follow forever page on my blog once i figure it out
  • an awesome new friend (me)
  • self promos in my ask any time you want bc we are chums
  • a follow back if I don’t follow you
  • I will also always reblog your selfies bc what is better than that?

increase your chances

  • if your really want to, tag #cliffophobic and tell me why you would like to be in my follow forever
  • a rad personality
  • talk to me about dylan o'brien
  • send me dylan o'brien nudes
  • talk to me bc I’m v friendly

I will choose when this gets a decent amount of notes etc etc

that is all so thanks guise for being awesome xo

if this gets not notes you literally didn’t see this

Hey so since I recently reached my goal I thought why not make a favorites page for all my favorite blogs! 


-Endless promos by request to x,xxx dashes

-Advice & a new friend

-Help with voting/html/etc

-Permanent link on my blog


-Mbf me

-Must reblog this post at least once (likes are for bookmarking)

For a better chance

-Reblog any of these or these (the more the better)

-Follow my instagram @pinkghosts 

-Follow my personal blog or horror blog

-Submit me & Fansign and talk to me! be my friend ;)

-be a grunge/softgrunge/vcr/retro/etc. type blog


I will choose around 6-8 blogs when this gets a decent amount of notes :)

So, I have decided to update my favourites tab, it has been a couple months and my blog style has changed. 


  • Mbf me 
  • Must reblog this post (like to bookmark)
  • Be nature or dark pale style 

What you get: 

  • A spot under my favourites tab
  • New friend? 
  • Promotions 
  • Follow back from me (duh) 

For a better chance: 

  • Reblog this more then once 
  • Message me here and tell me about yourself
  • Reblog anything from here or here and message me how many you did 

I will be choosing my favourites when this gets a decent amount of notes. I’m not sure how many I will pick but between five and ten. 

The Official Queens Network~ Check out the network page

Brief summary:

♡ Lauire and I thought it would be a good idea to create a place where we could help others. OQ is a network dedicated to making friends and supporting each other through tumblr . If you’d like to be apart of this group keep reading !

You must:

♡ Reblog this post at least once ||  Follow the admins: Laurie  & Zoel   ||   Apply here

Perks and benefits:

♡ Hella cool friends 

♡ groupchats/ discussions/ network games

♡ help with personal advice/ html/ support/ safe place to talk

♡ promos/ reblogs/ gain followers/ queues/ love lol

♡ advice on edits/post/crushes or literally whatever

How to increase chances of getting picked:

♡ make a post and tag it with #OQN 

♡ talk to the admins (getting to know you first would be dope)

Things to know:

♡ we will pick once this gets a decent amount of notes (you will be kept updated)

♡ reblog as much as you’d like the more the better

♡ blog type/ follower count/ race/ gender etc doesn’t matter all are welcome !

♡  we will be picking up to 20 people to start it off ~so good luck  ♡ 

Mtv’s Hottest Network


  • must be following me
  • reblog this post; likes will not count
  • must be an active blog
  • must be at least 50% 5SOS blog


  • cute tumblr friendships and shit
  • group messages/oovoos/skypes/tinychats/facetimes; etc.
  • people to help you feel better when you’re down
  • people to send you cute life-ruining imagines/blurbs at 3am
  • exchanges of instagrams, snapchats, etc.
  • did i mention cute friendships??

Increase your chances;

  • talk to me! (i’m nice i swear)
  • make me edits, imagines, au’s, etc. i will love you so much
  • tag #mtvshottestnw  in a post telling me why you want to join

I’ll be choosing about 4-6 people if when this gets a decent amount of notes :)


SO HEYYY!!! THIS IS THE BATH AND BODY WORKS QUALITY NETWORK! I wanted to get all the bath and body works fans together so we can talk about our collections :)

- you will gain

- help with promos

- talk to each other

- make new friends


- MBF lovinqdogs (admin) and derpinqbrb (co-admin)

- Must reblog this post (likes only count for bookmarking)

- Must be a quality blog

- Must fill out this form

- beee active

On the network page, each person who joins will get to be their own “scent” or “product” from bbw. The network page is here. DON’T WORRY!! the network page IS NOT updated yet! We WILL be updating it and making it look WAYYY better later!!

Happy Reblogging!! We will pick when this reaches a decent amount of notes!

We will pick when this gets 50-60 notes!!