so this beautiful stuff came today

my major at uni is multimedia so one of the things we’re learning is how to produce a movie and i keep thinking about Park Do Kyung from Another Miss Oh

one day, we had to learn how to record sounds and then, a few days after, i rewatched a random episode and i saw him with his recording stuff:

it reminded me so much of what we’ve done. this is nothing but it felt special to me, since that drama means a lot for me 

also, today, a professional came to talk about production and said that sound effects engineer was “a beautiful job”. i feel so happy that this drama succeeded in showing us how right she is. sounds and silence were a huge part of the story and i loved how beautiful that job was portrayed 


Good evening kids ! Triple day update today! FRIDAY I had English conversation class, where one of the students gave me a book he wrote (he’s a professor) and I learnt a lot about these people and was so humbled by how much they knew. I spent the entire day feeling a bit weird, like I was hangover without having had alcohol?? Turns out I got a throat infection which led to SATURDAY being spent pretty much entirely in bed, watching a series of Michalaks vlogs and studying video editing stuff, with only a break for curry soup. Then SUNDAY came and with it came sunshine, a burst of motivation and an almost back to normal Jamie. I made delicious pasta for lunch, went to the park, lay in the sunshine and read les trois mousquetaires, and in the evening I went to see the dogs I’m dogsitting later this month! The moon is full and beautiful and I was so very happy today, my cheeks are hurting ! I’m kinda sad the day is over, but I’m just feeling SO happy. So delightfully wonderfully happy.

you guys!! so earlier today I came across an article about new stuff on Netflix this month and one of the titles caught my eye:

in case you can’t read that, it’s a Spanish show called Velvet (also known as Galerias Velvet), and it’s about the heir to a Spanish fashion house who falls in love with a beautiful seamstress, which his family strongly objects to. It’s set in the 1960s and stars Miguel Angel Silvestre, who you might recognize as Lito from Sense8!!

So the premise had me going “ooooh” as it was, so then I started watching the first episode, and you guys, it’s so good. The cinematography is beautiful and the costumes are beautiful and the people are beautiful and it’s like Mad Men but Spanish and set in the fashion world and I’m only like 10 minutes in but I had to pause it to make this post because it’s so pretty!! And you need to watch it now!!

Of course because it’s a Spanish show there are subtitles, and they move a little fast, but you get used to it pretty quickly- and it’s also not too hard to figure out what’s going on (this will be a good opportunity for me to work on my Spanish comprehension skills again anyway, haha)

basically you all need to see it


Its snowing and its lovely out. I really wanted one last big storm and I think this may be it. Its really perfect and nice. And the sun is still out at 730 so that’s really nice too.

I really had trouble falling asleep last night. I ended up taking another sleeping aide around 230 and was able to fall asleep. I woke up around 830 but I didn’t want to be up yet. So I reset my alarm for another hour. I got up at 930 and was annoyed because my new downstairs neighbors are just exceedingly loud all the time and its obnoxious. But its whatever. I got up and had breakfast and got dressed. I tried some new stuff with my makeup and felt really good. My ipsy box came today as well and I’m super pumped. My favorite brand of blush and a beautiful tart lip glass, and some other things. I’m thrilled.

I left here around 11 and caught the bus downtown. I had a really good time at ballet. Kerry was subbing and I have missed her. Its been months since I’ve had her for a teacher and she said she can really see my improvement and was excited to hear I am doing figure skating. I felt really graceful and beautiful today and it was great. It was a fairly small class and I think I was one of the best. My balance was great and I felt really good. I wore my new long sleeved leotard but the wrists are way to tight and hurt me. so I’m going to have to try to figure that out. But its fine.

I only stayed for barre. Heading out and catching the train to go to Savers. I didn’t have any luck there for doll house stuff. And it was just starting to flurry at that point. I didn’t want to try on clothes or anything so I headed out. I got the bus back downtown and caught the bus up to my studio. I was thinking about going to goodwill but I made the decision to just grad whatever 18 bus was first, and the one that came didn’t go up that high. So just straight to my studio.

It was quiet there. I ran into Jacob on the walk in but it seemed only Sherry was in the building. It was starting to snow and it was really light and pretty. I worked in my studio for a few hours. Rearranged the boxes or dioramas to the wall. Glued stuff down that fell out. went through my storage box thing and tried to get some of my jewelry makings stuff in there. I was able to organize that stuff so that was good. I’m going to try to organize my shelves tomorrow. I think every day I’ll try to do one little section.

I made 5 dioramas today. Then I went through and put numbered sticky notes on all the boxes so I wouldn’t have to keep counting them. But I have hit 60! So that’s exciting. Sherry gave me some more boxes and said she would scrounge up some more. And some other people messaged me today that they had some more for me! My class is the best, so supportive.

It was very snowy out at this point. So after sewing up a tear in my purse I headed home. I got all snowy and cold but it was so pretty I couldn’t hardly complain.

I got home and had a snack. Watched the snow. Finished reading the book I started a few days ago. Emailed Frenchy about my thesis draft. Cuddled with sweetP. I made dinner not to long ago. I keep getting confused about what time it is but its been a really nice day.

Tomorrow I have another dentist appointment. Which I’m looking forward to because my teeth are really hurting. My jaw more than anything.  And then I hope to get into my studio and clean and work. I am going to try to get around 5 dioramas every day this week to hit my 80 goal. I am running out of stuff though so they may be empty rooms until my packages come in.

Now though I think I’m going to brush out my hair and have some tea and enjoy the snow. Watch some documentaries. I hope you are all enjoying the night. Stay safe and be warm.

Love the Way you Lie

Reader X Yoongi [Angst]

A/N: So i was feeling kind of angsty today, and this came from it. Not usually the kind of stuff i write, but ehh. I don’t think i’ll add more parts to this, but i’m not sure. This is just basically a drabble. 

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On the first page of our story,

The future seemed so bright….

   Three years. Three years, five months, and two days to be exact. The beautiful relationship that was called yours used to be something you bragged about. But that was when everything was great. The once beautifully blue sky of your relationship now became a ruthless storm that would blow in and destroy everything, leaving you to pick up the pieces and attempt to mend them back together. 

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That’s right folks - I am about two weeks away from finishing my second to last block of MS2 which means - #ithinkimalmostanms3 

Scary stuff right there.

Well today it got SUPER real because we had an info session on our rotation lottery and I am so so confused as to what I want to do! Basically since I came to med school I was hoping to get this one away rotation (the *very important application* from two weeks ago) aaaaaand I found out this week that I didn’t get it. Pretty disappointing, but sadly I’m not surprised. Anyway - now I have to figure out my third year plans from scratch and that’s where you beautiful people come in - any advice???

My current thoughts are as follows:

- Interested in either internal med or peds as of now. So thinking I’ll want to do them middle of the year. 

- Want to use my elective time in third year to do my Neuro rotation (which is typically a fourth year rotation for us) - there are limited options for this to happen and I need to get IM done beforehand.

- Probably not interested in surgery…so wondering if I could do this first and just get it over with…

cryptic-condition  asked:

OKAY SO I! don't have that many people to talk to Jojo aus about but an idEA came to me earlier today? DiU AU where Cinderella Beauty salon is like a bigger business and Aya actually has people working for her and stuff right? And one of her specialists (in manicures and hand care) is bUM BUM KIRA! He's doing the job as like a front so that he can check out those sweet hands (tm) and then maybe take some for himself on his down time. Meanwhile, Aya is clueless to what her worker is doing! (1/3)

Meanwhile, she also has Yukako employed as a hair care specialist who just works the job to get some money. But, when she eventually meets Koichi she just “bOOOSS I NEED SOME HELP AAA”!! So things are neat and dandy until the schoOLYEAR OF 1999 ROLLS AROUND AND HERE COMES JOTARO KUJO RIGHT and he’s there because he’s looking for the stand arrow and most of the events of DiU are the same until evenTUALLY he learns of? A lot of missing persons and no evidence to where they may be and (2/3)

he just “YARE YARE THAT COULD BE A STAND USER” so he checks out the the Salon and Aya just “??? i’m unsure sir i mean I have a lotta customers and I usually don’t hear from them afterwards” sO it’s a bIG MYSTERY WEIRD STUFF GOIN ON RIGHT until oNE DAY either Aya or Yukako or somEONE almost gets attacked by Kira and they all just “!! YOU” so he goes into hiding! Also Shinobu is there as a long-time customer hoping to rekindle her marriage yE and i’ve! thought too much about this (3/3)


Josuke is an avid costumer cause he needs a SHITTON of beauty care products, he’s one of the first to help with finding the murders to help out his absolute fav shop. He meets Koichi and Okuyasu in the same way he does in canon but one day they all go with him to cinderella and that’s how they meet Yukako properly. More so I think Mikitaka should be one of the makeup specialists, he works part time and is surprisingly good at massages and rejuvinating the bod or whatever~

IF AYA DIES WHO WOULD TAKE HER PLACE BTW,,, LIKE SO in canon she’s murdered for seeing Kira and if she is killed here we’d need to find her a replacement, and I’m thinking it’s either Yukako or Shinobu but I’m fairly certain Shinobus the better choice since she’s 1. an adult and 2. would be able to carry the plot nicely.

AND WHAT IF REIMI USED TO BE LIKE,, FRIENDS W/ AYA,, She knows all about cinderella cause they’d talk about it together as children, and she gets even angrier knowing that her friends business was exploited like this..


Whoa 150 followers already?! I’m feeling the love <3

I was digging through my things today and I came across the Coastal Accents collection by Cassandre, I absolutely LOVE this bed…and there were no recolors! So guess what I did? I made some pretty pastels for this beautiful mesh.

To think I was going to spend the morning playing Rainbow Six Siege…nope, had to share. Hope you enjoy, I will be releasing more recolors of the Coastal Accents stuff soon!

Mesh included:

We get a few sugar couples in my job from time to time. But it’s the same ones. Yesterday a girl came in with her mom and I helped her with an outfit for a gala. Then she put it on hold and said she’d come back to buy it. An hour later she comes in with the most handsome country club looking SD, tall, maybe late 60s. She was at least 5’11 big busted, brown skin and so sweet. And she was like “Babe looked what I picked out” and then he said to me “Don’t I have the most beautiful lady” I was like OMG so cute! And then she was like babe look at this, look at that. And he kept telling me get this crazy girl before she maxes out my card. Then they left but she came back today to pick out all the stuff she still wanted from yesterday. And I showed my coworkers her and I was like goalssss! And then while me and the girl were talking she CHECKED ME. She was like “I know you think that’s my sugar daddy, but he’s not that my boyfriend girllllllll” I was like YASSSS BITCH and we totally just bust out laughing. But she’s my new fav client and her bf is so suave and sweet and funny.

Finally came in the mail today! 📦💜. So excited to try it all out!! 😝

The stuff I ordered from @wasongo came in today!

It’s so beautiful and they just look so good. The colors of the prints are vibrant and the bookmark is as cute in person as it is on their store.

If you can, you should totally hit them up on storenvy, they have more than just hq stuff. The art is gorgeous and definitely worth looking at. Thanks so much for your hard work and I hope you have a beautiful day.

holy fuck… so my birthday was 3 days ago, & I just worked till 5:30 then had a nice lil family dinner. so today, my boyfriend said, “let’s go to my grandparents house today!” & they live on beautiful land, so for a couple of hours we hung out there (we saw a bunny) 🐇💙 & we came home… and the house was DECORATED IN MERMAID STUFF (balloons, table set, EVERYTHING) & he set the whole thing up & mama cami (his mum 💞) helped! holy fuck I was so surprised, I was not expecting that at all. we ate cupcakes, i opened pressies, hung out, watched a movie & ahhh 💕 patrick said that he really wanted to celebrate my birthday some more because we couldnt do much on my actual birthday 🙈💕 he is so fucking perfect. holy fuck ❤❤