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Beside You- Luke Hemmings Imagine

Summary: Luke and (Y/N) have always had feelings for one another, but were always to blind to see it. Thanks to some help from the other boys, and the music video producer for the boy’s latest song, the feelings between the two are easily discovered.

A/N: This is one of my longest imagines I have done, but I wanted to say thank you to all of those who have followed me, I have now reached over 100 in the short time that I have started this blog. It would really mean a lot if I could get some comments about my writings, so if you have a quick second, leave me a little note! 

P.S. Possible part 2?

“You want me to what” you asked incredulously.

“We want you to be in our new music video” Ashton said with a large grin.

“But aren’t you supposed to get super hot models for these sorts of things? Even with a make-up crew I won’t look half as good as those type of girls” you said with a frown.

“Will you stop (Y/n), you are one of the most beautiful girls we know.” It was Luke who spoke this time, his voice was soft, sincere, and possibly one of the most serious tones you have ever heard him use.

You tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear as you break your eye contact with the boys and look to the floor. The boys can tell that you’re thinking of other reasons why you shouldn’t do the music video, but for once your mind was blank.

“Fine, I’ll do it. I mean it’s mainly going to feature you guys anyways, right?” you said, mainly trying to convince yourself. “What song is it for anyways?”

“Now that’s a surprise. But don’t worry you’ll see tomorrow when we start filming.” Calum chimed in. Your mouth opens in protest but closes shortly after realizing there is no way the boys would give it up.

The rest of the day consisted or you just hanging out with the boys as they talked about how great their tour was. You watched carefully as each of their eyes lit up while talking about some of their favorite memories. As it grew darker, the boys started leaving one by one until it was just you and Luke.

Luke was undoubtedly your best friend. He has been there for you for every hard time. Whether it was when your dog died when you were 13, or when you were being bullied in high school. He was your rock, and dare you say, your knight in shining armor. However, you never told him how you felt, for fear that he doesn’t feel the same. Of course, all the guys knew, but they also knew something you didn’t: Luke felt the same.

Once all the guys were gone, you and Luke just sat next to one another in a comfortable silence. The warm summer breeze touched your skin as you gazed into the night sky.

“Hey Luke, since it’s almost tomorrow anyways, can you tell me what song the music video is for, or at least what we will be filming?” you ask giving the puppy dog eyes.

“You are so stubborn, you know that right?” he says through breathy laughs.

“Come on, pleaseeeeeee” you ask.

“Honestly I don’t know that much myself. I do know what song it is, but that’s about it.”

“Oh come on, you are totally holding out on me!” you insist. You sit so that you are facing Luke, each of your small hands on his shoulders so he can’t turn away from your gaze. “Just give me something to go off of.”

“Alright, well it’s for our new song called Beside You, and I think there are other three more females joining us on set. But that is about all I know” he confessed.

Your hands leave his shoulders as you try and think as to what you will be filming tomorrow. Unfortunately, you haven’t gotten to listen to all of the boy’s new album so you didn’t know the meaning behind Beside You.

“I can see the wheels turning, but I guarantee you it’s nothing to worry about. You’ll have a blast. Promise” he mentions while holding out his pinky. You intertwine your pinky with his and shake them, something you have always done ever since you were little.

“Okay Lucas, if you insist” you say with a laugh. “Well it’s getting late so I’m going to head off to bed, got to get my beauty sleep for my filming debut tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I should probably head out too. Don’t want the star of the video to look like crap” he says giving a wink.

Before even thinking, words left your lips that you wouldn’t usually say.

“Why don’t you just spend the night” you say quickly and quietly, hoping that Luke may not have heard you. But when your gaze met his, you can tell he heard your question. “I mean, it will just be like when we were younger. Just don’t hog all the blankets this time.”

“Alright, yeah if that’s alright with you. It would be nice to not have to wait for a cab to get here, and that way you and I can just drive to the studio together in the morning.”

The two of you walk up to your bed room, laughing and reminiscing in old times the whole way up. Sure, at first you’d be nervous that this would be awkward, but the moment you both were laying in your bed it felt like old times. You two stayed up for a few more hours just talking about everything that came to your minds. As your eyes grew heavy, you snuggled into Luke’s chest, while soft hums escaped his lips as you drifted off to sleep.

“She sleeps alone, my heart wants to come home. I wish I was, I wish I was, beside you” he lightly sings. This is exactly where Luke had longed to be, with you fast asleep in his arms. He never thought you looked more beautiful, even with a bit of eyeliner left on from earlier in the night, your hair fallen onto your face, and soft snores escaping your lips. All Luke wanted, was to be beside you.


The loud beeping of your alarm woke you up. Bright light was shining through your curtains as you notice that your head is still on top of Luke’s chest. His eyes were still closed, typical Luke, not waking up easily.

“Hey, butt face, wake up.” You say while poking his nose. His face scrunches as his eyes flutter open trying to adjust to the brightness. “Come on sleepy head, get up!” A groan escapes Luke’s lips as he is adamant about staying in bed. “Alright you asked for it” you begin as you take a pillow and smack it onto his face.

“That’s not even fair!” he protests.

“Then get up sleeping beauty” you say while landing another hit on him.

The rest of the morning was pretty quiet between the two of you. You each quickly showered and then drove off to the studio. The entire ride over you kept insisting that Luke play the song for you, so you have an idea of what to expect, but the stubborn boy kept refusing.

As you walked into the studio you saw the other three boys standing next to three gorgeous girls. You immediately felt insecure and Luke could sense the shift in your attitude. His arm ran across your shoulder as he guided you to where the group was standing.

“There you guys are, you were supposed to be here nearly a half an hour ago” Ashton said.

“Sorry but princess Luke takes forever to wake up” you said while rubbing your hand through Luke’s hair. He playfully swats your hand away, all while still keeping his arm around your shoulder.

“Well since you guys are late, the director already assigned parts.” Michael mentioned.

“What do you mean” you question.

“Well, if you can’t tell there are four girls and four guys, so we are being divided into pairs. Calum is with Shelly, Michael is with Kristen, I’m with Morgan, and so Luke and (Y/n) you’re obviously together.” Ashton answered.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be filled in more while they are doing your hair and make-up” Michael said.

Shortly after talking with the boys, a crew came to take you and the other girls to hair and make-up. You got to know the other girls better and it turns out they weren’t uptight models and actresses that you expected them to be. All the girls were very down to earth and had their own hobbies and interesting life stories.

“Okay ladies, so here’s how today is going to work” the direct said as he entered the room. “You are going to hear the song a few times right now before we start filming, just so you can get a better feel for the song, and then you each will be taken to your own set with the boys and film your stuff there.” As he left the room music began to play. The lyrics were beautiful and you could tell they came for the heart.

“Miss (Y/n), are you alright?” the makeup technician asked you. You hadn’t even realized that the song has played 3 times already, and now here you were with tears falling down your cheeks.

“Oh yeah, sorry, the song just means a lot” you say with a weak smile.

After you were finally done getting ready for filming you were lead to a set of a kitchen. When you walked in you saw Luke in a similar outfit to you which consisted of plaid pajama pants and a black V-neck. Your outfit consisted of pajama shorts and a grey t-shirt.

“Wow (y/n) you look amazing” Luke says as he pulls you into a hug.

“Thanks” you answer shyly.

“Alright, Luke and (Y/n), so here’s what I’m thinking. So, all of you guys have your girlfriends and each pair has their own thing going on. Your scene is that you guys just woke up to make some breakfast with one another. But don’t just be boring and go through the motions, you aren’t just cooking. Basically, we are showing how each of the couples are before the life of fame and touring takes the guys away. So you two are supposed to be in love so that’s what we need to see. There’s going to be more to the video, but let’s just focus on the emotions in this part first. And just remember the cameras aren’t here, just be how you two normally are together, okay?”

“Sounds good” Luke chimed in.

To say everything felt awkward was an understatement. Neither of you two were entirely sure what to do, and it didn’t help that there was a crew of at least 10 people focused on you. Once the director said action, you each tried to act as naturally as possible. You went and grabbed a box of pancake mix and asked Luke to grab out a pan. You start reading the instructions and pay no attention to Luke who is standing right next to you.

“Alright umm let’s cut for a moment” the director said. “Luke, (Y/n), you guys are best friends, just act like you normally would, okay? Don’t be so dry and pretend none of us are here.” The two of you nod your heads in understanding. You don’t know why this was so hard for you and so awkward. You’ve literally known Luke your whole life and are best friends, so why can’t you just have fun with this scene.

“And action” the director says.

An awkward silence fills the room as you and Luke go through the motions for making breakfast for the two of you once again. You try and reach for a bowl on a shelf but come up just too short. Looking to Luke for assistance, he comes over with a small laugh, and is easily able to grab the bowl. When he sets it down on the counter in front of you, you become fully aware of how close he is to you now. His breath is hitting your neck as you stand there for what feels like an eternity.

“Cut” the director yells. “Alright team here’s what we are going to do. Let’s set up two cameras on tripods in separate corners, and then let’s place two more in other locations. Then we will step out, and you two can just be alone and do what you do best. I just feel like we aren’t getting anything from you guys and so I’m hoping this will help.” The camera team quickly moves around the room setting up multiple cameras in various locations.

“I’m sorry I suck” you say softly to Luke.

“You don’t suck. Trust me, my first music video was super awkward too. Don’t worry, by the end of filming it will look great, and soon every director will want to star you in their video” he says with a wink. The rest of the camera crew clears out so now it is just you and Luke on set. Before they left, the crew turned on some music to play softly in the back ground.

“Okay so I’m totally going to try and make pancakes, and so you better help me” you say with a smile.

“Sure just direct me around and we will make the best damn pancakes you’ve ever had” Luke replies.

“Okay so first we need two cups of flour” you say as you read the directions. Luke listens and scoops out two cups of flour and pours them into the bowl.

“Hey (y/n)” he asks.

“Yeah?” You turn around to face Luke only to be met with flour being sprinkled on your head.

“Oh, you are so dead” you say with fake anger. Taking your hand, you reach into the bag of flour only to smack your white hand across his clean black shirt. Luke let’s out a gasp of fake hurt as his face lights up with a smile.

To stop you from doing more damage he grabs each of your wrists and raises them above your head. You two just stand there for a moment, the only sound coming from the music the crew turned on. Before you had a chance to fight back, Luke’s lips crash to yours.  As the kiss grows deeper he removes his hands from your wrists and moves them to your waist. He carefully picks you up and places you on the counter, placing his body in between your legs. Your hands make their way through his hair as you two have yet to stop for air. A soft chuckle escapes from you as Luke’s fingers unknowingly tickled your side.

“We should still try and make some pancakes too” you say through kisses. This time it was Luke who laughed at your comment. After he nods his head in agreement he helps you off the counter, keeping his hands on your waist.

The two of you continue to make pancakes, sneaking kisses in every chance you get. Luke follows each of the instructions you give him, and is surprised when he sees that the finished result actually looks delicious. As you two sit and eat, Luke tells more embarrassing jokes of the boys from tour. Everything is perfect until you hear a loud voice that you didn’t expect to hear back so soon.

“There’s my two favorite love birds” the director jokes. “Well we definitely got the footage we needed from the two of you together, so now there is just a couple of individual things we need to get today, and then it should be all done. So (Y/n) why don’t you head back to hair and make-up so they can clean you up a bit. Luke you’re going to meet up with the guys. Once again great job, and Luke I had no idea you were such a great actor.”

“Thanks” Luke says with a laugh. “That’s what happens when you’re a Rockstar I guess.” The moment Luke finishes speaking you feel your heart break a little bit. Of course, Luke was just acting, he’d never be into you like that. You walk away, trying to contain yourself from crying, until you hear Luke call your name. You take a moment to compose yourself and put on a happy façade for when you speak to him.

“Hey (y/n) I just wanted to say you did a really great job.” Luke says while flashing a smile.

“Thanks, looks like you should consider acting more yourself” you say with a weak smile. Before either of you could say anything else a crew member comes and pulls on your arm to get you back into the dressing area. A small sigh escapes Luke’s lips as you leave, wishing he could have gotten to tell you what he has been trying to say.


After you finished filming you went straight home, not bothering to talk to any of the guys. Today had been a long and trying day and all you wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry. When you go and check your phone you see 8 missed calls from Luke and a handful of messages.

“Great” you mumble. What could he possibly want? Sure, you didn’t directly let him know that you were leaving, but you told Ashton to pass the word. You were drowning in your thoughts of the day’s actions until you heard a light knock on your door.

“Shit” you mutter. You didn’t really feel like answering the door, and had silently prayed that whoever was on the other end would just go away. But to your dismay, the knocks got increasingly louder and more adamant, as if that person needed to get inside right now. With shaky hands, you take a deep breath and open the door.

“Luke” his name comes out as more of a question from your lips as you’re surprised at his arrival.

“I’m really sorry” his shaky voice says. You make room for him to come inside but he just stays where he is. Your gaze keeps to the ground because you know if you look into his eyes your walls will come crumbling down. “(Y/N) I wasn’t acting” he stated plainly.


“I wasn’t acting” he said. And with that said Luke closes the gap between your bodies and places his lips onto yours….


Part 2?


OMG MY POOH BEAR PACI CAME IN TODAY!! Honestly this is the most beautiful, sturdy, and comfortable paci I’ve ever gotten. @tinypaciprincess you’re amazing! Not only did you make it exactly how I pictured, you were also very helpful, polite, and so nice to me! Thank you so so much. I’m in love with my new paci 💖 more pictures to come!!!! 😍

Joker Imagine *Song inspired* - Lay Me Down

Hi! This is based on the song ‘’All the pretty girls’’ by Kaleo ( click song title to open the song if you want to ). This was requested, but I won’t display the request because it can spoil the story. Enjoy!

Joker’s P.O.V.

Some say that bad people don’t deserve anything good. They say that evil can’t get pure. I didn’t believe that at all since I had Y/N, my girlfriend. I was evil, to be completely honest. Come on, being the clown prince of crime and the king of Gotham didn’t come if you were a good person. I killed, I robbed and I enjoyed bad things. 

Then there was Y/N. She came into my life and at first, I tried to push her away. It wasn’t easy to let someone in and get to know me, but somehow it happened and I was so happy to have her by my side. Damn, we knew how to have fun. We made the Bat chase us around the city quite often. She liked it. Her laugh was like music to my ears when I drove ten times faster than anyone else around us. Everything was just great! I had let her in.

We had been separated for a week now, but I was going to see her soon. I wouldn’t be alone, no, all our friends were coming too. Well, whatever we could call friends, more like our goons and a few criminals we knew. Even her old friends were here which was special. Tonight would be about the king and queen of Gotham. It made my gut twist in a sick way because I was nervous which I rarely was. 

A week ago we had been sailing. Yes, it was romantic and all that shit, but the main reason for it was an island near shore here in Gotham. Y/N and I broke into a fancy-ass house and we killed the owners so we could stay there for a day. It was one of the best days in my life. She opened up to me about her past and I was there to listen. When I was alone with Y/N, I felt like I didn’t have to put on a show. I could just relax and being me, relaxing wasn’t something I could do often. I was always busy planning our next crime.

Anyway, Y/N swam butt-naked in the sea and she even got me in the water, but I had my clothes on. We had negotiated things about her stupid ex-boyfriend and we ended up agreeing that he’d be dead once we got back home. Her ex was a man called Samuel, a total player who had used Y/N. How disrespectful. No one and I mean no one would disrespect my queen.

             The rain made me snap out of my thoughts. Gotham city seemed to be the center of rainclouds.  The sky was very dark and dull, but the full moon shined through. The wind was cold but the breeze wasn’t too harsh. I looked around and saw people waiting. ‘’We can do this Y/N’’ I told her quietly. Then I looked at her, feeling how tears stung my eyes. Man, this felt unreal. This was happening now!

I made sure that the strap on my shoulder was there tightly. Then I gave Y/N a small pat, almost comforting her before I started walking further. Everyone’s eyes turned to us and it reminded me of everything. I just had to keep myself together and not freak out or do some crazy nonsense. Not today, this was way too important.

The five people around me were quiet. Frost was on Y/N’s other side. I took a deep breath and I forced myself to ignore the dirt that came onto my shiny black shoes. The dirt turned muddy because of the rain that soaked our clothes. A few more steps later that felt extremely heavy, we stopped. This is it. It would happen right here on this spot. ‘’You ready boss?’’ Frost asked me carefully, looking right into my eyes. The people around us were still quiet, but some sniffled and cried. There were rows of my goons with loaded guns in their arms.

Everyone was dressed in black. ‘’Yes’’ I told Frost, signaling the four others too. Frost nodded to them all, which broke my little heart that Y/N had once fixed. Too bad she could never do that again. I looked into the deep hole beneath hr and I wanted to wake up, but this wasn’t a dream. This was her funeral.

So we started lowering her casket into the ground. It was a white one with a carving of a swan. I hope she could be happy because my Y/N deserved that. She was such a beautiful girl. I hadn’t cried for years until her death and I swear it was close now. I loosened my grip slightly so she could go down. Then the casket hit the bottom and we pulled up the straps. There she was.

My breath stopped and I stared down at the casket that would be covered in dirt in a few minutes. It felt like I was looking at a nightmare. I couldn’t believe that my beautiful queen was in that wooden box! I couldn’t save her. ‘’I’m so sorry’’ I whispered before facing the other way. I was supposed to hold a speech before she’d be buried. Everyone looked at me now. Although I loved attention, this was different. I hated it. For once I could say that I hated death.

The cemetery was honestly depressing. I saw so many graves around us, so many flowers some dead and some alive, then our guests in black. The grass was wet and it had paths on it because so many people had been here. I cleared my throat and I took a deep breath. Instead of looking at someone, I looked at a nearby tree on a small hill. 

‘’Y/N was too young and too good for this’’ I started, trying my best to sound strong for her. Making a good speech wasn’t my specialty, but I truly tried. ‘’She was the only person who understood me and I felt like I could understand her. Y/N wasn’t a bad person although people would like to think that. Being with a bad person doesn’t make you one. She was incredibly beautiful and sweet. I knew she could accomplish so much, but now that chance is gone. Although religion and stuff like that are hard to understand, I hope she goes to a good place’’ I spoke slowly, holding back tears, but it was hard.

Then I saw something close to the tree. A black figure came closer but stopped. It was Batman. He was just standing there and I knew he’d get shot if he even tried to come and interrupt this. For some reason, it didn’t alert me, because I kinda expected to see him here. ‘’We’re here today to say goodbye to the queen of Gotham city. She shall never be forgotten and I’ll make sure of that’’ I promised them surely. Then I sighed and closed my eyes for a moment. I could almost believe she was beside me.

‘’Y/N I’m so sorry that I couldn’t save you. I didn’t want this to happen to you’’ I said more sadly. Then I opened y eyes and I grabbed a shovel. So did the five goons, but I would put dirt in there first. That was a deal. I grabbed a little dirt and then I put the shovel above her grave. ‘’I love you’’ I whispered, saying three words I had said only a handful of times in my entire lifetime. As I let the dirt fall, so did my tears. The rain washed them away which was good.

So we started filling up her grave. It was so unfair! I would do anything to get her back, but I couldn’t. I was surprised that batman didn’t come closer to try and get me. I wasn’t in my best state so I doubt he would find it hard. Maybe he felt guilty as well?

You see Y/N died in such an unnecessary accident. There was a gang making trouble in the city. She was curious about it so we went downtown to see it for ourselves. We meant no harm for once. Batman was already there before us. He was fighting the gang and we watched. I was going to grab my gun from the car just in case, only leaving her side for ten seconds which was enough.

One of the men took her, dragging her in the middle of the mess. I tried to run to her, man I shot everyone around her to get there. No one gave her a helping hand even tho so many could have. I remembered how she screamed when the gang member stabbed her abdomen as I ran. I reached her too late and so did batman. He had tried to save Y/N, but he couldn’t either It all happened so fast.

So there I sat on the cold ground with her dying body in my arms. Her blood had completely soaked her and my clothes, but I didn’t give a damn. ‘’Don’t..blame y-yourself’’ She had told me so weakly. I yelled that she wouldn’t die. I was so furious that I was losing my mind. ‘’I love you’’ Were her last words and then she had died in my arms. I could still feel that haunting moment as it happened a minute ago.

Batman didn’t take me to Arkham that day. I guess he showed mercy or something.

I had lost her.

And now I had lied her down to her last resting place.


All of the packages that were coming came today. Hell yeah. 

This is the beautiful sphere that I bought from @bekkathyst. It’s  a 3″ golden calcite sphere and so freaking pretty. I love that when you hold it in the light, you can see a rainbow. These pics don’t do it justice. It’s just that my room is a mess, and I didn’t feel like walking back out to the kitchen. lol.

I’m honestly going to have to move this back and forth from my altar to my reading space (once it becomes more of a reading space) because it’s just so pretty.

Day 12 - Apocalyptic
Kai (Ravenschrei on Instagram) and Lloyd (me)

Sry Guys I know Day 10 and 11 are missing I will post them tomorrow I hope! I don’t want to miss a single day but I had a lot to do, my stuff for steampunk came yesterday.
Today is my Birthday :D So I didn’t have much time.
So today only the apocalyptic pic with my bestie. Look at her she is so beautiful and I’m so happy that she cosplays with me together ♡ and its her very first time as kai so pls don’t judge the wig. Kai’s hair is a bitch! X.x
And if you wanna see more pictures just ask. Maybe I will post more if you like it ☺

Maple Sugar | #24

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AnonHi… may I please request “I dare you to kiss me” drabble with chanyeol! Angst to fluff or anything really! You don’t have to if you don’t want to but if you do thank you so much!!!! Lots of love!! ♡

author’s note: I’m sorry you waited for so long :( thanks for requesting tho! This is my first Exo fic so I hope it doesn’t disappoint~

“Hey! Wait!” You yelled, watching the bus driver ignore your efforts for him to stop. You ran out of the convenience store as fast as you could but the bus had no pity for your lack of speed. You were supposed to be volunteering at the park to help kids carve pumpkins with Chanyeol. The group you were volunteering with suggested everyone take the bus to get there, the bus you just missed.

“I guess I’m walking…” You said to yourself before walking over to the side walk to do just that. You were lucky the weather was merciful today, it was beautiful fall wheather. The park was only a fifteen minutes walk away from the store so it didn’t take you long to get there. You walked over to the activity and some of the kids came up to hug you.

“Hey, Y/n, your pumpkin is over there, you can help the group over there.” Suzy pointed to the stuff and continued to help her group.

“Ok- Hi guys!” You smiled, bending down to hug the little sunshines. “Oh my goodness, what beautiful pumpkins!” They were all speaking at once, trying to get you to admire theirs more. 

“Look at mine!” You looked over to see where that deep voice came from. Chanyeol. “Isn’t it pretty?” He gave you a breathtaking smile, tilting his head.

“It’s lovely Chanie.” You giggled, tossing your bag on the bench and going over to get your pumpkin and carving tool. Chanyeol watched you walked over to the other kiddos, looking as lovely as always in his eyes. He was a little disappointed when he saw you sit in front of him to help 

“Ms. Y/n, help me do mine!” One of the little kids, Mir, pointed to the pumpkin he was having trouble carving on his own. 

“Sure, I’ll help you.” You smiled, scooting over to his little mat so you could help him out. You guided his little hand, telling him how to make the triangle eyes.

“Like this?” He looked up at you with the cutest eyes.

“Yes, very good.”

“Hey,” You felt a hand on your shoulder, “Hey, betrayer.” He giggled.

“What?” You looked behind you, seeing Chanyeol eyeing you as he helped the little girl next to him. 

“You didn’t come last night, you said you’d come.” He whined, looking as adorable as ever. “I was kind of looking forward to cuddling with my girlfriend…”

“Oh, I completely forgot Sweetie! I’m sorry, I was so busy, it slipped my mind.” You cupped his face a bit, before going back to help Mir, you smiled a little trying not to laugh.

“Are you seriously laughing right now?” His tone was kind of serious and you looked back at him. “How is it that when you wanna spend time together you make time but when I want to you’re busy, or you forget.” He groaned, not looking at you as your mouth went a gape in surprise.

“Chanyeol…” You sighed, suddenly feeling bad that you neglected to realize he felt this way. After that he just blew you off the rest of the activities, you just ignored his little attitude though, going back to help little Mir.

“Thank you all for volunteering, we’ll see you next time!” With that you bid farewell to the kids and coordinator, going over to the area you put your bag. You grabbed your bag and put it over your shoulder, your lovely boyfriend came over to you, but didn’t say anything.

“Can you stop…” You pushed at his chest, pouting when his expression didn’t change. “You’re making me sad.” You crossed your arms.

“I’m making you sad? Bunny nobody stood you up last night, don’t be such a baby Y/n.” He pressed his finger tip to your forehead, making you upset that he was playing with you like this.

“What can I do to make it up to you?…” You twisted from side to side, like a little school girl.

“Hm?” He brought his hand to his chin. “You can give me a kiss?…”

“I can’t, you know I don’t do PDA in front of the little kids, they’re not all gone yet. I’ll tell you what, I’ll rent a movie and we can eat and cuddle on your couch.” You gave him a wide smile, fluttering your eye lashes like you always did when you wanted to get him to listen to you.

“We’ll do that too, but I want my kiss. In fact, I dare you to kiss me.” You like always fell victim to those cute ears, those big eyes, everything about him was so cute to you, that’s why you couldn’t stand when he was upset with you.

“Fine.” Without touching him, you got up on your tippy toes like you always had to do, he was so freaking tall yet you seem to forget. You pecked his lips, for less than two seconds and a apple colored blush came to your cheeks. He giggled. You wrapped your arms around him, burrying your face in his chest. “Do you forgive me?” You mumbled.

Of course, I forgive you bunny.” He kissed your forehead.

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can you possibly. write a liam imagine about how he takes you as his plus one to one of his family member's wedding? And you meet all of his extended family, and he calms you down because your super nervous?? love your writing xo

“Darling, what are you so worked up about?” He asked softly as he watched you primp yourself to no end. Liam swore you woke up and started getting ready—he wasn’t even sure if you had eaten yet.

“I just want to look nice for them,” you explained.

Liam came over and kissed your cheek. “You are always beautiful, angel,” he said knowingly.

“Okay, and that’s fine for around the apartment and stuff, but I’m meeting your family today so I have to look perfect,” you told him.

“Have you eaten anything today?” He asked ignoring your craziness.

“I will eat at the wedding,” you mumbled.

Rolling his eyes, Liam stepped out of the room to get you some peanut butter crackers at the very least. Of course he didn’t really understand what stressed you out so much. His mother already told him she adored you. All through phone conversations, Liam gushed about you and his mother had never heard him so smitten with a girl before.

“Darling,” Liam called from the kitchen. “Come and eat a bit,” he said.

“I’m getting ready!”

“Would you just?” He said in exasperation.

Sighing you turned off the curling iron and left half of your hair uncurled as you went to see what he wanted. Chuckling he shook his head at you. “Even if you went there like that, you would upstage the bride.”

You rolled your eyes. “Liam, I am not trying to impress you tonight, I do not need compliments. I’m so anxious. Please just let me do this,” you said knowingly as you happily devoured three peanut butter cracker sandwiches that Liam had made for you in a matter of a minute and a half.

Honestly, that was so impressive, Liam couldn’t help it. “Baby, that was so hot. I’ve never seen anyone eat anything that fast, I’m so impressed.”

Grabbing three more cracker sandwiches, you huffed at him and headed back to your room to finish readying yourself. Liam smirked and shook his head as he cleaned up the cracker crumbs.

After what felt like another hour (it was only twenty two minutes and you would tell Liam that for the rest of your days), Liam was allowed to get into the room and get ready himself. When all was said and done, he was ready within forty five minutes. You were finally slipped into your dress, while he was showering and shaving you slid it on ever so carefully over your hair and makeup.

His breath was actually stolen. Of course he knew you were the most gorgeous thing on the planet, but to see you this dolled up and angelically floating over your carpeted floors so you could put on your heels, Liam thought he had to hold the wall to support himself. “Gorgeous, love. Gorgeous,” he said pecking your forehead—he didn’t want to dare to mess up your makeup. And he left it at that.


Liam had one hand on your lower back guiding you into the venue. You swallowed thickly, your heart pounding against your ribcage. “Li, I’m not sure I can do this…” you said softly. “I know you think I’m silly, but…it’s your whole family. I know how much they loved Sophia—hell, I love Sophia,” Liam chuckled at you. “I’m serious!”

Sighing, Liam stopped walking toward the entrance. “If you really don’t want to go, I’ll tell them you got deathly ill and you’ll meet with them another day.”

“Really?” You asked hopefully.

He frowned a little. “I will, of course. But I promise you, you have nothing to worry about,” he said. “They’re all really excited to meet you,” he didn’t want to tell you how excited. Even his cousin who was getting married today was extremely excited to meet you. All he wanted was for you to be gushed about. His parents would admire how brilliant you were and his sisters would ogle your fashion sense. His grandmother would adore your baking skills (at least when you got to baking them something) and his older cousin would be impressed with how well you followed your favorite sports team. It seemed that you were made not just for Liam, but for his whole family.

He would do anything for you to just give it a chance.

The way your eyebrows crinkled together led Liam to leave another kiss on your forehead to smooth it out. He knew the internal battle was plaguing you. Social events were still new to you. Your first red carpet, you had thrown up an hour before you left. But this was family. It was supposed to be easier. No one was judged at family events.

“Liam, these people are part of you and if they don’t like me—”

“Look darling, I will tolerate anything you have to say, but the thought of someone not liking you is maddening,” he said knowingly. “There is nothing to dislike about you.”

Liam watched as you pouted and saw your lower lip started quivering. “My family doesn’t like me,” you reminded him.

Sighing he knew he should have phrased his words more carefully. The two of you were starting to get the stares that Liam had been recognized and he needed to act quick but also comfort you. “Then let’s go in,” he said tipping your chin up with just a finger. “And have you meet a family that will adore you,” he said knowingly.

Swallowing the large rock that seemed to lodge itself in your esophagus, you nodded slowly. Internally, Liam sighed with relief and squeezed your hand. “I won’t leave you for a second, I promise,” he murmured as you crossed the threshold of the venue.

You turned to look at him in shock, because why on earth would he ever leave you but instantly Liam was being called. “Oh my goodness, darling!” His mother (you had seen pictures). She hugged Liam almost dismissively—Liam was a little surprised because he was still hugging his mum when he turned away from him. She quickly pulled you in for a hug, now to your surprise. Pushing you back a bit so she could look you over she smiled happily. “You are so much more beautiful than your pictures make you out to be.”

Liam tilted his head at you in the most condescending way. I told you so, gleamed from his brown eyes.

Blushing in shock you thanked her and complimented her new hairstyle, Liam had mentioned that his mum was out and about so she couldn’t meet with the two of you yesterday. “I like this one, keep her,” she said directly to Liam. Soon after, you were passed from family member to family member each one spouting off a fact about you and complimenting some part of you and saying how you should be off with some wonderful person who wasn’t Liam because you were too smart, too pretty, and too sweet to be with the likes of him.

While you were a bit confused (because as you had mentioned to Liam, you were never showered with compliments like this) so in a graciously overwhelmed manner you giggled shyly and tried to keep up with everyone’s name and what they had said about you. At the same time, Liam was in heaven just watching you be fawned over. It was nice to see everyone he loved, adore the girl he was infatuated with, so very much.

The wedding was starting soon and as much as everyone kind of wanted to keep talking to you, they knew they had to sit down. It was a beautiful little ceremony with vows that made your eyes water and Liam chuckled. You smacked his arm lightly and he wrapped it around you kissing the side of your head. “Would you want a wedding like this?” He wondered.

You blushed and looked at him with a smirk. “Might be kinda weird if your whole family was here if I wasn’t marrying you,” you whispered back.

He shook his head with a bright smile. “Alright, Miss Smarty Pants. Fine. Be that way.”

Giggling to yourself you leaned against his shoulder and nodded to yourself in response to his question. You definitely wanted a wedding like this.


After you danced with two of Liam’s baby cousins and his father, Liam finally got you back. “Your dad is very funny. And he told the most embarrassing stories about you. I can’t wait to hold those over your head,” you said knowingly as he stepped on your toe “by accident.” “You oaf,” you said playfully.

Pulling you closer to his chest, he leaned into your ear. “Will you admit that you had nothing to worry about meeting them?” He asked.

“No,” you shook your head.

“Why not?!” He chuckled in mock outrage. You pulled back a little to look up at him.

“I will never admit when I’m wrong.”

“Oh that’s very healthy, baby girl,” he snorted and shook his head.

You smiled proudly to yourself and shrugged as Liam held your hand in his against his heartbeat. “You’re incredible,” he said knowingly. Somehow, after fifteen thousand compliments tonight alone you still managed to blush at his sweet words. He kissed your fingertips and gazed at you so lovingly you felt as if this was your wedding and Liam was twirling you around for your first dance. Even though there were about a hundred family members surrounding you, it felt like it was just Liam and you staring at one another.

Living with less - A short story

“Daddy, I want new shoes, these are getting torn”, his youngest daughter exclaimed at the breakfast table.
“Daddy will get them mended little one, they’ll be fine, good as new”
“No Daddy, I want new ones.”
“Daddy we are going on a field trip next week, and I don’t have any clothes to wear”, his elder daughter joined in the requests.
“But you already have so many clothes Ash, your wardrobe is quite full”.
“None are appropriate for the field trip”, she said as a-matter-of-factly.
“Okay, daddy is not promising anything but we’ll see this weekend”, he smiled to reassure them.

Later that night, he was talking to his wife, “Honey you know it’s getting difficult to make ends meet with the school fees going up coupled with utilities expenses, it might not be possible for me to cater to these recent demands of our daughters, have you tried talking to them?”
“I have, John, but I guess the effect of their friends is coming on them, and they don’t understand”.

Next day, when he came home from work, he sat with his wife, “Hey Steph, I was wondering about the best way to explain the girls about what we are going through, and was thinking about taking them to the Orphanage on Saturday, what do you say?”
“That sounds like not a bad idea John, and I think I can gather some stuff to take with us too, for the kids there”.
“That sounds great, Steph”.

And so Saturday came; “Daddy, are we going to the mall today, to buy mine and Ash’s stuff?”
“Little Jo, we are definitely going out but we are going somewhere you both have never been to, and I hope you’ll like it there but I must ask you to be at your best behavior there”
“But daddy, where are we going?”, Ash jumped in.
“You will see”, and he smiled at his beautiful daughters.

As they were coming in the orphanage, he addressed his daughters, “This is the Orphanage, there are a lot of people here who don’t have parents, relatives and even their own homes, so they live here and we will meet with them today and give them the stuff that you have brought”
“But daddy, that is our stuff”, little Jo complained.
“Yes little one, but maybe they need it more than you”, he smiled again, his daughters loved his smile.

They visited the people in the orphanage, the old people, teenagers and even the kids. He even took the girls to see the school inside the orphanage. It was a small school, nothing like the one they go to. Coming out from the school, he asked them, “Girls what are your thoughts about the school?”
“Daddy it’s quite small, classrooms are quite messy too, and they don’t have a big library like ours”, Ash replied.
“Daddy why is their school this way?”, Jo asked him.
“You see girls, the kids who go to this school don’t have parents, who could pay for their fees, but education is important so this school is funded by charity.
These kids can not even buy whatever they like, they have to be happy with whatever the orphanage authority provides them with, they don’t really have a choice you see, but did you look at them, did you see their smiles? Did you see they seemed happy? Did you see how respected they were towards the authorities and their teachers?
Little Jo, when you gave them your stuff, how did you feel?”
“Daddy I felt I was giving away a part of me but the smile on their faces made me realize their need was greater than mine could ever be.”
“Exactly my point, little one, and what about you Ash, how did you feel giving away some of your books?”
“Yes Daddy, I felt the same, but I have made a deal with them, the kids will read the books by next month and we’ll come here again and I will ask them how they liked them and maybe give them new books too.”

He had tears in his eyes, his daughters were so beautiful, he could never thank God enough for them, he looked lovingly at his wife, Steph and she said, “You see girls, this is why we came here, sometimes we feel we want a lot of things, but we don’t always need them, and it’s quite often we have to be content with what we have, it’s called ‘living with less’, because we have a lot already to be grateful for.”
“Yes mama, we understand now and we are sorry for being so greedy before, we have much to be thankful for, but can we please get ice cream, pretty please?”, they were so adorable, both of them.

Living with less and helping others, indeed, how important, it is to be able to do this and be happy about it too.

- DG

I understand Beauty and the Beast has its problems. I get that making Lefou Disney’s first gay character is hugely insulting. I get that Emma Watson’s dress should have been left to a professional. I get that overall this is basically Disney doing it for the money.

But today was my first shift at the cinema since the film came out. I counted four little girls dressed up as Belle- one had a little tiara, and another had a rose. And there were hordes more going with their parents. There were families and couples all eager to see it.

I’ve heard so much of people spitting bile over the film’s flaws, which is fair enough, but I can’t remember the last time I heard someone say anything positive. Which is a little sad.

Okay guys
Let me tell you about my favorite ship
Leah and Penny
And Leah having a bad past relationship and seeing how Penny’s mom treats her and she just invites penny over and penny is shy and playing with her hair the whole time and mumbling to herself and leah thinks she’s the most precious little thing and once she’s earned penny’s real trust she says that her cabin is a safe place and doesn’t really expect penny to come over when she needs to but one night there’s just the lightest knock on the door and the only reason leah is awake is cause she’s sculpting or something and she opens the door and it is dark and pouring rain but she can immediately tell that Penny’s been crying and her shirt is stained with who knows what and leah is just so afraid for penny and so angry at pennys mom and invites her in and locks the door and gets her to change into something warmer and then just holds her as she cries
And then once penny’s calmed down, leah brushes her hair out and then gets her to lay down and cuddles her and she really doesn’t know what to do because penny hasn’t said anything since she got there but she cuddles her and penny’s just quietly like “my mom got angry and kicked me out because I said I loved you.”
Like she fucking whispers the end of it
And leah just holds her so tightly and is just “I love you, too.”
And leah knows they’ll have to talk in the morning and sort stuff out but penny’s just giving her this smile and looking at her like she’s the most beautiful thing in the world and leah knows she has clay on her face and she hasn’t brushed her own hair today and god she’s so in love and she gets to hold the woman she loves all night and the woman she loves came to her when she needed help and the woman she loves defied her mother even when her mom got angry about something instead of just accepting it and not doing what she wants and leah is just so proud of her penny
And leah just grins because penny is her penny and she lightly kisses penny’s head and tells her how much she loves her and that makes penny cry again because she’s wanted that so badly and it’s been so long since someone’s cared for her and even though she’s crying, which is something shes been conditioned to think is weak and bad, leah is telling her how much she loves her and how strong she is and wiping her tears away and its like 3am when they finally fall asleep but it doesn’t matter because they can sleep in and they’re together


You are closer to a breakthrough than you think - Abraham Hicks @ Asheville WS, 2015-04-12

When I came across this segment a couple years ago, it touched me and I listened to it several times. Coming across it again today, it’s even more special to me now! It’s so full of wisdom, beautiful analogies - and the perfect showcase for what Abraham is about. Powerful stuff!

dweezal  asked:

I googled "Lance +acrobat" today, and I’m so glad I did, I came across your blog and I love acrobatics and I love Voltron and your Circus Boy Lance fanart is awesome. I love the trapeze, and aerial silks, and contortionists, and trampoline acts, and TEETERBOARD! and etc, etc, etc, and I hope to see more circus fanart from you in the future!

Thank you so much, I’m so glad you like it! I really love circus stuff, it’s just so beautiful! So i’ll definitely draw more for this AU, but currently college has been kicking my ass. There’s a bunch of things i’m dying to draw after season 4 but i just don’t have the time :/

Love the Way you Lie

Reader X Yoongi [Angst]

A/N: So i was feeling kind of angsty today, and this came from it. Not usually the kind of stuff i write, but ehh. I don’t think i’ll add more parts to this, but i’m not sure. This is just basically a drabble. 

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On the first page of our story,

The future seemed so bright….

   Three years. Three years, five months, and two days to be exact. The beautiful relationship that was called yours used to be something you bragged about. But that was when everything was great. The once beautifully blue sky of your relationship now became a ruthless storm that would blow in and destroy everything, leaving you to pick up the pieces and attempt to mend them back together. 

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you guys!! so earlier today I came across an article about new stuff on Netflix this month and one of the titles caught my eye:

in case you can’t read that, it’s a Spanish show called Velvet (also known as Galerias Velvet), and it’s about the heir to a Spanish fashion house who falls in love with a beautiful seamstress, which his family strongly objects to. It’s set in the 1960s and stars Miguel Angel Silvestre, who you might recognize as Lito from Sense8!!

So the premise had me going “ooooh” as it was, so then I started watching the first episode, and you guys, it’s so good. The cinematography is beautiful and the costumes are beautiful and the people are beautiful and it’s like Mad Men but Spanish and set in the fashion world and I’m only like 10 minutes in but I had to pause it to make this post because it’s so pretty!! And you need to watch it now!!

Of course because it’s a Spanish show there are subtitles, and they move a little fast, but you get used to it pretty quickly- and it’s also not too hard to figure out what’s going on (this will be a good opportunity for me to work on my Spanish comprehension skills again anyway, haha)

basically you all need to see it

Possessive Audrey Imagine

Bookstores were your favorite place in the world. It was the only quiet place you could get to sometimes, and knowing that every single book that surrounded you held stories of other worlds and different possibilities. No matter which one you picked up, you knew it would take you to some place completely separate from where you currently resided.

               The only time you didn’t feel like you needed to escape was when you were with Audrey. You two had been together for around a year and a half now, and while most people at that point felt their relationship start to die down and dwindle, that feeling of firsts and excitement never went away. You two always made time for each other and made sure you understood what was happening with the other. Both of you had been through a lot, so it was important that you had your own space but also communicated when you didn’t want to be alone. However, sometimes, you still just needed to get away.

               You texted her before you had left to the local bookstore to let her know where you’d be if she wanted to come by in a couple hours. You had your eye on a book for the last couple weeks and finally decided to buy it. They had a little corner next to the coffee shop that was made for reading, making it a perfect place for you to lose yourself and forget all the drama that seemed to take over your life. Once you had purchased your book and your favorite cup of coffee, you curled yourself into a chair and flipped to the first page. All the noise around you muted, all of your attention completely focused on this new story you had been dying to get into.

               The store was pretty calm for the most part, so that made it easy for you to go unnoticed and have minimal interruptions. When you checked the time you’d realized a couple hours had gone by and you were about 250 pages in. Audrey would be by soon, and just like always you started smiling with a rush of butterflies coming to your stomach at her pending arrival. You put the bookmark she had made you into your book and placed it on the table next to you. Stretching your arms above your head you began to stand up and gather your things.

               “That’s a great book.” A woman came and sat next to you before you had the chance to get up. She was about your height, had piercing green eyes and beautiful blonde hair. She smiled at you before she continued, “Have you read anything else by that author?”

               “Um, no, not yet. I just started reading this today so I haven’t had the chance to check the other stuff out yet.” You smiled back at her, trying to be polite.

               “You just started and you’re more than half way done? Impressive. I noticed you when I came in and you seemed completely engulfed in it, it was adorable. I’m not used to seeing gorgeous girls being so open about their love for reading.” She moved some of her hair behind her ears. “My name is Savannah, by the way.”

               “Y/N. Nice to meet you. I tend to get a little into whatever I’m reading. You know what, my-“

               “Let me show you the rest of what the author has written. I think you’ll enjoy it.” Savannah smiled as she stood up waiting to lead you to the other section of the store. You glanced over at the door to see if Audrey had shown up yet, but it was still empty and quiet where she would normally wait for you.

               “Um…yeah, alright. I can’t stay lo-“ She cut you off by spewing off some information about the author you had been reading. You walked over to the area where Savannah pointed you, checking the door once more before turning away.

               “He’s written a few books like the one you have. This one is my favorite.” She pointed to one that you had been interested in.

               “Oh yeah, I’ve been looking forward to reading that one. I think that one was recommended by a friend of mine after she told me to get this one.” You politely smiled at her and let her continue with her explanation.

               “Yeah, it’s the best one in my opinion. A few of the other ones, these ones right here, those are good but they’re completely different than anything else he’s written. It’s kind of like he wanted to see where he could go with his writing instead of sticking with the same types of stories repeatedly.” You nodded your head as she stepped closer to you, invading the bubble that you had subconsciously made.

               “That’s cool. I’ll have to check those out. I really do have to get going, though…” You tried stepping away but she put her hands on your triceps.

               “What’s the rush? You like this author right? There’s another one you might be interested in just a few shelves down.” She removed her hands and stepped back again, making you feel slightly more comfortable than you had been before.

               “I really do appreciate you showing me these things, but-“ You started to back away pointing at the door behind you.

               “Hey, babe. How’s it going over here?” Audrey showed up behind you, snaking her arm around your waist and pulling you close. She kept her eyes on Savannah as she kissed your cheek.

               “I was just showing her some of the other stuff this author has written. I noticed her reading when I came in and thought she’d be interested.” Savannah smiled but kept her eyes on you.

               “I got that book I’ve been telling you about for the past couple weeks. Apparently the guy has written some more so it looks like I’m going to have to spend more money next month.” You smiled at your girlfriend, aware that she was trying to get Savannah away from you. It wasn’t like her to be so affectionate in public. A hug or a quick kiss, sure. Keeping her arm around your waist and kissing your cheek, not so much.

               “She looked so cute when she was reading I thought she’d love to see the other books-“ Savannah started and you felt Audrey’s arm stiffen around you as she moved some of her hair away from her eyes.

               “That’s great, babe. I’m glad you found more books. Now, if you’d excuse us, we’re going to head out now.” Audrey started leading you away from Savannah.

               “She was the one that came back here with me, you know.” Savannah had a smug look on her face. As soon as you opened your mouth to respond, Audrey grabbed your face and kissed you like she had been starving for air. Your knees went weak and you grabbed her hips and dug your fingers in. When she broke away from you, she laced her fingers between yours and started to walk to the other side of Savannah.

               “And I’m going to the be the one that takes her home.” Audrey whispered in Savannah’s ear as you both continued to walk past her. You suppressed a laugh and squeezed her hand.

               “Nice to see you, too.” You smiled at her as you made your way outside.

               “Sorry, I saw her grab your arms and kind of lost it for a bit.” She sounded slightly embarrassed when she held the door open for you.

               “I didn’t say I was upset. It was hot.” Her face started turning red even with the cold air outside. You both walked across the parking lot to her car when you had an idea. You blocked her from getting into the driver’s seat, smirking as she looked at you with confusion etched on her face. “Take me home and I’ll show you that I’m yours and only yours.” You whispered in her ear and heard her breath catch. When you looked back at her, her eyes had grown dark and almost primal.

               “We better get going then.” She had a coy smile on her face as you made your way to the other side of the car.

So all the stuff I ordered from @ashhavynn came in today and let me tell u I cry cause she added some extra goodies I didn’t know about and it made my night. I’m telling u guys if you want some quality zelpha or mipha prints go check out her store. Its so beautiful ;u;

Mistletoe Kisses - a Jaehyun Scenario

fluffmas prompt list

Day 3: Christmas Shopping - Winwin

Day 4: Movie Night - Ten

Day 5: Dancing - Ten

Day 6: Decorating the Tree - Taeyong

Day 7: Drinking Hot Cocoa - Mark

Day 8: Ice Skating - Taeil

Day 9: Mistletoe Kisses

Member: Jaehyun


Ten’s Christmas parties were always full of surprises. Something out of the ordinary always seemed to happen, not in a bad way, though. It was always good or weird surprises that put a smile on your face. Like for example, last year Ten brought out a giant gingerbread house, and the year before there was an actual reindeer. Yeah, Ten goes over the top with his parties, but that’s one of the reasons you look forward to it all year.

You knocked on the door of Ten’s apartment and ran your hands through your hair, making sure it was okay.

“Yay, ________’s here!” Ten exclaimed as he swung open the door, and he gave you a quick hug.

You said hello to your friend and he let you in. You scanned the crowded apartment, seeing all of your friends, refreshments, and the Christmas decorations scattered across the entire apartment.

But, one thing made your heart flutter. While scanning the room, your eyes fell on a certain brunette that never attended one of Ten’s parties before. His name was Jung Jaehyun.

You knew that he was one of Ten’s friends, and you knew him personally as well sincr you and him would often share the dance studio. You were a particularly good dancer, but you thought Jaehyun was even better. You’ve known Jaehyun for a few months, and in that time you’ve gotten to be fairly close, but you two never hang out outside of the studio.

You would say that you have a small crush on Jaehyun. No, actually, scratch that. You had a giant crush on Jaehyun. His soft looking hair, kind dark eyes, palr skin, and his dimples that appeared whenever he smiled or laugh; it all made your heart feel like it was going to burst.

But you knew for sure that Jaehyun didn’t feel the same way. He just treated you like a good friend, and whenever the two of you talked about your love lives, he would always say that he’s,“too young” or, that,“work would keep me away from my significant other”.

It did make you a bit sad, but you were happy just being friends with the boy. Work is important, after all.

You decided to make your way through the crowd to meet up with Jaehyun, excusing your way through the ocean of people.

“Hey, Jay!” You called once you got to the brunette. He turned his attention from the person that he was talking to that you knew was Winwin, and a smile quickly took over his face, showing his beautiful dimples.

“Hey, _______! It’s nice to see you here.” He greeted, looking down at you since you were rather short, and he was 6 feet of pure beauty.

“It’s nice to see you here, too. Actually, why are you here all of a sudden? You never came to any of Ten’s past parties…” You tilted your head to the side.

“Ah, usually at this time of the year, I was doing stuff with my family or doing things for work, so I could never make it. Luckily, I have nothing going on today, and I actually had something to take care of while I’m here.”

Then, the two of you engaged in a conversation, passing back and forth stories of what happened in the time that you guys haven’t seen each other.

After what felt like hours, since you got so lost in talking to Jaehyun, he went to the living room to sit down, since you were both standing the entire time, and you followed, since your legs hurt like hell.

A relieved sigh left your lips as you fell onto the soft couch right next to Jaehyun, and you began telling a story about how Ten brought that reindeer to the party two years ago.

Suddenly, you were cut off by the warm feeling of Jaehyun’s lips being pressed to your own for a quick, yet very passionate kiss. When he pulled away, your jaw dropped.

“J-Jaehyun..!? What was that for?

You stammered, a light blush spreading across your cheeks.

Jaehyun laughed and pointed to the lowered wall above you, and you looked to see a mistletoe hanging above your heads.

“You know what that means.” He laughed. “And, I purposely brought you here. I’ve been meaning to confess to you…and I thought doing it here would be a cute way to do it.”

Your face lit up with a smile. “ never showed interest in me…?”

“I just wanted to keep it a secret so I could surprise you! So…what do you say? Will you go out with me?”

You locked eyes with Jaehyun and giggled before cupping your hands around his face and pulling him in for another quick kiss.

“I take that as a yes.”

This year’s annual Ten’s Christmas party surprise wasn’t a polar bear or Santa himself, it was something more simple, but still surprised you; a kiss from Jaehyun under the mistletoe.