so this band is perfect and i love them all

like if eiffel/minkowski are the jester/mentor soulmates, eiffel/hilbert are the ethically ambiguous ‘what are we’ subject/scientist duo, and eiffel/hera are just…fuyckn…in love, then eiffel and lovelace have the potential to have the best brother/sister dynamic:

  • eiffel and lovelace who constantly rag on each other, teasing and giving the occasional (read: at least once daily) punch in the arm as a sign of affection; except Lovelace’s punches do considerable damage to Eiffel, but he is King Of The Noogie
  • [From the other room]: ‘MINKOWSKIIIIIIII!!!!! LOVELACE BROKE MY SCALE MODEL REPLICA OF THE MILLENIUM FALCON!’ / ‘It was made of a post it note you dweeb!’  
  • *so many momkowski head shakes*
  • ‘that’s my toothbrush’ / ‘umm, no it isn’t.’ / ‘[together]…shit.’ 
  • the pair of them confessing to one another that they’re gay as heck (Eiffel as a bisexual space disaster, and Lovelace as the perfect astro lesbian we all know and love) which a) leads to ‘i bet i can get that girl’s number first’ squabbles when they both go weak at the knees for cute girls in bars and b) Eiffel probably losing and c) Lovelace compensating by scoring him the number of the lead singer from the live band all in the space of ten minutes
  • They become the ‘ride or die’ siblings; Eiffel making sure that Lovelace knows that he is there for her no matter what, and ready to tackle any problem head-on with her, and becoming one of the only people Lovelace feels immediately comfortable around. Building on their rocky start, his welcoming demeanour and ability to instantly sympathise becomes charming, and something she admires
  • Lovelace assuring Eiffel that she’s got his back in whatever fight, but reminds him that she can still kick his ass if he gets out of line with the drinking again; ‘We’ve both gone to hell and back multiple times alone, but now I’m here to wrench you back out of it’
  • cinemasinning together
  • eiffel giving a heartfelt speech at Lovelace’s wedding which nobody understands because he’s speaking in references again, but cut to Lovelace and she’s in tears of joy and love
  • telepathic sibling conversations via distinct looks such as: ‘minkowski is going to kill us’ and ‘please don’t kill minkowski’ and ‘there’s extra pie in the fridge, I’ll distract her while you stealth in there and I’ll meet you back in my room in fourteen’

I commissioned this absolutely PERFECT slave leia Shiro from the talented @bittermelonbabe and I loved it so much I wrote a short fic to go with it. Enjoy!


It was a small band of  Unilu rogues, ill-intentioned but grossly incompetent so it’s no surprise that by the time they get there to rescue Shiro, the place is already in flames and  Shiro is in the middle of a throng of miscreants, looking more annoyed than in any actual danger as he sends more dirtbags to join their bruised or unconscious comrades on the ground.

Still though, all four of them had paused at the sight and are still mostly frozen now, staring while trying desperately not to, at their leader and his interesting wardrobe. Or lack thereof.

Shiro is being his typical competent leaderly self, telling them something along the lines of looking after civilians. It’s really hard to concentrate on what he’s saying when one is also trying to decide where to look…or not to look?, the latter being especially difficult because there is just so much right there to look at.

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Surprise (Harry Styles x Reader)

A/N: This imagine especially goes for the girls who aren’t or weren’t able to meet the boys. Girls I really feel with you because neither did I met Harry or the other boys. But don’t give your hopes up! Maybe you’ll meet them one day, who knows? And to those people, who already did meet them, please share your experiences with me! I’m dying to know them! Btw, I’m so fucking excited for today! I’ve been waiting for this day since “Sign of the Times” was released and I can’t wait to see him performing again!!!  And as Harry would say, All the love and I really hope you enjoy this imagine! I appreciate feedbacks, no matter if they are positive or negative! xo B.

Ever since I was a teenager, my heart was conquered by the most famous boy band in the entire world. Their music has been accompanying me through my puberty stage. They also saved my life and I would be always grateful for that. I was fourteen years old as I started to fancy them. Those times were pretty hard for me. My family was falling apart. My parents decided to divorce and their decision hit me like a brick. I was never the same after this.

So it felt good to listen to their music because it was the only thing that would soothe me during my time of loneliness. I barely talked to my parents, it hurt to see how two persons who used to love each other so dearly ignoring themselves. I needed time to regain my strength and carry on with my live.

So special thanks to One Direction. The biggest boy band in the 21st century. I was glad to get to know them. I still remember my walls being plastered with thousands of posters and pictures. I owned every album and perfume, I still do by the way. One Direction meant more to me than just a boy band. They were my heroes and perfect role models for teenagers nowadays. Also belonging to the 1D fandom was a great honor and pleasure to me and I loved being a part of them so dearly.

And still with my 22 years, I still adored them with my whole heart. Now that they were being in a break, things got strange somehow. I really missed them.  I loved all of them but one of them stole my heart from the very first moment I saw him. His wonderful green eyes and his cute dimpled smile were burnt into my head forever. Whenever I saw him in an interview, talking and interacting with the interviewer, my heart skipped a beat and a wide grin made its way up on my lips.

His transformation was fucking remarkable. I mean, you just have to look at him in his X-factor times and compare him with today’s Harry. How did he manage some sort of transformation?! He looks handsome as ever and shit, I would do anything to meet him, even for a second.

Yes, I belonged to the fans who never got the chance to see him or the other boys in real life. And that fact hurt pretty much. Every time I asked myself why I could not just meet them? When I was 15, I wanted to visit their concert but unfortunately I had no money to afford a ticket. I cried for days.

My dearest wish was to be hold by Harry, his arms being wrapped around me into a secured and protective hug, his voice telling me not to cry. But I just could dream of it.

And also with 22 years, I still hadn’t met him. Not yet.


“Hey (Y/N), it’s break time!” My best friend called as she entered my office, taking a seat in front of me and placing her feet on my desk. I took a look at the clock. It was exactly 2 PM. I leaned back on my chair, rubbing over my eyes with my hands. After working non-stop for six hours I became really tired. I worked for a designer company in New York and we were about to make a new collections for the summer. So I spent my whole day with drawing and drawing some ideas. And I have to say I liked the most of them.

“Would you please put down your feet from my desk?” I sighed. Then, I opened my cupboard, taking a sandwich out of it. I unwrapped the foil and bit into my delicious sandwich.

My friend and also my co-worker took a sip of her cappuccino. “So (Y/N), any plans for your birthday?” I just roll my eyes at her question. She knew I was too busy to celebrate my birthday this year however she insisted and tried to convince me to do otherwise. She’s been like this for a whole month now.

The closer my birthday came, the more suspicious my friends acted. I was aware that they planned a big surprise for me but I couldn’t tell what. Otherwise, I could always tell what they were planning but this time I was completely oblivious about it.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me, babe! We’re going celebrate your birthday like every year.” My friend looked at me with a stern expression on her face.

“(Y/F/N), I’m very busy this year and you know it. I have no time for any celebrations. We have to concentrate on the new collections.”

“But baby, you already work and work without taking any break. You need to cool down a bit! Work isn’t running away.”

I sighed and surrendered because I knew, no matter how much I resist, she wouldn’t leave me alone.

“Fine!” I grumbled, earning an exited screech from her. I held my hands over my ears.

“You won’t be disappointed about your present. I promise!” She told me.

I took my water bottle and drank out of it. However, what my friend said in the next moment made me almost spill out the whole content in my mouth on my drawings.

“What did you just said?” I exclaimed.

She acted like it wasn’t anything excited. But for me it meant the whole world. She looked at me weirdly. “Calm down, babe. I just said that Harry Styles is in town.”

Immediately, my heart beat increased and I felt my cheeks getting warm.

“Woah, (Y/N), you’re trembling!” My friend remarked. “If I knew you would react this way, I wouldn’t have told you.”

“W-where do you know that?” I asked her, trying to keep my voice straight.

“You know I’m watching the news and listening to the radio. I’m not like you who locks herself up in her office and isolates herself from life.” She laughed slightly.

“I’m not isolating myself.”

“Yeah sure.”

“But I don’t think that I’ll meet him even though he’s in New York. I mean he could be anywhere.” I sighed. My friend knew about my heavy crush on Harry Styles. The whole office knew actually. They would catch me how I would talk about him constantly. When he released “Sign of the Times” I couldn’t stop but telling everyone how brilliant this song was. I practically forced them to listen to it. Yeah, since everybody knew they wouldn’t stop teasing me about it.

“You never know, babe. Don’t give your hopes up.” My friend remarked.

“You know I’m never lucky when it comes to my favorite celebrity. Everybody meets him. Everyone but me.”

“You’re thinking to negative, (Y/N). Just look forward on your birthday, okay? We’re going to have so much fun!”

She looked at the clock and saw that our twenty minutes break was almost over. “I’m heading back to my office. I see you around, girl. And do not make a sad face okay? I’m sure one day you’ll meet him.” She offered me a smile before she opened the door and left. Little did I feel that she knew something.


My birthday finally arrived. I didn’t feel very excited about that but my friends in the office freaked out for an unknown reason. I received some congrats and lovely hugs from everybody.

“You’re finally 23!”Alyssa, a very cute girl from the office told me, her voice showing a trace of joy.

“Yeah. “ I mumbled. “Finally 23.”

“Okay, girl.” My friend grabbed my shoulders, smiling at me. “You’re not allowed to enter the conference room till tonight. We’ll send somebody to get you, alright?”

“Sure.” I said, and after that everybody went back to working.

Hours and hours passed by fast and as someone knocked on my door I just realized that it was already 8 PM. Wow, I really worked that much?

“(Y/N)?” It was Alyssa who opened the door and came in. She is such a lovely and wonderful girl. She is definitely one of my favorite co-workers.

“Hey, Ally!” I greeted her. She clapped her hands.

“Are you ready?”

“I think so…” I said. I was kind of nervous though. Who would know what was waiting for me in the conference room?

Alyssa came towards me and took my hand.

“I have to ask you to close your eyes and only to open them when you’re told, okay?”

I nodded my head and closed my eyes. “Alright.”

Alyssa pushed me slightly forward. “And no cheating!”

“I won’t!” I called.

Alyssa guided me securely and safe to the conference room. I heard her knocking on the hard wooden door. Someone opened it. I could perceive some whispers in the background as I was pushed further into the room. My heart felt like I would explode in my chest.

“Okay, (Y/N)!” I heard my friend. “You can open your eyes now.”

And I did. What I’ve seen took my breath away. The walls around me were decorated so beautifully and balloons were hanging everywhere. There was also a big poster and “Happy birthday to our wonderful (Y/N)” was written on it. They also have removed the desks to the side so the middle of the room could be used as a dance floor. I really wanted to cry. I had such beautiful friends and I was grateful for that.

“Do you like it?” Alyssa asked.

I shook my head in agreement. “Yes, fuck, yes I love it! Thank you so much guys!” I breathed out, struggling with my tears.

“If you already love this,” My friend said, “then you’ll love your present even more.” I looked at her questioningly.

“Turn around, (Y/N).” She smiled softy.

And as I turned around, it felt like everything around me stopped for a second. My eyes meet with some enchanting green eyes that I longed to see in real life for so many years now. There he stood in front of me and handsome as ever, holding a beautiful red rose in his hand.

I didn’t know how to react, I was utterly shook and very surprised. I was expecting everything but this. I finally met him. My biggest celebrity crush, the king of my world, the key to my heart, the reason for my smile. Harry Styles.

He smiled at me gently and handed me over the rose. I grabbed it with my shaky hands. I tried hard to contain my tears but failed terribly. I put my hand on my mouth to muffle my heavy sobs.  I didn’t want to cry. Not in front of him. But I did. And the next thing I felt was Harry wrapping his arms around me and pressing against his chest. I clung onto him like my life was dependent on him. The whole room was filled with cheers, clapping and laughter.

Harry was rubbing my back soothingly, telling my not to cry. I nestled my face in the crook of his neck, breathing his scent in. The scent of his cologne hit my nostrils and awakened every cell and fiber in my body.

He pushed me slightly away, but so that we were still very close to each other. He put his hands on my cheeks and wiped away my falling tears.

“Don’t cry anymore, darling.” He said. “This is supposed to be your lucky day.” I nodded, however it was very hard to stop crying. People who already met him know what I’m talking about. Slowly, I regained myself and no more tears were flooding down my cheeks.

“Sorry for ruining your jacket.” I mumbled.

“Don’t worry about that.” He laughed. “It’s totally okay.”

As I looked back into his eyes, just to make sure this was not a dream, it hit me. “Shit, you’re fucking Harry Styles!” My voice was trembling.

“Yes,” He smiled at me. “I am fucking Harry Styles.” The room erupted into laughter.

Harry cleared his throat before he spoke again. “Happy birthday, m’love!”

I blushed slightly. “It’s a pleasure to meet you (Y/N). You’re friends couldn’t stop but talking about you non-stop in the last few months.” My eyes widened. Months? They were planning this for months?

“What?” I could only say, turning to my best friend.

“We all know that Harry is a busy man. We wanted to make sure that he was available on your birthday.” She said. I shook my head, but laughed. This all still seemed so surreal to me. How did they even manage to invite him?

“I’m glad they told me about you.” Harry said. “I’ve heard some nice stuff about you.”

The heavy wooden doors opened and my boss Lana came in. She walked towards me and Harry, hugging me first and then giving him a friendly hug. “Welcome Harry, my boy. Long time no see.”

Harry laughed shyly. “It’s good to see you again, Lana.” I was startled a bit. They two knew each other? My boss turned towards me. “Are you enjoying your birthday present?”

I nodded. “Yes, mam. Thank you so so much!” I turned and looked at the others in the room. “I still can’t believe that Harry Styles is standing next to me, but I really appreciate your effort with my whole heart. You made a dream come true. Thank you!” Everybody smiled.

“I think it’s time for your birthday cake.” Harry announced then, holding onto my hips. His closeness let tingles run down my spine and I enjoyed every second of it.

The cake arrived and I blew out the candles. We ate the cake, which tasted heavenly, and then someone turned on the music so we could dance. Harry took my hand, dragging me towards to dance floor.

“How are you feeling?” He asked, his hands on my hips pushing me towards him.

“It’s the best birthday I’ve ever had!” I told him.

“ ‘M very glad you like it.” We danced like there was no tomorrow, but the closer the end came the more afraid I got. I knew that he had to leave soon and I didn’t want that. I enjoyed his presence so much and I refused to let him go. Unfortunately, he had to. The party was over soon. Too soon for my liking.

“Say hello to your mum from me.” Lana asked him, as they hugged each other goodbye. I found out that my boss and his mother were friends so that’s why they knew each other.

“I will. Again, thanks for inviting me.” His eyes fell on me and he smiled. “Otherwise I wouldn’t know what I would miss.” I blush crept its way on my cheeks.

Harry came to me, holding my hands. “I’m glad I met you (Y/N). I really am. I’m grateful that your friends were bothering the shit out of me, telling me how wonderful you were. “

For the third time on this day, my eyes were filled with tears. He was such an angel. How can I even let him go?

“I don’t want to end it like this.” He admitted, making my heart beating faster.”I would like to get to know you better and I’m staying in New York for a while. So would you give me the honor of going on a date with me?”

Was this really happening? Or was I dreaming? He wanted to go on a date with me?

Without any hesitation I nodded my head.

“Yes, yes yes yes yes!”

He laughed cutely and then leaned forward to press a gentle kiss on my cheek.

“Happy birthday again, (Y/N).”

So I was scrolling through Tumblr today and found the most PERFECT headcannon Fitzsimmons wedding bands. 

There’s this Etsy shop that makes rings like this

So, when you put your fingers together, it makes a whole image. Even better, one of their designs is this:

And you can even get them with your initials!

Look guys, all I’m saying is, they could get FS rings and then, when they do the Fist Bump of Love™, it would be that much more dorky and amazing

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╄ 30 days Rammstein Challenge | Day 21: Favorite live effects.

I will be fucking honest with you guys. I looked at ‘day 21: favorite live effects’ and I thought to myself ‘hell this is gonna be the easiest’. I was mistaken. I watched a few of the concerts I have downloaded, and I told myself from the beginning I’d choose only 8 effects in order to make this gifset. The thing is, I absolutely adore Rammstein’s effects. All of them. You could have them holding a candle on stage, I’d still freak out about it. I always been fond of fire; I can sit down in front of a fire pit for hours, so you see where I’m coming from about this whole effects thing. Like, honestly, I love Rammstein and wouldn’t mind just being front row and watch them sing with no effects or anything, but when I saw the first live video with all the fire and shit I just freaked out ‘cause it was perfect. I mean, a great band, plus tons of fire?? Hell, if this isn’t the perfect band for me to obsess over, I don’t know what it is. (Plus it was the heat kinda hitting my face at the concert that would wake me up from dissociating and making me go ‘hey i’m really here, it’s overwhelming happiness, but i’m here’.)

Full Challenge Here.

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When Amethyst woke up she was alone. Normally this wouldn’t have bothered her, since Pearl always woke up early or didn’t sleep at all, something Amethyst wasn’t overly fond of. But the room was still dark and she knew that Pearl had gone to bed with her last night. She turned to the clock on the bedside table to see that it was barely three in the morning.

“Pearl?” She whispered out into the darkness but no reply came.

‘It’s fine. She’s fine. Probably went to the bathroom or got some water.’ She thought to herself but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off.

She turned to lie on her back and waited for her girlfriend to come back to bed but as time drew on, she got more concerned. A loud crash sent her upright and she quickly jumped out of bed and grabbed the baseball bat that was leaning against the wall.

She stepped out of the bedroom with the bat firmly in her grip as she tried to find the source of the sound. She saw a faint light coming from the kitchen and slowly walked over. She pressed her back against the wall in the hallway and slowly peeked over into the kitchen. It wasn’t the kitchen light that was on but the garage light.

Amethyst gulped and gripped the bat harder as she turned around the corner and slowly walked over to the partly opened door. She could feel her heart racing in her chest and just hoped that wherever Pearl was, she was safe. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath preparing herself to possibly hit someone when she heard a familiar voice muttering.

She stopped and opened her eyes as she listened to the voice, before she groaned and pushed the rest of the door open. Pearl sat cross-legged on the ground. A small table in front of her full of random parts of whatever she was working on.

Amethyst stared as Pearl quietly spoke to herself, muttering about parts and terms that Amethyst didn’t understand. As Amethyst stood there, debating over what she should do, she caught sight of Pearl rubbing her eyes before she saw the tears stains on her pale cheek. Amethyst sighed and put the bat down.

Having an insomniac for a girlfriend was hard. Having an insomniac who constantly had nightmares for a girlfriend was harder. Amethyst knew that Pearl hadn’t slept in three days, and wasn’t planning on leaving her there. She slowly walked over to Pearl hoping not to startle her.

“Pearl?” The Latina softly asked as she put her hand on Pearl’s shoulder. The pale girl flinched and nearly dropped what she had been holding.

“Hey, hey, it’s me.” Amethyst quickly said as Pearl screwed her eyes shut and clutched the object in her hands to her chest. Amethyst placed both of her hands on Pearl’s shoulders and slowly rubbed up and down. “Just me.”

Pearl slowly opened her eyes and Amethyst frowned at how red they were.

“O-oh, Amethyst. I- W-what are you doing up?” Pearl forced a smile but Amethyst could feel her shoulders shaking a little.

“I, uh heard something-”

“O-oh! I dropped the- the, um.” Pearl closed her eyes as she thought of the word. Her tired mind refusing to help her in anyway. “The t-thing.” She said as she lowered her head and Amethyst saw the slightly rusted toolbox behind her.

“Isn’t it a little late to be working?” Amethyst asked as she looked at Pearl again. Said girl just kept her head down and rubbed the thing in her hands. From a closer look Amethyst saw that it was one of the Roboniods that Pearl was working on with Peridot. Pearl caught her eye and held it out a little. “I wanted to-to, um…”

Amethyst returned her gaze to Pearl’s face and felt her heart break at the sight. She had dark bags under her eyes that were red from most likely crying earlier and it looked like she might cry again. Amethyst slowly took the Roboniod from Pearl and sat it down on the small table before she cupped her face.

Tears were welling up in Pearl’s eyes and Amethyst gently pressed a kiss to her forehead before she spoke. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Pearl let out a sob as she nodded and Amethyst hooked one of her arms under Pearl’s legs and put the other behind her back before she picked her up. Pearl gripped onto her shirt and buried her face in Amethyst’s shoulder as her girlfriend carried her back to their shared room, not even bothering to turn off the light.

Although Amethyst was a lot shorter that Pearl was, she was a lot stronger too. Growing up in a big family like hers, who often had play fights, shaped her like that. Not to mention that the lack of sleep often took a heavy toll on Pearl, up to the point that she had trouble talking, not to mention doing anything physical.

Amethyst gently sat Pearl down on the bed and then oddly climbed up next to her as Pearl didn’t let go of her shirt. This was the only small hint that Amethyst needed to know what Pearl’s nightmare had been about. The one that she had the most and after waking from it she would hold onto everything around her to make sure that it was real.

Amethyst gently shushed her and rubbed her back as Pearl cried into her shoulder.

“I-I was a-at home, but-but it wasn’t, a-and-”

“Shh, it’s okay. I’m here. That was just a dream, it’s over now. I’m here. This is real.”

Pearl stopped talking but kept crying and Amethyst placed a soft kiss to her temple. “I’m here.”

Somewhere along the line Amethyst had started to rock her and Pearl slowly began to calm down, leaving her to just quietly hold onto Amethyst. Amethyst waited a while, trying to form the right words to ask before she spoke. “Why didn’t you wake me? You know you can.”
Pearl’s grip on her tightened and the lithe girl give a weak shrug. Amethyst kissed her forehead again, right on top of her scar before she pulled Pearl under the covers and moved so that they were both lying down. Pearl pulled her closer and wrapped her thin legs around Amethyst’s waist. Amethyst kept her eyes on the scar on Pearl’s forehead and tightened her grip as well, when she felt her still shaking.

“They’re not here, Pearl. Just you and me, okay? Nobody’s gonna hurt you.” Amethyst said as Pearl pressed her face into Amethyst’s chest, as to hide from the world, before she slowly nodded.

Amethyst didn’t know everything about Pearl’s past. Nobody did. For the simple reason that Pearl didn’t like talking about it. But the parts she did know about were enough to give her nightmares, so she wasn’t surprised that Pearl often had them.

“Do you want me to sing?” Amethyst asked as she slowly started to rub Pearl’s back again. Pearl hesitated for a moment before she slowly nodded again. Amethyst rested her cheek on Pearl’s head as she thought of a song to sing. She allowed herself a small smile when the perfect one came to her.

“Time is going by so much faster than I, and I’m starting to regret not spending all of it with you.”

Pearl slowly closed her eyes as Amethyst sang ‘Never gonna be alone’ by Nickelback. Amethyst loved the band and Pearl had to admit that they had a few good songs, Never gonna be alone, being one of them.

“…I’ve gotta let you know, you’re never gonna be alone.”

Pearl could feel herself slipping back to sleep and it scared her a little but she kept her focus on Amethyst’s voice and strong arms around her, and it made things feel a little better.

“I’ll hold you till the hurt is gone.”

Amethyst felt Pearl’s body sag against her and her grip loosen but she kept singing until the song was done, just to make sure that Pearl was asleep before she felt her own eyes droop.

Pearl woke slowly and groggily the next morning. Her mouth tasted vile and one of her arms felt numb. She tried to push herself up only to realize that the arm that felt numb and one of her legs, were trapped under Amethyst. Pearl used her limited movement to turn her head to the clock on the nightstand, which read 12:49.

She sighed realizing that they had slept most of the day, losing time that she should have been using to be productive. She turned back to Amethyst and couldn’t help then small smile that formed.

She remembered the night before. Remembered the nightmare about being alone, like when she still lived with her parents. Remembered nearly dropping the toolbox on her foot because she was too tired to hold it up. Mostly she remembered Amethyst, who had calmed her down and helped her get back to sleep.

Pearl sighed as she leaned her head forward and pressed her forehead against Amethyst’s. The shorter girl’s nose twitched before she groaned and opened her eyes, looking directly into Pearl’s.

“Hey. P.” She said her voice heavy with sleep.

“Hi.” Pearl’s voice didn’t sound much better.

“How… How ya feeling?” Amethyst yawned.

“Better.” Pearl whispered and she tucked her face in under Amethyst’s chin.

“Good, that’s good.”

Pearl nodded and they remained silent for a moment before she spoke again.

“Thank you, Amethyst. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

Amethyst blushed and was happy that Pearl couldn’t see it from where she was.

“You’re welcome.”

Pearl smiled and pressed a small kiss against Amethyst’s throat. “I love you.”

Amethyst smiled and rubbed her back. “I love ya too.”

“Thank you for… for not leaving me and for putting up with all my troubles.”

At this Amethyst chuckled and Pearl slowly lifted her head to look at Amethyst’s face.

“Didn’t you hear the song, P?” Amethyst smiled before she kissed a flustered Pearl on the lips.

“Never gonna be alone.”


Pearlmethyst week!

Day three: human AU.

Me: I’m gonna write and maybe draw some domestic fluff.

My brain: Yeah keep telling yourself that. Here’s some angsty plot.

Me to brain: Why are you like this?

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My stages of band-related obsession

Me: who the fuck are they?

Me: oh, I like this song

Me: oh, I like this album

Me: hey, the lead singer is pretty attractive

Me: oh hey, so are the guitarist. And the bassist. And the drummer. Heh.

Me: I need to see this band live



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tbh!!! i would kill for 1d angst (from any of the other 3's perspectives) about harry basically forming/joining a new band because all the other guys did purely solo stuff but like, while harry's technically a solo artist, his band is getting a lot of attention for people who are supposedly just backup musicians (in real life im loving the band a lot but feel like it's also the perfect setup for lourry or lirry or narry angst)

I feel like Harry’s band is getting a lot of fandom attention because of hitch being an absolute gift of a ship, and because Sarah and Clare are goals AF. It’s incidental; Harry didn’t necessarily set out to highlight the band. Niall, on the other hand, is so proud and happy about his band that he can’t go half a day without talking them up on social media one way or another. Let’s discuss how this causes angst for all concerned.

Louis: I have a theory that Louis and Niall are pack animals in a way that Liam and Harry aren’t, and that’s why nouis seems to have stayed in closer touch during the hiatus. So I see Louis feeling a little abandoned now that Niall’s all about his new band while Louis just keeps bouncing from collab to collab, a lone wolf. Of course, I also bet Louis thanks the stars above for every new bromantic photo of Harry and Mitch; he wants Hitch Stowland to happen more than any damn one of us.

Liam: Honestly, Liam seems to be in this happy little domestic bubble and probably hasn’t even realized that Harry and Niall have new bands. Give me time, though; I’ll find some angst.

Niall: Niall learned from his mistakes, and now that he’s in charge he’s running a professional band. Nobody’s going to be punching each other in the dick or wrestling or kisspering or accidentally giving each other handjobs on the tour bus. Friendly professionalism, that’s how it’s going to be in his band. Meanwhile, it’s driving him crazy to watch Harry repeat history. Somebody ought to warn Mitch. Warn him that it doesn’t seem like anything, the first time Harry collapses into your lap and your arms wrap around him like they know what to do; or the first time Harry burrows himself between you and the back of the couch, phone in front of his face and no good reason for his head to be pressed into your hip. Then all of a sudden it’s years later and you realize that it still doesn’t seem like anything to Harry, that he’s going to walk away and you’ll still feel his warm weight pinning you to your chair, that your arms will still think they know what to do but somehow they’ll be wrong.

Harry: Harry sees Niall and John Bird post all these pictures of each other, and Harry knows perfectly well that this is flirting. Harry practically invented that trick; he still considers his “platform Niall and wee quarters” Vine to be his finest work. It’s killing Harry that Niall and Bird make it look so easy; Harry’s not easy, he knows this, he’s a messy complicated wreck of emotions and impulses and narcissism; and he knows Niall is better off without him, he knows this, god, why can’t he just be happy for him?

Dating Vernon Would Include...
  • shy cutie
  • still super nervous around girls
  • so he finds it super hard to be in the same room as you
  • gets teased nonstop because of it
  • blushes whenever you talk to him
  • can’t look you in the eye
  • the boys push him to ask you out but he’s too nervous and keeps refusing
  • when he finally does decide to go through with it, he asks coups for advice
  • and coups texts you when Vernon’s on his way over to yours and asks you to be nice to his little baby vernonie
  • coups is 100% right when he says to you that vernon wont be able to get any words out
  • he stutters and can’t even get one coherent word out
  • so you help him out by interrupting him and just saying yes
  • he blushes like crazy
  • takes you to karaoke for your first date
  • you spend hours in there just belting out songs together
  • neither of you are that great at singing but that doesn’t stop you shouting Ailee at the top of your lungs
  • but both of you at pro’s at all the rapping parts in all the songs 
  • you also do lots of terrible impressions together of all the singers you love and all of the members 
  • the nights ends with the two of you eating street food walking back to to your apartment 
  • its such a fun relationship
  • vernon’s quite unsure of himself at first
  • but a few weeks into the relationship he kinda warms up to it
  • not a big fan of pda
  • prefers to just hold hands or link pinkies
  • or having his arm around your shoulders
  • also secretly likes you sitting on his lap
  • but will NEVER do it in front of the boys lest he gets teased by the rest of the boys
  • likes braiding your hair
  • it reminds him of Sophia
  • you always go out for your dates bc there’s just no privacy in the dorms
  • like one time you tried to watch sing street together in his dorm room
  • before long pretty much the whole band was crammed into the room as well
  • and its the same whenever you even so much as try to do something romantic
  • he shows you all of his music and lyrics before anyone else
  • he values your opinion so much and anything you have to say abt his music is a great help to him
  • he writes tons of songs just for you
  • and secretly recruits woozi to help him record them so he can give them to you all on a mixtape
  • you’re both quite young still so you’re always doing dumb shit that coups has to frag you both out of
  • most of the time these stupid things happen when you hang out with the sunshine line
  • you borrow his clothes a lot
  • and his hats
  • and he has to conceal his squeals of happiness
  • bc you’re so cute and  you’re all his
  • and now the boys can see that as well
  • he takes you to see his family as soon as he can
  • bc they mean so much to him and so do you 
  • and when you love them and they love you, it makes him so happy he almost cries
  • thats when he says i love you for the first time
  • you’re perfect for him
  • you love his family and the band, you’re encouraging, funny, understanding and caring
  • you’re perfect for him


Author: WeAreTheCyclones

Summary: Excerpt from “Hale Pulls the Plug on the Future of Rock,” Rolling Stone, Issue 1203 – Oct. 2014 “Fans and music industry vets alike are left reeling in the wake of bassist Derek Hale’s sudden departure from Smokes for Harris. At a time when the foursome from Beacon Hills, California seems to be on the cusp of rock superstardom after just one double platinum record, Smokes has everything to lose.”

Excerpt from “Smokes for Harris: Gladiator,” – Feb. 2015 “Smokes for Harris gives in a little to the pop punk of yesteryear in their sophomore effort, but rather than pandering to fans of a lost era they elevate the genre in a way that hasn’t been seen in quite some time. Frontman Stiles Stilinski works double duty as singer and primary songwriter and proves that he can handle the task even without former bassist Derek Hale.“

Info: 123k | Mature

Notes: There are not many fics I can read till 6 am you know? This is one of them. There is something about reading fics till down, being so caught up with the story, with the feels, with the characters that you don’t even care it’s 6 in the morning. (Maybe I shouldn’t have started it at 3 am, but well). This is the best band au I could wish for. This not only a band au, okay. This is story about love and friendship and family and about real life, which can fuck us up sometimes, this is about fighting, about things that are worth to fight for, about caring and about doing something that matters. Seriously, this fic is incredible. It’s so well written, the characterizations are extraordinary. Don’t let me even start on sterek feels, because I will never finish, but Scott and Stiles feels. THE BEST ONES EVER. Seriously though, I think their friendship and troubles they had made me even more emotional than sterek, which would be the first time. And all the other people, Lydia, Allison!, Boyd, Jackson (there was not that much about him, but I loved him anyway), papa Stilinski, mama McCall, Erica, Danny, they were all more than perfect. And the story itself, the plot, the flashback, how the author managed to put them in perfect order, how every little part make sense, how all the parts had their place, how everything worked at the end. Amazing is not even close to describe it. And I loved the humor so much too!

Little warning for you guys, there was some drug issues there and drug abuse, but it was not too much and there were so many other feels it was not bothering me at all, it fitted the story, which is surprising for me to say, because I hate drugs and I didn’t think I could accept this plot in a story that easy.

This is definitely one of the best stories I have ever read. - K.

Sneak Peek: 

“What happened to my band?” Derek sighs.

“You left it.”

“Right, sorry. What happened to your band?”

“That was an answer, not a correction.”


And the award for cutest new band goes to…. Not only is the MV adorble the song is so sweet and perfect for summer. 

I watched 101 by Depeche mode today bc it was at a tiny cinema near where I live and m y g o d, Depeche mode is my fav band since I’m born but this movie is pure gold, an awesome masterpiece, it was amazing, perfect, plus I love the 80’s so so much it was amazing the people were lovely and dm perfect as always. My god I love that band so much

Sammy Wilkinson imagine

He introduces you to the Omaha squad but they don’t like you

Request:  Can I request an imagine where you are dating Sammy and he introduces you to the Omaha squad but they don’t like you and they tell Sammy while you are in the kitchen and to run out crying band Sammy stands up for you??


This was difficult to write because I can not imagine the guys being like this at all so sorry if its not the best. I tried but my imagination will only take me so far and thinking that the boys could be horrible people is a difficult thing to do when it’s clearly not true. Anyway hope you like it let me know what you think.


Me and Sammy had been dating for a few months now and everything was going great. Our relationship was perfect and tonight Sammy wanted to introduce me to the guys. He loved them so much and though I was exited I had to admit I was a little nervous. “You’ll be ok babe.” Sammy said kissing me obviously telling I was worried by my expression. I smiled back before we got out of the door and walked towards the guys place. We walked in and I greeted all of the guys with a smile and though they were more interested in saying hello to Sammy. I looked down at the floor a little scared not knowing what to do. I really needed these guys to like me Sammy turned around and grabbed my hand pulling me in for a kiss before walking into the living room. I couldn’t help but smile at him but the smile soon dropped off my face as I saw the guys whispering looking at me. I shook my head and followed Sammy and the guys into the living room . They all seemed such sweet guys I’m sure I was over thinking this. We all sat down me Sammy and Nate on the sofa and the Jacks sat on the floor while we decided on a movie to watch and Nate went to get snacks. After a while we finally decided on a movie though I had never heard of it I snuggled against Sammy resting my head on his shoulder as the movie began and we all dug in. I looked up at him and couldn’t help but smile realising how perfect he was and how lucky I was to have him. He noticed me staring and looked back at me with a questioning look.

“I love you.” I said and he kissed me smiling against my lips.

“I love you too baby.” He said and we both giggled kissing again. About half way through the movie I realised the snack bowls were empty and as the guest I thought it would be polite to go and fill them up. The guys just smiled all handing me their bowls as I walked through to the kitchen. I opened up the cupboards to see a range of snacks not knowing what the guys would want I walked back into the living room to hear them talking.

“I’m sorry bro but I don’t like her one bit.” Johnson said and my heart sank as the rest of the guys nodded in agreement.

“We’re you pissed or something?” Nate asked and they started to snigger.

“She looks like a cheating lying slut just like the last one.” Gilinsky said and tears started to roll down my cheek.

“They all are.” Johnson added and I couldn’t take anymore. I ran out of the kitchen crying heading for the door when Sammy pulled me back.

“Babe I’m so sorry I don’t think they would be like this. They just don’t want me to get hurt. Sammy said trying to cover for them but I wasn’t having any of it.

"Are you hurt Sammy? No you’re not right now I’m the one that’s hurting.” I started to shout but Sammy pulled me closer to him hugging me tight as I cried against his chest.

“I know that’s why we’re going home.” He said planting a kiss on my forehead. “Will you wait outside for me?” Sammy asked and I nodded wiping the tears from my face as I stepped outside.

“What the fuck was that for?” I heard Sammy scream and I could tell he was beyond cross.

“We’re sorry.” Nate said but Sammy wasn’t taking it sorry was not good enough right now.

“Sorry! Sorry is all you can say. You have just accused my girlfriend of cheating and lying yet you don’t even know her. I don’t even think you have spoken to her since we arrived. All I wanted was to be able to introduce my girlfriend to my friends and for you to get along but obviously that is not going to happen. I don’t know what is with you guys but you’re supposed to be my BEST friends and you’re supposed to be there for me no matter what you think and be supportive of my decisions whether they are stupid or not and frankly Y/N is the best decision I have ever made so can you just fuck off and think about what you’re doing! She doesn’t deserve this and neither do I so until you can man up and bring your sorry asses round and apologies to Y/N don’t talk to me.”

“Sammy.” They shouted as he opened the door.

“We’re so sorry.” Johnson said and I could see how genuinely sorry they all were but right now we just wanted to leave.

“Don’t even bother.” Sammy said shutting the door. He looked and me and smiled holding my hand as we headed home. “Come on princess.” He said kissing me and from that moment on I knew everything was going to be ok.

He Doesn’t Deserve You (Alex Gaskarth) (All Time Low)

Word Count: 995


Your best friend was finally back from tour. Your best friend was none other than Alex Gaskarth who you’d known since high school, along with the rest of All Time Low. He toured with your boyfriend Jack Barakat who you’d been with for the last two years. Alex had come to your apartment to have a movie night when Jack turned you down because he was ill.

“Hope you feel better babe, I love you.”

You hang up on Jack who sounded a little more than off on the phone. Alex shook his head as he sat down next to you and handed you the bowl of popcorn.

“It’s odd that Jack is the only one to come down with a cold Alex.”

Alex visibly tenses before relaxing and pulls you into a hug.

“Yeah, that’s Jack for you y/n.”

You always wondered what would have been different if you’d dated Alex instead of Jack. In high school you were much closer with Alex so were surprised when Jack asked you out on a date. You did love Jack but felt like you could talk to Alex about everything without any judgement. Jack would call you overdramatic while Alex actually listened.


It killed me to lie to y/n as I sat on her sofa hugging her while her unfaithful boyfriend faked an illness so he didn’t have to confront her. Jack had started sleeping with our merch girl while on tour and when I confronted him he said it was because y/n was a little too vanilla. He made me and the rest of the band keep it a secret because the merch girl was going back home to Florida and would never be seen again.

I’d had a crush on y/n throughout high school but Jack beat me to asking her out. And because I knew y/n inside out Jack would ask me what she would like. I gave him the perfect 1st date idea, a picnic in the park because y/n loved the park. It hurt me to see them together when I was so much better for her. I told him what to get her on all the special occasions and Jack joked that maybe I should date her instead.

I had proof of Jack’s cheating ass on my phone and decided tonight was the final straw in this tangled web of lies. I sat up and moved the popcorn off y/n’s lap gaining her attention from the film.

“What’s wrong Alex?”

I took a deep breath before opening my mouth.

“Jack cheated on you while on tour with the merch girl. He’s not really ill, but too scared to face you.”


Your jaw hits the floor at Alex’s accusations against Jack. You knew Jack liked to look at other girls but when you started dating officially he would always tell you that you were the only girl he needed.

“Please say something y/n.”

Alex grabbed my hand.

“Do you have proof?”

He nods and unlocks his phone. You play the video and are disgusted seeing your boyfriend getting it on with another girl and enjoying himself. You turn it off and hand it back to Alex with shaky hands.

“How long Alex?”

“I took this the last week of tour. I caught him on the second week and he promised it was a onetime thing. I’m sorry y/n I feel awful but I’m not going to cover for him anymore.”

Knowing Jack he’d been sleeping with her the whole tour. You now felt sick after all the Skype calls where he lied to your face with a smile. You gave him two years of your life and this is how he treats you. Tears threaten to spill and Alex pulls you back into the hug, you felt safe in his arms.

“You’re too beautiful to cry y/n, please don’t cry over him. I only wish I grew a pair in high school and told you I liked you more than friends and still do.”

“You-you like me Alex?”

He nods.

“Who do you think told Jack to take you on that picnic? That was my idea because I knew how much you loved that park. I also helped him pick out presents because I knew what you liked.”

You were gobsmacked, it now made sense. All the little things Jack did were what you’d told Alex. You might as well been dating all this time. How was all of this only coming out now?

“How could I be so blind Alex? I should have connected all the small things, plus Jack was always going to you for advice. I feel stupid because I liked you in high school and was surprised when Jack asked me out. I should have dated you Alex; I pretty much am dating you without the kissing and sex.”

Alex’s face perks up.

“Well we can change one of those things y/n.”

Next thing you now he cups your chin and pulls you in for a kiss. There’s a spark when your lips touch, a spark you didn’t feel with Jack anymore. You kiss him back before he pulls away and strokes your cheek with a loving gleam in his eyes.

“Tell me that you didn’t feel something y/n. We’re meant to be together.”

You chew your lip, you’d been nothing but faithful to Jack and he cheated behind your back. Alex was perfect for you, plus you really wanted to kiss him again.

“It did feel right Alex, and I want to kiss you again. But no sex until I end it with Jack.”

“Understood y/n. I’m going to wine and dine you first; I have a lot of time to make up for. Now kiss me again.”

You don’t need to be told twice before you find yourself straddling Alex’s lap and kissing him. Tomorrow you would confront and end things with Jack, but for now you got your high school crush.

BTS when you want to have your first time but are insecure

Heey! Can I have the BTS reaction when you tell them you want your first time but you are worried about it (you’re really insecure)? Thaaaks cutiee🌟💘✋ Lovee you! And who are your biases of all the kpop bands you like? I’m curious about you! ✋💘👑😻

Jin: “It’s okay jagi, you have nothing to worry about. I’ll make sure it’s as perfect as you are to me”

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Jimin: *becomes really flustered because you said you want to have your first time with him, and doesn’t quite know how to react, so he just sort of smiles at you*

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 J-Hope: “Ahhh! Jagi you are so perfect! I promise we can take it slow! We don’t have to rush things! But you have no reason to be insecure! I loooooove youuuu”

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Jungkook: *is excited but incredibly nervous by your question. So he just gulps nervously and freaks internally*

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Rap Monster: “AAAAH Jagi you are too cute!! You have nothing to worry about! I promise… Aaahh you are making me blush! Stop looking at me that way while I speak… The images…”

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Suga: *cannot describe how much he loves you* “Y/N… It honors me that you want me to do this but… are you sure it’s  what you want? I don’t want you to regret this… I just want you to be happy… It is? Really? Then I promise it will be the best you can have”

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V: “You make me the happiest man alive! We don’t have to do this so soon if you don’t want to, but just know you are perfect to me, and I love you, and nothing will change that” *you are jimin ok?*

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 A/N: None of these gifs are mine. Creds go to their owners

Submission - Various AU's based on my experiences
  • You have braces and I don’t and I keep forgetting you’re not allowed to have gum so every time I offer, you give this death glare
  • Our high school’s music department is going on a trip to a different state and we decide to sit next to each other on the bus. You fall asleep thirty minutes in but I’m awake the entire time and I can’t move before you’re using me as a pillow, there’s a clarinet case at my feet, and I have the window seat.
  • We’re filming our school’s spring musical and in our down time we act out and sing horribly off key our own rendition of the musical and eventually everyone joins in.
  • Our school band is playing Christmas music on the spot at some grocery store in the middle of December to raise some money and we hold each others hands to keep warm. Also, I think I saw a saxophonist give up his jacket to his frozen instrument just so he could play in tune.
  • We’re forced to be in pep band since there’s no marching band and we’re all “eww sports” but then we get too into them and lose our voices after the first football game.
  • We have this running gag where the three of us are the perfect love triangle because I “love” him, he “loves” you, and you “love” me. But turns out I actually do love him and he really does love you so I’ll keep quiet to make him happy.
  • I’m actually scared of doing solos but in Jazz band we required to do one and the one concert I do a solo in, I royally screw up. You find me after the performance sobbing and immediately hug me and reassure me that I did great and everyone cheered the loudest for me.
  • I’ve kind of liked you for years but was too scared to say anything. One night I’m having a sleepover and you’re a guy, you’re supposed to go home, but you stay for a really long time. After everyone’s asleep we just start making out and now I’m more confused than ever why did you do this to me?
  • We’re in PE together and today we’re playing dodge ball, which you don’t want to do because you’re afraid of getting hit in the face. As I’m reassuring you that the possibilities of that happening are very low, the poor girl next to us gets a fast ball to the face and now I’m trying to calm you down.
  • I have really weird dreams and you have really weird dreams so now we’re in this contest to see who has the weirdest dreams.
  • We’re on break at band camp and you’re sitting on the couch listening to your ipod and I decide to sit down and draw you without telling you. You keep looking at me weirdly whenever I look up, but I just assume it’s from the people around me. Afterwards, you told me that you thought I was just sitting there staring at you for five minutes straight.
  • You sent me a text asking if I wanted to go to prom on the day of prom and I’m not in the state
  • It’s the first time we’ve seen each other in months and instead of talking, catching up with each other, we’re just lying on my bed, listening to youtube videos because oh god have I missed doing this with you.

anonymous asked:

Hi rhii!! I have a fic idea: the reader is being interviewed with catfish (maybe she like directed one of their music videos or she's their tour photographer/cinematographer or something ((just something to do with cameras plz i begg)) and whenever the interviewer asks her something it's like casually sexist so they're asking the guys all the important questions then to the reader they're like "so how long does it take you to do your makeup¿¿" and van&co not putting up with casual sexism bs ❤️

Hey. Alright, so I am loving the idea of casual sexism being called out. I’m not sure about the context you’ve suggested though. How about this: I have a request in the list where Reader is in a band, and they’ll be doing some charity stuff with Catfish, so it’s kind of the perfect and organic way of putting them in an interview together. And because they are very comparable - both in bands - the questions should be the same, but they won’t be, hence the calling out, and blah blah blah. How do you feel about that? Let me know!

houses as cliche career au fanfics

gravydoor - lead guitarist and singer in a band that sings out all their newfound angst and lost innocence. hates their ex but still quite obviously loves them, usually leaves the new perfect love of their life to go back to said ex. love and drug problems.

hasslehoff - hipster artist that goes to cafes so often the barista has memorized their quirky and extremely specific order. doesnt realize how good at art they are when they’re obviously really fuckin good. shows their sketchbook to special people.

riverclog - greys anatomy drama level surgeon. super kind, usually just that one crossover character thrown into a fic bc author couldn’t be fucked to make up a new oc doctor for three barely important paragraphs. hella good with kids and will make your lover insecure.

sizzlefin - pastry chef that has worked hard their whole life to buy/build their own bakery. everyone loves them. everyone. remembers all the regulars which is apparently everyone in town, falls in love with the newcomer. used to be in love with that one person that will suddenly reappear when newcomer starts dating them.

Tonight I feel I want to talk about Steven. Steven like Izzy is one of my favourite people on Earth and member of Guns N’ Roses. He’s such a cute, funny, always smiling guy, a ray of sunshine. I feel like he never claimed about anything and the guys, he just loved them and the band at all so much. He just wanted to play and have fun with them, I think he always tried to do his best, despite his problems with the drugs and everything; I think they should appreciate this. C'mon guys, we are not looking for perfection, we don’t want a perfect, talking about sound or music, show, we just want Izzy, Steven, Duff, Slash and Axl together again. We want them with their imperfections ‘cause those were the ones that made things work. The guys complement each other. Steven is a badass drummer, he solved his problems, and even if he fucked up the show, then, who would care? Who cares, actually? That would be just Popcorn or that would be just Axl jumping in the crowd 'cause some idiot was holding a camera. We want real Guns N’ Roses, the spontaneous ones. Stevie deserves it, he wants to be part of this reunion more than anything and he would be the happiest person on Earth.
We just want Guns N’ Roses.