so this accidentally ended up being a series

Letters Of A Diary

Prompt: You accidentally drop an envelope before being taken away. Meanwhile, Castiel doesn’t think it’s a good idea to continue searching for you.

Pairing: none

Warnings: none

Words: 3836

“Oh god, I love the letters series! It’s so awesome. Please, please write another part. I’m secretly hoping for a happy ending, the story already had me near tears enough times. ^.^” -Anon

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

“Where’d you find it?” Gabriel asked, taking the folded up envelope from Sam’s hands and looking it over. “I’ve never seen this before, where’d you get it?”

“Y/N must have dropped it earlier when she came crashing through the front door,” Sam answered. “Found it underneath the-”

“I don’t care,” Gabriel snapped suddenly, turning away from Sam and walking into the kitchen. Castiel didn’t hesitate to follow him, and Sam followed foot. “Y/N was here. She was here, but she knew she was being followed so she… she “accidentally” dropped this. It’s meant to be seen by our eyes.” He unfolded the envelope which turned out to be much larger than they all had thought.

“Or it’s a setup,” Castiel urged as Gabriel started opening the envelope. “Drago disappeared and took Y/N, if it was her, with him in a snap of his fingers. He could have been just making us see things. I don’t know what he was, all I saw was what Sam saw, his human form.” Castiel snatched the envelope from Gabriel’s hands before he could dig through it. “This could be a trap.”

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