so this accidentally ended up being a series

Addendum to rant on Keith Last-Name-As-Yet-Unknown’s origin

Previously, I expressed my discomfort with Sheith fandom’s tendency to attribute Keith’s attachment issues to his experiences in orphanages and foster homes. As I re-watched the series, I noticed something else that has rarely (if ever?) come up in any Sheith fanfic I’ve read so far: Allura’s initial and brutal rejection of Keith once she learns of his Galra heritage. Even though I generally like Allura as a character, I was horrified by her actions during my first watch (i.e., yelling at the screen and scaring my cats), and seeing it again in the context of S4 has made it even worse. This is an on-screen rejection of a family member by a (putative) family member.

S2:E9 The Belly of the Weblum

Again, working with the foster care system in California, USA, one of the things I have learned is that a major reason why many teens in some CA counties end up in foster care is because of abuse, either physical or emotional, once they reveal their being LGBTQ to their families. THEIR FAMILIES REJECT THEM AFTER DISCOVERING WHO THEY ARE. (Then later in the episode Hunk goes on to ask Keith a series of well-meaning but ignorant questions about Keith’s identity, which reminded me of how people try to navigate others’ sexual and ethnic identities in accidentally hurtful ways. I hope this was intentional, and if so, well-done writers for creating a scenario that hews so close to real-life.) Allura, of course, goes on to re-accept Keith into her orbit, and for this reason I think her initial rejection often gets glossed over in fanfiction. But one negative experience always looms larger in the mind than subsequent positive experiences; the sweet cannot quench the bitter.

And so we get this:

S4:E1 Code of Honor

I’ve read a few excellent fics recently (some of which I’ll be reccing) where we see the cumulative effects of Keith’s pre-series and in-series emotional rejections wearing down his sense of self. And yet to me, since we have yet to see details of Keith’s backstory, Allura’s post-BoM rejection looms the largest. I get the whole “your people are responsible for the destruction of her people” argument, but it doesn’t hold much water for me. Voltron addresses genocide with a light (if not non-existent) touch, and the relationships among the characters are always brought to the forefront of the narrative. The dynamics of Allura’s relationship with Keith are crucial to her character development, but man does it contribute to leaving Keith in a dark place.

S4:E6 A New Defender



  • Daehyun:
    • Bunnies and Blind Dates (M): You go on a blind date but your date turns out to be pretty familiar. Your date starts out sweet but gets pretty spicy after you two get caught in the rain. 

Block B:

  • Zico:
    • Stormy Night (M): You have a fight with your boyfriend about why he has been getting home so late, misunderstandings get cleared up, and you get a few surprises along the way.
    • Bad Girl (M): Zico has had enough of your teasing. He put up with it in the morning and all through the day but come night time it’s time for pay back.
    • Shattered Glass and Roses: After waking up with a bit of memory loss and your engagement ring missing you know that Zico is going to be furious with you. You just hadn’t realized how bad things really were.
    • Eureka (M): During a Block B concert, Zico throws a water bottle out into the audience and hits you right in the head, knocking you out unconscious, but he makes it up to you backstage. 


  • Jin
    • A Day At The ZooA day out with your husband Jin and your daughter at Seoul Zoo
  • Member x Member
    • Pillow Fight <3 (M): Jimin sneaks into Hoseok’s apartment for a little fun, but things get a little crazier than he expects (J-Hope x Jimin).
    • My Underwear (M): Suga has stolen Jungkook’s underwear yet again, but this time Jungkook catches him. As he tries to get it back things get a bit heated (Suga x Jungkook).
  • Threesomes
    • Let Me Show You (M): Both Jimin and Jin like you so they fight for you, but you end up pleasing both (You x Jin x Jimin).
    • Problem With Passion (M): You’re practicing for a dance competition with your partners but you just can’t quite get things right. Looks like there’s a little more to practice than just the dance steps (You x Jungkook x Junior from GOT7).


  • Mark
    • Shall We? (M): Mark sings ‘confession song’ to you and when y'all get home it gets ‘intense’.
    • My Werewolf Boyfriend (M): You’re a detective at a police academy sent to investigate a murder scene, but when you see the body, you have a feeling you know who the culprit is, and he’s not too happy with you, either.
    • Perfect (M): You and Mark have finally decided it’s time to lose your virginity to each other.
  • JB
    • Confession Love: You receive a mysterious red letter inviting you to meet a secret admirer. As you question who it is you wish it’s your best friend JB.
    • Merry Christmas, Elf! (M): Today is not only Christmas, but also your birthday, and what better way to spend it than with your boyfriend, JB?
  • Jackson
    • Hashtag Selfie (M): Jackson catches you looking at pictures of him on your bed and is more than happy to cure your sexual frustration.
  • Junior
    • The Graduation Present (M): You just graduated college and Junior has a few surprises for you.
    • Officer? (M): You get pulled over for speeding, but your cop gives you more than just a ticket.
  • Youngjae
    • Look At Me (M): Your boyfriend, Youngjae, has been spending a lot of time playing video games lately, but you discover a way to tear his eyes from the screen.
  • Member x Member
    • Thanks for Always Being There for MeToday is JB’s birthday, but his girlfriend just broke up with him a few days ago, so now he has no plans. Maybe the mysterious person knocking on the door could make JB feel better on this special day (JB x Jackson).
  • Threesome
    • Problem With Passion (M): You’re practicing for a dance competition with your partners but you just can’t quite get things right. Looks like there’s a little more to practice than just the dance steps (You x Junior x Jungkook from BTS).

Jay Park

  • Demon of the Night (M): A packed club full of sexy guys and girls is the perfect setting for a demon to sneak off with their next victim the question is who will it be? 


  • Member x Member
    • Lustful Destruction (M): JR an angel and Ren a demon have a chance meeting and share a forbidden night together (JR x Ren).


  • Threesome
    • Playful ParanoiaSome playful games and drinking turns into a much wilder night shared between friends. 
  • Member x Member


  • Taemin
    • How About We Take the Fun to My Place? (M): You and Taemin are at the club, and you guys are dancing together. Things get heated, so he takes you home.
    • Under the Stars (M): You get a surprise visit as you are gazing at the stars, but Taemin has more to offer than just his presence. PART 2 (M)


  • N
    • Dirty Girl (M):  N storms into the practice room completely infuriated by you, but you find a way to calm his anger.
  • Leo
    • Score! (M): After an intense game of water polo with the other VIXX members, you take Leo into the locker room to confess your feelings for him.
    • Defiance (M): You hear Leo rustling in his chains as you happen to walk by his prison. Curious, you go inside to find out why he’s being so noisy, but Leo won’t give into your demands so easily. Based off VIXX’s “Chained Up” music video.
    • Save Me: You have a little trouble with some crazy fans while grocery shopping but Leo swoops in to save the day.
    • Your Highness (M): Leo comes back from a mission with unsatisfactory results, so now he has to make it up to you.
  • Ken
    • I Am an Accidental Bride (Series)// Part 1// Part 2 (M)// Part 3: In a crazy turn of events you end up taking the place of your mistress in her arranged marriage to a Prince.
  • Ravi
    • Love, Hate, and Library Nights (M): Ravi is your arch nemesis but he has a secret hold on you. All that sexual tension finally gets discovered during a late night study session.
    • Learning Curve (M): Getting paired up for an assignment with someone who annoys you doesn’t seem like the best way to start but maybe he’ll have a thing or two to teach you. 
  • Hongbin
    • That’s Right. Good Boy (M): You are Hongbin’s mistress, so you decide to go into his cell and have some fun with him. Based off VIXX’s “Chained Up”.
  • Threesome
    • New Years Resolution (M): Dancing in a club on New Years Eve and Sharing two hot guys (Hongbin and Ravi). What could be better?
  • VIXX Adventures (Series)

crazymazypumble  asked:

I wonder if all the series you intend to make all connect like a universe thing. also Have you ever considered putting the "accidental" kiss scene of w2h canon? I mean if it's accidental than nothing can go wrong, right? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You know, I have actually considered that!  One of my other OLD short film ideas (Blackie Maxx and Moé-bot) was set in an alternate universe where Y2K actually happened, so that could be the thing that connects any potential series’.  W2H could be set in the 90′s, and theoretically build up to an apocalyptic Y2K ending!  And Gayliens … well Gayliens could fall anywhere on the timeline, I guess.  I haven’t thought too much about it, it’s just something that’s crossed my mind once or twice.  I’m more concerned with the individual stories being satisfying on their own, but if they happened to intertwine in some clever way, that might be fun!

I’m guessing the “accidental kiss scene” you’re talking about is a gif I posted a long time ago, haha, and it was just kind of a fun exercise for myself, trying to get back into animating after I graduated (I didn’t have a cintiq at the time so it was an attempt to animate on my old Intuos, and it was… troublesome, to say the least!)  But I guess what I had in mind when I animated that was some sort of ‘dare’ situation?  Haha.. so it’s definitely not impossible!  And absolutely not wrong!  I just wasn’t picturing any specific scene building up to that moment, just being indulgent and animating the moment itself! 

Markisona Origins: Wilford and Dark

Chapter Three: Promises, Promises

First       Previous         Next

The “interview” went well, all things considered. Those things obviously being that Dark could hardly answer questions about himself that he barely knew the answers to, yet.

This social interaction thing was pretty new for Dark, mostly because he accidentally gave Mark nightmares the few times he popped over for idle chat. And had proven to be beneficial, for the most part.

But the thing about being alone for… However long it had been since he had came into existence was that sometimes… Socializing was exhausting, so he had to disappear into his own little pocket to get away from Wilford’s unending prattle about literally nothing.

That was another issue, ever since Wilford had shown up, the void had changed. What was once simply a series of never ending gray hallways had turned into a misshapen wasteland of candy and…. Gray faceless people? Whatever the case was, Wilford could easily find him, no matter where he tried to hide.

Dark didn’t understand what was happening, but he knew that he didn’t like it. But before he could attempt to fix it…. There was a little fly he had to swat.

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~Accidentally in Love~ Series: Kim Namjoon (Part 2/2)

We’ve all had our clumsy moments but what if those embarrassing moments, where we hoped no one was looking, actually led us to the right person?

A/N: So I wanted to write one shots for the BTS/VIXX member’s birthdays and stumbled ~ (hehe) upon this idea. I’ll update as each member’s birthdays come along :)

But for some reason this ended up being pretty long cause clumsy Namjoon is real (God of Destruction!!) and quite adorable…so I split it up into 2 parts (all completed!)

Genre: FLUFF

September Babies: Jungkook | Namjoon: Part 1 / Part 2 (The Ending) | Hongbin(to be completed)

Originally posted by rapmunsta

          “Hey Y/N…he’s back.” your coworker whispered.

           "Who?“ You looked up from lounging on your usual couch casually.

           "Hott Dimples.” she smirked seductively.

           "What?“ You sat up frantically. "Why?”

           "I dunno…he asked me for you again. Maybe he wants a Round 2?“ she winked.

           You threw a pillow at your friend and hurried to the front of the store, fixing yourself as you did so.

           Namjoon’s expression brightened as he spotted you walking towards him and you couldn’t help but smile in return.

           "I didn’t expect you back so soon.” you laughed. “What did you break now?”

           Namjoon chuckled nervously as he rubbed his neck shyly. “Surprisingly I didn’t break anything this time.”

           "Oh?“ You blinked. "Then what brings you here?”

           You tried to focus on Namjoon, but it proved to be difficult as you noticed your co-worker doing seductive body rolls behind him from afar. She was evidently eavesdropping with the pretense of fixing up the carts. You wanted to smack your forehead and tell her to go away, but you didn’t want Namjoon to see what she was up to.

           "Well I uh – you’re always doing so much for Yoongi and I so we wanted to repay you somehow. We were wondering if you were free for dinner on Saturday?“

           "Me?” you exclaimed.

           "YES SHE’S FREE! SHE DOESN’T DO ANYTHING ON THE WEEKENDS!“ Your friend bellowed.

           You glared at her sternly and she continued her body rolls now laced seductive wiggling of her eyebrows. Namjoon was about to turn around but you clutched his arm to prevent him from witnessing that scene.

           "Yeah, I’m good for Saturday.” You answered quickly. “Where should I meet you guys?”

           "The house is good.“ Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from blushing.

           "Your house?”

           "Yeah, you remember the address?“

           "It should be on my GPS still.” you nodded meekly.

           "Great. I’ll see you Saturday then.“ he grinned happily as he turned to leave.

           You held onto his sleeve and he glanced down at you curiously.

           "You came all this way to ask me that?”

           Namjoon smiled and nodded timidly then he paused. “And I also didn’t have your number…”

           Your lips curled up as your heart flipped over in your chest. “Did you get your phone fixed?”

           "I have extra ones cause I break it often.“ he giggled.

           You outstretched your hand and he looked at it puzzled.

           You laughed, "Your phone, silly.”

           "Oh right. “ he fumbled to get it out of his pocket and he handed it to you.

           "Ouu~ I’m proud that you didn’t drop it this time.” You smirked playfully.

           "I’ve been practicing.“ he jested as he watched you type in your number excitedly.

           You called yourself from his phone so you had his number too.

           "I’ll let you know when I’m on the way Saturday. 5ish sound good?” You questioned.

           "Perfect.“ he grinned widely, revealing those dimples that made your heart flutter. "See you Saturday.”

           "See you.“ you breathed as you watched him exit the store, seeing him bumped into the door frame awkwardly before disappearing.

           "Yes, girl, yes.” Your co-worker appeared squealing.

           "You weren’t helping!!“ You head-locked her playfully as she cackled.

           Saturday came in no time. You were dressed in just a plain white v-neck and jeans. Feeling it was a little plain, you topped the outfit off with a simple necklace that held a small silver circle plate. Knowing Yoongi was joining you guys made you less nervous and made it less date-like so you dressed casually.

           "What do you mean you can’t make it hyung?” Namjoon hissed through the phone. “This was your idea.”

           "Yeah, now get a hint and stop complaining that I’m setting you up, Namjoon. Be grateful that I’m the real genius.“ Yoongi smirked.

           "Hyung! No! I didn’t want this!”

           "Good luck~“ Yoongi hummed and hung up.

           The other five members were giggling in front of him, all of them were part of the scheme. The maknae line, led by Hoseok had cleaned up the house while Jin taught Namjoon to cook a simple dish for dinner. Yoongi was the mastermind so he sat back and watched everything unfold with confidence.

           "Oh my goodness.” Namjoon panicked as he paced around the kitchen, trying to remember everything that Jin had taught him in the past few days.

           Suddenly the doorbell rang (Yoongi had finally got around to fixing it), and Namjoon nearly threw the utensils he was holding at the sound. Frantically, he hurried to answer it. He oggled at you as this was his first time seeing you in casual wear and he was stunned once again by your beauty. It was simple, casual, and highlighted your naturally attractive features.

           You stared at him curiously, taking note that he was wearing an apron.

           "I didn’t know you were cooking.“ you commented and he blushed, realizing that he hadn’t said a word since he opened the door.

           "Come in.” He made way and you entered carefully.

           You glanced around and found that the house was empty again. “Where’s Yoongi hyung?”

           "Well he’s at work so he said he might not be coming apparently…“ Namjoon mumbled.

           You blushed, highly aware now that you two were at his house alone. Shaking your head to remove all dangerous thoughts, you continued to study the rooms of the house as Namjoon hurried back to the kitchen.

           "Make yourself comfortable. I’m going to try to figure dinner out.” he honestly stated.

           "That’s reassuring…“ you chuckled. "Need help?”

           "No, no. You’re my guest tonight.“ he insisted and you didn’t want to push, seeing as he was really making an effort to do something he wasn’t good at.

           You turned on the TV and found yourself chuckling at one of your favorite shows. Namjoon smiled to himself as the kitchen echoed with the sound of your laughter. He stepped out to peek at how you were doing in the living room. You were already comfortable and lounging on the couch, laughing without restraints. He could really get used to this. You sniffed the air curiously.


           "Y-yes?“ he straightened up, afraid you had caught him staring.

           "I think something’s burning!” Your eyes widened and he turned around and noticed that his pan was on fire.

           "Oh shit!“ he cursed as he looked around for the cover.

           You had run over to help him and pulled him back as he was about to put it out without gloves or anything.

           "You’re going to burn yourself!” She put on mittens and threw the pot cover over the flame then hurriedly shut off the stove.

           She and Namjoon breathed deeply, waiting for the sizzling to die down. They glanced at each other and crowded around the pot. Lifting up the cover, they found everything inside charred and black.

           "Well I can fix that.“ she chuckled as she threw out the burnt food and put it into the sink.

           Namjoon smiled weakly, embarrassed while you chuckled nonchalantly.

           "How about we go out for dinner?”

           He nodded, apologetically.

           "What’s your favorite restaurant?“ You questioned brightly. "I want to try something new.”

           He thought about it for a bit then grinned widely. “There is a place.”

           "Let’s go!“ you cheered.

           He felt grateful that you weren’t upset that he had just ruined dinner and your plans were changing.

           "You’ll be my navigator!” You both hopped into your car.

           "You fixed the handle.“ he mentioned.



           "Told you I could fix it.”

           You both chuckled as you drove to the restaurant. Unexpectedly, the restaurant was filled. It wasn’t super fancy but it wasn’t exactly a small shop either. What surprised you even more was the reception workers reaction when you two walked in. Namjoon smiled confidently and held up two fingers. Hurriedly the worker ran to get the tables ready. Confused, you watched Namjoon and felt like eyes were on you two for some reason.

           "Are you a regular here or something?“ you whispered.

           "Mmm sort of?” he chuckled.

           "T-this way Namjoon-ssi.“ A waitress stammered and led them to their seat outside on the rooftop balcony.

           "Wowww.” You breathed in awe.

           He smiled proudly. Even if he couldn’t cook, he knew many places with astounding views and amazing food. He still had hope to redeem himself in your eyes. Trying to play it cool, he took the cloth out of the wine glass only to have it blown away by the wind. He panicked as he tried to catch it but failed to do so. You snorted, finding his awkwardness quite endearing.

           "Here’s a new one Namjoon-ssi.“ A waitress handed him a new one in no time.

           You furrowed your brow curiously, watching the workers and even the other customers pointing at him and whispering.

           "What is it that you do again?” You questioned.

           "I make music.“ Namjoon’s lips curled up as he stared at the menu, knowing that you were noticing the attention he was getting.

           "And how famous is this band you guys are in?” You squinted your eyes skeptically.

           "It’s kinda famous.“ he grinned nonchalantly. "Do you know what you’re ordering?”

           "What do you recommend Namjoon-ssi?“

           He chuckled at your suspicious yet playful tone. The waitress returned and he closed the menu. "I’ll have two of my usual please.”

           Your eyes widened and you waited until the waitress left before you whispered, “You have a usual??”

           "Yeah.“ Namjoon blushed, feeling elated with the awe evident in your voice.

           "I’ve always wanted a usual!” you laughed excitedly. “I can’t believe you’re famous.”

           "Not superr famous. Just…well-known.“ he looked down uncomfortably.

           He was always humble about his music. You smiled, impressed but didn’t want to press further. It was his career after all.

           The dinner was enjoyable and entertaining. Namjoon tried to pop the cork of a wine bottle and it ended up hitting a nearby customer’s eye. Luckily, they were big fans and the fact that he signed the cork was enough to appease them for the injury. You also counted that he dropped his utensils about 3-5 times during the dinner and banged his leg into the table more times than that. But it made him all the more attractive to you. Apart from his evidently clumsy nature, he was intelligent and passionate about music. You talked about your dreams and aspirations with each other easily, and you liked how he didn’t look down on your dream of becoming a well known interior designer. It wasn’t a well known or even really respected career so most people would just continue the conversation without delving into it. But Namjoon was genuinely interested in your reasons behind choosing the career and how it made you feel when you designed something. You were seriously falling for this adorkable musician.

           The week ended and Namjoon couldn’t stop giggling at his phone. All of his members would roll their eyes as they heard the constant ring of your messages. They could tell Namjoon was clearly smitten with you, but hadn’t taken a step forward. However, one day he waltzed into Yoongi’s studio, looking crestfallen. Jungkook and Hoseok were also there helping him with a song, and they glanced at each other worriedly.

           "What? Did she reject you already?” Yoongi questioned without remorse.

           Hoseok nudged Yoongi who shrugged nonchalantly.

           "I feel bad I can’t do anything for her. Like I can’t fix anything, cook anything, or even drive. Why would she want to be with me?“ he exhaled.

           "Well …ummm…” Hoseok pondered. “You’re famous! You can dance, sing, AND write. That’s a lot to offer.”

           Namjoon let out another deep sigh. Yoongi whirled around in his chair and gestured for the other two to get out. Hurriedly, the two left the room.

           "Do some sort of event for her then if you’re getting down on yourself.“ he pointedly stated.


           "You have a lot to offer and if she didn’t see that, she wouldn’t bother messaging you back. So be confident.“ Yoongi encouraged. "I’m a bit annoyed you stole my favorite worker from me, but there has to be something you can help her achieve or somewhere she wants to go that you can take her to? Think about your constant conversations.”

           Namjoon sat in silence as Yoongi returned to his work. Then Namjoon clapped his hands excitedly.

           "Hyung! I need your help!“

           Yoongi turned around with a raised eyebrow.

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the signs as little sunagakure things
  • aries: rasa making his whole family and some more people suffer bc he's angry and incompetent and powerless
  • taurus: kankuro deciding to kill two birds with one stone by masking his cheating techniques during an exam with really needing to go to the bathroom
  • gemini: yashamaru going on a suicide mission to freak out a little child with some shitty lie because he just doesn't care anymore
  • cancer: baki being one of the most fashionable grown-ups in the entire series and still ending up so irrelevant that he's never shown again
  • leo: matsuri and yukata literally thirsting after their boss during a fUCKING WAR
  • virgo: temari wielding a hUGE ASS FAN LIKE ITS REALLY FUCKING BIG!!! but still posing like it's nothing and being flawless
  • libra: chiyo trying to cheer up a heartbroken tiny boy by teaching him fun puppet stuff, but she accidentally fucks up. oh, she fucks up good
  • scorpio: sasori living inside a horrendous wooden creature because he's too pretty for the sight of this cruel and unjust world
  • sagittarius: karura caring so much about his baby boy that her ghost fucking materializes itself out of sand to show how much she cares
  • capricorn: gaara speaking as little as possible and tending a cacti garden in those rare times when his arms aren't crossed, but still being the ruler of the world, and our hearts
  • aquarius: the puppet brigade. just like, those people existing. bunch of artsy freak hoes 👌👌👌
  • pisces: the honoured siblings fishing. for like, fun. to pass the time. in the middle of the fucking desert.

anonymous asked:

For the ship ask, CaulScott? (Sorry if this sends late tumblr is shit)

yeah, i know it’s shit. but we still love it, don’t we?

who says “I love you” first: i think the one who would say ‘i love you’ for the very first time would be max, probably during a tense situation. but as their relationship would blossom, nathan would be the one that says it first

what’s their song: 
‘young god’ by halsey, ‘freak’ by lana del rey. and definitely ‘let’s get lost’ by bat for lashes & beck
but they both like to listen to rap songs together and max tries to rap along with the song and she’s soooo awful at this and nathan just kisses her so she would shut up
and sometimes they just cuddle to these relaxing sounds like whales’ sounds or sound of the rain 

who kills the bugs:
nobody. max likes to watch the bugs and nathan doesn’t want to hurt anything so they just sort of stay wherever they are. and if the insects are really gross or they just don’t want them around they usually call chloe to get rid of them

how often do they text/call:
they text each other all the time and max always laughs at nathan’s ‘minimalistic’ texting style
also nathan usually sends her photos or links with ‘it reminds me of u’ and its either something super cute, like a song or a little puppy, or extra stupid memes like pepe the frog and tumblr shitposts
and if they feel the need to call each other, they’d rather use skype or facetime

what are their names for each other in their phones:
nathan’s name in max’s phone is ‘n8 prsctt’ (she really finds his texting style funny) and a bear and kiss emoji
also the icon is a really awkward photo of nathan with some sprakles or hearts photoshopped onto it (you know what i mean)
max’s name in nathan’s phone is something extremely cute and cliche like ‘princess’ or ‘my girl’ and everybody thinks this is the most adorable thing ever

who convinces the other to do couples cosplay: max mentioned it once and nathan wasn’t very fond of the idea, but later they both fell in love with one tv series/movie and nathan went just ‘ok fuck lets do this max’
he eventually ended up being the most intense cosplayer on every covent they went to

random fact: the teachers got so used to max sitting on nathan’s lap during lessons they stopped to care
also victoria keeps accidentally walking on them whenever things get steamy and she laughs at her ‘little brother’ and her bff all the time

thank you for asking me! :))

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99 Book Nerd Problems (from Barnes&Noble Blog)

Cause we’ve got 99 problems, but having nothing to read ain’t one.

1. You’ll never get to read your favorite book again for the first time.

2. The weird look your coworkers give you when they find out your “awesome weekend” primarily took place between the pages of a book.

3. People who say, “You do know it’s just a book, right?”

4. No boss will let you take a sick day because Beth March just died.

5. The mark on your wall from where you threw your book after the Red Wedding.

6. Books so scary you have to put them in the closet/under a stack of dictionaries/in the freezer before you can go to sleep.

7. Books so sexy you worry reading them in public view constitutes sexual harassment.

8. Books so funny you become that person laughing alone at a restaurant.

9. Hiding in the work bathroom with a book is damaging your reputation.

10. Don’t fall in love with fictional dogs. Just…don’t.

11. Those blank pages at the end of old books that trick you into thinking you’ve got more left than you actually do.

12. The distinctive facial ridging pattern you get from falling asleep on a nice, heavy hardback.

13. Only four pages to go!…and it’s your train stop.

14. Only four pages to go!…and your doctor’s ready to see you now.

15. Only four pages to go!…and it’s time to walk down the aisle.

16. Being prisoner to a book so good you’re unable to think of or do anything else till you’ve turned the last page.

17. Purses that can’t fit even a paperback.

18. Getting book spoilers from HBO.

19. Worrying about George Weasley for the rest of your life.

20. Ugly crying in public.

21. Wanting to reread the most amazing book you read when you were a kid, but all you can remember is that it had a…girl in it. And maybe a train. Or a mirror or something.

22. Ripply book bottoms from reading in the bath.

23. Cracked spines.

24. Uncracked spines.

25. ”I’m just not that into books.” –Your date, before the drinks have even come.

26. The wait between installments.

27. Books that won’t stay open when you’re trying to read and eat a sandwich at the same time.

28. Worrying about your favorite author’s health (for selfish reasons).

29. Tiny factual inconsistencies that ruin the entire book for you.

30. Expanded universe fiction you can’t get down with.

31. That thing where authors have lives, but us readers have NEEDS.

32. The pro/con of loaning out your favorite book: everyone should read it/you’ll never see it again.

33. Skipping a birthday party because you need to know what happens next (and it’s your own birthday).

34. Missing pages.

35. 400 bedtime readings later, and Love You Forever still makes you weep.

36. Miscasting in adaptations.

37. Deleted characters in adaptations.

38. The inability to stop telling people how it *really* happened when they’re trying to watch an adaptation.

39. None of your friends wanting to watch adaptations with you anymore, because you’re so, um, outspoken about them.

40. The way Jane Austen ruined us for modern dating.

41. The way Stephen King ruined us for ever being able to sleep soundly in an old hotel.

42. The way J.K. Rowling made us all into self-loathing Muggles.

43. The way George R. R. Martin feeds off reader dismay the way Dementors feed off souls.

44. No matter how many times you read it, the sad parts of your favorite book always happen just the same.

45. Other people’s marginalia.

46. Chocolate stains right on the best part (cause you’ve reread it so many times).

47. Feeling like you have to “forgive” your loved ones for not adequately appreciating your favorite book.

48. Ereader, meet hand lotion.

49. Paper cuts.

50. Dropping a book on your face while reading on your back.

51. Talking to yourself while reading in public because it’s that good.

52. Realizing that you’re accidentally reading lines of dialogue out loud in public because your book is that engrossing.

53. Finishing all your reading material on your second day of vacation.

54. Finishing all your reading material halfway through your flight.

55. People who greet the sight of the book you’re reading with, “Oh, isn’t that the one where [insert spoiler here]?”

56. Mispronouncing words because you’ve never actually heard them out loud—you’ve only read them in books.

57. Wishing you could send every child you meet to Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle.

58. Foxed corners.

59. Remembering too late that the anecdote you’re relating actually happened to a fictional character, not your friend.

60. Still following beauty tips you learned from Judy Blume.

61. Remembering Scarlett O’Hara’s first kiss better than you remember your own.

62. Nobody takes you seriously when you say you hurt your wrist holding up a Charles Dickens omnibus.

63. Reading a book so good it (temporarily) ruins you for everything else on your shelves.

64. People respect not wanting to pause a movie way more than they respect not wanting to pause a book.

65. Using your phone as a bookmark, forgetting you’ve done so, not finding it till hours later.

66. (Using unpaid bills as bookmarks is an even worse idea.)

67. The fall from favor of the pocket-sized paperback. (There is no sexier accessory.)

68. Family members who don’t respect shelving protocol.

69. The depression that falls after reading the last book in a trilogy.

70. Finishing the best book ever before anyone else you know, and having no one to talk to about it.

71. Finishing the MOST INFURIATING book ever before anyone else you know, and having no one to talk to about it.

72. The scary stuff you find in the pages of borrowed books.

73. The scary stains you find in the pages of borrowed books.

74. Diagnosing yourself incapable of safely finishing a book after realizing that the villain is giving you rage blackouts.

75. People who assume your book is a prop, a crutch, or a conversation starter. (Sometimes it’s the third one. But usually you just want to read.)

76. Racing through a book to find out how it ends…and discovering when you get there that it’s just book one in a projected trilogy.

77. People who hate on books they’ve never read.

78. Some people start talking in a British accent after a one-week trip to London. You started talking like Hagrid after reading 50 pages of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. (Neither is great.)

79. That thing where your preferred dinner conversation is dependent on everyone else’s deep knowledge of your current read.

80. Hand-wringing articles that claim nobody reads anymore.

81. Your mind’s so stuck in your book that you experience a mild shock when you look in the mirror and don’t see Jane Eyre. Or James Bond. Or Hercule Poirot.

82. The unfair stigma attached to books included on required-reading lists.

83. ”I just want to look really quick.” –Famous last words, spoken just before you enter the bookstore

84. Starting a new series, accidentally buying book two first.

85. Having stacks of unread books that you just can’t get rid of because you KNOW someday they’ll be the exact perfect read that you must have at that very moment.

86. Your bedtime lies somewhere between 11 p.m. and whenever this book stops being so. damn. good.

87. Always being surprised by whodunnit, even when you suspect it’s pretty obvious.

88. Trying to force yourself to finish a long read by bringing it—and only it—on a flight. Ending up reading Skymall cover to cover instead.

89. The concern that some of the books in your house have become load-bearing stacks.

90. A book haul that overcomes the tensile strength of your tote bag.

91. Finding out distractingly awful things about the personal lives of your favorite authors.

92. The inescapable urge to thump the back of every wardrobe you encounter.

93. Publicly snort laughing at jokes written 150 years ago.

94. Crushing helplessly on characters you do realize are clinically insane.

95. The stress of hating an ink-and-paper person more than you’ve ever hated anything in your life.

96. So you’ve got one coffee table made entirely of books, and people think you’re weird?

97. The unreasonable disappointment of discovering that your secret quirky character crush is everyone’s secret quirky character crush.

98. Predicting a twist way too early.

99. Nobody ever wants to help you move.

Monsta X as Walmart Employees

Requested by anonymous
A/N: This was pretty funny because I was told we were going to Walmart as I was typing this up and I was like “come again? Did you actually say Walmart?”

somehow always ends up sleeveless, be it his own attire or having to roll up his sleeves so much (for whatever reason) that there are regulars who visit just to see his defined arms. gets asked out more than he gets asked about Walmart stuff. grabs things from higher shelves for people having difficulty getting it or just want to admire his nice build. that’s his voice you hear announcing throughout the store “cleanup on aisle 7, cleanup on aisle 7” and 11/10 times he’s the one cleaning it up. acts as the supervisor at times. he’ll tell his coworkers to do something, but he ends up doing it instead. he doesn’t mind it, knowing the others have their own respective tasks to attend to. when he takes on closing shift, he’ll dance as he cleans up the aisles and readies the store for the next day. probably the most proud of his coworkers without realizing that they aren’t as hardworking or completely as competent as he is. but it’s okay, he dotes on them as though they’re his brothers.

mans the entertainment center. you’ll most likely walk in on him playing one of the video games and he’ll most likely use the same excuse of testing the game out or doing live advertisement. cringes, turns away from, and blocks his ears when the fifty television screens behind him showcase any thriller or horror ads. gets scared (jumps and yelps) when there’s a surprise from whatever the televisions are playing … even though it’s the same shit getting replayed every thirty minutes. even the kids point and laugh at him. and he’ll quickly compose himself and make himself appear even more buff when he tells the kids to shut up. if there’s an attractive person, he’ll immediately dart to the books section and pick up the nearest nonfiction novel to ‘read’ through. lols @ him because he once accidentally picked up “Fifty Shades of Grey” and didn’t realize it until he gave that person a wink and charming smile and they returned with a piqued brow and a glance down at the novel. oh, and if you have any queries about cameras, he’ll offer himself up as the model for the pictures.

customer service clerk. you want to return something? good luck. while this overly optimistic and positive employee always wins employee of the month (like the wall for this award is basically his mural … or archive of all the different hair colors he’s tried), he’s also the one you don’t want to deal with when you say an item is faulty or that you aren’t interested in it anymore. he’ll wear his perfect smile as he politely asks you what your reason is for the return and delves deeper into things that you don’t even think correlates with the item or the fact that you’re returning. you’ll end up walking out of the customer service queue after a two hour wait, even though there was only four people before you (30 mins per person), feeling healed when there wasn’t anything to be fixed and wanting to buy more things from Walmart. so, good luck returning your purchases. sometimes he works at the cash register where he’ll happily remark what you’re getting. gets pretty awkward if it’s personal hygiene or intimate stuff. gets worse if he makes dirty assumptions. one customer got Kleenex, hand lotion, and chips; he said the first two things out loud and snickered like a immature teen “enjoy yourself then revitalize with chips, huh?”

the pharmacist and optometrist in the store. tends to exaggerate your symptoms when he reads your prescription or checks your sight. one time, he thought someone had diabetes from the white spots that showed up during the eye exam, but it turned out that Jooheon forgot to wipe the lens clean. other times, he’ll gasp or make remarks that don’t really make you feel all too positive about what you have. you just have a cough? he’ll let out a low whistle and mumble how it could lead to something worse. he’s like you googling up your symptoms and reading that you have a number of days before cease to exist. the elderly always have a near fright attack whenever they visit him. there’s always high concern that he’s giving the prescription to the wrong person, but his sight is just fine. except for those couple of times he thought someone lost their sight (after they entered the store on their own with their own two eyes), but he realized he was also wearing glasses and the lens countered the machine’s lens.

in the beauty section sometimes. has this resting bitch face so while it may look like he doesn’t care for your questions … he probably doesn’t care. works so he can get discounts and the experience so he can work at the more luxurious brands one day. if he mans the fitting room and if you have no one to ask how you look, I’m sorry, but there should be a sign that says “don’t ask Hyungwon how you look”. he’ll criticize your choices, roll his eyes, then heave out a sigh when he has to get up from the desk to walk you back to the clothes and essentially be your stylist for 15 minutes, providing you tips on what makes you look good and what straight up makes you look bad. then he’ll start talking about your hair and whatever else you have on or lack of. you’ll come out of the fitting room area as a completely different person. a better version, according to Hyungwon. and when he’s not staring blankly at nothing, he’s on his phone. he’s brave enough to take a call and even hold a long conversation while he works. who said customers come first? he just waves them off while he laughs at a ridiculous thing his friend said over the phone.

no one really knows what his actual position is or what station he’s supposed to cover, but at least he works. there are times where you’ll catch him rapping along with the music or jamming to it with the broom when he’s supposed to cleanup the spill he accidentally made when he knocked over a series of drinks from his hyper dance moves. sometimes he’ll make announcements about deals and whatnot. but everyone always regrets having him in control of the mic because he’ll also have control of the radio and music player so he’ll DJ even though he’s not supposed to. also, he’s probably the most directionally challenged person you’ll ever meet. you want to know where the fruits are? he’ll happily guide you to one end that ends up being the sportswear section, then to the other side where the pet food is at, and so on and so forth until you brand a wide smile and lie that you don’t need to find the fruit anymore. let’s just hope he doesn’t come across the music section with you. he’ll sidetrack his tour and talk about the latest releases and recommend his favorite albums.

sometimes he’ll be the one awkwardly greeting you as you enter the store. prepare yourself for lame jokes and out-of-this-world puns from a guy who pretends to shoot you while also trying to do a wiggle or dance. like, what even, dude? when he’s not greeting you, he’ll be saying thanks for visiting and checking your receipt for your purchases. sometimes he’ll go off topic. okay, who am I kidding? it’s ALL the time. you thought Minhyuk held up his own line with his deep talks and psychological questioning? I.M. will triple check your receipt and match them with the items you have on hand then strike up a conversation with you about it. it goes a little something like this: “so you have Kleenex, hand lotion, and chips. you getting sick or something? bad running nose? our pharmacy has a great collection of flu medicine. dry hands, huh? you may want to try applying body lotion after each bath. oh, and those chips are recalled. ok, have a nice day!” p.s. don’t try to steal anything, you don’t even want to know what will happen when he finds that you have one too many things in your possession.

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Saphael Headcanons, Pt. 7

Downworlder Week - Day 6 - Favourite Downworlder Ships

  • Simon taking pictures of pretty sunrises and sunsets to show Raphael because he can’t see them for himself
  • Simon is really amused every time the vampires call Raphael ‘the master’ because he’s a Doctor Who nerd
  • Raphael watched all of the original Doctor Who series but didn’t watch the new ones because ‘it will never be as good’. Simon makes him watch them and he grudgingly admits that he really likes it and they end up having Doctor Who marathons
  • Sometimes when Raphael is exhausted he accidentally falls asleep without closing the blinds over the window and Simon has to do it for him to keep him safe
  • Simon loves playing with Raphael’s hair because it’s so soft. He loves gently pulling out the curls and then letting go of them and watching them curl again
  • Raphael complains a lot about never being able to go to the bookstore because they’re always closed at night. Simon buys a lot of books for him and he loves it, but he likes to be able to buy them himself too. After hearing this complaint multiple times, Simon bought Raphael an e-reader
  • Raphael always accidentally texts Simon in Spanish. Simon has started to learn a little bit of it because of this, but he’s more than used to just copying Raphael’s texts into google translate
  • Sometimes google translate is very wrong and Simon’s reply doesn’t fit ti whatever Raphael said. It’s only then that Raphael realises he texted in Spanish by mistake

anonymous asked:

How a gryffindor bedroom would look like?

A mess.

We tend to be very utilitarian in where we want things to be and if we don’t have proper storage in those places for those things we just end up with piles. Defined piles that look like chaos to everyone else, but it like a pile of dirty clothes, and distinctly separate (in our mind) pile of clean clothes. A jewelry box with all the favorite stuff just piled around it instead of in it. The covers get left wherever we kick them off in the morning. One of those over the door hook things with far too many hoodies hanging on it. A pile of shoes in the closet, but a separate pile by the door. Deodorant on our nightstand instead of in the bathroom. Piles of empty soda bottles because the closest trashcan in down the hall and we forget to do anything about it until we run out of places to put more bottles.

But the closet is organized, so when you need that nice shirt for an interview, its where it belongs. Books are on a shelf so you don’t have to dig when you need the next one in the series. There’s a few cute decorations, but then tend to get lost in the chaos. And while we have piles there is almost always a clear path from the door to the bed and the closet.

We just have the sort of lives where we tend to set something down in a pile to “deal with it later” and as long as it isn’t in the way of our day to day lives, then “later” can accidentally end up being months later.

Organized chaos with easy access and a whole lot of “too busy right now”

-Jamie (Gryffindor)

Letters Of A Diary

Prompt: You accidentally drop an envelope before being taken away. Meanwhile, Castiel doesn’t think it’s a good idea to continue searching for you.

Pairing: none

Warnings: none

Words: 3836

“Oh god, I love the letters series! It’s so awesome. Please, please write another part. I’m secretly hoping for a happy ending, the story already had me near tears enough times. ^.^” -Anon

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

“Where’d you find it?” Gabriel asked, taking the folded up envelope from Sam’s hands and looking it over. “I’ve never seen this before, where’d you get it?”

“Y/N must have dropped it earlier when she came crashing through the front door,” Sam answered. “Found it underneath the-”

“I don’t care,” Gabriel snapped suddenly, turning away from Sam and walking into the kitchen. Castiel didn’t hesitate to follow him, and Sam followed foot. “Y/N was here. She was here, but she knew she was being followed so she… she “accidentally” dropped this. It’s meant to be seen by our eyes.” He unfolded the envelope which turned out to be much larger than they all had thought.

“Or it’s a setup,” Castiel urged as Gabriel started opening the envelope. “Drago disappeared and took Y/N, if it was her, with him in a snap of his fingers. He could have been just making us see things. I don’t know what he was, all I saw was what Sam saw, his human form.” Castiel snatched the envelope from Gabriel’s hands before he could dig through it. “This could be a trap.”

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Teen Wolf Fics Thus Far

Hi new followers! Many of you have arrived because the Derek meta that I wrote and may not know that every once in awhile I write a story, too. So here’s a list.

If you liked the Arc in Shadow meta, I explore the same themes of abuse in the Break Me series.

  1. Only Human - In which Derek needs to talk to someone about being forced to bite Gerard and ends up at Stiles’s door.
  2. Gently - Derek wakes up from one of his recurring nightmares about Kate and needs to tell someone what she used to do to him.

The first one I ever wrote theorized about how Stiles’s mom died and why he would have felt guilty about that.

  • Fault Lines - Derek accidentally stumbles into getting Stiles to talk about the thing they never talk about in the Stilinski house.

My Post-3A fic, exploring why Derek left, what he did while he was away, and how Stiles tried to cope with his nightmares. This is followed by my 56k big bang, which introduces a new enemy to Beacon Hills that puts every supernatural creature at risk. It’s an ensemble piece that UA now but wasn’t before 3B aired. Stiles and Derek are separated from the pack and have a series of heavy conversations

  1. On the End of the Line - Derek goes to Costa Rica to escape the horrors of home; Stiles can’t stop leaving him messages, even if he never comes back.
  2. What You Can’t See - A new threat comes to Beacon Hills, putting all its supernatural inhabitants in danger. A true alpha and banshee are rare and valuable quarry, but Stiles and Derek are the easiest targets.
  3. Skin Deep - Missing scene from What You Can’t See where Ethan has to find a way to get a sample of Danny’s blood. He’s torn between deception and burgeoning real affection.