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Why Tony Stark deserves better
  • When he realised his equipment was causing so much damage, he chose to change direction, even when everyone was telling him he was “crazy” from the kidnapping, but apparently he’s “selfish”
  • He said that he “shouldn’t be alive” and that’s why he wanted to change and do something different with his life
  • He had nightmares after NY (where Steve told him it was a one-way trip and he nearly died), suffered from PTSD, but of course no one cares about these minor details, and JARVIS died as well, but again, who cares?? It’s not like they knew how important Jarvis was
  • Steve actually stood there, saying “you’re keeping secrets from me, I can’t believe this”, and then he goes onto NOT tell Tony that Bucky killed his parents, which, because he’s not thick, he knows is something Tony is extremely sensitive about, but apparently this is all in the past and we shouldn’t focus on that

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this is literally nothing new but i felt i needed to just have this here bc i really love


found this on ebay  for $149 dollars (too expensive)

it’s an official product that was sold at AX,it’s a 16GB USB drive of prinny from disgaea and as much as i want it,i hope NIS america or NIS in japan sell this at a cheaper price on their website soon i hope..


Hetalia Headcanon #70

When America sees Canada asleep over his paperwork, he doesn’t wake him up, but carries him to bed and tries to make him as comfortable as he can (taking off his shoes if he was wearing them, loosening tight clothes…) so he can have a decent sleep.

He tries to do this with England, too, but with mixed results. (England usually wakes up as soon as America touches him)