so theyre like little suprises for you all

Thoughts on Blood Moon Ball (WARNING: SPOILERS)

Okay, now that i’m starting to get all the crazies out, I seriously love that dance scene to no end. Right down to every second, its  all so perfect. The music makes the moment absolutely enchanting. Their expressions through every  single second. 

At first, you can tell  theyre  both taken by suprise. When this mysterious masked man just  sweeps her  into his arms, shes so surprised by his boldness and the pure  suddenness of  the moment. Its almost like a fairy tale moment, and let me tell you, i go BAT SHIT CRAZY FOR  THOSE.

And Marco is even a little surprised, for I dont think he completely intended to b in that beginning dancing pose, and didnt expect to be so close to her. He seems a little suprised  by the butterflies in his tummy, and the sudden courage  and suave  that he feels. He has no idea how he got so brave, how he somehow had  the courage to be this bold and uninhibiting. When did I get so smooth and suave, he wonders in his mind.

And theyre  both very briefly surprised by the red light of  the blood moon, but dont think much of it besides leaning into it with an “oh, okay, lets  dance.” attitude.

At this point, Star  is  absolutely  encapsulated by this stranger. She feels the butterflies  in her stomach, she feels the intense chemistry between them, even feels entranced by how handsome he is. She feels her heart beating so loudly, and so quickly. Are they even considering what it means to be dancing under the red light of the moon? Do they  realize  theyve been chosen by the  moon itself as soulmates, as lovers destined to be together forever? (I dont think Marco really knows thats what it  means, he probably was  too  busy looking for Star to bother to listen to the host guy). 

But then again, neither of  them really care about  that at the  moment. All they can think about is  each other. How beautiful/handsome the other  looks, how theyve  never felt this way before in their lives, how they never want this moment to end.

But  then Marco reveals  himself to her, and Star kind of snaps out of her trance. She might be thinking about how shes having these  intense  feelings for  her best  friend, and how those feelings  are  VERY new to her, fairly revelatory, but those thoughts are kind of pushed to the back of her mind because  now shes getting angry at Marco and wondering why he felt  the need  to crash the ball.

And the ENDING. Once Star sets him straight, Marco realizes that  he has let  his jealousy get the best  of him. At  this point, I think he  has known for a little while  how  he really feels for Star (i think he figured out  his feelings  during Mewberty) and hes been trying his best to keep them to himself. He feels bad about that, of course.

But something that im stuck on about this episode is just how easily they both leaned  into the commitment of  “their souls binding together for eternity”. Think about it for  a second. Thats almost a  biggger  commitment than marriage. Marriage, by the  way, that Marco had just saved  Ferguson from, claiming “youre only 14, youre not ready  for this  kind of commitment”. I dont know, seems a little  bit ironic to me. I like  it.

But anyways, these are just  some thoughts ive been accumulating while completely obsessing over this episode for the past  6 hours.