so they're pretty big


He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.

This is late but I hope everyone had a happy Easter!

I was imagining this as…like Goku was asked to be the Easter Bunny and hide chocolate eggs for the little kids, and while he did that he’d also sample some.

When confronted he’d reply, “but I am children?”

Clearly this is the Goku who’s being raised by Gen. Also ignore the fact that the egg is super big? Goku deserves giant chocolate eggs.

yo I love ships based on friendship and I love kuroken for that reason but I like barely see people interpret them as close as like, oikawa and iwa, for example

so this new chapter is like EVERYTHING to me

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You said you're going to Orlando pride right? Because I know there's a 50/50 chance on whether you know and like Thomas Sanders but he's going to pride in Orlando tomorrow as well! And I just get really excited for people when they go to pride events so I thought I'd share that I guess lmao

YEP and wow, that’s so neat, oh my gosh!! I’m not like a Super avid follower of his, but I love watching his vines and such whenever they’re on my dash, and I think he’s pretty funny and very kind. Thanks for sharing!! :D <33

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Danny's SO buying super pretty sky blue lingerie. They're wandering around in a big shirt or something, talking, until they lean down to grab something and Danny sees it. His reaction would be gold. Probably depending on his mood, he would either be super flustered and sweet, or immediately very dominant and right up on you.

“Hey, what did you think about that new…..oh…oh fuck, baby girl…wh-what are you wearing under that sweater? C'mere, show me? Oh good fucking god, you’re perfect. Hmm? You got this just for me? Such a good girl. You look gorgeous.”

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Hi Dicta! I love your blog!! Do you know of anyone who is still doing themed drarry rec lists? They're so much fun, but most of the big reccers are pretty adamantly NOT taking requests. Thanks!

Hey anon! I know the reccers who used to do this, myself included, are adamantly NOT taking rec requests because the requests got so shitty and entitled and unrelenting and rude and awful that we just couldn’t keep doing it without being miserable and/or cringing at the site of a (1) over that inbox icon. Like, bad to the point that I hesitated to answer this because I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, let alone someone who does this kind of great, important work for fandom.  But I figure that where people are doing it because they’re still enjoying it, so as far as I know @drarrymoi, @sleepydrarry, and @dragontamerdrarry are taking them at the moment. I’ve also got a list of h/d blogs, including reccers, here. HOWEVER:

If you are going to ask for recs BE KIND TO YOUR RECCERS!! Since there is sometimes (let’s be nice and say) confusion about what that means:

  • read any guidelines they have for rec requests!
  • respect their guidelines! don’t ask for things they say they don’t do!
  • check their past recs and don’t ask for things they’ve already done!
  • when commenting on fic they’ve recced, mention how you got there!
  • ask one reccer and only one reccer so people aren’t duplicating their efforts
  • be clear and specific in your ask
  • if it’s something you can easily google, do that first/instead!
  • remember that you are talking to a person!!!! a person who is volunteering time to help you and fandom which they do not have to do!
  • say please! say thank you! tell them you appreciate it! be nice!

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⭐️ - hope you have a wonderful start into the week! 💚💫

random fact #4

i have relatively large hands for a female (at least i like to think so) but the upside of that is that girls tell me that when they hold my hand it feels safe and warm and that they’re always soft! ^^

oh! send me a ⭐️ and i’ll tell you one random fact about myself!