so they'll stick around


If you’re missing an asset,
just give him a call.

He’ll recover your riches,
with no fuss at all.

He works alone you know, the man they call Recovery One. They say he had a team once; masters at their crafts, they were unparalleled in the quality and scope of their work. Who knows what happened, but he’s all that’s left, and he never works with others anymore.

But, don’t think that somehow makes him less, somehow diminishes what he is capable of. No, underestimating him would be your biggest mistake.

It’s a shame he only goes about returning stolen and lost things. There are many who’d pay good money for him to steal or guard or kill for them anew.

Who knows why he does the things he does.

Maybe he’s looking for something lost too.

It’s at least two pictures in a series to make an AU official right

cuz i think we’ve got a well-dressed mercs au in our hands

wanted to try underlighting for once. Not bad for a first try I think.

this is getting out of hand i got four ongoing series of drawings now

my wip folders are calling mee but no i go and add to a one-off ugh

why can’t i commit to one singular project and finish it before starting a new one?? ???

also i’m starting to realize my drawing repertoire is 90% felix, locus, and washington this is a problem I desperately need to remedy