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sansaregina’s 14 days of christmas

@cosimocontessina: “You’re right, I’m 100% in the wrong.The truth is I’m the one that’s not tough enough to be in here. I mean, watching the woman I love unarmed, locked up with all these murderers… it’s just too much for me.”


      Bex just gave a calm smile as if she’d known this moment was coming ever since the day the Blackthorne Boys walked through the front doors—like it was inevitable that the Gallagher Girls would eventually bring at least one of them to their knees.


Didney do it.


Except for the heart-shaped hole where the hope runs out

I’ve seen that post about how Maria should descend from the heavens to whoop Shadow’s ass for joining the bad guys and I wholeheartedly agree with it, but also consider: Rouge and Omega showing up to whoop his ass

…Come to think of it, where are they???

Midnight walk (1/2)

Pairing: None.

Genre/warnings: angst, blood, implied/referenced suicide, drinking, alcohol.


Summery: Ford doesn’t like the things he’s done in his life, he takes a little walk.

Note: this is the first part of a fic for @skaleigha ’s guilty Ford au of which I’m in love with! I think I made this too sad but meh,I bet there are some grammar mistakes here and there but please excuse me, I’m new to writing, anyways on with the show!

It was midnight, dark and quiet, the mystery shacks individuals were fast asleep, it had been a week since weirdmegedon, all traces of the chaos gone and thanks to Mabel’s scrapbook Stan was able to regain his memories ,tears streamed down the cheeks of Ford and the twins when Stan flashed his trademark grin, trying his hardest to hold back his tears as he was huddled in a group hug by his loving family,

The younglings were to go back home the next day, their last day in gravity falls filled with fits of laughter, beginning with stancakes, hugs, bad puns of which Ford couldn’t help but smile at and ending with a family movie night, Mabel had suggested -in her opinion- the best movie of all time, a romantic chick flick called ‘the painfully blinding colours of love’, while Dipper having brought up all the si-fi movies he can think of, though in the end they settled with Ducktective: the movie, after the movie Stan shooed the younger twins to bed smiling and saying goodnight to his brother as he also headed upstairs,so Ford went to his room,

But Ford couldn’t sleep,

He lay there on his bed, staring blankly at the walls, mind buzzing with racing thoughts to the point we’re Ford truly wondered if his head would explode,

Everyday since weirdmegedon Ford couldn’t sleep -not that he slept much in the first place- he couldn’t shake the little voice whispering horrible things to him,




You caused this,

You erased his mind,

You erased Stan ,

You KILLED Stan,



M O N S T E R,

Ford blinked and rubbed his eyes, -why were they wet?- with a groan he sat up on his bed, he sighed and looked at his hands, his face creased into a disgusted frown,clenching them into fists as he muttered,


He stood up abruptly and headed to the door of his room taking his jacket with him, he needed fresh air…And maybe a drink…

Five minutes later there Ford stood, with a bottle of whiskey in hand, wind ruffling his hair from the midnight breeze, an unreadable expression on his face as he stared into the dark woods,

Ford took a swing of the drink, the burning liquid leaving a bitter taste in his mouth but he still found himself wanting more, he just needed those thoughts to stop for a while, even just a minute, any moment of peace he would be grateful for, even if he thought he didn’t deserve it…

Ford thought he didn’t deserve a lot of things, given what he’d done, he didn’t think he deserved the nibblings, they were like two little beams of sunshine, he admired the way they solved mysteries together and supported each other, the way they stuck together no matter what, he thought maybe things would be different if he was there for his brother too,

He took another swing,

Stanley always was there for him, took punches from his bullies and hit back even though they usually only wanted to mess with Ford,

He didn’t think he deserved Stan…

He was always a burden for Stan, He wondered what if he wasn’t born, maybe Stanley would have had a better life, instead he got his brother kicked out at the small age of 17, then calling him for help only to throw him out the next second,

Maybe they would be better off without him…

He drained the last of his drink, and threw the bottle away, ‘maybe I should just leave’, it made sense, they wouldn’t have to deal with him, wouldn’t have to pretend to love him, if he was gone, they would be free,

With the determination that had saved him for the last 30 years, he made his decision,he walked to the woods,leaving behind his old life,

‘It’s for the best’ he thought as he staggered away,probably the affects of the whiskey,

He walked without purpose, going to whatever place his feet carried him, it had been almost two hours since he left, his legs began to ache and the wounds he gained from the apocalypse stung,as he walked he heard something,

There was a growl,

Stanford stopped in his tracks, he glanced around looking for the source of the source of the sound, his hand brushed his hip, cursing himself for not bringing his blaster,

There was another growl, closer, Ford turned to face the sound but found nothing, he took some steps back, back hitting the bark of a tree and from a distance before him, two glowing purple eyes emerged,

To Ford the creature looked wolf-like, ebony fur shining in the moonlight, it’s two tail swinging, fangs bearing into a snarl as it went onwards to claim it’s new found pry,

Suddenly it lunched forward, tackling Ford to the ground, Ford tried pushing it away, it’s face inches from his, his hand desperately looked for a weapon to defend himself with, he found a rock, but before he could do any harm it struck him with it’s sharp black claws, now glistering with blood, burning hot pain rippled through his left shoulder as he screamed, he quickly hit the beast with the rock with enough force that it that it fell off of him, whimpering away, retreating to the forest,

Fords breath was ragged as he clutched his shoulder, blood oozed from between his fingers, a moan of pain escaping him as he stood, it won’t do him good to stay, the creature might return and heaven forbid with its pack,

He didn’t get far,

Ford took one step forward, two, three, he swayed left and right with each step, his vision blurred and dark spots edged his sight, so he didn’t notice the vine stretching in front of him and tripped landing with a heap on the floor,

Ford couldn’t get up again, what was the point, he was a monster , a freak, a burden to his family, he deserved all of this, he had to be punished for what he made his family go through,

the wind whistled, making Ford curl onto himself, his trench coat doing nothing to shield him from the cold, it was so cold, and he was so tired, so very tired, of his thoughts, of what he’s done, of being a ungrateful freak, of being a failure, of being a monster,

His vision blurred once more and suddenly his eyelids felt heavy, sleep nudging at him,he knew that there was a chance that if he slept he might not wake up,

He just didn’t care,

‘It’s for the best…’ was his last thought as his eyes slid shut and darkness engulfed him,

I really like the gemsona that @teakip made so I messed around and made another fusion between his gemsona and my own. So here is Pietersite Cabochon. This is a quick diddly doo dad, but I hope it doesn’t look like too much crap?


It’s a really pretty gem tbh.


well isn’t it funny? it was sort of like as if you were coming from the pool…


ok but i imagine hunk going to shiro whenever he stresses about lance!



When you marry your brother but it feels more like an adoption of some wild child and you’re a stupid useless teenager trying to raise a stupid useless teenager into a respectable young man.

I really love the Brandenburg-Prussia era so i did some doodles using  ヒラ’s old Brandenburg OC design since my friends really love it..

peachyraindrop  asked:

heck u don't have anon ,,, i will have to bring my love to the public,,,,,, i am in love with ellis ,,, i love him so much,,,,so,,so, much,,,,, so if you ever have the time or the motivation -- i know being an artist is pretty rough sometimes, so just whenever really, doesnt have to be soon -- i'd appreciate it if you drew ellis bein' happy or smth, idk, ellis being/doing anything is good so??? IDK I DONT WANNA PUSH YOU I LOVE ELLIS BYE


act one,  part one.

-  ‘ flood will get you if the fire don’t. ‘
-  ‘ any way the wind blows. ‘
-  ‘ there ain’t a thing that you can do when the weather takes a turn on you. ‘
-  ‘ ain’t nobody gonna stick around when the dark clouds roll. ‘
-  ‘ set out walking and you don’t look back. ‘
-  ‘ where you going, there ain’t no one knows. ‘
-  ‘ don’t ask where, brother, don’t ask when. ‘
-  ‘ it was a world of gods and men. ‘
-  ‘ it’s an old song, it’s an old tale from way back when. ‘
-  ‘ it’s an old song, but we’re gonna sing it again. ‘
-  ‘ they were always singing in the back of your mind. ‘
-  ‘ it’s a sad song, but we sing it anyway. ‘
-  ‘ it’s a tale of a love that never dies. ‘
-  ‘ come home with me. ‘
-  ‘ i’m the man who’s gonna marry you. ‘
-  ‘ i’ve met too men like you. ‘
-  ‘ i’m not like any man you’ve met. ‘
-  ‘ you see the world? i’ll make it beautiful for you. ‘
-  ‘ only the gods can change the world. me and you can’t change a thing. ‘
-  ‘ are you always this confident? ‘
-  ‘ when you look at me, what do you see? ‘
-  ‘ so, why should i become your wife? ‘
-  ‘ what else you got? ‘ 
-  ‘ times being what they are, hard and getting harder all the time. ‘
-  ‘ lover, when i sing my song, all the birds gonna sing along. ‘
-  ‘ we’ll lie down in eiderdown, a pillow ‘neath our heads. ‘ 
-  ‘ so, what’s your song about? ‘
-  ‘ they lived off the land. ‘
-  ‘ it was sometimes famine, sometimes feast, depending on the wind. ‘
-  ‘ well, go on. sing your song. ‘
-  ‘ gather ‘round, you vagabonds. ‘
-  ‘ i’ll sing a song of a love gone wrong. ‘ 
-  ‘ and the sun, in turn, burned twice as bright. ‘
-  ‘ it’s not finished. ‘
-  ‘ i’m as free as a honeybee in a summertime frame of mind. ‘
-  ‘ when my man comes around, i know he’s gonna bring me down. ‘
-  ‘ for now, i’m living it up on top! ‘
-  ‘ you think i give a damn? ‘
-  ‘ why would he trade the sunshine for a couple of nickels and dimes? ‘
-  ‘ no one here’s a millionaire, but we’re living it up. ‘
-  ‘ what we have, we have to share. ‘
-  ‘ give me the sky. that you can’t buy or sell at any price. ‘
-  ‘ oh, i’m just getting started! ‘
-  ‘ who says times are hard? ‘
-  ‘ anybody want a drink? ‘
-  ‘ brother, pass that bottle around! ‘
-  ‘ if no one takes too much, there will always be enough. ‘
-  ‘ let the world we dream about be the world we live in now. ‘
-  ‘ he could make you see how the world could be, in spite of the way that it is. ‘
-  ‘ i was alone so long, i didn’t even know that i was lonely. ‘
-  ‘ i was cold so long, i didn’t even know that i was cold. ‘
-  ‘ this is how it’s always been. ‘
-  ‘ all i’ve ever known is how to hold my own, but now i wanna hold you, too. ‘
-  ‘ you take me in your arms and suddenly there’s sunlight all around me. ‘
-  ‘ for a moment i forget just how dark and cold it gets. ‘
-  ‘ i don’t wanna ever have to let go. ‘
-  ‘ say that you’ll hold me forever. say that the wind won’t change on us. say that we’ll stay with each other and it’ll always be this way. ‘
-  ‘ as long as we stay with each other, then it will always be like this. ‘
-  ‘ better go and get your suitcase packed. ‘
-  ‘ those who go, they don’t come back. ‘
-  ‘ i’ll be bored to death. ‘
-  ‘ takes a lot of medicine to make it through the wintertime. ‘
-  ‘ everybody dresses in clothes so fine, everybody’s pockets are weighted down. ‘
-  ‘ the wage is nothing, the work is hard. ‘
-  ‘ you’re early. ‘
-  ‘ i missed you. ‘
-  ‘ seems like he owns everything! ‘
-  ‘ kinda makes you wonder how it feels… ‘
-  ‘ the wind. it’s changing. winter is coming on. ‘
-  ‘ we have work to do. ‘
-  ‘ well, find me when you’re finished. ‘
-  ‘ and young love, too, grew old. ‘
-  ‘ if you wanna keep your head, you gotta keep your head low. ‘
-  ‘ in the coldest time of year, why is it so hot down here? ‘
-  ‘ it ain’t right and it ain’t natural! ‘
-  ‘ lover, you were gone so long. lover, i was lonesome. ‘
-  ‘ when you feel that fire, think of it as my desire. ‘
-  ‘ every year they have this fight! ‘
-  ‘ see, i’m putting myself through. ‘
-  ‘ all the pretty songs you sing ain’t gonna shelter us from the wind. ‘
-  ‘ in the darkest time of year, why is it so bright down here? ‘
-  ‘ when the gods are having a fight, everybody else better hold on tight. ‘
-  ‘ fire ain’t gonna light itself. ‘
-  ‘ every year it’s getting worse. ‘
-  ‘ i recall there was a time we were happy, you and i. ‘
-  ‘ everything i do, i do it for the love of you. ‘
-  ‘ if you don’t even want my love, i’ll give it to someone who does. ‘