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The College Years - Sophomore Year (Chapter 30) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Booty Call Boy”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Malia Tate & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Cursing, mention of sex.

Author’s Note: Malia was not getting enough love or attention in this fic, and I think she’s hilarious sooooo.

Summary: Stiles and Y/N fill in Scott on their theory about who summoned the rabisu to Beacon Hills, only for Scott to divulge a startling secret about the summoner’s connection with the Pack.

Chapter Twenty-Nine - Chapter Thirty - Chapter Thirty-One

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Stiles had his weight pressed firmly against both Scott and the rolling stand that held his IV drip, as they did laps in the hall around the hospital. It had been eight days since he was attacked outside of his house; ending up in the hospital with deep defensive wounds on his hands, forearms, and shin, a broken wrist, a lacerated liver, a perforated intestine, a massive loss in blood, and a swollen brain that had left him in a coma for four days. In the four days since he had been awake, Stiles and Y/N had figured out what had been attacking Beacon Hills: a demon from Ancient Mesopotamian mythology called a rabisu.

“So you think that Sam Wirths summoned the rabisu to Beacon Hills?” Scott asked, as he escorted his best friend around the hospital.

“I don’t think, Scott, I know. He fits the bill. You know I have an eye for evil and this kid screams ‘evil’.”

“He went to Beacon Hills High with you guys, and then he went off to Berkeley and was literally in my Mesopotamia class with me, Scott. It has to be him.” You said, as you walked along with them.

“Okay well if it was Sam, then we should talk to Malia.” Scott suggested.

“Why should we talk to Malia about Sam? We talked to him so little in high school that my Dad didn’t even think to mention that he was the one who had died. Did she even know him? He was so quiet.. she would’ve walked all over him with her little coyote paws.” Stiles joked.

“Yea, she knew him. You remember.. they hooked up for a couple of months during our first semester. He lived next door to Malia and Cora.” Scott told the two of them.

Stiles stopped in his tracks, leaning heavily on the IV drip. “Malia dated Sam last year?!”

“How did you not know about this?” Scott asked, turning around to look at his friend, raising his hands in the air.

“Why would I know about that? It’s not like Malia and I are incredibly close anymore, not since we broke up.” Stiles said, glaring at Scott.

“Okay, why don’t we just get Malia down here and see what she knows?” You suggested, as you took Stiles’ elbow and continued leading him down the hall back to his room.

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Upon the Perigean Tide [1/1]

Wishing two of my favouite people @shoedonym and @thejollypirate wonderful birthdays, which, despite being on opposite sides of the planet, they will celebrate under the same moon.

Thank for being my bros, bros. I wrote you a moon friends fic. Sort of.

Love you.


Rated T for like two swears.



Vis: the point at which the moon is closest to the earth.

It’s midday, but still Emma Swan dreams of the man she only sees by moonlight.

That wasn’t how it started.

It never is.

The moon had been low in the sky the night she’d lost him. Full and bright, it had cast its reflected light over the smoking craters, the clouds of magic that hung - thick and purple-grey - between the trees, catching at the ends of her hair as she ran. At the curve of his hook as he disappeared.

She hadn’t expected it to be forever.

Why would she. It never was. Portals were as common here as trains on the NYC subway. More so, if her memory served her right. She’d just wave a wand or chant some incantation and he’d reappear- flustered but fine. He would.

He didn’t.

They told her not to worry - her parents, Regina, her son - and she’d shook her head, agreed that he’s a survivor, he’ll be back.

But then the moon waned and waxed and waned once more, and the sun warmed the ground she waited upon, warmed and warmed until it burnt the tops of her breasts, the bridge of her nose.

Her breath hitched and her son watched and still, he never came.

She should have known better.

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i need help to pay for my therapy

I know I’m not terribly active or involved with any fandoms out in the open here on, but I wanted to reach out to anyone who might be willing to help!

Around 3 years ago, I was the victim of an assault. A man entered my place of work and hit me over the back of the head with a full bottle of wine. Luckily, I had only the head wound - stitches and a headache - and no further physical injuries. Since then, I’ve stuggled tremendously with my mental health. I no longer enjoy reading or writing or drawing, most days it’s a struggle for me to get out of bed. I’m in my final year of a nursing degree, and I’m missing so much time because of my mental health. Friends have told me I’m not the same person I used to be.

It really doesn’t help that even AFTER this man has been to prison, he has been stalking me. He sent me a Facebook message (a breach of the non-harassment order he was given by the judge as part of his sentence), and he sent a hand-written love letter to my home address. That is all currently being dealt with by the police and the courts, which puts extra stress on me as I may have to appear before a judge to give evidence.

I live in the UK, where yes, our healthcare is free. However, I have been fighting the NHS for three years to try to get me the help I need, and nothing has been done. I have seen a mental health nurse several times for my problems, including possible PTSD as well as elevated anxiety levels and depression, and self-harm. This mental health nurse has forgotten about me time and time again, clock-watches when I see her, and I’m still waiting for her to call me and make an appointment she was meant to make six months ago. That last appointment, where she promised she would call me after I turned up at her office in hysterics with fresh cuts and she gave me an emergency prescription of anti-anxiety medication, was in March. I have also been fighting with doctors, and my latest appointment, the doctor told me “you can’t have PTSD because you’re not having flashbacks”. Which is the biggest load of bullshit. He was very dismissive, but gave me an anti-depressant after I practically had to beg him to do SOMETHING. This pill makes me feel very sick, currently, but I’ve only been taking it for around a week, so this side-effect may fade.

I’ve started seeing a private therapist because I just can’t keep living my life this way, and if the NHS won’t help me, I can’t sit around and wait for them to get their shit together. However, with that comes a cost. I am a student living away from home, and all of my small amount of monthly income goes towards rent, my phone bill, groceries, travel to and from placements and appointments, as well as supplies for university.

I’ve opened up my PayPal in the hopes that if anybody wants to and is able to support me in this, they will do so! I’m looking to raise about £400 in total as that should cover most of my sessions, however anything you can donate is appreciated! If you can’t donate, please consider reblogging! 

My PayPal is:

Please consider donating in GBP (British Pounds), although any currency is appreciated!

Thank you so much!

A Love Letter From Mr. Clay (Clay Jensen x Reader)

A/n: @soundshoodfeelshood my best friend suggest to do this and I thought it was such a fucking cute idea

Requested: Kinda?

Word count:680

Warnings: just straight up fucking cuteness

Summary: After getting a message from a cute guy three states away, she’s fallen in love with him and they send each letters back and forth once a week.

Originally posted by 13reasonsvvhy

The familiar text tone for him rang made her rush towards her phone. A bright big smile spread across her face as she saw his name.


Hey beautiful

A small laugh left her lips. She was infatuated with a boy she has never met. Her phone buzzed again in her hands as another text came through.


I sent another letter again today

Her heart swelled at the thought of getting another letter. She glanced over at her desk, placed carefully were 7 letters, all written by him.


You gotta stop making me blush damn it


Haha never

She couldn’t stop smiling. This boy was just so damn perfect. She sat back down on her bed before propping up her phone. She hits the facetime call button. After the first ring his beautiful face popped up.

“Hey baby.” He said as a smile spread across his face.

“Hi.” Was all she said. She was always so speechless when it came with him. Both their smiles never went away.

“So, I may have a surprise for you.” He said, his smile growing bigger.

This made her interested.

“And what’s that?” She said with a teasing tone, causing him to laugh.

“So, I’ve been talking to mom, and she’s okay with me driving up to see you during spring break?” He asked. Her heart raced. Her smile reached her eyes.

“Seriously?!” She asked, excitement lacing through each and syllable. He nods his head.

“I know its two months away.” Clay said with a playfully sad smile.

“I can wait that long.” She reassures him.

“Good, I gotta go babe. I’ll text you after dinner.” He said before he hung up. She laid on her bed, her phone clutched in her hand, a smile still widely spread. He’s coming here. Was all that could race through her thoughts.

It’s been a week since she found out he was coming to see her. She checks the mail box before walking inside. Her heart raced when she saw her name written his beautifully written mess handwriting. She raced inside and up to her room, wanting to read it alone. She hurries in, throwing her book bag on the floor and plopping down on her bed. Her fingers effortlessly tear open the envelope. She heart swelling at each word she reads:

To a beautiful girl,

I don’t know how many I have written so far, this is probably number 8 huh? Anyways, if I haven’t told you that I’m coming to see you, well, surprise! I can’t wait to see that pretty face in person. I can’t tell you much in love I am with you. Like if I was a God, you’d have your own anything. Why are you so god damn perfect? To those eyes, to those perfectly pink lips, to that long hair I can’t wait to just run my fingers through. This is getting weird huh? Anyway, this is just another stupid pointless letter. I cannot wait to meet you.


p.s. I added a little poetry on the back.

She smiled at the thought of poetry. She was an old romantic. Love letters and poetry made her fall in love.

She’s such a pretty face,

That I hope to never erase.

Because my heart races,

When I think of you.

She laughed between the falling tears. She picked up her phone, sending a quick text to Clay.


I love it. I love it so much.

He sent one back almost right away.


And I love you.


Please leave sooner


Haha, I wish baby

She smiled, smiling through happy tears. She couldn’t wait to meet him.

Part 2?


For many of us stuck between the age bracket of 14-24 the adult world seems like a vague, mysterious lifestyle that we either are nearing or trying our best to avoid. For some people, adulting is a skill they wish they had, something that they attempt to grasp at but don’t really know where to reach. Well, I may only be 19 but my mom tells me I entered the ‘adult world’ at 11, which is only partially true (I have no job experience and the thought of credit scares me). But, the half of me that has a pretty good grip on adulting is here to share with you some A+ tips to help you begin your journey into the responsible ‘adult world’.

TIP ONE: Try to wash your bedding at least once a month. 

This is something that seems to get swept under the rug a lot, and it something that I am even guilty for not abiding to! It’s important to keep those sheets (especially the sheets!!!) and blankets clean, it helps their longevity and takes away any dirt and bacteria which can irritate your skin or even make you smell bad. Plus I mean who doesn’t like fresh bedding? For you college kids out there, this up coming Thanksgiving Break is an awesome time to bring your bedding home and give it a good wash, 1 because it probably needs it and 2 doing laundry at home= free laundry.

TIP TWO: Buy Thank You Cards!

A hand written letter, and even cards, are such kind, simple gestures that seemed to be lost in todays technology age. I hate talking on the phone because I never know what to say, so instead I usually send thank you notes to that person instead of calling them. I remember when I was younger my mom always made me make my own thank you cards after birthdays and I hated it! I never knew what to write! Instead I usually whipped out my markers and drew some pictures on my card along with a big ‘THANK YOU’ written out in bubble letters. 

Now of days I usually just head to the Dollar Tree (where everything’s a dollar) and grab a pack or two of thank you cards to keep on hand for after birthdays and Christmas. I still kind of struggle what to write in them so either I pull something from what the other person wrote me in the card they sent or I insert something along these lines:


Thank you so much for sending me a card on my birthday, along with the money inside, it was very generous and much appreciated! 

I hope you’re doing well!

Love, Your Name.  

It’s super basic but gets the job done. Usually it’s best to send these out no later than a week after you received the gift, but if I forget to do that I still will send them out anyway, especially if I don’t see that person often. Better late than never right? Another tip is to keep the envelope belonging to the card they sent, that way you have their address too! You can even start an address book and put it in your phone so you have it for future reference!

TIP THREE: Have an organizational system.

This is soooo cliche but its cliche for a reason. You need to have some way of keeping yourself on track and planning for the future. You can use a daily planner, monthly calendar, bullet journal, or even just a notebook that you use to write stuff down in. Personally I have a semi-bullet journal and a notebook. I don’t like the fact that random entries can interrupt the daily flow of a bullet journal and rather extract those random entries and place them into a separate notebook dedicated for this purpose. My separate notebook has stuff like passwords, phone numbers, and lists. My bullet journal functions like a typical one would just without the additional interjections. If you want to see a whole post about my journals then just let me know and I would be happy to make one!

The key part of your personal organization is that it is functional and tailored for you. It’s okay to try a few systems and not like how they work, what is most important is that you find something for yourself and you actually use it!

So those are the tips that I have for you right now, but if I come across any more I would totally love to turn this into a series! I’m planning on doing a makeup series as well where I define and discuss the basics of make up, like what bronzer is and how to use it, or what an angled brush looks like and how it is used. 

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My dad told me that coming out was too hard for him so I shouldn't. My grandma (on my dad's side, that half of the family has always been terrible) sent me an entire gigantic hand written letter about why coming out was a terrible thing and I should be ashamed etc. And you know what, I've never changed my mind, and I'm so so much happier now, everyone comments on how much happier I am now that I've come out. Coming out can be difficult but it will bring you much happiness. ❤❤❤

awe! <3


The artfulImpersonator donate button has been updated! Those who donate will be sent to the email they use on paypal, our one they not with their donation. Get weekly newsletters on cosplay life, the pets and KW! 

For those who donate $25, they will get a personalized email by KW. For those who donate over $50, they will have a hand written letter sent to an address they are willing to give. For those who donate $100 they will get a video made with KW cosplaying as any of the characters that he has, with instructions he is given by the donor. 

Thank you all so much for keeping me and my pets fed! We love you very much!

To my mistress. Because the time seems very long since I heard concerning your health and you, the great affection I have for you has induced me to send you this bearer, to be better informed of your health and pleasure, and because, since my parting from you, I have been told that the opinion in which I left you is totally changed, and that you would not come to court either with your mother, if you could, or in any other manner; which report, if true, I cannot sufficiently marvel at, because I am sure that I have since never done anything to offend you, and it seems a very poor return for the great love I bear you to keep me at a distance both from the speech and the person of the woman that I esteem most in the world: and if you love me with as much affection as I hope you do, I am sure that the distance of our two persons would be a little irksome to you, though this does not belong so much to the mistress as to the servant.

Consider well, my mistress, that absence from you grieves me surely, hoping that it is not your will that it should be so; but if I knew for certain that you voluntarily desired it, I could do no other than mourn my ill-fortune, and by degrees abate my great folly. And so, for lack of time, I make an end of this rude letter, beseeching you to give credence to this bearer in all that he will tell you from me.

Written by the hand of your entire Servant,


—  A letter from Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn sent July 1527

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hey halmoni! a new blog post from ssamba! if you could translate, that would be sweet! :)

Ssamba’s Blog Post 9/5/16

“Hello! Here comes Ssamba, with a powerful entrance! hehe
It’s already September. It’ll be ChuSeok in a few days (t/n: Korean holiday)
Last week, I went to the hospital to get a CT scan done. In the middle of the night…;
Their schedule was packed full that day, so that was the only time available.
It felt very strange, going to the hospital at night. I kept thinking about the time I was hospitalized

Here is what my hospital looks like~
Some of you may know which hospital this is heh
After not having gotten a CT scan in 3 months, it felt unfamiliar.
But they got it done quickly, and I was able to go home faster than I thought.
When I got home I was watching a drama called “Jealousy Incarnate”, when suddenly there was a scene where the protagonists were doing surgery;
After the surgery, there was a scene where the nurse gave the female protag a PCA pump, along with another scene where she lied down and inhaled her incentive spirometer keke (t/n: A medical device with a small ball inside that measures how much air you can inhale, pretty annoying and painful to do after surgery)
It was unnecessarily realistic!! So annoying!! keke Was what I was saying, but my mom next to me said “You have to inhale air while sitting down to do it properly!” kekeke
Man that was funny keke I had to use that thing a lot in the hospital too ke ㅠㅠ
At that time, it hurt a lot to do it but now after some time, it’s become something I can laugh at.
Nothing beats time…

While the day was passing by as I spaced out, I also received some more presents from my readers ㅠㅠ
I’m very thankful and sorry; I don’t know what to do with myself…ㅠㅠ
I got a letter all the way from Hungary. Thank you so much, Reka-nim!
I enjoyed seeing your pretty picture and postcard. I also read your hand-written letter. Your Korean is so good…
And your handwriting was so beautiful. I have pretty poor penmanship myself…^^; (t/n: SSAMBA KNOWS MY STRUGGLES) I was touched by how a letter came from such a faraway place.
I also got a letter from Taiwan.
Bagowepay-nim sent me three letters. Thank you for not forgetting about Fluttering Feelings~
But one of the letters was written entirely in Chinese…I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to read it so I left it alone for now ㅠㅠ;
Still, thank you. I’m not that great at English; But I’m still able to get the general gist, so haha!
I also got your cute gift!
Thank you to Riseulling-nim for sending me a CD. I enjoyed reading your letter as well. It was a cute Moomin letter…♥
You went so far as to think of me…And if that wasn’t enough, a music record from my past…
After spending so much time looking for it in high school, I kinda forgot about it since they never had it. But to think that you sent it to me…
Man. I’m also listening to that other record that you send me. I’ve heard the name Keith Jarrett a lot
But I had never listened to his music. The piano in his music is so calming and nice. I’ve gotten back into jazz lately.
There’s a small tailor shop on the path that I walk while exercising, and the jazz music that they play is right up my alley, so sometimes I’ll rush inside
I wanna ask them the name of the song; But then that might trouble the owner heuheu (t/n: crying sounds not laughing) I gotta resist…
Why did you send me such a nice gift, kkk-nim…ㅠㅠ Is it really okay for me to accept it ㅠ
I thought about returning it because I felt so sorry; But I opened it because I wanted to see the photograph collection…
And that’s how I became obsessed with Agassi again heh I’m gonna go to the extended-cut edition premiere in theatres this time! Nya-nyang!
Thank you for the presents you’ve all sent, I will use them well!
If you feel like you don’t want to burden me with a gift, just send a note keke

I now have a lot of things to talk about now that I feel like I can live a little.
I’ve been staying at home a lot, so I hope you guys understand ^^;
You guys don’t know how glad I am when I receive one of your letters.
I’ll sometimes take one out to read, and it’ll give me a lot of strength! But I always feel sorry for accepting gifts…
I haven’t been able to do much; Bad Ssamba…
Although I haven’t responded much, I’m reading all of your get-well messages or notes.
I am always thankful.
Now that the heatwave has passed, it’s become a bit colder heh
Please take care of yourselves during the season change. ^^
Then, I’ll see you all again~ Buh-bye~”


Benedict Cumberbatch reads Kurt Vonneguts infuriated letter to Charles McCarthy, head of Drake High School’s board, who was responsible for the burning of dozens copies of his book Slaughterhouse 5 in the schools furnace.

November 16, 1973

Dear Mr. McCarthy:

I am writing to you in your capacity as chairman of the Drake School Board. I am among those American writers whose books have been destroyed in the now famous furnace of your school.

Certain members of your community have suggested that my work is evil. This is extraordinarily insulting to me. The news from Drake indicates to me that books and writers are very unreal to you people. I am writing this letter to let you know how real I am.

I want you to know, too, that my publisher and I have done absolutely nothing to exploit the disgusting news from Drake. We are not clapping each other on the back, crowing about all the books we will sell because of the news. We have declined to go on television, have written no fiery letters to editorial pages, have granted no lengthy interviews. We are angered and sickened and saddened. And no copies of this letter have been sent to anybody else. You now hold the only copy in your hands. It is a strictly private letter from me to the people of Drake, who have done so much to damage my reputation in the eyes of their children and then in the eyes of the world. Do you have the courage and ordinary decency to show this letter to the people, or will it, too, be consigned to the fires of your furnace?

I gather from what I read in the papers and hear on television that you imagine me, and some other writers, too, as being sort of ratlike people who enjoy making money from poisoning the minds of young people. I am in fact a large, strong person, fifty-one years old, who did a lot of farm work as a boy, who is good with tools. I have raised six children, three my own and three adopted. They have all turned out well. Two of them are farmers. I am a combat infantry veteran from World War II, and hold a Purple Heart. I have earned whatever I own by hard work. I have never been arrested or sued for anything. I am so much trusted with young people and by young people that I have served on the faculties of the University of Iowa, Harvard, and the City College of New York. Every year I receive at least a dozen invitations to be commencement speaker at colleges and high schools. My books are probably more widely used in schools than those of any other living American fiction writer.

If you were to bother to read my books, to behave as educated persons would, you would learn that they are not sexy, and do not argue in favor of wildness of any kind. They beg that people be kinder and more responsible than they often are. It is true that some of the characters speak coarsely. That is because people speak coarsely in real life. Especially soldiers and hardworking men speak coarsely, and even our most sheltered children know that. And we all know, too, that those words really don’t damage children much. They didn’t damage us when we were young. It was evil deeds and lying that hurt us.

After I have said all this, I am sure you are still ready to respond, in effect, “Yes, yes— but it still remains our right and our responsibility to decide what books our children are going to be made to read in our community.” This is surely so. But it is also true that if you exercise that right and fulfill that responsibility in an ignorant, harsh, un-American manner, then people are entitled to call you bad citizens and fools. Even your own children are entitled to call you that.

I read in the newspaper that your community is mystified by the outcry from all over the country about what you have done. Well, you have discovered that Drake is a part of American civilization, and your fellow Americans can’t stand it that you have behaved in such an uncivilized way. Perhaps you will learn from this that books are sacred to free men for very good reasons, and that wars have been fought against nations which hate books and burn them. If you are an American, you must allow all ideas to circulate freely in your community, not merely your own.

If you and your board are now determined to show that you in fact have wisdom and maturity when you exercise your powers over the education of your young, then you should acknowledge that it was a rotten lesson you taught young people in a free society when you denounced and then burned books— books you hadn’t even read. You should also resolve to expose your children to all sorts of opinions and information, in order that they will be better equipped to make decisions and to survive.

Again: you have insulted me, and I am a good citizen, and I am very real.

Kurt Vonnegut

Love Letters (Namjoon)

Originally posted by eatjin

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count:1,122

Summary: “I miss you”

A/N:I hope you enjoy reading this! The whole fanfic is a bit of a mystery so feel free to send in a explanation of what you thought the whole story behind the fanfic was about I would love to hear your responses!~J

Here’s the explanation for my confused readers ——

Namjoon stared at the stack of envelopes for the seventh hundred time, sighing loudly he opened them.

Dear Namjoon,

Everyday without you makes me horribly sad, I want to come home, and I will very soon. I’m going to study at America for med school, but I will be back soon, so don’t you worry! Jin told me that you haven’t been sleeping as much, he says you miss me very much, but don’t worry, I’m coming home.


He smiled at the note, it was one of the letters he’s kept for years, he didn’t want to reopen them again, it would only remind him how long you’ve been gone. He grabbed the next letter, and unfolded the paper, the scent of the paper smelt just like your perfume.


I see that you might have missed my last letter, since you haven’t replied back, but that’s okay, I hope you’re not mad at me or anything for leaving to go to med school, in America, you understand that the education system there is very good, and you know I miss you so very much, I can’t write much longer, I think I might be coming back soon to visit. But until then, Goodbye!’ 

Namjoon knew that these letters brought back memories, in fact he remembered when you came back for Christmas, it shocked everyone, and it even did to him. Although no ones had seen Namjoon smile that big in months, it was truly a Christmas miracle. As he opened the next letter, he could feel the tears of sadness, he missed you so much, you were so far away from him.


I can’t express how happy I am at the moment, I finally aced the test I’ve been worrying about, I hope you’re proud of me! It’s so sad you can’t be here to tell me how proud you are of me, but that’s okay, because I will see you soon!’

Namjoon had never understand what you had meant by the last words, because you had not returned back to Korea, it had been years since he had gotten it and of course you had already been gone in America for too long, you probably enjoyed it more anyways. He wiped the tears, and read the next one.


You haven’t responded to any of my letters, Jin tells me that you have read them and you just won’t answer them, why? Have I done something? You know I love you!’

The letters started to get eerie, it was messed up of you to write such words, Jin had passed away when you had written that, so mentioning someone so dear to Namjoon couldn’t help but get some tears out of him. He wanted to stop reading these, but he had a dozen left and he needed to read them all. 


I miss you so much, my heart aches to hear your voice, I want to see you smile again, why are you always so sad now? Have I said something? Please reply back soon. :)’

Namjoon couldn’t help but feel a bit uneasy, there was a lot of creepy things in your letters, how did you see him was a question the kept flying into Namjoon’s mind. He knew he had to finish so he ignored the uneasy feeling and pushed on.


Med school today was interesting, I think you’ll find them very interesting, since you are my little nerd. Anyways I have to go but hopefully we can talk more, and please do reply back, it’s getting lonely.’

He had three letters left and that was it, hopefully that was all of the letters and he could carry his life missing you.


I talked to Jin again today, he says he misses you very much and misses your rapping and singing. He wonders when you’ll produce something, he says you always smell his food cooking, but you never come down and eat. I of course miss you so very much, I hope that we can talk again, and I hope you get enough rest!’

Namjoons hands were shaking while holding the letter, he wasn’t sure how to feel about this, why was Y/n talking about Jin, when he’s already passed away? What’s going on? Those were the thoughts going through his head at the moment.


I want to say thank you for everything, I love you so much and I hope to see you again, but these will be the end of my letters for a long time, I promise when you send me one back, I’ll reply.’

Namjoon knew what the last letter was, he hated seeing the letter, it brought back so many bad memories. Hopefully he could get through the letter in one piece. 

‘Dear Kim Namjoon,

We hate to inform you this, but Y/n L/N, had passed away this morning on November, 4,2011, how she passed away, was suicide, we wish you our condolences and are giving you letters she addressed to you, hopefully you read them.’

Y/n had never sent any of her letters, they sat in a drawer waiting to be sent, the address, the mailing information were all there, yet she had not sent one of them. Namjoon never knew why though, Yoongi thought that maybe she was a bit crazy and she was a psycho since she talked about Jin as if he were alive. What Namjoon thought was odd was how Y/n kept asking him why he wouldn’t answer any of her messages.

Namjoon thought he should try writing a letter back, maybe that would help him get through this. 

‘Dear Y/n,

I miss you very much, and I hope you’re in a better place, I hope you and Jin can finally catch up, hopefully I see you one day. I love you very much and I miss you!


He felt a tear run down his cheek before it stained the paper, he knew he would make it worse if he rubbed it off so he let the tear stay. Namjoon left, leaving the letter on his nightstand.

The next morning, Jungkook ran into Namjoons room, trying to get him to wake up.

“Hyung wake up!” Jungkook screamed.

“What?” Namjoon mumbled.

“It’s Y/n! She sent you a letter” Jungkook says, frantically.

Namjoon shot up, grabbing the letter from Jungkooks hand, as everyone started to gather in the room seeing what Y/n had written. The letter had the address that was where you were studying in America, accompanied by a dead rose.

‘Dear Namjoon,

I’m so glad you finally sent a letter back, I miss you too!’

The letter was twisted, but so was this whole situation, how did she send the letter?

So I kind of made a mystery fanfic, if you have some ideas of how she sent it, or maybe your explanation on the whole fanfic send me it I would love to hear what you guys have to think, I’ll probably write a explanation to explain the whole fanfic.~J

I remember my ex little sent me a hand written letter once, and it had like cute stickers, and drawings, and in it she had a whole bunch of reasons written down for why she loved having me as her Daddy. I wish people sent letters to each other more often, there’s something really intimate and special about receiving a letter from someone you care about. So if you want to show someone that you love and appreciate them, go send them a cute letter! I’m 100% sure they’ll appreciate it a lot and that it’ll make them really happy.


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Fuck the gif. 

This is smutty, super smutty, but don’t be alarmed, you can always not read this chapter. Enjoy and give me feedback.


“Bucky, I want Steve there.” Jane assured him for the tenth time that day.

“I know, you keep saying that, but are you sure? I can tell him–”

“Bucky!” Jane laughed, grabbing his face in both of her hands, “He’s our best friend and you’re leaving tomorrow. He deserves to be there… besides, I already asked Nancy to come along. I think they’d make a beautiful couple.”

Bucky’s eyes widened in a teasing manner, a fake gasp escaping him, “You mean Blonde Bombshell Nancy?”

Jane glared at him.

“I’m teasing, baby. You’re a bombshell too.” He laughed, kissing her nose and cheeks.

“You bet your firm ass I am.” Jane giggled, swatting his chest.

Bucky let out a loud laugh. “My firm ass, huh?”

Jane nodded, smiling through the kisses he pressed against her lips, “Super firm.”

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How to Meet Your Idols

           I’m sure every single person who’s reading this has an idol or idols they look up to and admire, and if the opportunity arose that you could actually meet them in person, I’m sure you would take it swiftly and graciously. Well, I’m here to tell you with hard work and constant dedication you really can achieve your dreams and meet the person of your dreams. Here is the story about how I met alt-J.

           First of all, I got Twitter in June 2014 and I only got this Twitter with the sole purpose of maybe talking to alt-J somehow. By August 2014, I got my first reply from alt-J’s keyboardist, Gus Unger-Hamilton. After receiving that notification I was shaking with disbelief because my favorite member of my favorite band had actually acknowledged my existence. Since then, getting a reply from a member of alt-J doesn’t come as a shock to me and I’ve had plenty of casual conversation with them over Twitter. Because I didn’t meet them after their Berkeley show in April, I was determined to never let that happen again. So I created a plan. If I brought them gifts, then they’d have to see me to get their presents. I asked them via twitter what foods they liked so I could bring them delicious gifts in October. After being presented with their orders, all I had to do was wait.

           Finally, October 15, 2015 arrived and I couldn’t be more excited. My friend Nina and I were going to see alt-J for the fourth time together and we were stoked. For the week leading up to the concert, I had been teasing the alt-J band members about how awesome my gifts for them were so they’d know I was coming with gifts and so I could meet them possibly. After my plane landed in Los Angeles, I took my phone off airplane mode and casually checked Twitter like any normal teenage girl – except what was about to happen wasn’t normal. As I checked my notifications, I noticed that I had a direct message which I assumed to be from a friend that was excited about my concert as well. However, when I clicked on the envelope tab that opens my messages, I received the greatest shock of my life. Gus Unger-Hamilton, the keyboardist and backing vocalist of alt-J, had messaged me saying “Let me know when you get to the venue so I can try and say hi”. I was actually shaking on the airplane. The taxi sped us from the airport to our hotel, and we quickly made our trek to the venue.

           When Nina and I arrived at the Hollywood Bowl, a gorgeous venue by the way, I messaged Gus saying I was here and where should I go. He responded by saying that he was sending his production manager to come and escort me backstage so he needed my full name and location. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I was being invited into alt-J’s dressing room. The manager walked me through many parking lots filled with venue employees and much security before finally entering through the artists’ entrance doorway. I could feel heart pounding uncontrollably in my chest. I stepped into a corridor filled with many rooms labeled anything from “alt-J manager room” to “alt-J warm up room”. I was in complete awe. The manager knocked politely on their dressing room door and swung it open, informing the band that they had visitors. As I walked through the door, I saw Gus, lead singer Joe Newman, and Joe’s girlfriend Darcy sitting on a black couch. They both stood up and strode over to hug me as Gus said, “Wow Samy! It’s great to finally meet you!” I was completely stunned. They wanted to meet me just like I wanted to meet them. We made brief introductions consisting of hugs and hellos before I proceeded to pass out their delicious treats. Thom Green, the drummer, and Cameron Knight, the guitarist, were not there however because they were still at the hotel. We’ve met Cameron twice before but I’d still really like to meet Thom. I gave Joe and Gus the absentees’ gifts of homemade brownies for Cam and brownie batter Oreos for Thom to give to them later. I then gave Joe his limited edition sugar cookie PopTarts which he freaked out over. He squealed about getting to toast them in his new toaster in his London flat because “you’re supposed to toast these, right?” Then I turned to Gus. He remarked, “I’m anxious to see what you got me because you’ve been teasing me about it on Twitter.” I pulled out and handed him a $10 In-n-Out giftcard. He was overjoyed because In-n-Out is one of his favorite foods and he can only get it in California, so I thought that’d be special. Gus exclaimed, “You bought me an entire meal??” He hugged me tightly after I gave him his gift. Nina gave them each hand-painted cards with delta symbols on them.  I also gave the entire band a Halloween mix CD and a hand written letter addressing all of alt-J. After all the gifts were passed out, Gus shocked me once again. He told me, “We actually got you guys something too,” and that he sent someone named Sarah to bring us a special California only This Is All Yours tour t-shirt! I couldn’t believe that they actually got us a gift!

           As we waited on the t-shirt to arrive, we had a casual 30 minute (I couldn’t keep track of the time) conversation with our favorite band in the entire world. We talked about the most random things like baking television shows, sugar, the most harmful types of burns, touring, Europe, the Hollywood Bowl, our past alt-J experiences, the Greek Theater in Berkeley, how old we are now versus when we started listening to them, how tall we are, how the time period that we’ve been listening to them is such a pivotal changing period in our lives, whether or not you toast a PopTart, Joe introduced his girlfriend Darcy, British television versus American television, the Hamildad tweets, that night’s opening bands, some of their past opening bands, their two-night Berkeley show and Gus’s framed poster from that, how the Hollywood Bowl’s seating is slightly unfair to more dedicated fans who can’t afford VIP, Moët McClain (@peasantmoet), and her Hamildad mug she gave Gus at her show. The conversations sadly had to end when Sarah arrived with the shirt.

           Now that I had the exclusive tour tee, they asked if we’d like them signed but I told them that I had brought my This Is All Yours vinyl sleeve for them to sign instead. Nina had her shirt signed. As Gus was signing it he asked, “It’s spelled S-a-m-y, right?” and I freaked out inside because I didn’t even have to tell him how to spell my name. Gus just already knew. The finished signatures said “Thanks for everything, SΔmy! Lots of love, Gus x” and “Joe x”. After the signing was done it was picture time, and Gus proclaimed that the picture should be an alt-J sandwich, as Gus put it, with Nina and I in the middle. Darcy took the picture of us but kept making us move so she wouldn’t be visible in the mirror behind us. First, Nina got individual selfies with of the band members and I followed suit. Sadly, the end was drawing near. Gus, Joe, and I made our last hugs and goodbyes before they escorted us out of the dressing room and back to the artists’ entrance.

           A few days later, Cameron tweeted me a picture of the brownies saying thank you and that they were so delicious that he ate them in like 5 minutes. Gus told me he was on his way to In-n-Out for dinner that night. I sent him a picture of my new shirt thanking him and replied with you’re welcome and how he wasn’t able to make it In-n-Out ever but that he’d save his giftcard all the way until next time when he’s back in California.

           I still can’t believe this all happened and frankly I don’t think I’ll truly be able to comprehend it. Every time I tell someone new this story I feel like I must be lying because this is honestly too good to be true. My favorite band, alt-J, personally invited me into their dressing room to meet me. It wasn’t a promotionally stunt hosted by the venue or a local radio station where they had to meet me and I didn’t bang on the door screaming and begging to be let in. They initiated the invitation, and wanted me to come in at their own free will. I’m still in a slight shock and I am so so so grateful that I am lucky to have scored this opportunity. Hopefully, I can hang with alt-J again soon. Δ

Sent out care packages yesterday which included surprise unique Polaroids, prints, hand written letters & other gifts to the amazingly kind people who have gifted me something from my wishlist. So expect something in the post soon lovely people💋❤ this is a pic taken after i finished shooting a set as Yuno Gasai to submit to @cosplaydeviants

Letters for bear

Word count: 7220

Summary: Dan is pretty terrified about going to uni, but a little letter from Phil starts a chain, and suddenly it’s not so scary. (His little gifts help a lot)

Warnings: implied depression, a bit of angst but mainly fluff

AN: another collab with my friend lauryn <3 she was Dan and I was Phil when writing letters and then the other bits were both of us and it was so much fun and great and she even cried when I sent her the ending FROM ACROSS THE COUNTRY. Literally we came up with this on skype as I need to send her a wristband I got her from sitc and then this happened and YEAH READ IT AND LOVE IT.

Hey Dan,

I’m trying not to giggle as I write this, your face would be priceless when you see it. Wide eyes and everything- and hopefully a smile. I wish I could see it. Anyway, I know you’re nervous about going to uni, especially as it’s really far away from both your family (and me!) and I thought I would send you something to make you feel a little better:

A wristband. And it’s not lame, shut up.

If you somehow haven’t seen it in there then take it out and put it on. Because it’s something you should wear a lot to remind you of how amazing you are and how much you are loved. Especially by me, [a lot] your amazing best friend.

If you can’t read it then get glasses but it says ‘You are brave’. And yes I wrote the 'brave’. Red sharpies are great okay, they have many uses, like this, or fake blood. But now you don’t have to be so nervous, because on your wrist it’s reminding you how brave you are, because you really are brave. I mean you were pretty much shaking when we met before and I know you will try and deny it but I know you were. But so was I so that’s okay, and neither of us collapsed so you are definitely brave.

I really hope you feel better soon bear, and please tell me when you get this or I will be very annoyed with the post office and send an angry letter (which would probably also get lost in the post) to get them to fix it as it is very important you get this.

I love you lots,

your very affectionate friend,

Phil xxx

(That felt really formal ew)

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cute sellers

So, a few weeks ago I bought a cheap Hawlucha sticker from ebay. It was literally a less than two bucks, 2 inches wide square sticker. Today I find this in my mailbox:

The Ms./Mr. thing makes me smile. This Japanese person, without knowing it, has made an Italian person happy by not specifying a gender. But that’s not the point. Why is this envelope so bulky, when I only bought a sticker?

THIS IS WHY. The sticker was protected with cardboard and bubble wrap, and the seller included a hand-written letter, an extra Vaporeon sticker, a small origami crane, and a piece of candy! ALL FOR A CHEAP STICKER. I of course left them positive feedback on ebay and they immediately sent me an enthusiastic e-mail saying they were happy I received everything safe and sound.

I’ve received freebies and cute messages from sellers before, but for some reason this one kind of touched me.

plaht’s 8k giveaway

hi lovies its giveaway time!! 
I ordered these two sweaters from zara for my friend and they sent me the wrong sizes so i thought I’d give em’ away along with some other cute products! (& hey no deleting the text) 

                                                                                                                     • two brand new copic markers (bone white & peachy rose)                                 • portrait drawing of you
• a couple other drawings                                                • creamy pink sweater from zara (size S)                                                                 
• dark grey high neck crop top sweatshirt (size S)                                                 • maybe a few extra things if i find some other products that i want to include
    • a hand written letter from me : )

                                                                                                                       • reblog this post (you can like for bookmarking) 
                                                  • be following me                                                                                                              
• have a parents permission if your under 18 

• will be choosing after new years                                                                          
• follow my Instagram for 3 extra entries! message me your username so I know
• this giveaway is worldwide! wahoo! 
                                                                           • must be okay with giving me your address 

good luck x

The Journalist - Part 10

[The final installment (well… maybe) and it’s late – but only by a week (er… ish…). The hardest part was figuring out exactly what to include. Damn it all I’ve really started rooting for these two, despite their respective flaws. At any rate, I think this chapter covers everything… a dash of this, a pinch of that… (a good ol’ helping of angry!Tom, which is fitting since that’s how this whole thing got started…) I hope it gives everyone as much joy as it does me.]

Previously in The Journalist: Tom had thrown you out after the theft of intimate photos shared between the two of you. In so doing he had broken your heart and left you to face the guilt over the publication on your own. More harsh words exchanged, and many apologies later Tom had shattered you again, but this time with drafted reassurances of his devotion. 

[Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8, Part 9]

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