so they could shut down the government but not

Mafia! BTS react to the girl they love being afraid of them

a/n: I’m a sucker for AUs too. Like, honestly if you want me to prioritize your request, request a cool ass AU. ~Juni


Seokjin would be really understanding of how you feel. When he entered the mafia, he was scared shitless. He would have, gotten accustomed to certain things and honestly be trying to make the world a better place by trying to expose and destroy government corruption all while having the police wrapped around his little finger. So he’d try and explain that to you. While a lot of their methods were questionable, they usually left civilians out of it, even protecting them if they could. He would respect your wishes if you wanted to stop seeing him, but otherwise, he’d try and show you his point of view.


Yoongi would shut down at first. It wouldn’t have been the first time he trusted and was rejected. A huge part of him would be resigned and just go on with it. He’d keep going, infallible and precise with his missions. However, his fellow members would begin to worry. He had become more taciturn than ever, shutting everyone off. So they would push him, giving him a bit of hope that maybe you’d hear him out. He’d feel guilty for not having run after you the first time and would approach you gently this time, summoning all his patience and determination to at least try and convince you. To at least try and not lose you.


Hoseok would be distraught. He would understand why and almost agree with you that it was best. He’d be willing to let you go if it meant you’d be happier and would live in peace. But his heart would hurt a lot. So he’d talk to you. He wouldn’t beg or cry or try and make you feel guilt or pity. He’d tell you with a wavering voice that he loves you and wants the best for you. That you’d always be welcome in his life and that you were important to him, but that he was also willing to let you go. He would keep his word too, not approaching you if you asked him to stay away.

Rap Monster:

Namjoon wouldn’t let you go. He’d sit you down immediately, and clear up any misconception you might have as well as acknowledge your fears. He wouldn’t try and shame you for being afraid, but also explain why you shouldn’t be. How he wouldn’t hurt you or anyone you loved. Being the leader of the gang meant he had a lot of power and responsibility and he would honestly live for the moments you’d spent together thus far. He wouldn’t want to lose that. “If you want to go, go.” He’d end up telling you. “I do mind, but I won’t stop you. But know that this doesn’t change anything between us. Your life would be the same as ever.


Jimin would have already been really worried about you finding out way before you actually found out. He would be afraid of just that and would have already considered leaving the mafia for you a couple of times. So when you left, frightened and confused he followed you and told you clearly that he’d stop. “It’s all I’m good at. It’s how I was raised, it’s all I know. But I’ll stop if I can avoid losing you. I’ll stop all of it. They’ll understand.” He would be utterly panicked and probably beg you to give him a second chance. He’d be really attached to that bit of normalcy and would have trouble letting go.


Taehyung would be determined to get you back immediately. He’d give you time, but hang around, still friends with your friends, still lively and cheery, hoping you’d be able to get past his job and look at him. He’d approach you from time to time and flirt, pretending nothing was wrong until you finally demanded the two of you sat down and he stop playing with you. “I’m not playing. I want you back. I want to be with you and love you with all my heart.” He’d try and explain his way of seeing the world, his philosophy behind his morals and give you a chance to understand who he was better.


Jungkook would be really panicked. He wasn’t really part of mafia activities yet, he was just there, they were his family and he just hung around, training and learning from his elders. He would be pretty unphased by violence at this point, since he grew up with it, so he’d be surprised by your reaction at first. Quickly understanding why you we so scared, he would shyly approach you the next day and try and explain himself. He’d be really passionate about it, telling you how they had often saved kids from sex traffic since their boss hated that stuff and he’d really want you to see what he saw in his older “brothers”.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just found your account (do you say account in tumblr?? idk I'm new to tumblr and I use instagram haha) and I love it so much! If you have time, can you do kind of like a high school AU and do how the RFA members would ask out MC? I hope that makes sense lol :') thanks!! <3

I love you anon!!

imma split this into 2 parts cause I can’t fit this into one post

so i’ll do the actual request in the second post

High School AU part 1


  • lol shy bun
  • kind of a nerd
  • in video game society
  • finds it hard to pay attention in class
  • cramms like his life depends on it
  • still gets pretty good grades
  • his mom makes him lunch
  • complains about it but lowkey happy cause it’s better than what the cafeteria is serving
  • his favourite subject is biology
  • tho almost fainted when they had to dissect an animal
  • worst subject is english r i p
  • languages ain’t his strong suit
  • carries so much shit around
  • has a bad back 24/7
  • also in the lacrosse team
  • he actually ain’t that bad 
  • afraid of being tackled tho


  • OG Mr. Steal Yo Girl
  • but honestly such a sweetheart
  • with slight fuckboy tendencies
  • gonna be honest not a model student
  • he tries tho
  • was very insistent on MC tutoring him
  • lowkey just wanted to spend time with them
  • theatre kid™
  • lead in all the school’s performances
  • super chummy with the director
  • knows all the crew by name
  • on the lacrosse team
  • chose it because he thought the sticks were cool
  • Jaehee nags him to get his grades up
  • ends up tagging in on his study sessions to make sure he’s actually learning
  • soon the whole RFA are involved and BAM study group
  • his favourite subject is obv theatre 
  • his least favourite is maths the devils subject


  • model student
  • kind of a lowkey swat but she’s chill about it
  • treasurer of the student council
  • all the clubs would be bankrupt without Jaehee
  • she’s always busy tho
  • like pass her in the hallway and she’ll always be carrying textbooks for a teacher, walking to a meeting or smth like that.
  • everyone always comes at her with suggestions for the student council
  • Jaehee’s like ???? ¿¿¿¿  bruh I only handle the money
  • has so many trips to the staff room
  • a teacher offered her coffee once
  • and the great romance began
  • always uses seeing staff as an excuse to get coffee
  • Seven was surprised Jaehee could be so sneaky
  • biggest supporter of Zen’s plays
  • everyone wonders why the drama club is always so well funded
  • doesn’t have enough time to play sport in school but does Judo
  • word got around and now no one messes with Jaehee
  • her favourite subject is literature
  • her least favourite is home economics
  • psst it’s cause she can’t cook for shit


  • billionaire boys club ™
  • Jumin mostly hangs out with V
  • doesn’t have the patience to hang out with the other rich kids
  • president of the student council
  • takes the job very seriously
  • everyone has a certain amount of respect for him
  • except Zen r i p
  • brings Elizabeth into school
  • negotiates his way out of detention every time
  • has to shield her from Seven tho
  • has a lowkey fanclub
  • he’s oblivious to the opposite sex tho
  • only plays sports cause his nutritionist says he should
  • plays tennis cause he’s too dignified for football or smth like that and he’s too young to be playing golf
  • has matches with V all the time
  • they keep a tally
  • Jumin is in the lead
  • his favourite subject is economics
  • he’s such a business man tho
  • made a business renting out textbooks to freshers instead of getting them to buy them
  • it was shut down after a year tho
  • least favourite subject is art
  • lol Jumin can’t draw for shit

Seven (Saeyoung)

  • friendly neighbourhood meme lord 
  • always telling some sort of joke or pun
  • in the tech club
  • they all worship him lol
  • tried to hack into a government facility for their contribution to the school festival
  • forced to do a laser show in the end
  • he’s so smart 
  • like no one expects him to be a prodigy 
  • probably cause he never focuses in lessons
  • made Saeran learn morse code so he could talk to him secretly
  • the teachers never caught on
  • starts all sorts of rumours
  • started a rumor that there was a torture chamber in the school basement
  • also said that there was a ghost of a dead girl who died from inhaling the fumes of the boys locker rooms haunting the school
  • Yoosung asked to send a drone into the staff room after hearing they had a gambling ring in there
  • Seven frequently teases him on how gullible he is
  • Seven is on the cheer squad 
  • he only auditioned ironically but got in
  • forced MC to join saying they would be good cause they look easy to throw
  • his favourite subject is computer science cause he gets away with so much shit in the subject
  • he also like physics cause SPACE
  • least favorite is PE because he states he can only drain so much energy each day

V (Jihyun)

  • actual angel
  • everybody’s favorite senpai
  • vice president of the student council
  • everyone comes to him with problems cause they’re too scared to report it to Jumin
  • also president of photography club
  • takes pictures for the school paper
  • Rika is in the occult club
  • i think we all know why
  • everyone thinks Rika’s weird but V’s like 
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  she’s just quirky
  • regularly plays tennis with Jumin
  • V in one of those cute visors tho
  • no one would have guessed he’s a rich kid tho
  • he’ so humble about it
  • not on the best terms with Yoosung after hitting him with a tennis ball causing him to have a nosebleed
  • offers to tutor him to make amends
  • actually the one who suggest joining up with the others to form the RFA study group.
Mel M Drabbles| Cry Baby

Characters| Engineer!Namjoon x Robot!Reader 
Genre| Angst 
Word Count| 937

       In all his years of being an engineer, Kim Namjoon had never felt more stressed than the day he and his fellow colleagues had started building a model soldier. The first of many if everything went according to plan. After he had received that life changing call on that rainy afternoon, the blueprint of requirements and extra boring paperwork made its way to the laboratories doorstep a couple days later.

      He and his six men, all equipped with different skills, spent countless days just gathering the materials. Then, Jeongguk and Jin, his modern blacksmiths, started to build the body, scraping, manipulating the metal in their hands into perfection. It was then that Yoongi, the tech whiz, started to program the full range of motion this being would have. From as simple as sitting to performing ancient battle moves. It had been decided very early on that it would be a woman, because they were working for agility and a smoothness that Namjoon argued only a woman could possess. It held the element of surprise and something that the opposing team wouldn’t expect. The rest grunted, but agreed nonetheless. Once the metal body, with large breasts and a good size butt (Jeongguk’s bright ideas) that Namjoon himself admired, Jimin, Taehyung, and J-hope, got to work on the cosmetics. Each was a skilled artist in their different mediums. This phase, though last, took the longest. Each clay piece, each wax piece, had to be perfectly done, yet imperfect because they were aiming for human like  

     The finished product looked positively amazing. Never in his wildest dreams could Namjoon had pictured this. A beautiful soldier he got the honor of naming. He named you y/n. Time would tell how real and lifelike you became. He remembered taking you to the park for the first time and how you passively sat down on the bench, staring coldly in from of you. It was too passive a scene for Namjoon, even if he did have a “stick up his ass” all the time, according to Jimin. The world was too painfully beautiful for that. He remembers the first time you said his name, with curiously on your tongue and something like endearment but maybe he was just imagining. Namjoon let it slip that to be kind was the most beautiful thing you could be and that he loved a girl who was caring and generous. And that is where he went wrong. You were impressionable, he just didn’t know how much. Those words were put into your system and burned into your steel mind so that your number one goal was to do that.

    “Y/n, put the dog back please. We have to practice, remember’ you were currently too busy playing with Yoongi’s dog, Holly, to pay him any mind. So he had to physically pry the dog away from you and grabbed into your wrist hard that you had complained “Ouch, Namjoon,that hurts”. And he hadn’t been paying attention then and he wasn’t doing it now. All he could remember was the government letter saying that #101 seemed to be displaying too much affection for one who was made to fight. If Namjoon was unable to change this “glitch” in your system, then they would pull the cord. He couldn’t bare to think of shutting you down. You were different, a brilliant masterpiece he had come to care for desperately. He was the one who insisted on watching you not only because he was the leader, but because he couldn’t allow you to treat the other guys the way you treated him. There was an innocence in you that he had once had, a long time ago and it made him nostalgic.

    So he had done the next best thing and let go your wrist as you sat down on the metal testing bed that was unpleasantly cold on your skin

     “I thought we were going to test tomorrow?” You asked and his heart pitter mattered. He had to lie. There was no other way besides this one. With his back facing you he quickly replied

   “No, I’ve decided it would be better to do it today. You don’t mind do you?”

    “Of course not, Namjoon” you lightly laugh as you start to lay down. Trust. You trusted him and Namjoon wish he could rip out his own heart then. He makes his way to your side and puts his mask on. The restraints are put around your arms and ankles. Trust. You trusted him not to do anything. You notice that he doesn’t look at you and so you intimately bring your hand to his chin to make him look

  “What’s wrong?  Is there something you’re not telling me?” Namjoon tries to mask his choking up with a cough. Not now, now wasn’t the time.

   “Nothing” and he takes his time to really admire your face. You’re gorgeous. Your eyes sparkle and your smiling and he will remember this moment for the rest of his life.

   “Forgive me, Y/n. I’m so sorry.” He slowly leans down and kisses you and you don’t have time to react because he’s bringing the tranquility shot to your neck. And before you close your eyes and the world fades out, you swear you feel a wet drop on your cheek. Namjoon can’t bare to be in the room any longer and so he flees before Jeongguk and J-hope can comfort him. It isn’t until he’s driving away from the haunted laboratory, tears blurring his vision that he says it. What he never even had the guts to admit to himself “I love you, y/n.”

In the Name of Liberty (2)


: M (smut in later chapters)

: 5K

In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, facts seem to have taken a backseat to political lies. The government has begun cracking down on anyone who attempted to oppose them and they wield more power than ever before. You, the daughter of a very wealthy, very corrupt, congressman somehow stumble into the secret business of the resistance movement and get snatched from your privileged life and placed under the watchful eyes of the leaders of the resistance movement- Bulletproof.

Death mentions, swearing if you don’t like that, and general stupidity

AN: Lots of exposition followed by a shocking amount of humor. I just wanted to get this out so the formatting might be garbage. Whoopsies.


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vague-humanoid  asked:

I'm worried that the homeland security thing forcing Chinese visitors to expose their social media accounts will make them vulnerable at home. it feel like a blatant attack on activists.

As of right now, Chinese visitors are being asked BEFORE they enter the US and it’s “optional” to give up social media accounts but who knows if or when that will be extended to “mandatory” or to Chinese immigrants already here. It’s only in the earliest stages but we should still be cautious of it.

Mainland China itself has a long list of banned social media websites, including Twitter and Facebook. Some Chinese visitors can be here for years so they eventually start to pick up on American culture and the things we use. Some may even say things that may not be “appropriate” in or towards mainland China. So if it becomes extended to Chinese immigrants already here, exposing them may definitely make them vulnerable should they go back home.

On the issue of activists, recently a feminist organization in China was just shut down for 30 days. The link also says, “The government discourages, and sometimes harshly represses, any mass activities outside state control…” So yes, Chinese activists who advocate on social media here could be exposed and targeted when they go home.

And overall, it’s an attack on nationality, race/ethnicity, and privacy in America. One day it’s Chinese visitors then the next time it could be Chinese Americans. And once people are desensitized to these issues, it becomes easier to ignore and even justify them. So after Chinese people, who’s next?

a lot of jersey beaches are shut down over 4th of july weekend because of a partial government shutdown, there are beaches entirely empty.

meanwhile NJ governor chris christie used his political clout so he could spend today on an empty beach with his family and friends. its the height american political disparity and i hope he drowns in the ocean.

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: Why, in the fifth season of Parks and Recreation, did Leslie have to go to so much trouble to get a park designed for the Pawnee Commons? An entire episode was devoted to her reluctance to hire a designer with an impressive resume from nearby Eagleton because of her negative experiences with the more affluent Eagletonians. However, in season two, episode 24, "Freddy Spaghetti," city planner Mark Brendanawicz makes the decision to leave his government job for the private sector after Ann Perkins breaks up with him and the government is temporarily shut down. His parting gift to Leslie is a design for the Pawnee Commons, then known as Lot 48. Though Mark never again appeared on the show, could the writers have not referenced his already existing, pro bono design? Did Leslie lose the design; was it not good? Perhaps unbeknownst to the viewer, Mark was a poor city planner-- but it seems unrealistic that he was truly so bad that Leslie had to desperately poll the community for designs. Digging deeper, why was Mark never again mentioned, despite appearing on the show for two entire seasons as a main character? Was this choice contractual, deliberate-- a nod to the fact that the actor may have left with less than positive affections for his role-- or was it simply the case of the characters moving on? Did he stay in Pawnee; did he hear the call for a new designer and feel remorse... possibly even hurt?

anonymous asked:

Theory: At least some of the campers parents have some link to Campbell corp which is why they sent thier kids to Camp Campbell (maybe they were Employees or shareholders or something.)

Do you think it’s possible that Campbell Corp could be still running and active or were they just shut down by the government when they started going after Cameron Campbell?

Bless you, Anons, for giving me an excuse to talk about some thoughts I had about Campbell Corp!

1) In all honesty, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case. After all, a lot of the campers appear to come from a broken home, so maybe the parents that have connections with the company sent their kids there for monetary reasons. Additionally, it was confirmed in the Q and A that no one sent to Camp Campbell has a good home life, so maybe this means all their parents are involved in Cameron’s shady company. 

2) If episode 5 is any indication of this, I feel Campbell Corp is still up and running. This is mostly because the lab the trio and Jasper discover seemed well maintained, and those blood-splatters in the torture chamber seemed fairly fresh.

You know what I want to talk about, BEN. Lets talk about BEN. BEN is such an interesting character, I love him so much. I just wanna ask one question to the fandom, why is he so commonly portrayed as weak? Do you realize how strong he’d actually be? Fuck a tall man who lives in the woods this child can literally possess the internet and any electronics around him. What’s a smart demon to a manipulative supercomputer? Nothing that’s what. He could ruin your life in the blink of an eye. He could ruin an entire country in an hour, tops. Dude could shut down your car on the highway, literally drain your bank account, cause an electrical fire in your house, and leak all your info to the internet. He could leak the governments info on the internet. He could grab the nuclear codes and blow up Texas just for fun. He could shut off all the power in New York City, cut the USA off from the rest of the world, or blow up massive power grids just because he feels like it. I don’t even understand how his fandom personality and role even came to be. Fuck working for Slender or Zalgo, BEN could lead his own army. He wouldn’t even need to possess them either. Fuckers couldn’t even touch him. No one could. It’s scary really. All I’m saying is that BEN is really cool, really strong, and deserves better than how we treat him. 

Okay Everybody, listen up.  This is your friendly reminder Not To Obsess About a Real Life Person You Know Nothing About.  We all love the musical.  I’m part of that, obviously.  But please don’t become infatuated with this guy if you don’t know any of his actual policies.  I’ve given some of the things he did during his lifetime that aren’t included in the musical to give you a better idea on why he is Not a Cinnamon Roll

The Whiskey Rebellion - This is a big one.  Hamilton loved Taxes.  In order to raise money, he taxed alcohol at the place he was married (doing this at the same time he was deciding not to tax profits in the stock market).  Whiskey makers got mad, unsurprisingly.  So Hamilton raised an army to suppress the rebellion.  This was just a few years after the Revolution.  He made this giant army, made himself General, and then marched it to PA to put down this rebellion.

Immigration - Yeah, he came from the Caribbean, but he sure opposed immigration in later years

Alien and Sedition Acts - Remember those crazy things John Adams came up with?  They eliminated freedom of speech and the press in a lot of ways.  Mainly, it made it possible to shut down any newspaper ‘with intent to oppose any measure … of the government’ and made it illegal for any person to ‘print, utter, or publish … scandalous, and malicious writing’.  That’s right.  They could shut down newspapers.  And Hamilton was personally responsible for at least one closing.  

I know you love the musical.  So do I.  But please remember that this is a real person who wasn’t perfect.  Please remember that this is, above all, a politician we’re talking about.  We can’t pretend that if it’s not in the musical, it didn’t happen.  

Tendency (Part 1)

Usuk. Predator/Prey smut. R18 Yaoi/Boy love. You have been warned!

           Part 2     Part 3   Part 4   Part 5  Part 6

The crisp air, gentle breeze and clear blue sky were all rare features of a day to treasure, in Arthur’s opinion. It was the autumn of England, and all the trees were the most gorgeous shades of warm colours, creating a glow of life to the place that contrasted the chilly air.

Really, nothing could go wrong on days like these. Hence why Arthur decided to leave the city for the day and visit his childhood home; in the woods. Although the city was where he currently lived, it was here where nobody went that he could be, well, all aspects of himself.

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AN: For some reason, I really like to think of Steve in his Stealth Suit (in the beginning of Winter Soldier) for Hydra!Steve… its darker and more angular, I suppose. Anyway, here is part two! Enjoy dears! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Steve X Reader

Part One: ( XXXX )

WARNINGS: Swearing, violence, threatening, seduction (???). (Dark!Steve can get a little…well, “dark” for lack of a better word. He’s twisted, and at times, disturbing. He is, after all, a part of Hydra now so please keep that in mind while reading— it isn’t called “American Psycho” for nothing.)

((Just FYI I’m starting this part with Pyro’s POV (yes, ya’ll can roll your eyes at me), his backstory isn’t all that important for this imagine. Just know that he is from X-Men, and he has joined the Avengers—Just putting this in here in case you are new to my imagines, most of my followers already know of my absolute love for the kid.  If you don’t know who he is I’d recommend looking up his powers. Enjoy!))


“American Psycho” (Part Two)


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An Attempt to Brighten Your Day

This particular drabble is for the amazing Mrs. Moriarty who is having a rough week. 
I hope this helps a little bit in bringing a smile to your face, Mrs.M!
Mrs. H

Originally posted by moriartyfortheevening

Pairing: Jim Moriarty x Reader
Words: 1,022

“Darling, you won’t believe the job I just got- darling?” The voice of your husband, Jim was excitable but it turned soft once he entered your shared bedroom.

You were curled up into the fetal position on his side of the bed, the blankets pulled up to your shoulders as you tried to will yourself not to cry.

You were wearing one of his dress shirts, it was the only thing you wanted to wear today.

“What happened? Who did this?” He asked immediately, sitting close to you and placing a hand on your shoulder. His voice was angry at the mere thought of someone hurting you.

He brought his hand up to your neck gently began to massage the tense muscles as you looked up at him, tears welling in your eyes.

“I don’t feel well, Jim. I’m sorry.” You apologized, closing your eyes as you melted under his touch.

“Are you ill? I can have the best medical squad here within the hour to give you a check up. Have you been poisoned? I’ll kill-” Jim began, his voice taking on a new tone of furiousness as he considered the fact that you could have been harmed.

“No, No, not poisoned. I don’t feel well emotionally, it’s quite pathetic actually I don’t know why I’m telling you.” You let out a small, self-deprecating laugh at your words.

Jim furrowed his brows in confusion, “I don’t think you’re pathetic. You’re the least pathetic person I know. You’re very selfless, you put others before you and I don’t know why you do it. There’s a reason I keep you around, you know.” He spoke smoothly, his hand now going up to your soft Y/H/C hair and running his fingers through it.

You couldn’t help but break a smile at his words, looking up at him.

He always did have a special way of making you feel better.

“Because you love me?” You teased, doing a mock baby voice impression to try and get a smile out of him. His smile always made you feel significantly better. Just seeing the happy expression on his face made your heart flutter.

He broke a smile, just as you had wanted him to, revealing some of his perfect teeth.

“Well, yes, that. But also because you’re the strongest, most selfless woman I have ever met. I wholeheartedly believe that about 65% of my cases would not be a success if it weren’t for your support.” He told you with a dignified nod.

You gave a slight eye roll, “You’re just being a charmer, Jim.” You told him, your smile growing with each word that spilled from his lips.

“What about the job last week? If you hadn’t been paying attention we would’ve gotten caught.” He reminded you, his voice quiet and relaxing as he tried to convince you of your worth to his company.

“Now, I wouldn’t go that far-” You tried to argue. But, your arguing attempts were futile. Jim was determined to make you see your worth. He was especially determined to show you just how much you meant to him and his organization.

“And if you had never convinced Irene Adler to work with us who knows where we could possibly be. A whole government plan, shut down by you!” He exclaimed, still brushing your hair with his fingers.

You let out a hum, you did have a lot to do with that one so that would be difficult to argue. You knew what he was doing, he was going to list off all of the cases that you did most of the work on just so that you had nothing to argue against.

“Not to mention all of the information you got from Holmes’s little pet.” He said in a sing-song voice.

You stayed quiet, once again he had brought up something that was mainly your doing.

You had no way to argue that one, which is exactly what you knew he was shooting for.

“No argument now, huh? Finally realized how important you are? To the business? To me?” He asked, shooting you a wink when you looked up at him once he said: “To me.” He had hit his mark, he knew that he had gotten you with that one.

You rolled your eyes a bit at his antics, letting out a small chuckle.

“That’s my girl,” He remarked, opening his arms and signaling for you to hug him.

You sat up with a defeated sigh, placing yourself in his arms and burying your head in his neck. You breathed in his expensive cologne, remembering the day you picked it out for him.

He hugged you tightly and didn’t seem like he had any intention of letting go.

“Now, let’s spend the day together. We can get all up in a disguise and act like a snooty French couple.” He suggested with a tone of excitement, putting you shoulder length apart so that he could see your face.

You were smiling slightly, impressed by his tactics to make you feel better.

“What about your job?” You asked curiously as he jumped off of the bed and straightened his black suit.

“Job? Oh, that doesn’t matter. We have things to do!” He exclaimed, pulling you to your feet.

You giggled a bit at the action, loving the playful Jim that came out every once in awhile.

It was usually after he had won a big job, or if he had had a lot to drink.

But, he hadn’t done any of those things right now. However, you weren’t about to argue against this happy and loving behavior.

“Things to do?” You asked, your eyes glittering as you looked up at him with a smile.

“Yes! We are going to get you some diamonds!” He declared, bopping your nose with his index finger before turning away.

“I’ll choose your outfit!” He announced happily, prancing out of the room.

It was hard to believe the man was a serial killer when he acted like this. Especially when he did all of this just to make his favorite girl feel better.


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It’s Backstory

So something just hit me so hard and I need to share. Perhaps someone has already thought about it but I still gotta say something. I was just thinking about Camp Camp and it just stuck me that this show might be backstory. What I mean is that in the future Max…

Will grow up to be Mogar…

It’s a crazy idea I know but think about the connections. Max says camp is where kids go when parents don’t want to deal with them. He most likely has shitty parents that sent him to camp for that reason. Although I will touch more on that later for now let’s try to connect the dots. As we see Max does seem to have some sort of skill with weapons, just as Mogar does with his sword.

Also, both are shirtless, that’s just an observation not comparison. Yet Mogar also has some tattoo’s or ink on his arms and face. Max has some too but there on his chest and under his eyes. Anyway besides that Mogar is more animal than human. Max spends lots of time with Nikki, she acts like an animal and Max could pick up on that.

Now we know Mogar lives in the forest, in a tree-house he built. Something that really sells this idea for me is where Mogar’s home is compared to the camp sight. At the end of X-Ray and Vav the boys are in the forest where Mogar’s home is. Then they look down below to where the city is.

At the end of the first episode of Camp Camp the officer complains to David about the ticket.

The officers words imply that the camp and most of the wildlife is high up from the town. And over the years, since Max is a child, the town could develop into a city. So with these fun little things the question remains as to how Max becomes Mogar and it’s pretty simple, yet quite sad.

So Max has horrible parents who left him at camp to get rid of him for the summer. If that’s how they are what if they don’t come back to get him at the end of the summer. What if his parents left him at camp and just moved away leaving him behind. Max would probably get taken in by David, cause he really cares about Max. Yet being with David would mean being at that camp every summer for the rest of his life. Now over time he might go easy on David cause he will most likely kill David with his shenanigans. He’d act like he didn’t care about his parents but deep down he’d be sad that he was abandoned and left behind, never to see his friends back home again. Max would probably go mute even, participating in camp activities he’s already mastered but not saying a word to anyone else, except maybe on occasion David.

The next summer after this Neil might not come back cause that wasn’t the camp he wanted. Nikki will most likely come back, she loves it there and it would mean Max would spend even more time with her. So that’s certainly a much better way for him to pick up on her animal side. Yet despite everything one day Max would just lose it or maybe the camp gets shut down cause of Mr. Campbell’s shady stuff. So if Max snaps he’d run off into the wilderness cause that would become more of a home than an actual house. Yet if the camp shuts down it’d be worse. David would no longer have a way to support Max and Max, having actually learned to care for David, would leave him so he won’t be a problem for David. He hasn’t been one for years and he rather not be one again. So Max would go to the only place he could go, the wilderness.

Despite Max’s hate of the camp he does learn everything he’s taught. He knows how to tie knots, he knows how to knit, he can make a fire. Camp’s teach all about surviving in the wild and Camp Campbell teaches all that and so much more. Max having spent years there would certainly learn how to expertly survive in the wild. So with that Max could certainly live, survive and hide himself in the forest. Yet he’d be alone, so how does he become Mogar, where does his maternal-figure come in. Well as we saw in ep. 5 there were some weird things going on in Mr. Campbell’s basement.

Perhaps there was some experimentation with a cow that caused a genetic mutation, making the cows milk increase the strength of those who drink it. Now with the camp shut down the government would certainly go tear down Mr. Campbell’s old house. It’s possible Max would have gone there previously and found the cow. Of course he’d set it free since a cow provides milk and he’d have an important food source that is good for growth. He’d be drinking that strength enhancing milk from a young age and grow up with that. With the cow he’d want to protect it, and he’d certainly begin to see it as a mother since the cow would show care for him. As for the sword, it seems very powerful, so I think one of two things could have happened. One is that Max found it in Mr. Campbell’s house, since it would most likely be there as a trophy or something. Second possibility is that Max finds it in the forest. The forest is a pretty strange place and Max now spending his life there could stumble upon a cave and find an ancient sword and keep it for protection. Then the bear skin, well, that’s obvious. Max could have killed a bear and skinned it or used the skin from the stuffed bears he found in Mr. Campbell’s house.

Okay let’s move on more to Mogar. Spending years in the forest, he’d certainly learn how to hunt. Although what’s more interesting is that Mogar clearly knows how to speak but not normally. We know that Max speaks just fine but if he grows up in the wild with animals he’d have to learn to simplify his speech in order for the animals to better understand him. Also while living in the forest, swear words would become unnecessary and useless, so he’d stop using them. So as he grows Max’s speech wouldn’t develop anymore and he’d learn to speak in such a primal way, and also learn to speak with the animals or at least his mother. Now another important thing to note is what Mogar does.

He protects the forest, he’s made himself that person. As we’ve seen Max has been shown this beautiful part of the forest. Perhaps now that he lives there with his mother he vows to protect her and the other wildlife who’ve helped him grown up and raised him. As for Mogar’s pet bird, he probably found a bird he liked and fed it his mother’s milk making it big and strong like him. Yet despite this Max no longer calls himself Max. Since he has a new life he could change his name and chooses Mogar, a warrior name since he is protector of the forest. Over time he’d forget his old name, but still remember things from a normal human life. Maybe that’s why Mogar knows to wear a tie to a restaurant.

To go along with all this we can’t forget Mogar’s mother is considered a legend. Mr. Campbell might have told stories about this cow with strength enhancing milk but having been caught he couldn’t show anyone. Then we all have what Rusty says about Mogar when X-Ray and Vav come looking for answers.

He tells them Mogar has been off the grid for years and says his name in a pretty strange way. Possibly implying that he has another name, Max, but he doesn’t use it anymore. Since he has a small record of him it means that Mogar has lived in the forest for years. Even the Mad King knew about him, sent him a letter and even seems surprised to learn that he’s made himself known to the city. Max would have been a kid when he disappeared, which meant his name and true identity was never really known to anyone but perhaps David.

At the end of X-Ray and Vav Mogar admits that city life is confusing. He’s grown up in the forest, and left civilization at a young age so he doesn’t know about the modern life style. So with that he’s obviously very protective of his mother and the forest because that is his family, the real family he never had. At the end of X-Ray and Vav, despite being a hero he wants to stay in the forest, because that truly became and is his home.

Anyway that’s just what I think and this idea really does pain me. It’s a crazy theory or headcanon but still something to certainly think about. Thanks for reading and I hope I entertained you for a bit, maybe you cried, sorry. I hope you all have a wonderful day.



To the population of douching asswipes out there that think it’s disgraceful that Green Day were inducted,

How very fucking dare you.

You say that Green Day don’t deserve their induction, that they aren’t good enough for the achievement. I say that you should really brush up on your knowledge of a band before you start making accusations. Because, if one thing’s for sure, Green Day’s probably the one band in this world that truly deserves that place on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. So shut the fuck up.

Yes, they started out in the Gilman scene in the late eighties. It was in the dusty streets of Berkeley that Green Day made their first music. They’d made a name for themselves down that way, had fans and adorers. BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DID? They then fucking signed to Warner Bros. records, knowing that by doing so they would lose the allowance to step foot in 924 Gilman again in their lives, and they knew that all the fans they’d made for themselves would turn against them because of their decision. Why would they sign to Warner, then? It was because they knew that if they didn’t, their music careers would eventually fizzle out into nothing and they’d have to get on with living ordinary lives. And music was all these guys knew. It was the only thing that they knew they wanted as a constant in their lives. And they also knew what they had to do to keep that constant…. well…. constant. They did it, but by losing a lot of their fans in the process. It’s probably the most punk rock thing they could’ve done.

Next came Dookie, which was nothing short of a phenomenon. While punk music had in the past always been about yelling and burning buildings and climbing over Berlin Walls, suddenly people started to hear Green Day. Dookie showcased Billie Joe, his desperate lyrics reflecting himself as a terrified adolescent; scared shitless of what he’s becoming. Now, how could no one listen to this? Green Day reinvented punk music with Dookie, and they also opened the gates of the genre for waves of lost, hopeless young kids who were looking for music they could really relate to.

Then came the ten year follow-up to Dookie. Though Green Day’s sound still remained sigunature to what people had come to know and love, they’d tried many an experiment with their music. The heavy punk bashers on Insomniac. The lighter tracks of Nimrod, and the acoustic based punk on Warning. But, no matter what, they were still living in Dookie’s ever-looming shadow. Oh, and also, they were working on an album in 2003-ish, but it got fucking stolen. Billie Joe actually called Mike up at one point and asked if they wanted to disband. Shit was getting to be WAY too hard on them. Billie Joe’d developed a mild depression after Warning was out and released and they were all struggling with their wn personal issues themselves. BUT THEN GUESS THE FUCK WHAT? THEY RELEASED AMERICAN FUCKING IDIOT. Now, even if you were’t a teenager in 2004, you still know the first line of American Idiot. I know you do. Again, more lyrics that teenager could relate to so, so well. And then there was the Bush-bashing. Others had tried it and they’d been shut down spectacularly. But there was something about the raging tone and air of revolution that came with American Idiot that you’d be stupid to ignore. Green Day were banned from MTV and all those things because people were listening to what they were saying too much. And the government were kinda freaked out by this. It’s exactly the kind of reaction a punk record only dreams of getting, and they fucking got it. GREEN DAY REINVENTED PUNK TWICE IN TEN YEARS THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

AND THEN, after that, they released 21st Century Breakdown, which still bashed the shit out of America and is an album a lot of people like even more than American Idiot. It’s personal to the band but is also impersonal at the same time, however the hell they managed to do that. But the thing is, with 21st, Green Day were on the edge of ticking over into their forties in the age department, but they were still probably the most relevant and influential band out there. WHAT THE FUCK. That doesn’t happen often, kids. I can honestly say that.

Oh yeah. And after 21st, they just casually released a fucking trilogy of albums in the space of one year like it mean fucking nothing. But we are used to Green Day doing weird, amazing and unheard of shit like that now, so it doesn’t surprise us in the least.




So, all you fucking assholes out there. Don’t you dare for a second say that Green Day don’t deserve that induction. You probably wouldn’t have survived the lives the boys have led, so shut up. I know my shit, and I will fight you.

awkward-nerd-in-the-corner  asked:

I genuinely curious on how Zenyatta, Mercy, and Reindhart will be portrayed here. How about some HCs?

I’m a little touchy on the sexy subject of Zenyatta but what the hell let’s do this

So Zenyatta

-Alright, y’all know those gag pictures of Zenyatta where they’re like “Buddhist monk will force peace on others” and such? Basically that.

-It mainly starts off when his brother, Mondatta, is killed. However, we all know that Tracer and maybe Winston know that it was Talon’s doing. So Zenyatta wouldn’t know that it was Widowmaker, a member of Talon, who had killed the omnic who led the Shimbali. So now he believes that some human had assassinated his dear brother. Now, due to this, he slowly stops believing that Humanity will accept omnics, that his kind will forever be oppressed.

-Wants peace for all but he starts to belief that the only way to gain it is to help those who had started to fight against his kind i.e He thinks about helping Talon fight against Overwatch, as they were the ones who fought in the omnic crises. Wants an uprising.

-Even some of his lines from the game sound… Well, let’s just see:

“ If you do not bend… you break “

“ Pain is an excellent teacher “

“ Your weakness…Is revealed! “

“ I am on fire… but an extinguisher is not required.”

-Well, he would be far more forceful but still quite precious (Don’t talk to me or my robo-fucker friends again if you don’t think this guy is precious)

And Mercy

So, a while ago I saw some amazing headcannons on dark Angela… But I can’t find them, or I would link them.

-But basically there are headcannons that Mercy had turned Gabriel Reyes into Reaper on purpose, not by accident. She wanted to experiment with death and life and tip the balance of everything in question. She turned Gabriel into a monster for a reason, for science.

-Genji had been her attempt on another life-death situations, as we know Genji was incredibly near death when he was found and is about 80% robotic parts now.

-She is very very dark, she experiments on team mates and living people. In Talon, unlike Overwatch, they would give her healthy, kicking test subjects to do this, and so that would be the reason she joined.

-Just check out this conversations between Reaper and Mercy:

  • Mercy: This is not what I intended for you, Reyes.
  • Reaper: You knew exactly what you were doing

 Or this one:

  • Mercy: What happened to you?!
  • Reaper: You tell me, Doc.

Or this statement about Overwatch:

“Overwatch was shut down for a reason. Maybe it’s best it stay that way.”

-According to Reaper, Mercy knew what she was doing to him when she turned him into what he is. It could be just anger talking but who knows.

And Reinhardt

-We all know this guy loved being apart of Overwatch. So imagine the devastation when he had to retire from the work he loved doing, being a hero, at 50, retiring early in his mind.

-Now, as Mercy says “Overwatch was disbanded for a reason.” and so Overwatch is now seen as the enemy of the public and the government. So they typically wouldn’t be seen as the good guys anymore.

-Now, Reinhardt is the only one who I think would have been re-programmed to a certain extent. He wants and loves being a literal knight in shining armour. He is also a huge hunk of German. Who wouldn’t want some of that? ( ;) )

-He was reprogrammed to see Overwatch as the terrorist organisation, instead of Talon. He would be lied to so he would think that he is protecting civilians and countries.

-He would forget all his past friends with overwatch, but he’ll make friends with them if they join Talon. His story is a bit sad, as he would be destroying the organisation he loved so much but what story isn’t sad?


For: Anon. (I didn’t post the whole prompt to keep the ending a surprise, but you were so complimentary of my blog, and I thank you with hugs and virtual cups of coffee, and many warm fuzzies!)
Characters: Barba, Amaro, Reader
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1633

It hadn’t been easy sitting second chair to Rafael Barba. His reputation was known far and wide throughout the New York County District Attorney’s office. Everyone had heard of the shark that stopped at almost nothing to get a conviction. So, when your boss approached you and said that he had a high profile case he wanted you on, you asked who would be working with. Barba’s name escaped his lips and you shook your head, almost turning down the opportunity.

Except, a win like this could put you on the radar for a promotion – or even a chance to work with the FBI, which had been your dream since college.

Working with Barba had been nothing short of a rollercoaster. He was passionate and smart. His intellect kept you on your toes as you both tried to prove to each other that a small fact could sink your case. You were four months into the process, and it looked like it wasn’t letting up. His snarky comments were getting more and more common, and you were on edge every moment. Some seconds you were being swung upside down, your feet dangling in mid-air as you threw your arms in the air, letting fate take its course. Other moments were a slow and steady climb to hot headed arguments that resulted in a plummet to the answers you so dedicatedly searched for.

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All the conservatives defending Trump are like “just give him a chance.”

First off, you all got dragged kicking and screaming into Obama’s presidency. I’ve seen so many people say (literally) “when Obama won, I shut up and let him see what he could do.” No. No you didn’t. You posted conspiracy theories about his birth certificate until Obamacare came around, and then you literally shut down the government to stop him from doing anything.

But the other point is, you don’t just “give” someone a chance as President of the United States. That’s something they should have to earn. Trump hasn’t done anything that would qualify as “earning” his shot from millions of Americans. So excuse us as if we aren’t exactly accepting him with open arms.