so they both make the list


So approximately a billion years ago I was tagged by @take-me-to-the-wiiineee to do this evil thing where you have to talk about 9 albums that you like, I started to do it and I completely forgot to finish it because I’m an idiot. Thank goodness @brain-spasm-of-musical-emotion​ was here to remind me of it so now I’ve got no excuse. Thank you both btw xx

Before I start, I just want to emphasise the fact that doing this is beyond impossible for me because I don’t have a favourite anything, especially when it comes to music, I just have an endless list of songs that I’m in love with and there is no fucking way I can pick some over the others. So I’m gonna try to make an effort and pick these 9 albums in no particuliar order, and to all the other albums that I didn’t choose here, I love you all, please forgive me.

- Brothers - The Black Keys
They’re the first band I ever fell in love with and I’m pretty sure it was thanks to this album. Well, I think… Actually idk so let’s say it includes their whole discography okay ? Am I allowed to do this ? Oh wait I don’t care.

- Whatever People blah blah blah - Arctic Monkeys
The title is way too long, the songs are way too short. All of them are so great I want them to last forever.

- Room On Fire - The Strokes
Tbh the whole album could be shit, as long as there’s Reptilia on it it deserves to be in the list. REPTILIA you guys !

- The Age Of The Understadement - The Last Shadow Puppets
There are two possibilities. Either you’ve never listened to this album, in which case : what the fuck ?!? Either you’ve listened to this beautiful masterpiece and it changed your life and you know exactly what I’m talking about. Amen.

- Happy People - Peace
I don’t know where to start.

- My Love Is Cool - Wolf Alice
Literally this one is the embodiment of perfection, this is a gift to humanity, this is a glittery miracle, we’ve been blessed, do I need to say more ?

- What Went Down - Foals
Actually we’ve been blessed twice, what did we do to deserve this, everything is so wonderful I’m gona cry 

- Honeyblood - Honeyblood
I just really like Honeyblood and it reminds me of England because I used to listen to it a lot back there, it remids me of those days out with my best friend, it basically reminds me of some good shit so yeah 

- A Dream Outside - Gengahr
I mean I saw them live the other day and I’m obsessed with them at the moment so if you were expecting me to end this list with an other album I’m sorry but I don’t see how this could be possible. Also I love the artwork. *aggressively listens to Heroine*

Now I would like to apologise to all the people that I’m going to tag because this is such a difficult thing to do but if I can do it you can too so here we go : @youngmarble @saturdaay-girl @jamesbelmonte @anxchronistic @prettygrrrlsmakegraves @cosmic-mia @jamesbays @all-m0d-c0ns good luck :))


I, once again, took something completely small way too seriously. I started questioning, what “relate to“ actually means in general, what it means for me, how I do it and even more but I shall not bore anyone with useless debates on something perfectly mundane.

To make it short: there are those characters that I feel very strongly about and I can understand them. Then there are those characters I, again feel very strongly about but even more than that I can understand them, not only out of empathy but because they are a part of me in a sense. These are two very different things for me.

This still doesn’t make much sense, BUT WELL-

What I wanted to say with this is that have both types of characters in this list. (I can relate to characters in the latter way very rarely, while the former happens most of the times.)

I was tagged by my beautiful, magical, ever wonderful tea fairy and little birb, thank you so much for this, @ninannarambling~ *slides you a plate of linzer cookies* Thank you, Nin.

Post 9 pictures of characters I relate to:

  1. Hiccup (HTTYD)
  2. Nijimura Shuuzou (KnB)
  3. Samwise Gamgee (LOTR)
  4. Natsume Takashi (Natsume Yuujinchou)
  5. Alya (Miraculous Ladybug)
  6. Akashi Seijuurou (KnB)
  7. Sugawara Koushi (Haikyuu!!)
  8. Sagawa Taichi (Hidamari ga Kikoeru)
  9. Sajou Rihito (Doukyuusei)

My victims (very random list): @smilingskyprincess | @strangulated-harlot | @moontailor | @wallwindow | @sleepinginrlyeh | @itsthechangingoftheseasons | @sianascera | @sei-akashi | @zserb | @theninjamouse

Aaaand that is all. As always, don’t feel pressured to do this if you don’t have the time, motivation, AND SO ON, but if you do it, I HOPE YOU ARE ENJOYING YOURSELVES!!! Stay lovely and take care~ May happiness stay by your sides.

BOTTOM!ARTHUR FIC RECS 2.OO (<- double capital o’s necessary for the booty)

an anon asked for bottom!Arthur recs and i figured it was time for another list of bottom!arthur fics that have been posted recently/didn’t make the last post HERE. i do read more mod!au fics, so there are more of those than canon.

50+ fics below the cut!

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Gradient Workout Wear

I’ve been wanting to make some gradient clothing lately, and have also been meaning to recolor these workout pants from Spa Day for quite some time, so figured I could cross two things off my to-do list in one go by making these! Both of these pants come in 14 swatches, in various combinations of colors from my candy palette. They DO REQUIRE Spa Day to show up. Enjoy!


s0nic-the-screwdriver asked:

I am an asexual virgin who doesn't like to use tampons. The doctor I go to says that because of this, when I get a pap smear, which she insists that I have, it will and I quote "definitely going to hurt." Is this true? If so how can I avoid it?

Ouch.  Sounds like your doctor needs some lessons in sensitivity!!!

So, you say your provider “insists” that you have a pap smear.  Ask them the questions listed above, as well as the following:

  • What does a pap smear test for?
  • Is that sometime I could be at risk for without any sexual activity?
  • What do the guidelines suggest?  What ages do the guidelines use when suggesting pap smears?

Take your provider’s answers seriously - asking them these questions is not just a prelude to declining the test.  It’s a way for both of you to agree on a plan of action that makes sense for you AND your provider.

Ask your provider why they expect you to have pain.  Ask them what they will do to help you AVOID pain.  Tips for your provider to avoid pain:

  • Use lubricant.  It does not interfere with test results.
  • Insert the speculum slowly on a 45 degree angle and sweep the labia gently out of the way if they get pulled in during insertion.
  • Put lots of pressure downward once the speculum is inserted and before sweeping open the bills.  This avoids opening the bills into the urethra.

Ways for you to make your pelvic exam more comfortable.

When do you need a pelvic exam and/or a pap smear?

Tips for providers on providing pelvic exams for folks on the Autism Spectrum

Can you sit upright during a pelvic exam?

Can you bring your own robe to a pelvic exam?

How to talk to providers about the language they use.

What to expect during a pelvic exam.


Anonymiserylovescompany said: Hey there! I heard somewhere that in the MMBN Complete Works book, it includes height charts/comparisons for the NetNavis from each game. Is that true? If so, do you think you could make scans of them?

Hi right back! Here you go.

So for anyone who wondered if an Aquaman.EXE and a Toadman.EXE could both fit in the hand of Desertman.EXE, the answer is likely yes. What their water would do to his hand while in it’s grasp is another story.

Chargeman.EXE could also take many Navis for a ride pretty easily. (Yes, I’m obligated to make you listen to that every time I mention Chargeman.)

Unfortunately, the height chart isn’t as extensive for the Net Ops/humans in the series, but there is still a selection from 1, 5 and 6 that was thrown in with the NPC concepts. I’ve included that for you as well.

Kinda funny how it looks like Yuuichirou shrunk next to Haruka when comparing their initial height in the first game, compared to the 5th. He goes from his neck at the top of her head, down to his eyes at that level. Sitting at a computer and doing science for all those years stunts your growth. Take your calcium and get your exercise, Yuuichirou!

Scanned from: Rockman.EXE Official Complete Works, Circa December 2009

sex with luke would include:
  • him being dominating as fuck
  • also him uttering fuck a lot
  • so much grinding
  • having sex in weird places
  • him coming home from wherever and “let have sex in front of a mirror”
  • spontaneous sex
  • making love as much as possible
  • leaving hickies wherever he could
  • whines
  • pulling his hair !
  • screams of pleasure (both of you)
  • him hitting that one place over and over and not letting you let go
  • “hold it for me princess, just a little longer”
  • omg punishments
  • “yeah okay princess let go all over me, scream it loud”
  • loud, deep breathes when he came
  • he would be sweating a lot
  • him not letting you get out of bed the morning after

So I’ve been wanting to make a rec list for a while now to celebrate my favorite authors and fics. I had all of these plans to make it super organized by word count and rating and genre, but then I said fuck it and just divided everything between non-au’s and au’s because I’m lazy. In this context a non-au is anything where they are both hockey players playing for the Hawks and the world is the same as we know it to be (for the most part). 

I’ll being updating this whenever I find something new I love. Let me know if there are any broken links. Please consider leaving feedback if you enjoyed a fic. Authors really appreciate it. Also feel free to rec me your faves!

Updated: 2/1/16


He’s not immune to the fact that they’re weird, too affectionate, too far in each other’s spaces. Normal guys don’t act like they do.

Patrick and Jonny fell in love a long time ago. It took them a while to realize it.

In which Patrick’s daughter and Jonny’s son are discovered making out under Seabs’ dock at a 2010 Cup team reunion, and become a catalyst for other discoveries.

So then Pat stops and thinks about it. Because they’ve talked about how their kids are going to play hockey together and how Jonny can take them golfing and how Pat is never allowed to name a kid after Kanye, no matter how awesome he is. But he’s never actually said that the kids they’re talking about are going to be his and Jonny’s together. He always thought that part was obvious. 

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Z Nation:
Has a poc woman as the leader
A bisexual woman who struggled with ptsd as the second in command
has an original plot, despite being set in the zombie apocalypse.
The kinds of zombies vary. 
Casts actual Native Americans and Mexicans to be in the show
The humor is actually good and there’s always something in every episode to make you laugh.
They make references to actual zombie lore all the time and call the zombies “zombies” or “Z’s” just to keep it short.
“A woman can take more pain than any man, scientific fact.”

“Z Nation is too cheesy and is just copying off The Walking Dead.”

Offerings & How to Make Them

As a beginner,I questioned every little thing I did, offerings included. Luckily, there are many things you can offer to the Theoi, and there are some easy ways to go about doing it. As requested, a list of offerings and how you can give them, both traditional and modernized!

Ouranic* Theoi

Here is a post I wrote on how to give offerings to Ouranic Theoi based on the ancient way of doing things. However, this process involves a large ritual fire, so I tend to suggest something similar to Elani’s method of giving offerings as seen in this video of hers. I personally use a method involving mostly symbolism, and you can read more about it here, along with substitutes fro traditional offerings such as wine.


  • Honey
  • Meat (In the ancient world when animals were sacrificed, ouranic gods received the flesh of white animals, and kthonic gods received the flesh of black animals)
  • Diluted Wine
  • Honeycakes (recipe linked here)
  • Fruit Juice
  • Laurel/Bay Leaves
  • Fruits (Apples, etc.)
  • Incense (Manna, which is thought to have contained/been frankincense in its entirety, was a very common type of incense used in Ancient Hellas for ritual worship)
  • Water/Khernips (Here is a post on how to create khernips for cleansing purposes, but the same formula applies to make it for an offering)
  • Olive Oil
  • Bread
  • Barley/Grains
  • Pieces of whatever you partake in (Hestia is supposed to receive the first and sometimes last bite of each meal)

Votive Offerings/Other (applies to kthonic Theoi as well):

  • Coins/Currency
  • Statues/Figurines
  • Hymns/Poetry
  • Performances
  • Art Pieces/Vases/Etc
  • Images of Them or Their sacred places
  • Music (whether played by you, or through an mp3 player)
  • Crafts
  • Objects found in nature such as seashells, pinecones, flowers, herbs, crystals, etc.

*Note that if a god or goddess has access to Olympos in some way, they are traditionally honoured as ouranic, except when concerning specific Kthonic epithets.

Kthonic Theoi

Here is a post I wrote specific to Kthonic Theoi, or Theoi who you worship under a particular kthonic epithet. Votive offerings apply to them as well, as mentioned above. To be considered Cthonic, the Theos must not have their main sphere of influence outside of the Earth or the Underworld, and even so, if they have access to Olympos, they are honoured as Ouranic. But, if you wish to pray to or praise a god with Underworld/Earthly aspects, then you would use a kthonic epithet and style of worship.

Note on the food offerings: many of the offerings for ouranic Theoi were acceptable for Ouranic Theoi as well, so I have only included the different items.


  • Undiluted Wine
  • Meat (In Ancient Hellas, back when animals were sacrificed to the gods, Kthonic Theoi received black animals, while Ouranic Theoi received white animals)
  • Milk and Honey
  • Pomegranates (I believe Ouranic Theoi received this as well, but it is more common in modern times for Ouranic Theoi to receive them due to the fruit’s connection to Persephone)
  • Garlic/Garlic based foods

(I’m just putting the really popular ones but if you guys want some minor charaters I’ll make another version of this with them on it. Just message me.)


Dean Winchester: 

The rest of these are just going to be lists but I’ve done something similar to this for Dean so I’ll just give you the link to it RIGHT HERE

Sam Winchester: 

-going for walks late at night

-really great hugs all the time

- both of you worrying constantly about the other when he goes on hunts with his brother or if you go on hunts with them


-explaining everything to him

-being friends with the Winchesters

-Cas (probably the Winchesters, too) being really protective of you.

-Castiel demanding you be respected

-knowing his angel siblings, trying trying to get them all to behave reasonably and get along with one another. 

-owning a pet with him


-being treated like royalty 

-getting everything you could ever possibly wish for 

-demons catering to your every need

-really cute pet names

-spontaneous vacations to literally anywhere


-Crowley asking your opinion on everything 

-demons being afraid to make you angry because you might tell Crowley so they do everything you ask 


(all of them)

- The Doctor taking you everywhere, somewhere new and amazing every places all the time just to see the way you look at it.

-celebratory hugs and kisses when you don’t die saving the worlds you visit.

- you mandate  lazy days and demand there be no world saving or endangering of any kind.

- you end up saving the world anyway because you can’t spend a day on New Earth with your husband without corrupted governments and invasions from other spices. 

- “Don’t wander off.” 




-being as smart as he is, which makes him very angry, yet very proud at the same time. 

-thinking his ‘experiments’ are really cool, which makes John question your sanity

-picking up on things he misses when deducing people. 

-having conversations without ever speaking one another 

- making sure he eats and sleeps enough

- Sherlock playing his violin for you

John Watson:

- finding Sherlock finding you fascination and not boring at all. 

- John trying to keep you away from Sherlock ebcause when the two of you get togther the flat gets destroyed -”Oh my God, is that a brain?! Sherlock! Y/N! This has to stop!” 

- very cozy nights by the fire place 

-Christmas at 221b Baker Street. 

- Mrs. Baker loving you like a child. 

- John being 9,000% done with your bs all the time 


Sorry for the delay but I’ve been really busy this month and I wanted to post this before I resume college in less than a week. I know y’all would love it regardless on when I post it because….

Anyway, 2015 was a good year for me both on and off tumblr. I’m consistently on the Dean’s List at my college & my skin and bank account are looking REAL nice :D Plus, this blog hit 15,000 followers! Like WHAT?!?!?!?!? Thank you ALL for making my tumblr experience better and for following me :-* Since I’m so late and already did one for my Bey blog, @jayonceiv, I’m going to include some of the Bey blogs who are absolutely fantastic in this one {and some might follow back so y’all can gain some amazing friends} ~Also will include those from my B&W model blog, @lavishmodels #i’m being extra idc 

Message me if you’re not on this list. Last year was so weird with my following count. I kept unfollowing people and refollowing new people and it was so confusing. Also, ignore my sign. If I made the 15K follow forever words any bigger, they would’ve taken over either Bey or Squirtle and that’s not happening. Anyway, let’s go!

Bolded are my ABSOLUTE favorites! {I wasn’t going to bold anyone, but I know my friend @kylos wants to be bolded, so yeah :D ~i also italicized you shhhhh~) *I won’t bold a lot of people because *Adele voice* there’s too muuuucccccchhh, but I love all of these blogs :D

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–>Random but I love that it goes @beyonce to @beyoncebeytwice lmao<–

a summary of: Kanye West vs. Wiz Khalifa vs. Amber Rose

I woke up today, went on my laptop, and saw this on twitter.

“why is he trending? what did he do?”

then I also noticed “Ye and Wiz” down the list.

in natural curiosity I open both trends in two different tabs. lord behold, the tweets were straight demolishing everywhere.

“what the fuck happened?”

well, I’m about to summarise that below the cut.

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Reasons Why I liked: Charmed Life

Since it’s taking me forever to start a proper Review, I’ll just write down reasons why I liked the book with long explanations why. I promised myself I would be more bookish this year, and somehow I did manage to finish Charmed Life and Lives of Christopher Chant on January! I brought the Volume 1 of the Chrestomanci series that had both stories in them! On to the list then!

Why I liked Charmed Life

- The narration was witty, engaging and as magical as the characters.

- I loved how they live in an obviously different world from ours, but DWJ refrains from making grand explanations why this particular world is so. She never goes out of the way and let’s the story breathe and come to life on its own, in a natural way. 

- Cat Chant’s character is interesting. The narration gives enough of Cat’s perspective for us to know that he’s a “clinger”; he doesn’t think he can handle it being left alone without his sister and is quite a fearful character. I found it kind of endearing and interesting because at the start he’s sort of fumbling about, like you could imagine big scared little eyes (which I could right now thanks to a fanart of him I remember seeing. I might reblog it here).

 I love that he underwent a change not because of knowing he was to be Chrestomanci really, but because that thing he had been clinging on had left him and some issues came about and he was forced due to circumstances to deal with it. I noticed that this time the tables have turned and from his fumbling about he seemed to have learned the ways in the Castle and learned to adapt to situations, thinking quickly when necessary. 

It brings the fact that because Cat’s character is this way, he’s not only relate-able but you sympathize with him. I read Charmed Life when I was undergoing an internship in a city a couple of hours ride away from home, and I guess Cat’s ability to learn from routine and adapt to what he’d learned is reminding me now about what I had undergone myself. 

- I love how I don’t love Gwendolen…but I like her character! I know this is funny, but I love the fact that someone was able to make a character I seriously found annoying. She was so full of herself at some extent, I guess it’s why I like her. She’s different and so caught up in her own pride and selfishness that her personality had depth even though it’s somehow plain simple that she’s just wicked. 

-I LOVE CHRESTOMANCI. Ugh! SERIOUSLY! THAT MAN! Halfway into finishing the book I’ve convinced myself I wanted to marry Chrestomanci (probably in the same way DWJ described some girls wanted to Marry Howl Pendragon). I’ve read Conrad’s Fate before this since it was the first Chrestomanci book that I’ve brought and caught my interest. I already liked Christopher subtle sassy personality and because of Conrad’s Fate I did research and found out more about this series. I love how he turned out and the feeling that you could say “CHRESTOMANCI” and he comes. I was freaking out stupidly (since I knew it doesn’t end bad anyway) at the drama at the near end of the book. 

- This reason is why I LOVE DWJ’s books (the ones I’ve read so far) - THE PLOTS ARE ALWAYS PURE GENIUS! You just go ahead reading her book and it always seems to drag on the whole process of a life, like the actual living part, and would seem like you’re just walking leisurely through when BAM! Here’s where the story is rising in action and you start realizing that that thing mentioned before is connected to something in a larger scale, and that random supposedly boring side character is actually gonna be some help. Everything fits in that breathtaking way that reminds me of life. Y’know? Everything just falls into place somehow and then it all makes sense. 

The ending was simple and yet there was that calm to it, like all is well and you may go on with your day as if that didn’t just totally whacked you in the face with Epic-ness. 

I’m getting ahead of myself now, thinking about Lives of Christopher Chant and how DWJ has the ability to make everything seem calm and routine for the character and you, but then she throws in circumstance after circumstance and the character grows as the plot thickens. But that’s for another entry. 


anonymous asked:

When Dan was telling the whole popcorn vs Doritos debate, I was just sat there shaking my head fondly like really? You actually made a pros and cons list & talked & talked & flipped coins? That's simultaneously the most ridiculous yet funniest thing. How domestic can they get? If it were me & a friend I wouldnt give a toss I'd just eat what I want leave them to have what they want. I ain't wasting an hour deciding on snacks. They're such cute nerds

oh my god i know i was sat in the library. just staring straight ahead just going like are you kidding me these idiots… made a whole list and debated about this doritos popcorn thing for a whole hour. A whole hour. 

I personally would just have both?? i wonder if they ever heard of those snack sealers cause that would make life so much easier


Anakin & Obi-Wan Week: 1st - 5th of February!

During this week #JediPrompts will be celebrating the Anakin/Obi-Wan pairing! You can share your love by writing fanfic or meta, creating art, making playlists or posting headcanons! Tag anything with #JediPrompts so I can reblog!

Each day you can use the prompt listed or answer the question (or both!) -

1st Feb:

Question - What’s your favourite Anakin & Obi-Wan scene/moment?

Prompt - First time

2nd Feb:

Question - How do you ship them? Friends? Brothers? Romantic?

Prompt - Memories

3rd Feb:

Question - What made you ship them?

Prompt - Tears

4th Feb:

Question - Do you like the way the relationship was handled in canon?

Prompt - Bond

5th Feb:

Question - Do you have a favourite fanfic or piece of art?

Prompt - Comfort or Tension.

(Are we excited? I know I am! Depending on how many people take part in this week, I may organise an Obikin fic/art exchange if people are interested?)

I like how the small Callahan clan is all officially named Callahan b/c it makes no sense what so ever. 

Hello, pleasure to meet everyone! This is Fictive Findings, and this blog is meant to help fictives meet or find people they’re looking for. For this purpose, this blog will function as both a directory and a call blog!

So how does it work? Easy! You can find a short form attached to the submission box that you fill out and send in (one per fictive please!) and then we can add you to the listings by canon & by system (by system is optional!). Both are currently works in progress so as you may notice, we don’t have anything up yet (though we’ll be adding ourselves soon.) If you’d like to submit anonymously, that’s fine, and you’re welcome to submit via ask. 

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P.S. Please note that this blog is designed for fictives, by fictives. Fictives are system specific and are not the same as fictionkin or otherkin.

AHHHH! I made 500 followers today! I never thought my silly little blog would get so far! As a thank you for everyone for sticking with me throughout all the typos and semi-haituses, I thought I’d make a little follow forever. Everyone on this list contributes so much for the fandom and have, either inspired me, or keep me coming back to this blog. I love all your beautiful faces and if I forgot to mention you I STILL LOVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE AND I AM SORRY FORGIVE ME! omg i tried to alphabetize this but i messed up like 10 times and it’s still not right i am so sorry

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lil mini fic rec list

so my new years resolution for 1dff was to read more, so this month ive been checking out new fics that are both new to me and new to 1dff, and i thought that i would make a little list of a few of my favs to share the love!! ps i am yet to review some of these so if you see your own fic pls dont think that i am being silent!!

with the new crowd by goodcricket // likeamisfit : i’m only a few chapters into this but it is soooo good the characters are so unique and it’s absolutely hilarious like one of the only fics that make me actually laugh out loud

polaroid by xheartbeat // stilesharrystyles : everyone has been raving about this fic and it is deserving all of the attention that it is getting it is such a unique idea and i’m so hooked and so desperate to see what happens next

are we electric? by heyitseriza // booksncoffee : even though this is only going to be a mini fic everyone should be reading it because niall is soooo sweet and lovely and hanna is literally so relatable and also everything eriza writes is perfection so check it out

silver springs by gitgat // lifesbetterasamermaid : i have only read the first chapter and half of the second BUT i am hooked already there is so much history with the characters that i am very excited to learn about and i can’t wait to catch up!!

leather and lace by madness // mackabees : this is only one chapter and a prologue so far but romee is an amazing character that has a huge past and a lot to learn about her and i can tell that harry is going to be great too!! everyone should read this asap

crossed wires by ticketchanges // ticketchanges : it is only one chapter long but i am in love with the characters and i cant wait to see where it is going to go