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BSD Rarepair Week Day 6: Fitzcott

“I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.” -“Leave a Message” by Gnash

Because I’m bored at work, I want to write down some ideas for the business au I sort of mentioned.

Gavin is Burnie’s adopted son (in spirit, because by the time his parents die, gavin was old enough to look after himself). Gavin loves his camera and travels the world taking pictures and making money off that. Gavin loves his free spirit lifestyle and can’t imagine doing anything else.

And then Burnie anounces to the whole world that when he retires, it’s Gavin who will take over. And Gavin can do nothing but come home and learn the way of running a corporation because this is Burnie asking. How could Gavin disappoint him?

Gavin’s first real dealings with this strange new world is at his celebration party. He can mingle (he’s not completely green at this) and tries his best to put on a show for the crowd. It helps that Geoff is there (Geoff, who should be angry with Gavin for taking his place but has been nothing but helpful and Gavin couldn’t be more grateful). And the Gavin runs into Haywood.

Gavin’s heard of him, mostly curses from Burnie. Which makes sense. They are rival companies. But as Haywood chats him up, Gavin can’t help but think there must be some exaggeration. The man seems polite enough and he talks to Gavin like he’s a human and not Burnie’s son. It helps that he’s kind of hot.

So Gavin talks to him. About the party and the food and how Gavin’s scared he’s going to let everyone down…opps. Gavin knows he makes a mistake when he sees a glint in Haywood’s eyes but he doesn’t know what.

It isn’t till the next morning, when he sees his face plastered on the news (Heir to Billion Dollar company not ready to take the throne?) That Gavin realizes maybe there was something to Burnie’s warnings about Haywood.

And Gavin feels like he’s going to throw up. He already let people down, let Burnie down, and it wasn’t even his first day!

But, again, Gavin isn’t completely new to this. He was raised by Burnie Burns, and to an extent Geoff as a weird sort of uncle. Both powerful businessmen in their own right. Gavin’s used to scandles. And how to deal with them.

So Gavin spends the morning in his room, thinking. Then he goes to buy a coffee. Like he suspected, there are cameras waiting for him, people shouting out questions. Questioning Gavin’s ability to do this, wondering if Burnie has made a mistake.

Gavin doesn’t let it get to him, on the outside. He puts on a smile and makes sure to politely address them. And the he gives them the biggest pile of shit ever. Tells them, of course he’s nervous. He wants to make Burnie proud and talks about how much he looks up to Burnie and how he will wishes he’s able to fill Burnie’s shoes. He’s raking over a company? Who wouldn’t be scared of that. But he’s ready and he can handle anything that’s thrown at him.

He works them (he knows his cameras afterall). He looks confident in the right places and bashful in others. Let’s his eyes go wide whenever he talks about Burnie, smiles wide for everyone, gets them laughing along with him,and basically charms the pants off them. By the time the improtu interview ends, Gavin has them all in his corner.

He hopes Haywood is watching. Let the prick know that Gavin Free isn’t going to go down that easy.

  • <p> <b>JungKook :</b> *opening pants* Sorry these pants are so tight I have to change.<p/><b>Jin :</b> I understand​ but why are you opening my pants.<p/></p>

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My boyfriend came in me for the first time last night and it's actually a real intimate moment I didn't think it would be but ANYWAYS after we finished we were laying in bed just talking and messing around for a bit and when we finally got up the rest of what was left up there all came out and I froze and my boyfriends like "what's wrong" I was just like "omg i thought I peed myself for a second but it's just you leaking out of me" I had totally forgotten about it 🙈

MXMSKSKKDSK that just made me think of the little scene I wrote in “He was right” and how I want to write that kind of fuck now and I’m gonna dIE cause imagine that happening and watching Harry’s face fall when he sees his cum on your thighs, sliding down your skin and it wasn’t supposed to be this sexy and it wasn’t supposed to make his cock twitch in his pants but it does, it so does, and just as you come back from cleaning up, cause you hadn’t given him any time to stop you, he’s ready to go, ready to fill you up with his cum one more time (and many others)…

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I've noticed you post pictures of Marvel playing with other dogs but never Pants. Is Pants dog aggressive ?

So most of those pictures are at my work with the groups of daycare dogs . There can be up to 20 dogs out at one time . Marvel doesn’t get quite as excited as Pants and is happy to quietly play. Pants can be pushy with some of the other dogs but that isn’t really a problem. Several of the dogs depending on the day don’t like Pants because he’s pushy , and intact so he’s more of a risk to cause a fight (and honestly he’d be the one to get hurt because he’s a big baby).

He also drives me insane . Barks his head off and screeches if I am not throwing a ball. Throws the ball at me . If I go into another play yard he runs the fence line , sometimes will fence fight . And he’s annoyingly obsessed with the little dogs so if they’re out it’s easier to not have him. He just annoys the shit out of them.

I take him out with some daycare groups of dogs who put up with him. Pants thinks all dogs like him to stand on their heads , all dogs do not agree. He actually does better with dogs who will tell him off . I actually had him out yesterday with one of the groups and I took some pictures that I plan on posting once I weed through them. He’s awesome at the dog beach I take him too because I am constantly throwing a toy , and he’s better at my work in the summer when the pools are out.

So to sum this up Pants isn’t aggressive he’s just high maintenance and Marvel is easier to deal with .