so they are officially on holiday


Okay, so I’ve OFFICIALLY opened up art commissions again because I’m struggling to get a job and I really need to pay board and also fund my holiday and everyday things soooo


Things to know

  • Payment is sent via PAYPAL which will be linked to you once you’ve requested your commission. Though you CAN find it on the about page of my blog.
  • Payment should be paid BEFORE the image is completed, though you can pay half first and half afterwards.
  • PLEASE SPECIFY what you would like for your commission, not just ‘X character please!’ specifications of what pose they;re in/what they’re doing can really help make the picture more dynamic!
  • I WON’T be accepting commissions of a sexual nature, sorry. Though gore is allowed.
  • Let me know if you wouldn’t mind commissions being posted publicly or not!
  • Any other questions, please feel free to ask!

hey, sorry for the lack of art as of late, life has been hectic lately

but after 8 years with the same good ol’ tablet, I finally got a new one for Chrimbas this year so I drew a little David to give it a spin

Merry Christmas y’all!

Miraculous Gift Guide

Here is the official Miraculous Holiday Gift Guide, with our favorite gift ideas for all ages. Links and descriptions below the read more!

Ladybug Beanie: Keep your head nice and cozy with this beanie from Hot Topic!

Selfie Shirt: This adorable shirt has the perfect eye popping splash of color!

Spots On Claws Out Shirt: Not only does this show off what great taste you have in cartoons, it’s SO PRETTY!!

Water Bottle: Stay hydrated and rep Ladynoir. 

Ladynoir Sweatshirt: Keep cozy this winter with this new sweatshirt!

Ladybug Compact: This Korean compact is perfect for cosplaying or make up on the go!

Plagg & Tikki: Cuddly, sassy, and always hungry.

Marinette Doll: Cute and comes with her bag!

Writing Set: Get ready for the new semester with this set!

Cat Noir Hoodie: Adorable and with EARS!!

Plagg and Cat Noir Keychains: Inspired by The Puppeteer, this keychains are perfect for keeping your keys safe AND being cute.

Ladynoir Romance Shirt: Designed by @angiensca & @ferisae, this ooey gooey romantic shirt will remind you of HOW BADLY WE NEED THIS TO BE CANON.

Ladybug Earrings  & Cat Noir Ring: SEIZE YOUR MIRACULOUS! 

Marinette Coin Purse: Brand new and totally accurate to the show, this coin purse even comes with a keychain!!

We hope you have amazing holidays, and please share us pictures and videos if you give or receive any Miraculous presents!!

not to be dramatic but there is literally a giant hole in my heart….. nobody will ever come close to SNSD and what they did for not only their fans but kpop in general….. they just deserved so much better! over their recent comeback, over this year, over their entire career tbh!!!! it’s such a bittersweet feeling y’all it’s truly the end of an era like kpop w/ no SNSD? one of the most iconic groups of all time???? nyway i hope the girls are happy and that they all succeed in everything they choose to pursue for the future and i hope SM rots and burns 



so, it’s the second ‘official’ day of the Easter holidays and I am making the concious decision to try 100 days of productivity again. Hopefully I’ll make it past 12..

I haven’t really got much done today yet, but a friend came over and we had an indoor picnic because the weather wasn’t as nice as it has been. My plamnow is to get on with revision for my maths resits.

I also want to redo my tumblr theme, so if anyone has any suggestions for theme makers (or even base codes bc I was thinking I might code it myself it kinda depends), let me know!

I hope you’re all doing okay

P.S. I hit 10k recently so thinking of doing another round of procrastirates if people are down for that? I also made myself a little weekly plan printable if you want that? also hello, I’m back kind of hey?



THANK YOU AIB for all your wonderful and beautiful fics, for being so fun to talk to all the time with your rad as hell mix of hilarity and woke feminist discourse, for being such a ray of sunshine in fandom who vocally offers endless love and support to others, and – most importantly – for being one of the pioneers of a ship that has forever changed my life for the better: Ron x Cormac

This post is also going to double as a fic rec post because if you have not read these Rormac fics you should really 👏 GET 👏 ON 👏 IT. Come board the SS Rormac and never look back to a life of HP fic that doesn’t include protein shakes and burpees:

The Thing About Cormac by @aibidil​ for @tdcatsblog

Hope You’re Holidays are Bright and Gay (”It’s ‘your,’ Cormac.”) by @lol-zeitgeistic

From Bromance to Brove by @synonym-for-life

How to Know You’ve Finally Made it as an Official Weasley by @lol-zeitgeistic

When Wands Collide by @aibidil​ and @frnklymrshnkly for @tdcatsblog

(p.s. Aib I’m so sorry for the sketchy quality, I wanted to have this done in time for your actual birthday but then I got sick and all my plans were ruined and i’m giving this to you so late now ·´¯`(╥Д╥)´¯`·. )


Summary: AU. Reader rushes to her ex-boyfriend’s side when he’s in an accident.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader

Word Count: 4,733

Warnings: language, angst, referenced car accident/motorcycle accident, hospital, doctors, injury, fluff, more angst, more fluff, drunk driving mention, nothing gory, I’m not a damn doctor okay? Shonda Rhimes taught me this shit.

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Soft Rowaelin headcanons

I’m bored so here you go I’m not sure if these are any good but

- Rowan loves kissing Aelin’s neck. He’ll do it when he wakes her up, he’ll do it during sex, he’ll do it when she’s not feeling well and it always makes her feel cozy and loved

- Aelin and Rowan get so competitive over who loves who more, Rowan’ll tell Aelin he loves her just as he leaves for a trip to Ardalan, then Aelin’ll wait until he’s almost out of hearing range to say ‘love you more’ then she’ll sprint away as fast as she can so Rowan can’t ride back and say 'love you most’ (but he tries to catch her anyway)

- Rowan forgot when his birthday was bc you know he’s lived for hundreds of years so Aelin made the day they met his official birthday and she established it as a bank holiday for all of Terrasen

- On said birthday she bakes him a chocolate cake and he eats every last crumb even though it’s disgusting because that’s what they do. She then holds back his hair as he is sick for the next day.

- Once Rowan grows his hair back they braid each others hair and, even though Rowans braid is too low and loose because he’s so tall Aelin can’t reach him properly, he loves it because it’s a mark of his mate taking care of him and he always uses lavender soap to shampoo it (despite what Aelin says)

- Whenever Aelin has a nightmare about her time in Maeve’s iron coffin he wakes her up and draws her a warm bath with the bubble bath for special occasions then they bathe together and he washes her hair. Then they get out and he wraps her in a blanket on the bed and reads her favourite book to her until she goes back to sleep.

Guy this salad is incredible 😍😍 often I find that vegan salads (unless it’s a potato salad) don’t really do the best job at filling me up but this was one is amazing! Steamed kale, avocado, cranberries, roasted NZ kumara and chickpeas, red onion, avocado, sliced almonds and tahini and lemon dressing :) ohhh yeaaaa PLUS I just finished my last exam for the uni semester so I am officially free! Can’t wait to get into the food prep and photography these holidays :) It’s just a bit awkward taking photos of food during the semester being at a college where it’s all catered for 😊 #eatplants #plantpowered -Zoe

instagram : @veganzoejessica 🌱🌱

Good Deeds (Steve Harrington x Reader)

Originally posted by softsteve

Summary: After a minor altercation with Billy at a holiday party, you ask Steve to drive you home. 

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1934

Author’s Note: So, this is Part 1 of a 3 part mini-series I have in my head. Also, I’m thinking about releasing an angsty version of this same fic as a part of a separate mini-series. I know it’s cheating, but  I had two different ideas on how each could go, so we’ll see what happens. I’m ALSO going to have a tag list, if you’d like to be tagged in this series, the angst series, or any future Steve fics, just let me know.

Warnings: Language. Short incident of sexual harassment at the beginning.

Chris Winters had the winter break party.

Maybe it was in the name. Maybe it was in the fact that his parents were in a bidding war against each other over who got to be the cool parent. Maybe it was simply because he was really the only person to bother to hold a “holiday party.” Whatever the case, you knew that if you were at Winters’ party then you were officially in.

At the moment, however, all you wanted to do was get out.

Tiffany had ditched you long ago for Jeff which truly was only a matter of time, and Darlene was too busy babysitting a wasted Becky to be a proper party companion. So, while you had arrived with three friends, somehow you managed to find yourself alone, and you were only half way through the night. And while you had enjoyed some spiked hot chocolate and many more cups of “Holiday Cheer” (whatever that red concoction was), even in your lifted spirits, you felt as if it was time to bounce.

“Hey,” a low voice came up behind you, and your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as you turned to face whoever it could possibly be.

Billy Hargrove. Great.

It wasn’t so much that you were nervous, angry, upset, annoyed, or any other type of emotion that he was there. Billy was a bit of an asshole, sure. And maybe a bit of a play boy, yeah. And he was obviously a reckless driver, but other than that, he was just like any other boy in Hawkins. Except for maybe being  slightly more openly aggressive and attractive than the rest.

Still, despite your four or so cups of Cheer, you weren’t in the mood at the moment to make out with Billy.

But he was smiling and licking his lips. “Come here alone?” he raised an eyebrow. Your eyes fell down to his bare chest. His deep red shirt was unbuttoned almost half way. It was December. In Indiana.

You snorted, scoffing. “No.”

“Where’s your boyfriend then?” he asked, taking a step closer to you. You stopped yourself from rolling your eyes. 

“I’m here with friends,” you clarified, looking up at him, unamused. “Have you seen Tiffany?” Billy’s eyes glanced over to his left, and you followed his gaze towards the corner of the room. You could make out Tiffany’s tight, bright green sweater and a flurry of dark hair which had large hands running through it. Her face was attached to someone else’s, and if you kept looking, you were going to throw up.

“Great,” you said, flatly.

“Looks like they’ve found the mistletoe. Maybe we should find our own,” Billy suggested, raising an eyebrow with a slight smirk.

“I’m good,” you shook your head, turning away and attempting to make your way through the crowd. A pair of hands snaked their way around your waist, pulling you back. Your stomach dropped.

“Are you sure?” Billy’s voice rumbled from behind you.

“Hands off, Billy,” you groaned, attempting to push his hands off  your waist.

“Come on,” Billy protested, pulling you into him so your back was flush against his front. He leaned over your shoulder, whispering in your ear, “I can show you a good time.”

“Yeah, not interested.” This time, you couldn’t stop the eye roll. You finally pulled away and started off towards the crowd. Billy’s hand wrapped around your forearm as he tugged you back.

“Don’t play games,” he warned.

You stepped forward, teeth gritted. “Get your hands off of me,” you ground out. 

Billy leaned forward, and fearing that his face was too close to get a good punch in, you brought up your knee, connecting it with his groin. He  jerked away, allowing you to rip your arm out of his grip. You took off into the crowd, searching for the front door.

“Hey!” another hand shot out, grabbing your arm, and learning from your mistakes, this time you turned with your fist raised, sinking a good punch into your Steve Harrington’s face.

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寶寶穗龍跟暮暮(inspired from Friendship is Magic #40)

No BNHA Chapter for this week

And by that I mean this coming March 2 (scanlation) or March 6 (official), 2017.

Source: This week’s WSJ Ranking.

Given the unfinished pages last chapter, I hope Horikoshi is okay. He hasn’t taken any non-holiday leaves for the past 2+ years he’d been making BNHA so he deserves a break.

On another note, it looks like BNHA Season 2 will be 2-cour (24-26 episodes).


The french distributor of BNHA lists the Season 2 DVD/BDs into two parts, with 318 minutes each. But let’s wait for an official Japanese source first before we get hyped up. (I so want to get hyped up though).

Frohe Weihnachten! Merry Christmas to all! ✨✨🎁🎄✨✨

In Germany, Christmas is a 3-day celebration, starting today (Dec 24th). Most families begin celebrating on Heiligabend (Holy Evening/Christmas Eve) in the afternoon or evening. Although there are 2 official holidays (25th and 26th), Christmas Eve isn’t officially one, so many companies and stores are open until midday, then family celebrations begin. Many Germans, often even those who never go to church otherwise, will attend church on Christmas Eve before or after the celebrations at home. Services usually last for an hour - in many locations, there are several throughout the afternoon and evening, including the very romantic midnight masses. Families with children may go to a children’s mass which is usually shorter and dramatized with a Krippenspiel (nativity play).

The customs held upon returning from church leading to the gift giving may vary across regions and families, but one of the most traditional, old-fashioned customs sees the returning children wait to enter into the living room when a little bell rings. The bell marks the departure of the one delivering gifts. In the more Catholic regions - primarily Southern Germany - this is the Christkind (Christ Child), while in the North and elsewhere not Catholic, it’s the Weihnachtsmann (a Saint Nicholas/Santa Claus type of figure). The children then enter to see the decorated Weihnachtsbaum (Christmas tree), with all the presents beneath wrapped in colorful paper. Adults may also share gifts while the children are opening theirs. For the Bescherung (gift giving) in Germany, the only light traditionally comes from the Christmas tree (in the past generated by real candles, today generally replaced by electric lights). There also is a meal on Christmas Eve, but it’s usually not as elaborate as the big family meal the following day (Dec 25).

An alternative version held in many homes with children sees no presents lying beneath the tree. Instead, but not in the southern regions, the Weihnachtsmann (normally played by a relative, neighbor, friend or even a hired male) appears in person, knocking at the door while the family sits together. Once he is let in, he puts his sack and ‘rute’ (shepherd’s crook) aside and greets the family. He may ask the children to sing a Christmas song or recite a poem and asks them if they were naughty or nice. Most children admit that they have not always been nice, so the Weihnachtsmann wants the promise that they will do better next year before giving them all their presents. He then retreats and the family spends the rest of the evening together, enjoying gifts and company. Here, too, a meal is involved and typical Christmas foods like cookies, chocolates and nuts are eaten as the evening progresses.

Up next: December 25 - The Big Family Feast of 1. Weihnachtstag

A WonderBat Holiday - For my final (no I don’t want this to be over!!! 😱) submission for WonderBat 100 challenge I have done what Bruce and Diana would do for the holidays. Of course featuring the BatFam.

Theme #3 - “Social Media” - Day 7 (Finale)- “A Wonderbat Holiday”

Submission for @fyeahwonderbat WonderBat 100 Themes Challenge.

Happy WonderBat holiday week y’all! With this being my final post for this challenge I am officially open to any requests one may have so let me know and I will try my best!

Thank you all for all the love and a big thank you to @fyeahwonderbat without whom I wouldn’t have had the inspiration to create this stuff!

anonymous asked:

For the drabbles (if theyre still open!) #18, Jungkook, and either Jungsh00k Au or Fuckboy!Jungkook 😍 Whichever one you think fits it the best. Also I have to say that your writing honestly makes me so damn happy okay oml ❤️❤️ Dont push yourself, and stay healthy!

hello thank you so much for asking! i hope you like it! it’s a continuation from my previous fuckboy!jungkook drabble, hope that’s okay!

18. “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”


part one 

Originally posted by b4ngt4nboys

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