so they are also business partners

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do u have any ace characters in your writing?

Of course I do, what kind of amateur do you take me for!?

(I’m kidding, thank you for asking)!

I’m gonna try and go off the top of my head, so I might forget a few, b/c I have a lot. Like, these are prob just the ones I’ve been working on/with the most recently.

Ginger O’Malley from Boneshaker Investigations is asexual! She and her girlfriend/business partner/later wife Nadia are very happy together.

Finch Cho from Midnight Mystery Theatre is also ace!

Harvey Belasco in my and @subsequentibis‘ comic Madge & Harvey is a bi ace as well (actually…so are the last two…huh). His daughter, Maisie, is aroace and her one true love is cinema.

(Off-topic, but Madge & Harvey’s son, Marcello, and Ginger and Nadia’s, Alcor, end up getting together when they’re grown up, b/c shared universe).

Here’s a cute pic of Harvey Ibis drew to close out this ask:

your fave is problematic: nikolai lantsov

- too cool 4 u
- superstar.mp3
- so perfect he literally created another version of him that’s basically his raggedy alter ego
- said alter ego is just nikolai playing with ships instead of subjects
- ALSO somehow has even more sex appeal than the original which is like… holy shit wow a+ 11/10 would bangbarabangbang
- yo ho ho a pirate’s life for me (and a bottle of kvas)
- brilliant, talented, showstopping.gif
- better than your faves 2kforever
- will probably smack his face into the mirror one day bc he’ll be too busy flirting w/ his own reflection
- but according to sturmhond crooked noses are in so it’s fine
- allergic to the word impossible
- meteor shower boy™
- has this really nasty kink called treating your crush/partner with respect and supporting them no matter what. disgusting right
- will (and has) sacrificed himself for his kingdom/people……. seriously someone kinkshame him like wtf how dare he
- …… be so perfect
- did i say perfect? bc p e r f e c t ✨✨✨✨✨✨
- how do you flawless™
- 2 sexy for your crown
- nikolai: i don’t like drama!!!!
also nikolai: 👀👂🔍
- will steal your heart and never give it back like once you meet him that’s it. bye fam it’s been real i’m forever enchanted by this perfect man… this perfect fictional man

The Eve Of My Sadness - A Miraculous One-Shot

Hi everyone! So, this is my first work for this fandom, so I hope you all like it! Special thanks to @confusednonage , my friend, beta, and partner-in-crime.

Notes:  I meant to post this on Christmas Eve, but I’ve been procrastinating busy. Sorry haha! Also, my first one-shot. Ever. Please enjoy, and reblog if you enjoy!

Summary: In which Sadrien is Sad, and Marinette tries to help. Angst ensues.

                           FF                                                        AO3

Gabriel Agreste’s Christmas Eve soirée was spectacular, as usual. The food was exquisite, the decorations were ornate, and the tree was magnificent. Everyone chattered among themselves, though all were making attempts to approach Gabriel himself. Adrien would have attempted to sneak out hours ago, except his father would call him over every few minutes to “introduce” him; Adrien knew that it was mostly to prevent him from leaving.

“I hope you don’t have plans for tonight, Adrien,” Gabriel had said, “because your attendance is required. I don’t want anyone to be under the impression that I can’t control my own son.”

Yeah, imagine a world like that, Adrien had thought bitterly. “I know. I’ll be there, so don’t worry.”

So, Adrien forced a smile, and gave a warm handshake (he’d been keeping his hands in his pockets, blowing hot air on them every minute or so to keep them warm) to everyone to whom his father introduced him, and utilized every small-talk question he’d learned over his years of entertaining his father’s associates.

A thought struck him, well into the night. What was Ladybug doing tonight? Was she with her family? Did she have a lot of brothers and sisters with which she shared her holiday cheer? Did they watch Christmas movies over hot chocolate and bûche de Noël? Did they have a tradition of opening one small gift on Christmas Eve? If so, was she opening hers right now?

Was she thinking of him, too?

Adrien suppressed a lovesick sigh. He knew that his every move was being watched not only by the press, but also by his father; even still, he couldn’t help it. Ladybug made him giddy and nervous whenever she intruded his thoughts without warning.

He wondered if she was a fan of him as a model. He hoped not. If she was, then she didn’t see him as a human, just like everyone else with the exception of his friends. He was just a body, a doll that the photographers could pose any way they wanted, and they made millions because of it.

Adrien shook his head. He didn’t want to think about that now. No need to add that to his sadness. He just had to take things as they were and deal with it.

All he knew: later tonight, he had to get out of here.

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PSA about time.

One of the MOST common forms of miscommunication in the roleplay community is about TIME. People constantly assume that someone is either super busy, or they’re super available, and neither of these assumptions are usually TRUE. So, please be sure to remember that people have lives beyond the computer screen. They don’t have to be busy with REAL LIFE to not be online – things happen, personal things, or sometimes nothing might. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for someone to reply to you. We need to take more time talking about how comfortable we are with certain things when it comes to writing together, one of these topics pertaining to TIME. It should be more discussed throughout the roleplay community, and also UNDERSTOOD. Take the TIME to understand your roleplay partner before jumping to conclusions about why they may or may not be online.

Business!AU Headcanons for The Squad

I have no clue what this is, but I love this so enjoy. (I also know Alex usually isn’t apart of these, but hush it makes sense)


  • The company is owned by Charles Xavier
  • His business partner is Warren Worthington ii
  • Who is also an investor
  • And their is attorney Erik Lensherr
  • He doesn’t stop by that often
  • While Charles practically lives there
  • He likes to see his company thrive
  • Almost like a father


  • Alex is the Office Manager
  • And honestly, he hates his job
  • Alex always has to stop the younger employees from doing dumb things
  • But his job is also to punish them??? its contradicting
  • There have been so many times when Alex saved them from getting fired
  • He cares but just acts like he doesn’t
  • Alex is done with everything, and no one even cares when he falls asleep in his office
  • Give this man the promotion he was promised
  • And a hug, he needs it


  • Scott is work in the I.T Department
  • Actually he’s the whole I.T Department and by Department I mean closet filled with wires  
  • Everyone is pretty sure he only go the job because of Alex
  • ….It is
  • He’s good at his job even if he’s done with everyone
  • “Peter stop eating and using the tablets you’ll ruin them.”
  • “Warren that’s not what a mouse if for!”
  • “Ororo look, I know the new system sucks, I’ve been trying to fix it from a fucking closet!”
  • Scott does like helping Jean set up her presentations
  • He usually says behind to make sure there are “No technical difficulties.”


  • Jean is totally going to be the next CEO
  • No one ever sees her leave the building
  • Sometimes her and Charles will have late night conversations since they are both still there working
  • Honestly Jean works so hard, and everyone loves her
  • When there’s a new employee everyone tell them to talk to Jean
  • Jean has an office, which Warren let her have
  • He didn’t use it anyways, but “Jean don’t tell anyone…”
  • “Okay Warren, but thanks.”  
  •  Jean actually likes to spend most time of her time the main officer area
  • She likes it better than being alone 


  • Jubilee is the bubbly Human Resources Manager
  • She’s also like the part time therapist and she always knows the gossip
  • Jubilee always tries to have those group retreats
  • And team building exercises
  • “We need to work together! Guys c'mon, please.”
  • No one usually goes, except for Kurt and sometimes Warren
  • Jubilee also knows everything that’s going on
  • It’s kind of scary, she just knows everyone’s problems and random personal facts
  • No one knows how she does it, but its useless to keep a secret from her
  • Jubilee always find out


  • Kurt is one of the interns
  • He is so overworked it isn’t even funny
  • He’s been there for so long yet no promotion and he doesn’t even have an office
  • Just a shitty cubicle beside Peter 
  • Everyone makes Kurt do everything
  • Getting coffees, helping fill out paperwork
  • He delivers the mail, even though there is a mail boy Kurt just does it better
  • Everyone jokes they never see Kurt sit down
  • He just does everything  


  • Ororo works in finance
  • She rarely leaves her office
  • It’s far away from everyone and quiet
  • Peter started a rumor she isn’t even real
  • Most people thinks she’s mean, but she’s really nice when you talk to her
  • Jean and her often bond over spreadsheets
  • Even Warren likes her, he tends to hide in her office a lot
  • Ororo is very composed and professional but everyone remembers the time she got super drunk at the Christmas party


  • Peter is also an intern
  • But he does nothing
  • Everyone wonders why he isn’t fired, but there is a scandal that he’s Erik son  
  • Peter often just pulls pranks, but can be helpful when needed
  • Which is rare
  • He likes to fuck with Scott the most
  • “Okay who tied all my wires together?”
  • But if Kurt asks Peter to drive him somewhere Peter will 100% do it
  • Which is good (or bad) because Peter drives super fast
  • And Peter uses any excuse he can get to leave the office


  • Warren has a job, but no one really knows what it is
  • He really only works there because of his dad
  • But Warren can actually do his job really well but he’d rather not
  • He’d just rather be the office hottie
  • Which he knows
  • Warren does keep a flask in his desk
  • Some people wonder why Alex hasn’t reported him to H.R
  • Rumor has it they were a thing…who knows………….  
  • Warren will definitely stand up for the little guy 
  • Someone once got pissed at Kurt for bringing the wrong coffee and Warren totally didn't get them fired
  • Or slash their tires

Sorry I forgot to post these yesterday, I was busy, but enjoy!!

~ Mac

Thought this was worth making a little post about!

Ahmed, a friend/business partner of Cricky’s in Dubai, has posted a few pictures of Cricky on his Instagram and has tagged Cristiano and Ricky in them:

And as we all know, 2016 has been an INCREDIBLE year for Cris! Probably the best year of his career so far!

So Ahmed posted this family photograph a couple of days ago on Instagram to congratulate them:

And Ricky replied…



CRICKY ARE SUCH A ‘WE/ US /OUR’ COUPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why did Ahmed @rickyregufe and not @Cristiano, in a pic of Cristiano taking a photo of Junior???!!!!!!!! A picture that Ricky’s not even in!

Gaawwwwddddd. Anyone would start to think Cristiano and Ricardo are in a relationship or something……

Sensitive (Mafia!Taehyung)

Plot: #006: “I will always be there protect you.” + #016: “I could never leave you, I love you too much!” with mafia!Taehyung

Word Count: 488

A/N: so this request just sounded really cute and fun and I wanted to do it so the links for the post are mafia!tae (here) and I’m also gonna add in some father!tae too bc my favE (here)

Your husband didn’t like to mix his business life with his personal life, he never spoke about his kids to clients, he never told them he was married or lived in an amazing house right down the street from the park he so often visited with his family. None of his business partners knew about his family, he His children never knew where he went during the days he had to work, they just knew that their father was working. They didn’t know what his job was, they were all still too young to even fully understand what a job was. They didn’t question it much after getting Taehyung’s puzzling answer when they asked him what he did for a living.

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Building Up Chpt.1

Authors Note: First Multi-chap. Not intending for it to be a super long multichap. Please enjoyyyy :) ALSO slight lemon and adult situation (cursing etc) so if thats not how you roll don’t read. k? K ;)

Summary: AU(tried to stick to character personalities) College Life fic; non-massacre. Sasuke and Sakura meet through friend connections and slowly things go from acquaintance, to friends, to partners…Sakura majors in Medical Science while Sasuke majors in Business and Sports Therapy on a military scholarship. Experienced Sasuke is patient with an ever so shy sakura as the build up their relationship through the wild ride that is college.

Rating: M slight lemons, adult situations, language


Sasuke's POV’

  He couldn’t tell if it was the lights or the liquor rushing through his blood system or a mixture of both. Pink hair. It had to have been since middle school that he had seen hair decorated with stupid feathers, over-highlighted or god forbid, wild colors dominating a person’s head. Call it his military upbringing that stressed excellence, but he almost despised people who were so desperate for attention that they would go as far as coloring their whole head, an unnatural color.

   He watched silently from afar at first, red solo cup in hand with the ‘non-alcoholic’ punch served at the toga party. Aside from a few people -including this pink haired girl- he opted out of wearing a sheet made to look like a toga. It was millennial and stupid. He considered himself to be a mild party-animal. But this girl, who sat on the couch with what he thought to be a medical book, looked exceedingly out of place. Girls like her (pink haired attention seekers) should be jumping in whip cream kiddy pools, grinding on some stranger, or better yet entering in a wet T-shirt contest. Her friend however, Ino Yamanaka he recalled from high school, was doing all of the above. 

    She wore ripped skinny jeans, combat boots, a flannel tied around her waist, and a black and gray shirt with a band he had never heard of written in bold letters on her cleavage. Her pink tresses just exceeded her shoulder length by an inch or so. Her eyes, bright green; how unusual. A smirk tugged at his lips, he had seen so many fake girls around campus (and dated plenty of them as well), yet the girl with jade eyes and pastel pink hair seemed the least fake out of them all. 

   He vaguely remembered her from the campus rush a year ago. She had fallen flat on her face into a mud puddle along with her pillows and blankets. The thought made him snicker. She had such a nerdy persona about her.

“Dude, just go talk to her..” his friend Naruto said, leaning an arm on his shoulder rather awkwardly given the slight height difference. 

“Hinata went to school with her, she said that was one of her only friends,” oh great he thought. A girl to timid to even say hi is just what he wanted.

“In that case, she’s not my type..” sighing, he started to turn before glancing back at the girl. A punk fuck boy named Kito was practically laying on her now, she seemed really uncomfortable about it too. Yet again, he was staring. Wait, did he just?

“Teme, hey wait!” he barely registered his blonde friend as he made his way to the mystery girl, first clenched and blood boiling from what he just bared witness too. ‘You never hit a woman, period.’ he scoffed internally before reaching the couch, looming over the punk.

Sakura’s POV

   Sakura Haruno was not one for parties. She didn’t dislike them, but big frat parties like this one intimidated her to say the very least. She pretty much came to ensure her friend Ino’s safety and to make sure her stupid ass didn’t drive home because she knew she would be humiliatingly wasted by the end of the party. 

    Like any good medical student, she brought her humongous, 1000 page plus book around with her everywhere. When you weren’t studying from it, you could get in a good workout with it! She easily drowned out the music and flashing lights. As much as she didn’t like the scene she really wanted to enjoy some partying during her college life; it was her second year at Konoha University after all. The most prestigious school of the country and the biggest party school at that.

   If it wasn’t for the strong smell of alcohol pelting her in the face she may have not registered that another party goer had taken a seat practically on top of her.

“Hey pinkie, have you had any of the punch yet” he reeked of straight vodka and shitty beer. She chose not to respond. She could feel her face flushing from his body pressed against her side. 

   Suddenly her book was slammed shut in her very hands. What. The. Actual. Fuck. “I promise I am far more interesting than that textbook sweetheart. Come on give me a smile, you’re gorgeous. Names Kito” he grinned almost wickedly, not even trying to hide his real reason for coming over.

“Thanks but no thanks, Kaito” she spat out relatively harsh.

“Kito. Come on now, let’s have some fun, don’t be prude..” he rasped, grasping her wrist tightly, pushing her backward into the cushion more.

“Let my hand go please” she said dully, she really had no time for this. Her patience was wearing thin and she could feel her heart beating against her rib cage harshly.

“No, let me hold your hand” he was practically hovering over her petite form now. His face dangerously close. She closed her eyes and turned her head to the side for a brief moment. The amount of alcohol in his was almost sickening. “I said GET OFF ME” she screamed past the blaring music. 

  When he ignored her and was almost straddling her she rose her hand swiftly towards his face.

‘No. No no no. Absolutely not happening. Not again.’ she thought nervously. Almost beginning to panic. Her hand never reached his face, let alone his shoulder. Instead, the familiar feeling of a burning cheek and momentary bright lights slammed into her like a truck once more. 

“You bitch!” he shouted. Gripping her hand even tighter along with her once free hand that never hit its target; literally. She was begging for anything or anyone to just step in. She should have stuck around Ino or that Hinata’s boyfriend Naruto at the very least. 

  She didn’t know what to make of what happened next. Suddenly the junior boy (was he in medical science? she could have sworn she had seen him in the science campus a handful of times. Maybe it was sports medication; ie the lettermen jacket he sported) she recognized to be Sasuke Uchiha, the sexiest male at the campus, was grabbing Kito by the collar of his beer stained t-shirt.

“Did you just hit her? Did you just SLAP her?!” she had never seen eyes so red. So enraged. She barely knew this boy, why was he standing up for her like this?

At this point everyone was watching and people from the upstairs and outside area were rushing in to watch the school’s most popular boy (and bachelor) get into a fight.

“Chill man, she’s my bitch” he spat out. She was going to be sick, yet, she was fueled with anger at the same time. “I pity any girl that even holds your hand! I am no one’s bitch!” she spat out even more ugly than his own comment. Bad Idea, for him at least.

      Kito spit at her; thankful it missed her bomb ass t-shirt courtesy of Hinata. She as standing at his point with her fists clenched. She barely witnessed the iPhones being taken out when Sasuke just started beating the shit of the guy. He deserved it no doubt, but he didn’t even stand a chance! At some point, she had intervene and had grabbed at his arm and screamed at him to stop. As much as he did deserve it she hated seeing people hurt; it is why she was on the track to become a doctor.

Sasuke’s POV

    He barely registered the soft brush and then rough grasp on his shoulder and arm. This kid really was asking for it and his patience was growing thin. When he spit towards her he swore his eyes had turned red with rage. Growing up a military brat you learn to respect others and treat women like queens. The buzz of adrenaline and alcohol mixed together to the point he didn’t even feel his two broken knuckles. When he glanced back at the girl, whose name he learned was Sakura from Ino screaming from the crowd, looked borderline mortified.

   It wasn’t until Naruto started dragging him by his shirt (that would be so stretched out by the end of this) that he realized the party was over. He heard Ino trailing behind him with Sakura yelling over the still blaring music about how sorry she was for dragging her out there.

   The four of them ran to Naruto’s rather untrusty pickup truck, Ino taking shot-gun with Naruto driving. He and Sakura sat in the bed of the truck. What a way to reunite with his old high school classmate Ino.

   As they drove off Ino had opened up the middle mirror (the one behind the seat commonly called ‘riding bitch’ due to it being insanely uncomfortable being in the middle and all) and started apologizing profusely to the Pinkett who looked like she had seen a ghost. He could have sworn she had a little bit more in her after seeing her determined eyes and hearing the almost deadly tone of her voice back in the frat house.

“Forehead I am soooooooo sorry that happened. I didn’t think anything like THAT would have happened! I should have left your boring ass home to study!” she grinned sheepishly. What an odd relationship they shared; all the Pinkett did was nod and laugh softly.

   He chanced a rather awkward glance at her and saw a beer bottle of all things in her hands. He just pointed to it and raised an eyebrow. What a…preculiar girl.

“I-Uh, um…your hand, it’s broken…I grabbed this on the way out so you could uh-I don’t know, put it on your hand, to ah..” she trailed off, averting her eyes shyly. He couldn’t help but smirk. She was pretty cute.

  He held out his hand, waving it at first lightly to get her attention again. Having been an athlete his entire life he knew the importance of icing muscles and taking care of them when they became injured; but, he was still a boy. Any excuse to get her looking at him with those emerald eyes again would be taken.

  “Oh-um here.” her hands were soft when she gently took the underside of his palm and splayed them flat against her very petite one. She grabbed some napkins that Ino had found in in Naruto’s dash and wrapped them thinly around the ice cold bottle before pressing it to his knuckles.

   “When you get home ice it in a bucket like you would probably do for one of your muscle injuries in football. Fifteen minutes straight, five-minute rest, and then five minutes back in the ice before wrapping it in a towel and taking it to the doctors in the morning for a brace,” she smiled warmly at him, not breaking his gaze for the first time. 

“So you follow me on the football field?” he grinned. She almost reeled back, her face was flush and her neck and ears were as well.

“W-well you are our star quarterback”

“Hm..Well doctor, since you know so much about these ‘sport injuries’,” he winked at her slightly, hoping to play it off to coach and the rest of the school as one; “would you mind tutoring me for my sports med. class?” 

   He knew he was smooth. She was smart, cute, and actually not that bad despite her hair color choice.

Sakura’s POV

“As long as you don’t tell my genetics teacher I went to a frat party the night prior to our three hundred question exam, I’m game” she replied far more calm and cheerful than she felt.

  The hotest bachelor just asked for tutoring help. She thought she as going to die. Maybe just maybe, some boys weren’t bad at all. 

   Looking past his perfect jawline and stunning facial featurues, she saw Ino making kissy faces along with Naruto in the mirror as the rounded to the girls dorm…how embarressing!!!

~To Be Continued~



per several conversations i had today & in case anyone else is interested: varric’s flirt option post “night terrors” in act ii

kindergarten romcom au where:

  • naruto lost his parents in a car accident when he was a baby. he fights a lot with sasuke and is generally troublesome, but a good kid nonetheless. thinks flirting is gross.
  • jiraya is naruto’s legal guardian, he’s a writer and travels a lot, leaving naruto to minato’s mysterious adopted nephew. jiraya also flirts with tsunade a lot.
  • tsunade is the Konoha Daycare principal, not because she’s particularly fond of kids, but her grandfather (hashirama) founded the daycare with his business partner (madara). hate-loves jiraya.
  • iruka is a daycare teacher in training, working part-time at the daycare and almost done with university. he’s naruto’s favorite teacher because he’s constantly nagging at jiraya about flirting in front of the children (he forbids it). moved from okinawa after his parents’s death and is uchinanchu.
  • kakashi is minato’s mysterious adopted nephew. a prodigy who graduated from some big ass university at 16 or something, used to work at the special police force, like his father, but was removed after losing two partners. currently a host, though he looks more like a hikikomori on his free time. he falls in love with iruka at first sight when he picks up naruto from the daycare (jiraya is on a business trip) and meets iruka. is hellbent on seducing iruka.
  • gai is kakashi’s best friend. he’s a passionate P.E. teacher and works part-time at the host club kakashi works at, teaching new hosts the power of Love and how to Appreciate Women, who are so very Lovely and Wonderful. often shows up with kakashi at the daycare when kakashi decides he wants to Seduce iruka.
  • yamato is currently a special police force operative, but he becomes naruto’s babysitter when iruka finally agrees to go on a date with kakashi (jiraya is still on a business trip). yamato is not very good with kids. panics a lot around naruto.

anonymous asked:

what advice do you have for partners of med students? how can we be supportive?

I love this question because I’ve both been the med student and the partner to a med student! 

So as a former med student now doctor I can tell you: 

>We’re busy. We basically have full time (or overtime) jobs and are full time students. Please don’t make us feel guilty. But also remind us to walk away from the books and spend time outside or with the people who love us. We want to do it, we just need the push.

>We’re forgetful. We have 18 things going through our heads at the same time – so if you remember to stop and pick up the bread we were supposed to be three days ago, you’ll be our hero. 

>We’re stressed out. We’ll learn not to take it out on you. Sometimes we’ll fuck up and forget that you’re awesome and say something we don’t mean. Forgive us. 

>We’re excited about medicine. Sometimes we’ll talk about it ad nauseam. Listen for a bit, and then shut us up and remind us to ask you about your day or to talk about the life outside the hospital. 

>We’re emotionally exhausted. Sometimes we give 100% of what we have to strangers. We care and care and care until there’s nothing left to come home with. Remind us not to do that. Remind us that we have people who need us here too and we need to save some of what we have for them. 

And as the soon to be spouse of a doctor:

>You must be independent. Have things you like to do alone or with other friends. Sometimes your schedules won’t line up and you’ll have to do that thing you wanted to do together alone. 

>You must make small moments big. Wednesday night is the only night you’re both home for more than 4 hours – guess when date night happens?! 

>You’ll learn about new “couple time”. Spending time together is taking a nap together or running and errand or sitting in the same room together studying. 

>You’ll learn to pick up the slack. If it means running an extra errand or doing more than your fair share of the cleaning. 

>You’ll learn to speak up. If your partner is being selfish and forgetting you, chances are they don’t even realize they’re doing it. SAY SOMETHING. 

The biggest thing I’ve found as someone in a “two-doctor-relationship” is that on any given day, the balance is almost never 50-50. Sometimes it’s 90-10 and sometimes it’s 10-90. Sometimes it’s 60-40 or 20-80. But you’re doing a lot of switching off about who is doing the “work” of living depending on who’s busier that day or that week. Be flexible and never resent doing more than what seems fair – because the tables will turn entirely the next day and your partner will be cleaning up after you. 

Really – there are only two really good things I know about relationships and those things are communicate and be ready to give 80% sometimes to make up for all the times you give 20%.

alicethereaper666  asked:

Would you be able to do if the chocobros were cops or something and the s/o was a thief like a batman/catwoman dynamic if like you're not busy, I think that would be kinda interesting.

Police AU (Chocobros)

I’m so sorry for the wait!! I tried to recreate Ignis and Noctis’ as closely to the original ones I had down as I could. And I know there’s no s/o in this but that was more for the sake of convenience the romantic tension is implied. Also this isn’t entirely as interesting as a Batman/Catwoman dynamic but I did my best. Hope you enjoy!

They were never subtle. The crime scene had them written all over it. His partner seemed to agree. Both sighing out of exasperation. Managing to look calm, he would try to focus on collecting evidence. He couldn’t hide from himself though, he was really annoyed. Hating that they were out of his reach, for more than one reason. Seeing some mildly suspicious movement breaks his train of thought. He can assume who it is. His partner, tired, asks if he can finish up on his own; leaving as Noctis says he’ll manage, perhaps a little too eagerly. His partner doesn’t notice. Not wanting to miss anything, he takes another look once he’s alone. They see their chance and sneak up on him. Visibly shocked, he feels sick of their antics. They tease him as they always do, and he pretends to hate it. He says he should arrest them because he values his job. They just hold his face and graze a thumb over his cheek, smiling. His gaze is dreamy. “We both know some things have a tighter hold on you, than your job.” They would say, as they quickly left. Leaving him embarrassed.

“Do the right thing.” He’d chant in his head. It was the most important thing to him. They made it difficult. The words they used, the looks they gave him. Just the thought, made him uneasy. He knew he was being led on. But their act was convincing. Almost as though they’ve read his mind, as though they know what he wants. It messed with his head. He’s grown thankful that their appearances were spontaneous. He’s never been able to predict them. No matter how hard he tried. At first it left him restless, but now he uses it as time to prepare himself. Maybe it’s experience or maybe it’s because he’s worked through it, but when the time comes, he has the strength to arrest them. They try to charm him, and he grits his teeth and stands by his decision. Though he does wonder what he would do if they managed to make a break for it. Having faith in himself he can shake off the thought. The words begin playing in his head  “Do the right thing.” He knows better but in his heart he hopes those same words start meaning something to them too.

Any time he encountered them, he would be both mildly amused and thoroughly unenthused. Be it a wave from across the street, or a wink on the bus. Their personal favourite though, was anytime his partner needed to leave. Perhaps a coffee run? They’re there. In the bathroom, maybe? They’re there. It’s at a point where he’s often looking around trying to figure out where they’re hiding. There are times where he catches them. Helping him feel validated in his skills. Even though it can be tricky to explain why his gaze is a little too focused on otherwise mundane scenery. When they have him to themselves, they’re always the one to strike up a conversation, he knows he shouldn’t indulge them so he stays quiet. They tell him that some small talk isn’t so bad, after all they could be up to no good instead. He reluctantly starts replying to them but his responses are wry. They like keeping him engaged and don’t hide it. He however tells them not to get too comfortable otherwise they’ll be spending a night behind bars.

There’s no denying the sparks. Maybe not sparks, but definitely something. Whenever he’s faced them he can feel the air thicken. He believes in the work he’s doing, he knows he won’t lose himself. Being at this for as long as he has, he knows better. His actions convey that. It doesn’t discourage them. They’re determined, he’ll admit; but he isn’t easy. He also wants to make sure they know he has the upper hand. Most days he’ll do his job and that’ll be the end of that. Others, he’ll fire back. Playing them the same way. And when he does, he knows when they’re tripped up. It’s not entirely obvious but something in their manner changes, as though they don’t account for him being responsive. With time, they try to play off of his own attempts hoping they can ensnare him. But they’re transparent to him and he knows how to keep them on their toes. Cold, harsh and professional. He gets the job done and their dynamics with him change. Their words are less charismatic. It brings out his other side. The one trying to ensnare them. They wonder how far both of them are putting on an act.

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Can I request a klance fluff?

ya definitely;; this is short sry also i made it poly! i haven’t been well enough to write as often as i would have liked so i might not be able to write a lot throughout the day. i hope you all still like this tho;;;

It’s not often that you get to spend time with them like this, what with their busy schedules and all. The three of you are on the couch, watching the television with a certain aura of laziness as well as a certain aura of relaxation. You’re sandwiched between your partners, Lance and Keith, and the three of you are silent, eyes glued to the television in front of you even when all of you are only paying half-attention to what’s showing in front of you.

You’re laying your head on Keith’s lap and your legs are propped on Lance’s lap, trying to get as comfortable as possible in the not-so-spacey couch.

There’s a long moment of silence between the three of you, comfortable and easy. You could feel Keith’s hand on your head, his fingers threading through your hair and the pads of his fingers massaging your scalp. The reaction calms you, relaxes you that you find your eyes closing on their own accord. You’re almost about to fall asleep when all of a sudden—

“I think she likes me more,” Keith suddenly says, and the sudden loudness of his voice manages to break you out from your momentary stupor. You shift your body a bit so that you could look at him, confusion evident in your expression.

“No, no, she likes me more,” Lance shoots back, and you could almost swear that you could hear a growl coming from his throat.

“No, me,” Keith says, seemingly irritated by Lance’s words. It takes him a moment to continue. “Look, she even laid her head on my lap. What does that say?”

A growl rips from Lance’s throat, and the next words coming out from his lips are angry. “It says nothing. She never said anything about liking you more than me.”

He shifts forward to punch Keith on the shoulder, and the older boy responds by hitting Lance back. This continues on for a few moments, and the little hits and punches turn into shoves and attempting to push each other away from the couch.

You continue to watch for a while, your frustration toward them growing and your patience growing thin. It finally snaps when the both of them try to shove one another off the couch, but instead of succeeding from pushing the other, they only succeeded in pushing you off the couch, albeit accidentally.

You fall on the floor without much grace, landing on your butt with a large oomph. For a moment, you’re shocked, as though you’re unable to comprehend everything on your surroundings, as though you’re unable to comprehend whatever it is that has just happened.

You could only stare at them, your expression blank and empty. It’s as though you’ve been frozen; it’s as though the time itself has been frozen.

For a moment, they could only stare at each other, their expressions of anger frozen for a long while. It takes them a moment to realize what they’ve done and as soon as they do, they could only turn their head to look at you with wide eyes.

There’s horror in their expressions, as though they couldn’t quite believe what they’d done. There’s a moment of silence settling between the three of you, and it’s a dreadful one. It’s the kind of silence that promises something horrific, the kind of silence that promises something that isn’t pleasant.

You narrow your eyes into a glare, and your expression contorts into one of anger. You could almost sense how they seem to be cowering in their own seats.

Lance is the first to break the silence, and he licks his lips as if to wet them before speaking. “I…“ he begins, and the tone of his voice is almost fearful, like he’s terrified of what you’re about to do, like he’s terrified of you. You could see him gulping down, and it takes him a moment to begin speaking once more.

“It’s…” he tries once again, trailing off and allowing the words to hang in the air between the three of you. It’s almost as if he’s rendered speechless, wordless; it’s almost as if he couldn’t find the proper words to utter to you, almost as if he couldn’t find the proper explanation to say to you.

“I swear we didn’t mean to push you off the couch,” says Keith, interrupting the younger boy from the words you aren’t sure he’s even going to say. He exhales the words quickly, all in a breathless rush and seemingly all at once. He’s rubbing the back of his neck, almost a little too nervously. He refuses to look at you as soon as he says the next words. “It just kind of happened…” he trails off, pausing briefly as if to allow the words to hang in the air for a moment. “Like an accident.”

“What were the both of you even trying to do?” you ask them, raising an eyebrow as though in disbelief. The anger is finally washed out of you, replaced only by a sheer amount of disappointment and exasperation toward the both of them.

Lance is quick to respond to your question, as though he’s suddenly managed to have found his words. “He started it first,” he replies, raising a hand and pointing a finger to the older boy’s direction. “He keeps claiming that you like him more than me.”

“It’s true, anyway!” Keith shoots back, protesting just a little too quickly at the younger boy’s words.

Lance narrows his eyes into a glare as he looks at the older boy in front of him. “She never said anything about that.”

“Yeah,” Keith says, almost in protest as the corners of his lips curl up into a smirk. “But she doesn’t need to. It’s obvious in the way she’s acting around me, anyway.”

Lance opens his mouth to say something, anything to dismiss Keith’s words, but before the words spill out of his mouth, you cut him off.

“I never said anything about liking Keith more than you, Lance,” you say, stopping him from saying something. You could see the corners of his lips tugging upward as he shoots Keith a smug smirk, almost as if he’s wordlessly asking him for a challenge.

You purse your lips before opening your mouth and continuing your words. “But I never said anything about liking you more than Keith, too.”

Lance’s smirk immediately turns into a frown, and he turns to regard you with a seemingly pained expression on his face. Keith, meanwhile, is looking at you with a blank expression, as though he’s simply just waiting for your next words, as though he’s simply just waiting for you to say something and break another growing silence between the three of you.

“Look,” you say, allowing a sigh of exasperation to escape your lips. You raise your head to look at the both of them as you say the next words. “There’s a reason as to why I agreed being with the both of you instead of just one of you.”

You pause briefly, taking a deep breath before continuing. “I like the both of you, really. And there’s no need for you to try and one-up each other every single time.” You worry your bottom lip between your teeth as soon as you finish, shaking your head at them as though in vexation. “If you’re going to continue to act like that, I don’t think I’ll ever be—“

You’re suddenly interrupted when the both of them quickly stands up from the couch, and the force sends the couch flying a few inches away from its original place. You raise your head to look at them, curious and intrigued on what they’re about to do next. They begin to walk toward you, stopping only when they’re standing on either side of you.

It’s Keith who first breaks the silence. He calls your name once, his voice soft and gentle. He slowly moves to wrap you in an embrace, with Lance quickly following suit, his arms wrapping around the both of you so that you and Keith are trapped in his embrace.

“We’re sorry,” Lance says, his voice soft that it almost seems like a whisper. Your bottom lip juts out into a pout as you raise your head to look at each of them. “Promise?” you ask, batting your eyelashes as though for added effect.

It’s Keith who answers this time, leaning down to place a kiss on your cheek. “We’ll try our best.”

You pout at their words. “You’d better.”

The both of them could only laugh in response to your words, and Lance proceeds to wrap the both of you tighter in his embrace, nuzzling his head against your shoulder.


I’ve been soooo busy lately. My partner got back from their trip. So, we had a Valentine’s thing.

I also bought a sewing machine and stuff yesterday. I tried to follow a pattern and make a doggie stuffed animal… When I showed it to my partner, they thought it was a pig 🐋 Aren’t I fabulous?

I also made a bow. Which was also a fail.

BUT. I hemmed a skirt that was waaaay too long, and it looks super cute and vintage. I made a little scarf thing with the left over material too; it also turned out just DARLING I think! The skirt and scarf together look so retro and cute with this little peasant top I found at the thrift store the other day!

I’m hoping I’ll get better at sewing and make some cool stuff. Maybe adult sized baby blankets and stuff! Since those are so hard to find. Maybe even onesies. At the very least, I hope I’ll eventually be able to make stuffies to do weekly giveaways 💖

Anyway! That’s where I’ve been! Romancing and cussing at my sewing machine. Love you, butterflies! 🦈✨


So sorry post tadi i terdelete . And im the cust malam ni . So im here 4 give review as requested by cikgu fara . I buat tumblr just to give review ya. So cikgu fara ni i kenal sbb my partner business yg syorkan . So service yg cikgu bagi sgt bagus , bab licking all best . I taktahu sgt nama service ni . First round i dihandle by her . And tetiba her bg i some pill . She say just eat that . So that i telan after a few minute damn its hard . Can handle her a round and my cum lmbt pncut . She’s also bawak toy , a vibrator . So im fucking her while her putting the vibrator on clit . You all can ask her bcase she recording it too. So memang puas hati , later i delete this tumblr . And thanks for this night , you’re awesome . Senang deal , i just bank in , and she’s just handle smua . just datang and masuk bilik . Thats my review sorry untuk review yg membosankan dari yg lain . Night honey @farahmiaww

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Cuddles for bertholdt, reiner, erwin, jean, and Marco please!

can i do headcanons? i’ve gotten lots of cuddle asks but i feel as if i always write the same thing.


  • While he does enjoy cuddling, he usually isn’t the one to initiate it.
  • His favorite position is spooning, so his partner can’t see his flushed face.
  • He’s very prone to falling asleep while cuddling because his partner is so warm.
  • He also likes to talk when cuddling, he finds it as a nice way to wind down.


  • He’s usually always the one to initiate cuddling.
  • Positions change, whatever seems comfortable at the moment works for them.
  • He doesn’t usually fall asleep while cuddling, but when he does he wakes up completely entangled with his partner.
  • If his partner falls asleep  he’ll tease them when they wake up, saying they drooled or they snored even if they didn’t.


  • He doesn’t cuddle often because he’s usually busy with work, but he does try to make time.
  • Isn’t a fan of being too close, but he likes to hold his partner’s hand when cuddling.
  • The time is usually evening when him and his partner cuddle, so more often than not they end up falling asleep.
  • He likes to play with his partner’s hair or clothes when they cuddle.


  • He always has to be doing something with his hands, so they’ll always be roaming his partner’s body. It’s never sexual, just a small habit.
  • His favorite position is his partner facing him with their head against his chest.
  • They usually talk when cuddling, and some of their deepest conversations sprout this way.
  • It’s always spontaneous, and it’s usually up to his partner to decided when they do and do not cuddle.


  • He likes to whisper sweet nothings to his partner when they cuddle.
  • His favorite position is an position where he can see his partner’s face.
  • In a modern setting, he and his partner enjoy cuddling when they’re watching a mutual favorite show.
  • If they’re in a position where he can’t see his partner’s face, he likes to bury his face into their neck.

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So... 66 with Tien and Piccolo? Please?

66: “K.” (futzed around with this a little hope that’s okay)

“Don’t even bother, Chiaotzu.” Tien walked past, towel around his neck. “He’s too busy.”

Piccolo cracked his eyes open to glare at him, and Tien shot him a smirk before turning away. The big green creep would’ve been a lousy sparring partner anyway; he didn’t see why Chiaotzu wanted him to train with them so badly in the first place. Ever since they’d gotten to King Kai’s planet–hell, even before that, when they were running down Snake Way–Piccolo had been nothing but standoffish and rude. Tien hadn’t expected much better from a man who used to call himself the Demon King, but Chiaotzu’s constant insistence was confusing. If Chiaotzu wanted to spar so badly, Tien would fight him gladly. He didn’t need Piccolo.

Tien, you talk to him.

Shaking his head, Tien wiped sweat from his forehead with the towel. No. I’ve got better things to do than fight the Demon King again.

Chiaotzu floated in front of him, arms folded and frowning. “He’s here to train,” he said, pointing at Piccolo. “But all he’s done since we got here is meditate!”

“Meditation is training too,” Piccolo growled.

“It is for people who actually use their psychic powers in battle,” Tien said, looking over his shoulder. Piccolo’s glare hadn’t faded, but Tien wasn’t so easily intimidated. “Like Chiaotzu. But you? I only know you have psychic powers because Chiaotzu told me.” Piccolo turned his glare on Chiaotzu, who wavered, but held firm. “So just be honest and say you don’t want to train with us because of your superiority complex.” Tien shrugged. “It’s your own loss. We’re going to train harder than we ever have while you sit around and mope, and we’ll be the ones to surpass Goku.” He turned away again and took a breath to call for Yamcha.


And there it was. Tien tried to suppress his triumphant smirk as he turned back to Piccolo. “What?” Honestly, he was so easy.

Piccolo stood, rising to his full height to loom over Tien. “I’ll fight you. If you manage to win, I’ll train with the rest of you.”

Tien’s eyes flicked to Piccolo’s chest, right in his line of vision, then back to Piccolo’s face. He would not be intimidated. “And if I lose?”

When you lose,” Piccolo corrected, “I’ll go back to my own training and you and your friends will leave me alone for the rest of our time here. Understood?”

Tien shrugged. “Okay. It’s no skin off my nose.” He tossed his towel to the ground and took up his favourite fighting stance. “Come on, then. Or are you all talk?”

Instead of answering, Piccolo sent a fist directly at Tien’s nose. Tien ducked and grabbed for Piccolo’s wrist, kicking out at Piccolo’s legs when that didn’t work. They were soon a blur of fists and feet, knees and elbows, ki blasts and shouts. At some point, Tien wasn’t sure when, they took to the air, slamming into each other with thunderstorm force, then reeling back only to rush forward again. It was exhilarating, one of the best sparring matches Tien had had in a long time, and he knew he had to win so he could keep sparring with Piccolo.

The planet’s increased gravity was starting to affect him, though, tiring him out quicker than Earth’s gravity would have. It was clearly getting to Piccolo as well, his chest heaving as he threw a punch at Tien’s stomach. Tien actually managed to catch it, and he wasn’t sure if it was just because Piccolo was tired but he’d take every advantage he could, yanking Piccolo forward to send a knee into his gut.

Piccolo’s eyes went wide and he choked, and Tien took the opportunity to hurl him towards the ground, streaking towards him. This was it–one more blow should do Piccolo in, and then they’d–

With a scream of anger, Piccolo managed to right himself and charged Tien, slamming their heads together. Tien reeled back and dropped out of the sky. He dimly registered green underneath him before crashing into the ground, and he groaned and clutched his head. That was going to leave a huge goose egg for him to nurse for the next while. He sat up and looked around for Piccolo, not wanting him to use Tien’s distraction to his advantage, when a moan from below him caught his attention.

Tien’s head whipped down to see Piccolo splayed out below him, moaning dazedly and rubbing his own forehead. He quickly scrambled to pin Piccolo down better, kneeling on his legs and grabbing his arms to pin them over his head. “I’ve won,” he told Piccolo. “Submit to me.”

“Have not,” Piccolo retorted, squirming under him. Tien leaned more of his weight forward, hoping it would be enough. He just had to hold Piccolo down for long enough that he’d think he couldn’t get up again. Finally, Piccolo went limp, scowling at him. “Fine,” he spat, “I’ll train with the rest of you. Now get off of me.”

Grinning, Tien rolled off Piccolo, allowing him to sit up. Perfect. He’d be able to train with Piccolo again, and Yamcha would love the opportunity to team up against the Demon King himself, and–

A hand grabbed his chin and yanked, and suddenly he was nose to nose with Piccolo. “But if you ever tell me to submit to you again,” he snarled, “I will destroy you without another thought. Is that understood?”

Tien’s eyes narrowed. “I’d like to see you try.”

Piccolo stared him down for a long moment. Then a smile tipped one side of his mouth up, revealing a flash of his fangs. “You might not be so bad after all,” he said. He released Tien’s face, giving his cheek a pat before moving away. “Training begins now. Stand up and face me again.”

Gingerly, Tien picked himself off the ground, wondering what the hell he’d just signed himself up for.

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hey are you the type of girl who doesn't mind hickeys, or are you the type of hide them and get mad if they are put in a visible spot?

well hiding them and liking them are two different things. no I don’t mind them but yes I will also try to hide them because it is something private between my part and I

but I also don’t see the point in people knowing what we do/did, it’s none of their business that should stay between my partner and I, and more often than not people don’t want to know so in my eyes it’s common courtesy to hide them you know?

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TW. I used to constantly get kink-shamed by my friends because of some of the things me and my partner like to do. I told them that if they're really my friends, they'll accept me as who I am-kinks included. I also said they have no business poking their heads into my sex life in the first place. I urge everyone who reads this to do the same. Not just for kink-shaming; for everything-shaming. You don't need to put up with that sh*t just because they're your friends.

I totally agree with you, anon. So long as what you’re doing doesn’t harm anyone in a negative way, then keep doing you. Your sex life is yours to share with your partner however you wish. Not for people to stick their noses into and judge - regardless of whether they’re your friends or not.

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favorite batvillain relationships? (romantic or platonic, ur choice)

obscure riddler ships incoming

riddler/clayface (karlo)



riddler/penguin (not gotham)



and i also like riddler/scarecrow/hatter in a specific universe of my own

also riddler/catwoman in a weird ‘we kind of flirt via cheeky death threats and also she settles deals with me by sending me expensive jewelery she knows fit my tastes so she is acceptable occasionally’

And finally with the riddler shit, echo/ed/query friends with benefits emotionally & physically

any combination of harley, ivy, and catwoman together is choice

grumpy 'business partners’ two-face and penguin