so they are!!

  1. on the loose: its so pretty, it sounds like it belongs on the original grease movie sound track - its like a soft / slower version of shes not afraid.
  2. this town: so sweet, so sad, makes me think of my first love rip.
  3. seeing blind: um yes @ these country vibes !!! “but you make loving fun” omg this is so damn sweet like how you feel when you first fall in love, everything is perfect, colorful, butterflies ahhh - the country version of beyonces xo fr lol.
  4. slow hands: sex … slow sex … where you are letting your partner control everything … yeah … i see you niall.
  5. too much to ask: oh gosh :( he sounds so genuinely heart broken i cant i want to hug him.
  6. paper houses: i love the beginning beat, oh another one :( baby who hurt you wtf :( :( :(
  7. since we’re alone: who is this person he is singing about … jesus they have him whipped poor babe … “i love you best when you are just yourself” … what a sap omg lol.
  8. flicker: ……… im sobbing oh my god 😭
  9. fire away: uh okay whoever he was dating mustve been a hot mess cause it seems like they closed themselves off from him alot and all he wants was for them to talk to him, he wants to make it work hes literally begging, falling in love with someone like that is so emontially draining i feel him so much.
  10. you and me: finally his “im famous yes but im willing to do anything to make this work” i was waiting for it lol im guessing the other person wasnt famous cause if they did they would understand his lifestyle.
  11. on my own: b i g mood ! (he sounds soooooooo irish i love it lol)
  12. mirrors: he seems to love singing in a womens point of view i love it lmao it makes me relate to his music more idk its weird i feel like he understands me, his voice in the chorus tho 😍
  13. the tide: its such a dramatic song, this song is so nautical too … larry lol reminds me of strong (lyrics wise)

[OCTOBER . 19. 2017]




Today’s prompt was Nightmare Before Christmas! I love this movie so I of course had to draw this gorgeous au ra as Sally. HAD TO. I figured it’d be a neat touch to do the scales like they were patches since she’s a ragdoll. :3 I also tried my hand at mimicking bits of the Burton style. Not sure I hit it exactly, but this works for me. XD