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Concept: I trust my friends implicitly and don't become enraged when their story doesn't add up & I am capable of asking for further information before I am overcome with intense emotions. My personality disorder doesn't cause employers to dismiss me after I exhibit one symptom & I am not so terrified of their potentially life-destroying critique that I haven't looked for a job in two years. I do not feel like a fake borderline for not feeling morbidly desperate in the calm periods of my life.

listen guys monogamy is fucking conceptually horrifying i just spent the worst five minutes of my life watching two str8 couples act like watching each other get lap dances was going to destroy their relationships jesus fucking christ if your relationship could get wrecked by a lap dance y’all both agreed on then you have bigger fucking problems than a fucking lap dance 

i dunno man like why is the idea that you could find someone you’re not dating attractive so fucking taboo? like i always thought that part of the amazing thing about a relationship was that out of all the amazing people out there, your partner(s) chose YOU to put their time and love and energy into. 

i dunno man. like toxic monogamy is fucking weird society freaks me out just fucking chill.

y'all remember that Moment™ in voyager when it’s just a shot of the closed doors of a turbolift and they open and captain kathryn janeway of the federation starship voyager is standing there flanked by two other crewmen and she’s holding this giant plasma gun and her face is cold as steel and she and the squad walk out of the turbolift and into the hallway ready to just DESTROY and it’s so synced and flawless??? i gain 10 years on my life every time

Love first visited me when I was fifteen.
Love was best friend;
love was not meant to be.
He loved me,
and I thought I loved him too
for a while.
I destroyed him over two years
with my selfishness -
I was only fifteen.
I left carrying a broken heart in my hands,
and lost a best friend.

First love came when I was sixteen.
This time, it had warm brown eyes, soft hands and softer smiles.
It whispered shy confessions into my ear, and they sounded so genuine I made the mistake of believing them.
Love told me that I was the most beautiful thing that happened in his life, and it held me on nights I couldn’t sleep.
First love continued for about two years, during which I experienced the painful reality of giving your all to someone.
It taught me passion, pain, sadness, anger, betrayal.
First love was as blissful as it was torturous.
It left with me shivering on the cold bathroom floor, with months of sadness to follow.

Now I am nineteen, and love has decided to fleetingly appear out of nowhere.
Love now has a childish face but sturdy hands and broad shoulders.

It caresses me with tenderness I have not experienced before; it shares my joy and my sadness as if they were its own. Should this love not work out, I’ll be broken again; but I will go on living because one day I know it will visit me again.

“I don’t always play nice.. But I wanna feel your heartlines”

My first contribution to the lovely Spacedogs fandom, these two are happily destroying my life rn (/\ ^u^) (YT version)

Sorry for the crap quality, yt has so little hd clips rip

((All info bellow the cut vuv))

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healing rain|| old man logan

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Okay guys, so you all voted for Healing Rain: and the second one to come out will be Don’t Let This Destroy You. I’m beginning to be on the mend from my sickness (thank god for meds) so I’m hoping to post two of these and then a Charles Xavier oneshot. This is kind of my own storyline and part of the plot at the Munsons house… So bear with me here!

Requested by @house-of-penguin : You’re a human nurse on the run with 11 year old Laura Kinney when Logan Howlett comes spiraling into your life. Much to your shock, you end up falling in love with him- the complete opposite of any man you’d ever imagined yourself being with. After nearly five days on the road together, it comes to your attention that his night terrors are frequent and when you go to comfort him after a bad nightmare, Logan expects you to run out of terror when he reacts the wrong way Needless to say, every fall of rain has the potential to heal. 

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‘Do you understand anything I’m saying?’ shouted Moist.  'You can’t just go around killing people!’

‘Why Not?  You Do.’  The golem lowered his arm.

'What?’ said Moist.  'I do not!  Who told you that?’

'I Worked It Out.  You Have Killed Two Point Three Three Eight People,’ said the golem calmly.

'I have never laid a finger on anyone in my life, Mr. Pump.  I may be–all the things you know I am, but I am NOT a killer!  I have never so much as drawn a sword!’

'No, You Have Not.  But You Have Stolen, Embezzled, Defrauded, And Swindled Without Discrimination, Mr. Lipvig.  You Have Ruined Businesses And Destroyed Jobs.  When Banks Fail, It Is Seldom Bankers Who Starve.  Your Actions Have Taken Money From Those Who Had Little Enough To Begin With.  In A Myriad Small Ways You Have Hastened The Deaths Of Many.  You Did Not Know Them.  You Did Not See Them Bleed.  But You Snatched Bread From Their Mouths And Tore Clothes From Their Backs.  For Sport, Mr. Lipvig.  For Sport.  For The Joy Of The Game.’

Terry Pratchett, “Going Postal”
(I want like every corrupt rich person in the world who thinks they’re just better at The Game of Life than the poor/non-white people/women/disabled people/LGBT+ people/etc. to read this and have a good think.  Rich heads of corporations who think they’re so great because they Create Jobs but who don’t want to pay their workers a living wage, for example.

Like Moist von Lipwig is a con man character and he learns his swindling actions have terrible consequences for others, but he’s not meant to be read ONLY as a smiling, charismatic literal criminal.  Remember what Vetinari said in that other quote I posted: sometimes everything is perfectly legal and above board, but it’s still harmful and dishonest and kills people.)

I think it’s so sweet and humble of Jack to tell people they don’t need to thank him, but I truly do.
Felix and Mark have helped me through life in ways. Felix is the first youtuber I ever subbed to cuz he’s so funny and he took my mind off my life for a while which opened doors to Mark who is also so sweet and funny, he made me realize my introversion is a part of who I am and is great and not a defect to be fixed. He helped me through depression, I love those two so much but Jack, Seánbon, he by far has changed my life the most. He wasn’t just funny, or sweet and caring, he made me think and feel completely different. He didn’t numb the pain he helped to destroy it. Unlike Mark and Felix I saw bits of me in Seán, I saw bits of Seán in me. We have a good bit in common, and at first it was a way of connecting with him and facilitated my attachment to him, but the reason I truly have to thank him is because he did everything the others have but he showed me who I am in a positive light, that I’m good, by having so much in common with him, he made me think to myself “if I love him, why don’t-why can’t I love myself?” If he didn’t make videos who knows how long it would of taken me to actually know my worth and love myself. I’m happier than I’ve ever been and I owe so much of it to Seán. I owe my life to him, I would not be me without him.
I will miss him so much when he’s gone….
He is like a fuckin savior.

In Superman/Batman issue #15, they’re like time hoping through Universe’s and timelines (agaaiiin) and Bruce gets killed in one of them, Clark’s in so much pain, he actually goes and seeks revenge: 

He faces the killer and says: 

you took from me, my brother…my family…my life

BREAK MY HEART YOU TWO. Superman calls Batman his life… He goes on to call him his brother, but calling Batman a brother is not nearly saying enough, I like to read this as more than platonic love when he calls him family (because that would make the brother redundant, so what’s more than a brother? more than a friend?) he stretched it more by calling him his life (a saying you’d use for a lover).

And he’s so destroyed and broken, he breaks his no killing rule. 

But this is different. 

Superman would do anything for him. He’s his everything. Confirmed. 

Why does Riordan always kill off the fun moms??? First Leo’s mom, now Natalie! I swear, if he had killed off Sally Jackson, there would have been a riot.

But anyway, I think Natalie Chase is BY FAR one of my favorites so far. She’s just so quirky and cute and GAAHH. I love these two together. That whole scene where Magnus finds the picture of him and his mom in the hotel room just destroyed my heart.

s2 trailer observations

I’m taking a moment to be calm for a moment and write down some of my observations and thoughts of the season two trailer that has pretty much destroyed us all [link]

  1. “Keith, if I don’t make it, I want you to lead Voltron” sounds super ominous but Shiro sounds injured so maybe this is right after the season finale. also it seems like they might have crashed together…(Shiro probably lives)
  2. Lance and Hunk landed on a water world, maybe?? assuming either 1 or 2 are right after the finale
  3. Pidge is all alone?? omg protect the Pidge
  4. Keith looks all determined like he’s going to save Shiro’s life or something (bc seriously, why would you want this boy leading srry)
  5. is that?? another balmera?? except for the huge ass mountain ridge/spine it looks kinda similar to earth bc there’s a lot of water and green land
  6. more underwater lance and hunk + a galra base. maybe not after the finale after all *sigh*
  7. vortex black whole thingy is sucking red in. why. also wtf is going on with green it looks like its bond by magic rope
  8. is that a world eating space worm thing-y. looks like that one big flying thing from the first avengers, just blue and not covered in armor
  9. wormholes, wormholes to everywhere
  10. is Shiro standing in the castle control room? that is definitely shiro and there are blue screens that look altean. he looks so thoughtful
  11. piss off zarkon. and you too haggar
  12. yikes
  13. that shot of the galra sentries actually looks pretty cool just saying
  14. angsty looking shiro. pls let the spacedad rest. BUT NOT IN PEACE DAMMIT
  15. hello thrace. I happened to notice you showed up in Taking Flight too
  16. there are so many pretty planets and places and aahhhh
  17. action montage, pretty cool (go lance, go castle)
  19. like, the exact galra (are they galra??) that shows up a frame later with their blade doing cool stuff
  20. hunk, lance, pidge, keith look great. how…ominous that there’s no shiro…(he still probably doesn’t die…I hope)

i notice that a lot of jafael shippers primary reason for jane getting back together with rafael is mateo. it’s also something rafael has brought up on multiple occasions, like: ‘isn’t what’s best for the baby is its parents being together?’ and it’s something jane personally has struggled with, being torn between her love of her son and doing what’s best for herself. 

and let me just add my two cents: i was raised by parents who stayed together for the sake of their family. i was raised by parents who didn’t love each other and we knew it. we knew that they were only together so we could have a more stable home life. after i left for college. they went through a messy divorce and don’t speak to each other unless they have to. that much resentment building up for 20+ years will destroy you, and it won’t make your kids any happier, i assure you.

so, no. what’s best for mateo isn’t his biological parents being together, it’s his parents being happy. and rafael just doesn’t make jane happy the way that michael does.

Looking at these Paley Fest gifs, wondering why they just didn’t sit next to each other already...

They’re so in sync, and I am forever fascinated. For the rest of my natural born life, I will be enchanted by these two.

They [and Richonne] are both life and destruction.  What are these remnants of who I was before them?  I clutch the ash of who I used to be, and rise in their effulgent glory.

Man, they got me messed up.

It's to save my own life

As a longtime fertility patient, I have learned so much about pregnancy and prenatal development. Much more than I had being a biology major. I think if pro lifers were educated, they would change their ways.

In order to have a live birth, often abnormal embryos have to be destroyed. Even if an embryo is normal, most likely it will not survive anyhow. That’s just how it is. Before it reaches the fetal stage, it has a decent chance of dying as well. The embryo is so primitive, cannot feel pain or think. In the first few weeks, the embryo cannot be seen and often actually is a ball of cells. The pro lifers who view primitive life as more important than a fully grown mother are ludicrous. 

Knowing this gave me a tiny bit of comfort during my miscarriages. Pro-lifers think once you have two pink lines on a pregnancy test, you have a child. The truth is, only if you are lucky. 

Back to the subject of miscarriages, pro life propaganda made my miscarriages so much worse! I know a lot of facts and pictures they use are lies, I just have to keep telling myself that, or feel much sadder again.


Because my HCG levels are monitored closely, I had a few ectopic scares. I would HAVE to have an abortion if I wanted to save my fertility or even my life. And the pro life community wants to take that right away! I can’t support people who don’t care about my health or my desire to have children.

While undergoing fertility treatments, I was at risk of multiples. Quite often in order to have a live birth, aborting some of the embryos is needed because multiples can be very risky. 

I’m currently pregnant and having all sorts of complications. If I didn’t want this baby so much I don’t think I could do it. It’s like I have a chronic illness. I’m nauseated, dizzy, ditzy and too tired to do much anything, but I can rarely get comfortable. I have to use the bathroom a million times a day, yet am constipated. I have to take tons of expensive meds including several injections to stay healthy. I was on bedrest and lost my job, if I can even manage to work at all. Pregnancy isn’t easy, at least for me. I’d hate to think of someone being forced into it who didn’t have the family support I do.

My point is, even someone who wants nothing more than to have a child can still be pro choice. It’s because I’m educated and know the truth.

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No offense but i recently discovered your writing and i just dropped by to say that i'm in fricking love with it and i'm currently reading the snowbound/homebound series and it already destroyed my life no offense tho

I most definitely was bracing myself after the first two words, lol. The amount of relief I felt when I kept reading…. 

I’m really happy you’re enjoying it, angel! And that collection in particular. Thanks so much and sorry for the like… whole destroying your life thing. ;) xx


This is it. the AU that destroyed ro. The AU that destroyed me. The worst post-686 scenario i could come up with we’ve hit peak angst folks

Basically, this scenario is an extension of my headcanon that Ichigo and Rukia’s reiatsus are somehow attuned to each other, twined and twinned so that whatever happens to one affects the other. Their reiatsus stabilise one another’s, two halves of a whole- 

so what happens when you split them apart for ten years? 

Post-686, Rukia’s soulscape starts deteriorating because the stabilising influence of Ichigo’s reiatsu had been removed. (Of course, this goes both ways, so Ichigo should be affected as well, but his reiatsu reserves are bigger than Rukia’s - so his symptoms show up later.) She starts wasting away, sleepwalking, collapsing all over the place, and generally being tired and weak all the time. She becomes a little narcoleptic, falling into dead comas for days on end. Naturally, everyone gets extremely worried and take her to see Urahara–

only to hear that the cause of all this is because Ichigo and Rukia had been separated for ten years. Urahara never explicitly says, in so many words, that Ichigo and Rukia were soulmates and this was happening because they weren’t together – but the implication is there. And now it might be too late to fix things, and everyone’s worlds for the past ten years comes crashing down around their ears. 

The context of the pictures is late into Rukia’s deterioration, where she loses track of what’s reality and what’s in her dreams. She wakes up and thinks it’s still twelve years ago, during the arrancar invasion. And so she tells Ichigo– ‘I’ve had the strangest dream….’ 


My attempt at making a mashup of the two things destroying my life right now: Carmilla and Life is strange