so these babies can come back from the 'dead'

Steven Universe Theory

Okay, I’ve had this idea ever since the last Steven bomb and I keep waiting for someone to propose it because I’m too lazy to write it down. But, I haven’t seen anyone say anything so I guess I’ll just write down my thoughts.

Let’s review:
-beings can be brought back from the dead via magical rose quartz tears
-humans can be brought back this way
-Rose Quartz has this power.

So throughout the series there’s been a lot of symbolism showing Steven as a Jesus figure. The main one that comes to mind is in Three Gems and a Baby, I believe. Greg, wearing a blue blanket, was holding Steven with the three crystal gems around him (like Mary holding Jesus and the three wise men, or perhaps the shepherds). There’s other examples but I can think of them right now.

Now, if you’re familiar with the story of Jesus, you would know that Jesus died and is resurrected. If we apply this idea to Steven, we could have a very interesting ending.

Say Steven, in the final battle, dies. He’s surrounded by all the allies he’s made, both gems and humans, all mourning his death. That’s when Steven’s gem falls out of his stomach and begins to glow. Before their eyes, Rose Quartz reforms. She’s amazed to see so many new gems and humans fighting side by side. She sees Greg and Pearl crying on eachother’s shoulders. She looks back to see Steven’s still body and realizes what’s happened. She falls to the ground and hugs her dead son, shedding her magical healing tears. The fall on Steven’s face and begin to glow.


Pink Steven.

Say it with me. PlNK STEVEN!!

I would love it if that’s how the show ended. That way both Steven and Rose Quartz could exist. I’m not saying it’s gonna happen, I just think it’d be awesome.


All of the cashews imported by America, and most of the world, are grown in Vietnam. And the bulk of the labor is sourced from patients in the country’s many drug rehabilitation camps. Apparently, at some point they noticed that there were a whole lot of heroin addicts rocking back and forth on their beds with nothing else to do, and a whole lot of cashews going unpicked. Two birds with one stone!

At first, that might not seem so bad. Anything to distract them from the dead babies crawling on the ceiling, right? Sure, except that the life of a heroin-addicted cashewer is somehow more horrible than simply lying back and swatting invisible spiders. They’re forced to work 10 hours a day husking and skinning, which is more dangerous than it is mind-numbing. Raw cashews are surprisingly poisonous, containing similar toxins to poison ivy, and merely breathing inside a poorly ventilated cashew factory can do severe damage to your lungs. Coming down from heroin is hard enough as it is; no one wants to throw lung-bombs on top of it.

The best part is that it’s perfectly legal, since the workers are classified as “patients” rather than “prisoners.” Make no mistake, they’re totally not allowed to leave, but the police are conveniently free to round them up and force them into nut factories without the complications of “lawyers” or “due process.” True, you don’t often see Western hospitals chucking kids with cancer out to work in the fields, but the way the American healthcare system is going, it may not be long.

6 Of Your Favorite Foods Made Possible By Human Suffering

Bad Girl Ch 5: Call

Xiumin’s POV

“Hyung you can’t be serious,” Baekhyun snaps at me. He throws his glass of whisky on the floor before running his hands through his hair in frustration. “I told you guys that we were going to torment her, not to fucking kiss her!”

“Stop your yelling,” Chanyeol snarls back. “We were all a bit dumbstruck that is all.”

“She looked exactly like her,” Sehun basically whimpers.

Kai is next to him, his leg tapping mindless, hands shaking, “I honestly thought it was her for a minute, I almost ran to her.”

“Hyung beat you to it and look at him,” Baek scoffs. They all turn to me, judgment and pity in their eyes. The whisky bottle is in my hand, my eyes are blood shot and still pouring tears but I can’t help it. She looks exactly like her, sounds exactly like her, I’m half ready to swear on my life that that little girl is my baby but I can’t get myself to voice it.

“I’m still going to see her,” Sehun deadpans as he stands up.

“No you are not,” Suho joins us in the living room, rage obvious in his voice. He scans the room until he finds me and quickly storms over. He lifts me up by my collar, allowing the bottle in my hand to fall and spill on to the carpet. “What the hell Hyung? You kissed her? Are you fucking nuts?” He yells in my face.

“Yes I am,” I admit with a dry chuckle. “I had to see her Suho, you don’t understand. I had to look that girl in the eye and see how Jiyong could just replace her with a copy but now I understand.”

“I don’t understand? You can’t just pretend that you were the only one close to her. We loved her too, I loved her so much. I know how it feels to loose her, the feeling that your whole heart has been ripped out of your chest, I felt that too. What the hell do you mean you understand him? That girl is not Jooyoung, not matter what you do to her face or her body she is just a copy.” He spits in my face, absolutely fuming.

“A perfect copy,” I hum sadly. “She is so beautiful. So perfect, you have to see her to believe it. He did an amazing job, she is truly a master piece.”

That seems to drive Suho off the edge, he surprises me by punching me in the face, knocking me back on to the couch. “That girl is not my baby!” He yells. “My baby is dead. She was beaten into a bloody pulp because we couldn’t save her, because that bastard brought her into the light of our world making her a target. So stop mentioning anything about them. That girl is not to be mentioned in this house ever again, got it?”

None of us respond.


I glare at him before pushing myself up off the couch to stare that bastard in the eye, “You sound so strong and brave but you didn’t see her.”

“He’s right,” Kai blurts.

Sehun nods but isn’t able to look away from the ground, “You didn’t see how much she looked like her. When you see her Hyung,” He has to stop for a moment to regain his voice and an to attempt to keep the tears from falling which he fails. “When you see her, your whole world will stop. Any feelings you thought you were able to put away will be there in your face telling you to run to her, to take her even if she is a copy.”

That only seems to make Suho even more upset, he storms over to the TV and in my drunken state I’m a bit confused but only for a moment. I try to rush over to stop him but I can’t get my feet to move fast enough. The dark screen flashes on and the whole room goes completely quiet except for the small whimpers coming from the speakers.

“Please stop,” Her little voice begs. I drop to my knees in front of the screen and rest my hand on the glowing picture of her broken image. “Daddy please save me.” We could never watch the rest of it, the fleeting moment when you can see the life leaving her green orbs but I can’t get myself to look away.

“Do you see this?” Suho is barely able to choke it out.

“Turn it off,” Baekhyun demands.

Suho ignores him, “I’m asking all of you if you see this!”

“My baby,” Tao mumbles as he joins us in the living room, our five other brothers behind him, each show their heartbreak in their eyes at the sight of our baby try to crawl away from the monster holding the camera. His laugh echoes through the room, a haunting melody that I can’t get out of my head goes along with it.

“What is going on Suho?” Kris growls.

“Great everyone is here, now let me ask all of you again, do you see her?” He points to the screen.

Luhan nods, his eyes turning pink from on coming tears, “We see her.”

“This is our baby, my baby, our Jooyoung. Do you see what is happening to her? She is getting beaten to death. Her last words were her begging us to save her. Her last thoughts were most likely that we let her die. She is very right, we let her die. Now I want all of you to remember that when you look at that fucking copy. She is not Jooyoung. Now tell me who is that girl?” He looks at us expectantly.

“She is not Jooyoung,” We repeat back.

“What happened to our Jooyoung?”

“We let her die.”

“Now that we all seem to understand that, leave Jiyong and that thing alone,” He takes a deep breath as he rubs his eyes. “I’m going to bed.” He sighs before pushing past our brothers on the stairs to the hall. We sit in silence for a moment before I can’t stand to be in that room anymore. I stand up and make my way to my room in silence. I can’t stand being in the same room as them anymore, they are all still grieving in their own way. I lay on my bed in the dark, too tired to take off my suit and get under the covers so I just lay there. My bed feels so cold and empty but I can’t get myself to let anyone else lay with me.

I did once, four months after we left I laid with a woman, who I have to admit did resemble my Jooyoung, and for a moment I forgot she was gone. The body in my arms was so warm and small, I was so happy until reality came in and ruined all of it. I cringe at the memory of that morning when that disgusting woman put her hands all over me, I had to killer her. I guess I didn’t have to torture her, but I needed to blow off steam after a panic like that. I tore that woman to shreds.

My phone ringing brings me out of my fog, I almost don’t answer it but something nagging in the back of my mind forces me to grab the phone and answer the unknown caller, “Hello.”

“Daddy?” A little breath cries softly. My heart drops and I throw the phone. The screen lights back up and stares at me, the name unknown caller bright on the screen. “Daddy Xiumin,” That addicting voice calls. With shaking hands I grab the phone and hold it to my ear.

“Baby?” I choke out.

“Hi Daddy,” She cries back.

I can’t hold in my tears, “Is this real?”

“Of course this is real.”

How can this be happening? My baby is dead, I just watched her die, yet I can hear her sweet voice like it is coming from her pretty lips. I’ve lost it, that’s it. I have completely lost my mind. Yet I can’t get myself to shake away how amazing this is, I have my baby, even if it is for a short amount of time, I’ve got her.

“My sweet baby,” I cry into the phone holding it like it’s my lifeline. “I’m so sorry, please forgive me.”

“Daddy please stop crying,” She begs me. “I forgive you, now please stop.”

“How can you really forgive me when I let that happen to you? I left you with those people, I don’t deserve forgiveness.”

“Well you are getting it now please calm down, I need to ask you something.”

I nod eagerly, “Of course my baby anything.”

“Can you move on?”

Her words cut me, even though the words are coming from my mind, it hurts. How am I supposed to move on from someone like her? “How can you ask such a silly question? I can never forget you.”

“I’m not saying you should forget me just move on. You shouldn’t be holding on to me anymore.”

I shake my head, “Please stop saying these thing, just because you are gone doesn’t mean I should just move on, I haven’t had enough time to deal with it.”

“It has been a year. One whole year since I’ve been gone and I’m in a really good place.”

I sniffle, “Are you happy there?”

“I’m very happy. It isn’t hard anymore but with you so focused on my I can’t focus on anything here, I just want to go back to the peace I had before.”

“I’m sorry, my baby, I’ll stop, so you can go back to resting in peace. Please just know that I will always love you and miss you.”

“I loved you too daddy.”

Just like that the line is dead.

“No, no, no, no, come back please come back!” I frantically try to call the number back but seems to have erased itself from my history. “No, I made her up she can come back if I made her up!” I scream at my phone. I can’t take it anymore and chuck my phone at the wall making it shatter into pieces. “I want her back!” I curl up on my bed, I feel like I lost her all over again. I can’t do this, I can’t live without her. That copy, I don’t care that she’s a fucking copy I need her, I need my baby’s face to be there when I wake up and when I go to sleep. I can’t live without her, not like this.

Jooyoung’s POV

The bed dips slightly as someone joins me in the bed, I roll over to find Jiyong sinking under the covers in nothing but boxers. I smile at his appearance and quickly burry myself in his embrace. I feel so much lighter with everything off my chest so I don’t have to worry about them anymore and focus all of my attention back on my amazing fiancé.

“You got home quick,” I muse.

He chuckles and kisses the top of my head, “I missed you way too much.”

I scoff, “You were jealous.”

“I was very jealous that Xiumin was able to kiss you tonight but I wasn’t.” He admits with a soft kiss on my lips.

“I called him,” I confess once he breaks the kiss.

He tenses, “You what?”

“I know I shouldn’t have, I’m sorry but there were something that I needed to get off my chest. I asked him to move on and he agreed.”


“Because I know they could make your life difficult with work so I wanted to solve this without some big thing. I called him and told him I’m happy now and that he should move on so I can stop worrying about what they might do and go back to focusing on you. Are you mad?”

“How can I be mad when you were doing it for me? I am so thankful to have you. Just please don’t seek them out anymore, just because you got Xiumin to move doesn’t mean he will be able to convince the others. I know they didn’t handle it well either.”

“As you wish,” I smile up at him.

I close my eyes and as happy as I am in that moment with my love’s arms around me I feel guilty. I had fallen asleep after I had gone through all of EXO’s files and called Xiumin, my mind heavy with the realization that all the things Haneul had told me about Tae’s cousins were about them. Sehun, Kai or Jongin, and Tao are the ones that are really bugging me. They tried to kill themselves. Was it because of me? Am I self centered for thinking that? I shake my head, I shouldn’t think about it no matter how heavy that makes my heart feel. I’m done with them, all of them.

My life is here with Jiyong now and I couldn’t be happier. He is so honest with me, so sweet and amazing. I was ungrateful once before when I would go running back to them whenever I could. I’m never making that mistake again and there is nothing that could change my mind.


heavenlytheshield asked:

Imagine that you meet Spencer Reid at a bar and you start making friends with him. A few months, you two start dating. Spencer had started feeling happy and more alive since you two started dating and the team had noticed it too. One evening you had invited Spencer’s team over along with Spencer for some dinner. The girls love her and the men are happy, because she lights up Spencer’s world.

I don’t go to bars. That’s the first thing you should know about me. I don’t drink, the music hurts my ears, and the lights give me migraines. So I don’t go out like this, except when my friends drag me there, so that I could meet a guy, which I assured them wasn’t going to happen. 

I swore I would never meet any guy worth my time in that bar. 

But then, I was just sitting at the bar, while my friends…danced, or whatever you call it, when I noticed someone hesitantly sit down beside me. I didn’t bother to look up until he cleared his throat. 

Golden curls, neither brown nor blonde, striking hazel eyes, tall with a thin frame and incredibly long fingers. A button down shirt rolled up to the elbows and a buttery leather messenger bag, with black Converse high-tops. He shot me a tentative smile. 

“Hi,” he said. “Do you mind if I sit here?” 

I liked the sound of his voice. It was scratchy and soft, but warm as well. I hadn’t been looking to meet a guy, but this one looked just as out of place as I felt. 

“Sure,” I replied. He studied me for a moment. 

“You really don’t want to be here, do you?” he asked, sounding as if he already knew the answer. 

“Not especially,” I laughed. “But neither do you.” 

“No,” he agreed. “I don’t really like bars, at least not…” he glanced around. “One like this,” he finished. I smiled. 

“I know what you mean,” I replied. “I’m (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).” 

“Spencer Reid,” he said. 

“Would you like to skip out of here with me?” I asked. 

“Sure,” he answered quickly, and I smiled, feeling very optimistic about this Spencer Reid. 

Turns out, I had reason to be. We left the bar that night and went to a quiet coffee shop with a bookstore inside that was just around the corner. We stayed there for hours, talking and getting to know each other. He was intelligent and funny, not to mention completely adorable. After that, we saw each other as often as possible, and I was happier than ever. Spencer was wonderful, and I couldn’t imagine a better ending to the night at the bar. Of course, I got endless teasing from my friends over the fact that I had met him that night, but I found that I didn’t care very much; I was just too happy. 

(Spencer’s POV)

I got endless teasing from the team after I left the bar with (Y/N). Morgan was especially bad about it. After a while, they all took to asking me about her. I don’t think they really believed I was still seeing her. 

I didn’t care very much, though. With (Y/N), it was different. Morgan’s teasing didn’t bother me. I think I was just too happy with her. She was smart and funny, and she never minded when I ranted about random statistics. She seemed to enjoy it, actually. We spent a lot of time together, and I enjoyed every minute of it. She was easy to talk to , and she just made my life a bit brighter. 

(Your POV)

“Hey, Spence?”

We were just sitting together in my living room, each reading our own books, albeit Spencer at  a much faster pace than I. But something had been on my mind. He looked up at me. 

“I’ve been thinking,” I began, “and I want to have your team over for dinner. I know you guys have really busy schedules, but it’s been six months. I just think it might be time I met them. They are basically your family, after all.” 

He kept quiet for a moment, seeming to contemplate the idea. 

“I think they would like that,” he said finally. 

“Would you?”

“Very much so,” he replied, and I smiled. 

“Spencer, will you calm down?” I asked. “You’re making me nervous.”

He was pacing back and forth across my living room floor, his Converse sneakers a few steps away from wearing a hole in the wood. 

“Sorry,” he breathed. “I just know that they can be sort of oppressive at first, and I don’t…I don’t want them to scare you off. You really mean a lot to me, (Y/N), and I don’t want them to ruin this.” I couldn’t help but smile a little bit. 

“Aw, Spencer,” I said, unfolding my legs from under myself, as I rose to walk over to him. I came to stand in front of him, and brought a hand up to tuck a lock of his hair behind his ear.

“You don’t have to worry about them scaring me away,” I promised him. “A few measley FBI Agents don’t scare me.” That got a little smile out of him. “Seriously,” I continued, “You mean the world to me, Spencer, and I’m excited to meet them. I’m sure they’re great, and I promise I won’t be going anywhere as a result of this dinner, okay?”

“Okay,” he agreed, nodding his head. I rose up on my toes to kiss his nose and watched as his face crinkled in response. 

The team all arrived around the same time. Once the blonde and beautiful JJ had arrived, I could tell that Spencer was much more comfortable, which I knew was because he was closest to her. I could see why, too. She was so sweet and easy to talk to. 

“So, Reid, she does exist,” Morgan said as we all sat down to eat. “I’m impressed, kid.” 

“Hey, you,” Garcia said sharply to Morgan. “You be nice to them. I can make you hurt, Derek Morgan.” 

“Aw, baby girl, I know better,” Morgan laughed. I smiled, squeezing Spencer’s hand under the table. 

“I’ve been telling you guys she was real,” he said. 

“I believed you, Reid,” Rossi offered, glancing between the two of us. “The way you’ve been acting the last few months was a dead giveaway.” 

“He’s right,” Prentiss chimed in. “Reid has been a completely different person.” 

“How so?” I asked, intrigued. 

“He’s been on cloud nine,” Emily explained. I smiled, glancing at Spencer, realizing that he was doing the same. 

“She’s incredible, Spence.” 

I was coming back from the bathroom when I paused, hearing JJ talking. I soon realized that Penelope and Emily were with her, all crowded around Spencer. 

“I know,” he replied. 

“You guys are adorable,” Penelope sighed. “You mark my words, you’re going to marry this girl.” I smiled to myself when I heard Spencer’s response. 

“You know, I just might.”

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I don't get why fandom is so up in arms about Touka. She is pregnant. Her and Hinami were taking defenseless ghouls to safety while leaving better combatants behind - who were there for that very purpose, to protect. Nobody has died /for her/. Maybe Yomo will, but that is his own arc. In this chapter she chose to protect her baby and children instead of self-sacrificing. IDK what's this plot armor talk when Matsuri, Urie, Hide etc exist and she hasn't even been in similar situation - almost dead


No, but in actuality, I’m not a defense blog (not that there’s anything wrong with those) or a hate blog–as much as I love the characters, I try to give honest takes on them. Here, Touka has done nothing wrong. Yes, I do think she still has some growing to do, particularly around her shutting down her emotions, though we did see her show some when she thought Juuzou was about to kill Hinami…

…and to be fair, when you’re running for your life with a bunch of kids, you don’t get the luxury of breaking down until you are safe. I agree with you about Yomo (Uta’s warning seemed ominous, plus Uta’s Yomo’s only plot armor, so), and that’s kind of the point: all of these characters made a choice. She did not force anyone nor did she ask anyone to stay behind and protect her. Yomo, Hirako and 0 Squad, Hinami–they all made their own choice to do so. If they die, it is not on Touka (if you want to blame anyone, blame Kaneki tbh, though again that’s not entirely fair). I think we have a pretty good idea of what Touka’s opinion of people sacrificing themselves for her really is from the original TG:

But it’s not just her here. Here, it’s her baby. It’s Yuuki and the other Aogiri kids. She’s trying to save them, so she’s accepted that this needs to happen and I don’t think that’s something to criticize. I want to see her get to a point where she can break this cycle of seeing her loved ones leave her and die, but now isn’t that time; as Yomo says, she has other things she needs to protect right now.

Also: good point about Urie. And when Mutsuki comes back (because he isn’t dead), it’s the same thing. All of these characters have plot armor. It’s part of storytelling. It’s not implausible for Urie or Touka to survive, though it comes with a cost, which is why I still am skeptical that everyone who stayed behind for Touka will make it. Honestly, if either of them were to die here (or Mutsuki), you’d have people rightly complaining about fridging in Touka’s case and incomplete character arcs for Urie and Mutsuki.

And, while I hate to be that person, I will say it seems like there is a double standard when it comes to how every single fandom I’ve ever been in treats female characters as opposed to how they treat male characters. No matter how progressive the fandom, female characters tend to get criticized far more harshly for things that male characters get cheered for. Exhibit A: Kuroiwa dying for Urie and Hide, Matsuri, Marude & co coming in deux ex machina, and people maybe sacrificing themselves for Touka and Kaneki (or someone else, please God) coming in deux ex machina (though, to be fair, while I was expecting some sort of deux ex machina, if that is Kaneki, it feels unearned–but again, that’s nothing to do with Touka or Hinami as characters). 

Thank you for the ask!

The Last Good Day

When I picked ‘Zipper’ for the ABC’s of Merle Dixon Challenge, I suppose I had the perfect prompt for something that would be more appropriate for my other blog, but I ended up going in a different, cleaner, angstier direction. I figure a guy like Merle would have several children by different mothers. The fact that he carried around antibiotics for STDs shows that he wasn’t the best at remembering to, um, wrap that rascal. 

Warnings: references to drug and alcohol use, mild swearing.


Dad, can you zip me up?

It just figured that it took a goddamned zombie apocalypse to get Merle Dixon to finally go sober. He’d been drinking and smoking and snorting and swallowing things since high school. At least he had never gone as far as shooting up.

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He had known where to find her when he rolled over and felt the cold side of the bed for the fourth time that week. A noticeable wife shaped space beside him, her pillow unslept upon and he wondered how he - the night owl - could have possibly fallen asleep before her.

But then a lot had changed since their son had been born. He had found that whilst prior to his arrival, his wife could sleep through a wand duel but now the slightest noise awoke her. That he himself could stay up until the very late evening, almost morning before he had to retire to bed. Now, he barely say ten o'clock.

Rising from their bed, crossing the room to the door that joined their room to their son’s, hearing the soft humming from their son’s nursery. The glittering stars above, that had taken all of his time in conjuring for him, lit the entire room. She was sat in the emerald green armchair, her feet tucked under herself and the bundle of blankets in her arms where he knew their baby would be. He listened as she hummed a tune, slowly rocking him as she looked out over the garden that was currently encased in a sprinkling of snow.

He wanted to interrupt. More so that she could sleep. But the sight before him was so captivating he didn’t want to disturb it, almost like an disturbed lake that looked peacefully untouched. And also because Scorpius was settled at the sound of her, as if in some way it healed his woes.

It was also pleasant to finally see her content, the entire process had been distressing to say the least. They faced probably after problem to have their son. Her body being put through endless tests, giving blood samples and various degrees of pain. But the moment their son was handed over to her he watched his wife heal, the wounds that were so deep from rejection and disappointment disappearing from sight as if they never happened. A feeling that slowly replicated through himself as he saw her smile fully for the first time in years.

Draco watched her turn more towards him her face more visible to him, the tired eyes, the cracked lips he decided enough was enough. Moving carefully into the room as she looked up.

“He’s asleep,” she whispered.

“As should you, you remember what the books said —”

Her eyes meeting him with an annoyed look in them, “— well since I’ve the one who forced you to read them. Of course.”

“Then you know you should sleep when he sleeps,” her shoulders relaxed and he knew he was right.

“He wasn’t settling, but I sorted it, he’s asleep and he’s content —”

“— he’ll be content in his cot in our room,” he said softly.

Her eyes travelled back to the small pale face in amongst the blankets before looking up at him with so much anguish, “what’s wrong?” He asked.

Her head shook and he crouched to the floor beside her as he held her leg, only as both of her hands were busy supporting Scorpius.

“Tell me.”

“What if something happens and I’m not awake or aware and I can’t help him? What if someone broke in and took him, people don’t think we deserve him.. what if they do something,” Her eyes filled with tears. “Draco, I can’t lose him.. I love him so.”

Draco suddenly felt downhearted. How silly he had been to think the end of the road would be when they brought him home, but it dawned on him that this would be only the start. That she had barely been separate from him not out of need but fear. That her worries were within reason and he, as her husband, as his son’s father had done nothing to soothe them. He had instead buried his head in the sand, barely noticing the effect it was having upon her from the cruel jibes and words they received when they went out into public, because he truly felt he deserved it.

“Life cannot.. it’s not that cruel,” he whispered his finger running circles on her bare leg. “I am sure of it. And I never let anything happen, not to him, nor to you. The world is unhappy with me, not you.”

“But —” he silenced her before she began. He knew her thought process and didn’t want her to spiral down there again, his hand reaching for her cheek.

“— ill set up more wards. I’ll set up some baby charms of some kind to send warnings if something is wrong, but.. you need sleep. You’re no good to him half dead, nor me,” he tried. “I love him just as much, but I love you too.. I can’t lose either of you.”

Her eyes travelled back, a soft noise coming from the blankets as she smiled. Her grip tightening almost on their son.

“Let me hold him so you can sleep, you go to bed and I’ll wake you in the morning —”

“— but you have work so early tomorrow and —”

Draco felt himself smile at her thoughtfulness, “— it’s just a bit of sleep, I can do that at work.” A soft rumble coming from her throat as he saw a smile on her lips. “Hand him over, I know you’ll feel better if someone is with him.”

“If he awakes —”

“— I’m his Father, I think I’ll know what to do,” Draco standing as she did so too, passing Scorpius over into his arms as she slowly tried to hold his shoulders as he sat in the armchair.

“I meant that when he wakes he’ll need feeding,” she said as he felt her hand run through his hair, looking up to meet her eyes. “Unless you’ve since sprouted things to help with that problem.”

“Go to sleep,” he said jokingly as her lips planted onto his forehead, as he was sure he heard another laugh as she left the bedroom. Looking down at his son, the soft peaceful face looking up at him. “I don’t think you’ll ever know how loved you are Scorpius.. But you are, by Salazar you are.”

The small silver eyes looking up at him, fear corroding through Draco’s body that he may scream in despair that it wasn’t his mum. But instead he just looked up, watching him watch him. Adjusting his hold on him as he was sure that Scorpius snuggled into him.

“Merlin I love you for saving your mummy Scorpius,” he whispered before placing a kiss on his son’s forehead.

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Are the drabble game prompts still open? If so, can I have 62 with Minghao? (P.S. the prompt number 2 very funny! Just wanted to say that)

62 - guess who’s going to be a father?

There you sat, in the middle of the cold, tiled bathroom floor; your hands, shaking and your breathing, fragile. What you gingerly held in your hands was a precious piece of information, but what you held within your own body was even more precious, special and - most importantly - vulnerable.

Your assumptions were correct, you were the barer of a child. A child made from love, compassion and kindness. A child that would inherit similar features to your own.

A child that could make, or break your relationship with Minghao.

How on earth were you supposed to tell him? How on earth were you supposed to break the news, that he was to be a father of a child? More importantly, a father to your child?

The train wreck you called your thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the echoing sound of the door slamming shut - an indication that the love of your life was home from work. You scrambled to your feet, quickly placing the used pregnancy test in the cupboard and running out the door to greet Minghao with a peck to the lips.

His eyebrows furrowed in concern upon seeing the current state you were in. Your eyes looked panicked, your skin looked pale and your hands were shaking as if they were victim to the tremors of an earthquake. He had every right to question your well-being.

“Is everything okay, _______?” He asked, his hands extending to cup your face, inspecting you thoroughly.  

You feigned a smile in his direction, nuzzling your cheek against his warm palm in hopes that he’d let the subject drop… for now, at least. “Just a little fatigued, I’m okay, babe.”

Minghao didn’t look convinced, but let the matter go nonetheless as he removed his coat and advanced into the warmth of your house.

You stared in awe over at your husband, how could he just know something was wrong from a mere glance in your direction? How could he memorise you and your actions well enough to know that the slightest change in skin complexion, the slightest look in your eye and the slightest shake of a hand was an indication that there was something troubling your mind?

It was simply an understatement to say that you loved him.

“Come, let’s eat.” You said with a soft smile.

He nodded, “Sure thing. Just let me use the bathroom first.”

For a moment, you thought nothing of it. For a moment, you forgot about the events that had occurred before he had arrived. For a moment, you felt as if nothing had changed at all, and your life was the same as it always had been before.

But then that moment ended, and all the memories came flooding back.

Your face went slack in panic, sweat starting to accumulate on your forehead. This wasn’t the way you wanted him to find out. Not now, when you had just found out yourself.

But it was too late, a few moments later, Minghao emerged from the bathroom - the pregnancy test held gingerly in his hands. He looked up at you with furrowed eyebrows, confusion evident on his features, “______. What’s this doing in the bathroom?”

Your hand instinctively placed itself onto your stomach as you racked your mind, in search of the right words to say, “H-Hao, I can explain-”

However, Minghao had caught your action almost immediately and everything seemed to click in his brain. “I’m gonna be a dad?” He whispered, the pregnancy test slipping through his fingers and landing on the plush carpets.

You bit your lip, refusing to meet his eyes - afraid of the reaction he would give you.

You expected many things. Minghao could leave you, he could get angry, or upset. He could refuse to become the baby’s father… or even worse, force you to abort the baby. 

But you never expected him to yell at the top of his lungs, “Guess who’s going to be a father? That’s right, me!” And have him pull you into a bone crushing hug. 

Tears pricked your eyes as waves and waves of relief washed through you. You were in awe yet again about how calm and accepting your husband was, he looked happy… beyond happy. And as he pulled away from the hug to press a firm kiss to your stomach, you couldn’t help but think to yourself, that maybe… just maybe, things will work out. 

Even if the two of you weren’t quite ready to have a baby, and weren’t expecting it. Even though you two weren’t finacially stable yet. Even though you two hadn’t agreed on having a baby so early in your marriage, you knew that the two of you would be okay. 

You two had each other, and in 9 months time, a third will come along.

That was enough.


HAAAAHAHAH GUESS WHO’S BACK FROM THE DEAD!! im so so so so sorry everyone for not writing in ages. I’ve struggled to find inspiration for so long and suddenly out of the blue i had the urge to write and here i am.

I know this isn’t the best i can do, but i hope yalls like it anyway as im still improving. LOTS OF LOVE ALWAYS AND ILL TRY POST AGAIN SOON XX

Alien Baby Daddy Part I

by @haywarde37; Part II + Part III + Part IV + Part V

Another beautiful submission from @haywarde37​. A fairly angsty, while wonderfully written first part of a wonderful, sweet, domestic MSR fic <3

TRIGGER WARNING for miscarriage. THIS FIC CONTAINS A MISCARRIAGE! So do not read more if that’s something you wish to avoid!

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The Power Of Love - Part 18

Warnings – possible swearing and probably some major fangirling ;) 


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The last few weeks things had been very different. J had been sneaking off places and been incredibly distant. You sit there biting you nails, something wasn’t right. You could feel it. You’d tried to talk to him about it, but you’d always get interrupted. Now seemed like your best choice.

“J, are you alright? You’ve been acting weird all week” You say biting your lip.

It was the truth, he’d been acting strange for over a week now and it was starting to worry you. Yes you’d both been busy filming but he’d hardly touched you. It caused this sick feeling in your stomach that you couldn’t get rid of.

“I’m fine” he looked up and smiled tightly, you tense at his words

“Then what’s going on? You….” his heavy sigh stops you before you can continue.

“Y/n I’m fine, nothing is going on!” you could see the lies in those green eyes from a mile away.

“You’re lying…” you whisper.

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— ♡ a masterlist of verse names !

out of boredom and enjoyment of coming up with verse names, i had decided to share with everyone a masterlist of verse names i’ve collected for my future ships and to help others. this masterlist is heavily based upon on lyrics from various artists ; while there are a few of my own which i created in there. this masterlist contains 110 150 192 verses (updated june 5th, 2016) names and may get updated periodically. feel free to use whoever many you want, but please like/reblog if you found this useful. 

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  • every dumb fuck in the world: Magnus is so predatory and this is obviously developing into a toxic and abusive relationship, Alec is a pure and naïve 18th century maiden and doesn't deserve to be corrupted by the likes of this potential rapist
  • magnus: *notices Alec after being saved by one of his arrows and looks appreciative of him*
  • magnus: *asks Alec's sister what kind of stuff her brother likes so he knows what can please him*
  • magnus: *calls Alec a pretty boy simply because he considers him to be pretty*
  • magnus: *sees that Alec is distressed after the incident with the Greater Demon, so tries to teach him to accept himself* There's nothing to be ashamed of, Alexander
  • magnus: *calls Alec and invites him over for drinks, gives him space when he says he can't in that moment*
  • alec: *willingly comes over to Magnus' loft, then willingly gives his strength to Magnus instead of asking Clary to do it*
  • alec: *willingly accepts a drink from Magnus and smiles at his advances*
  • magnus: *backs off and says he understands when Alec seems to be overwhelmed*
  • alec: *willingly stays THE NIGHT at Magnus' because he was genuinely enjoying himself*
  • alec: *doesn't contradict Isabelle when she says he should practice to ask Magnus out*
  • alec: *trusts Magnus with the burden that he has to bear on his shoulders and how he feels it's his duty to uphold the family name even if he wasn't the one to ruin it and did everything he was asked, completely overlooking what he wanted in the process*
  • magnus: *has just learned that Alec's parents are going to make him marry and Alec's many concerns* Maybe you should start living for yourself. Do what's in your heart.
  • magnus: *agrees to act behind Alec's back only once he learns how much the findings about his parents are affecting him, because if not, Alec will have many things to regret*
  • magnus: *calls Alec out on getting married to someone he doesn't even like, but still leaves because it's Alec's choice*
  • alec: *keeps coming to Magnus for help regardless of how much he's broken Magnus' heart*
  • magnus: *helps Alec's sister during the trial and doesn't even accept the payment they had agreed on at first because he just can't stand injustice towards his friends and the only thing he wants is Alec, if he ever comes to him out his own volition*
  • magnus: *tells Alec he respects the woman he's going to marry, but that doesn't mean Alec has to marry her, on the grounds that both of them would be unhappy, and so would Magnus himself*
  • magnus: *tries not to run into either Alec or Lydia so as not interfere with their wedding preparations*
  • magnus: *tries YET again to explain to Alec that marrying a woman he doesn't love is going to hurt him, and litteraly says he wants to stop him from living a lie*
  • magnus: *uses magic to exemplify to Alec what love is supposed to feel like so he realizes that he doesn't feel that with Lydia, which is why marrying her is a mistake*
  • magnus: *doesn't ever tell Alec to leave Lydia for him, just that Alec needs to be true to himself and be his own person*
  • magnus: *arrives late to the wedding and when urged to leave, instead of outing Alec ("this man and I are in love, this wedding cannot continue!", for example), he agrees to leave if Alec tells him to, leaving the choice to Alec again*
  • magnus: *ALWAYS respects Alec's personal space and never pushes any further if Alec shows any indications that he's uncomfortable*
  • magnus: *ALWAYS gives Alec the final choice and waits for him to make a move once he's given enough signs*
  • also magnus: *flirts with Alec every now and then, cracks a few jokes and drops some innuendos because a) That's what he does with basically everyone (calling Simon and Jace "Clary's boy toys", anyone?), b) That's what a grown-ass man does when he likes another grown-ass man, he lets him know he's interested.
  • me: *opens up a bag of angry bees*
  • me: *unleashes a caiman*
  • me: *brings people back from the dead, Walking Dead style*
  • me: *resuscitates the Tyrannosaurus Rex*
  • me: *summons a Greater Demon*
  • me: RUN. NOW.

Shiro gets captured and is thrown in the pits to fight again. Keith discovers he is a galra and after the initial shock, uses it as a disguise to infiltrate the ship Shiro is on in order to rescue him. Keith enlists himself as one of the combatants (when other galrans ask him why, he says he want to test his strength against the champion, which earns him respect from his galra “comrades”).

The thing is, Shiro doesn’t know (no one does yet) that he is a galra and he wants to keep it that way, so when the day comes and he can face Shiro in the pits, he wears a soldier mask to cover his face, voice and hair.

As the battle begins, Keith grabs his red Bayard, which he has kept with him the whole time and Shiro winces instantly, taking a step back and raising his arms, ready to fight. When he speaks, it’s a dreadful yell full of venom.

“Where did you get the red Bayard?”

“From your dead friend.”

And Keith lunges forward.

anonymous asked:

Can u explain the Evil Morty theory? Ive read a bunch of theories about the show except that one.

Sure! So basically the theory is that Evil Morty is C-137 Rick’s original Morty. Why, you may ask? Where is the proof?

In Close Rick Counters of the Rick Kind (ep 10, s1), we learn at the very end that Evil Morty was remotely controlling Evil Rick. So, when we look back at the beginning of the episode, we see that Evil Rick/Morty is purposely going around a killing other Ricks and hacks into C-137 Rick’s portal gun to make it seem like C-137 Rick was killing all of the other Ricks. But why would Evil Morty use C-137 as a scapegoat? Why him, specifically?

Then, Evil Morty captures C-137 and wants to download his memories before killing him. The question surfaces again-why?

If we look at the episode where they Cronenberg the world, Rick definitely seems like he has switched dimensions before. And at the end of ep 10, Rick tells Morty that a cocky Morty can lead to trouble, but when Morty asks him to elaborate, Rick just tells him that he’ll explain when he’s older.

So the theory is that C-137 Rick had been teaching his original Morty-Evil Morty- in the fields of science, but something had happened that made Rick decide to leave his original dimension and venture to a new one, where he had already died and could slip into his dead self’s place, which would be the show’s current dimension.

The show has stated multiple times that Rick has been gone from Beth’s life for a very long time– 20ish years or something. Beth and the family may only see it as Rick had up and left, but what may have really happened is that he had died without anyone knowing. It’s clear that Rick had supposedly met Morty while he (Morty) is fourteen–but then why does Rick have memories of a baby Morty?

So, C-137 Rick slips in and takes his dead self’s place, making it seem like he had just come back after 20 years or whatever. Yay, now he can start over with a new family and just forget about whatever had happened in his original dimension.

Now back to Evil Morty. He clearly wanted to get back at Rick for whatever had happened. Maybe he wanted to download the memories to figure out what Rick had done after he left? Maybe he wanted to get his knowledge, or maybe both and for other reasons as well.

But yeah it’s a cool theory and there’s evidence to back it up. Roiland and Harmon have both said that there’s a subtle overarching plot, and this could be it.

I hope this makes sense. This has been sitting in my inbox for a few days and I’ve been mulling it over and trying to work on how to phrase it. If anything doesn’t make sense or you want clarification, please let me know! And if anyone wants to add in or argue with me or whatever, feel free to reblog and add on!


But seriously




I knew he was going to die, I had it spoiled for me. But it was just so sudden. I thought he was going to live for another book. BUTTTT NOOOO

And so now its past my bedtime and I have to deal with this shit?



^^^^Legit question I know the cat can probably fend for himself pretty damn well but still.



How do I even go on? I know there are a couple more books left but this seems so final?

Of course he could always come back from the dead. People do it all the time in scifi fantasy. Hell, I just reblogged something yesterday about Daniel Jackson and his uncanny ability to never stay dead.

I bet if anyone in that universe could come back from the dead, its Dresden.

On a cool note my hometown of Aurora got another mention in this book! Yay…

But I’m still in shock and not quite sure how to proceed.

Spring FRE #40- I didn’t set out to look for redemption, but somehow I found it.


Beta: @katyushha

Tag: love and loss

Rated: gen



Dear Mitchell’s partner,

I don’t call you his “lover”, because if you ever find this letter, it means that you are more than just someone he sleeps with. If you find this, it means you are more to him than a mere special friend. Putting this letter in an impermeable pouch and sewing it between the linings of his leather coat was the only way I found to pass this message on to you. I know he is going to wear it until it decomposes, and it’s good quality, so I guess the fabric will survive a few decades and then, I hope, you will find this. He would not let someone he doesn’t trust touch that damn coat anyway. So this is my best chance.

I don’t even know if you are a man or a woman, but it doesn’t really matter.

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A Time For Love - Part 4

Anonymous asked:
hi,can I please have a scenario where you go to your friend’s wedding  party and  jungkookie who tagged along to the party with his friends  falls for you,he makes his move but the girl rejects her politely mostly cause she never had a dating experience before but kookie because he is golden somehow manages to win her over before the end of party thus  marking the start of an exciting lovelife,woah that got too long,sorry  and thank you<3

A/N: Sorry for the wait! And here you go xD

Genre: Fluff

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

“I-I, um I didn’t mean it that way. Okay, maybe I did but I-I don’t know.” He answered, finally giving up on his explanation.

“Um, I just want to thank you for your kindness but I will have to reject-” You replied.

“Wait, before you reject me, can you give me until the end of tonight? I’ll definitely change your mind.” He interrupted, biting his bottom lip from the embarrassment. He didn’t know why, but he just really wanted to try. Before rejecting him, part of you wanted to say yes. But you didn’t have any dating experience, and the thought of dating scared you. You remembered going through a heart break when your crush rejected you in high school and vowed that you’ll never feel that way ever again. You were afraid of getting hurt. Especially remembering what Jae Hwan had told you, “Jungkook is the one that had a lot of girlfriends before, so be careful.”

“Okay, deal. I’ll give you until the end of the night but while that’s happening, maybe we can try being friends for now?” You shrugged, not knowing what else to say while he nodded in agreement with a smile now planted on his face. You wanted to know how he was going to change your mind, you wanted to know how serious he was even though you just met.

“Hey! There you are, Jungkookie! We’ve been looking for you.” A cheerful black haired man called, approaching Jungkook from the dining room. “We saved a seat for you with Rapmonie and Jun Noona.”

“Hobi Hyung, not now.” Jungkook whispered loud enough for you to hear. That’s when Hoseok noticed you, and a smirk formed on his face.

“Hey, Y/N right? Why don’t you join us and eat with Namjoon and Jun. I mean, you are good friends with Noona, right?” He asked, not even waiting for an answer. He grabbed your hand and pulled you inside the dining room towards the table that sat 4 of the groomsmen, Namjoon, and Jun. You saw the glare Jungkook gave Hoseok when he grabbed your hand. He slapped his hand away when you got to the table, with the other members watching with a smirk on their faces.
“She can sit here with us right?” He asked.

“Of course, she’s my best friend after all.” Jun smiled, patting the seat next to her. Jungkook tried to take the seat next to you but Taehyung sat down before he could. The rest of the members couldn’t help but notice how desperate Jungkook seemed and signalled him to calm down. Each time he tried to talk to you, you were too busy eating your food or you were talking to Jun. When you weren’t busy, Taehyung would just block him with a huge smirk on his face.

He was enjoying the sight of how much Jungkook actually tried for a girl, usually when he likes someone she would like him back. That’s why it was actually fun to watch Jungkook struggle to get the girl he wants. That’s when he decided he couldn’t take this anymore. He pushed Taehyung aside only to find that you were at the bar grabbing a drink. He sighed as Taehyung got back in his chair.

“You need to chill.” Yoongi commented as he took a sip of his wine. The other members nodded in agreement. “Look, I had my fun. Now, it’s all on you to see if you get the girl.” Taehyung chuckled along with Jimin.

“Not possible, she already rejected him.” Hoseok said plainly, as he picked at his food. The others stared at him with wide eyes. “

Y-You already confessed to her?” Jimin choked as Jungkook nodded in response, hearing the exasperated sighs from around the table.

“But she gave me until tonight to change her mind.” Jungkook added on, trying not to seem like he failed. The only response he got from the members was a pitiful pat on the back. “Whatever, I’m going to change her mind.” He mumbled to himself.

“Jungkookie! You have an interest in Y/N?” Jun cheered, appearing behind him after getting her food. He nodded and she smiled, “No way! and apparently, she already rejected you?” “

Yeah.” He answered shamefully, looking down at his plate of finished food.

“Don’t worry, she probably only rejected you because she doesn’t have any experience in dating. She’s scared. I know what type of guy you are and I trust you with her. Go for it! She’ll fall for you by the end of tonight for sure.” She chuckled before giving a glare at Namjoon and Jin who were just shoving food down their throats, “Guys, please. Save some room for cake.”

“Fine.” They mumbled before finishing the last bit of food on their plate.

“Hey look over there!” Jimin pointed towards the bar, everyone at the table turned and saw that you were being hit on by some guy.

“Oh my god, it’s my cousin Kwang. Stop him, someone, please. He’s no good, he’s a player” Jun begged and looked over towards Jungkook, who was taking a sip of water.

“Guys, I can’t-” Before he could finish his sentence Jun already pushed him to his feet and towards the bar. Finally after a few seconds of processing what this guy was doing to you, he got more enraged, starting to slowly walk towards you. The members and Jun encouraged him from behind, giving him that boost of motivation that he needed.

“Please, I’m not interested. Can you just leave me alone?” You repeated for the fifth time, trying to push him away your body.

“Aw come on baby, we could have so much fun together.” Kwang smirked, reaching for you when a hand stopped his. He turned to see Jungkook with the ‘keep bothering her and you’re dead’ glare. As soon as he saw those eyes, he quickly rushed back to his table.

“Thank you so much Jungkook.” You smiled, “He wouldn’t leave me alone.”

“I don’t blame him. I mean, who could? you look so beautiful.” He mumbled to himself, but loud enough for you to hear. You felt your face turn pink at his comment as you looked down. “So um, are you done eating?”

“Yeah, the food was great.” You chuckled, “I can’t wait for the cake.”

“Same, but um, I was wondering if you wanted to just walk around the hotel for a little bit?” He asked shyly. Without waiting for an answer, he grabbed your hand and started heading towards the exit of the dining hall. From the corner of his eye he saw Jimin mouthing something to him that looked like, “Go get her.”

He smiled before mumbling to himself, “I definitely will.”

~Admin Ari (Edited by Luna)


Day 3-Best Kiss
I love how happy Haleb looks when they kiss each other! The Halloween train ride was another Caleb surprising Hanna thing, Caleb makes Hanna feel better with a kiss in “Over My Dead Body” when he comes back from California, he kisses her in the hoedown episode which was cute, their “Scream For Me” makeout scene was hot, hot, hot, then the one after Hanna told him about what Zack did, that kiss was so sweet like “I’m gonna fix it, baby, you stay right here…” and of course who can forget their making love in the tent? There was the goodbye kiss in “Picture This” which was so beautiful, the one after Hanna saved Caleb from the police seeing his stuff in season 2, that sexy against the wall kiss in the dressing room in season 3, the church kiss, the hoedown kiss, and the kisses in Ravenswood were so good to watch as well! Haleb could kiss for an entire episode and it would be just fine with me! I can’t wait for their reunion kiss in season 6! They are fucking amazing together! 😍🙌🏼👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩😘

Missed Opportunities in HLV

Missed Opportunities in HLV

In HLV we see Sherlock repeatedly sacrificing himself for John Watson. We get lots of confirmation of his incredible devotion.  The whole coming back from death sequence was AMAZING. So many things to love in this episode.

But, as much as I love Martin/John in HLV, we don’t get the same devotion back from him—not the level of devotion we’d expect given how dedicated he was to Sherlock in S1 and S2.  There were lots of missed opportunities to show their friendship/relationship.

  • At the start, John hasn’t seen Sherlock for a month, presumably since the wedding (Mary is still not showing so it can’t be much later).  Did he try to contact Sherlock?  Even a line like “I’ve called you a dozen times.” Or “Why are you ignoring my calls?” or “Every time I come by here, you’ve not here.”  Something.
  • Sherlock is found in a crack den, on drugs.  And he removed John’s chair. We know that, whatever he says about it being for a case, he was really sent over the edge by John’s marriage, but that’s never really addressed.  Wouldn’t Mycroft know that?  Wouldn’t he make at least a veiled remark to John “This is your fault.” Or “Oh, NOW you’re worried about him.”  We needed just a little more here to carry this idea across.  As it is, if feels like a loose end.  In previous episodes John was hard-core about keeping Sherlock from drugs, and we see his anger when he finds Sherlock in the crack den. But it’s like as soon as John sees Janine, John forgets all about the drugs and it’s never mentioned again.  John remains clueless that Sherlock was hurt by the wedding. 
  • Love jealous John over Janine but it feels like mixed messages.
  • Sherlock died.  Where is John?  Why do we not see him react to this?  We see him briefly when he finds Sherlock and in the ambulance, but his level of anxiety didn’t seem any higher than it might be for any gunshot victim. And then he’s obviously hanging around the hospital but we never see him WITH Sherlock.  How about 5 seconds of John pacing anxiously in the waiting room as Sherlock is dying?  How about “I thought I’d lost you again?” at the bedside? Or “Don’t ever do that to me again.”  Given the characterization at the end of TRF, this is what we should expect–friendship, bromance, romance, whatever.
  • The whole confronting of Mary “We’ll decide if we keep you.”  Lovely!  John and Sherlock decide TOGETHER to keep Mary around.  I get that subtext.  It’s Sherlock who pushes John back to Mary by saying she saved his life, you love psychopaths, etc.  But why does Sherlock push John back to Mary?  We must assume he has deduced that that’s the right thing for John and he’s being self-sacrificing. I can even get that Sherlock might decide he’s not good enough for John or that John is straight and needs Mary so he should have her.  And I get the subtext that Mary, for John, is “Sherlock with a vagina.”  Fine. But I would have liked to see a little conflict in Sherlock in making this choice, even if it was just a facial expression. 
  • NOTE:  Despite the above, I don’t think there’s really anything missing from Sherlock this episode.  He’s shut out the pain by avoiding John after the wedding, he says in the elevator (about Janine) that loving is a “human error”.  He’s trying to shut himself off from his broken heart.  Got that.  It’s really John who is not quite right here.
  • Mary says John and she haven’t spoken in ‘months’ at the Christmas party.  What happened in those 2 months? Was John back at Baker Street?  Did anything more get resolved between John and Sherlock?
  • The ending at the plane.  This is by far the biggest problem I have with this entire episode.  I can buy Sherlock’s part there.  I think by then he has given up John to Mary as what he thinks is best for John and isn’t going to reveal anything.  But JOHN?  Hello?  He’s told straight up by Sherlock this is good-bye forever.  He’s lost Sherlock once (TRF) and nearly died from it.  He more recently saw Sherlock flatline because he was shot by his wife, he watched Sherlock sacrifice himself for them, and yet he just says good-bye like it isn’t that big a deal?  What should have been:  John should have tried to extract a promise (being BAMF) from Sherlock that he’d be back.  “If you can come back from the dead, you can come back from this.”  He should have been upset. Knocking the hand aside for a manly platonic hug would not have been amiss either.  This is not about johnlock, this is the core of their established relationship.

As it is, we’re let with an unfortunate subtext that Sherlock loves John so much he’d sacrifice himself over and over for him, and John’s priority is Mary, to the extent where he’s not even that upset that Sherlock is leaving forever.  Yes, Mary is pregnant, so it’s really “Mary and the baby”.  But still.

I don’t REALLY think the writers intended to leave this message about John to that degree.  I think that ending scene is just poorly written.  I get that John is really in love with Mary and has forgiven her, and Sherlock is his platonic best friend.  They’re keeping Mary around to extend out the story line and have more things in play.  But still, there was a significant missed beat there in John’s (canon) loyalty to Sherlock.  As it is, it’s left way too one-sided and that’s very unsatisfying.

ETA 1/14:  I have revised my thinking on HLV, and particularly of John’s motivation and behavior and why the ‘missing’ things were purposefully left out.  See my updated Love and Breadcrumbs: HLV.

In short – John is still under the impression, at the end of HLV, that Sherlock is a heterosexual sociopath who will only break his heart.  This is confirmed for John in HLV by the way Sherlock treats Janine.  So while John still loves Sherlock, he is choosing to stay with Mary. He won’t give Sherlock another chance to break him the way he did when he faked his death. We know Sherlock loves John, but John doesn’t know it.

No, the writers didn’t resolve it at the end of HLV. They’re playing a longer game. I have high hopes they will resolve this misunderstanding in S4.