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Just a Bet, part 2

Part 1 ♡♥︎

It’s been two weeks since I realized that I was just a bet to Justin. My world had been crushed, and I didn’t know how to get up from the dark hole I had been hiding in. I still went to school, but I completely ignored Justin, even though Justin was really hard to ignore because he was constantly around, and he was always looking at me. It was Friday once again, but I wasn’t going home. Trish, my best friend, had lured me into going to this party tonight. Trying to get the best out of it, I decided to wear a new pair of ripped, black jeans. I also decided to wear a white t-shirt with the word “No boyfriend No problem” written on it. Over it, I wore a black bomber jacket with a small flower sewn into it. I decided to straighten my hair and wear a cap over it. 

Trish was coming over to do my makeup as soon as she got off work, so in the meantime, I just sat down at my computer and watched some YouTube videos, that was until I felt someone staring at me. I turned around and looked out of my window to see Justin looking at me with no shame. I furrowed my eyebrows, he just lightly smiled at me, then he turned around and left his room. I sighed and leaned back in my chair. Why did I feel like this? Why couldn’t I just get over him and then go back to living my normal life? Still, deep in thought, I got up and went over to my window. I closed it and pulled down the curtains, then I sat down on my bed and decided to put on some music. Ed Sheeran had just released a new album, and especially one song had made its way into my heart, “Supermarket Flowers”. 

“So I’ll sing Hallelujah, you were an angel in the shape of my mum” I sang along. I must have been deep into the song because I didn’t hear Trish coming in through my door. She cleared her throat, and I immediately stopped singing. “You should really consider a career in the industry of singing” she truthfully said as she sat down beside me. I shook my head and looked down as I smiled. “I don’t sound good,” I told her, then I got up and turned on the lights. “Now come on, let’s beautify me!” I told her with a big smile. 


It took Trish about half an hour to do my makeup. She did this beautiful, smokey eye look in brown-ish colors, and I loved it! 

“Thank you so much, Trish, it’s perfect!” I told her, then I went over to my phone to change the song. I didn’t want to hear soft music anymore, so I found a pre-party playlist on Spotify and shuffle-played it. “Samsara” started playing, and I cheered. 

Trish and I had already started drinking since it was pretty easy for us to access my dad’s booze cabinet. 

“Y/N, we need to get going if we even want to attend the party,” Trish told me. I looked down at my watch and realized that it was already past 9 pm. I unplugged my phone from my speakers and put it in my back pocket of my jeans, then I grabbed some money and my keys and soon we were out of the door, on our way to the party, with help from Trish’s brother, who agreed to come pick us up. 


When we arrived people were already drunk out of their minds. Trish and I made our way inside the house and were immediately greeted by our other friends. “Y/N, I can’t believe you actually agreed to go!” Jake as he hugged me, I laughed at him and hugged him back. “I needed to let loose and forget certain things,” I told him. My eyes looked around and suddenly I had my eyes on Justin who was glaring at Jake. I rolled my eyes and wrapped my arm around Jake’s waist, accidently my hand went under his white t-shirt, but he didn’t seem to mind, he just looked down at me and smiled. 

“Wanna help me find something to drink?” I asked Jake, he immediately agreed and we went away from the crowd. “I’m so glad you could make it” he slurred as he continued to have his arm around me for support, he was definitely drunk. I decided not to answer, instead, I just smiled at him. 

Jake made me a vodka and coke and handed it to me. I thanked him, then suddenly someone got in between Jake and I. I rolled my eyes as I realized that it was Justin. 

“What do you want Justin?” I asked him. I took a sip of my drink as I waited for him to answer me. “Can we please talk? Privately” I said through gritted teeth. I just sighed and nodded my head. “I’ll be right back,” I told Jake, then I went outside with Justin. 

“Talk,” I lowly said. I avoided all eye contact with him, but I was forced to look him in the eyes when he suddenly grabbed my face with both his hands. 

“I’m sorry, I really am sorry, and I regret ever hurting you,” he told me. He kept his hands on my face, and I was able to tell that he really was sorry, his eyes exposed him completely. I gulped and bit down on my lip. “I know I don’t deserve to be forgiven, but I just wanted to tell you that you were more than just a bet to me..” he continued. “As I got to know you I realized that you weren’t who people said you were, you were so much more”. 

“I forgive you,” I told him. Justin’s eyes immediately light up and a smile spreads across his lips, “but only on one condition” I continued. “Anything,” he said the smile staying on his lips. I grabbed my drink and poured it over his head on down onto his white t-shirt. People around us “oohed” whereas Justin gasped. He wiped his face and looked mine into the eyes. 

“I guess I deserved that one,” he told me with a smile, then he wrapped his arms around me and engulfed me in a hug. I squealed and tried to get out of his arms, but he just held me tighter. “Justin, you’re ruining my shirt” I complained as he nuzzled his face in my neck. “I don’t care, I don’t like it anyway,” he told me which made me gasp. “That wasn’t very nice,” I told him as I pouted. “I would have it say ‘I have a boyfriend, and his name is Justin’,” Justin told me. I smiled widely and shook my head. 

“You’re crazy,” I told him as I started walking away. “Why am I crazy? I’m simply just telling you the truth” he said, which made me turn around. “Do you just expect me to say yes to being you girlfriend after all you’ve done?” I asked him with furrowed eyebrows. Justin grabs my waist and pulls me close to him. “Of course not, what I did is truly unforgivable, but you forgave me, and I will now spend all my time trying to make it up to you for all the mistakes I made,” he told me. “Well, good luck with that,” I told him, then I unwrapped his arms and went back inside to catch up with my friends. 

Trish spotted me and came over to me right away. I heard you forgave Justin, and then you poured your drink into his hair, is that true?“ she asked me with a big smile playing on her lips. I nodded my head and smirked. "I sure did, and now he’s promised to make it up to me, so let’s see what he’ll come up with,” I told her, then I grabbed her drink and drowned it. “Now let’s party!” I yelled and everyone around me cheered. And that was the last thing I remembered from that night… 

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A little something I wrote for @frostyemma who requested some Stucky smut or fluff for my 100 Followers Celebration.

author: SaffreeLove

word count: 1788

warnings: swearing. there is always swearing.

pairing: Steve x Bucky

“Hey, Buck?”


“I’m heading out. Need me to grab anything on my way home?”

“Nah. I’m fine.”

Steve sighed quietly, looking back at Bucky sitting on the couch staring down at his lap. This past week it’d gotten to where he could barely even look Steve in the eyes. Steve didn’t know what had caused the change, but he knew that he would have to confront Bucky about it that evening when he got back. Bucky had been doing so much better, Steve really thought that he was making progress with his therapy and seemed happy. In fact, Steve hoped it was enough that he could finally confess his feelings to Bucky.

With a last look back, Steve closed the door and headed out for the Tower. He didn’t know what Tony thought was so important that Steve had to come in on a Saturday, with no missions coming up anytime soon. But Tony had insisted and then started going off in his “Stark-speak” that Steve was sure only Bruce understood, and at that point the only way to shut him up was to agree to come in.

“Natalia, what if this is a huge mistake?”

“It isn’t.”

“But, what if he thinks it’s stupid?”

“He won’t.”

“But, what if…”

“Bucky!” exasperated Nat gently grasped his jaw in her hands making him look at her, “Moy sladkiy mal'chik, he will love it. Take a deep breath and try to calm down.”

Nat, Clint, and Sam had all come over to help Bucky set up this little surprise party for Steve. Nat had even got Tony to distract Steve for the afternoon. Bucky couldn’t quite believe that Tony was helping him out, but figured his help was probably more a favor to Nat or Steve than to the former assassin who had unwillingly murdered his parents. Sigh. Due to the pain Buck felt in his chest, he knew he needed to bring that up again in his next therapy session.

“An update? That’s it? For fuck’s sake Tony, this couldn’t have waited until Monday?” Steve had a tight hold on his hips to hold in the anger he felt for having to spend the day without Bucky for a stupid phone update.

“Woah there, Cap! When did your language fall so far into the gutter? Is it from hanging out with your Winter Boo Bear so much?”

“Tony, please don’t start in on Buck again,” Steve asked with a tired sigh.

“I’m not, I’m not! I swear,” Tony held up three fingers, as if he had ever been a boy scout. Quietly, he continued, “He’s actually starting to grow on me.”

Steve looked up at Tony incredulously.

“What? He is. I’m not completely unable to change my feelings about people. Therapy is actually incredibly useful when you go to more than one session. And then continue going on a regular schedule.” Tony turned back to the computer where he had plugged Steve’s phone in for the not entirely unnecessary update.

“He’s a good guy, Cap. I’m…” Tony took a breath and let it out, “I’m sorry about Siberia. I was so blindsided by Zemo’s bombshell that I lost track of you, my friend. Ya know, Buck was just as much a victim in this whole clusterfuck, and I just kept treating him as the villain. So, you tell your boy that if his arm needs any tweaking or anything, to come on in and I’ll fix him up and hook him up with any of my latest tech that he might want.”

Steve just stood there with his mouth hanging open. He’d never heard Tony open up so much, and with so little snark.

“You tell anybody I got so mushy and I’ll tell them what a dirty, rotten liar Captain America is. You too, F.R.I.D.A.Y., this better get deleted from your archives, immediately.”

”Yes, Boss.”

“Tony, thank you,” Steve said just before catching him in a full-on hug. Pulling back, he said, “Uh, I think I need to get home, I really need to talk to Bucky. How much longer will this take?”

“What are you doing?? Don’t put that there?” Bucky started shouting at Clint.

“Sorry, man. Uh, where should I put it?” Clint looked around, not seeing a whole lot of alternative options.

“Here,” Bucky said, and with all seriousness, moved the telescope over an inch.

With a sigh that was begging for patience, Clint called out, “Nat, come get your boy before I throw him off the roof.” Bucky’s attention had already moved on, minutely rearranging things in the hope that if everything was in the exact right place, this whole setup would work.

Calling up through the open stairwell, Nat said, “Bucky, go help Sam bring the rest of the bags up from my car.”

“Natasha, I do not need help! I’m perfectly…” Sam trailed off under the heat of her glare. “Uh, hey Buck, come on,” he said with a resigned sigh, “It’s too much to get in one trip, anyway.”

“Mayday, mayday. I’ve lost the Capsicicle! He’s headed your way.”

“Tony, what the hell? You were supposed to keep him with you until six!”

“Yes, I know Romanoff! However, if Captain America gets it into his mind that he needs to get home, guess what? He’s going to do it. I don’t really fancy putting on my suit and getting into a fight with him right now!”

“Okay, Tony, okay. Can you at least keep up with him? Track his progress?”

“Of course.”

“Okay, do that and send the info to my phone.” sighing, Nat put her phone in her back pocket and prepared herself to tell Bucky about Steve prematurely leaving the Tower.

“Hey, Bucky?” Nat called warily from the kitchen, “Steve’s headed back a little earlier than we anticipated.”

“What?? But, it’s not dark yet!” Dammit Steven! You couldn’t be patient, just this once? Starting to get a bit panicky, he asked, “Uh, okay, what should we do Talia?”

“Since you’re the only one here who physically has a chance, you get to stall him in here while we finish up on the roof,” she explained as Bucky followed her to the door that led to the roof terrace.

“Talia, what if…” Bucky started again in a small voice.

“James, he will love it as he loves you. This has not ruined your plan to tell him how you feel. I promise this will all work out.”

Looking down with a small smile, Bucky said, “Thank you, Natalia.”

For some reason that he couldn’t quite name, Steve just could not wait any longer to get home to Bucky. He had grabbed his phone out of Tony’s hand and darted out the door. It was as if a switch had been thrown and he had to tell Bucky how he felt. Steve had already waited over 70 years, you would think he could wait another hour as Tony tried to get him to do. But no, he felt as if he couldn’t wait even another minute. His love for Bucky was about to explode out of his chest, and sink or swim, he had to tell him. He didn’t even know what he would say first, but he knew he had to say something.

Steve was so stuck in his thoughts that he nearly started running home, when he remembered that he’d ridden his bike to the tower. In less than a minute he was roaring through the streets of Manhattan on his quest to get home to Buck.

Bucky was waiting just inside their condo while Nat, Clint, and Sam were up on the roof terrace waiting with Steve’s surprise. Bucky heard the Harley coming from down the street, listened to Steve pull in fast, heard the engine turn off, then the pounding of his boots as Steve ran up the stairs to their shared apartment. The closer the sounds got, the more nervous Bucky became.

The front door practically slammed open, “Bucky? Buck, where are you?”

Bucky was attempting to nonchalantly be in the kitchen, as if he didn’t feel like his whole life was hanging in the balance. He cleared his throat, “In the kitchen, Steve.”

Steve was instantly in the doorway. “Hey, how was the Tower? What did Ton…” Bucky was cut off due to Steve’s lips pressing against his own. For a few seconds, Bucky didn’t even respond to the kiss because he was so in shock. Then, just as he thought to move his own lips and return the kiss, Steve pulled back slightly and rested his forehead on Buck’s. Pulling back a bit more, Steve anxiously  looked into his eyes as words started rushing out of his mouth.

“Bucky. I love you. And not like a friend. Although I do love you that way, too. I love you like a lover, a boyfriend, a partner. I’m in love with you. And I’m so sorry if this ruins everything because you don’t feel the same for me, but I just couldn’t keep it in anymore. I’ve waited so long to tell you. I’ve wasted so much time not being truthful with you about my deepest feelings. I just…” Now it was Steve’s turn to be cut off with a kiss.

Bucky was all over Steve, trying to speak and kiss at the same time. Kiss. “I love you so much, Stevie.” Kiss. “In love with you.” Kiss. “You are my whole world.” Kiss. “I love you.” Kiss. “I love you.” Kiss. “I love you.”

With this, the rest of their apartment and even the world seemed to melt away. Steve pulled Buck impossibly closer and then slammed him to the wall beside the fridge. His hands moved down Bucky’s back to his butt. Steve squeezed his hands around Bucky’s firm ass, pulling deep groans from both of them.

“Fuck, Steven.”

“Oh, I plan to, James.”

Steve leaned forward to continue kissing Bucky when they heard a knock, and not from the front door. It came from the skylight above their heads. Glancing up, they saw Nat, Sam, and Clint all grinning like damn fools down at the pair of super soldiers nearly dry humping in the kitchen.

“Guess it went well after all, huh Bucky,” Nat called down, “still want the surprise?”

“Surprise?” Steve’s head popped up with a look of joy on his face.

“Yeah, uh, they all helped me set up a picnic and a few telescopes up on the rooftop, so we can watch the lunar eclipse you were so excited about.”

With a near giddy laugh Steve said, “Oh, I do love you, James Buchanan Barnes,” and he pulled Bucky up stairs holding his hand.

Moy sladkiy mal'chik - My sweet boy



















anonymous asked:

Hello~ Could you please write a scenario where Minghao keeps trying to confess to you, but something messes him up every time (like he gets too shy and forgets his words, someone else walks in, he gets called in for practice, etc.)?? Thank you!!!

~I hope this is good! This is the first thing I’ve written for the boys to date<3 Thank you for request Anon!!~

Minghao stared at you as a large smile took over your face, your head slightly tilted back as you laughed loudly at the joke Soonyoung told you. A small smile of his own tugged the corners of his lips upward as he continued to look at you in fascination. The way your eyes sparkled, the crinkles that appeared around your eyes when you smiled, the color of your eyes, and the slight swish of your hips as you walked all fascinated him. You fascinated him, in the simplest of terms.

“Ming, you’re staring,” Junhui quietly spoke to the thinner boy in Mandarin, nudging him in his ribs gently. The words made Minghao flush a bright red color, looking away from you quickly. 

“You should tell her, you know. I’m tired of hearing you go on about her. No offense,” Junhui told his friend, this time in Korean. 

“I’m scared,” Minghao spoke back, saying words he told Jun so many times in the past. 

“I know, Ming, but if you don’t tell her, she might fall for someone else,” Minghao sighed, the anxious feeling he knew all too well reoccurring in his chest. 

“Go tell her Minghao, the worst she can do is say she doesn’t like you,” Junhui pushed the younger boy in your direction, Minghao fighting the entire way. 

“That’s still bad, hyung!” Minghao whisper-shouted at the older boy, as he skidded to a stop in front of you. 

“Hi Minghao!” you chirped, tugging the boy down to the floor where you were sitting with Soonyoung, Jihoon, and Vernon. He blushed at the contact, as you continued to hold onto his arm as he sat next to you. 

“Hey Y/N,” he spoke quietly, his face a rosy color. The way you smiled at him, the crinkles by your eyes prominent and a light flush on your cheeks instilled confidence in him, and he vowed to tell you one day, soon, that he liked you, but right now was not that time.

Minghao breathed deeply as he stood outside your room door in the dorm, you being the assistant to the band allowed you to live them. (Which was good Minghao assumed, he got to spend more time with you, but that also meant he found more things to love about you.) You let out a quick shout, letting him run over the words in his head before you opened the door. Your hair was wet, and you had a big shirt covering the top half of your body, leggings on the lower. (Minghao recognized the print to be one of his own shirts that heh thought he lost, but he didn’t mention it.)

“Hi Mingie!” You smiled brightly at him, ushering him inside of your room as you both sat on the bed. 

“Hi Y/N,” he smiled at you, letting out a breathy chuckle at how cute you are. 

“What can I help you with?” You spoke, making Minghao remember why he was at your room in the first place. His smile dropped slightly, his nerves coming back as he tried to back track to what he was going to say. He took a deep breath once again, before he looked at you, gently taking your petite hand in his larger one. 

“Y/N, I need to tell you something.” The smile on your face shifted to a look of concern, which made his heart swell with something he can’t really explain. 

“What’s wrong? You know you can tell me everything Ming.” You spoke confidently, taking his other hand in yours as well. He smiled, and blushed a light pink before he began to speak again. 

“Y/N, I really l-” He was cut off as your door swung open and a worried Jisoo was looking in the room. 

“Sorry, but Y/N, Hansol is crying and we don’t know why.” The words Jisoo spoke were in a rush, and he stuttered on a few of them, before a significant wail from a dorm room close to yours made both you and him fly out of the room, leaving Minghao alone in your room. 

He sighed, as he finally gained a chance, and the confidence to tell you how much he liked you, but he couldn’t. You were basically a mother to the boys, even the ones you were younger than. He knew that, and he adored that trait of yours. Sitting on your bed silently, he just wished he had told you ten seconds sooner.


Being part of the performance unit was always a joy for Minghao. He loved dancing. He loved the air currents he could create as he spun; he loved cool chill he would get as his hot sweat would meet the cool air of the practice room when he jumped in the air. Dancing was considered a stress reliever for him, his past of b-boying making the choreography Soonyoung taught him more fluid and easier. 

Only very rarely did he find dancing a hassle. Right now was one of those moments. 

He was song close to telling you he liked you - again - before Jun had to walk in and interrupt him, telling Minghao that Soonyoung had requested a spontaneous practice for the four of them. The guilty look on his best friend’s face did not make feel any less annoyed. He just wanted to tell you that he liked you, it wasn’t like he was reciting every word of the Harry Potter book series to you. 

“Ming, I really am sorry.” Junhui’s words were quiet, interrupting the silence they had created as they made their way to the practice room. 

“It’s fine, Jun.” Minghao sighed, running a hand through his hair, forcing a small smile on his face to show his friends. Yeah, right now dancing wasn’t the most important thing on his mind. 

Two weeks later, Minghao finally had another chance to tell you, but you weren’t free. You were putting the final touches of makeup on your face as you got ready to go see your parents for the first time in a long time. 

“Ming, it’s now or never.” Junhui said, glancing at him before he looked back at his phone. 

“She’s busy, Junnie.” Minghao sighed, slouching in his spot on the couch. Junhui let out a laugh, shaking his head slightly. 

“It’s five words, maximum, that you have to tell her. Besides, you know she won’t mind if you take two minutes of her time.” Junhui responded, before waving a hand at the door of the room. “Go on.”

Minghao sighed out of exasperation, but stood up none-the-less, walking toward your room, knocking on the door slightly. 

“Can I talk to you real quick?” He asked, as you looked at him through the mirror. You grinned at him, nodding. 

“I really like you Y/N.” He said, his voice loud and confident. He immediately blushed, his heart racing. He kept eye contact with you, noticing the small blush form on your cheeks. 

“I know Mingie.” You spoke, as you placed you lip gloss tube down, and turned to him. His mouth went dry, and his face drained of all color. You giggled, taking long strides to him, as you leaned up and kissed his cheek. 

“I just thought you knew I liked you too.” 

Fun story, had a little freak out finishing this. I wrote it here, as a response, but wanted to spell check it, so I tried looking for Word on my sister’s laptop (the computer I am using right now) but I couldn’t find it, so I used this thing called OneNote. (We just updated her compter to Windows 10 last night, so I thought they changed the name to Word. They did not) SO I spell checked my work, and copied it to paste it on here, and when I pasted it, it was a screen cap. Before i did that, mind you, I erased my unedited work completely. (I fixed it obviously, but I almost cried.)

Anyway! I hope you like this! Thanks for reading!<3

Signing off, 

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Can we just talk about how in every Marvel movie that Scarlett Johansson has been in, we always end up getting a great back/side shot? Which also means we get a great shot of her butt…

Iron man 2: 


Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

Avengers: Age of Ultron:

And a bonus:

Thank you for doing this, because it helps me get motivated to get my ass into shape and start doing squats. This is my buttsperation post, and hoping to get my ass looking that fucking good. 


So I haven’t actually drawn anything in a little while due to being busy in other aspects of my life, but I finally sat down this morning and just busted this out!  I’ve been wanting to do my own version of a Sailor Moon screen cap for a while, and had saved a bunch on my computer for inspiration when the time came, and welp! I guess the time came :D

I may do some additional editing and cleaning in the computer, but for the time being, ta da! 

This will also be included in my zine, as well as put up for sale on my society6 page in the near future :3

(source unknown - is it yours?)

rainflash derangedbutterfly agedbeaster    Soz chaps - just learning about the weheartit thing.  Removed source because I don’t know now if that is even it. I’ve had this image on my computer for ages and can’t remember where I got it from, so google imaged searched it and came to a weheartit page.  Thought I must have got it from there, investigated further but there’s no source.  Now thinking I may have capped it from a YouTube Video. (?memory so bad?)  Please forgive me who is still learning  xx 

Damn sexy though ain’t it!



when i was nine years old i use to collect black beetles and put them in my mail box so they wouldn’t get stepped on. i had collected over 40 beetles. i put a sign on the mail box that said “please dont put letters inside the mail box, put them on top”. i would put grass, leaves, dead bugs and bottle caps full of water in the mail box so my beetles would have something to eat and drink. i checked on the beetles daily and even made fake furniture, tv’s and computers out of cardboard and paper, but the beetles just ate them so i stopped doing that. one day i came back to check on them and it hit me, these beetles probably missed the outside world, they probably had beetle families, i got so caught up in protecting them that i forgot to give them freedom, so i let them all go. and at nine years old i learnt the true meaning of parenting, its good to protect those you love, but you need to know when its time to let them go.

When I was younger…….. I’d put my arms in my shirt and told people I lost my arms. Would restart the video game whenever I knew I was going to lose. Slept with all the stuffed animals as a child so none of them got offended..Had that one pen with 4 colors, and tried to push all the buttons at once. Poured soda into the cap and acting like I were taking shots. The hardest decision was choosing which Nintendo game to play. Waited behind a door to scare someone, then leaving because they’re taking too long to come out or you had to pee. Faked being asleep, so I could be carried to bed. Used to think that the moon followed my car. Watching two drops of rain roll down window and pretending it was a race. Went on the computer just to use Paint. The only thing i had to take care of was a Tamagotchi. The only ‘fake’ friends i had were invisible ones . I used to sing in the shower. (Now? I make life decisions in there now). Swallowed a fruit seed I was scared to death that a tree was going to grow in my tummy. Getting a bruised knee heals better than a broken heart. Remember when we were kids and couldn’t wait to grow up…what the hell were we thinking?
—  Unknown

So I just got this warning that my computer is low on space…like really? I have had it less than 6 months, and don’t computers hold like a shit ton of GBs of stuff?

I blame Jensen Ackles…I mean look at him

He is so fucking perfect and gorgeous and hot and sexy and like of course I have to screen cap every episode of Supernatural then there is all of those edits and gifs…

Then if I go to look up a certain picture of him from like an event or convention I can’t stop. I will literally go looking for one certain picture and four hours later I have a thousand or so more saved because every single picture of him is so….omfg I can’t.

Then you add like Misha and Jared and jfc I need to delete some stuff before Season 10 starts but how can I delete the pics they are so hot. I’ll have to get some external memory thing and like store all this on but it will probably fucking explode from all the hotness (my dropbox is full too, it only holds 2 GB)

But like….how is he even real?? He is so fucking hot in EVERY  picture I have NEVER seen a not perfect picture of him

The first time Stoick stared down at Hiccup with open, profound pride in so many years and Hiccup remembers it as a marker for where his self-assurance and his father’s praise aligned.
This Tumblr User Shows Her Horrific Anonymous Messages In A Powerful Art Project [TW: Cyberbullying, Thin Shaming]

Lindsay Bottos epitomizes how terribly women can be treated on the internet through a photography project that went viral on Tumblr.

This is Lindsay Bottos, a 21-year-old Baltimore based artist and a senior at the Maryland Institute College Of Art.

External image

Lindsay Bottos / Via

Bottos, a Photography Major and Gender Studies Minor, runs a Tumblr page where she often uploads selfies, as well as pictures of her work.

Since starting the Tumblr in 2010, she has received hundreds of cruel anonymous messages. Last week, she decided to turn the words of hate into a feminist art project; she screen-capped some of the messages and posted them over pictures of herself.

The Tumblr post, called “Anonymous,” is a work in project, she told BuzzFeed. But it nonetheless quickly went viral, garnering over 85,000 notes and drawing in about 20,000 new followers.

External image

Lindsay Bottos / Via

The description of the post on Tumblr reads:

Some new stuff I’m working on, I get tons of anonymous messages like this every day and while this isn’t unique to women, the content of the messages and the frequency in which I get them are definitely related to my gender. I almost exclusively get them after I post selfies. The authority people feel they have to share their opinion on my appearance is something myself and many other girls online deal with daily.

External image

Lindsay Bottos / Via

“The messages I’ve received are definitely indicative of a greater problem of online bullying and the anonymity of the internet,” she said. “In my personal experience from what I’ve seen on Tumblr, the majority of the people who get messages like this are girls and women. It’s hard to say, but it seems like a lot of girl-on-girl hate.”

External image

Lindsay Bottos / Via

When the bullying began in 2010, she turned the option to receive anonymous messages off.

“A couple years ago when I would get mean messages, they would really affect me. They’re so personal,” she said. “But lately I’ve been seeing that all the people I follow get them, and my friends get them too. People just say those things to get a reaction so I’ve just learned to ignore.”

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About a year later, she decided to re-activate anonymous messages.

“I began screen-capping all of the messages. I had them in a folder on my computer and I was just waiting to do something with them,” she said. “I decided to put them back into the medium they came from, to put them back into Tumblr and to place them over selfies.”

“I picked the messages by subject matter: They reference my tattoos, or face, or weight, or body hair. I wanted them to represent the scope of the messages I get.”

Bottos then re-took photographs of herself to create a cohesive group, but she says they’re not very different than the pictures the messages originally referenced.

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Since posting “Anonymous” on Jan. 26, Bottos has been overwhelmed with messages of support.

“I’ve received about 2,000 messages,” she said. “I’ve read through all of them, but obviously couldn’t respond to them all. Most of them messages are really positive.”

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But a lot of people also messaged Bottos saying she should turn the anonymous option off, stating what she’s doing is just a “cry for attention.”

“I felt like this was blaming me,” she said, “when the people sending these message are the people doing the wrong thing, not me.”

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Bottos has explored sexism through photography in various other projects, including her senior thesis. “Anonymous,” however, is her first project about her online life.

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“People say selfies are a cry for help or a cry for attention, but wanting attention isn’t bad,” Bottos said.

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“The act of women taking selfies is inherently feminist, especially in a society that tries so hard to tell women that our bodies are projects to be worked on and a society that profits off of the insecurities that it perpetuates. Selfies are like a ‘fuck you’ to all of that, they declare that ‘hey I look awesome today and I want to share that with everyone’ and that’s pretty revolutionary.”

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