so these are just caps i had on my computer~

“Not having someone… Well, that’s the worst curse imaginable.”


So I haven’t actually drawn anything in a little while due to being busy in other aspects of my life, but I finally sat down this morning and just busted this out!  I’ve been wanting to do my own version of a Sailor Moon screen cap for a while, and had saved a bunch on my computer for inspiration when the time came, and welp! I guess the time came :D

I may do some additional editing and cleaning in the computer, but for the time being, ta da! 

This will also be included in my zine, as well as put up for sale on my society6 page in the near future :3

The first time Stoick stared down at Hiccup with open, profound pride in so many years and Hiccup remembers it as a marker for where his self-assurance and his father’s praise aligned.