so there's references to cas


drink every time…

  • rock music plays
  • boys drop their weapons
  • dean gets slammed against a wall
  • instant access to hi-speed wifi
  • boys have heartfelt talk
  • boys fight
  • “son of a bitch”
  • every town in the US is only an hour away
  • sam does an autopsy
  • archaic ritual easily found through google
  • boys in a motel room
  • castiel stands too close to someone
  • someone makes a reference to a show/movie/person
  • castiel doesn’t understand a reference 
  • sam gets choked/strapped to a table
  • “it’s your destiny”
  • dean eats/drinks/talks about sex or porn
  • someone has family issues
  • emo tears of man pain
  • sex scene/implied sex scene
  • boys in suits
  • anytime someone dies
  • anytime they speak latin
  • dean/sam speak at the same time
  • someone takes care of injuries
  • castiel appears out of no where
  • someone makes a dick joke

He’s also the son of his father as she is the daughter of her mother but no….Joe is just ZOELLA’S brother. 😱