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Cassian x Reader

Request: There’s a Churrit quote that he said to cassian going around, its “there are more than one sort of prison, captain,, and I sense you carry yours around wherever you go.” and I cant help but think about his past! and what if,,,WHAT IF, he lost his love or something! SO, i was wondering if you can do a drabble based on that? (and maybe have the love be reader?)

Warnings: Angst

A/N: I enjoyed doing this one! But it also hurt my heart so much. Also, I know this is a very long drabble lol.

I do not own anything!!!

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[fic] say nice things to me [1/1]

(ao3 link)


It’s been over six months now, and there’s no reason for him to turn into a pile of mush whenever Levi compliments him, but he does anyway. He admits to himself that this is a thing that happens to him, and now that he’s acknowledged it, surely it will become less of an issue. 

Turning into a pile of mush is still manageable, but the unmistakable arousal that also washes over him is most inconvenient.

-  -  -

ahahaahsad have i ever told you guys about my massive love for ereri fics with praise kink?? no? srsly i will marry u and have ur babies for ereri praise kink. i’ll sell my own grandma for ereri praise kink, idec.

this is set a while after dental care, but since all that’s here is mostly plotless frickle-frackling, you don’t have to be familiar with what happened previously. this also got way longer than expected and, as usual, contains an obscene amount of fluff bc that is what i’m all about. i’ve never written smut before, so do give me constructive feedback if something comes to mind!! < 3

there is mature content under the readmore, so proceed with caution.

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Other vaguely backstory-esque things abt the Klance superhero/supervillain au:

  • Lance has ice powers and Keith has super speed this is partially because those powers fit but mostly because ive been watching the flash lately
  • Keith naturally has a huge distrust of authority and a big whole deal about looking out for himself, has a pretty tragic backstory but it mainly boils down to “fuck the rules what have they done for me lately”
  • He generally avoids hurting people and his targets tend to be douches but thats as close to vigilantism as it gets (in the early days at least) he’s mainly a thief
  • Until he starts going head to head with Lance at which point he is an “Any crime that will get this guy’s attention so he shows up and I can punch him” kind of guy
  • Lance is a wonderful person who genuinely wants to help people and is always putting others before himself, he just truly and purely thinks that having these powers means helping people. It’s not even a question of responsibility it’s cause and effect to him.
  • THAT BEING SAID he’s also very snarky and kind of projects smug arrogance and he immediately rubs Keith the wrong way.
  • It isn’t even a “This hero is in my way I need to take him out” type of situation it’s just. Entirely about the fact that Keith dislikes him. Mostly bc he’s got some deep seated issues w the law and views Lance as kind of the ultimate representation of everything wrong with it, someone who is only in it for the glory and only protects the people he considers worthy while condemning everyone else.
  • This is 100% inaccurate but there is a small possibility that Keith has some issues so that’s what he thinks
  • (are u maybe getting the sense ppl werent there to help keith when he needed it i am getting that sense i dont know about you)
  • That is how their relationship starts out but it eventually gets to the point where Keith crashes on Lance’s couch when he needs a place to stay so you can tell there is development
  • Lance also hates Keith like… this fucking guy. Could do So Much Good with his powers. But no he steals and makes chaos bc he’s an IRREDEEMABLE DICK. 
  • The main turning point for Keith’s view of Lance is when Lance has the obligatory temporary loss of powers plotline while some supervillain/monster attacks the city
  • In his view this just confirms his ideas about Lance because he’s a no-show when people seriously need him and it just proves that he’s only looking out for himself just like everyone else and Keith is not disappointed okay because if he was disappointed it would mean he thought the idiot was different and that would have been incredibly naive of him. People look out for themselves first thats just how it works
  • (he tells himself while risking his life to evacuate civilians bc he has no self-awareness whatsoever)
  • And then Lance does show up to confront the villain right when things are getting really bad and makes his arrogant speech about “you might as well just surrender” and Keith is Not happy about it he’s not he’s annoyed actually because why isn’t this stupid ass making with the blasting instead of just awkwardly flapping his jaw-
  • Lance definitely does Not have his powers back
  • He might be a bit of an idiot
  • He definitely almost gets killed but Keith rescues him (bc again no self-awareness whatsoever) and is like what the ever loving fuck was that just shoot ice in his face dummy
  • “I can’t”
  • “What so I steal a car and you go all out but this guy wrecks a city block and you decide he gets twelve warnings? What kind of-”
  • “No I mean I can’t! I don’t have my powers!”
  • “Then what the fuck are you doing here?!
  • “Look, I don’t expect you to understand but it is my job to protect this city and I am going to do whatever I can to do that! This guy is here because of me and powers or no powers I’m not going to stand by and let him hurt people.”
  • Why does Keith’s heart skip a beat who knows certainly not him it’s probably unrelated
  • Keith drops Lance off way outside the danger zone and tells him to stay put until he can make with the frost again and goes to fight the villain because someone’s got to.
  • Oh shit time for some begrudging mutual respect
  • Subsequently they end up having to team up a handful of times. They have their differences but neither of them want the city destroyed.
  • (Villain of the week: “Why do you fight, alongside your enemy no less? Surely you know it is futile.”
    Lance: “I’m not just going to stand by while you put innocent lives in danger, no matter where you go I will stop you-”
    Keith: “I live here.”
    Lance: “Keith-”
    Keith: “I’m not saying I don’t think what you’re doing is fucked up but I am saying that if you did it like the next city over that’s not really my problem anymore”
    Lance: “…dude.”)
  • Also I heard y’all like pining Keith
  • He gets it bad.
  • It really sneaks up on him and then suddenly his stupid arch-rival is laughing at his own joke and it’s just “Oh…”
  • He keeps doing a bunch of genuinely selfless things for him and then being like “What the fuck?? What the FUCK??? WhAT the Fuck???” @himself bc he does not do that.
  • Lance makes a crack about how he’s got a date tonight and it better not get interrupted by any villains and before Keith knows it he is foiling a bunch of crimes bc listen okay this has nothing to do with Lance and wanting him to be happy it’s just that these guys are in his territory and he doesn’t appreciate the competition okay??? thats definitely it and also his heart definitely does not hurt whatsoever bc it has no reason to HE CAN PUNCH BADGUYS IF HE WANTS THATS THE WHOLE POINT HE HAS SUPERPOWERS SO HE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS AND MAYBE HE WANTS TO PUNCH BADGUYS SOMETIMES WHATEVER
  • The Paramedic he yells this at does not look convinced she mostly looks scared and confused actually
  • Lance is completely baffled when he checks the news the next morning and finds a bunch of articles about his nemesis potentially turning to the good side, suddenly recalls mentioning his date and realizes what Keith was doing and proceeds to be the smuggest motherfucker about it forever
  • this exchange probably:
  • “Careful Keith, or I’m gonna start thinking you care about me.~”
  • “I do.”
  • “What?”
  • “I do. Care about you.”
  • Cue confused and flustered Lance noises
  • I have not given any thought to Lance’s superhero name but he has one and a mask meanwhile Keith wears a the same jacket everywhere and his villain name is “Keith” so he’s clearly not putting in a lot of effort
  • Eventually they go beyond “grudging respect” stage to “weird friends stage”
  • Other supers have a hell of a time figuring them out.
  • I have like a thousand more things but thats p much good for now
  • I have devoted very little thought to what everyone else is doing in this AU do I play favourites? Yes absolutely am I ashamed? Kinda will I stop? No
Ms. Powers- Part 6

Ms. Powers Part 1

Ms. Powers Part 2

Ms. Powers Part 3

Ms. Powers Part 4

Ms. Powers Part 5

As she heard what he said Natasha spoke to the team, “Barton fly the kids back to base. Key, I need another jet here stat.” She looked at Captain now who looked at her confused. “We can’t take her on board with all those kids, they were already freaked, imagine if they saw he like this.”

“How are you so calm about this,” Steve said a sounding worried and little furious.

“She’s not dead Cap, calm down.”

“She has no puls-”

“It only feels like she doesn’t,” she interrupted. “Her pulse is there it’s just so weak that you can’t detect it.” She shook her head at you, “I told her she should have gotten sleep.”

“What does her sleep have to do with this situation?”

“She used up a good amount of energy last night and didn’t sleep at all so she didn’t have much -at least much to her standard- when we left today. She knew she’d have enough energy to handle the fighting but I’m guessing she didn’t account that she’d have to make a forcefield around her and six kids while a huge bomb detonated right above her and sent a four story building on top of her. Cap, if she were dead that force field wouldn’t have stayed up after she died.”

“We’ll shes unconscious and it stayed up,” he pointed out.

“She’s talented like that. She’s had 300 and some years to perfect her powers and mental strength. I don’t know how she does it but she does. Whatever she did- she was able to command her body to use whatever energy it could muster to protect the kids.”

Jet 00972 ready for lift off,” a member of your former team called through their connection.

“Carry her to the jet,” Nat said standing up.

“Is that safe for her?”

“Trust me Cap, she’s fine,” he picked you up gently and followed Nat to the Jet.


The whole team landed 30 minutes after you, Nat and Steve, on base. They got updated that the kids were being brought home to their families later that night right before they stepped off and got a ride to the medical center on base. “What’s going on,” Tony asked as he entered the hospital room you were being kept in. Steve and Nat sat right next to your bed on opposite side and Fury was leaning against the back corner. Bruce went to pick up your medical chart but there was nothing there. “Is she in a coma,” Bruce asked.

“No,” Fury stated. “she’s…sleeping…I guess you could call it.”

“Then why did we hear Rogers say that she had no pulse,” Tony barked.

“Y/N is able to hold more energy that regular humans. While we can go about our lives and sleep for 6 hours a night she can sleep extremely little and still perform her powers. The thing is she has to be careful that she doesn’t use all her energy in whatever she is doing if she hasn’t slept an adequate amount. She knows how much is too much for her, but today, after shielding the base all last night and getting no sleep, she used all her energy on the mass shield she used to protect her and the kids. When she uses all her energy like that she goes into this super sleep. She doesn’t need to eat or drink she just goes into this deep sleep where her body rejuvenated itself.”

“My father does something like this,” Thor commented. “We call it the ‘Odinsleep,’”

“Couldn’t it be dangerous for her? If this happened to her in the middle of a battle couldn’t someone shoot her point blank and call it a day,” Tony asked.

Natasha shook her head, “That’d be impossible.”

“How so,” Banner asked.

Natasha looked at Fury and he nodded at her unspoken question. Natasha pulled a knife out of her boot and, before any of the Avengers could protest, plunged the knife down to your heart.

Everybody screamed. “Are you crazy,” Steve shot up from his chair seeing Nat hold the knife on your heart!

“Calm down Rogers,” Clint said unphased by what had happened. Everyone turned their attention back to Nat and you and saw what he meant. Nat lifted up the knife for everyone to see. The knife looked like Thor had hammered it in half. “Her skin becomes impenetrable in this state. Did you really think I’d kill one of my best friends?” All the Avengers, except Clint, shrugged.

Banner went full scientist on her upon hearing this. “How is that possible,” he said walking closer to you and taking a close look at your skin.

“You heard her say that she heals quickly didn’t you,” Fury asked and they nodded. “Well another part of her abilities includes having literal thick skin. If she wanted she could make it so her skin was like this in battle and nothing could pierce it; it’d just take a little more focus and energy, but when she goes into this state her body’s natural instincts take over and it does this to protect her from any outside threat.”

“Fascinating,” Bruce muttered. “If we could mirror this technology we could create a synthetic, lightweight, bulletproof material for our soldiers.”

“Easy Geek-Squad,” Banner commented.

“We’ve already tried Dr. it’s something we can’t get close to,” Nick informed him.

“How long with she sleep,” Thor asked the Director.

“We don’t know. It’s different every time. It all depends on how much sleep she’s had recently and exactly how much energy she burned through. All we can do is wait,” he said much to the team’s dismay.


The events leading up to the bomb replayed in your mind as you came to. You, running in the basement room and seeing the children. You spoke to them Arabic so they’d understand you. “I’m going to get you somewhere safe, ok?” You picked the youngest of the group, a cute little girl, and took the hand of another. “Follow me kids,” just as you were about to reach the stairs you heard the faint hum of a machine and a beep. You reacted faster than you could process what you had heard and threw up a force field around u and the kids. Right as you did so a wave of heat came from the room you had just sent Tony out of minuets before. Knowing the strength of the bomb and that they building would be falling on you you sent all you could into the field around the children. In those quick moments you had gathered all the children under you as you knelt over them to further shield them with your body. Another wave was sent out by the bomb and that’s the last thing you remembered.

The first thing that always came back to you was your hearing. You heard pages turning and a tune being hummed. from your left side.

The next thing that returned was your sense of touch. You felt your toes wiggle under a blanket.

You opened your eyes and saw Steve sitting to your left, flipping through a small book, mindlessly humming a familiar tune. “Steve,” your voice was a little hoarse. He looked at you and quickly put down his book as he sat on the edge of his seat.

“Hey,” he leaned over towards you and held a cup of water out to you. “How are you feeling?”

You took a deep breath. “I feel good. I feel like I need a double cheeseburger but, I feel good. What are you doing here?”

“I didn’t want to leave you alone.”

“That’s really nice,” you smiled at him. “Wait, how long have I been out?”

He looked down at his watch. “29 hours.”

“29…not bad Y/N. Not bad,” you said to yourself. “I feel bad that you were here the whole time, I’m not much fun when I get like this,” you joked. “Usually I just wake up and walk out,” you said getting up. That didn’t stop him from opening his arms, ready to catch you if you tripped or fell. “Really,” he asked.

“Yeah, really. Once I’m up I’m good. See,” you did a quick spin and shimmy and stood back up straight, “all good. But I wasn’t joking about that burger I’m starving. Want to go grab lunch?”

Steve stood in awe at your ability to bounce back so quickly. “Sure,” he let out a laugh. “Good because I know this great burger place about 30 minutes away.” You and Steve started walking out of the hospital, “Hey Trish,” you smiled at a nurse. You were about to walk towards the garage when Steve stopped you. “Ugh, Y/N, don’t you want to change first?” You looked down and saw that you were still in your uniform.

“Good point,” you turned towards your house. “Feel like making a pit stop?” You two walked to your house on base and he told you how the case had wrapped up and how you managed to give him a scare when he saw you like that.

“Was that Glenn Miller,” you asked Steve out of nowhere. “Back at the hospital, when I woke up you were humming. Was that In the Mood by Glenn?” Steve thought about it and nodded his head.

“How did you know that,” he asked in disbelief.

“I’m old remember,” you smirked as you opened the door to your house. “Make yourself comfortable, I’ll be right back.” You went into your room and changed into a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. “Ready,” you asked as you came back out. “Would you be opposed to getting the garage quicker,” you asked smiling as you shut your front door.

“No,” he smiled back trying to figure you out, “Do you have a car?”

“Hold on Cap,” before he knew it the base was passing him by in a blur and he was standing in front of the base ‘garage.’ He felt your arms unsnake from around him.

“That was…amazing. I didn’t realize you could move that fast.”

“For food I can,” you both laughed at your joke. “My cars are this way,” you lead him to the elevator and pressed the button for the very bottom. “Please state your name,” the elevator asked. “Director General Y/N Whitmore.” The elevator let out a ding and started moving down into the earth. “I keep my rides down here that way the other agents and recruits can’t get their mits on them,” you smiled. When the elevator doors opened Steve was surprised to see so many cars. “Don’t worry they all aren’t mine. We keep the high ranking agent’s and officer’s personal cars down here. You stopped in front of the car you’d be take and pressed the unlock button on your keys. The car lit up….as did Steve’s face. “I thought you were more of a bike guy?”

He widened his eyes and looked back at the car, “What is this thing?”

“An Aston Martin One-77. Perk of working for S.H.I.E.L.D,” you got his attention, “no speed limits,” you said happily and hopped in the car.

“This is the place,” you two pulled up to a small bar in the small town 30 minutes from base.

“Sweet land,” Steve said getting out of the car. “I’m only joking…a little,” he added as he saw the look you gave him. “It’s just that when you said 30 minutes I didn’t realize that it was 30 minutes when you drove.” He was playing at the fact that they only time you were under 100 mile per hour the whole drive was when stopped at signs and lights.

“What’s wrong Steve, can’t handle speed?”

“I’ve jumped out of planes without a parachute. I think I can handle your driving.”

“Come on let’s eat.” You led Steve into the bar and sat down in your usual booth.

“Hey Y/N,” Mark the bartender called as you took your seat.

“Hey Mark,” you smiled in his direction. “I’ll have two burgers, the usual to drink, and,” you looked at Steve. “And whatever good beer you’ve got,” Steve added. “The usual,” he questioned you.

“I come here semi-often,” you shrugged and giggled. “You’re gonna love the burgers.” Conversation between the two of you came easy. You both talked about what the world was like when you were growing up and anything else that came to mind.

“What about all your old boyfriends,” Steve asked nervously. Had you been really listening you would have been able to hear his heart beat quicken. You finished chewing the large bit of your burger and responded. “You mean my one old boyfriend.”

“You’ve only had one boyfriend,” he was very surprised.

“Why does that shock you? Because I’m so old.”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant. Well, I guess that’s true too but, I mean, you a great person and beautiful, I just don’t see why you’d only have one.”

You blushed as he called you beautiful, “Well dating isn’t that easy when you’re in my position. In the colony the governor’s son liked me,” you laughed at the thought. “Gosh, I haven’t thought about that in a long time.” You continued with your story, “His name was James, go figure right, and he was a year older than me. He’d always try and get me to stay in the village and play with him instead of going to hang out with Walter, my English culture-obsessed Native American friend. I never did though. James was, excuse my French Steve, a douche.” Steve laughed hard, “It’s true! He was! Like a big douche. He thought because his father was the governor he was all that. When we turned 15 he told his father that he wanted me to be his betrothed; that his father should arrange a marriage between us.”


“Really! And when his father asked mine, mine said that he’d think about it.”

“And did he?”

You laughed hard this time, “He thought there was no way in hell! My father knew that he was trouble and knew that even if he had said yes for some reason I would have ran away before I married him. That was my almost boyfriend I guess you could say. But my real boyfriend came a long time later. It was May of 1774 and I was 129- God, I sound ancient- and I moved to a small town in Southeast West Virginia. By then I had been moving from town to town for a long time. I had gotten a good amount of wealth from my family overseas so I usually had a nice entrance into town. I pulled up to the local bed and breakfast in my few carriage and while they unloaded everything I went for a stroll in the town’s park. By now it was nighttime and really dark and while I was out wandering I heard something break from the treeline by me. I tensed up and was ready to fight who ever came at me but out walked this man. He said that he’d seen me from where he was walking and thought he should come over to see if I was lost and ok.

“That was the first time I met Benjamin. He was 23 and had lost both his parents 4 years earlier to sickness. He was a sort of socialite savior for the town and it’s area, using his money to help others and make money for the town,” you got lost in the memories as they flooded back to you. “I still remember that after he asked to walk me back to where I was staying he told me that a lady like myself shouldn’t be walking around at night by herself,” you and Steve both chuckled at that. “We talked as he walked me back and he stopped on the stoop of the B&B and just turned to me and asked if he could take me out for a walk in the park during the day so I could see it’s true beauty,” you came back into the present. “Do not tell Tony when the last night I had a boyfriend was or he’ll make fun of me that I haven’t had a significant other since before America was made. You Lord,” you realised, “that sounds awful. I sound like the ultimate spinster!”

“Can I ask what happened after that,” Steve timidly said.

“We spent almost everyday together from that May to the next April. It was a little scandalous at first; a rich boy courting an orphaned girl. But the folks around town loved us both, especially together. Things started getting heated with Britain with all the action towards American freedom. April 19th the Revolutionary War began. Of course back then it was just ‘The War.’ He helped get forced organized should anything happen in our town but nobody ever thought that something would come to our small town. We were having dinner in the Inn I was staying in,  I had decided that that was the night that I was going to show him what I could do. All I could do was hope he wouldn’t go around screaming ‘Witch,’ when there was a loud bang from across town. Everyone stood up and he turned to me and told me to stay inside with everybody and he rushed out.

“I had a pretty good idea what was going but I didn’t know how crazy it was. Before I knew it there was an explosion at the Inn’s door; it lit up in flames and trapped us all inside. Everyone was going crazy and I just told everyone they had to get to the back room and go to the basement. Once they were safe from all the chaos I used my powers and tamed the fire. Once it was out I went outside I moved all the tables in front of the door so no one could in but the people inside could get out. I ran all over town looking for Benjamin or his friends, someone who could tell me where he was, when I saw him near an alley. We caught each others eyes for a second but before he could spring back into action there was a gunshot and he just grabbed his chest and fell to the ground.

“I ran over, which alarmed him and everyone around him because I had moved so fast, and I did what I knew best. I used my powers and took out everyone around us. I knelt down by him and just told him that I was going to tell him tonight about what I could do. He just pointed  to his coat pocket and said, “If that’s who you are then there is even more to love.” That’s the last thing he said to me…”you trailed off for a second. “I reached into the pocket he pointed to and there was this little wooden box in there with a silver band in it.”

“A silver band?”

“Back then engagment rings weren’t a thing. You just had one ring and they didn’t have diamonds on them.”

Steve let out an ‘Oh.’ “He was going to propose that night.”

You nodded as he spoke, “He was going to propose that night. That was the first war I fought in. I knew that I wanted to do something to keep others husband’s from getting hurt. It was a lot harder since I only had a few abilities unlike what I have now but…I saved some people. And after that I had no time to date or any aspiration to. I worked so much and I had a big secret to keep, and I knew that I’d live forever while they’d age and die. Fun talk huh?”

“I’m glad you told me. It’s my fault for asking.”

“I’ve only told 2 other people that story,” you stated. “How about you. Any old girlfriends?”

“Oh you know how it is: chicks dig scrawny guys,” he said very sarcastically.


Natasha had just left your house and was now walking into the makeshift office that the Avengers had been given as their space. “Clint, have you see Y/N? I went to the hospital to check on her and Rogers but when I got there Trish said they left, like, 4 hours ago.”

Clint sat cleaning off his arrows. “No Nat, sorry, haven’t seen her since we went and saw her earlier. Did her and Rogers leave together,” his eyebrows rose.

“According to Trish.”

“When do you think Roger’s is gunna’ ask Y/N out?”

“I don’t know. I’m still trying to get it out of Y/N if she likes him. You know how stubborn she can be,” Nat sat down next to him with a huff.

“They’ll both come around eventually.”

(fic) Little Quackers

alternatively named “Seventeen Cuddle Pile”

Pairings: literally everyone but the classics are all there Soonyoung/Seokmin, Mingyu/Wonwoo, Jeonghan/Seungcheol

Genre: the fluffiest of all fluff

Rating: G

Summary: cuddle-pile after getting back to the dorm from isac. that’s it that’s the fic.

pls forgive this trash i’m tired and still mad at isac

Inspired by:

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Catching Colds

Requested: Can u do one where shawn and y/n’s kid gets sick and then shawn catches it but doesn’t want to admit it?



You wake up and roll over expecting your husband to be there, but you realize that his side of the bed is empty. Checking the clock, you see that it is four in the morning. You know he was there when you fell asleep, and the bathroom light isn’t on. Your concern for your husband is overpowered by your exhaustion, and you fall back asleep, convincing yourself that he’s probably fine.

When you wake up again, it is seven in the morning and your husband is still not in bed. This time you do get up and go in search of him. First, you check in your 9 year old son’s room. Your son is fast asleep, and there is no sign of your husband. Moving further down the hall, you open the door of your six-year-old daughter’s room. And there, seated on the floor you find your husband. He’s sitting with your daughter in his lap. She’s asleep in his arms. He looks up when he hears the door open, and you see the exhaustion in his eyes. “What are you doing Shawn?” You ask.

“She woke up sick,” He whispers back to you. “She had a fever. I just got her to fall asleep.”

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Ties that Bind pt 11: Back to Wakanda

The sequel to Never Say Never

Pairings: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: some angst, talk about masturbation

Word Count: 1.2k

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You and Bucky (after multiple knotting sessions to make up for lost time) had discussed in detail his inability to bond. He had an inkling about it sometime during your third month of being in a relationship. That was the time you and Bucky had both exhibited signs of bonding, but it never really happened. It forced him to ask Steve to look into his past records to see if all his brainwashing had truly been undone. As both soldiers dug deeper and deeper into Bucky’s past, they found out that HYDRA had indeed brainwashed him so that he couldn’t bond. Steve and Bucky had then spent the last few months trying to find out exactly how HYDRA had brainwashed him to see if T’challa could help with the reversal.

“Why didn’t you just tell me?” you inquired while running your fingers through Bucky’s hair.

“I was scared you’d leave after you found out I couldn’t bond with you especially since you were getting more and more anxious about it,” he explained.

“Had I known, I would’ve been less anxious,”

“Well I thought I could fix it before it ever became a big problem,”

“You don’t have to solve all our big problems, James. We’re a team,” you said firmly.

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The Scientist

Word Total: 2365…  

Request: Anonymos asked: Any chance you could write a imagine (Cassian X Reader) where the reader and Cassian are dating and she hasn’t been sleeping (night terrors and insomnia ((ze perfect combo)) ) and it’s unnoticeable because they have been so busy with Jyne (probably didn’t spell that right, sorry) but on their mission in Jeda she passed out from exhaustion and wakes back up (via nightmare) to a worried, but comforting Cassian? Thank!!

Pairing:  Cassian x Reader

Y/N opened her eyes and exhaled softly, she didn’t want to wake up Cassian; who silently slept beside her. Noiselessly she stood up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom. All her clothes felt strangely wet. She patted the metal wall, trying not to hit something on her way.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror, her eyes were dull and her lips were chapped. Y/N rubbed her face and opened the faucet and saw how the water run down the sink to the drain. She rubbed her shoulders they felt so stiff and her neck was worse. Y/N placed a small plug on the drain and saw how the sink was filled with water. She submerged her face into the cold water.

Y/N wanted to forget about it, the cold water took those memories away for a while. She patted the excess water with a gray towel from her face. She looked at the circular window, the sun rays were peeking out behind the tall mountains. She put her hands on her sink and looked at her face again, the big, black bags of eyes were gone. “What are you doing?”

She turned around, Cassian was rubbing his eyes; she smiled and saw his hair disheveled. “Is this your new routine? Waking early?” He asked leaning against the door frame yawning.

“I just went running”

“With your pajamas?” Cassian asked nodding at her attire.

“Don’t judge my fashion sense, Cassian” Y/N smiled at him, but he didn’t seem to believe what she had said. Maybe her lie was not convincing enough. “Don’t you see, I am sweating like pig” she said pointing at the dark spots of her pajama on her chest. He nodded but he seemed unconvinced about her lie. Y/N let out a strangled breath as he walked away.  

Y/N was fixing minor details on the U-Wing, “I am K2-SO” she heard K2 said; she raised on her tippy toes and watch a woman with dark hair at the entrance of the U-Wing. “I am a reprogrammed Emperial droid” Y/N put her tools in her small pouch by her left leg and got up the small cavity of the U-Wing. She cleaned her hands with a yellow rag, trying to remove the oil from her hands. Y/N might be a mechanic but she needed to look presentable all the time, she never wanted to give out the wrong impression. After all first impressions were important.

“I am Y/N” Jyn turned her to look at her. “I am the mechanic”

“Jyn” Y/N smiled, Jyn just stood there looking at her with a poker face.

“Come in, where is your etiquette, K2?” Y/N shook her head. K2 turned to face her and then turned back to type data into the main computer of the ship.

“You reprogrammed me to do strategical analysis, only. Y/N” K2 stated, she rolled her eyes and looked back at Jyn who was taking out a blaster out of a black bag. Jyn looked at her, Y/N quirked an eyebrow.

“It’s for protection,” Jyn said looking at Y/N.

“I am mere mechanic, I don’t know how to use one,” Y/N said shrugging her shoulders.

“Yes, it’s true. Cassian tried to teach her but her it was a100% missed of targets” K2 said as he took a sit in the co-pilot seat, Y/N looked at Jyn.

“In my defense those things were moving─” Y/N whined, she closed her mouth when Cassian entered the U-Wing.

“You have met K2 and Y/N” Cassian said walking towards the pilot seats.

“Charming” Jyn said, Y/N blinked opened her mouth but said nothing. Cassian turned to look at her, she just smiled at him and walked at the end of the U-Wing to put her tools in order.

“It tends to said what is comes to his circuits” Cassian as he put on a vest. Y/N huffed and glared at Cassian. Jyn turned her head to look at Y/N.

“Why does she get a blaster and I don’t” K2 protested, Cassian glanced at Y/N.

“Don’t look at me, I barely know how to use one” Y/N proclaimed closing the back box and securing it with the red safety net. Her eyes started to feel heavy as Jyn and Cassian discussed something, she couldn’t concentrate on it; she was feeling a big headache coming. Y/N closed her eyes for a moment, but a flash of that moment came like lightening on her mind and she gasped.

“Are you alright?” Jyn asked Y/N as she sat on the opposite seat, Y/N looked up and just nodded.

“I hate flying” Y/N said with a tight smiled holding into sides of her seat. “There always can be a small imperfection and going to hyperspace, you’ll be stardust” she said closing her eyes but quickly opening them.

“Afraid of the dark?”

“Something much worse”


“Is it so bad to be with me?” Y/N said glaring at the droid. “Remember I can reprogram you to do anything, you better behave K2 if you don’t to end like a protocol droid” she added pointing her finger to the tall droid. “And go pick Jyn’s things”

Y/N gasped and looked around, she was still on the U-Wing. “Your conscience is not clean” K2 declared, Y/N stood up and rubbed her shoulders. “You only slept for an hour” it added, Y/N shrugged her shoulder.

“It was a nap, thank you very much,” Y/N said yawning stretching her arms above her head. “Any transmissions?” K2 shook its head.

“Maybe she shooted him” K2 suggested, “There is always prospects for you back in the base” she rolled her eyes and took a blaster from one of the black boxes at the back of the U-wing. “You’re going to hunt her down?”

“No, I am going to check what in the galaxy is going on” With that Y/N walked out of the U-Wing, “Fuck─”

“Here, it’s cold outside” K2 said handing her a big coat.

They arrived at the city, a laser beam almost shoot Y/N on the head. “What a great welcome! I am coming to visit again!” she said sarcastically as big explosions were heard. “Oh, great fireworks”  

“Maybe you should’ve stayed on the ship” Y/N rolled her eyes and hit a Stormtrooper with a wooden stick. “I prefer a more unlethal weapon” she said with a smirk as another band Stormtrooper appeared and with flexible movements she knocked up five of them.

“You’re not helpless” K2 noted, Y/N looked at it over her shoulder and narrowed her eyes. “You just like to be saved by Cassian, don’t you?”

“What? Don’t judge me, loves makes you do stupid things” As a Stormtrooper came out of nowhere Y/N raised her hand and shoot her blaster. “Lucky shot” she smiled and she shoot her blaster to an empty alley.

“There was no one─” K2 heard how a body hit the floor.

“Instincts, I don’t know. We need to find them let’s go this way─”

“Why that way? There is a high probability they are over, the explosions and shots are dense on this area─”

“They are just this way trust me, come on. I am the one with superpowers here” K2 shook it’s metallic head and followed Y/N. They had not encountered more Stormtroopers luckily on their way.

As K2 and Y/N entered a high arc, an identical droid was shot on the CPU and fell down to the ground. “Too bad it’s not you” Y/N said looking back at the droid.

“I clearly told you to stay behind” Cassian said putting his blaster down looking at Y/N.

“Don’t look at me, it was its idea” Y/N said looking at the Stormtroopers. “One of them it’s not death”

“Instincts she called them” K2 declared as Jyn looked at Y/N. “We were bored and decided to check on your status. Since you weren’t kind of enough and we came to save you clearly”

“See told you” Y/N exclaimed happily as one of the Stormtroopers stood up and threw a grenade, K2 trapped in the air and threw it behind his back. “And fireworks, were you celebrating something? Not the most suitable way to blend in”

Cassian looked at K2. “You’re right, we should have stayed on the ship”

“We are just going to─” Y/N felt something weird and the floor started to move below her. But before she could hit the floor, Cassian was at her side.

“Are you hurt?” Cassian said looking all over her body, but they were not clear signs of injury.

“No, clearly. We should get back to the ship”

Y/N woke up with a strange smell on her nose. “It smells like scorched oil” she opened her eyes and fell down the stone bed. “Who are you?” the man clearly blind due to the unusual discoloration of his eyes. She rubbed her back looking at the man that stood above her.

“You’re one of them” The man whispered with a smile on his face. “You do exist” Y/N shook her head and frown. She turned her head and gazed up at Cassian.

“I clearly told you to stay behind” Cassian said taking Y/N’s hand and help her get up from the floor.

“I am so─”

Y/N’s widen at the sudden sign of affection, “Why are we in a prison?” her face was against Cassian’s chest. He was hugging her so hard she could barely breathe. She smiled and hugged him. Cassian kissed her hair.

“We were captured by Saw Guerrera” Cassian answered looking at her face. “Why didn’t you tell me you couldn’t sleep?” Y/N felt something on her head, a weak voice. She turned around and saw the blind man looking at her direction. “He told you, didn’t he?”

“I told you, she has the gift” the blind man said, as he said that all the prison cell trembled.

“Gift? What are you talking about?” Y/N looked at the man then back at Cassian. He bit his lip but say nothing. “Of being clumsy, that’s my talent”

“No, but I shall explain it once we are back to Yavin 4” Cassian claimed, Y/N only nodded and rubbed her head. “You hit your head pretty hard when you pass out” he said rubbing the place just above her ear, she flinched. “Sorry” he said softly, she nodded and Cassian examined the injury closer.

“I am not going to die, do I?” Cassian chuckled and shook his head.

“No, you’re not” Cassian said leaning down to kiss her, it was a short kiss since they were with two more people on the cell.

“I am the only one that can feel that” Y/N glanced at Cassian who stood up and walked to the cell door


Y/N felt a sharp pain on her head, she closed her eyes. She could feel something very hot against her skin. “Y/N” Cassian shouted, but he sounded so far away. “Y/N!”

She woke up in the U-Wing with a cold cloth on her forehead. “You woke up” Y/N fell down the makeshift bed but she held into the security rope beside her. “You have an unusual way to wake up people” the man smiled

“I am Chirrut”


“It’s getting stronger, your visions that’s why you cannot rest. Every time you sleep or close your eyes is there” Chirrut said, Y/N only nodded but forget the fact that the man was blind.

There she was standing in the sand looking with fearful eyes as the enormous ray of light entered the sea in front of her. Big waves come her away, she wanted to run; but she knew there was no escape from death. And she couldn’t move, it was like she was put there to see what was going to happen.

She woke up and saw she was not in the U-Wing no more. Something told her to run to the hangar and stopped them whatever they were doing. “He is going to die” a voice echoed in her head, she searched for him.

And he finally found him talking with Jyn, Chirrut, Blaze and Bodhi. “You are not going to go” Y/N put her hand on her thighs trying to catch her breath. “If you put a foot a foot in that U-Wing I will the one to kill you” she declared glaring at Cassian. “You’re not going Scarif”

“How did she knew that?” Jyn questioned looking at Cassian. Cassian looked at Chirrut.

“I didn’t say nothing, I was not aware of the plans either until now” Chirrut said putting his hands up as a sign of peace.

Cassian excused himself and took Y/N by the arm dragging her to a more private place. “How did you know that?” he asked looking at her eyes.

“I saw it, in a dream. You just disappeared in a beam of light and I─” Y/N closed her eyes, small flashes of him looking helplessly; she could feel his pain everything emotion he was going through. She opened her eyes and tears unexpectedly ran down her cheeks. “Don’t go please, I love you Cassian. You can’t do this to me, please. Believe me”

Cassian rubbed his head in frustration. “Y/N, that thing exists someone needs to get the blueprints.” He put a hand on her cheek, Y/N closed her eyes; somehow she felt like this was the last time she tried to remember everything. How his skin felt on her damp cheek, the way his voice sounded saying her name, the way his lips felt against hers.

“I love you, please remember that” Cassian pecking her lips. “Don’t give up hope” he added giving her another kiss, it was salty as her tears were out of control.

In front of her, Cassian and Jyn smiled at each other as they were hugged by beamed of light. All she could hear was a hum, a buzz then nothing.

Y/N woke up sweating, she looked at Cassian’s side he was not there. She felt something on her stomach not caring if she was wearing decent clothes or not she got out of bed and ran. People were busy shouting at each other.

“Where is Cassian?”

“He is gone to Scarif”


Anonymous said: Hi, hope you’re doing well! Can I request a scenario (fluff) where you’re standing in a crowded train with leo and he could sense you being uncomfortable (u didn’t voice it out) with the crowd, then he does something (u guys are just friends but have feelings for each other)?? You can use your imagination for it actually!! I hope this won’t be a trouble for you, thankyou!! :) have a wonderful day ahead!

As I’m leaving the practice room, tucked into one of my own oversized jackets with a duffel bag thrown over my shoulder, I hear someone calling my name. I turn around to see Leo jogging towards me, with the rest of the members following behind. The rest of the dancers had left earlier, while I had to stay to practice my dance with N.

“Are you leaving by train again?” Leo asks, brushing back hair drenched with sweat.

“Yeah. Are you? Or is your manager driving you to the dorm?”

“We’ll leave with you.” Ken interjects. I nod and all seven of us walk to the train. We speak comfortably along the way, joking and jabbing at each naturally despite our exhaustion. As we approach the train, I have no doubt in my tired mind that as soon as we get to our respective homes, we’d all fall asleep immediately.

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DeanXReader: Zombacalypse

Request: Can I request a one shot with TFW and reader and its the zombie Apocalypse(walk ink dead) and there just trying to find a home?

Request: Can you do a one shot of some dean x reader and something super fluffy with some scary stuff? And maybe ghosts or zombies or something? Love your writing by the way

Request: I LOVE YOUR WRITING! Could you do a one shot of team free will trying to survive the zombie Apocalypse? Maybe deanxreader? It’s cool if you don’t, I was just wondering. Sorry if it’s weird…

Request: So, Monday! Could you do a deanxreader, where Dean tells the reader to be patient, and that things can get better with time, please? Thank you very much :)

Request: Can u do a dean x reader based on the song cactus in the valley by lights?

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Arrow Fic: Just Another Wednesday

As requested, here is a sequel to last week’s prompt fic featuring Felicity’s days of the week underwear. This was supposed to be short and sweet, but it kinda got away from me, oops! There’s a teensy bit of almost-but-not-really angst at the beginning (because why let them have regular reunion sex when I can make them try to have reunion sex around Oliver’s injuries?) and a little hurt/comfort, but it’s mostly just fun, fluffy sexytimes. [Rating: Explicit]

Felicity squirms in her chair, crossing and uncrossing her legs for what has to be the millionth time in the last hour.

She really does not like going commando. Not when she’s supposed to be working, anyway. It just feels … wrong. And distracting. Very, very distracting.

Damn Oliver and his underwear thievery. He needs to get back here, pronto, so she can get them back from him. And also for other reasons that are best not thought about while she is trying to work and also not wearing underwear.

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the best things come in threes

Pairing: fake ah gents (Jack/Geoff/Ryan)
WC: 2,603
Note: this is for mrpinstripesuit because there is a lack of ot3 gents and they wanted some so I hope you (and everyone else) likes it!!!

{ AO3 }

There’s a warmth that’s definitely not going away anytime soon, both in his chest and cheeks. He’s tempted to turn away, rub at them in hopes that it’ll help his blush disappear but Geoff is still sitting across from him waiting for an answer.

“Uh, repeat that?” His voice sounds too high, a bit faint, and he kinda wants to just hide away forever because Geoff’s wearing that fond little smile now and his cheeks feel even hotter (how is that even possible he doesn’t know and Geoff is still waiting shit).

“I want to take you out,” Geoff says, looking a bit amused. “On a date. A dinner date. I’ll reserve the whole restaurant if you want, just me and you. What do you say?”

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anonymous asked:

what will Karasuno+kuroo+oikawa do if it's raining and their crush doesnt have an umbrella and they need to get home? btw good luck on your blog ;)

Ahhh, thank you so much! I’m sorry that some of these are kind of long, I got really into them.

Sawamura: After helping his crush with their homework, Sawamura began to walk with them towards the school entrance.

“Thank you again, Sawamura-kun, for helping me with my homework!” They smiled, bowing to him gratefully. “Ah, it’s no problem. I’m glad I could he—“ Sawamura began, but was interrupted by a roaring sound of thunder.

His crush’s happy expression immediately changed into a scared one. “What’s wrong, ___?” He asked, his brows furrowing. They hesitated to answer. “I, um… forgot my umbrella at home…” They murmured, twiddling their fingers. Sawamura smiled, “ah, don’t worry, I’ll walk you home.”


Sugawara: “Sugawara-san, thank you so much for lending me your notes.” They said with a warm smile. Sugawara nodded, putting the notes in his bag. “It’s no problem at all, I’m glad I could help. Just make sure to pay attention in class next time!” He chuckled, causing his crush to blush a little.

Suddenly, rain had begun to fall. It started off lightly, but was soon pouring. There was no way anyone could walk home without an umbrella. Sugawara began to take his umbrella out, “it’s a shame, it was so nice out earlier.” He said with a frown. For some odd reason, his crush was being awfully quiet. Sugawara turned to them; they had a sheepish expression and were scratching the back of their head. “What wrong, ___?” He asked, tilting his head to the side. “Umm… I kind of… forgot my umbrella. Do you think you could walk me home, Sugawara-san?”

Sugawara giggled with a nod. “Of course, ___! Just don’t make this a habit, okay? I’m not always going to be here to walk you home.” They nodded with a light blush on their face before walking out of the classroom.


Asahi: Asahi stopped in his tracks, spotting his crush right at the school entrance. They were wearing a worried expression, almost as if they were about to cry. Seeing them with such an expression absolutely broke his heart, however, he couldn’t bring himself to offer up his umbrella. Asahi didn’t want to scare them away and make them more upset, so he came up with an idea: he would ask Nishinoya to give it to them.


Speaking of the devil; Asahi turned around and smiled gently. “Ah, Nishinoya. Do you think you could do me a favor?” He asked, a bead of sweat forming on his face. “Can you give this umbrella to ___ for me? I don’t want to scare them away…” Asahi mumbled, handing over the umbrella. “Asahi-san, why’re you such a coward? I’ll do it, but wouldn’t they be happier if you gave it to them?”

Asahi watched as Nishinoya walked over to his crush and offered the umbrella. They were smiling brightly and bowed several times. That’s when he heard Nishinoya say: “Asahi-san wanted to give it to you himself, but he’s kinda a coward.”

Asahi blushed furiously, turning his to avoid any eye contact. His crush giggled and smiled warmly, “thank you, Asahi-san. I don’t want you to get sick, so how about we walk together?” He sheepishly looked at them and nodded slowly.


Nishinoya: “Nishinoya-kun!” His crush called out, jogging towards him. “Do you happen to have an umbrella? I forgot mine, and I really need to get home…” They said, feeling guilty. Nishinoya grinned, his smile as bright as ever. “I don’t have an umbrella, but…” His grin widened when he pointed to the left. “I can run to the closest convenience store and buy you one!”

His crush blushed lightly, and shot him a thankful smile. “You’d do that for me? Thank you so much, Nishinoya-kun. I’ll pay you back, I promise!” They exclaimed, grabbing a hold of his shoulders. Nishinoya’s face heated up, and he scratched the back of his head. “Instead of paying me back, how about we go on a date this Sunday?” He asked, to which they nodded in response. “S-sure!”

Nishinoya jumped in the air, yelling: “yes! I did it! I asked them out!” and used that adrenaline to bolt to the store and back, with an umbrella in his hand.


Tanaka: After class had ended, Tanaka spent five minutes looking for his umbrella, only to remember that he had left it at home. “Oh well, I don’t need an umbrella! I’ll just use my jacket.” He grinned, readying his jacket over his head.

Suddenly, he saw someone run up next to him in the corner of his eye. It was his crush. Tanaka grinned widely. “Ah, ___! What’s up?” He beamed. “Did you forget your umbrella? You can use my jacket, if you’d like! I can walk you home too!” He gently pulled them under the protection of his jacket, which made them smile at him sweetly. Tanaka blushed lightly, feeling his heart skip a beat. “Ah, thank you so much, Tanaka-kun!”


Kageyama: It was absolutely pouring. There was no way anyone could walk home without an umbrella—not in this weather. Kageyama was standing at the entrance of the school building, waiting for Hinata to retrieve his bag from the classroom. That is, when he heard a familiar voice; a voice that made his heart begin to beat a little faster, and left him speechless. “Ah, jeez. I can’t believe I forgot my umbrella!” Is what they said.

Kageyama glanced at them, catching their worried expression. What if they stayed here all night waiting for the rain to clear up? Or what if they just said “screw it” and made a run for it and got sick? Kageyama had all sorts of thoughts running through his head. In the end, he turned to them and held out his umbrella to them. “Uh, I-I’ll walk you home… since you forgot your umbrella.” He muttered, his cheeks a tint of pink. Looks like Hinata will just have to walk home alone this time.


Hinata: “And that’s how you get the answer. Does that make sense?” His crush asked, drawing out the answer on his paper. “Y-yeah, that makes perfect sense! Thank you so much, ___! You’re such a great teacher!” Hinata exclaimed, with a light blush on his face. They chuckled in response, “thank you, Hinata-kun. You’re a great student.”

They glanced at the clock, eyes widening; it was getting late, and the rain wasn’t letting up.

“Hey, Hinata-kun,” They started. “Since I taught you how to do this math problem, will you walk me home? I forgot my umbrella.”

Hinata nodded furiously, his blush darkening. “Y-yeah! Yes! Of course!” He beamed, abruptly getting up from his seat and pulling out his umbrella. “I-I’ll walk you home any day, ___!”


Tsukishima: While Tsukishima was putting his books back in his bag, Yamaguchi approached him. “Hey, Tsukki!” He exclaimed cheerfully, “I’m going to be practicing with Shimada-san, so you can go on without me.” Tsukishima nodded, “alright. See you tomorrow.”

Pulling out his umbrella, he immediately spotted his crush. They were sitting on a bench under the school awning, sighing. Tempted to walk up and offer his umbrella, Tsukishima squeezed his eyes shut and walked past them. Maybe they’re just waiting on someone… He thought. But a worry pierced his mind: they forgot their umbrella.

Tsukishima turned around and walked over to the bench they were sitting at. “I’ll walk you home.” He murmured, his face a light shade of pink.


Yamaguchi: “Yamaguchi,” Tsukishima called, “go on home without me. I have some stuff to do.” Yamaguchi nodded, “Okay, Tsukki! See you later!”

With that said, Yamaguchi exited the classroom and was making his way down the hall. Before he could make it to the steps, he was stopped by his crush. “Yamaguchi-kun,” they started. “Do you happen to have a spare umbrella? I forgot mine at home—I’ll give it back to you afterwards, I promise!”

Yamaguchi could feel his face start to heat up. “U-uh, yeah, you can have this one! Y-you can give it back to me whenever, though!” The brunette stammered, shyly looking up at them.

His crush put two and two together, realizing that he was giving up his only umbrella. “How’re you going to get home, then?” They asked with concern, refusing to take the umbrella from Yamaguchi’s hand. “Oh, uh… I can just run home!” He insisted, but all his crush did was frown at him. “No way,” they blunted. “How about we just share it?” Yamaguchi’s face got even redder before nodding slightly. “O-okay.”


Kuroo: The one day that Kuroo didn’t bring an umbrella, it started pouring. Kenma had told him many times today that he should have brought an umbrella, and that it was going to rain, but Kuroo didn’t listen. He just kept telling him: “there’s only a 40% chance of rain, I doubt I’ll need an umbrella.”

Kuroo cursed under his breath, beginning to rant in his mind about how he should’ve listened to his friend, before a voice interrupted his thoughts. “Did you forget an umbrella as well, Kuroo?”

A lazy grin appeared on his face when he turned and saw it was his crush. “Yeah, I take it you did too?” They sighed before nodding, “unfortunately. Do you wanna make a run for it?” Kuroo laughed, “On the count of three. One, two—“ Pausing after two, he grabbed his crush’s hand and bolted out into the rain with them.


Oikawa: After a long day at practice, Oikawa was finally heading home for the day. He was absolutely exhausted from the intense training, but all of his energy came back to him when he was them standing under the school awning.

“Good afternoon, ___-chan! Horrible weather out today,” Oikawa bubbled. “Did you forget your umbrella?” His crush’s eyes widened before nodding slightly. “Y-yeah…” They mumbled, which for some odd reason, made Oikawa really happy.

“Ah, is that so? In that case, I’ll walk you home!” He wrapped his free arm around their shoulder, pulling them closer to him. “I don’t want you to get wet, ___-chan, so stay really close to me, alright?”

Waffles & Rookie Proposals

This is basically 2.5k of fluffy prequel to my blanket fort fic Under Cover. You don’t need to have read that to read this though, obviously.

Dedicated to @rookiesinlove who gave the aforementioned fic a glowing review and then demanded to know about the Waffle House rookie proposal. Which I thought about, and kept thinking about, until I finally sat my ass down and wrote it. Hope you enjoy, dude!

Patrick’s restless.

It’s 8pm on a Tuesday night, the second of a two-day break between games. They don’t have practice tomorrow, just a seven-thirty start time against the Caps. Technically he could be out right now, having some drinks, maybe trying to hook up. It doesn’t really sound appealing, for a couple of reasons.

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  • Yeah sure he’s a tutor
  • But you know who he’s a tutor for?
  • Not you
  • Which upsets him so much
  • Technically he hasn’t even “met” you yet
  • But he wants to so badly
  • Because you’re???? So cute my god just glancing at you makes his face redden and his smile brighter
  • He knew you were just as sweet as you looked, too
  • He’s seen every single time when someone drops their stuff and you race to help them out
  • You’re nice and you cute and he’s just??? So head over heals
  • But he’s also really rEALLY SHY
  • There has definitely been times where you might’ve totally caught him staring
  • And he just
  • Fumbles
  • Looks back at his student
  • Pretends nothing was happening at all
  • With a bright tomato red face ofc
  • And whatever he’s saying to his students makes NO SENSE EITHER
  • “Mr. Minghao I have no idea what you’re talking about I checked this problem already and I know for a fact I got it right why are you talking about it again??”
  • His students totally know about his major crush on you too
  • Like it’s really obvious and those kids are not stupid
  • “Mr. Minghao please stop staring at the love of your life for a second and help me with this problem please.”
  • He’s just like
  • “L-Love of my-??? You shut it, kid!”
  • And he just ruffles the kid’s hair in revenge before helping with the problem
  • He’s a real cutie plz he’s so cute and cutie’s with kids are automatically 10000000x cuter
  • You know this ofc
  • You know about Minghao’s cuteness
  • I mean???? It’s the talk of the library let’s be real
  • Sadly you’ve never had a reason to start up a conversation with him
  • You’d really like to, though
  • He seems like a very interesting person
  • The chance finally came for the both of you one day, however
  • All of the spots in the library were taken up
  • The only place to sit was either at a table full of rowdy kids who were just there to mess around
  • Or at Minghao’s table across from him and his student
  • Ofc you chose Minghao’s table??? Pretty obvious
  • So you strode up to the two with a smile plastered across your incredibly adorable face
  • Which, in turn, made Minghao freeze like??? Why are you coming over here oh my god no wait I’m not ready w A I T
  • “May I sit here? I promise I’ll try not to be a bother!”
  • Poor Minghao just gapes at you like a fish out of water
  • It’s his student who has to tell you that you can sit
  • “Absolutely!! And no need to worry, Mr. Minghao is pleased to have you here~”
  • The poor kid gets a hand slapped over his mouth
  • “Ahahaha! You’re such a kidder! Work on your homework, Sunyoul.”
  • He looks up at you
  • Well, kinda
  • More like he looks over at the librarians with large beads of sweat just pouring down his face
  • “Y-Yes! Please, take a seat! I-uh-We’ll try to keep our voices down s-so you can work in p-peace.”
  • Fucking stuttering god he just can’t form words how does one talk???? This is too hard
  • You smile at his cute reaction and sit down in the chair across from Minghao’s
  • After this you kinda??? Just end up continuing to sit with the two every day
  • Well, Minghao is always there
  • It’s usually Sunyoul that’s with you two as well, but sometimes it’ll be a little girl named Yuju or a little boy named Yoongi
  • Yuju REALLY wanted you and Minghao to get married and adopt her
  • Yoongi was a little bit possessive over Minghao
  • “He’s my tutor! Go find your own!”
  • Yoongi was adorable
  • Sunyoul was who was almost always there, though
  • The little kid was just the embodiment of sunshine you swear up and down
  • He was such a little gentleman???? What a cutie omg
  • Minghao totally gets jealous by the amount of attention you give the small kid
  • It was hilarious
  • So anyways
  • One day you walk into the library
  • It was a totally normal day
  • Except that next to Minghao there wasn’t any small kid
  • And that the poor guy was nERVOUS AS HELL IS WAS SUPER OBVIOUS
  • “What’s wrong, Minghao?”
  • He looks so scared so of coURSE you’re worried
  • But instead of getting any sort of answer from him you just get an incredibly surprised look in return
  • “I just- uh- well I’m- you see- uhhh…”
  • You could almost see the gears in his head just crashing
  • Finally, after a few moments of repair, he reaches his decision
  • The boy looks up at you with sudden determination
  • “H-How do you feel about f-frozen yogurt??”
  • Which is quite a weird question to ask and Minghao is just beating himself up so much oh jeez
  • “I love frozen yogurt! …Why?”
  • The inside of him is just screaming “FUCK”
  • While the outside of him is just sweating his own personal ocean
  • “I was wondering… if.. maybe.. I could… take you there?? Instead of… staying here??”
  • Smooth
  • Finally understanding what he means, you giggle
  • And grab his hand
  • Which almost makes him have a heart attack btw don’t dO THAT TO THIS POOR KID
  • “I would love to.”
  • And ever since that day Minghao has been lowkey really glad that Yuju got sick
  • Though did she really get sick???
  • Who knows

Seventeen Library AU Masterlist

Title: Blood Of A Lamb

Words: 2,010

Pairing: Dean X Reader

Requested By: Anon,

Prompt: Can we get some jealous dean? Where the Dean thinks she’s too good for him and that she likes Sammy? And he gets all protective over the reader? But at the end the reader holds dean tenderly, maybe like they’re cuddling and she’s stroking his hair and such? Like reassuring him that she is in love with him?:)

(1) this is gonna be weird 2) i love your blog) can I request a fic where the reader is a hardcore pacifist (hates guns, doesn’t like revenge, sees good in everyone)and mostly does research for the boys. shes dating dean and she is going to meet Jo for the 1st time. Jo is jealous and thinks reader is not good enough for dean. they all go on a hunt and sam/dean/jo get captured and reader proves Jo wrong by saving all three of them just by outwitting the demons, vamps. ect.(told u it was weird)

A/N: Wow, two imagines involving vampires in the same week. *insert image of Dean using his signal for ‘vampire’.* As you can see, I have combined two different imagine requests. I usually don’t do this but I felt like these two can work perfectly together. I won’t usually combine imagines but on a rare occasion I will so don’t feel like I will continue to put together two different requests. I hope I got everything perfect and that everyone enjoys reading this. Lol I made Jo Dean’s ex so that this could work out. Nonnie, I hope I understood you correctly and forgive me if I didn’t! Please, nothing’s weird to me after watching Supernatural. Everything that I thought was weird is now normal thanks to it. And you’re too kind!! Glad you enjoy my blog. xx


“Alright.” Dean spoke, clapping his hands together to get your attention. “Are we ready?”

“I am.” Sam simply replied, tossing his oversized faded green bag over his right shoulder.

“Ready for what?” You spoke, looking up from one of the research books you were skimming through about vampires. The knives, guns, and old dusty books belonging to the brothers were all pack except for your book and personal belongings.

“We’re going to to help our friend.” Dean told you, walking out of the motel room. You glared at Sam in confusion, hoping that he would explain what Dean wouldn’t.

“Her name’s Jo. She’s a hunter but has never dealt with vampires and we offered to help.”

“So since she’s a girl I’m assuming her and Dean had a thing?” You asked, crossing your arms.

“That doesn’t matter, Y/N. Dean loves you. He didn’t love her like he loves you.” Sam explained as you glared at the ground. “Hey.” You looked up at Sam and he placed a hand on your shoulder in comfort. “I’ll always like you better than her.” You giggled and wrapped your arms around Sam’s torso, smiling.

“Thank you.” The two of you pulled away and Dean stood in the doorway while he glared at the two of you. Sam picked back up his bag and walked past Dean.

“You like Sammy.”

“What? Are you kidding me? If I did I would be dating him! I obviously love you Dean!” He waved you off and walked out back to the Impala. Sighing, you gathered your things and abandoned the motel room in frustration.


“Y/N, this is Jo. Jo this is Y/N.” Sam introduced the two of you. You guys shook hands and stood off to the side as Sam and Dean unloaded their essentials into the bar that Jo owned.

“You’re not good enough for him.” Jo spoke, turning to you with her arms crossed.

“And why is that?” You snapped, biting the inside of your lip in astonishment. Your first impression of Jo was positive but, now it was slowly growing into hatred.

“Because what pacifist would date someone that’s the total opposite of them!” Jo threw her hands in the air with frustration as you watched her rolling your eyes. “You know, Dean loved me first.”

“So? He’s not with you anymore.” You spat back with the same attitude she gave you.

“Well, he loved me more than he will ever love you.” She sneered as you rolled your eyes.

“I doubt that because if he did you two would still be together.” You left Jo and followed behind Sam into the bar.


“Alright. Jo and I will go together and Sam and Y/N can go.” Dean ordered from the driver's seat, staring at you in the rear view mirror.

“I don’t know if I want you and your ex together.” You admitted aloud, glaring at Jo who was sitting beside you.

“Maybe I don’t want you and your boyfriend together.” Jo spat, probably meaning it in every possible way. You could sense that Jo hated your guts which was a good thing because you hated her even more than she probably hated you.

“You two need to relax.” He paused and you glared out the window in anger. “Y/N just stay back just in case anything happens to us.” Dean instructed, opening the door. Sam and Jo got out and slammed their doors, Dean coming over to your door and opening it, bending down to your level. “What’s up with you?” He asked.

“Jo is being a bitch and keeps telling me how much I don’t deserve you and that you’ll always love her more than me.” You stared at his knee cap, refusing to make eye contact.

“Look at me.” You soon gave in and gazed into Dean’s eyes. “I won’t let her hurt you. Besides, I will always love you more than anyone. Don’t worry about her. And if she gives you any more shit, you let me know.” You smiled and nodded, Dean pecking your lips and shutting your door, running off with Sam and Jo to the vampires house.


It had almost been a half an hour since the four of you had arrived for the hunt. It was only two vampires. Simple and quick. But you couldn’t shake the feeling that they were in trouble. You quietly opened the Impala’s door and got out, shutting it softly behind you. You made your way over to the big bay window that revealed the living room and everything inside. Your fingertips curled around the window ledge as you slowly peeked your head through the window, finding Jo, Sam, and Dean all tied up in ropes. Jo and Sam stared at the ground, incapacitated by the ropes that were around their ankles and wrists. Dean was gazing around the room, trying to find an escape route as the two muscular vampires had their backs to you. Dean locked eyes with you and you gave him a slight head nod, receiving a wink in return. You ducked back under the window, trying to avoid being seen. How were you supposed to get them out? You knew everything about hunting but you weren’t exactly a 'hunter’. Racking your brain for ideas, you glanced at the house and it’s second story window. Then, you gazed down at your feet, finding a decent size rock. It was small enough to fit in the pocket of your dark blue jeans, but large enough to do some major damage if thrown hard enough. You stuffed into your pocket for now and quietly made your way to the back of the house. The back wooden door was slightly cracked for a reason that you didn’t know. Sam and Dean always forced you to carry a knife even though you had zero skill with using it and the fact that you hated hurting others as well as holding a weapon. You silently sighed and pulled the silver knife and black bandana from your back pocket. The knife was secure in your right hand as you slid it across the precious skin on your left arm. You bit the inside of your lip, refusing to make a sound. Blood slowly dripped onto the wooden platform that led up to the back door. You made a fist, causing your blood to ooze from the slit in your skin. Quickly, you wiped the blade clean on your bandana, stuffed it back in your pocket, and wrapped the black cloth over your wound. The sound of footsteps was coming closer to you and you dashed to the side of the house, pulling out the rock you had found earlier. You rolled it in the palm of your hand and looked up at the window. You threw it and the rock smashed through the window, shattering the glass.

“What the hell?” You heard a voice inside shout. More commotion came from the house as you ran to the front and the window where you peeked inside, Dean nodding his head furiously. You quickly but quietly opened the front door, pulling out your knife and running over to Sam, running your knife through the rope.

“Boy, am I glad to see you.” Dean whispered, a smile creeping up on his face.

“Shut up.” Jo hissed next to him. You ran the last bit of rope through the sharp end of your knife and Sam was free.

“Here. Go.” You ordered Sam, handing him the knife and pointing to the back door and set of stairs. He was off and you bent down once again, untying Dean with your hands.

“I always imagined me untying you.”

“You’re so annoying.” You mumbled under your breath in a loving way. Dean knew you were kidding, but right now you were just frustrated for many reasons. Jo rolled her eyes and you watched out of the corner of your eye. She was getting on your nerves, especially because she didn’t think you were worthy enough for Dean Winchester. Then again, no one did. Not even yourself. Dean was free and he ran upstairs to get the other vampire as you untied Jo. “What kind of hunter gets tied up by two vamps when she has all the weapons?” You snapped under your breath as the sounds of footsteps came down the stairs.


You, Sam, and Dean were finally safe back in the bunker. Sam retreated to his room while Dean headed straight to the kitchen for a beer. You, on the other hand, hadn’t said a word and made a bee-line for the bedroom you and Dean shared. The clothes that constricted your body were immediately ripped off and you jumped in the shower, not wanting to spend a lot of time in the thoughts that were rushing through your head. After your shower, you simple braided your hair and threw on one of Dean’s large flannel and a pair of underwear, crawling into bed and waiting for him. Laying under the covers, you stared up at the ceiling until the mattress sunk next to you.

“Hey babe. You did great today.” Dean complimented, kissing the top of your head.

“Thanks.” You simply replied, curling up next to Dean and began to trace shapes on his white t-shirt covered chest. The bedroom fell silent except for the two of you breathing slowly.

“You’re too good for me, Y/N.” Dean whispered. You sat up in shock, refusing to let Dean think this.

“Are you kidding me? Dean, you’re perfect for me. If anyone’s too good for someone, it’s you. I don’t deserve you. I don’t know how I got so lucky either.” You looked into his shimmering green eyes, playing with his hands.

“I know I get jealous sometimes and back there with Jo and what I said about you liking Sam…”

“Hey. I don’t care about her. All I care about is you.” You told Dean, snuggling back up to him, your eyes slowly starting to close.

“I love you, Y/N.” Dean said, placing one last kiss on your head.

“I love you too. Never forget that.”

Protective Nico (Cinnamon roll!Nozomi AU)

A/N: I’m too lazy to give that fancy-smancy summary and stuff. If you’re interested in this AU check this tag out! I really, really, really liked it, and ever since I saw this AU I’ve wanted to write something for it! So, here it is! x’D Have fun reading and, hopefully, I’ll write more about this because, ahhhh, cinnamon roll!Nozomi gives me life at the moment. *swoons* @kuro-kelly it your beautiful au heeehehehehe

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