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Can you believe Kinoshita actually did something  in the latest chapter I’m amazed and proud

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Oh yes, you really captured your inner beauty in that hoodie. You really are capable of being a pretty princess

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i am all elegance and grace i assure you

what the book of murdoc told us about cyborg:

-she never died apparently and that whole thing looks like it was retcon-ed out

-after the pirate attack on plastic beach she spent an indefinite amount of time in a submarine with murdoc

-thats it??? it doesnt say if she went to Dungeon Abbey with murdoc or not? where is she?

To everyone;

I want to apologize to the ones I wanted to see there, but I will not be able to attend to Sizecon this year (July 2017). An opportunity presented itself for me to be able to study abroad for the summer. I’ve been dreaming of going to South Korea and now I’m going to 😊it’s honestly something I didn’t think that would happen, since when I was taking care of my mom and such. Now… I know for a fact she would want me to go and be happy (although watching over me because she was a protective parent that watched too much Law and order lol).

I wish I could’ve gone. I really do. I wanted to see everyone and meet a lot of my friends online and go to panels. Ahhh, but I hope to go the year after. I’m sure the con will be another success. I’ll do my best to try and help out though behind the scenes with the volunteer group and draw some advertisements for it.

I love y'all and thank you for all the love and support. I hope to meet a lot of you the year after ❤️


My drawing for Inktober day 21

I was inspired by what depressing stuff I came up with for my sole Gene. And I can imagine once when Piper finds out she tries to help her out, cope, and talk about it.

I’ve always imagined Piper would be such a great person to have to help you out and talk through with things. You know what? She’s the true hero of the commonwealth.


Thank you very much to @quadrophenicdream for tagging me to post 4 albums I have been listening to recently:
(In no particular order)

1. Blossoms - Blossoms.
My current fave new band! Personal highlights of the record are Charlemagne, Honey Sweet and My Favourite Room.

2. Hot Fuss - The Killers.
I recently got back into this album for some reason after I heard Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine on the radio a while ago and I forgot how much I love this record so I’ve started listening to it loads again. Personal faves Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine, On Top and Smile Like You Mean It.

3. The Ride - Catfish And The Bottlemen.
Although it came out in May I still listen to this loooooads and probably more now than ever ever. I find myself listening to it when I get ready for my day or nights out and stuff and idk why it’s just a nice compact record and it doesn’t mess about, it’s just from top to bottom full of solid tunes. Personal faves are all of them lmaoo but specifically 7, Red and Outside.

4. Be Here Now - Oasis.
The remastered version just came out of this so I’ve been listening to that and the other deluxe cds. A lot of people don’t like this album but I think it’s proper strong and ties up the lil trio of the first 3 albums. There’s some massive tunes on it that are honestly some of my very fave Oasis songs such as Don’t Go Away and D'You Know What I Mean? and yeah I mostly listen to this when I’m doing stuff and don’t wanna be messing around with my iPod or whatever because most of them are super long and take up a lot of time which is perfect for when you’re cleaning or working on something because it keeps you occupied while you’re not really consciously focusing on music. Personal faves are Don’t Go Away, Be Here Now, D'You Know What I Mean?, My Big Mouth and It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!)

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Anonymous said:

Why do people resort to demonising people when they speak facts? like it is fact that his face is much rounder and he has a double chin. Literally, compare pictures. His personality was quite flat I can attest to that. Let’s acknowledge facts and not bring out pitchforks when someone says something you don’t want to hear. Acknowledge it cuz its right there and then go from there. Different anon btw from the others

Why do people insist on sending me their shitty opinions when I didn’t ask for them. I’m celebrating my fave – nowhere on my blog did I invite people to badmouth him to me for absolutely no reason. It’s disgusting, anon. It’s insulting, it’s rude, and it’s body shaming, and I absolutely will demonize someone – and bring out the pitchfork for trolls – for doing this, because they’re the one being disgusting. 

Also, they aren’t facts? Like- You’re both seeing something entirely different from other people who think he looks fantastic, and beautiful, and delicious – so your understanding of the word ‘fact’ is very different from the actual definition, anon. (Not to mention the fact that a lot of people – and yes, even fit, skinny people – gets a double chin when they tuck their chin in towards their chest and/or tilt their head back…)

Now, listen, the fact is, anon- You’re a shitty human too for defending something as shitty as body shaming in this fashion. Acknowledge it, cuz it’s right here! And then we can go from there, anon!

I can’t believe I am doing this but, I actually disagree with @mittensmorgul on her post here. O_o

I didn’t add this commentary to her thing because I didn’t want to bog down her post by adding it in a reblogg. I’ll post her original post directly after this and I invite you to read it in full (and form your own opinion).

Okay so, endverse.

My opinion of it is this: It’s an excellent piece of horror storytelling. It’s disturbing as heck and it should be.

It shows future Dean as a Dean at his most desperate, so destroyed he’s not much more than anger and retribution on bowlegs, willing to use other people as disposable tools to reach his goals. To keep it’s horrific impact, I put forth that it wasn’t just all in Dean’s head. It happened angelically: Dean was physically deposited in a future alternate time line as a seriously dick move by angels. (There is an interpretation of quantum mechanics from physicist Hugh Everett that discusses this. Basically using this idea, Dean could have been lifted from his own timeline reality and dropped into a different one.)

Gabriel showed several times that he had the power to alter reality and time (Mystery Spot, Changing Channels). Balthazar did it as well (The French Mistake). And just because (if I am remembering correctly) we don’t see Michael or Raphael use this particular maneuver, it doesn’t mean they couldn’t do it too. Zachariah was top level management for the apocalypse project for Michael and Raphael, so it’s within the realm of possibility that he was granted this ability in order to get the job done. It’s possible Zachariah did it in “It’s A Terrible Life”, and it’s totally possible he did it with Dean for endverse.

Why would Dean put that photo into the journal? Why not? It’s physical proof of what angels can be capable of, not just a reminder of how awful things could get.

As for that photo in Mary’s hands and it being in John’s journal where Sam or Cas could see it?

Truthfully, I think if Sam or Cas came across the photo in the journal and asked Dean about it, Dean could simply cover by saying, “It’s just some of Zachariah’s left over angel bullshit”.

- I can see Cas accepting that and moving on because by the time Cas would have seen it (season 8) he had his own issues (Naomi) or if it were even later they were all hip deep in the Trials/Tablet/Mark of Cain hoopla with no reason (or time) to talk up old business like the endverse thing.

- Sam might give Dean a questioning look about the photo, but then let it go. Like Cas, I can see Sam allowing it to get shoved on the back burner, temporarily accepting Dean’s minimal explanation because they had bigger things going on. Or (more likely) Sam saw it when he was soulless and just didn’t give a shit.

Or like so many other things in the show previously, It Just Never Gets Discussed Like It Should Have On Supernatural™


“That’s my spot, Andrew.”


It’s been two years since I made this blog! Happy anniversary to me.

Wishing this feeling would go away…