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Back Together (OMAHA)

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It’s been 3 years since I last saw my boys face to face. Everything has changed for those four boys since I’ve left and it makes me so sad that I wasn’t there for them during that big change. They’re incredibly famous now, it seriously amazes me. Their talents finally got recognised, even though none of them are tied down to a record label just yet, they’re all touring, either on their own tours, or opening for big acts around the country (and continents, for Jack and Jacks sake) or touring the US with DigiTour.

After Jack and Jacks second European tour (one that I couldn’t attend due to my Uni lecture), they four of them got the funds together to go on an OGOC tour, much to the fans begging, and they even managed to come out to Europe together! Their tour dates matched up perfectly with the summer holidays which means that I can finally see them, and not through a computer or phone screen.

As soon as they found out they would be coming the UK, they immediately called me – completely forgetting about the 7 hour time difference from Cali to England, it was 3am for me – and told me the amazing news. They made sure to get at least three days off whilst in England so that they can see me, and instead of three, they got nine. Nine whole days to show the boys around my stomping ground and catch up on everything that I’ve missed.

When the England based show tickets went on for sale, I bought myself a meet and greet pass for the first show so that I can surprise them. They told me that they’d put me on the list with security so that I can get in without a pass or having to buy a ticket, but I may have lied and told them that I had one last lecture before the summer and it was on the same day as the first show here. I want to support them, so I paid for a ticket. They’ve already put my name on every list at all the other shows, so I’m only able to pay for this one.

They’re literally forcing me to go on tour with them whilst they’re here. They want me to do the entire European tour but I don’t have the money to pay for tickets all over the continent and I don’t expect them to pay my way, nor do I want them to do that.

On a countdown, the first show is 2 days away. I get to see the guys in 2 days’ time.  

“Ticket.” The security guard demands, staring down at me. I hand my meet and greet pass over, the barcode gets scanned and I’m approved to walk into the line. I’m the very last person in the line, meaning I won’t hold up the line up from meeting the boys.

I’m in the line for over 20 minutes, just waiting for my turn with each of the guys. My heart is racing so fast I’m surprised nobody can hear it. I shouldn’t be nervous, but I am. I haven’t seen these boys in so long, it feels like I’m meeting new people for the first time.

“Next pers- Holy cow, are you Y/N?” The person in charge of the line asks, a shocked yet excited look spreads across her face.

“I am, hi.”

“Oh gosh, what are you doing here?!” Is she saying this in a bad way? Am I ruining something by being here? “The boys have not stopped going on about you for bloody months! They’re going to be so ecstatic to see you! They were so bummed out when they heard that you weren’t going to be able to make it to this show, but look! Here you are!”

Does she ever stop talking? At least she’s a happy, excitable person. There aren’t enough of this kind of people around anymore. She’s a rare one.

“Yep, here I am!” I grin.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t even introduce myself. I’m Cara, one of the three tour managers. You’ll meet the other two managers later on, but it’ so nice to finally meet you!”

“It’s nice to meet you too, how did you know it was me?” She has never met me before, nor has she seen me on FaceTime or anything, so how the hell does she know who I am?

“I’ve been shown picture after picture of you and the guys, so your face has been permanently etched into my mind.”

“Yo, Cara, was that the last person-“ The famous voice of Samuel Wilkinson. I slowly turn to face the direction of his voice, and I see his face for the first time in 2 years. Oh my fuck, has he changed and got even hotter than ever. And he’s even blonder than he looks in pictures. “HOLY CRAP, Y/N?!”

“WHAT?!” I hear Johnson shriek from a few feet away.

Sam throws his arm around me with a huge smile on his face, and pulls me towards the meet and greet screens. “GUYS, Y/N IS HERE HOLY SHIT!” Johnson, being the closest to us, throws his arms around me with a screech.

He’s gotten so much taller! And tanner! And fitter! Damn, JJ.

“Don’t fuck with me, Sam-“ Nate says, slowly turning around to face us. “HOLY SHIT, YOU’RE ACTUALLY HERE!”

Holy shit, his man bun actually looks really good on him. I told him I would cut it off the minute I see him again, but I forgot my scissors (they would’ve gotten taken off of me anyway) and now that I can actually see it, I like it. His face and arms are so much more defined now. Damn.

And Gilinsky… He hasn’t really changed, to be honest. He’s more muscular now, and he looks a little bit taller, too. And that tan… I’m jealous, I wanna be living in Cali with all that sun!

All these guys have changed and they all look different, it’s so weird. I look exactly the same as I did two years ago. It is not fair at all. If anything, I’ve gotten paler from the lack of sun and if I were to go to America and get hit with the sun, people would think that I’m sick and I would burn up almost instantly.

Gilinsky runs over to us, Nate following an inch behind, and they both join in on the group hug, clambering onto each other and squeezing the life out of me. “YO, THIS IS FUCKING INSANE!” Literally, squeezing the life out of me.

“I can’t fucking breathe right now, guys.”

“We don’t care, let us enjoy this reunion.”

“I would like to enjoy it, also.” I shout into Johnson’s chest just so the others can hear me. “I would like to come out of this alive!” The four boys laugh quietly and let a little bit of the pressure drop.

I actually manage to get out of the big hug and smooth my shirt down. “Sorry, babe.” Nate grins and pulls me into an individual, strong hug. “It’s been so fucking long.”

“Dude, I know.”

When Nate lets go, Gilinsky jumps in and pulls me against him. “Why did you say you couldn’t come tonight?”

“Because I wanted to surprise you guys!”

“But you spent your money on us! You know we hate you doing that!”

“Well, excuse me for wanting to support my best friends!” I spent a lot more money buying all of their music than on the ticket I spent to come and see them here tonight. Johnson pulls Gilinsky away from me and wraps his arms tightly around my shoulders. “Oh my God, Jack, you’re taller than me.”

“I know!” He laughs loudly, he was at least 3 inches shorter than me the last time we were together, and he finally had his well-whined-about growth spurt! “I can’t believe you’re actually here, Y/N, I missed you so fucking much.”

“Yo, I missed her too.” Sam mocks, pulling Johnson away from me, much like Johnson did with Gilinsky, and wraps his arms tightly around my waist. “God damn, you smell good.” He dips his head into my neck, taking a deep sniff of the perfume I used when I got ready earlier.

“Damn, Sam, you’re still a horny fucker, aren’t you?”

“Your cute lil’ accent came back!” He giggles and pulls his head away from my skin. “You got even more beautiful than you were before.” Yep, I’m not blushing at all.

I feel so much more at home now that I’m back with my home(s), I’m no longer nervous and I’m so ready to catch up on everything that I’ve missed and meet everyone that joined the crew during the two years I’ve been gone.

“Oh, stop it you.” I smile and slap his chest, pushing him away a little bit from me. I look over each of the four boys, a bubble of excitement piercing through my entire body as I think about the adventures the next few weeks are going to endure. “So, what’s new?”

appblr updates 6th edition


  • YA GIRL GOT INTO ANOTHER COLLEGE YAS!!! 2 down, 4 to go! i get all my last decisions in two weeks so the next appblr update will be at that time, stay tuned
  • my life is now scholarships on scholarships on scholarships (help)
  • literally i have 8 due in two weeks what is this
  • currently c r u s h e d with the weight of 6 ap classes but whatev its cool gotta live on that academic grind right??? :))))
  • im organizing a tedtalk-esque event for the youth in my community aka causing myself way more suffering than need be :)
  • had grad pics this past week and wearing that cap and gown is simultaneously terriying and super exciting!!!
  • i graduate in 12 weeks omg. the end is near & a scary new beginning approaches
  • idek where i’m going to college yet like… why. does. it. take. so. long. to. find. out.
  • i spend my days asking myself this question ^

anyway that’s it lol there’ll be a lot more in 2 weeks so let’s stay hype till then amirite??! :) hope u have a great day, thanks for reading. aza out.

So uhm…. Louis and I have been keeping a big secret ever since we went to Hawaii and we hope you lot won’t kill us for not saying anything earlier but…. YES, that photo on Instagram is real and we’re engaged! I can finally wear my ring outside the house!!!