so there ya go uhm


New Friendships and Rough Beginnings (pt. II)

“The Guardians are gods and goddesses sent down from Horizon’s Tower to protect Earth and those who inhabit it. I’m a descendent of Geb and Kebechet. I’m a goddess. But demons refer to us as ‘angels’.”

ft. Uriel Garcia by @grimhatesdeathflowers


okay so I was tagged by @flower-taemin to do this bias x selfie tag and I tried to be fake cool so here you go. Too bad the only clothes I own are black so..and I only had a dead flower… #low budget

anyways I will tag @choiminoh @leejinklies @blingjonghyun @tofnew @sataeminism @silverznight and.. anybody else who wants to do this c: of course no obligation!!