so there ugh


🌙 Mabon Ritual, 2017

Ohhhhhhh I hate it when people honestly compare batman and iron man and there is always some jackass in the comments like “batman is just better than iron man. Why? Because he’s batman!” Like yes Carl we understand that batman is a meme but we’re trying to have a conversation here and your obnoxious comment is going to be repeated 18374829 times in the notes so just leave please

I want a super edition that’s about Mothwing and Hawkfrost growing up in Riverclan.

Hawkfrost being trained by Leopardstar, Mothwing becoming a medicine cat, Hawkfrost growing more ambitious and Mothwing being unable to save him, her losing faith in Starclan (if she ever had any to begin with)…. gosh there is SO MUCH that needs to be explored with these two

But instead we’re getting a Crowfeather book?!

Hey remember me? I’m gonna be inactive aGAiN ugh
I think I just need time to re-collect myself, I’m so lost ehe (being insecure about everything you know)

I may be scrolling down but I really don’t feel like posting (I’m so sorry)

Don’t forget that you’re amazing and beautiful and everything good, your life is worth living and please be happy and healthy. I love you.