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nocturnalazure replied to your photoset “So many screens.  So many.   Where have you been?”

Oh my, this hair looks SO good on him…                

omgdoubleume replied to your photoset “Trent, hi. ”


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Why, hello there.                

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He looks astonishingly handsome when ruffled a bit.                

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oh myyyy      

maramaja06 replied to your photo “I know exactly who you are looking at…it is just not time to tell it.”


lyrea replied to your photo “I know exactly who you are looking at…it is just not time to tell it.”


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oooh, looks good in black and white too  

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Ah yes, this fine fellow! <HEARTS>                

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this hair! <3                

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Prettyyy. How can they all be so pretty in TS3? *weeps*  

Thanks everyone!  I was thinking about finishing the series and planning for a future part, in which a more relaxed Trent visits Xophie. This hair really suits him for that part.  As @roseoakmoonsims wrote, he does look very handsome when a bit ruffled.  It was the look I was going for. I still don’t see myself making time to finish the series but I am doing small things, like transitioning the story to script and setting little things up in game, like Trent’s hair. 

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Still somehow illegal sim greetings.               

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Suspicious quotation marks.                

ashuriphoenix replied to your photo “have more Trent.”

… but what if I didn’t WANT this.  :|  WHAT IF, ma'am.  (It’s ofc not the case; he’s very lovely.  :D)      

You will have all the illegal sim greetings AND all my sim screens I toss at you! 

andantezen replied to your photo “have more Trent.”

keep it coming… there is never enough of him… but tell us (I actually mean me) more about him, please…                

I really do appreciate your continued interest in Trent.  I have neglected to share more of him because I do find continuing his story draining. Foundling on the other hand has a different effect, because it is less personal. So, instead I sent you reblogs.

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I wonder why I did not see this post, and the other, before… Thank you for tagging me! I have fixed some cappuccino (though I remember Trent likes it Americano) and now have the time to read it peacefully and enjoy…  

I believe these were posted before we were following one another.  But I am glad you enjoyed reading them.

andantezen replied to your photoset “Trent Mason - On five things about Xophie Atlas Since Trent is not…”

I wonder if they can come up with an arrangement… what if… no, I own’t fantasize, I’d rather wait to see what happens.              

andantezen replied to your photoset “Xophie Atlas - On five things about Trent Mason  We can just assume…”

Again, I wonder why I did not see these before, but anyways… Why am I feeling jealous of her… for having experienced the way he touches and embraces and kisses… No, I’m actually happy for them, though a relationship won’t happen easily between them      

It is interesting you mention the word jealous, because it is easy to feel that way around Trent, because people who build even the slightest connection to him are sometimes left behind.  There is a part in the story where Trent experiences a similar feeling about his half-brother, who was raised by Roger.  Even though Trent despises his father, he finds himself feeling envious of never experiencing being his son.  There are many similarities in the way he leaves people behind just as his father did him.  The part of the story with Xophie was written a while back, so there will come a time that Trent will feel he is ready for her. Trent is an intense character and all those feelings he stirs in people can all be taken away once he withdraws.  He does not intentionally do this to cause hurt, he has not learned to stay around long enough in anyone’s life, yet.

andantezenreplied to your photoset “Xophie Atlas - On five things about Trent Mason  We can just assume…”        

He walks around as if he knows just how much space he takes in the world and he tries to take very little of it… This! I can actually see him walking, I can see his house, I can feel his controled intensity, the way it seldom hits the surface of his being and comes of like steam through his pores, through his eyes, through his breathing?            

There are some accurate truths in Xophie’s statement of Trent but keep in mind that this is her description of him. In romance she tends to live in the clouds and everything is driven by her emotions.  It is possible she reads more into him than there is. Trent does like to take little space and attention of people, he does hide, often but it is not likely he was really that attentive to her every need.  Trent does have an unknowingly selfish side, where he would rather stay in his current comfort zone than to deal with the past.  He is making strides, but it does not excuse how he has treated Xophie.  Leaving her without an explanation, it was not justified. That is hardly looking after her every need.  

andantezen replied to your photoset “Xophie Atlas - On five things about Trent Mason  We can just assume…”

I don’t think there is any other Sim – character, really – that I feel to be more alive… More than my own, that I get to spend a whole lot of time with… It is as if Trent were a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time, familiar but distant…       

Aww, thank you!  I invested a lot of time writing Trent’s character before he was translated into the sim world.  This means a lot to me.  I’ve said this before, Trent is a much better friend than he would make for a partner.  As a friend, he is more likely to stay for the long term.  Olivia Stone knows this first hand, as she has built a connection to him.  What separates her from Xophie is that she is much more realistic and actually does not have a romantic interest in Trent, she genuinely wants to just be there for him and expects nothing other than friendship in return.  As a romantic partner, Trent leaves people confused, he comes off as fickle, and can be quite silently hurtful. One minute a person might feel they are the only person in his vision, the next he gives off the impression that he has completely forgotten about them.    


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I really loved what you said sometime, about someone like Ara being the only one who might be able to get close to this double character. Ever since I’m wondering if Foundling might in fact be a dreamlike metaphor for what’s going on in Trent’s mind.                     

Interesting thought.  It makes sense to make that connection, because there is a lot that we don’t see of Trent’s mind.  What a fantastic metaphor!  But, it is more likely that because the two stories were written by me, using the same sim…that somehow there seems to be a connection.  Although, Mazen came about from a side story of Trent.  So even, I made that connection.  At this point, I just don’t know how I would have a human version of Ara meet Trent.  I have really fallen for the idea of Mazen and Ara.  There is so much left to write about them, that I feel I would ruin it by introducing a side story with Trent and Ara. I still feel that someone like her would break through Trent, but, well, there is Maze.


maramaja06 replied to your photoset “danjaley replied to your photoset  “No moodlet for you, Beast.   Let’s…”

But it is/was… as Trent dreamed already about it … or maybe I may have to read the background story again! :)    By the way, I like Trent new hairdress! Or it isn’t and he just woke up?                

You are correct, to a certain extent.  Trent was in a dreamlike-state when unconscious. It was during this time that Mazen was created, except in this story he was still named Trent, just a vampire version.  And yes, the new hair was intended to be Trent just waking up…it is a scene in the series I was working on…

maramaja06 replied to your post “Willow’s Rest Café (Part 2)”

Great music, so well paired to the melancholic mood. As for the pics, they are very different from the older ones. Brighter but also bluer… maritimer. Yes, they correspond very well to Trents mood and text  and are as beautiful. ♥      

Thank you! Willow’s Rest is certainly meant to be a brighter and more calm environment for Trent’s interviews.  I really like the contrast of the environment to the consistent pensive sadness he brings to any dialogue.  Someday, he will move past this and hopefully his mood will match his surroundings. That is my goal for Trent.    


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