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“I just moved to New York, so it’s been a little tough meeting people. It seems like everyone already has their own group of friends. So I’m trying to become more of a ‘yes’ person and do things I normally wouldn’t do. Like I came to the park today instead of sitting at home. And I went to my first hockey game yesterday. And I joined a dodge ball team on Thursday nights. Dodge ball is a lot more pressure than I thought it would be. I try to hang back and not throw the ball, but then usually I’m the last one and everyone is aiming at me. The only consolation is knowing that it’s going to be over in two seconds. And after the game we all go to the bar. Our team name is ‘We Throw Things and Drink.’”

Y'all who the fuck is picking on Sean?

I just watched the Far From Noise video last night. I watch YouTube on my TV so I don’t really get to see comments but him talking about people saying he’s dumb and can’t play well, that got to me.

@therealjacksepticeye I don’t know about everyone else but I like watching you play BECAUSE you don’t fly through the game like some kind of gaming god. You play like a normal person, you’re relatable, and you have so much fun with it. Your way is the fun way, and I’m sure the millions who watch you agree. You’re plenty smart and creative, your success is the “proof in the pudding”.

As for anyone saying that stuff, why? Y'all he’s so sweet why would anyone ever be mean to him? He’s the youtuber that got me into youtubers because he just seems so genuinely nice and friendly, why would anyone fuck with that? Y'all need a life.

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Isn’t that part of the point of the Amazonians? That they’re an entire island full of beautiful women that are also superhumanly strong and powerful? After all, Wonder Woman isn’t the only person from there that’s as strong as she is without her special enchanted armor, so traditional armor isn’t quite as necessary as it normally is.

The Amazons are good warriors, but still just as mortal as you and me. They definitely need the armor. Wonder Woman is part god, which gives her more protection, but even she is vulnerable. If the Amazons were swimming or hanging out at the beach, bikinis would probably be totally fine. But in this scene they are guarding treasure. They are essentially bank guards. How many bank guards do you recall wearing leather bikinis? What if these guardians had been male? Would a speedo seem like proper guarding attire? 

A lot of people are trying to find ways to justify the skimpy outfits after the fact. More freedom of movement being the main one. I just don’t know if for that purpose the next logical alternative to armor would be a leather bikini. If we are all super honest with ourselves, we know that the filmmakers saw an opportunity to put some Amazons in sexy costumes and they took it. I don’t know why that is so hard for some people to admit. 

I compare it to Hooters restaurant. They try to advertise it as a family friendly place with good wings and a lovable owl for a mascot. The orange hotpants and tight shirts are just a comfortable uniform allowing them the freedom of movement to do their waitressing duties. Hooters being a slang term for boobs is just a coincidence! I mean, you can clearly see the owl represented on their shirts. 

And as innocent as they try to make it sound, we all know they were trying to cater to men with pretty girls in tight outfits. It’s even possible the name was really meant to reference boobies and the owl is a scapegoat. Or a scapeowl? Can an owl be a goat in this analogy? Anyway… the point is when men deny all this and try to say they only go there for the delicious wings, it seems pretty silly. And when men deny these leather bikinis were made primarily to look sexy, it also seems a little silly.  

I’m not saying Justice League is quite that blatant. I’m not even saying this is a huge scandal worthy of the mass internet outrage. And I don’t think people wanting logical armor that covers vital organs and doesn’t have huge metal boobs that guide swords straight into the heart is them being feminist buzzkills. Nerds usually love logic and realism! Why are they fighting this? 

Maybe this wasn’t a big enough deal to justify all the twitter screaming in capslock, but I do think it is worthy of discussion. And maybe that discussion will cause filmmakers to be more mindful in the future. A few of my female friends who were huge fans of the Wonder Woman movie felt disappointed by this. I don’t think it is fair to dismiss these feelings. It felt like progress was being made and this was a step back. It didn’t ruin their day or anything… it’s just something that kinda makes you involuntarily roll your eyes. One of my friends quite enjoyed the movie. As always, it’s possible to be critical of aspects of media and still enjoy it. 

concerning mark’s whiteboard

Mark has had the whiteboard in the background of a few videos now. I get that it’s for his van vlogs (which now we can’t trust), but why put it in his other videos too?

Why is there the same text on it still? Wouldn’t he erase it by now?

ok so I’m probably just being paranoid but having it in the background seems a little FISCHY (ha ha) to me. The acronyms that are on the board:


Clothes Lose Original Taste, Hence Everything Sale.

P.O.P. U.P.

People Only Purchase Unsold Products.

ok, normal so far, but then-

L.E.T. G.O.

Let’s Emotionally Traumatize, Get Out.

this is the interesting one

Before Mark makes the acronym, he says “I need to let go.” And in a rather serious tone, too. He doesn’t specify what he needs to let go of (old clothes?), and he doesn’t elaborate any further. The reasoning behind putting this on the board in the first place is obscure at best.

And how is emotionally traumatizing related to the pop up shop?

Unless it isn’t.

I was thinking- “Don’t blink”, “Don’t move”, “Don’t remember”- the video titles we’ve been comparing are all two words, and are all commands. 

Is it too far-fetched for “let go” to be related? It would certainly fit with Dark’s history, and once again, Mark said this one pretty gravely.

Just to put the cherry on top- Yes mark, you ARE emotionally traumatizing us with these new videos. The acronym isn’t inaccurate.

Trash Tattoo & Salon - Monday, 1:40pm

“Who knows with her. Just because she had corrective eye surgery, doesn’t mean she’s completely dependable now.”

Melanie remembered that name from her talks with Pri. How the young woman was closed off for awhile, not letting people close. After her surgery, she got better at opening up, but she still had a long way to go.

“Well, Melanie’s keeping me company today, so, Sasim behave like you normally DON’T.”

“I’m not that bad!”

“I beg to differ.” Kyth chimed in from behind.

“And I’m not even going to comment.”

“Whatever, haters. Melanie and I will just gossip….behind your backs.” Melanie chuckled at Sasim and her over the top gestures towards the men. Yeah, outgoing indeed.

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I'm at a therapist for months with my depression and it feels like the whole therapy didn't make anything better. I'm about to stop it and I know it's wrong, but I don't always want to force me to my therapist. I don't know what to do..

Your therapist might not be right for you. I had a therapist that I kept on with for months and he really wasn’t good and made me feel worse so I quit. Then next summer I tried someone different and had a lot more luck! 

I would definitely look around for a different therapist - that is totally normal and most people have to go through a few until they find the right one

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is it weird that i have a strong aversion to the word ‘partner’ wrt to gay relationships? ik having a gender-neutral term is important and necessary for nb ppl, but for people who identify a binary gender and are in a gay relationship it just feels like we aren’t being allowed to normalize it? saying gf or wife explicitly specifies the gender of our so’s and the word partner (which i hear mostly from str8s) just seems so weird and almost condescending. idk

oh me too! partner was originally used because a) gay people weren’t allowed to get married but still wanted to clarify that their relationship was more serious that terms like gf/bf imply, b) gay people were afraid to come out but didn’t want to outright lie by claiming to be in a m/w relationship, or c) gay people were trying to subtly come out to other possibly-gay people. so personally it’s really important to me to use terms like wife and girlfriend; it feels like a reclamation of my sexuality.

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So Damen's bi crisis: Him and Nik have probably always been quite physical since they're close friends, so when Damen has a crush on a guy he can't tell what it is, he thinks wanting to hug etc are just like the normal bro things he does with Nik. It takes him some time to be like "wait am I gay for that dude??" I also think that he's under some pressure because he pretty much looks like a traditional "alpha male" so when people hear that he likes guys too they're like???

This is what I’m talking about. Tell me more. Damen’s hyper masculine outward appearance would also def. prompt that “Wait I never would have guessed you were gay” response people think is appropriate and Damen is tired

So I have a few friends on here that will remain nameless but totally know who they are who like to think they’re not whumpers because, you know, they only like angst…


This is a normal non-whumper who likes angst’s pile of angst:


This is not normal and you all should be very proud of yourselves learn to accept the fact that your love of angst is, in fact, veering into whumper territory.

Ignore This

If you don’t want to read to me rant or bitch whatever you want to call this. Just skip this whole thing if you want. I just needed to let this out somewhere and home isn’t the place I can do it.

So, my family has no idea I’m an ACE or that I would date a man or a woman. I haven’t quite worked up the courage to outright tell them. I have a hard time just explaining to them why I don’t view people as sexy or why I’m not physically attracted to someone. Each time I do, they label me weird, which is normal. They don’t understand how I can’t even crush on someone based on looks and how I have to know their personality in depth.

Honestly, it’s fine… at least I thought it was. But it sucks not coming out because I wonder if they knew, would they talk so shitty about people who are of the same orientation as me? Would they find me disgusting too? Or would they wish they could change me because I’m not the image of God? Could they accept someone who doesn’t like sex when they talk about how they wouldn’t mind jumping the bones of celebrities or talk of their sex lives?

I’m turning 24 in a month and some days and I’m still worried about the judgment I will get from my own family. This is ridiculous.

Sorry, I’m so stressed out with a lot of thoughts I needed to at least get this out. I just feel like I can’t breathe and I can’t focus on my writing, so maybe letting this out will relieve some stress I have…



Slightly stalkery

I looked on T’s Facebook page today for the first time in a while, and she has tightened up her privacy settings. Which I think overall I feel happy about. I always feel guilty when I engage in a bit of stalker-ish behaviour yet I still do it even though I know I will feel bad afterwards. Now she has made it more difficult, in a way I feel relieved that she has tightened up the boundary so even if I bump against it, now I can’t get through it.

But it also reminds me of the reality that we have some mutual friends and they will always know more about her than I do. They’re just normal people too yet they get to see her Facebook and know all about her day-to-day life. (Actually I’ve no idea what she posts online, so I’m just imagining they know all about her life.) I know I get something from her and see a side of her that her friends won’t, and I do appreciate that but…. I just want it all!! 😫

@housefortempsknight replied to your post ”⭐️💌”

I have always admired you from afar but I finally gathered up my courage to say hello! I would love to have Nemisae meet either of your characters as they are so well written and just amazing in general! I thank you for even considering to give me a chance to RP with either of them!

Nice to meet you Nemisae, I apologize if I intimidated you in any way leading you to keep silent for so long. I’m a very normal person except that fatigue part which I can’t just sleep away.
I will definitely work on my character page and maybe make a meme out of it to help people to interact with either Ilwe’ran or Sany’a once I’m done working on my FC RP so people can open thread easily with me even if they don’t know Sany’a or Ilwe’ran beforehand.

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#why are you people here i do not understand ARE YOU CRAZY, YOU'RE LIKE SUPER FUNNY AND AMAZING AND YOUR GIFS GURL OH FUCK ME UP. Which was how I found you, and also your conversations with Meg lmao bringing people together. And when I got to meet you you are so awesome and YOU LOVE SNAPE LIKE ME LIKE THAT'S SO UNSUAL AOIFJSDFJ I'm so glad we talked to each other <3 <3 AND THAT YOU DON'T JUDGE ME BASED ON MY TAGS LOL


Originally posted by nhatalia-br


Aaaaaaand WTF I literally score 11/10 on the weirdo scale, how could I judge anyone based on anything? Also have you read my tags? I mean…um…all very normal…NOT bahaha

Pleeeeeeease tell me how you found my blog, why you followed and what made you stay (anon or not)

I like the arguments people make that are like “this is a bad ship because so and so did this one or multiple times and it’s extremely gross and toxic”

yet 90% of all Marvel OTPs, even non canon, are problematic in some degree you’re not going to tell me staron and buckynat are the worst things man has ever created and tell me stucky and steggy are 100% good and pure. Bucky has tried to kill Steve several times, Peggy shot at Steve’s face when she saw him kissing another woman there is nothing normal about your sig. other being a trained terrorist assassin and wanted for murder or shooting at you in the face when you two aren’t even so much as friends.

There is no place for you to speak about your ship being “good and pure” everyone has a fucking problems so let’s get that out the way.


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Have u ever been asked if using ur cane was a fashion statement? I had a lady who hadn't seen me use a mobility device who said "is your stick thing a prop of some kind? Or is it just to go w ur outfit?" I wanted to say "no bish! It's just to go w my debilitating chronic pain, it's an accessory of my freaking illness!!! (Oh side ramble, when u r driving ur wheelchair & ppl try 2 joke "I wish I had one of those! It'd make my life so much easier if I could zoom around on 1 of those!") Thanks, Rem

oh yes, i get this a lot. i’m someone who enjoys fashion and bold looks, so when people meet me, they normally ask if it’s just a statement.

some people can be “polite” and ask “I hate to be rude, but do you actually need that or is it just a fashion statement.”

i also get things along the lines of “do you actually need that or…?” 

I’ve learned to say “Yes, it is a statement. A statement of my disability.”

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Modern mundane au for wessa and the "i hate you" thing

Of course! Wessa based on this post:

“When Your OTP “hate” each other        

Person A to B: fuck you

Me: ohoho you will”

I may have changed it so Will is the one saying the “you will” bit

Will could be a pain in the arse when he wanted to be. But Tessa tolerated this because there was times in which Will seemed like the worlds greatest gift to humanity, and reminded Tessa why she was in love with him. But today Will was in one of his funny moods, the ones in which he got under people’s skin and annoyed the hell out of everyone (normally because he was bored) and as Tessa was the only one in the house, she was on the receiving end of things.

Tessa had been reading her copy of “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens but had put it down to go to the toilet. On her return she had found Will holding the book. “Will can I have book back please?” she asked, holding her hand out for it. Will smirked then, before going “make me Tess”. Tessa scowled. “William Herondale give me my book” Tessa repeated to keep her cool and not in any way loose her nerve.

“Repeating yourself won’t get you anywhere” Will said slyly. Tessa’s scowl deepened. “You….YOU ACORN” she said, the cracks of her temper starting to show. Will chuckled. “Did you just insult me by quoting “A Mindsummer’s Nights Dream”? which made Tessa roll her eyes. “Stop being such a rotten Cabbage!” she exclaimed. Will mocked being insulted.

“How could you injure me so when all I wanted to do was read a book?” He asked. Tessa felt her eye twitching in anger “you only want to read it because I was reading it” Tessa scolded. “Why don’t you read something else. You could read “The Great Gatsby” for example” she added. Will didn’t look impressed and exclaimed “fiddlesticks!” and that’s when Tessa cracked, knowing she would not be getting her book back.

“Fuck you” she said and went to leave the room. “Ohoho you will” Will teased. And Tessa knew he was right. They would often have stupid little arguments and one of them would leave, but they would find themselves having sex before the day was over. Not even an hour later Will was fulfilling his promise of fucking Tessa, their argument promptly forgotten.I hope you all like it!

I’m posting this purely because my experiences have taught me a lot about mental and emotional abuse, and I have noticed it is a sadly common occurrence for so many people I’ve known since this all happened to me. I’m done being quiet; I’m done sitting and pondering all of these events on my own and then shutting them away because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I don’t fucking care who sees this. I’m done pretending this was a normal situation and remaining silent. I have a voice, so I’m going to use it because I never want to see anyone else go through something like this. Sadly, so many women and men alike are out there feeling like they have to be quiet, like they’re too nice to speak up. There are also people who witness it happen and remain silent as well. I want them to realize that mental and emotional abuse are not acceptable in any way, shape, or form. The amount of people I’ve known since who have shown patterns of abuse or have been on the receiving end is absolutely heartbreaking.

It’s hard not to notice the date on the calendar and fall into a cycle of speculation.

Just a little over a year ago I was in a very bad place. At the time, I truly believed that love was worth the pain I was feeling. I lived with the person I loved; who apparently loved me, but that was based on assumption considering I heard those words leave his mouth maybe a handful of times and his actions proved I may as well be some kind of dolled up, naive, moldable house pet.

I was alone. Yeah, there was another person in the house; but when all he had to say were things I still haven’t come to terms with to this day, I was basically on my own. I sat alone in my room, or on the porch, for hours on end; replaying our conversations in my head. I spent so much time just trying to figure out what it was about me that never seemed to elicit any kind of positive reaction from him. I can’t tell you how many times his little comments still come to mind.

When I’m getting ready and want to skip the makeup I remember, “I can spot a bitch a mile away if she’s not wearing makeup. Watch, we’ll be walking down the sidewalk and I’ll point her out from across the street. If I were you, I’d definitely go all out.”

When I’m hungry, which I’m proud of myself for acting on given what I’ve struggled with for long periods of time in the past, I hear, “You know, that super model diet. One meal a day, that should be good enough. Right? You’re not too skinny, you’re just healthy.” So then I usually set the fork down for a minute and oftentimes make a trip to the mirror while I try to fight off my own pre-existing demons and those comments that I don’t think I can ever forget.

When I edit a photo of myself to post, I think of the times we sat on the couch as he scrolled through every picture in my Facebook’s history and said, “What are you trying to hide? Look at those angles. Don’t worry, you’ll grow up and get over the overexposure.” I was always hoping maybe the next time he’d see one that he liked. That he would finally tell me he approved of the way my face looked on a fucking phone screen.

When I’m planning the process of what’s next for my hair I recall, “Why did you ever dye your hair? You should have just stayed blonde.” Which REALLY confused me, because he was the one who convinced me to keep going darker in the first place. But neither were good enough. Nothing ever was.

When I let my hair dry naturally one day, and he pointed out I hadn’t touched the straightener that day. I excitedly explained that I love the way my hair dries; it’s awesome because sometimes I just don’t want to deal with it, and I can get away with it. To which he replied, “Yeah I dunno. I didn’t let you get away with it.”

When I had planned a special movie night since it had been a long week for him and I knew he didn’t want to do anything exhausting, and he had FINALLY agreed to watch one of my all-time favorite movies with me… we went to grab snacks and it was on me; this was supposed to be sort of like a gift. So I bought $60 dollars worth of junk, and we each picked out some ice cream. A couple days later his friend, who at the time was also my best friend’s boyfriend, had just gotten his wisdom teeth removed and came over while I was sitting at the coffee table drawing flowers and bees. They both went to his room after a hello and a short time later said friend alone joined me at the table and ended up drawing with me. I asked about the wisdom teeth and said I wished I had something to offer that a fresh wisdom tooth victim could handle eating. And then I remembered the ice cream! Perfect, right? The next day he told my best friend, “That bitch gave away my ice cream!”

When both my mom and best friend switched to American Spirits and told me they made them feel so much better than the cheap cigarettes we had all been smoking, they gave me some to try and they were totally right. So I started smoking them… and heard, “Seriously, American Spirits? You’re so impressionable.”

When we went to a concert and on the drive up discussed where we like to stand during the show, I excitedly announced that I always get lucky and make it to the front row. He followed with an exasperated, “Oooooooh my god.” And proceeded to ignore me after that for almost an hour. I, of course, got very quiet. I haven’t gotten very loud since.

When I was sick at work and was sent home throwing up, I asked for Gatorade and water on the way home. He said he’d drop me off first. So I got cozy on the couch as he shut himself in his room. I felt so alone. I laid there for a couple hours and realized I was totally on my own. My mother showed up with the things I needed, and not five minutes later he was at the door inviting his friend in. I expressed my sadness later on and was told, “You’re a big girl. You can take care of yourself.” And later he continued his idea by telling our coworkers that sometimes I just seem really immature and way too much. I should be old enough to handle myself, he’s not my mom.

There are so many more examples of things that made me feel absolutely worthless. I can’t write them all. But they’re all there, and thankfully they’re slowly fading away. The suicide threats he made when we broke up are still there in the back of my mind. I actually believed him, and I believed I was the reason he didn’t want to live. For nights on end after we broke up, I believed the possibility when he laid on my bedroom floor and said, “I just want to fucking die. I’m never going to be able to love anyone again… this is it for me. I’m going to fucking kill myself.”

I was lucky by the end of this to have the best support system imaginable. Considering only the support through this situation, I will always be grateful. It sounds very dramatic when written down, but I honestly don’t know what would have happened to me without having people by my side who only ever cheered me on. Most of them are still cheering me on; the others have become another story that’s probably three times as long. For every bad thing that lingers, at least ten more good things have happened since then.

That’s about all I can manage to say. I don’t know why I needed to write this. It’s a year in the past, and I realize I needn’t dwell. But something in me just can’t forget the situation and how it made me feel. Maybe it’s because of the people I trusted and loved who stirred the pot when I wasn’t around anymore; they accepted and discredited all of the things they witnessed him do to me in a very sad attempt at getting revenge on me for leaving my job. Mental and emotional abuse have become an acceptable part of our society. Everyone brushes it under the rug, until it happens to them.

For a while I was just trying to forget about it all and sort of pretend like it never happened. But that’s not okay. Forgetting without resolving the repercussions this has all had on me would be incredibly stupid. I have learned so much from all of it. Above is a collection of photos that capture this story and the waves of feelings I had at the time; every one of the photos brings me right back to a moment in time where I can recall exactly how alone I was, how much I was trying to impress him, and how much I let his words show through in my personality and appearance. There are photos that show my progress to feeling better as well. These ones are my favorite, because I have really proven to myself just how strong I can be. It will never be something I’ll look at positively; but now I know enough to never make the same mistakes. And hopefully I will be easier on myself when all of the doubt he inflicted on me stops me from being myself. I still second-guess myself to this day. I still sometimes wonder what it was about me that just didn’t measure up for him. I know that I am more than to let any of it affect me, and I am more than what he had decided of me. I fully understand that none of this has any weight on my value or worthiness. His harsh words are in no way a reflection of my character. But you don’t just go through something like this abuse and never stop to think, “maybe they were right.” I know way better than that, but the mind is an interesting thing that sometimes makes us feel like we’re a little incomplete after all.

since i was tagged by both @futurehalted and @violeteyedkiller i should do this:

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  1. contrary to popular belief, D’Ablo doesn’t hate people on sight except for a few very rare exceptions. it’s not so much giving them the benefit of the doubt as taking his time to form an opinion on them.
  2. as impatient as he is normally, he can be quite patient when he wants to be, especially if the patience will work to his advantage and is required for whatever he’s planning to work out the way he wants it to.
  3. he’s done many despicable things in his life but the one thing he never has and never will do is sexually assault someone. he has no respect for people who do those things and in his council that is the crime with the second-harshest punishments. the one with the harshest punishment is murdering another vampire.
  4. he’s perfectly aware that his destructive habits are destructive and he doesn’t give two shits about it. you can point it out and he won’t be ashamed of it, you can cajole or threaten him to make him take better care of himself, he won’t do it. not out of spite. his attitude is that if it won’t kill him, it isn’t that bad.
  5. his love for cats has been a constant with him his entire life and, apart from his anger and passion, it’s the only thing that he brought with him from his human life into his vampire life. there wasn’t ever a time where he didn’t have a pet cat.
  6. the love for cats isn’t just limited to housecats. it extends to lions, panthers, cheetahs, any feline you could name. he has a special fondness for all of them.
  7. it took him a really, really long time for him to accept that he was, in fact, bi. during his human life he may as well have been ace– he didn’t pay attention to either sex and, between not ever having sex and having to sleep with a woman his family chose for him, he’d have chosen the former. it took a good half-century after he was turned for him to accept his bisexuality.
  8. he never had a formal education as a human. in his vampire life, he attended several prestigious universities, where he found that his specialties lied in STEM fields (especially chemistry and math), history, and language learning.