so there are normal people and there is me

Normal people Flirting with their S/O: hey cutie, want to go cuddle?
Girl: sure babe!

Me Flirting with my S/O: I would offer to give you a portion of my body heat, but I’m afraid thermodynamics would prevent the transfer of heat in your direction.
Girl: ??
Me: you see, because entropy can only increase, a energy cannot flow from a cooler source to a warmer source, so energy can only flow from you to me because you are catagorically, the hottest.

spiceodyssey replied to your post “I try to normally laugh when people post silly things on my posts, but…”

Oatmeal is evil, though.

While I understand that it’s not to everyone’s tastes and hyperbole is funny, it’s literally the only thing keeping me alive right now cause it’s all my mangled digestive tract can handle. So while I am replying to your comment in particular, this is a general request that people please stop leaving further comments like that on my posts. I’d appreciate it, along with not having to answer all the other posts demanding to know why I hate myself cause I eat oatmeal. It’s rather tiring.

so my hair’s been dyed purple for 2 days and before that pink for about a year and only now my boyfriend brings up that his mother doesn’t like it when people dye their hair >___<.

and like normally i’d be like fuck that noise but i want his mother to like me ughhhh

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💀😍🐮 My parents have neglected me all my life but one major thing is i was NEVER taught basic hygiene. Ive learned from school, internet, and other people. Im still clueless about so much and ive even had a therapist have to be like a mother and tell me some stuff. Im so embarassed and always have been bc of things such as smelling bad or my clothes being dirty (from not being taught how to wipe or that i needed to after using the restroom) and normal things kids knew already and

💀😍🐮 im 14 but only learned last year about the literal basic basics of hygiene. Im still learning and still embarassed and it hurts a lot. My parents have been majorly abusive all my life amd this just put the cherry on the ice cream when i realized idk any of this stuff.            

friend its okay. I just learned that you’re supposed to wash below the hips in the shower (and that no, soap doesnt travel down there from washing above) And some other things i dont want to say publicly and i know its from not being taught correctly.

Its ok, remember if they never taught you you can always learn it yourself. If you actually have any questions abt hygiene you can pm @modj but now Im a expert abt it LOL (thanks, OCD.)

-mod j

One of my favorite coworkers is an older Italian woman and I was jus thinking about how I’ve grown so fond of her nicknames for me.

See the thing is? Normally I hate nicknames. Usually people want to use them because they can’t pronounce Kailas and I ain’t having that. I refuse to budge on that issue. I’ll take Kailas or Kailu Bhai. That’s it.

But my coworker who I have affectionately nicknamed Twan refers to me by the following Sunshine, Bubba and KayKay. The difference is that she knows how to properly pronounce Kailas and if we’re doing something serious she’ll call me that. And she says it perfectly too. So I have no issue with her nicknames for me.

Especially Bubba, idk why. I jus like it. I can imagine referring to my kids as Bubba and Sunshine.

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HOW doEs 1 Make FrIenDs wiT u??????

one talks to me like a normal human being… like strike up a convo…

i dont go out and approach strangers like “how do i be your friend”… i just start talking to them. friendship is something that you earn and something that grows… it’s not an automatic “YUP HERE IT IS” kinda thing…

i know you dont mean any harm by this message so no worries, but just keep in mind the people on the internet are no different from a stranger in a bar or cafe

I can’t believe how casually SO MANY people will say “if you can’t afford a kid, don’t have one” and not at all think about the messages behind that.

That’s like a really common and “normal” argument. It’s around everywhere.

Like some people (in our current system) will never be “well off” enough to afford to have a kid w/o some assistance EVER…no matter how mature, old, responsible, and loving they are.

So they shouldn’t get to parent? Only the elite should????? I don’t know that seems fucked up as hell to me. This is the side of being pro choice that is less talked about. I’m in favor of abortion for someone who doesn’t want to parent for whatever reason AND social safety nets for someone who does. 🤷‍♀️

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its totally normal for afab people to feel that way bc of the way afab people are treated in society, talking with a professional is always a good idea bc they can help you accept your body & help dysphoria

i really appreciate that. it helps that my gf is so accepting as well and has done so much to help me. <3 v appreciative of the support from everyone

I don't really know but

People need to understand that sometimes other people touching me makes me feel not okay. Like even brushing against me or something little, sometimes physical contact just makes me all jittery and just not comfy and I don’t know why this happens sometimes but it really isn’t that hard of a concept just don’t touch me okay is this normal for anxiety

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how r u aphobic if ur url is aplutonic

aplatonic was originally coined by trauma survivors / mentally ill people like myself to describe how they found it difficult to form relationships while dealing with issues intrinsic to those experiences it just got stolen & twisted by mogais so normal 13yo kids could talk abt how having no friends is a kweer identity lmao

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Hi! I'm planning on buying a binder from you soon (I'm awkward sizing so my underworks one is really painful whoops) but I think I saw you mention that you can make looser binders for things like certain sports or larping? I was thinking that might be good for me but I saw a few people saying your binders were really good in terms of breathing anyway. I was wondering if you'd recommend starting with a looser one or trying a normal one first and getting a looser one later if I need it for sport?

If you’re not sure, we definitely recommend requesting a looser fit when you send us your measurements with your order if you’re planning on using it for physical activity at first. It’s much easier for us to take your binder in if you need the extra flattening.


Hey everyone

As a lot of you have probably noticed, I’ve been rather inactive recently apart from a queue I set up. Because of personal problems and academic deadlines I’ve found it very difficult recently to keep up socially, and have only been able to communicate with a couple of people I’m close to this week. Sorry that I haven’t been replying to messages, I’m gonna start being normal again now hopefully since my dissertation is completed now and it’s the easter holidays. Thanks for being patient with me and stuff, sorry if I’ve come off as ignoring you it’s not bc I don’t love you guys, I just sometimes have a month or so of being very overwhelmed. I’m fine now though, and I’m sure things will be getting back to their usual pace with me asap! 💖💖💖

"Whoa, What Are Those For?" CF Medications In Public

If you know anything about Cystic Fibrosis, you probably are aware of the insane amount of pills and other therapies that we require in our everyday life. While there are a lot of medications, patients with CF, like me, still have to go on with our lives like a normal person. This includes having to do our medications in public. When I have to take my Cystic Fibrosis medication in public, I am usually pretty discreet about it. Although, sometimes it’s hard to keep them from being seen. When I was in elementary school at lunch, I was asked many times about my enzymes. Being that young, I only understood that I needed them to digest my food. So, that’s what I told my classmates. Nowadays, people are aware I have something going on due to my constant supplemental oxygen. When I go to eat and pull out my 6 horse-sized enzyme pills, I get a “Whoa, what are those for?” or a “What are those for? They are HUGE. I can hardly take one small pill!” I use this time to create awareness for Cystic Fibrosis and explain that while CF affects my lungs, it also affects my digestive system causing a problem absorbing nutrients and breaking down food. 

Another medication that is hard to hide is my breathing nebulizer machine. Sometimes I have to do it in public. When I was younger I was embarrassed, due to all the stares I received. Now, I do it with confidence because there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Some people come up to me and ask me about it. Like the enzymes, I always tell people about Cystic Fibrosis because it’s impossible to get awareness out without talking about. Plus, if the public is not educated about it, then there likely won’t be enough funding for a cure or drug development. When I get asked about my breathing treatment, I explain that I have a genetic illness called CF that causes my lungs to fill with sticky mucus that will eventually grow bacteria and cause my lungs to scar, which is irreversible. This can lead to needing a double lung transplant when the lungs are too scarred up and the lung function drops too low. So, in order to get this junk out of my lungs and to breathe easy, I need nebulized breathing treatments. 

I am never embarrassed when people ask me questions in public about my medication. I find it as a way to open up someone’s eyes and heart to the struggles of a person with Cystic Fibrosis. I always hope that after speaking to the public, I spark an interest in them to go research it and hopefully get involved with their Cystic Fibrosis community to find a cure. Hopefully one day we will have a cure. That’s a world I dream about :) 

-Tiffany Rich 

  • normal people: wow that new twenty one pilots video was nice wouldnt you say?

“I call them clobber verses. There are six of them. They’re the verses that get used to hammer gay people. The funny thing is that I never felt pressured by God himself. Only his followers. But I desperately wanted God to change me. I didn’t want to be part of a group with so much shame attached to it. So I started praying in my twenties for God to make me straight. If I could have taken a pill, I would have. I joined the ministry. I got married. I told my wife that I’d had experiences with men, but I convinced both of us that I could choose to be different. I wanted to be normal. I wanted kids. I thought it was just a matter of commitment. I even tried to take reparative therapy classes—just to show her I was serious. They tried to teach me that homosexuality wasn’t real. They said that I’d just had an overbearing mother. But I couldn’t change. I kept slipping up. I couldn’t give my wife what she needed. My marriage ended. I had tried so hard but nothing worked. I got so angry with God for not keeping up his end of the bargain. But after some time, I finally realized why he wouldn’t change me. He never felt like he needed to.”

The “Bubble”

I hear a lot of bullshit about living in “bubbles” here in the United States. Specifically, I hear about how we live in liberal or conservative bubbles, where we only hear viewpoints similar to ours, and this is detrimental.

I really hate this bullshit.

I grew up in a predominantly white, predominantly Christian, very affluent suburb. The majority of minority students in my school system were East and South Asian. My extracurriculars kept me surrounded by a similar demographic.

Then I moved to the city. Through my academic and professional life, I began to interact with a shitload of people who were not originally from the United States, but came here to study, to teach, to practice medicine, to do research. I began to interact with people who were born here, but who were first generation Americans.

And just walking around and living in the city, I began to interact with people of all classes, ethnicities, countries of origin, religions, and so on and so forth. It is normal to me to be on the train and hear conversations in Spanish, in Chinese, in Arabic. It is normal for me to see signage in different languages. It is normal for me to pass by stores that sell Indian bridalwear, or a Russian pharmacy, or a Chinese specialty food shop.

Normal. Normal. Normal.

One day this past fall, I was sitting and waiting for the bus. An older woman sat beside me and began to talk to me (at me, to be honest; I don’t make conversation with strangers most of the time). She complained about how climate change meant that she had to drive out to another part of the state to see the leaves change, to experience a proper autumn. She said, despairingly, that you just couldn’t see the change in the city.

I commented that I’d grown up in a rural suburb, where I’d gotten to experience the spectacular leaf change she was talking about, but I preferred to live in the city.

“Why?” she’d asked.

“Well, public transit,” I explained. “I don’t have to have a car anymore. And there are stores everywhere and lots of great places to eat. And it’s much more diverse. I grew up in a mostly white suburb–not very diverse.”

As the bus pulled up, she asked me, “Why would diversity be important?”

I was a little stunned that anyone would even think to ask that question, so I didn’t have a ready response. Luckily, once we got on the bus, the conversation was over, so I could just curl up in a seat and relax till I got to my stop. But her question bothered me, and it wasn’t until the election that I could articulate an answer.

Diversity fosters empathy.

That’s not to say that you can’t be empathetic if you don’t grow up in a diverse area. I didn’t grow up in a diverse area, and I’d like to think I’m still empathetic. But diversity absolutely fosters empathy.

So when people talk about bubbles, I call bullshit. I’m a progressive liberal for a lot of reasons, and one major reason is that I live in a diverse city, and I work in a diverse field. That is not a bubble. That is not the same as being surrounded by like on a regular basis, and being afraid of the Other.

Sharing political ideals is not living in a bubble. Subscribing to factual news is not living in a bubble. Refusing to tolerate fascist bullshit and cutting people out of your life when they espouse it?

Not living in a bubble.

Actual things I thought while reading Killing Stalking
  • Me: Mmm, that stalker is bad news, lmao I don't know man he's kind of creepy. Need to watch out for that guy, hahaha.
  • Me: Sangwoo is a precious cinnamon roll awww
  • Me: Holy shit, I was wrong.
  • Me: Fuck I was wrong.
  • Me: Burn that fucker with fire RIGHT NOW.
  • Me: You know people normally just have skeletons in their closet but you sir, you don't half ass it do you? Nope, you just HAD to one up everybody and have a FUCKING NAKED HOSTAGE IN THE BASEMENT.
  • Me: I can't fucking read this anymore
  • Me: *still fucking reads*
  • Me: No! Don't kiss him!
  • Me: Okay, at least they're not doing anything sexual.
  • Me: Fuck.
  • Me: Yeah he's a stalker you and that's creepy sure but at least he's not a SERIAL KILLER.
  • Me: Well it can't get much worse.
  • Me: A fucking card game are you kidding me?
  • Me: Yoonbum you didn't actually kill him okay? Sangwoo was just beING A HUGE DICK.
  • Me: YES Seungbae!
  • Me: Phew, Seungbae.
  • Me: *suspicious crutches look suspicious*
  • Me: Gee a shopping trip sounds like the perfECT TIME TO ESCAPE.
  • Me: *started binge reading at like 2am* Fuck is that the sun?
  • Me: ...........Fuck I'm hooked.

the reason abled people are praised for being kind to the disabled is because it is not normalized to be kind to the disabled.

it is seen as an achievement for an abled person to “look beyond” the disability and treat the disabled person like a person, because it is not normalized to treat the disabled like people.

Ableism is so bad in our society that we dont even see the disabled as people or as equals and thus put the abled on a pedestal for even acknowledging the disabled as people.

and yet people still tryna tell me that Ableism isnt real, or it isnt as bad as another form of discrimination, or that its just some tumblr fad.

and people do this because the ableism is so bad in our society that not being able to see the disabled as people who suffer and have struggles, as people who have emotions and feelings, as anything other than “not abled”, is seen as normal.

dehumanization of the disabled is by far, more normalized than the humanization of the disabled.

and thats just so fucking upsetting.