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Consider this: Trollhunters AU where Namora (I think that's how her name is spelled) is a double-agent, and she and Draal either get back together once her cover's blown, or never broke up in the first place.


Oh my goodness, Draal being all CONCERNED whenever she has to go back to the Darklands…!

“Law Abiding Citizen” oh okay I bet this will be like Peacecraft, doing a pacifist run in a violent game like GTA what fun.


this may be the greatest thing ever

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What is your opinion on Sam's psychic powers? Was he born with them or did he acquire them through Azazel's blood? Does he no longer have them or are they dormant? Why did Azazel pick Sam to infect since he didn't seem to know Mary existed until she tried to save her friend in 4x03? If it's correct that Sam didn't need to drink demon blood to use his powers then would he be able to tap into them now? What is the extent of Sam's abilities? (sorry for so many questions! :))

  1. I believe he was born with them. Why else would the “special children” have been so far apart geographically instead of all chosen from, say, the same hospital? Why would their abilities have manifested so differently when they were all given the same blood, as far as we know? I’ve rambled on this topic before, though, so I’ll stop, haha. One interesting note: long before Azazel ever infected Sam, in 4.03 (years before Sam was even born), Azazel said this to time-travelling-Dean: YED: Hey, wait a minute, if that slut Mary’s your Mommy, are you… are you one of my psychic kids? I guess there are a number of ways to interpret that, but I choose to understand that to mean he specifically sought out psychics.
  2. I absolutely believe that it might be possible for Sam to awaken his powers again. Why not? Jared Padalecki has said that Sam considers his powers a part of him (but likely won’t ever try to tap back into them).
  3. Azazel knew Mary’s bloodline was perfect; in 4.03, he said he was there to choose “the perfect parents, like your mommy” and noted that Mary was his “favorite” so far.
  4. Sam had visions and used telekinesis even in season 1, long before Ruby ever conned him into drinking her blood. Ruby made him drink the blood so that he’d be able to kill Lilith, Lucifer’s first demon. He only really needed it for demon-focused stuff (killing them, exorcising them, etc.). 
  5. As for the extent of his abilities, who knows? He’s shown a variety of skills in the show, but (like most of this response!) I could only speculate about what might happen if they came back.

My opinion on….?

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ooooohh im interested. ok yams w a speech impediment and he couldn't say the sh sound when he was younger and so "tsukki" was born. he grew out of it eventually, but 'r's are still not his best friend and tsuk dies when he says words like "word" or "torn" bc it's just too cute. - potion seller

Tsukki subtly dies at most things lets be real

~ Mod Han

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That trope where character a has to choose between character b or the safety of others?

Ooooooh I love dramatic choices!! SO.MUCH! I eat angst like funfetti on a birthday cake! I’m 100% extremely likely to write that sort of stuff, because it involves so much inner conflict and pressure!!

And I mean… Enjoltaire was born for this trope. I love the idea of Enjolras having to choose between Grantaire and the Revolution, a long quiet life or a meaningful short one. And by “the safety of others” I mean the well-being of France and the Republic, and that’s a tough choice to make, even though we all know Enjolras would choose the greater good against his own happiness :’)

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I'm really worried about daddygate becoming official in the show. Agnes has deliberately been cast with blonde hair. I keep asking myself why? Why blonde? It must be on purpose. Either Red is her dad - or - (I feel sick just typing this) he's granddad. JE's new interview about Tom being a "dad" (ugh) has made me really, really nervous. Please - say something to cheer me up. You're so good at being positive. Thanks!

I wouldn’t worry about the color of Agnes’s hair. I am no expert but it seems she would more likely take the color of her parents hair than any other relative. So you would think one parent maybe had blonde hair - haha.  And recently Agnes’s hair looked more red which is the color of Katarina’s hair. And Katarina married a Rostov who had blonde hair and who knows, Liz’s father may have been a Rostov too since Kat mentioned that she was so glad Masha was born female so she would not pick up that cursed disease. So don’t use this as a reason to be concerned for DG.

Thanks for the question #anon. Keep the faith.

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Ah! Little anon again (the John-relating one) and I'm so pumped for this fic you mentioned. Bless your house, your crops, your first born, your nineteenth born, and your gastrointestinal health. Bless you so much. The more hurt John endures, the better the comfort is. Especially if Alex and Lag go through it with him. A family that sleeps together weeps together. Thank you.

I love this ask I have nothing to add <3 ilysm

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Wouldn't asking for proof be part of the data though? We feel the need for proof.

Yes! Oh yes! If your decision is that you cannot be convinced without substantive proof, that is a perfectly viable answer!

Demanding proof however, is not a part of this, and as I said, I shan’t provide. I am disinclined to compromise my body or personhood to do such a thing. Just as I would never ask a human to prove what gender they are by lifting up their clothing. It is precisely the same level of invasiveness. I also quite like that you don’t know what we are precisely, or how to find us, or even all our secrets. I admit some deception on that front- that of self-defense. I beg your pardon if this seems disingenuous, but again I am not willing to compromise my own safety, or that of my friends. So these are the parameters born from circumstance!

I hope that answers the question.

Prompt #153 - Gender

@amelias-obsessions : Did Claire and Owen find out if they were having a girl before Charlie was born? If so - reactions?

ANON: can you do some pre Charlie fluff? like Owen and Claire arguing over gender or nursery color something of the like?

I was really impressed with the number of you who gave Sully a shot and enjoyed it. Bravo to you guys. Here’s a little somewhat fluffy Charlie stuff as an apology. Back to our regular scheduled programming. 

AO3 - C&E Index


Claire Dearing hated feeling bogged down. It was a feeling reserved for the heavy head cold that hit her at least once a year, dropping the woman practically lifeless to her sofa before knocking her out for a week. It rendered her motionless, unable to work, to think, to function. A whole week a year where all she could do was make good of her Netflix subscription that she didn’t use.

Morning sickness was like that for Claire. She felt stuck in the mud and trapped, all too eagerly, in the bathroom. She thought those days had passed her, the doctor promising that it was long gone a few weeks earlier before congratulating her on entering the ‘fun part’ of pregnancy. The bile came back three weeks later with a vengeance like no other. Owen wanted to hospitalise her, Claire wanted to curl up in a ball and die in her own bed rather than one that smelt of antiseptic.

If anything, pregnancy was starting to make her enjoy lazy days in bed. Her body needed it more than she knew, Owen already talking about taking her maternity leave early due to her health. The way Claire saw it, nothing was wrong with her health. She was pregnant, not dying, and considering every pregnancy was different she would handle the one she had without complaining too much.

‘I hate being pregnant.’ She groaned, unable to stop the words from slipping past her lips once Owen entered the room. Claire wasn’t one to complain about much but lately, Owen was bringing it out in her. The second she laid eyes on the man all she wanted to do was moan about backaches, never ending hunger, her weight and why Owen seemingly wouldn’t have sex with her anymore. The latter wasn’t true despite her complaints.

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Say hello to Tragic

The catchline was how i was talking about how right now Magic would absolutely be my go-to character for tabletop roleplay games and if my group was fucking sick of my bullshit and put up a no magic rule on me i would be spiteful enough to make a character absolutely magic but in the least helpful way.

and so tragic was born

he’s a bard who is extremely shitty at poetry and uses his shitty poetry - abut themes who are SUPPOSED to be sad but he just has no talent at all - to heal people. Like think about THIS vid. hes clumsy bt also got a really good guarding angel which means his clumsiness 99,9% of the time only affects other people. and then he makes it look like they are the stupid ones. like accientally pushing his teammates off a cliff and then standing on top of the cliff looking down like “yeah if you need me i will just stay here”
also hes a lazy piece of shit

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john adams is real and he sent me hate mail and then i went into my bathroom and he was sitting in my bathtub but he was bathing in chocolate milk and when I asked him nicely to get out he threw a bath toy at me and when I looked at it it was actually my first born child but extremely tiny so I put it in the sink and john started screeching and he won't stop john it's been 27 days please get out of my bathtub and stop screeching I am dirty and haven't bathed for weeks john please

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Omg!! Im so late. But i just watched his fancam MAMA perf. Seriously!!! Him dancing?? Singing?? Rapping?? The emotion? The sentimental feeling?? The joy?? The fking choir!!! His solo stage>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> would pay for his solo concert tbh. He's so amazing born performer. How he carry himself on stage is so amazing. I love seeing him on stage the spotlight solely on him the cheers for him only. N him being happy enjoying everything. Oh i just wanna share this feeling woth u. Hope u wont mind.

of course i dont mind! & mdckfjgkh tbh i cant think about it without sobbing his stage was honestly out of this world honestly 100% sincerely no one can reach that level of stage presence?? performance? and honestly like he’s already always the most captivating thing on stage when he’s performing any song but MAMA? there was a different sort of glow and radiance and this striking sincerity to him not to be super dramatic but that has to be something other than human he’s really an angel on earth….. and like if i… just an ant who loves him really cannot think about it without crying imagine how much more proud and overwhelmed his mom must be….

The Gospel’s about being a new creation so if people get on your nerves, you get born-again and get new nerves. If people push your buttons you pray, “God, make me buttonless.” If people ruffles your feathers, you pluck them. If they get under your skin, you can get new skin. 🙌