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Addressing Concerns About My Editor

Hey everyone. 

I want to talk about the discourse recently regarding my new editor. This has nothing to do with Robin so please keep him out of it and leave him be.

Some context for those not in the know. Recently I hired someone new to help edit the IRL/Non Gaming content on my channel. Main reasons being that it was a lot for Robin to take on alone and also Robin isn’t up to date on meme culture or actively partakes in it so I brought on someone who is. I also just wanted to create more content and having one person edit all of it is a huge strain, especially with an occasional ramp up into 2 vids a day again when I could.

I will admit my screening process for this person was none at all, that’s on me and I should have done better. People went to their twitter and found a bunch of bad tweets, some were edgy jokes while others were “jokes” that I vehemently disagreed with. I brought this up with the person and they agreed that they were bad and deleted them. They were about 16 when they wrote them which normally I would let slide cos God knows I was a fucking idiot at that age but I think that’s a poor excuse in such a connected and social media driven world we’re in now. I had a huge internal struggle about what to do, I took about a week and ultimately told them that I would keep them on but it could absolutely never happen again. They agreed and showed genuine remorse for the tweets and it was clear that that’s not what they actually believe and agreed they were dumb. I wanted to give them a second chance and prove that they could learn and grow and I wanted to be mature and adult about it. Not just cut and run when things got bad. 

However I have ultimately decided to let this person go and not work with them again. Not because of hyper critical nay sayers and “haters” but because some people in this community were genuinely upset about it. They lost faith in me and felt like they couldn’t trust me anymore because it flew in the face of everything I had morally stood for and preached about before and they were absolutely right. I can reason out everything and debate it back and forth all day but at the end of the day if some honestly great people in this communtiy were genuinely hurt by this, then it’s not worth it. I want my channel and this community to feel like a safe place for you to feel like you can be your true self and connect with other people who feel the same. To build each other up and treat each other with respect and have fun and me hiring this person went against all that. So I wanted to give a genuine,honest apology and say that I am very very sorry. No excuses or anything like that,I was wrong and I fucked up. I want people, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community to know that I truly stand with you, now and alwaty.I’m so very sorry if you lost faith and trust in me over this. 

I haven’t been myself lately and coming here these days or most social media honestly fills me with an incredible amount of stress and anxiety. Hiring someone to help with the load was supposed to ease all that but in the end made things a LOT worse. I hear your concerns,I get it. I also miss the older days of the channel when things were nicer and I didn’t have to worry about things as much. The community was nicer and more connected and every day was an absolute pleasure. I promise that I will work harder to get us and the community back to a better place. I’m not a perfect person but I feel like some people, including myself sometimes, expect me to be and that level of pressure and expectation is sometimes too much to meet. I will try my best to find that magic again to create and bring the channel back to a place you’re all proud to watch and be part of. I will need some help along the way so I hope you can permit me some missteps along that journey but here’s to a better time in 2020. 

disclaimer - i am in no way trying to say this is ‘canon’ or the ‘right way’ to read this scene, i just personally like to think of it like this. also it’s 4am and i havent slept and i know that this is a huge ramble bc i couldn’t think how to word this concept and i havent proof read it so u know - go easy on me? also heads up i havent read the book 

I know everyone’s saying that the moment Aziraphale fell in love with Crowley was with the books at the bombed church, but honestly I prefer to interpret it a little differently

In my mind, Aziraphale has been in love for at least a few thousand years - the church was just the first time he really felt like that love could be something real.

I feel like in Aziraphale’s head, even though he loved Crowley - there was no way it could ever work. Sure he loved him, but you can love someone and not want to enter into an actual relationship with them because you know in your heart that the version you love isn’t really the full picture? Like the version they love is a kind of edited, idealised version?

And not idealised as in the parts of that person you love are made up, but in the way that there’s something missing that would stop any relationship for being healthy/working out? So sure, all the aspects of Crowley that Aziraphale has loved for thousands of years are fully Crowley - but being a demon, could he ever love Aziraphale back fully in return? Be affectionate and caring and there for Aziraphale just because Aziraphale needed it and Crowley wants him to be happy, because thats what couples should do? Aziraphale has been told that demons aren’t capable of caring, at least without some ulterior motive, so despite loving all of Crowley’s quirks and personality - he knows that there would be no use in pursuing it because it would never work out healthy for either of them.

But then Crowley saves the books.

Before then, everything Crowley had done could be explained away to have an ulterior motive - Interacting with Aziraphale in the first place? He was bored and needed a distraction. Pursuing an actual ‘friendship’? Could just be a way to build trust so he can propose their little ‘arrangement’. Saving Aziraphale’s life? He can’t slack off and reap all of the rewards of their arrangement if Aziraphale is dead.

But the books?

There’s no logical reason for that. He just saved Aziraphale’s life, and that alone would have been more than enough to satisfy any selfish needs Crowley had. The books would have been a tragic accident sure, but Aziraphale clearly didnt blame Crowley for that, especially after he’d just saved his life. 

The books proved to Aziraphale that he could trust that Crowley’s motives and care was genuine. Compared to all the big gestures over the years, this little thing showed that Crowley was more than just ‘a demon’ incapable of reciprocating or earning any of the emotions Aziraphale had developed over the years.

The books proved to Aziraphale that the ‘idealised’/’fake’ version of Crowley he could image being happy with in his head wasn’t so fake after all. The books were when Aziraphale realised that his love was real, and instead of being separated from those emotions by a thin veil of logic, they hit him like a ton of bricks.

and that, my friends, is why we get The Face Of Ultimate Pining And Realisation

sleeping temptation | (m)

pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jimin.
genre/warnings: Smut, daddy!kink, multiple partners, hints at ot7. 
words: 3,133.
summary: Yoongi and Jimin come home to find you asleep on the couch. To say they were happy they beat the other members back would be an understatement.

a/n: after such a long time of writing and deleting, editing and procrastinating, I am finally posting my first fic here on tumblr. Hope you enjoy, feedback is welcome!

sleeping | waking | sweeter | breaking

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a/n  okay, so I went ahead and re-edited this bc there were some… concerns about the use of “oppa” so I took out the word completely… I hope you all can understand and accept the new version of my story! thanks for reading! 💕




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genre ⇾ mostly fluff? I guess, polyBTS! bts crack? idk lol.. it’s a goofy mess.

pairing bts x fem reader

summary you shaved your legs again and you’re very proud of how smooth you were able to get them this time around so in result, you force all seven of your boyfriends to touch your legs.

warning implied smut, dirty talk? (jhope & jimin are hornballs) and I think there’s some swearing in here.. idk

words 1,2k

. *     ✦     .      ⁺   .  * ⁺

With one leg up on the edge of the tub, you slowly and carefully slide the razor up. Going all the way to the top of your thigh, removing the hair and shaving cream in one go.

For some girls, it easier to shave in the shower but for you, not so much. You can’t see what you’re doing and you hate stepping out of the shower to find that you’ve missed a spot of hair on your leg. You like to be as thorough as possible when shaving anything on your body. Shaving your legs outside the shower with your leg propped on the side of the tub ensure that there is no stubble left behind.

You take your hand and run it across your now smooth and hair free thigh. You smile to yourself. Both of your legs are softer than a baby’s bottom and you couldn’t be any happier about it. “Perfection.” You say as you gaze at your shiny calves.

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How to Flirt: Embarrassed Boy Edition

Summary: As soon as the first ever Cold Stone Creamery opens up in London, Phil knew he had to go. However, it wasn’t the ice cream that made him keep coming back, but rather the cute employee who looks dead in the eyes whenever he has to sing the tip jar songs.
Word Count: 4,405
Warnings: Food mentions, cussing
A/N: thanks so much to @greynihilism for prompting me this!!! I honestly love this SO MUCH. And of course thanks to @snowbunnylester for listening to me shout and for telling me to match our titles bc we are disgusting soulmates. I didn’t edit this but i’m too excited about it so idgaf! Hope you like it! 

Voted best oneshot and second best fluff in the phanfic awards 2017!

Read it on AO3!


When a new Cold Stone Creamery opened up in London, it was the biggest thing since sliced bread. Literally everyone had to try some, to get some for themselves, that way they could boast to their friends and family how they got to try it.

Phil was guilty of this. He was a slut for only two things, and those were ice cream and new shops. So when he heard a new ice cream shop was opening up? Phil pretty much shit himself. He gathered all of his friends, sat them down, and explained the situation to them. He didn’t want to say he forced them to come with him, because he didn’t. He just calmly insisted that they come with him and didn’t let them leave the room until they agreed. No biggie.

That’s how he found himself inside of Cold Stone with Kiley, Charles, and Michael. Phil was the only one who was so excited that he couldn’t stop bouncing on the balls of his feet. His friends were chattering beside him, waiting patiently for the line to go down so they could finally order, but Phil was having trouble being patient. He wanted his ice cream and he wanted it now. There were still five people in front of him and he wanted to push them all out of the way so he could order his own ice cream and press his face to the counter glass like an annoying child.

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— I Love You, Daddy • D.D.

Summary: Ellie, your three year old daughter, likes sneaking into your room after you and David go to sleep, and you hear her call David “Daddy” for the first time.

A/N: Hey y’all! This is my first imagine, so please bare with me as this is pretty short and probably sucks ass. Also, this was inspired from a Reddit post by Invisibleinsomniac.


“Sweetie, I know you and David are having fun, but it’s time for bed,” You say to your daughter, instantly regretting you words as you see her smiling face morph into a frown.

“Going to bed already? Mommy’s such a party pooper,” David scrunches his face as he goes to tickle her.

“Yeah, party pooper!“ Ellie says, “Goodnight, David. Can we play prince and princess tomorrow?” She softly asks, as she slides off of your’s and David’s shared bed.

“Of course we can, sweetheart,” David smiles, and you swear you can hear David’s heart louder than her voice. David then kneels down to give her a quick kiss, “And don’t forget to get a good night’s rest, or the unicorn monster will come and steal your unicorn!”

“Mommy, there’s a unicorn monster,” She screams as she’s running towards you, squeezing the living hell out of her unicorn.

“There’s no such thing as an unicorn monster, sweetie. He’s just kidding,” You say as you playfully glare at your boyfriend. You grab her hand as you lead her into her room and onto her bed.

“Goodnight, sweetie. Mommy loves you so much,” you whisper. You pull the cover over her shoulders and turn towards the door. You glance at her closed eyes before leaving the room.

“Is she asleep?” David questions as you re-enter the room. You shrug your shoulders not knowing if she’s truly asleep or if she’s still awake waiting for you and David to go to sleep. As you lay down, you hear David clicking away at his laptop and see him setting it on the floor.

“David, you can finish editing your video. She’ll see the light under the door and know we’re still awake.”

“It’s fine, Y/N. I’m almost finished editing anyway,” he says, standing up to shut off the light.

After talking for a few minutes, the two of you hear the creak of the door. Before quickly closing your eyes, you could make out a small smile of David’s face through the hallway light illuminating the bedroom.

The habit began soon after you started bringing Ellie to David’s house to spend the night. You would sneak in her room a few minutes after tucking her in to make sure she’s actually asleep. When she was caught sitting up and playing with her unicorn, you would tuck her in, tell her that you love her, and kiss her forehead. You and David assume that’s where she developed the habit of sneaking into your room after going to bed.

You think back to one of the first nights you brought Ellie over to David’s. She grabbed the cover, trying to pull herself on to the bed but fell and hit her head on the floor. You remember how David held Ellie in his lap, watching My Little Pony on his laptop and lightly rubbing her head. After that night, the I-love-you-Mommy’s and I-love-you-David’s became a routine every time Ellie spent the night.

She lightly taps your foot, poking through the covers to make sure you’re fast asleep. David begins to fake snore to convince Ellie that the two or you are asleep. She waits a few seconds before gripping David’s foot to pull herself onto the bed. It took her a while to get used to the height, as she used to hop onto the bed only to lose her grip and slide back towards the floor. She shuffled from the foot of the bed, hitting your body multiple times while trying to maneuver into the tight space between you and David.

“I love you, Mommy,” Ellie whispers, leaning over to peck your cheek as she’s done dozens of times.

“I love you, Daddy.”

At first, you weren’t sure you heard your daughter correctly, but David’s snores suddenly stopped, and that had confirmed your doubt. You open your eyes to look towards her, hoping she is still faced toward David. She’s she’s sitting on her feet, obstructing your view of your boyfriend.

As she moves to get out of the bed, you close you eyes again and feel her crawl over your legs. Once you hear the thud of her feet landing on the floor and hear her skip out of the room, you get up to check if Ellie had make it back into her room safely. You see her curled up in her blanket, holding her stuffed unicorn in her arms. You force Ellie’s comment towards the back of your mind, thinking about how she got the unicorn she loved so dearly.

You had Ellie a year before meeting David. You were too scared to tell him you were a mother, fearing his rejection. He was the first genuine guy you had ever met, and when he asked you out after three months of knowing you, you spelled everything. You expected him to reject you, but the exact opposite happened.

He was nervously excited to meet you me daughter. The first time you brought Ellie to David’s house, you walked in with her in you arms to a couch full of stuffed animals, action figures, barbies, and legos. You looked at David, happy and confused at the same time.

“I didn’t know what she liked to play with, so I got her everything,” he awkwardly chuckles. Later while playing, she glanced at the unicorn and instantly fell in love with its colorful, sparkly horn.

You smile at the memory, and tears began to well in your eyes. You had always envisioned having a family with David, but hearing your daughter call him “Daddy” ensured it. Although, as happy as you were in the moment, you were terrified of David’s response. Wiping your eyes with your arm, you turn off the hallway light and quietly began towards your shared room.

Walking into the room, you see that David has shifted positions and is now sitting at the foot of the bed. You sit next to him and wait for him to speak. You can tell that he wants to say something about what Ellie said. You shifted uncomfortably on the bed. Anxiety was radiating through your veins.

“She called me Daddy,” David whispers after a few minutes, “She’s never said that before.” You hear the tension in his voice and suddenly realize he’s been silently crying. You grab his hand and shifted closer to him, anxiety beginning to subside. “She called me Daddy,” he says once again, finally breaking down. You pull him into a hug, and you can feel him trembling.

“Please don’t–,” he cries into your chest, “Please don’t leave me. Please don’t take her.”

“No, God, no, David, we will never leave you,” you whispered, the only noise left in the room is your and David’s sniffles.

As you wake the next day, you turn towards David in bed. He’s already sitting up awake and editing the video he didn’t finish from the day before. The moment you stand to use the restroom, the door quickly opens, revealing an overly excited Ellie.

“Daddy, you said we can play princess and prince today.” She shouts with excitement. “Can we play now?” You and David glance towards each other, and you can see him look back towards Ellie with a big smile.

“Of course, sweetheart, of course.”

Put on a Show for Me - Let Me Show You Part 2


Author’s Notes: Despite how long it took me to post this, I actually had a lot of fun writing it. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it too. Again sorry for any typos. I try to edit it, but I miss things. 

Word Count: 3,413 (Get yourself a snack, kids. This shit is long af.)

Warnings: Smut. I mean is there anything else worth writing?

Part One: Let Me Show You

Roman knew you were reaching your breaking point. As much as you tried to stay cool and collected under the gaze of his bedroom eyes, he could tell it was all an act. Being an upir had its advantages. One of them being how he could catch your eye and sense your body remembering every welcomed violation he performed on your pleasure deprived body only a few hours prior. He could hear your heart race and he could all but taste the blood rushing to his favorite spot between your thighs. He wanted you again the moment he watched you fall into euphoria in his arms.

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This is hella long. I’m not even sorry though. *Edit* Hi, I’m changing the title to this a little because I’ve been wanting to for a while and someone piss baby threw a tantrum over it so, hope yall like it!

Warning- Pure fluff

Requested? No, but you’ll thank me later.



You looked over what appeared to be the mess of paint splatters on your face and shoulders. If only you could wipe them off like paint. A heavy sigh left you and you tore your eyes away from the mirror. Two arms wrapped around you, a head nuzzling into your neck. You accepted the comfort but became aware of your exposed shoulders and face. You usually wore heavy makeup to hide the spots. A warm kiss was placed on your skin as a sort of comfort.

“Your Serotonin levels are high and dopamine is low, are you alright?” It baffles you that he can know the chemicals in your brain just from a kiss on your skin.

“I look like one of Jackson Pollock’s paintings.” You pouted. Connor lifted his head pressing his cheek against yours and looked in the mirror. His skin was smooth and porcelain compared to yours. He had a small smile on his face.

“Jackson Pollock was a world-renowned artist.” He was trying to comfort you.

“His paintings were ugly as hell though.” Connors little smile fell.

“You’re beautiful.” He stated.

“I look like a ladybug.”

“A cute one.” Damn him. He even chuckled and kissed your cheek. “I love your freckles. They make you unique.” He met your eyes in the mirror again. “I don’t get that pleasure, to look unique.”

Damn you hadn’t really thought about that, how he looks like all other units like him. You reached up and touched your cheek, a little smile coming to your lips. Connor turned you to him and pressed his lips to your forehead.

“I love you.” You mumbled against his chest.

“I love too, my ladybug.” You smacked his chest and giggled. He just scooped you in a hug and squeezed all the negative thoughts out.

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anonymous asked:

Could you make a imagine of Shawn having a little daughter and accidentally hurting her feelings. Or one where his daughter gets mad that he has to leave all the time ❤️❤️

Here you go anon! I wrote this late last night (I finished it around 4 am to be exact) and I edited it very quickly after work today… hope it’s alright!

Word count: a little over 2k 

Two and a half weeks. That’s how long it had taken Shawn to pack his suitcases for his upcoming tour… which also happened to be his first tour after having his four year old daughter. It could have easily been done in a day, but the heartache of having to leave his own little family got the better of him and once he had started placing clothes in his suitcases, he very soon found himself being dragged away by his little girl.

The first few times, he didn’t even have a second thought about staying to complete the task on hand. Elle was always going to be his top priority, leaving his wife for tour was one thing… but leaving his daughter for months on end was going to rip his heart to pieces, so he made a silent promise to himself to spend as much time as he could with her until he had to leave. During the lead up to fly out day, he found himself playing dress-ups, having picnics in the backyard with all her toys, taking her for ice cream, baking cookies and cakes, play fighting, and even letting her paint his nails. Anything she wanted, she could have… that’s what Shawn had allowed both himself and his four year old to think.

Now there were only two days until he had to leave, and you watch from the kitchen bench as he runs a hand through his hair in frustration.

“Babe, do you know where my red hoodie is? The Givenchy one… you know, the new one?” He asks through a sigh as he strides past you and into the laundry to check the hamper.

“The last time I saw it was when you packed it last week.” You pause for a second to think. You’d seen Elle snooping around your room the other day as she babbled to herself. “Elle, bubba! Do you know where daddy’s red hoodie is?”

You see her freeze in place, all previous dance moves to the songs coming from the movie she was watching suddenly forgotten as she tries to think of an answer.

Moving her chocolate curls out of her eyes with her tiny hands as she scrunches her nose, looking like a carbon copy of her father, she laughs nervously.

“Ummmmm… Nope! I don’t have Dada’s hoodie.” Her eyes look almost anywhere but yours, a nervous habit of your own that she seems to have picked up.

Walking over to your little girl, you see her eyes widen as she cowers in fear. Her fingers twist around themselves as she forces a smile onto her face, pulling out all her best tricks as to not get caught.

“Babygirl, if you have it then you need to tell mommy, okay? I promise I won’t be mad, it’s just very important for daddy to take that one with him. I’m sure he’ll let you keep a different one if you ask him nicely-“ Your words are cut off by Shawn’s as he yells from your very nervous looking daughter’s bedroom.

“Why the fuck was it in Elle’s room? I leave in a couple days, I can’t afford to lose all my shit right now!”

“Shawn, language!” You say back sternly. Your mom voice bubbling out of its confines. Standing from your kneeling position in front of Elle, you make your way into your shared bedroom where Shawn is grumbling to himself and sorting his clothes messily. Reaching out, you place a hand on his shoulder to try and calm him down a bit. “Baby, she’s just as scared as you are. She was just trying to keep something of yours for herself,” you speak softly, attempting to reason with him.

“Yeah, I know. Just not that one,” he says as his frame softens ever so slightly, “is she okay? She knows I leave in a couple days, right? You’ve talked to her about what’s gonna happen?”

“Yeah, we had a bit of a talk about it last night when I was putting her to bed. I saw her lip drop a bit when you found the jumper, so I think she’s just trying to be brave… braver than me, that’s for sure!” You giggle awkwardly as you wipe away a tear that has escaped your eye, your emotions suddenly catching up to you.

“C’mere, love. You know I’ll be able to fly the two of you out, we’ve done this before. I need you to be strong for my little bear while I’m away, though. I don’t think she understands how long I’ll actually be gone for.” By now your arms are wrapped tightly around your husband’s middle while you sniffle some tears back in the crook of his neck. His head tips down to leave a couple loving kisses on the side of your head, whispering a series of “I love you’s” in your ear. The tickle of his breath making you laugh through your tears, bringing a sad, but amused, smile to his features.

A small voice pulls you out of the moment as you hear a light tapping on your open bedroom door.


“Hey muffin, c’mere!” Shawn speaks, kneeling down to the small child’s height and opening his arms, expecting her to run into them like she usually would. This time she doesn’t and he’s left hanging. “Elle, baby, what’s the matter? Where’s that pretty smile of yours?”

You watch silently as you see her bottom lip jut out and her chin crinkle. The natural sparkle in her young eyes turning into a wet gloss, and you know this look all too well.

“I don’t feel like smiling dada, I’m sad-“ she’s cut off by her own sobs. It’s the start of a cry that you know she’s been holding back for days now. You’d been doing the same. You see your husband’s shoulders slouch as he faces the reality of the moment. Neither of you were prepared for this moment. He launches forward and captures his small creation in his arms, being taken back to the moment he first heard her cry and he was able to hold her in the delivery room. He holds her close, just how she needed, her head pressed tightly against his chest, as if he was trying to show her that his heart was breaking over this too.

“Baby, don’t cry! I have to go, it’s for work, remember?”

“But why dada?!”

“C’mon, Elle. Daddy will bring you home lots of toys, and sometimes you’ll be able to come see me, and watch me sing, and-“

“I don’t care!” She speaks louder, pushing herself away from his chest to look at his suitcases. Her head falls back as she lets out a louder cry, her hair sticking to her wet, tear covered face. Shawn’s hands move frantically to try and brush the mess of hair away from her face, but she whines and pushes him away further.

“NO DADA! DON’T TOUCH ME,” she yells, a strong frown finding its way onto her tiny face. You watch her carefully, trying to figure out her next move. But, she shocks both her parents when she reaches for the neatly packed clothes in the suitcases and starts throwing them out and onto the floor.

“Elle! Stop it, I spent ages packing those!” Shawn speaks as he wraps his hands around her tiny wrists.

Her temper gets the better of her while she’s mid tantrum and the words leave her mouth without her thinking.


Silence. Heavy sobs, and silence.

That’s all that could be heard before she broke free of Shawn’s limp hands and ran to you, wrapping her tiny arms around whatever part of you she could reach first. All three of you were in some form of shock, the words that left your four year old’s tiny mouth were so, so, so unlike her.

You watch as your husband rises to his feet again, turning towards you, you can see how glassy his eyes are.

“I, uh- I’m gonna go for a quick drive. Might drop by the store to see if theres anything I need, um… last minute.” With that he silently leaves the room. You hear him grab his keys and then the front door open and shut.

A couple minutes pass and you let Elle cry out all her emotions out into the collar of your shirt. When her whimpers begin to die down, she pulls away and asks for a cup of water in the tiniest voice.

Once she’s sat at the bench and sipping at her water, you decide to question her about her harsh words.

“Sweet pea, why did you tell daddy you hated him? You know that’s a very strong word…”

“I didn’t mean it, mommy. I just don’t want dada to go away from me. We always have so much fun and now I won’t have him anymore!” Her bottom lip starts to quiver again, but you spring to action before she can cry again… her infamous ‘second cry’ was a habit she definitely got from you.

“Munchkin, just because he’s going away, that doesn’t mean you won’t get to have fun with him! We still get to FaceTime him, we can call him, and he can even fly us out to see him!”

There’s a short moment of silence as she sits and thinks.


“What’s up, darling?”

“Can I make dada a card and a drawing? To say that I’m sorry for saying something I didn’t mean to him?”

“I think that’s a great idea, baby! While you draw and decorate your card, I’ll go fix up daddy’s clothes,” you say in an upbeat tone as you grab some paper and pencils for her, folding a sheet in half to make the card. As you start to walk off to your bedroom, you hear your daughter speaks up again.

“Oh… mommy?”

“Mhmm, yeah?”

“Can you do the writing for me? I don’t want to mess it up…”

“You know, baby… I think it will be more special to daddy if you do it yourself. What do you think?”

“Okay, I’ll try my hardest!”


Shawn returns home just before dinner, it’s clear that he’s been crying for a few hours. The tear stains on his cheeks looking like they’ll never disappear.

“Hey, I, um… I got you some more of that cereal you used to eat when I was away, back when we were dating… you remember the one? I thought you might like it, but now that I think about it, it’s kind of stupid so-”

“Come here, Shawn,” your words are gentle, knowing that he’ll need it after taking a blow like that from the tiny girl who holds his heart in both hands.

He drops the shopping bags to the floor and rushes towards you. His arms wrap around your frame so tight that you stumble back in his grip a bit. He lets out a heart broken sob, the type you’d only heard from him when he’d had anxiety attacks in the past. So you held him like the fragile human he was deep down, cradling his head in your palm as you gently ran a hand over his back to comfort him.

“She said she hated me, I didn’t know what to do,” he mumbled into your dampened pyjama shirt.

“Shawn, I think you need to take a moment. Wash your face, babe, and then go see her in her room. She’s been working really hard on an apology since you left.”

He straightens up and wipes his face with the sleeve of his hoodie, quickly rinsing his face under the cold tap water and preparing himself to see his little girl again.

As he makes his way to her room, with you following at a distance as to not miss what was about to happen, he knocks gently on her door with his knuckle,

“Princess, it’s daddy. Can I come in?” Laughing softly at the small gasp that leaves her mouth as she whispers something to her toys.

“Come in dada!”

When he opens the door, his heart melts at the small tea party she has set up for the two of them. She stands on the opposite end of the room in her bright pink princess dress, as she gestures for him to take his seat, and so he does.

“Dada,” she starts. Her voice shaky as she starts to get upset again, but she pulls herself together before she continues. “Dada, I’m sorry for the nasty words I said. I didn’t mean them, and I love you so, so, so, so much.”

She reaches behind her to retrieve the plastic crown that her father has claimed as his own.

“You’re my Prince Charming, dada. I love you very much!” She races towards him, her puffy dress rustling as her tiny legs move her across the room. Once in front of him she leans  up to place the crown on his head, along with a sloppy, love-filled kiss on her father’s cheek.

After a little while of the two of them chatting over pretend tea, Shawn lets out a quick gasp.

“Oh! Stay right there, princess. I almost forgot something. You watch him run towards the kitchen and then to your bedroom to retrieve something, he catches a glance at your confused stare as he runs past you again with a bag full of god knows what.

“Elle, I did some thinking while I went on my drive. I was thinking about how you gave me your teddy so that you’d always be with me while I’m gone, so I decided that I want you to keep this one for yourself!” He says excitedly, as he pulls out the bright red hoodie your daughter had stolen earlier, the look of pure joy on her face makes every inch of your body prickly with goosebumps.

“And, just so that we have something extra special, I bought us these matching hoodies too. So, now we have something of each other’s, and something to share!”

The small girl leaps over the table and into her father’s arms in an instant. Her dress puffing up to her shoulders as she hugs her idol with every ounce of love she has.

It’s quiet, but you hear it. The sweet exchange that made your heart swell.

“I love you, Elle.”

“I love you, dada”

Paladins + Lotor reacting to you saying something you usually wouldn’t while drunk

Request: HC with the paladins + Lotor finding out that the reader is drunk. (Specifically- the reader’s relationship with Shiro is a  love hate, but in this instance Shiro is caring), the reader accidentally says something that if the reader was sober, they would have never said?

A/N I took the whole “says something they wouldn’t say” as something more light as opposed to a heavy/serious tone, but let me know if you’d like something more along those lines! Plus, this is meant to be more so with them not quite dating yet but being aware of their feelings

Edit: Whoops! Fixed some formatting issues that occurred when I was transferring this from pages to here >_> ignore the random “lotor” that was under Pidge’s section if you saw that version of the post


  • Laughs at you tbh
  • Thinks that you being drunk is the funniest thing he’s ever seen
  • Lowkey would wanna drink with you sometime
  • While he’s walking you back to your room it happens
    • “Hey, Lance… We should really go out or… something…?”
  • He thinks it’s a joke at first and starts making fun of you for it
  • Untill you start crying and then he’s realizes oh my god they were serious
  • Completely panics but tries to maintain his Chill untill he gets you to your room and tells you that you guys can talk about it in the morning
    • He wants to make sure you’re 100% sober if you guys are gonna be having a conversation like that
  • As soon as you close the door a big dumb grin is on his face because holy shit, even if you were drunk, you just asked him out ????


  • Not Happy At All
  • You guys already had a strained relationship, so this little incident didn’t particularly help that
  • That being said, he’s not about to let you stumble around alone while under the influence, so he helps get you back home
  • Ends up giving you a piggyback ride (if you ask him about it when you’re sober he’ll deny it)
  • Out of nowhere you just start talking
  • “You know… I never noticed how pretty your eyes are…”
  • He trips
    • Catches himself before you guys fall tho
  • He does really like you so he’s sort of okay with what you just said but
  • This was not the sort of situation where he wanted to hear that
  • Besides, the nature of your relationship was so uncertain that he wasn’t sure if this really meant anything at all
  • Gets you to bed and thinks about the incident the rest of the night


  • Unamused
  • Like listen, this boy isn’t against drinking or anything, but he just doesn’t like dealing with drunk people nine out of ten times
    • Especially when he’s sober
  • Pretty much drags you with him towards your room
  • Honestly isn’t paying much attention to what you’re saying until he hears something particularly interesting
  • “I’m jealous of Shiro sometimes. He gets so much of your attention…”
  • He Dies
  • On one hand he’s like??? You’re jealous of Shiro? What??
  • On the other hand he’s like holy shit they want my attention ?????
  • He has no idea what to say to you
  • Mumbles something about you drinking too much but you can see that his face is completely red
  • Leaves some pain killers and water next to your bed because damn, you’re gonna feel like shit in the morning


  • Probably would take pictures of you trying to stumble to your room before helping you
  • He’s gonna send said pictures to you in the morning
  • Decides to make you some food because alcohol on an empty stomach is an awful idea so hopefully it might help you to feel a little better in the morning
  • While he’s cooking with his back to you, you start talking. Half to him, half to yourself
  • “I’d really like to have a future with you, I think.”
  • Nearly drops whatever he was cooking
  • Holy shit did you just say what he thinks you said
  • Tries to go along like he’s not phased but he can’t stop thinking about it
  • After sending you to bed, he decides that he’s definitely going to ask you if you meant that
    • When you’re sober, of course
  • He just really hopes you were telling the truth because he’d like a future with you too


  • Doesn’t really know how to deal with you to be honest
  • Most likely she would try to send out back to your room but you sort of just. Plop down in front of her work station until she agrees to go with you.
  • “Pidge, you’re very cute. Like, the cutest person I’ve met.”
  • You say it so bluntly and so casually that she doesn’t quite know how to reply
    • “I, uh… thanks?”
  • She’s very embarrassed but thinks it was so nice ?? Like wow you get super nice when you’re drunk
    • That doesn’t mean she approves of you drinking though
  • After you get back to your room and to bed she lingers outside of your room for a minute
  • Replaying what you said in her head
  • “They… think I’m really cute…”


  • Damn humans are weird
  • You got inhibited off of what now ???
    • Wine is the most confusing thing to him because it is seriously fermented grapes how does that get you so drunk?
  • He gets very cocky when you ask him to take you home
  • tbh thinks you’re kinda cute like this but wouldn’t dare to say it
  • “Lotor, do you think if we had kids that they would be purple too?”
  • Chokes
    • Congrats you threw Lotor off his guard
  • It was so out of nowhere and so off topic that he has absolutely no idea how to answer you
  • Also, does this mean you were thinking about what it would be like to have children with him?
  • Tries to brush it off by flashing you a grin and changing the topic to something very very different
  • Gets you home and decides that he’s never going to let you live this down.
I’ll Never Be Her (JiminXReader) Pt.2

Originally posted by dontbotherme146

Pairing: Jimin X Reader

Genre: Angst/ Romance

Summary: You loved him with all your heart, but he could only give you half of his.

Jimin was the love of your life, your night in shining armor when she wasn’t around.

She was his ex girlfriend,  his first love, actually she was his many firsts and she kept coming back.

He had warned you she was his weakness, but you didn’t listen, because to you having him even if it was only partially was better than not having him at all.

At least for now.

Rated M: Sexual Scenes and Languages that might not be appropriate for all ages.

Word Count: 10.8K+

Author’s Note: SORRY I TOOK SO LONG!!! I have been working a lot, and to be honest I did not expect this chapter to come out so long.  I hope you guys enjoy the second part as much as you did the first. I hope it meets expectations. I am so thankful for all your beautiful messages and feedback. Keep sending them my way!! Only one more part to this fic!! Let me know what you think lovelys.

Also to  be honest when you all message me or like the story and stuff it encourages me to write lol. I LOVE ANONS hahaha

Minor Grammar mistakes possible(I am half asleep sorry !!) . I will edit more if needed.

I am so nervous to post this haha. LEAVE SOME LOVE!


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Since Tumblr is being weird I’m just going to tell you to check my bio for my masterlist

Summary: - “Squeezing his hand, you watched as his eyes flickered back up to yours, his features softening. “I know that you don’t want to hear this,” you began, “but no matter how hard you work, you can’t stop a war if there’s going to be one.”

Pairing: Theseus Scamander x reader

Words: 3.2k

Warnings: Mentions of war? Mentions of avoiding problems? Mentions of overworking? Small makeout session? Much fluff? SLIGHT SPOILERS FOR THE CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD

A/N: thank you so much to @storiesbycaroline and @mycrazyrambling who sent in ideas for this fic it was so so so helpful. This is kinda short and it needs some more editing but I hope you guys can bear with me. This barely has spoilers but I’ll warn you anyways. Thank you so much for the response to my last fic, it really means a lot<33

The ministry of magic was eerily quiet at night, even in times like these people couldn’t bring themselves to stay in the building any longer than necessary. You couldn’t blame them, you thought as you wandered the empty hallway of the fifth floor.

The owls usually soaring above had retired to the ministry’s owlery, their pleasant chirping replaced by a heavy silence. The sound of your heart beating rang in your ears, the only sound for what seemed like miles around you.

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meeting brent in my data cosplay has been a dream of mine for a few years and now it is a dream come true!!!

more about my experience meeting him under the cut

so first i went up to get his autograph on my star trek jacket and a booth picture since it was early in the day and my photo op wasn’t until 5pm

i walk up and he says i look great and the staff lady who was there with him told him i got a picture and an autograph and he says to me “oh yeah of course, baby” just really casually and i was sweating shduejkgsd

so i asked him to sign the jacket and he sighs and says okay, kinda joking, so i was like sorry you don’t have too! and he just told me he doesn’t mind he just doesn’t want to ruin a sharpie lol so he signs it with a silver sharpie and looks at it for a bit and goes “you know what, i really don’t like how that looks. i’m going to sign it again if you don’t mind?” and of course i’m like “i don’t mind, you can do whatever you want!” lol so he asks me to hold the bottom of the jacket tight so it’s easier for him to sign. so he’s right next to me and im holding out the jacket and our hands are touching and my hand it like against his stomach because there wasn’t a lot of space and idk y’all it was just . .. .  amazing .. .  he signed it with a black sharpie and goes “yeah that’s much better! look at that, now you get two for the price of one!” 

he also joked and asked if i’ve ever washed the jacket, which i mean, he’s got me there, but like it’s not at all dirty. i take good care of that jacket so its not smelly or looks gross or anything. also i’d have to take off like all the pins in order to wash it and i have well over 20 pins on that jacket lmao

we then take our booth picture together and after he asks me how old i was lol and then said it was great to meet me yadda yadda 

amazing, dreamy, wonderful!! everything i could’ve hoped for !!!!!! here’s the picture together and of my jacket:


then at the photo op i walked in and he goes “hey lady data!” as i walk up and he wrapped his arm behind me and we took the picture and told me again it was very nice meeting me yadda yadda and i walked out of the tent and took a deep breath and just !!!!!!!!!! freaked out inside!!! he is just so sweet and nice and funny and warm! just a very very good man!! 

i will cherish this experience for the rest of my life lol im just so happy :-)))

The Best Kind Of Phone Sex

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: You have some fun with Tom while he’s on the phone with his family

A/N: This wasn’t requested but the idea popped into my head so why not. Enjoy! (also this is super un-edited so if anything is majorly wrong please let me know)

Word Count: 1,939

Warning: SMUT, oral (male receiving), sex, unprotected sex, just a lot of sex, all that stuff. 18+


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Your body nuzzled further into Toms, his arm draped over your shoulder with your fingers intertwined with his, as the two of you mindlessly watched a show on Netflix, more preoccupied on your phones than the television.

“What’re we doing for dinner, gorgeous?” Tom asked, his eyes not shifting from his phone. You squeezed his hand slightly.

“I was thinking of making some butter chicken in like an hour-or-so.” You replied, turning to look up at him.

“Sounds perfect.” He grinned, “my mum is going to call soon because the family wants an update on everything that’s happening, sorry it might be a long chat.” Tom explained. He used his arm around your body to pull your head close to him, moving his lips to place a soft kiss on your forehead.

The two of you sat around for a bit longer until Tom’s phone rang and he picked it up, greeted by his mother.

“Yea, I’ve missed you too mum.” He began talking, his fingers absentmindedly playing with yours. Boredom filled the room as the TV volume was muted and Tom wasn’t available. You grinned deviously, shuffling your frame to face Tom. He looked back at you with a questioning look, clearly still listening to what was being said through the phone.

Your hand snaked over onto his lap, rubbing up and down his inner thigh. Tom didn’t entirely understand what you were getting at until you ran your hand up to his member. You jerked it slightly through his clothes, feeling it grow rapidly in your hand.

You continued to palm him through his jeans as you moved your body from beside him, to between his legs. You knelt in front of him, his eyes never leaving you as you shuffled around. 

“No, I’m not busy at all.” He spoke, as your hand gently began undoing his button and zipper. His boner was very evident in his briefs.

“(Y/N) and I are just chilling on the couch watching Netflix.” You pulled his underwear down, watching his length pop out from under the cotton. Your eyes made contact with his, a wet lick drawing across your bottom lip as you lightly began jerking him. A smirk creeping across his lips as your mouth moved to wrap around his cock. You began sucking just the tip, teasing him ever-so-slightly. He took a deep sigh, loving the feeling of your warm mouth wrapped around his arousal.

“Yea, yea, I’m fine Mum. Just a bit tired.” He said, his voice slightly raspy, but still very calm. I guess he was a pretty good actor. It didn’t take long before your mouth moved to take in his whole length, his tip hitting the base of your throat over and over as you bobbed your head. His eyes fell shut as his head finally rested back on the top of the couch. He kept speaking through the phone, his voice not fluctuating much as you continued.

He began asking his mum about how her past weeks had been. Part of you almost felt guilty for doing what you’re doing. He didn’t get to speak to his parents a whole lot considering how busy he was, and you didn’t want to ruin it for him. You were reassured of your actions when Tom’s hand moved to tangle in your hair. He gently pushed your head to quicken your pace, applying pressure in your mouth to put more force against his member.

He gulped as his jaw clenched tightly, obviously trying to stifle any groans. His hips buckled beneath you, loving the feeling you were giving to him. Sharp breaths escaped his mouth in replacement of his moans. You dipped your head lower, taking more of him in your mouth with shorter movements. You quite honestly thought Tom was going to been thrown over the edge. His breathing became uneven, his teeth biting hard against his bottom lip, and his legs shaking beneath you. It became harder for him to hold proper sentences. He tried to revert to mumbling ‘mhmm’ without his mum noticing something was going on.

His cock twitched in your mouth a few times, causing you to pull back. He looked down at you, his nostrils breathing deeply while his tongue was trapped between his teeth. You grinned. Your hand jerked his length slightly, letting him ease down from his almost-high. You returned your mouth back onto him and began sucking once again.

“Oh perfect, I’m on speaker.” He stated through the phone, though clearly wanting you to know as he looked down at you. He did his best to hold his voice steady. You licked up his shaft, popping his raging pink tip out of your mouth. 

“Want me to stop?” You asked, very quietly, a cheeky smirk covering your face. He simply shook his head, threading his fingers deeper into your hair. Your mouth returned to his length, causing a deep sigh from his lips. You began bobbing your head against him once again. He began melting beneath you, his head falling back onto the couch head rest, his eyes fluttering shut. All he could do was focus on his breathing to not disrupt the call.

“Yea, I found out more about the movie the other day.” He commented, his hand lightly pushing against your head as you thrust his member in and out of your mouth. You hallowed out your cheeks to apply more pressure to him. Clearly having effect, Tom tensed below you, his breath shaking as he continued listening to the phone.

“It’s called ‘The Devil All The Time’,-” He paused, his lips pursing together to hold his mouth shut as a groan threatened to spill. You backed off just slightly, “it’s being directed by Antonio Campos.” He finally added.

He continued to explain the film to his parents over the phone while you continued sucking him off. He was obviously finding it hard to hold it together as he began letting slight hums and whimpers escape him, holding the phone away from his face whenever he couldn’t hold it together. You felt his legs tensing sharply as his cock twitched in your mouth, indicating how close he was to finishing. But you wanted to have even more fun. Without warning you dropped his length from your mouth, pushing against his thighs to stand yourself up in front of him.

His breathing was deep as you stripped your shirt from your frame. Your nude breasts popping out from under the fabric. He roughly bit his bottom lip, his hand moved to begin lightly jerking himself off. You slipped your track pants off, throwing them into your puddle of other clothes.

“Uh, yea, Sebastian Stan, Robert Pattinson, Bill Skarsgard, Mia Wasikowska…” he listed, clearly not focused on what he was saying. You turned so your back was facing him, pulling your underwear down your legs to bend over in front of him. Giving him a view of everything. He practically wept. His hand reached out, grabbing your ass firmly. “And some others, I can’t remember at the moment.” He added, his hand rubbing over your smooth skin.

Your body turned back around to face him. Smiling down at him, your hands ran themselves through his messy, brunette hair, snaking themselves behind his head to firmly grip the top of the couch. You moved each of your legs to sit beside his thighs so you straddled his lap.

“Yea, it’s coming out in 2020.” Tom explained, his free hand grabbing your hip, squeezing your skin so tightly. His eyes burning holes as they skimmed over your nude frame.

Your hand moved down to his length to line it up with your heat. He starred at you, grin plastered on his face as you smirked back. You slowly slid down onto his member, your teeth immediately biting down on your lip to stifle the loud moan threatening to slip. Tom’s eyes squeezed shut and he hummed lightly, loving the feeling of your tight core around him. You forced your lips down on his, kissing him passionately as you rode his aching cock. He broke the kiss to speak through the phone again.

“Yea, I’m still coming over on the 22nd.” Both of your hips moved in unison, thrusting his length deeper into you. You bit your lip so hard you thought it might draw blood as you contained every moan. Your head moved so your mouth was right next to Tom’s other ear, 

“That feels so fucking good Tommy,” you whispered, his eyes fluttering shut as a shiver sent through his spine. “It’s so big baby, you’re gonna make me cum.” You added quietly, thrusting yourself harder onto him, your pace increasing. His mouth dropped open, though he didn’t let any sounds escape. Of course you didn’t want to be caught by his parents, but it was just so fun playing with him like this.

“Yep, (Y/N) is definitely coming.” He spoke through the phone, opening his eyes to smirk at you. A light giggle fell from your lips, being over taken by a hushed moan as his length pounded deep inside you. Both of you breathed deeply, letting your chests rise and fall against each other as beads of sweat formed on your foreheads.

His cock slid in and out of you, rubbing over a bundle of nerves deep inside you that made you want to scream Tom’s name over and over. You couldn’t get enough of the feeling as he thrust his hips up, pounding his length into you. His hand still held your waist tightly, helping you move your hips down onto his lap again and again. He loved watching your face as he fucked you deeply, watching your eyes practically roll back into your head and your abdomen tensing. He loved the feeling of his member inside you, how your walls squeezed his tip, making him want to hammer you senselessly. 

It was becoming increasingly harder for you two to stay silent.

“Yea, I miss you too Mum and Dad.” He commented, telling his parents that he had to leave for something, in reality he just felt himself nearing the finish. Your dripping walls hugging his member tightly was absolutely throwing him over the edge.

“Yep, love you guys too,” he rambled quickly, his breath now heaving through his gapping mouth, “yea, I’ve gotta go, bye.” He quickly pressed his phone, tossing it on the couch beside him. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He finally groaned out, his other hand grabbing your waist to help thrust you onto him faster. 

“Tommy… I’m gonna cum.” You whined, tangling your fingers in his messy hair. Your head rolled on your shoulders as you let your orgasm go. Moans tangled with Tom’s name escaped your mouth as you came all over Tom’s member. 

“Fuck, it’s so tight.” He growled out, feeling you clench around him as you rode out your high. Your legs shaking as colour clouded your vision, your body practically dripping with ecstasy. “I’m gonna cum too, baby.” He added, his hips moving with yours to roughly thrust himself inside you.

“I wanna feel you fill me up, Tom.” You whimpered, your arms wrapped around the back of Tom’s neck to hold your frames tightly together. With a few more grunts Tom finally unraveled, blowing himself inside you. There was a moment of silence as you two just held each other close, pleasure oozing around each of your bodies as your muscles relaxed into one-and-other. 

“Uhm, Tom, you still there?” Nikki’s voice filled the room. You looked over at his phone to see the speaker button activated, rather than the end call button. 

Your jaws hit the floor. 

Cleaning up after the mess that is PotC 5 *UPDATED*

Ok so I was thinking about how they completely screwed the lore up for Jack Sparrow, so I’m gonna have a go at piecing together his origin story, among other things. Please poke holes/ tell me where I’m wrong because I want to get this refined.

  • Problem: Jack’s compass was bartered from Tia Dalma, but in 5 he got it from a crewman. Solution: Jack did, in fact, get the compass from the crewman but later lost it at sea when Beckett sank the Pearl. It came to Tia Dalma (Calypso) who recognised its power and Jack had to later barter it from her to retrieve it.
  • Problem: the Wicked Wench was shown as a pirate ship, but Jack worked for the navy (’people aren’t cargo’ scene). Solution: The Wench was a pirate ship when she was under control of the previous captain seen in 5, but when he died and she became Jack’s ship, Jack decides to join the navy and work under Beckett (he was still very young + not yet branded and probably saw it as the best thing to do). When Beckett asked Jack to ship slaves, he liberated them, got branded, etc. and the ship sank. This explains the pirate flag in 5 and also the problem of ‘Why would Beckett sink a navy ship just to get back at Jack?’ Jack goes on to make a deal with Davy Jones and you know the rest. 
  • UPDATED Problem: Jack is a gallant hero and very intelligent, so why was he ‘drunk’ the whole time? This one really pisses me off personally Solution: it’s been however-many years since Jack has been on sea, as we saw in one of the scenes the thing he desires most is to sail again, so it could be excused that he wishes to drown his sorrows 24/7, considering he’s no longer a ‘wanted’ or famous pirate, he doesn’t have a ship or much of a crew and his friends aren’t in contact with him. *ALSO Angelica has the voodoo doll of Jack, as seen at the end of 4. This could be the reason for his misfortune and *ahem* strange behaviour. Thank you to the person who suggested this to me!
  • Problem: Why does Will Turner have barnacle-face when we know that this only happens to those who do not fulfil their duty (i.e. Davy Jones)?  Solution: Will did not have barnacle-face up until that point. It could be assumed he was doing his job well and then noticed Henry was drowning and stopped ferrying the dead in order to save him, i.e. as soon as he ‘crossed-over’ he gained the barnacles. This would explain why Will only had a few barnacles and not ‘transformed’ like Jones.
  • Problem: Why is Elizabeth in a dress and corset when the whole point of the first movie was freeing her from it? AARGH I hate this one aswell, completely undermines Elizabeth. Oh wellSolution: Elizabeth felt it necessary to return to civilization to raise Henry, she did not want him involved in piracy for his own good and therefore didn’t talk about Jack. At the time, a woman such as Elizabeth would have been known in civilized culture as ‘governor’s daughter’ rather than ‘pirate king’, so she has to live up to this name in order to be accepted in that society (remember we’re talking 18th century here). She doesn’t have her husband, Jack or even mentor!Barbossa to help ‘free her’ from these expectations
  • EDITED Problem: When, in the time between being cursed, dead, looking for Jack, joining the navy and controlling the ocean did Barbossa have time to have a wife and child? Solution: After the events of AWE,  he had Smyth as a wife, who later became pregnant and died in childbirth, afraid that Carina would be worse off as a pirate girl, and, of course, out of a sense of his merciful nature caring dad!Barbossa left Carina at the orphanage. Barbossa then joins the navy. (thanks to everyone who pointed out my mistake)

Please bear in mind that I am not defending Pirates 5, just trying to clean up the mess. Add your thoughts and drink up me hearties, yo ho! ( @dhiatzs

Writing Tips from a Beta Reader

As some of you know I do freelance beta reading and editing, so I thought I would give you tips that I regularly share with my customers about the aspects of writing a novel. Every writer is different, everyone has their own style, but there are some things that I regularly find in many manuscripts that can be easily improved. So let’s get into it.

1. First chapters are tough - deciding how to open your book is one of the most important parts of making your story work. I’ve read numerous manuscripts where I’ve found that the second or even third chapter were more effective as an opening than the first. That’s why I always suggest imagining your story as a movie. Picture the opening credits and the first sound, and then ask yourself what’s the first scene that would make an exciting opening. Then try to work that into your manuscript. 

2. Sometimes a paragraph or a sentence will sound stiff and strange no matter how many times you change it. If it still reads awkwardly after the tenth revision, leave it. Come back to it tomorrow, or a week later. If it still doesn’t work then, simply delete it. Your instinct will tell you when something isn’t working, and you shouldn’t ignore it. It’s much better to describe something in the simplest words than leave an awkward chunk of text that will make your reader confused. And if you’re not sure, run it past your writer friends, or a beta reader like myself. Fresh eyes always help, trust me. 

3. The best ideas will stay with you. If you’re meant to write something then you will, and that’s because an idea that is strong and important to you will never let you go. The thing is that some ideas need time to grow. A month, a year, even a decade sometimes. All you need is patience. Finally there will come a breakthrough, a missing piece will fall into place, and just like that you’ll know what to do. Don’t be afraid to abandon a WIP or let go of an outline. If it’s important, it will stay with you until you’re ready to make it work.

4. Trust your reader. I’ve read quite a few manuscripts where the writers tended to over-explain what the character was doing or feeling, etc. even though the situation was clear without the extra descriptions. As writers, we often fear that the readers might not understand why something is happening without sufficient explanation. So here I am, reminding you that readers are hella clever, and they hardly ever need a paragraph explaining what had just happened. But if you’re ever in doubt, run the scene past your friends.

5. There will be scenes in your manuscript that won’t feel right, even when there is seemingly nothing wrong with them. This is a sign that something needs to change. I know that deleting a whole chapter you’ve worked so hard on hurts, so I suggest simply pasting it into another file, and looking at your manuscript from a fresh perspective. Imagine writing the scene again, but perhaps setting it in a different location, or using a different pov. Sometimes, a change of a character’s attitude will make a huge difference. Keep experimenting until you find what makes it tick - and if nothing does, then maybe it’s a sign that you don’t need that scene in the first place.

6. When introducing the MC, we tend to treat them like our children - they feel wonderful and special in every way, and so we try to put all of that on the page too soon. However, long paragraphs of description usually read quite awkwardly and half of the information isn’t even necessary to make the character pop. My advice is that you focus on what makes your character stand out and describe that. Think about it: when you meet a new person, you see their most interesting features first. Your brain will most likely ignore that the person has brown hair and instead focus on the dense galaxy of freckles on their face. Pick three or four features that make your MC stand out, and use them as their introduction. The more mundane stuff can be easily incorporated later. 

7. Sometimes, adjectives really will explain something much better than an elaborate word ever could. While I think it’s healthy to teach yourself to cut back on them and search alternatives, I also think it shouldn’t ever be forced. If using an adjective makes the sentence most effective, trust your gut and leave it in.

8. This last point is just a little tip that I’ve found to be quite effective when you get stuck in the technical side of writing and start to lose motivation. When you find yourself weary in the middle of a chapter, or simply losing inspiration, imagine that you have to tell the story to an enthusiastic child who loves books. You have to do your best to keep the child interested, which includes doing different voices and making dramatic expressions. A part of why we stop feeling connected to our stories is because we get too caught up in trying to be good/correct/original, which creates emotional detachment. Words become hollow - just letters on the screen - and the lush world we have created fades. This exercise will slowly rebuild your connection to the emotional side of your story and the characters in your manuscript. Your passion and enthusiasm will show on the page again, which will in turn translate onto your readers’ curiosity.

So that’s the few tips I have for you. I know there’s lots of beta readers on writeblr, so feel free to add your own, friends!

Birthday Present // CH

pairing: reader x calum 

warnings: fluff, smut towards the very end so you can skip it if you want, an itsy bitsy bit of angst 

word count: 5.5k ish 

notes: this was really supposed to be a short fic about you and Cal fucking for his birthday but my brain decided to add an extra 3 thousand words of plot so??? which is also why i’m posting this more than a week after his birthday haha. also i’m the only one who has edited this so if you find mistakes let me know so i can fix them.

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Title: Forever

Word count: 2762

Summary: Virgil has less than a year left in the foster system and then he’s gone. But Patton has a question for him. Human!AU. Paternal Moxiety, Romantic Logicality in the background, familial LAMP/CALM

Warnings: foster care (and perhaps some inaccuracies: my sincerest apologies for those); a little bit of angst but a whole lot of fluff.

A/N: This is easily the fluffiest Sanders Sides fic I’ve written? By a wide margin. Not nearly as dark or deep as most of my other fics. I hope you all don’t mind too much. It’s also shorter than most of my other ones. Editing done by yours truly, so all mistakes are mine.

Edit: If the text looks funky, I’ve been trying to fix it. It seems to be caused by the “read more” addition. So if you click on the link, I think the weirdness goes away? I can’t figure out how to fix it without having that cut there, and its too long for me to not put a cut. Sorry, everyone!

Tags: @helloisthisusernametaken, @ren-allen, @lizaelsparrow, @princelogical, @random-pianist, @ravenclawicecream, @erlenmeyertrash, @milomeepit, @at-least-seven-pretty-potatoes, @rileyfirstname, @pinkeasteregg, @sassy-in-glasses, @vigilantvirgil, @generalfandomfabulousness, @lacrimosathedark, @thepoolofthedead, @monikastec, and @randomslasher (it’s familial moxiety, so I thought I might tag you! Hope you don’t mind too much! ^u^)

Virgil sighs and runs a hand over his eyes, leaning back in his chair and staring out the window of his bedroom. Evanescence plays quietly from his computer. A pre-calculus textbook rests open on the desk, with pencil scratches in the notebook beside it parroting the information.

This is the sixth bedroom window he has stared out of in his short 16-almost-17 years.

A school bus drives down the suburban street and stops at the corner. Late afternoon sun pours in through the glass and leaves squares of light on the beige carpet. He had a few posters up—Dear Evan Hansen and My Chemical Romance specifically—but there wasn’t much in the way of decoration. He didn’t often keep much of what he did acquire. He had a picture frame on his desk of the night that his host family had tried to help Roman—their kid, only a few months older than Virgil was—with the waltz from when the high school was doing Cinderella. Patton has his hand on Logan’s shoulder, blushing and grinning. Logan looks almost too serious, like he’s trying to hide his real reaction, with his arm placed gingerly on his husband’s waist. Roman is face-palming in the background.

Virgil had quietly and quickly snapped the image on his phone before any of them noticed. He’d only been with them for about year and a half, but there was something safe and familiar about it in a way Virgil had never—ever—felt before.

His attention is caught when he hears a knock on the door.

Virgil straightens up suddenly, setting the frame face-down and grabbing his pencil. He coughs. “Uh, come in.”

The door opens slowly, and Virgil sees Patton poke his head around the corner. “Hey, kiddo,” he says with a smile. There’s something off about it, though. Nervous, almost.

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My Self Improvement: Do things that make you happy.

This is my current list of things that make me happy, and make me feel fulfilled and productive. 


When your alarm goes off, stretch something! Stretch your shoulders. Sit up and stretch your back. Stick a leg straight up in the air and stretch your hamstrings. The sudden bloodflow wakes you up in a refreshing way and makes the morning brighter + easier to jump into. 

WASH UR FACE. It’s refreshing AS FUCK. Use 3 different moisturizers and pretend you’re a Kpop star who needs perfect skin. 

Brush yo teeth my homies. Dental work is expensive af and tooth-brushing shit is cheap. 

Look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re cute as hell. Say it threateningly. “You are a cute motherfucker.” 

Do a half-minute of exercise. 30 seconds. That’s hardly anything. Lift something over your head and wiggle it. Do a wallsit. Lunge your way across the hall and back. Lay down and do some lazy crunches or sit-ups. Ta daaaa! Elevated heart rate! Extra energy for the day! - You can do more if you want, but this is for perking up, not working out. 


Write down 3 things you need to complete today. Just 3 small things. Maybe it’s ‘Wash Dishes’ ‘Put away Dishes’ and ‘Do Laundry’ - If you’re low on spoons, go smaller. “wash 3 dishes” or “Put laundry in washer, Feed pets, Feed self” - Try to get those 3 things done before going to sleep.  - I like to write “Time this will take” next to it. Usually each thing is only 5-10 minutes, but it’s super fulfilling to check an entire list off. 

Keep a running list of the projects you’ve started. This is just to reference in case you’re bored af and want to do something but don’t want to start something new necessarily. My list is long as hellll. 

Look for nice things! Keep your eyes peeled for the silver lining of things, and the bright spots on other people. Compliment people who put effort into their appearance. Try to be genuinely appreciative of people helping you - Not just by thanking them, but feel it in your heart. 

Idk about y’all, but I have trouble remembering to eat, so I use a meal tracker to remind me to stop for lunch. Calorie counter apps are useful for making sure you’ve reached a threshold, not just staying under a limit. Looking at the app and realizing I’ve had a week streak of having solid meals is lovely. I’ve been doing so well! 

Missing a meal isn’t bad/wrong/failing - it’s just an accident. Like dropping a slice of cheese on the floor. Whoops! Well, that’s gone, better be a little more careful moving forward. Forgive yourself for mistakes and accidents. Think of how you can do better next time, don’t linger and ruminate over the mistake   

Take a moment to appreciate the world around you. Take 30 seconds to pause by a window and watch the clouds. Listen to birdsong. Let your shoulders relax. Brush your fingertips over a bush as you pass it. Watch a squirrel do its thing. I’m just a small part of a big-ass world, and the problems in my life really aren’t that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. The world isn’t actually ending. I find it centering. 

Other General:

Have something that someone else holds you to, outside of work. Every Tuesday I meet with friends for ‘Writer’s Group’ to go over things we’ve written for editing and suggestions. Often I bring fanfics, but other times it’s bits of novels or short stories.  Every Sunday I volunteer at a drug/alcohol/homeless recovery center to serve lunch. Tbh these things are selfish. I’ve found I need structure in my life. I volunteer for a sense of fulfilled duty + a solid anchor in the liminal space of my time-fluxy mind.

For me, none of this happened all at once. None of this is perfect daily habits. They’re things that I realized I needed to be happy, so I try to do them regularly for that sweet, sweet dopamine. Maybe you need meditation every day, to be happy. Maybe you need to call your friends and talk, or have a certain amount of time with animals. 

Find out what makes you happy, and try your best to make those moments a feature in your life. Even if it’s a little bit of happiness at a time, after a while it can build up until you realize you’ve got a LOT of little things making you feel at peace.