so then i can go out and buy pizza for dinner

Married Life With Hoseok

For the Anon who requested a Married Life with Hoseok, I hope you like it :)

Being Hoseok’s Wife Would Include:

- LOTS of screaming
- Both of you being afraid of bugs so you just scream at each other instead of killing it
- „JAGI there’s a fucking SPIDER in our room!!!!1!”
- “What the hell Hobi you are the man in this house!!”
- Him still taking you out on dates
- Him trying to cook you some fancy dinner but failing
- So you order some pizza instead
- Or he takes you out to a really fancy restaurant and apologises a hundred times
- Being woken up by him at 2 am because he can’t sleep so you go get ice cream
- Having to be prepared for some adventurous shit 24/7 because that boy is full of energy and happiness (but nothing scary cuz we all know he’s a frightened little kid on the inside)
- Clothes shopping and ending up buying more stuff for him than for you
- Him thinking pretty much everything you do is cute so he shoots you his 1000kw smile
- Him sending you daily cute texts
- *you looked nice today*
- *you haven’t even seen me*
- *I don’t have to see you to know you’re beautiful*
- Going from cute little fluffball to hot fuckboy REAL quick
- Him trying to seduce you in the worst moments like when you’re super busy with school or work
- You comforting and taking care of him after he comes home from practise exhausted
- Him being extremely grateful for having such a caring wife and spoiling you from time to time
- You two being known as the power couple because you are just so perfect for each other and look straight out of a movie
- Taking lots of cute selfies and hanging them all over your apartment
- When he goes away on tour he would always leave you a little something to remind you of him and you would give him something of yours too
- Always talking on the phone or on skype because he just can’t go long without seeing you or talking to you
- He would make sure you didn’t know this, but he would sometimes cry when he’s away for a really long time
- But when he’s back he would hug you very tight and not let go for a long time
- He would love you so much and feel extremely lucky to have you
- I bet it would never get boring with this wonderful man by your side

BTS Reaction to finding your fridge is filled with take-out

tbh me in the future hah

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Jin: He would open the door to the fridge with the intention to start cooking dinner and find a bunch of boxes from various chain restaurants. “Ah, (Y/N)?” he calls. “I can’t cook dinner with this … how about we go to the store and buy some groceries?” He would lightly lecture you on the importance of health and how it is linked to meals while the pair of you shop instead of eating the takeout in your fridge. He would be really concerned that you eat so much takeout and would find you websites with relatively easy instructions for cooking and buy lots of ingredients for you to use when he wasn’t there to cook for you.

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Suga: Yoongi would shrug and take the box of pizza out, putting it into the microwave while wondering why there was so much takeout in the fridge. He would make an offhand comment when you came into the kitchen, to which you laughed and responded that you were sometimes too lazy to cook. “You should cook more often, it’d be healthier than all of this,” he says, gesturing to the fridge then dropping the topic. He didn’t want to nag you, but he didn’t want you to think that he didn’t care either - because he did. 

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J-Hope: Hoseok would open the fridge and let out a startled shout, turning to you dramatically with a mocking look of disgust on his face. “(Y/N)!” he exclaims. “So much takeout!” He proceeds to scold you lightly while also making a big deal out of it, but you don’t fail to notice how he chooses his favorites from the selections. “You shouldn’t order so much! Not only will you lose all of this money that could be used for multiple meals, but it’s unhealthy - oh, what type of pizza is this?”

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Rap Monster: Namjoon would be much like Hoseok, except his disgust would be more ‘real’ in a sense, and more subtle. His eyes would widen at the sheer amount of boxes that came from the restaurants and businesses and he wouldn’t say much besides, “Wow, that’s a lot.” He would write this down in his thoughts as a side-note to remember to talk to you about it. It’d bother him a little while the two of you chowed down on your meal of takeout and more takeout, but he would restrain himself because he doesn’t want to sound like a nagging parent.

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Jimin: Jimin’s eyes would light up as he spots his favorite kinds of takeout and food, but as he realizes just how much there he is his smile would die down and he’d glance at you in curiosity. “There’s way too much here, (Y/N),” he comments. “Why did you order so much?” As he listens to your explanations while the two of you prepare lunch, he nods and tries to convince you not to order so much. “I mean, once in awhile is okay but to basically live off of it isn’t a great idea,” he reasons. “Oh! Maybe I can get Jin-hyung to cook for us some day. That would convince you to learn how to cook! We can learn together!”

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V: Taehyung would stare at it with an not-so hidden conflict on his features. “So much…” he’d murmur, not knowing how else to respond. On one hand, he’d find it to be almost like a personal paradise - so much yummy food in one place! But with health in mind, he would turn to you and say, “You know what I’m going to say, right?” You sigh and nod so he doesn’t say anything else, simply taking out the Chinese cuisine and warming it up in the microwave without another word. He might find it to be a little sickening, since he is aware of how unhealthy it is.

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Jungkook: “Woah!” he’d say in surprise, when he finds how much takeout there is in the fridge. “That’s a lot! Do you order something every single day?” He wouldn’t mind that there is so much, but he’d make sure that you would stop ordering so often and so much, because he wants you to learn to not just order food from someone else and start learning how to cook on your own. “I guess you’ll be asking us for help in finishing it all, right?” he teases. “In that case, we’ll be taking the top two shelves for ourselves!”

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The above message from one of my sisters sort of broke my heart yesterday. It’s not even that poignant but it struck a nerve.

(ETA: Context. Sam is my 25 year old sister, “Kra” is a nickname for my 9 year old sister. I have one more sister who is 17 in two weeks and starts her senior year of high school on Monday.)

I’ve been thinking about it for the past year or so but it’s getting harder and harder to be this far away from my family. I really feel like I’m missing out on my younger sisters’ growing up and just…family time. Of course, I have close friends here but nothing really replaces that feeling of being around people who know literally your entire life story without you having to explain yourself. Family dinners or random can you pick up your sister from swim practice and buy her pizza stuff. Weird little things.

Sometimes I think about moving back to Reno but I think I would go insane there. Or moving to California but then I’m abandoning all the good life stuff I have here. 

I’m currently considering talking to my bosses about the idea of working from Reno for two weeks at a time every three months or something similar. Just to get me there more. It’s a random idea but it might work, right? It’s can be a long and sometimes expensive flight but I don’t know. It just makes me sad that I only go there once a year for five days or so.

Life, man. Why you got to be so complicated?