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HTTYD FanFiction: My Life’s Color

               Title: My Life’s Color

               Requested by: FanWriter02 (haha me :P)

               Summary: It had been two years. Two years since that fateful day. The day Astrid received that terrible note. Two years… and she was alone.

               Genre: Hurt/Comfort (spoilers: not a death!fic)

               Rating: K

               A/N:……SORRY. NOT SORRY.

               Astrid walked slowly, the grass barely making a sound beneath her feet, the air quiet, a soft breeze grabbing at her hair. She didn’t care about any of this though, she didn’t even pay attention… didn’t look about at the pretty summer scenery.

               Her heart and mind were in another place. Another time.

               She coughed quietly into the soft air, finding that the need to weep was gone. Last year on this day… she’d been empty. An empty shell. Nothing. A waist… She had hardly spoken…

               The cliff came into view. The same cliff she’d stood on not two years ago… at this same time. Just as the sun was about to set.

               Only this time… she was just watching the cold ocean…

               And no pyre floating away…

               She let herself slowly lower to the ground, sitting back and pulling her knees against her chest, her face burying against them so only her eyes were above them. She stared out at the line where sky met sea, but… no matter what, she could no longer cry.

               She was empty. Sucked dry. She felt hollow, like someone had drained her of her insides and left her nothing but an empty shell.

               She dazed off again, and the flashback came to her mind unbidden.

               Astrid stood on this same cliff, staring out at the pyre that was slowly floating away. Although it was empty, them having never found his body, many of his possessions were laid on the table. His knife, his old cloths, his blacksmiths robe… but Astrid had refused to give up his helmet or one of his shirts.

               She knew she’d need those if she ever wanted to get any sleep. She had wrapped her pillow in his shirt, so that the smell of him that lingered on them might lull her to sleep…

               And Valka had refused to give up his helmet. The one he’d worn when he was younger, the one that matched Stoick’s. She absolutely refused to give up the little bit of his youth that she remembered. And everyone respected that.

               In fact, Gobber had to force people to back off, to actually let Hiccup’s belongings remain on the ship as tradition called for. Everyone wanted a piece of him to remember. A piece of one of their greatest chief’s that Berk had ever had.

               No one wanted to give him up.

               Astrid’s shoulders shook as she glanced down at the black scale held in her palm. The only thing remaining to remind her of Toothless, and of the loyal bond between him and his rider. She looked up, already knowing that Toothless’s old saddles had been placed on the pyre as well.

               They were sending off both Rider and Dragon.

               It only seemed right. Hiccup and Toothless… they were like brothers.

               “Seems fitting they died together…” came the woeful thought, making Astrid choke on her tears. Why couldn’t she have gone too? Why did Hiccup go, and leave her?

               What… what about…

               “There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid.”

               She choked again, refusing to cry. If she did she’d never be able to aim, and… and send off…

               Gobber rested a hand on her shoulder, and she looked up at him slowly. There were tears in his eyes, and he wasn’t trying to hide them at all, they came streaking down, his eyes empty and bare.

               “D-do… would you wish..?” He asked, knowing how much it meant to her, and how much…

               But it felt wrong. Valka should, or even Gobber…

               And yet she found herself nodding, Gobber taking a small step back in respect. Astrid glanced over her shoulder at Valka, who gave a nod of her head and a small tear streaked smile.

               Astrid took in a shuddering breath, feeling like her heart was being torn in two as she did so.


               He was supposed to… he was supposed to be here. They were going to wed. Ha-have a family… grow old together.

               He had promised.

               “I’ll come back.” He’d whispered in her ear. “I’m never leaving you. I promise.”

               Astrid blinked, a tear falling and dribbling off her chin and onto her hands, which now held a bow and ready arrow.

               She took a deep breath, then started shakily. “M-may the Valkayries…” she paused, trying to gather her bearings.

               No, please… don’t be gone…

               “Ma-may the Valkaries welcome you.” She clutched the bow, trying to gather some strength from it. “And lead you through Odin’s gr-great battle field.” She looked up at the pyre that was now floating some distance away…now beyond towing back.

               He’s going… She thought sorrowfully, but forced herself to continue.

               “May they sing your name with love and fury!” She said loudly, feeling the pain pulse through her, the ache of her heart throbbing with every pulse of her veins. She felt the need to scream now. Scream to the world that her Hiccup was gone.

               “So we may hear it rise from the depths of Valhalla, and know you’ve taken your rightful place… at the table of kings…” She let her voice drop towards the end, the adrenaline wearing off, leaving her wide eyed and shocked.

               Hiccup was gone…

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“Tch. Oh good, nacho-head’s back, an’ he brought an uglyass friend.” 

Sacrilege? Maybe, if it still gave a shit about Ultra Space, but it most certainly did not. Honestly it wished it could get a crack at these asshats, should any of the targeted gods need a helping tentacle.

“Whatever. They both gon’ get they asses kicked, just like Illuminati boy did last time he showed up.”


The Studioblr Collective | June 4th, 2016

Written and Designed by Gennalie (@genspen​)

So, you want to pursue a creative major- arts, fine arts, communications, design, media, animation- the list goes on. You’ve got your dreams planned out for the next few years and you’re excited to bring your creative ideas to the world. Only one problem- your family or relatives are judging you.

“You’re not going to earn any money.”, “Aren’t artists always broke and starving?”, “You’re going to regret your fancy arts degree in the real world.”, “Take a real degree- arts degrees are so useless.”

You may hear these forms of ‘advice’ from others and you might get defensive and offended and you may get angry at them for not being supportive. Just remember they’re thinking for their best interests for you, and they only want the best for you. As a creative you will be criticized all the time for your work, assessments, projects and even just as a person in general. Family and loved ones are going to be the most critical, and you may be conflicted by their opinions. So what you do?

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“Everybody makes mistakes”. She may have made mistakes, but for me, she is an amazing role model. She has done more for charity than a lot of other celebrities, and that makes me respect her a million times more than I already did. Miley cyrus is a young girl living her dream, but also giving back to the world, helping others, and with her celebrity status she has brought a lot of attention to the charities she works with such as the Starkey Hearing Foundation, To Write Love On Her Arms and American Red Cross. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she is beautiful on the inside too. Miley Cyrus, you are my inspiration. 

how could anyone possibly think that voting for donald trump is a good idea? like oooooh yeah, extremist nationalism with a heaping spoonful of racist bullshit, that always ends well

Okay but adding on to this (x) with Amon possibly being in tank 11:

The tank’s reversed

Justice (XI) Reversed:

  • The Justice tarot reversed exemplifies dishonesty within yourself and dishonesty directed at others:
  • An unwillingness to understand the deeper meaning of an event, most likely negative, that has occurred is also present
  • No matter how frustrating the events at hand are, this is the path that the Universe has laid out for the person in question. The Universe has great expectations for the person in question
  • The Justice card (regular) is a very judgmental card that views the world in black and white. Upon being reversed, the opportunity to release all your thoughts about what is right and what is wrong will appear, to simply be able to accept a situation for what it is. 
  • The person in question should allow themselves to finally live in the moment, no longer in the past, and to be able to withhold immediate judgement
  • Reversed, the tarot may also be able to “bend the rules” and be more flexible than before