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RIP John Dunsworth.

I never thought I’d enjoy Trailer Park Boys. It was crass drug humour with characters that are painfully stupid. Yet I wound up catching a fee episodes and god there was just something so charming about it. Mr Lahey was always one of my favourites. I find myself quoting him almost as much as I quote Ricky. I don’t know how many times I’ve made a coworker lose their shit after saying “the shithawks are nesting”.

So thank you John Dunsworth for bringing to life such a great character. You will be missed.

Blue Lion: Welcome, Princess Allura. I’m glad you are my paladin and together we will strengthen our bond in order to take down the Galra.

Allura: Thank you, Blue. I look forward to piloting you.

Red Lion: so, Lance, do you have a crush on Keith? you think he’s hot? if you don’t tell me i’ll throw you out of the cockpit

Lance: what the hell? i’m not telling you anything

Red Lion opening door: yeet i guess