so the timing is off and the first page looks really action y when the real stuff is actually second page lmao

Chameleon; Chapter VIII [PT. 1] (svt gang au)

This chapter was pretty fun to write! I decided to break up Chapter 8 into two different parts only because the next chapter needs to be something, in particular, to flow properly (and i didn’t want to add PT.2 into this part and make it exceptionally long)

Per usual, ideas created with the help of @say-the-name-mounteen and this post here! 

Special guest, idea-helper-creator @wonwoo-islife ! thank you for motivating me to get on this chapter lmao 

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Warning: Violence, blood, language and overall gang stuff

          When you had finally laid down to fall asleep, you had no clue how long you would actually get to rest. You were technically still on your training period and you usually got woken up early for practice. Maybe Seungcheol would give you a break for you successfully bringing Wonwoo back, you thought. All-in-all that would be a fair reward.

Your body let you fall asleep faster than you though. Your eyes fluttered closed as soon as your head hit the pillows and the blankets enclosed you in a soft embrace. You had every intention to have a peaceful, restful slumber. That was not what your brain had planned for you.

*    *   *    *

You jolted up in a sudden panic as you heard a stack of something get slammed by your head. You looked up and saw a familiar face; it was the face of your partner, Jaehwan. He smirked at you and laughed, wagging a finger at you.

“Better get those reports done soon, rookie.” With a wink, he walked off, leaving you.

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