so the quality isnt great

My mind just spilled… This was the first time ive done somethin like this, so i know its not great! (And the quality isnt good either) :D
Thanks to @underfart-snas for not frickin lettin me forget about the feelz! ( ̄~ ̄;)
Lyrics (for those who cant understand my handwriting):
Break my spell and set me free,
You’re the one i need to see.

In this world without a chance,
You’re the one with a determined glance.

Even though you’re not clearly here,
i can feel you smiling near.

It was dark before you fell,
You’re my sun in this wretched hell.

So, my angel, please come back,
Without you i cannot follow the right track.

How can i live without your kind smile?
In this darkness it’s been awhile…

But i know how to make it right,
Just grab my hand and hold it tight.

Remind me what that feeling is,

Remind me how to live…