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When new images or info are revealed about the next Star Wars movie, I know it’s only a matter of time until Michael Pasquale / @800lbproductions​ will have another incredibly kickass piece of artwork! With the fun reveal of Rey’s new hair-style from the toy packaging, plus confirmation that “The Last Jedi” is plural from the Spanish & French translations, it’s the first chance we’ve had to really visualize what she will look like in The Last Jedi!

So, here we are, 299 days until the next movie and let the fun begin!!!

823 Days until Episode IX

560 Days until the Han Solo Movie









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Hey Emma 💛 Do you have any advice for procrastination? I also have a hard time concentrating, what do you do (or think I could do) that would help with that?

Hi! I’ve had a few questions like this recently so I’m just going to answer this one and hopefully anyone who asked a similar question will see it! But on with the answer. I think there is a few different reasons why we procrastinate so I’m going to note those down and give a few tips for each. You can obviously apply any ideas that you like regardless of what section I’ve put them under! 

1. You’ve got poor work/productivity habits. Generally you leave things until the last minute since you “work better under pressure”. (This is so me, omg.) You probably think you’ll do something after you’ve finished something else, and then never do. You get get distracted whenever you’re trying to study and will sit waiting to feel motivated but it never comes. For this I’d suggest:

  • create a productive work environment - choose a space where you will actually work without distractions, organise your study space, have everything you need in easy reach. Surround yourself with things you find motivating such as quotes! 
  • write it out - write down a few manageable tasks that you need to do. Writing the actions they require will help you see what you should be doing to complete something, instead of just the overall task. One by one you’ll see yourself getting things done!
  • focus on 20-30 minute periods - generally we lose focus after a while so taking regular breaks can help give you chance to relax and refocus. Apps like Forest allow you to set a timer and will give you off your phone at the same time. Obviously if you’re being productive, don’t suddenly cut that off because it is “time for a break”.
  • use apps/browser extensions to cut out distractions - ones like RescueTime or StayFocusd will block you from checking certain sites.
  • find an accountability partner - pick someone who you can rely on to check on your regularly and see how your tasks are coming along. You can send them your to-do list and then every few hours you can update them with your progress. You won’t want to let them down.
  • use the two-minute rule - if something takes less than two minutes, do it. Don’t make an excuse, just do it. Tasks that are longer you can either delegate or defer. Here is a simple visualisation of what I mean.
  • record your progress - doing a simple “don’t break the chain” in your planner is a great way to see how productive you’re being and therefore get you more motivated to keep it up!

2. You’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Everything seems to be mounting up and nothing seems doable. You don’t know where or how to start. For this I’d suggest:

  • find some help - if you’re feeling like this, it is likely you need some help in some form or another. See if a family member, friend, classmate or teacher (or Google) can help or give you a starting point.
  • tell yourself that getting started is the first step - you don’t need to finish a task in a matter of minutes. Start doing something small. Maybe organise what you need, highlight the important bits of your assessment, or draft an essay plan. The secret to getting ahead is getting started!
  • divide and conquer - figure out what is the overall task that you need to do and split it into manageable parts. For instance with an essay the aim is to write it! Divide it into planning out what you want to write, any references you need, summarising a final draft and then writing each paragraph. By dividing bigger tasks into actionable parts you can reduce the obstacles and get through each part in a more timely manner.
  • reward yourself - create a reward system to celebrate completing a selection of tasks. By rewarding your progress you’ll build an incentive to work and reinforce productivity (great for your self-discipline!). 
  • learn to forgive yourself - if you have an off day, that is okay! You can’t expect to see a huge change in a short amount of time. Remember to come back to it later and try again.
  • don’t over schedule - if you’re feeling pressure from the amount of work and then the added pressure of trying to stick to a time limit, you’re just going to go crazy. Set yourself flexible times to get something done instead of being heavily structured. Give yourself time for a break and the ability to change tasks.
  • stick with one task - it can be so tempting to multitask but try not to. Try to keep focus on the what you’re doing until it is done. If you struggle with that, you could write down anything useful that you randomly think about for another task, use a break-time to think about that other task or alternate between subjects/tasks every few hours.

3. You’re a perfectionist. You either don’t want to start something out of fear you won’t get it right or you can stuck on stuck on the small details. There is a pressure to achieve “perfection”. For this I’d suggest:

  • focus on getting started, instead of finishing - it is easy to get overwhelmed thinking about what something is supposed to be like finished if you’re a perfectionist. Take things one step at a time.
  • remember that your perfectionist tendencies aren’t actually improving your work or productivity but hindering you - you’re continually setting yourself unrealistic objects and (like me) probably feel let down by yourself if you don’t reach them. Be realistic and focus on getting it done!
  • accept mistakes - you’ve written something wrong, don’t panic! Cross it out with a single line and move on. Things happen and you have to accept it. You can’t rip up the page every time you do something wrong, even if it is so tempting.
  • put things in perspective - is what you’re beating yourself up about right now going to mean anything in a week, a month, a year? Be honest if it isn’t, is it really worth putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.
  • praise yourself through the process - try not to criticise yourself but recognise your progress. 

4. You’re wanting to do something else. You find whatever you’re doing boring. You want it to be over with but don’t want to get started. The ultimate catch 22, right? For this I’d suggest:

  • remember that putting it off isn’t going to make it go away - if you leave it too long you’ll end up getting more stressed about it. Best to get it over with. 
  • plan from the get-go - once you know something is coming up (e.g. a test, an assessment, etc) make notes on it! That could be questions, annotations, potential topics, citations, etc. By making the effort to spend time reading through, you’ll save your future self some stress. Especially if it’s a topic you have forgotten. That way your notes act as a reminder so you can get started.
  • set a finish time with a reward - tell yourself that if you finish something by and then you can do something else. Use your self-discipline to not go back on this. Set a realistic time and try to get it complete before. If you can think that you’re doing something fun once it is completed, you’ll be more motivated to get it done.
  • make a structure - for note-taking, it can be overwhelming looking at a textbook and thinking what you’re going to write out. Make a note-taking layout/colour code that works for you and that subject. Mine is here - it just give me an idea of how I’d lay everything instead of going in with no action plan. 
  • try to make it fun - this could be using YouTube to learn or starting a study group. Use different methods for memorising information such as flashcards, mindmaps or study guides (like question/answer).
  • make the effort to refocus - if you’re finding something boring and you’re unfocused, walk away for 5 minutes, get a drink and come back. If you’re really struggling, change topics for a while. Find a point where you can finish and start doing something else that is productive. 
  • listen to some music - generally music without lyrics are best for focusing. Spotify has a great playlist for studying called ‘focus’. However I find my regular music good for getting me a little more motivated and awake. I also like writing essays to music because I weirdly sort of type in the same rhythm. Funny study hack I’ve found that works for me haha! 

I hope that is useful! I must have copied and pasted my whole answer like 5 times just incase my tab reloaded and I lost everything, luckily not! You should also check out this post for smaller motivation tips and tricks! xx

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I saw a picture of the revelmode squad of youtubers, and wondered if you can draw it. It had pewds doing 2 peace signs, Ken doin 1 peace sign, Jack covering his face, and Mark leaning on Jack. If you find it, I hope you can draw it.

u mean this wahn? ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

s-so many hands to redraw…r u sure?

I think…if there are no moar revelmode fan art fridays ,i could do a last redrawn  picture of them…hm…

Well,i don’t kno’ if that would be this wahn but i’ll think about redrawin’ one of their pictures.  (´・` )♡

thanks for the proposition kyote anon !

i don’t kno’ why the nostalgia is hittin’ my kokoro but it kinda hurts. 

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The weird thing is that Sam is the biggest shipper. Maybe he thinks it is fun. I just don't know. He is the one that has encouraged shipping from the beginning.

yep and it’s why so much of shippers anger and frustration about all of this is taken out on him. Not even a month ago he pretty purposefully engaged with Jess and then me, Jess and Lauren on twitter for an extended period of time. It wasn’t just one tweet, it was multiple and he was responding to our tweets. All of us are well known shippers and all of us have very shippery twitter handles. Why do that and be so specific about it if he doesn’t like shippers or if he doesn’t want people shipping him and Cait? There’s a reason we call him captain of the ship. I really do think had he not engaged so readily w shippers over the last few years or if he’d stopped after the IFH, we would have stopped tweeting him so readily. But he couldn’t do even that. 

Tea Moodboard as Larry Fics

I made this tea moodboard, and started thinking about each as a different type of Larry Fan Fiction:

Top Left: Pining Fic
It’s winter, and it’s been four months, six days, and thirteen hours since Harry had Louis in his bed. He knows because he’s counted every one, and felt every minute more deeply than the last one. His friends give him such shit for falling in love with someone he could never have been with. Harry knew Louis was leaving, they both knew it, but it hadn’t stopped them from getting so tangled up in each other it was hard to tell where one of them began and the other ended. So Harry goes to work, and he comes home, and he sees friends, but mostly he just misses Louis. And he tries to distract himself from the deep ache in any way he can.
(Obviously this one has to end with a knock on the door as Harry is looking out the window at the falling snow – and when he opens it, Louis is there.)  

Top Middle: Bookshop AU
Harry works at a bookshop and Louis is incredibly smitten, going in every day on his way home from work. Harry periodically mentions books that he loves, and Louis agrees wholeheartedly (except Louis’ never read a single one, and he panics one Saturday and goes to the library to check out fifteen books that Harry’s mentioned in the past few weeks. He spends hours poring over them, basically unable to retain anything as he sits at his table chugging tea). The next time he goes in, Louis throws out a reference to Harry’s favorite novel, but he mixes up the characters from another of Harry’s favorites, and Harry calls him out on it. Louis confesses, and Harry asks him out on a date.  

Top Right: Coffee Shop AU
Louis works as a barista at a local coffee shop, and can’t stop staring at the dark haired guy who comes in every Saturday morning at the same outdoor table like clockwork (Louis makes sure to ask him his name after the third week). When people try to sit at that table anywhere within 30 minutes of 10 AM on Saturdays, Louis finds excuses to shoo them away. One Saturday, it’s five minutes until Harry usually shows up and Louis is doing his best to explain to the older woman that this table isn’t actually available, even though yes I understand no one was sitting here, and he’s getting flustered until Harry comes up behind him and catches him in the act. Harry admits he’s been coming every Saturday trying to work up the nerve to ask Louis out.

Middle Left: Blogger!Louis, Blogger!Harry
Louis runs a semi-successful blog, but can’t seem to reach quite the level of fame that Harry Styles has. He isn’t jealous. He isn’t! It’s just that he thinks he can write great quality stuff, and maybe people only love Harry Styles because of his stupidly green eyes and his long legs and his broad chest. And maybe Louis cyber stalks him occasionally, and leaves anonymous comments on his blog trying to rile him up. And if one day Harry shares one of Louis’ blog articles with incredible praise, he definitely doesn’t freak out. And when they start emailing back and forth about blog post ideas, he obviously keeps his cool. And when Harry admits over the phone one night, quietly, that he’s always admired Louis from afar, and could they maybe get some coffee sometime in person? Louis most definitely says yes.

Middle: Matchmaker AU
Louis and Harry don’t know each other, but they both make appointments with a matchmaker who fills her office with pink flowers, heart motif everywhere, and takes detailed notes on each of their likes and dislikes. They pass each other in the waiting room a couple times, and each of them keep coming back to complain about the dates she’s sent them on – truthfully none of them had been that horrible, but they each couldn’t stop thinking about the handsome stranger they always crossed path with at her office. The matchmaker can’t hide her confusion because this system works! Until one day she goes into her waiting room and sees the flirty body language between them. She knows just what to do next.

Middle Right: Established Relationship Fic
Every Sunday morning, Harry makes Louis the perfect cup of tea, and comes back to bed to snuggle underneath the fluffy duvet with him. Louis wants to go back to sleep, but Harry starts reading next to him and Louis begs him to read out loud. Harry pouts because he doesn’t think he does it well enough, but Louis loves his voice so much and the way he reads the characters. They spend hours getting lost in new stories together every weekend.

Bottom Left: Kid Fic + Christmas
Louis is exhausted, while Harry sits cross legged on the ground unwrapping presents with their two kids and shouting inane things like “SANTA CAME!” at the top of his lungs periodically. The kids worry about Louis, but Harry assures them that Papa just needs his cup of tea. The three of them get up to make it, and Louis dozes off on the couch, awoken only when Harry presses a kiss to his forehead and sets his mug on the table.
“Merry Christmas, Lou.”
Louis smiles, crinkly eyed.
“Merry Christmas, Haz.”

Bottom Middle: Florist!Harry
Louis and Harry are newly dating, and Louis just spent the night at Harry’s house for the first time. Harry had to run out quickly in the morning to open up his shop incredibly early, but assured Louis that he should take his time getting up (and he could stick around if he wanted – you know, no pressure, but like – he wouldn’t mind one bit). Once Louis hears the door click shut, he gets up and heads to the kitchen for some tea, seeing a mug (of course with a floral print) already sitting there, with a perfect pink flower next to it. And Louis ends up sticking around until Harry gets home.

Bottom Right: First Date AU
Wanting to impress tea-loving Louis, Harry takes him to a traditional tea house on their first date where Louis spends the entire time trying to hide his disgust at the herbal teas surrounding them. He wants Harry to like him so badly, so he tries to gulp down the mug, filled to the brim with tealeaves. Harry is confused, because hadn’t Louis not been able to shut up about tea before this? Louis admits afterwards, embarrassed, that he’s just a simple Yorkshire+milk man, and Harry can’t help but kiss him right there in the parking lot.


A Journeyman drabble of chapter 25

Bridget had very patiently waited a total of two minutes and thirteen seconds before bolting from the lounge after Beth and Harry. Her best friend was staying! Long distance friendships were hard to maintain. Bridget would know; she’d left plenty of friends behind in Australia. From the moment a scathing remark regarding their economics class had escaped her mouth in lecture one day in early January and the pretty brunette sitting beside her had quietly nodded her agreement, Bridget knew she’d found a friend. The two of them got along so easily. Study sessions, hours of shopping with coffees in hand, giggling over movies while doing face masks and eating ice cream, it was effortless for them. Saying goodbye to her was something Bridget had lost sleep over in the last month.

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“This season brought me so much joy and was by far my favourite, I’m so determined to not let anyone bum me out about it I must have blocked about 12 people who’ve had something negative to say, I refuse to let anyone ruin it for me this time like they have for the last 2 seasons, it was the best season yet and no one can convince me otherwise!”

The One With the T-shirt

so I attempted to write an Irish accent in this one? It was…different and a little bit of a nightmare. I just want to say thanks for all your kind words on my last imagine, yall are great. and also this is another break up au

Finn Balor x Reader

“we bumped into each other in the street and you were grinning like an cocky asshole the whole time so I stalked off to only realize I’m wearing your shirt”

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@whitechocolateperfection this one’s for you!

20. things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

“i don’t know, mum, okay? i told you the last two times you asked that i don’t know.” shawn sounded frustrated, and even though he was around the corner, you could picture him gripping his hair with one hand, jaw clenched. you had gotten home from work early and he must’ve not heard the key turn in the lock because he didn’t come rush to greet you like he did whenever he was home on your working day. your schedules often matched up so you were out at the same times and home at the same times, but with his album having been released just last week, he was taking a well-deserved break.

“yes, of course i do,” shawn continued. you tried to remove your shoes as noiselessly as possible, hanging your coat up in the closet.

“dad already helped me buy the ring last month, i just… i want to ask at the right time and i haven’t found it yet, okay? i made a dinner reservation for tomorrow night, so i’m thinking about asking her then.”

this made you pause in the doorway just before you had been about to announce your presence to shawn. your mouth was stuck comically half-open with silent words on your tongue, but shawn was still facing away from you to the large window that overlooked the street below your apartment.

“yes, it’s for italian because she loves pasta,” he clarified to his mother’s unheard query, and your heart seized up with love. you couldn’t believe shawn was going to propose, couldn’t believe he had been keeping this secret for a month and had even planned to have you eat your favorite food when he did it. you couldn’t contain it any longer, backing away to the front door again and reopening it much louder.

“shawn?” you called out, trying to be casually loud. your voice was shaking, though, shaking with excitement from the knowledge you now had. “i’m home!”

“oh, sh— mum, i’ll call you back, okay?” you heard shawn frantically hang up and walk around to meet you with a grin. he looked like he hadn’t just been talking about his plans for a future with you, and you were a bit envious. you toyed for a moment with the idea of telling him you had heard him, but decided against it. he would be sad the surprise was ruined.

“hey, babe,” he greeted you with a kiss on the cheek. “how was work? anything exciting happen?”

“nope,” you said, biting back a smile. “nothing at all.“

send me something from this list and i’ll write a blurb about it!

Well I just finished FE7. That took me like a week or so. Really love the feel of the older entries into the series, but the new ones have some great QoL changes too.

Normal mode was fairly trivial as far as difficulty goes and I only had trouble on Ursula’s map because bolting from fog of war, and on the last map because I charged into the rooms at first and then realized that was a horrible idea. Also didn’t really like the last fight.

I’m not sure if I just did it wrong, but basically no one on my party except people with the legendary weapons could actually hurt the boss. Creating a challenging yet rewarding final battle in a tactics game is very difficult, and I don’t think FE7 did the best job on it. Overall though, quite a fun game. I’ll eventually play through the hard modes, but I think I’ll play the sequel first. I’m on a Fire Emblem kick now and I can’t wait for the new one to come out in like a month!

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"You've just honestly been a burden"

when i got to college, she became one of my best friends- i don’t make great friends easily (like the type you can just chill with and not feel weird) so this was different. we ended up being roommates with our two other best friends sophomore year. we had a lot of fun and while it lasted, but then i started getting really depressed. i was on antidepressants for a year before this because i have panic disorder and it ceased my anxiety. but it turns out that the antidepressants were fixing my anxiety but fueling my (later) depression. i dropped out of school winter term of sophomore year and moved back in with my parents for 3 weeks so i could see a doctor, get therapy, switch meds, etc. My personality started to change and I stopped laughing as much and being as much fun. I came back for spring term and we thought it was gonna be just how it was before- but my continuing depression caused me to detach from everyone. i started to spend the night at my boyfriends house every night, because w/ mental illnesses i find physical touch helped a lot- i definitely stepped back from my friends but it wasn’t because i didn’t like them. and they KNEW it was because of my depression that I was acting like this (i didn’t talk about it much but they knew why i left school). at the end of spring term i cut my wrist and ended up having to go to the hospital to get gruesome stitches, and i still have a scar. when i told them (also, i had to tell them since the scar was pretty fuckin obvious), two of my friends were concerned and caring, and i thought the third was as well, but apparently not. when school ended, she kept texting me and stuff like usual for a week until one day she had blocked me on everything. i texted her asking why, and this is what she wrote. i think she thought my depression was an attention thing- but why would i leave school if i wanted attention…? luckily my two other friends, after hearing this, started hating her. which, by the way, i didn’t support. but i guess i wouldn’t wanna be friends with a girl like that either, knowing she was capable of that. she still texts my two other friends all the time and they ignore her now. im glad we aren’t friends anymore but the idea of this still makes me sad- and now i think all my friends will stop talking to me if i talk about being depressed, or whatever. but i dont wanna be friends with someone if theyre only gonna like me when im happy and not gonna stick around when things are bad. she switched schools and i haven’t heard from her in 6 months. thankfully haha

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How did you get your cat comfortable enough to walk with a harness?

He’s very adventurous normally and he is also already an indoor/outdoor cat so I knew he had the right temperament for it. I’m moving to a busy street in LA though so I don’t feel comfortable letting him roam a completely new area with no harness and I’ve been “training” him the last couple weeks. Everyday I put his harness on and give him his wet food to reinforce positive associations with the harness. It’s been trial and error because he hated the first harness I got him, liked the second one but could slip out of it, and the third one has been the best but I had to alter it a bit with needle and thread to be more secure. I’ve been having him wear the harness inside the house for an hour or two every day so he could get used to having it on. When I take him out on short “walks” (aka he mostly sits but will wander a short distance from our front yard) I bring treats with me to encourage him to walk. Sometimes it works and sometimes he doesn’t care. I try to think about it less as “walking” my cat because he doesn’t always do a lot of that and more about letting him decide whether he wants to sit and watch the neighborhood or briefly roam. I just let him do whatever–if he wants to walk and explore he can and if he just wants to sit and observe that’s fine too. It’s been about 2 weeks and he’s already made a lot of improvement and actually got excited to put his harness on and go outside today!


So I got inspired by @solohux wonderful Kylux Wings AU and @kylo-is-my-bad-bae amazing addition:D

Sorry I wanted it to be done long ago but my computer crashed and was off for a whole week and then i had to re-instal all my logiciels and aaargh plus i draw sloooowly but it’s ok now (despite Kylo’s scar is missing on the last one like idk sorry)

Hope you like it *is kind of nervous now*

I’ve been meaning to get back into critical role (but when??? when have time??? etc the usual complaints) but last night I had a dream in which one part I was so overwhelmed I started crying, and then Matt Mercer appeared and asked why I was crying, and I told him I didn’t like the current narrative so he started on the fly narrating a new one and the rest of the dream was literally so bombass that I woke up thinking I had a novel on my hands, and I’m feeling very thankful towards him right now and want him in my life

The Party

Sirius Black x Reader

My heart was beating faster and faster as we walked into the family home of the Blacks. I glanced nervously at the crowd .


I hated these pureblood parties that my parents dragged me to. They were excrutiatingly boring, and so dull. The pureblood families got together every now and then to brag about their riches and accomplishments. Boring stuff. And it was another excuse for parents to find suitable brides and grooms for their children.

My eyes went through the crowd of people, searching for just one face.

Eventhough I shouldnt be doing that.

Its been over a month since I last saw him, and we had had an awful fight  before vacation began. He didnt even write to me. And his silence just drove me mad.

I found myself in the huge dining room. The long table was laid out with lots of food, and people were already sitting around it, talking and eating.

Thats when I saw him.

Sitting at the table, with a bored expression. Leaning back lazily on his chair. He saw me and sat up straight, running his fingers through his silky black hair.

“Y/N ! Come on now !”

My mother’s sudden appearence startled me. I stood staring at her with a hand against my chest.

“What is it, dear ? ” she asked, seeing my expression.

“You scared me, Mum !” I said, as she took my hand and led me towards the table.

Most of the seats were taken, except for one where my mother sat, and two others on either sides of Him.

Sirius Black had that smirk on his face now. He knew I will have to sit next to him.

“Sit !” Mum urged me, as I hesitated.

This is going to be a long night, I thought as I walked up to the empty seat and sat. He looked at me, and I just gave a nod of acknowledgment.

Sirius and I were pretty close. We were very much inseparable. We have been together for 3 years now, and he still gave me butterflies in my stomach.

We had quite a nasty fight about a month before school closed for summer. I happened to see a Ravenclaw girl pushing him against a wall like she owned him, and trying to kiss him. I was way beyond jealous, and we got into a fight. I knew it wasnt him who did anything. But I  didnt see him pushing her away either. I was just too heartbroken to reason with anything. And we havent spoken since. He tried while at school. But I didnt give in.

I tried my best, but I just couldnt resist sneaking glances at him. Both of us played with our food. I took ocassional bites to satisfy my mother, who was eyeing me from across the table.

Just as I was about to put the spoon to my mouth, I felt his hand on my knee. I dropped my spoon and it hit the plate with a loud clang. Several guests looked up at me, and Mum was glowering.

“Alright there, sweetheart ?” she asked in a sickly sweet tone.

I nodded, and I felt his fingers tighten around my knee. I bit my lip, not knowing what to do. I grabbed my goblet and took a big sip of water.

His hand slid up.

Thank god for the elaborate and frilly table cloth !

“Sirius, dont you dare !” I hissed at him, swatting his hand away.

He smirked again.

An old wizard sitting next to Sirius’ father Orion Black, asked him something. Sirius turned to face him, and spoke. His fingers were still stroking my thigh, and it was sending shivers down my spine. I put a hand over his, and squeezed it, to stop his fingers from moving. He continued talking with the man, as his fingers slowly intertwined with mine.

I missed this boy. I missed the way he touched me, and said my name. I missed everything about him.

As I felt a heaviness in my heart, he moved his hand again. My stomach did flips at that. I knew this wont go well here.I held his hand again, and moved it away from my leg.

I got up.

Excusing myself, I almost ran out of the dining room.

It was my first time in his house, so I didnt know where to go. I just went up the stairs, and found a door that opened into a small balcony. I stood, with my hands on the railings, breathing heavily.

I didnt know how I managed without him for this long. I couldnt do it anymore. I needed him. I needed Sirius Black.

Just as tears began to sting my eyes, I felt a pair of arms around my waist, and Sirius’ scent filled my nostrils. He pulled me against his firm chest, kissing the back of my neck. I just held his hands to me tightly, not wanting him to let go.

“You’re bad Sirius Black” I said.
“You’re so bad”

“Im sorry, Princess” he said, and turned me around to face him.

“Forgive me”

He leaned forward to kiss me, and he lifted me off the floor. I pulled away, hearing some footsteps.

“Someone will see us ” I said, looking over his shoulder.

“Come on” Sirius said, taking my hand.

We ran up the stairs. And he opened a door, pulling me in with him. And I immediately knew it was his room.
Before I could actually take a look at it, he pushed me against his door, and kissed me again.

“Owww” I said against his lips, making him laugh. He moved his lips down to my neck.

“Sirius ! Our parents are downstairs !” I said, pushing him away.

“So what ?!” he said, grabbing me again.

“No !!” I said as he came forward again.

He stopped, and pouted.

“Where have you been ? Did you even bother to write to me ?!” I asked.

“Im sorry Y/N!” Sirius said, looking defeated. “I didnt know what to do ! You wouldnt even look at me ! Besides, homes been hell -”

I knew what it was like for him, and I felt bad for being so hard on him.

“Please, Y/N?” Sirius said, takng my hand in his, and kissing it.

“I missed you, idiot” I said, hugging him.

Sirius smiled and pressed his lips to mine again. His hands arms came around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

“I love you, baby” he said, kissing my nose.
“I love you too ” I said, smiling.

                               * * *

I stood in front of his mirror, fixing my hair, as he sat, watching me.

He strolled towards me slowly, with a sad look on his face.

“ I dont want you to leave” he said, standing behind me, with his hands on my waist. “Lets run away”

I turned around and kissed his cheek,laughing.

“We might have to” I said, and put on my shoes.

“Just a month more till school starts” I said, and went to the door. “Love you, Black”

                                * * *

“Where have you been, Y/N !” Mum hissed as she saw me.

“Umm…bathroom” I said, shrugging.

“Come here ! There is something important” said Mum, grabbing my arm and leading me into the dining area.

“Found her, have you ?” Walburga Black was speaking to my Mum.

“This is her” Mum said, giving me a little push.

“Hmm” Walburga said, as she touched my cheek, trying to bring out a smile. “She is perfect !”

I stood staring at Sirius’ mother.

“Ah ! There ! SIRIUS !” she bellowed, making me jump. I turned to see Sirius looking at us with wide eyes.

I was sweating now. Shit, have they found out about us ?!, I thought, my heart racing.

Sirius came to us slowly. He looked at me cautiously.

“Mary, I hope you’ve met my son before, Sirius ” Walburga said, and Mum nodded, smiling at Sirius.

I felt another hand on my shoulder, and turned to find my Dad, smiling down at me. Why were they all so happy ?

“I think its time to tell them, Orion.” He said. Sirius’ father nodded and looked at his wife.

“Well, we have decided to join the Y/L/N and the Black family ” Walburga began. “And as the two of you are so well suited for eachother…”

Sirius and I stood frozen.

Is this for real ?!

“The wedding will be soon after your education at Hogwarts is complete !” Mum added happily, smiling at Walburga.

Sirius and I exchanged glances, still unable to react.

Walburga came forward to hug me.

“Welcome to the family, Y/N” she said, struggling to bring about a smile.

Sirius finally smiled as my parents embraced him.

“I think this is great !” Mum exclaimed. “We have so much to do now !!”

Just as our parents began their own conversations, Sirius looked at me.

“I cant believe it ” I said.

He laughed.

I had to join in. Sirius put his arm aound me, kissing my forhead.

Maybe this wasnt such a bad party, after all.

anonymous asked:

3, 7, 11, 19, 38, 44

I assume these are for me so here we go~!

  • 3. Crush?

Don’t have one. I think I’ve only had two crushes in my life to be honest… And they were a long time ago. Not even sure how crushes work heh.

  • 7. Best Friends?

There’s a heck of a lot, too many to tag yo

  • 11. Last time you cried?

mmmm last week

  • 19. If you had one wish, what would it be?

ohhhhh boy I don’t even know uh… To find happiness? Or at least to have the ability to make anyone happy

  • 38. Someone I can tell anything to?

I have a hard time expressing my feelings to other people so I just kinda…. Don’t? I don’t really like to bring others down with me when i’m sad

  • 44. Selfie?

Does it have to be recent? I don’t really have anything uhhhhh-

Here’s an embarrassing pic of me from last year licking a sans balloon at a party okay- you’re welcome

kdazrael  asked:

Holly, last night I had a dream about your forthcoming Hunger Games AU fic. I have never seen or read The Hunger Games so it was just Kylo running around a forest and yelling 'AAAAaaaaAAAAAaaaaa!'

This is fairly accurate, tbh

(though Hux is more screamy in this one)

(<3 <3)

@whitechocolateperfection here’s the last one!

5. things you didn’t say at all

your thumbs hovered over the keyboard of your phone, the message already typed out.

hey, would you want to get coffee sometime?

he was out of your league. so, so painfully out of your league, and everyone knew it. he was a world-famous teen idol, who had rubbed elbows with the best in the music game, and you were… who? nobody. a small-town girl with dreams just out of reach that had somehow procured his phone number.

shawn was a friend of a friend of a friend. you had met him briefly at a party, when you bumped into him by the refreshments table. he offered to pour your punch for you and you talked about a movie you had seen last week. he loved it, you hated it, but you were both laughing by the end.

when you asked for his number on a whim, you had been expecting a no. when he handed it over, you felt like flying.

“just do it,” your friend said now, knocking you out of your trip down memory lane. “what’s the worst that can happen?”

“um, he could say no,” you pointed out like it was obvious, because it was.
“he wouldn’t,” she countered.

“you don’t know that.”

just then, you got a notification that he had posted something on twitter. switching out of your messages app with a breath you didn’t know you had been holding, you clicked on it to see that it was a picture of him on a stage, playing piano for a crowd that was thousands strong.

Love my job! You guys are great, the caption read.

“what am i doing?” you whispered to yourself. here was a boy who had seen more countries than the amount of years he had lived, and you were about to ask him on a stupid coffee date. you went back and deleted your message letter by letter before turning off your phone, trying to swallow down the lump in your throat.

send me something from this list and i’ll write a blurb about it!

His Minds Eye: Part 5

Dean x Reader

One night you came home to find your world changed.
You could hear his every thought.
And no one knows how to stop it.
So now your seeing the world through His Minds Eye.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

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You didn’t know how long it has been since the last Cas put you under, you had no way to measure time. There was just The Voice growing ever louder, ever stronger. “I’m coming Y/N, I’m coming Y/N, I’m coming Y/N. I’m coming Y/N, FOR YOU!” So, you answered one of the oldest questions ever asked of man: fight or flight? Your answer of course seemed the most prudent at the time, flee. Only once you’d gotten away did you try to regroup and find safety, leaving the idea of retaliation far behind.

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