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Self-Care With Me: Marissa Rei

#Blackout Co-Creator Marissa Rei (@marsincharge) is sharing a glimpse into what she does to engage in self-care!

Full Transcript: 

*voice over* Hey Tumblr! It’s Marissa Rei from #TheBlackout and I’m going to be sharing my self-care with you! Self-care is really important to me as a person that has had a very long and challenging mental health journey. I love to engage in skincare and to keep really well hydrated *laughs*. 

It’s also super fun for me to do my makeup, as you’ll see in a second!

My mental health journey includes struggles with anxiety, depression, and with body image so for me to take time to really take care of my body and feel healthy is super important.

I also take time to appreciate the small things such as good music and good tea. I throw myself into hobbies like collecting stuffed animals and photography. 

And I’m never afraid to treat myself to my favorite candy. 

The take away here is that you should surround yourself with things that make you smile, no matter how silly or small. 

If you want to share how you take care of yourself, join the conversation with #PostItForward.

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Bucky x Reader

Summary: The risk I took was calculated but man, am I bad at math.

Warnings: angst…like to the max, character death, risking your life, all that fun stuff

Word Count: 1.3k (this is deadass the shortest thing i’ve ever written and it’s still over 1k lmao why am i like this)

Author’s Note: hi hello! guess who’s back and as angsty as ever! this is something that again was floating in my inspo tag and i can’t find the post rn but it is there so when it’s not midnight i’ll go digging through and tag it. ya’ll probably recognize the quote because it’s been through tumblr i don’t even know how many times? but i literally banged this out in like two hours so ??? idk???? anyways, feedback is always welcome (please do i love hearing what all of you have to say) and can i just say thank you so much for all of your lovely responses to Will You Stay? like, they were so beautiful they made my entire life like????? i love all of you so fucking much ???? i can’t even describe it????? anyways enough of my endless question marks, hope you enjoy!!!!

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The first time, isn’t the last time.

The first time you risk your life it’s for a puppy. Small, golden, scrappy little thing. It’s caught in the middle of the road, yelping every time a car whips by. It’s flat on the ground, trying to make itself small as possible but at the same time sticking out against the pitch black tar. You sigh and drop your coffee into the trash before you run out in the middle of traffic and scoop the dog up before crossing to the other side.

“You’re an idiot,” he grumbles as he stares at the trembling mass of fur. You pout and say you’re sorry before you offer him the reason you nearly got flattened by an eighteen wheeler. He pretends to be angry until about five minutes later when the puppy is licking at his face.

He isn’t angry anymore, especially two weeks later when the puppy has become a permanent fixture in your home.

The second time, isn’t the last time.

The second time you risk your life is on vacation in the Bahamas. A little girl gets caught in the rip tide. Her arms flail as she cries for help but is drowned by the waves. Everyone watches but no one acts. You glance at the life guards who glance at the waves apprehensively before you roll your eyes and dive in. It takes you a while but luckily you’re a strong swimmer and within minutes she’s in your arms and safely on shore.

“You’re crazy,” he mutters as he rubs your back while you cough up salt water but his eyes shine with an emotion more powerful than you have ever seen. It only seems to grow when the little girl runs up to you and hugs you, thanking you for saving her life.

The third time, isn’t the last time.

The third time you risk your life is on a mission in Johannesburg. HYDRA had hit a biotech company and managed to steal information to a bomb that could level a small country. They climb into a helicopter and are about to get away and against Steve’s orders you jump and hang onto the runner of the helicopter. You hang on for dear life until you touch down. Your arms ache but you fight until you can’t feel anything anymore. But you have the files.

It takes them two days to find you. When they do they find you collapsed in an alleyway, dehydrated and living off of scraps from the nearby flea market.

“You’re so stupid,” he shakes his head. He’s angry but he holds your head up as you drink and brushes your hair until you fall asleep on his chest.

The fourth time, isn’t the last time.

The fourth time you risk your life is in the middle of a blizzard. It’s two in the morning and the wind is howling but when your phone rings you answer within seconds. The line is silent except for the sound of heavy breathing. He doesn’t say anything but you already know as you tie on boots and don your heaviest coat.

It takes you an hour to get to him. But you do. You’re pretty sure your car isn’t even parked properly and you’re not sure if you’re on the road or on the sidewalk but it doesn’t matter. By the time you get to him he’s already half way gone. You sit with him until he comes back to you. You sit with him until his eyes are clear and his breathing is normal. You sit with him until he’s yours again.

“You’re a moron,” he growls once his eyes look outside at the storm raging. You wonder if it was worth it but you smile anyway because you don’t care.

The fifth time, isn’t the last time.

The fifth time you risk your life it’s after two months of being locked in a basement. You have bruises on top of bruises, you bleed from different places every day and you can’t remember the last time you’ve had a proper meal. They pull you out every day and tie you to a chair. They spit in your face, they hit, they bite, they scratch, they punch, they shock, they twist, they break. You beg, you scream, you cry. But you don’t give them what they want. They want him but you can’t give them that. He’s everything to you and meaningless to them.

One day you’re bleeding so bad everything is tainted red and you can’t feel part of your face and can’t hear out of one ear. When you feel hands on you, you immediately start to tense and fight but relax when you hear his voice.

“It’s just me, it’s just me идиот,” he soothes you softly as his metal hand trembles while breaking your bonds. You fall into him and can’t find it in you to cry or make a sound. And you wonder if maybe this time, maybe this time it was worth it.

The first time, is your last time.

You risk your life for him and you don’t even think. You see him in danger, you see everyone in danger. But when you see him, when you hear the metal whir breaking through the clamor around you, you don’t think. You hear nothing else. You look at the five midnight black barrels of the machine guns facing him, glinting harshly and you just go. You think you can make it. If you just take that extra step, lose that extra second, you can make it. You two can make it out, together.

But you were always bad at math.

For the second you push him down you know you miscalculated. You don’t hear the shots but you feel them, ripping and tearing through flesh and bone. You feel the blood seep into the concrete floor. But you don’t hear the strangled sob from behind you and you don’t hear the hoarse shot. You don’t hear the bodies drop around you; you don’t hear the knife splitting through Kevlar and skin.

Yet you feel his hands on your face, your chest, your stomach. You feel him fumbling for a solution. He’s whispering fast in Russian, his skin flushed a shade of pink you’ve never seen before. It’s beautiful, really.

“You…you, you stupid, crazy, idiotic, moron,” he shouts with tears in his eyes. His bottom lip trembles and you reach to soothe it. Blood smears against the soft bristles that surround his mouth but neither of you really notice. “How could you do this? How…why, why would you ever you–”

“You’re alive,” your voice is hoarse and choked and filling with something you’re not sure of. It doesn’t even sound like you but he looks at you as if you were the only thing he heard. You think he says something else but the look on his face means he understands exactly what you’re saying.

He’s breathing heavy now. You can feel it in gentle puffs against your face. He’s shaking his head as he stares at you. He keeps shaking his head until his hair forms a dark curtain around his shimmering eyes. “No,” he whispers. “Not without you, not…please–”

You shake your head in response. “You’re alive,” you whisper as darkness begins to creep into your vision. “You’re alive.”

The weight of what you’re saying seems to settle onto his skin and into his bones because he’s looking at you with disbelief and wonder and fear and an ancient sadness that you feel deep in your chest. He presses his lips to your face and a wetness leaks onto your skin and seems to slide right off. “Not without you. я люблю тебя. Not without you.”

You clutch his hand and feel the black begin to spot his face, turning him gray. “You’re alive,” you say finally before your head drops into his metal palm.

Your first time, is your last time.

But God is it worth it.




я люблю тебя

I love you

    I was going to do a follower appreciation for 1,337 followers, but then Persona 5 dropped and everyone made a blog and (glances at milestone in the rearview) … So I’m going to call it a 2 years celebration.  I made narxkami on April 21 2015, so it’s been just over two years since I started this blog and let me say that it’s been a blast from beginning to right now. Yu has helped me through a lot of things and helped me grow as a person (I hope), but it would never have been possible without all the precious S. Links friends I’ve met along the way. You guys mean more to me than I could ever put into words, so I just want to say thank you. Really. I’m sure I’ll forget some people, but please remember that if I follow you or if we’ve interacted ic or ooc, then you’re part of my wonderful experience here. I can’t express how grateful I am to know you all. Without further ado …

     THE OG INVESTIGATION TEAM: You guys defined the main cast in a way that any number of animes and spinoffs could never do. Even if we’re apart or don’t interact any more, I’ll never forget you guys. 

     @hanxmura, @chieriot, @amagiggled, @kvjikawa, @kumahanamura, @shirogune, @hokotei, @gooselullaby, altrustae, @velvetempress

      THESE BONDS BRING YOU CLOSER TO THE TRUTH: You guys are on my dash all the time and it’s still not enough. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

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      RANK 10—YOUR EYES TO SEE THE TRUTH: If you haven’t seen your name yet, brace yourself for exorbitant amounts of praise and sappiness because you guys are the lights of my life—I can’t imagine existing without you.

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I created my blog almost exactly one month ago and words can not express how thankful I am for all the lovely messages, comments and reblogs. Every like makes me smile and I can’t count the times I jumped around in my house because someone said something really nice. I’m so happy to be at tumblr and it’s so much fun to get to know people from all over the world.

Thank you so so so much.


And how was your trip, Frenzy?

I hope you were able to find some diabolical (my 4yr old’s newest word) fun without taking over the world!

Welcome Back! 



Diabolical is a WONDERFUL word, especially for a 4-year-old! (and OMG i LOVE Pinky & the Brain!! They were my favorite, along with Slappy Squirrel). (for obvious reasons).

I had a BLAST!! Alaska is so pretty! Saw lots of wildlife, saw glaciers (before they disappear), chillaxed with the hubs, sketched a lot, and had a great time. Here’s a pic of my goofball self as high up & forward as i could get on the boat as we went under the Golden Gate:

it was windy as all hell, and it took like 20 minutes to comb all the knots out, but it was SO COOL! All the pics we took I have that same shiteating grin on my face. That’s what 10 days of not having to cook, clean, or parent anything will do to ya :p

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John Bird gives me life with his bopping and clapping! And Gerry is so fun during the acoustic performances, he has his eyes closed and he's really feeling it. I still get sentimental when I think that Niall is on a new journey with a new band, but overall they've been great fun to watch!

I adore John Bird, oh my goodness. He bops and he moves like he’s having the time of his life every single time. Like- He absolutely loves it. And, call me crazy, but Bird Bird Bird already seems pretty fond of Niall and that warms my heart so much.

And yes, you can tell when Gerry’s feeling it because it’s written all over his face.

I just love it. It’s so exciting.

Nokkuso: starting tomorrow we’re gonna be working hard for this week’s performance in Korea 🇰🇷🇰🇷
we’ve reached our goal of going to Korea, so we’ve already decided on the clothing and we will be super cheerful so you have a lot of fun~

the picture is Nokkuso-san dripping with sweat after the previous performance

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im dating a guy and hes really sweet and fun and goofy and smart and aaaa!! i was afraid of going into a relationship after my last one because it was really toxic and unhealthy and heartbreaking, but hes so wonderful to me and i love spending time with him, and i can easily see myself falling in love with him in the future. it kinda scares me but he makes me so fucking happy that its worth the risk ❤️ im just so happy i can actually date after my ex/first love, and im finally over him 💘

It is worth the risk! It totally is! I know it can be scary but please just let yourself experience how warm and comforting his love is ; u ; It’ll help your self worth and confidence a whole lot to be loved and treated the way you deserve to be! Best of luck between the two of you! 



Yes - That LARP thing is coming up again - The highlight of my year - and I’m SO FUCKING EXCITED I CAN’T



Right - sorry - Got too fucking excited there.

The TL;DR is that I will be deep in the danish forests without wifi or any form of internet for 4 days, and beyond that my internet cover doesn’t reach over Östersjön so that’s shit. I WILL have wi-fi at friend’s place, however when I’m there my focus is NOT going to be on tumblr, but rather hyping, putting up camp, packing and making food that we will not eat.



Forgot to go to bed so I’ll just stay up:)

Good Monday, having new leggings to wear is a great motivator for helping my girl get out of bed. Whatever! Much work completed, a super visit with a gushy family over the moon with their relative placement, a fast commute home, pick up at school, dinner/books/etc. her reading is coming along well!! So fun to see.

Lou spent Saturday with my sister and I had a girls day. We went wine tasting and just had a super time, with great food and drinks and conversation. It felt so vacationish, and was just one wonderful day. And— several delicious bottles are chilling for me:). First one I cracked? A growler of the best root beer! That’s been my choice the last two nights, ha. Lou did fantastic and pick up Sunday morning went super too.

We are officially at the time in the school year where no homework is given! Makes me so happy. Obviously I do my best to make our environment prime for learning, but your worksheets, I’ve had enough for now.

My license is active for another year. Did I write about all of that? I’m confident no kids until
January. If at that time I cannot project when it will work to add kids, I’ll think about closing in the spring. I’m open for respite, they know that, but don’t call much. Some days I think I’m quite ready… and other days NO. Lou is not. She needs all of me. However, she’s in a great baby loving stage, which is super cute.

I want to go on a day trip Saturday but am really working on being content at home… but cmon. It’s just a day! Sunday is hair day so we will be home.

Self Rec Challenge

“Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.”

Tagged by @texasdreamer01!

1. A King’s Ransom
This Hobbit BotFA-rewrite came together so easily and perfectly, after the first or second time I saw the movie. Every word fits together seamlessly, and it makes me giggle helplessly every time I read it. I really enjoyed throwing in lots of humor that rounded out the plot nicely.

2. On the Other Line
This was written as stress relief from dealing with my shitty last job. I worked in a call center and so it was easy to imagine how one might get some romance from it, but I also wanted it to be kind of believable, especially with ethical dilemmas of dating someone who might have power over your paycheck. (Which, in the end, Bilbo didn’t, so yay!) The smut was fun, but I really liked building their romance outside of Bilbo’s fantasies, to make it into a real relationship, rather than just in his head.

3. the crow upon the sea
This story definitely came about because of my frustration with world politics. I want to make a statement with this story. I want everyone to read it and enjoy it, and I want to make it into a proper manuscript. I LOVE IT SO MUCH

4. Across Time, My Heart to Yours
My soulmate fic, Hobbit style. I worked on this one for years before I gave in and posted what I had, and I really want to finish it. I don’t really want to do a rewrite of canon, though, so I’m not sure where it’s going, but I love it anyway. Soulmate stories are so much fun.

5. guilt is bound to the silence
With this story, I wanted to explore Hinata’s character a bit and see how someone so bright and strong might deal with abuse. Tsukishima, one of the most observant characters in the entire HQ world, would definitely notice – and then it became a question of how Tsukishima would react. I also love how there’s no definite closure, because they’re kids dealing with abuse on their own, but they still rely on each other and support each other.

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we could be anything || shidge shuffle request fic

A/N: literally the fastest i’ve ever finished anything i am so proud. done for an anon for shuffle fic request challenge

Song: Friends by Ed Sheeran 

Summary: “What’s the deal with you and Pidge?” Lance suddenly asks one day when they were alone in the training room.

The question, in all its innocent curiosity, has dawned over Shiro like a slap in the face.

The first time Katie shows up at his door in the middle of the night, he was no closer in drifting to sleep than she was.

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modern disney aesthetic
↳ aladdin

When you say a fandom is dead, it’s a bit of a blow to people who are still producing and enjoying work for that fandom. You’re basically saying what they’re doing doesn’t matter, doesn’t count, which might discourage them from continuing to participate.

If one person is creating content, the fandom isn’t dead.

If one person is consuming content, the fandom isn’t dead.

If two friends are chatting on skype about their OTPs, that’s fandom.

If someone doodles drawings of their favorite characters on a napkin, that’s fandom.

Just because someone is producing content for one fandom doesn’t mean they have to leave another.

Not every fandom can be the big, new, shiny and popular thing.

Not every fandom *should* be the big, new, shiny, and popular thing.

It’s okay to have small, tight-knit fandoms. They can be just as fulfilling and entertaining as the big ones.