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“I think both Matt and Jessica are quite opinionated and quite stubborn. I imagine it would be kind of a fiery relationship- in a good way.” - Charlie Cox

  1. How long does it take to get used to cold stone floors when all you know is warmth and long limbs?
  2. How long does it take for the silence to go away when you are used to laughter in your ears?
  3. When do the nightmares stop when your life has become your worst nightmare?
  4. How can you believe you’re innocent when you feel like everything is your fault?
  5. How does someone break all of their promises?
  6. What shape does your Boggart take when you have no fear left because you lived through each and everyone of them?
  7. Does time really heal every scar, even the invisible ones?
  8. Why do people lie? Why do they betray? Why do they trust?
  9. Why did this happen to me, to us?
  10. How do you turn back the time?
  11. Why am I still trying?
  12. Did he forget me? Does he hate me? Does he wish he never met me?
  13. Mother was right.

Okay so this is my prompt list for August. Each from Sirius’ mind while he was in Azkaban. They won’t be happy, they will be sad but I need my Wolfstar and Marauders angst and I haven’t written from Sirius’ POV in months. I can relate to him on certain issues quite strongly so we’ll see. They won’t be first person in case you are scared it might be, they will be regular drabbles about the questions or the sentences. There are thirteen of them, a bad omen for another bad omen because why not. I hope I can do this.

ps: In jilytober I’ll do the same with Lily and James, you’ve been warned.

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That’s why I’m here. We need to talk.” Everlie scoffed, tossing the unfinished cigarette to the ground, Karson watching it carefully before clearing her throat. “I’m sure you know what I want to talk about.

I have a pretty good idea. And the answer is still no.” Underneath the streetlight, Karson’s jaw tensed, her hands coming down to rest on her swollen stomach, Everlie adverted her eyes quickly down towards the ground, which was filling quickly with snow.

You have to come. Do you realize how much it would break their heart if you didn’t show up?” Her tone had taken on an edge, which mustered up a sick satisfaction inside the younger sibling. She chewed on her lip for a second to stop the smile that had spread across her face.

“And what makes you think I care if I break their hearts?” She innocently batted her eyes up at Karson, earning the exact reaction she had wanted.

Everlie, stop. This charade has gone on long enough.” Everlie cupped her hands in front of her, swaying back and forth as her smile only grew more malicious.

I have no idea what you’re talking about, sis.” She spat the last word, her smile gone from her face. The black cloud of exhaustion had now risen past her knees towards her abdomen. She leaned further back against the building, the cool touch of the bricks soaking through her thin leather jacket, all the way towards her bones.

Damn it. When are you going to grow up? W-we’ve all given you space. To grieve, to learn to move on. We’ve tried to help you, Everlie, but you can’t keep going around, treating everyone like shit. Stop acting like a child—“ Karson shut her mouth quickly, fidgeting with her fingers. It was clear she had instantly regretted what she had said, but Everlie didn’t react. The black cloud grew faster, and suddenly it was almost too much to keep her eyes open. “I’m sorry.” She shook her head, collecting her thoughts. “Look, I can’t imagine what you—I just—

Karson, I’m warning you, stop.” She growled, stuffing her hands deep into the warmth of her coat pocket, meeting eye to eye with her sister. She blinked a few times before dropping her gaze down to her stomach.

Look, come to the dinner. I know it would mean a lot to everyone. Mom’s health isn’t what it used to be. I just don’t want you to regret not mending whatever this is between you two. We want you to be a part of the family again….or don’t. It’s up to you. We’ve all tried, for years. We’re done.” Karson didn’t look at her sister again, instead turned around, her arms hugging warmth back into her body, as she headed back towards a slim silver Honda parked across the road.

The darkness had taken over her body, her head falling back fully against the wall, her eyes shutting, blocking out her surroundings. She focused on the droning sound in her ears and the jackhammering of her heart, willing the cloud to suck her in whole, to take her away. But she was still there outside of the club when she opened her eyes, blinking slowly back into reality.

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Ahh guys I'm really excited

I’m starting a new fan fiction and I’m really excited about it! It’s going to be touch on some subjects and issues really close to my heart! I’m working on the first chapter and it should be out later tonight. But anyway I was rewatching some old cartoons I really use to love and found a new ship: KEVEDD so it’s basically Kevin and Edd from ed, edd, n eddy and idk I just think it’s really cute. Okay I’ll talk more about it when the first chapter is up!

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I feel like everything I’m working on is just fluff and flirty banter and then smut and literally that’s it.

Apparently I’m not about depth.