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Achievement Unlocked: Getting a good One Piece bag(i gifted myself for once) and getting @buttercupsticksntricks‘s Lovely Keychains! NYEHEHES!!

Thank you so much for these dear, i love your artstyle a ton and ive always wanted to get these! Took a bit but they came eventually! I love these so much I feel much happier knowing they are here now! Thank you! So cool!

When you get a new item for a cosplay, you obviously have to try on nearly all of the rest of the cosplay to see how it jives.. that’s normal, right?

I am SO SO EXCITED to be Chloe and Max again with @commander-hot-pants (who did most of the work on this and is also at fault for getting me hooked on this game)!! We’re soon to do a photoshoot, and then we’ll be rocking these at @emeraldcitycon, and then also just be Chloe and Max forever, y’know?😻


THANK YOU GUYS SO SO MUCH!!! Without you i wouldnt be where i am now!  

PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING!                               Im allowed to refuse if i feel uncomfortable with the price drawing suggestion!     But generally i´m cool with anything! So if you arent sure just ask me! 

Im just a Person and i cant do the impossible, so there is a limit of my skills.(examples)

1. Price

Pixelart animation (two to five frames) (max three character) 

(full body+ backround)

2. Price

A full digital Painting! (full body+ backround) (max two character)

3. Price

A basic or simple shaded drawing  (full body+ easy/ simple backround) (max one character) 

The Raffle ends on 1th Febuary 2018!!!

 I will pick the winners randomly and write them before announcing them! So be sure to keep your PMs open for da cookie! 

If you dont reply after 48h i will pick somebody else.

Thank you guys so much again!!! Im so happy and excited to be able to give back all the love you gave me! 


Have a wonderful day!!

Prediction: Adam will run/escape


Well, mainly because I feel that his downfall in Haven has been a bit…anticlimactic. He’s been built up as a huge enemy for not one but two of our main cast (even if he is a more minor antagonist in the grand scheme of things), so seeing him go down so easily now makes me think this won’t be our final encounter with him. Yeah he’s a whiny piece of shit, but he has been a credible threat in the past (the Black Trailer and 3x11 prove that). 

Honestly, this whole situation is bringing me back to 3x11, where Adam easily overpowers Blake and she runs. I can see them doing a reversal here, with Adam being the one to run this time, to potentially set up what would be a third and likely final encounter. We haven’t had the build up for a big and final confrontation with Adam this volume (with the focus instead being on Blake and Ilia and Blake’s desire to take back the White Fang), but volumes 3 and 4 have established it as a huge deal for Blake and, since 3x11, Yang as well.

Speaking of Yang, her absence speaks volumes. I’ve gone into detail as to why Adam is her fight too, so it would be odd for the final confrontation with him to take place without her. Like Blake, Yang’s arc this volume has been focused on her other plots, namely her mother and reuniting with her team. Her volume 4 arc however does involve Adam (to the point that he shows up more in her story than he does in Blake’s), so it doesn’t make sense to just disregard that. When Adam gets taken down for real, I’m willing to be it will be a bigger deal than this.

Finally, I feel that there is too much else that needs to be resolved in the finale for this to be the end of Adam. For his permanent defeat here to be satisfying, Yang needs to be able to confront him for closure (you know, for the whole “cutting her arm off and then haunting her for months afterwards” thing), and she’ll be a bit busy confronting her mother and dealing with Blake being back to have time for that (and that’s without getting into what else could happen in the finale).

Personally, here’s what I see happening: Adam escapes, and Blake is forced to make a choice. Does she go after him, or does she stay with her team? 

Bound ( Hoseok) - preview

The guy still hasn’t left, is still staring when you turn your head to look at him. “You’re one of those, aren’t you?”

He seems confused by this. “Pardon? I’m one of… what, exactly?”

“An extrovert,” you sigh, leaning both hands on the rail.

The guy pauses, then laughs - a clear, bright sound. “You say this, as though it’s the plague.”

You lift and lower a shoulder. “I hear the plague was exhausting, too.”

Just the corner of his mouth lifts, trying not to react - a plan which backfires, when he chuckles out loud. You can’t help but notice how his hair falls, somewhat stubbornly over his eyes. The burgundy color brings out the brown within and when he takes a step forward, you suck in your breath.

“You’re funny,” he states, quirking a brow.

“I appreciate compliments,” you nod. “I appreciate cash even more though, if I’m being honest.” 

Hey I remember I never told the news here. But last friday my professor sent me an e-mail telling me that he wanted to hire me as his assistant. To help him teach photoshop and illustrator for freshmen students this semester (and of course he’s gonna pay me) 

This is just, so good? like I’ve never expected that my academic work last year would help me so much. I’m so happy I put so much effort on my main project and my semester-long investigation. It really paid off!

(I’m a bit nervous about teaching, but my mom is gonna help with that since she’s been a teacher for like 30 years) 


we’re still gonna ignore the logistics of Tusks in the second pic but. here are some finished kiss week drawings of mine and @princezlatnik ‘s ocs!

fullview for details :’-) the sizes of the pictures dont format well 2gether

also, it’s looking like kiss week might turn into kiss month for me, so i’ll be sure to tag everything as “ockiss18″ and “ockiss2018″ for anyone who wants to blacklist it!

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Can you make something with whatever your personal Kuprum headcanons are? I’m a big fan of Kuprum but I don’t really know what I hc them as.

OFC!!! I love him too tbfh

my hcs!

and pride hcs

and here’s the canon-style panel edit! (please credit me!!!)

~Mod Egg

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Hey tink, thank you so much for taking the time to answer so many questions on a daily basis. You have become something like a fandom guru lol, anyway, a lot of peeps appreciate your words and you also help many of us cope with our struggles with your positivity, nice answers and great analyses. Have an awesome day yourself!

ILY nonny :D

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